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tv   America Tonight  Al Jazeera  September 25, 2014 9:00pm-10:01pm EDT

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just real reporting. the new al jazeera america mobile app, available for your apple and android mobile device. download it now >> pass on "america tonight", after weeks of unrest and the lingering questions around the shooting death of michael brown, an apology from the ferguson police chief. >> i want to say this to the brown family, no one who has not experienced the loss of a child can understand what you're feeling, i'm truly sorry for the loss of your son, and i'm also sorry that it took so long to
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remove michael from the street. >> is it too little too late? also tonight - strange bedfellows - iran and the u.s. find themselves on the same side in the fight against i.s.i.l. is it a new day for old enemies? and tackling domestic violence in the n.f.l. >> 70% of domestic violence happens when the person is trying to leave. >> ray rice's former team-mate with a personal story of how he turned personal pain into empower. . sara hoy with super bowl champ chris johnson. good evening, everyone. thank you for joining us. i'm adam may in for joeie chen. we begin with president obama
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and his cabinet. there are now just two original cabinet members remaining with the surprise resignation of the nation's top cop eric holder. fighting back tears the attorney-general christopher gibson announced that he is stepping down. he said he has mixed emotions but is proud of the legacy that he is leaving. >> over the last six years our administration, your administration has made historic gains in realising principles of the founding documents, and fought to protect the most sacred of american rights. the right to vote. we have begun to realise the promise of equality for our l.g.b.t. brothers and sisters and their families. we have begun to significantly reform our criminal justice system, and reconnect those who bravely serve in law enforcement with the communities they protect. holder says he'll vacate his office as soon as the president gets a replacement confirmed.
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with congress divided it may take time for that to happen. holder was the first african-american to serve as an attorney-general. he was heralded as a champion by president obama. he overturned restrictions on voters rights and launched investigations into abuses by local police forces. one of those was aimed at the ferguson police department. last month the small midwest city saw massive protests after an unarmed black teenager was shot and killed by a white police officer. today, in a rare move, the ferguson police chief released a video apologising to the family of 18-year-old michael brown. lori jane gliha has that story. >> i want to say this to the brown family. no one who has not experienced the loss of a child can understand what you're feeling. i'm truly sorry for the loss of your son. i'm also sorry that it took so long to remove michael from the
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street. >> in a 2 minute 22nd second video, the police chief apologises for the teen shot to death by an officer, and then being left in the street. >> the time that it took involved important work from investigators trying to collect evidence and gain a true picture of what happened that day. it was too long, i'm truly sorry for that. >> reporter: nearly 7 weeks passed since the shooting, striking massive protests, highlighting racial tension in a mostly black community policed by a mostly white ferguson force. for days after the shooting several area police departments faced off wearing riot gear against thousands of demonstrators. the chief says he wants to be part of the solution to help people he'll. >> the right of assembly is what the police are here to protect.
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if anyone is upset and angry exercising that right i feel responsible and am sorry. i'm aware of the pain and feeling of mistrust net in some of the african-american community towards the police department. the city belongs to all of us, we are all part of this community. it's clear we have much work to do. >> his statement in front of the camera is different with his initial interaction between the press and public, immediately after the shooting. >> he has been an excellent officer for the police department. >> residents criticized him for releasing too little information too late, including the name of the officer that killed mike brown, which took a week. >> the officer involved in the shooting of michael brown is darren wilson, he's been a police officer for six years, and had no disciplinary action taken against him. >> reporter: he came under fire for releasing those details at the same time releasing video of
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brown engaged in a strong-arm robbe robbery. attorneys for the browns were not happy. >> all i did was release the video tape. i've been sitting on it. too many people put in for a request, i had to release it. my heart goes out to the family, i can't imagine what they are going through. we have given you everything we have and can give you. >> reporter: the chief was sidelined, authority handed to ron johnson. and jackson's department came under scrutiny by the justice department launching a racial bias investigation. attorney general eric holder himself came to ferguson to meet with the residents and assess the situation. the d.o.j. is deeply involved in the effort to repair the damage, organising community meetings
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this week. "america tonight" caught up with him at a town hall this week. he said he looked forward to the chance for dialogue. >> how is your department doing, and the community and community relations? >> good. we are healing behind the scenes, and feeling strong every day. very positive about the future. >> what do you think is the biggest change that needs to happen moving forward? >> i don't want to go there. there's so much in the works. >> now in this short video a change in tone from the head of a dest under siege to a man in plain clothes, expressing what seems to be gep un remorse. >> -- genuine remorse. >> it's an honour to serve the city of ferguson, and the people that live there. i look forward to working with you to solve our problems and apologise to the brown family. >> let's bring in lori jane gliha, the chief not had his uniform, in plain clothes. what is behind that?
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>> every time we see him he wears the uniform, has his badge, taking the police chief authoritative role. this is the first time he's been in a polo shirt outfit. and he said it's a personal statement, it's just him. and makes him seem more like a civilian and less like a chief of police. >> like optics, as if he's trying to look for friendly. >> perhaps. he's calling it a personal statement. >> i'm curious about issuing an apology. we see they can be used against people in lawsuits. why now, why issue the apology. >> he said that this has been weighing on him. he wanted to do something, so he made the video. he wanted to do it in video, not in public. he was flustered. he wanted to make sure his message was clear. i wondered if he reached out to the family. he said he has spoken in the
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past to members of the family, but not recently. >> interesting development in ferguson. "america tonight"s lori jane gliha. thank you. >> licence, please:. pass a that is a disturbing video out of south carolina, showing a state trooper shooting an unarmed man during a routine shop. in a clip captured on a dashboard cam. the man is pulled over for a seatbelt violation and asked to show his licence. when he reaches for it the officer shoots at him at least three times. 31-year-old shaun grover, the police officer was fired and arrested, charged with assault and battery of a high and
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aggravated nature. that's a felony, and could earn him a prison sentence up to 20 years. the former trooper's offense attorney said jones reached for his licence aggressively and grover thought he was reaching for a gun. >> how did that situation go so wrong so fast. let's turn to veteran investigative crime reporter. the officer is charged. do you see a justification at all for the shooting? >> it's not a way of justifying it, but several things wept wrong quickly here. one, the citizen turned and
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reached back into his car without saying, sir, my licence is in the car. >> whose responsibility is that, the citizen's responsibility to get permission to reach into her car or should the officer have given the individual clear instructions on what to do. >> in a normal traffic stop the citizen would be in the car, because he was at a convenience store he was getting out of the car to go into the store, putting the officer on a different state of alert. they don't want you outside the vehicle. that said he overreacts with the use of deadly force. >> what else could he have done? >> he could have said, "sir, keep your hands up", or said "get back into the vehicle, put your hands on the steering wheel", and he would have approached normally. >> we are looking at a situation, a police-involved shooting captured on camera, we are seeing more and more of this with cameras installed in police
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cars. is this a good thing? >> absolutely. in this case we have the officer's words and witness, which we know grand juries decide on police officers. in this case we have a tape showing enough to the south carolina authorities to charge the officer. state troopers tend to work alone. they have more of a lone ranger mentality. that said, they are rarely involved in shootings. >> it's a stressful job for officers that are aloned. they are on a heightened sense of alertness the entire time, aren't they? >> absolutely. this is broad daylight. it's not out on the i-95. this was a lot different. unfortunately, the officer overreacted. >> we'll see how this plays out in court. veteran investigative crime reporter tom morrison joining us. >> thank you. i.s.i.l. attacks in the west.
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was it a false alarm? and a pivotal part of the plan against i.s.i.s. shows weakness.
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>> talk to al jazeera. >> only on al jazeera america. >> oh my! now to the latest in the fight against islamic state of iraq and levant, president obama's efforts against i.s.i.l. in iraq gathered steam. air strikes continued for a third day and the list of allied nation is growing. a reluctant u.s. ally, turkey, says it will join the multi national several but is yet to give details as to what it's prepared to do. fellow n.a.t.o. member france launched new air strikes against i.s.i.l. in iraq. the only european country to join the coalition attacks and pledge more support for syrian opposition forces.
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the pentagon says it will investigate reports of civilian deaths in u.s.-led air strikes in syria. the federal bureau of investigation says this week's strikes against an al qaeda cell in syria may not have interrupted terror plots against the u.s. and european targets. sheila macvicar has more. >> reporter: taking aim at the heart of i.s.i.l.'s finances. 12 mobile oil refineries in eastern syria from attacked overnight, part of the complexes under control of i.s.i.l., and key to its finances. air strikes caught on the ground in this amateur video. the kinds of attacks that we are conducting are strategic, we are removing the means through which the organization sustains itself. >> reporter: syria's oil fields produce up to 500 barrels a day,
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oil smuggled to the black market largely in turkey. energy consultants say it's worth up to $2 million a day. >> that would be somewhere between $700 and a billion a year, a huge amount for a terrorist group. >> the goal is to deprive i.s.i.s. of revenue, putting the refineries out of commission. attacks against i.s.i.l. in syria and iraq continued, the u.s. announced more help. $40 million to fight i.s.i.l., and set up a new government. >> the moderate opposition is syria's best hope. >> it will be a long and difficult road, and i.s.i.l. is by no means defeated or on the run. >> we know there's a lot of work to do, and this group remains viable inside syria and iraq, and this is not by a long stretch over. >> "america tonight"s sheila macvicar joining us now.
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we have to talk about the alleged threats towards the u.s. and european allies announced by iraqi officials today. do they hold any water? >> iraq's prime minister came out and unbeknownst to everybody announced that iraq had information about threats to subway systems in new york and paris. this took everyone by surprise, including the white house who said "we have no knowledge about this." the iraqis tried to walk it back saying "this is information we have. >> the french increased security, new york put more cops in their system, and everyone said "we think it's okay, we don't think there's an immediate threat. >> it triggers a heightened sense of alert even if there was nothing to it, because it was made public, he made the comments. >> exactly. >> let's bring into the discussion former deputy
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assistant secretary for the middle east, mark kimmitt. i'd like your reaction to the growing coalition right now. is this what we need? >> it is for two reasons - for legitimacy to carry out operations against i.s.i.l., so it's not seen as a fight of america against i.s.i.l., but the world against i.s.i.l., and they bring capacity in the intelligence realm that are helpful to our operations. >> what do you think we'll see from turkey? >> i think turkey will recognise that they need to be part of this. the release of the turkish diplomats is probably why turkey has been a little reluctant to be at the forefront of the operation. they have a reason to be part of this coalition, they have more to be worried about. . >> the british thing this will be a long campaign, and they are talking about this in terms of years. >> we know from the target sets,
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yes, they are bombing headquarters, command and control, and groups of hum virus or artillery -- hum virus, or -- humvees or artillery pieces, how will it end, what is the end. >> let's recognise this is part of what is called the long war, and continues to be the long war against radical ideology. there's a threat going from al qaeda in 2001, to al qaeda in iraq, and al qaeda in the levant and i.s.i.l. i don't think anybody should be surprised even though there's a belief among the administration that the war ended, it's a generational conflict, and we need to understand that. >> going forward, the specific campaign in iraq and syria, the iraqi military gets their feet underneath themselves to regain the lost territory. it will be a little different in syria.
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there we are really trying to decide the delve we know versus the def -- devil we know versus the devil we don't know. will the dictator bashar al-assad remain in power, or the dictator falling and rebels taking over, as we see in libya. i think it will be in between. >> is it troubling that we see the iraqi ground troops not able to stand up to the i.s.i.l. forces right now. for a decade the americans invested unknown amounts of money trying to build the military and train them. why are they ill-prepared. >> if you stopped training the american army for three years, at the tune of $650 million that you put into the u.s. dod, and stopped that and training, the way the iraqis have not trained in a methodical way since december 2011 upon the u.s. departure, we'll be this bad as well. >> mark kim it and sheila
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macvicar thank you for joining us. the british are debating a larger role in the fight against i.s.i.l., but it's not a sure thing yet. jonah hull has been monitoring the latest in london. what involvement, if any, can we expect from the u.k.? >> well, the point at which british air assets may go into action against i.s.i.l. targets on the ground in iraq looks like it's getting ever closer. on wednesday, the prime minister set out a stall in the u.n. in new york, describing i.s.i.l. as an evil against which the world would unite. on thursday he met with his cabinet to get the wording to put to personal, a vote the prime minister is desperate not to >> reporter: british war planes could be in action as early as the weekend in parliament agrees
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to the bombing iraq, being involved. david cameron convened his cabinet, a message with cross country support, that i.s.i.l. is growing and iraq asked for outside help. as the prime minister made plain at the u.n. in new york, this time things are different. >> now, of course, it is absolutely right that we should learn the lesson of the past, especially what happened in iraq a decade ago. but to learn the right lessons. yes, to careful preparation. no toing to join a conflict without a clear plan. we must not be so frozen with fear that we don't to anything at all. >> reporter: on friday the debate of that preparation and clear plan will be debated and vote. the question the putting british planes into action over the middle east raises the
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uncomfortable speck tore of the invasion of iraq. also david cameron's defeat in parliament over plans to bomb government targets in syria. then the opposition labour party said bombing syria would have been illegal. this time syria is not on the agenda, but a legal expert says little doubt about the legality of attacking i.s.i.l. >> they calls on everyone that supports them to kill unbelievers, and they are killing christians, sunni, moderate sunnis, shias and kurds. that is jen sino side and every genocide, and every state has a question of stopping that. there's no question na international law does not prohibit armed force against the international criminals.
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[ chanting ] that is not the few of antiwar protesters. >> i.s.i.l. will be opposed internally as well, by the government, and the involvement is a fig leaf to support the american involvement. it's militarily not necessary, and they know that. >> whether or not the concerns are shared, david cameron said that britain will play its party, and parliament is likely to agree. >> david cameron pointedly has not ruled out extending potential u.k. military action to include i.s.i.l. targets on the ground in syria. that, as the main party leaders agree, will require an additional vote in the house of commence. with the iraq vote looking assured, debate will focus on the lessons of the past, what is the plan, how long it will take, and what is the exit strategy. >> next on "america tonight", best fren enemies.
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iran and the u.s. have a common interest - fighting i.s.i.l. also ahead, one in four women are the victims of domestic violence. now an n.f.l. player says he will not be on the sidelines any more. >> the n.f.l. has been washed. it's not an n.f.l. or baseball thing, it's nationwide. men of this world need to understand not to put their hands on women - period.
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welcome back. a snapshot of stories making headlines on "america tonight" - the man accused of abducting a college student heads to virginia to face charges. police picked up jese matheson, he is the one responsible for the disappearance of hannah gram, two weeks ago. gram is still missing. pope francis fired a bishop for protecting an accused paedophile. the priest is accused of molesting minors while serving in a u.s. parish, coming two days after the vatican arrested a former archbishop, accused of paying minors for sex. trying to curb ebola, the president of sierra leone widens a quarantine restricting travel
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for 1.5 million people, coming as world leaders are meeting at the united nations trying to find a strat given to contain the -- strategy to contine the outback. more than 3,000 have decide. sierra leone, liberia and guinea are the worst affected. >> iranian president hassan rouhani took to the global stage for a second time at the unbuilder general assembly. what a difference a year has made. president obama and hassan rouhani have gone from enemies to what you might call accidental allies. tonight we look at how their relationship is changing as two un likely people become partners in the fight against i.s.i.l. >> reporter: hassan rouhani on a charm offensive for the scan year, meeting with u.k.'s david cameron, and france's francis hollande. a new image for a country thought of as a major threat and diplomatic headache. iran is not the biggest problem
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in a region engulfed in conflict. when it comes to i.s.i.l., president hassan rouhani sound like a u.s. ally. >> translation: terrorism has become globalized from new york to mosul, from damascus to baghdad, from the eastern most to the western most parts of the world, from al-qaeda to da i.s. h. extremists of the world found each other and have put out the call. extremists of the world unite. >> reporter: the u.s.-iranian relationship is complex. no face-to-face meeting between president obama and hassan rouhani this year. still, progress is measured in small steps. it wasn't long coog that hassan rouhani's -- ago that hassan rouhani's predecessorued the visit to berate the world and direct rhetorical missiles at
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israel or make comments like the one about banning gays. so it was a big change when a moderate president took to the international stage last year. there was no anti-western rhetoric. the tone was positive. and president hassan rouhani and president obama came close to meeting in person. the two did speak on the phone, which given the history was a bragg through -- breakthrough. ever since the 1979 iranian revolution, and storming of the u.s. embassy in tehran, relations between the two nations had been on ice. now a new iranian leader and a shared desire to defeat illinois have many wondering whether this could be another breakthrough moment. iran is syria's closest ally, and both countries were informed
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ahead of east-led air strikes. in a u.s. tv interview, hassan rouhani made a point of not directly condemning them, speaking to charlie rose. >> the way to combat terrorism, sir, is not for us to give birth to another terrorist group in order to stand up against an existing terrorist group. these are the series of mistakes that composed the rings of the chain that have taken us from where we were to where we are today. we must accept the reality. >> reporter: the u.s. says iran will not be part of a coalition against i.s.i.l., and there are substantial problems between washington and tehran, especially over iran's nuclear programme. the historic face to face meeting of the two presidents seems more likely than ever before. let get a little more insight about the u.s.'s relationship with iran, former state department official, a
9:34 pm
co-author of "going to tehran, why america must accept the iranian republic of iran", thank you for joining us. you had an interesting dinner a few days ago with hassan rouhani. what was it like? i'm curious, we talk about him as a moderate leader of iran, in western terms would we consider him moderate? >> we use the terms moderate to describe someone as pro-american, that is not the case. president hassan rouhani is no more promrn than mahmoud ahmadinejad or others. >> the rhetoric is different. >> it is, he has a ph.d. from a university in u.k., and a ph.d. from iraq and iran. someone sophisticated in the iranian ways and sophisticated in the we were world. >> do you think frenemies is a good term for the relationship right now?
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>> a year ago there was hope, when he had an historic phone call with president obama, secretary of state john kerry met, there was hope. on the iranian side there's concern and disappointment that each with the best of intentions and the best use of the english intentions there's not a deal to be had with the united states. >> we are not seeing open condemnation for us-led attacks by i.s.i.l. against iraq. why not. why are they holding back? >> they make a clear distinction. the iraqi government is acting for the help of the united states. the syrian government has not. they have not given concept nor authorisation. that's whether the iranians see problems. >> where and what will need to happen to see the relationship thaw. will there be a day where we see iran as a u.s. ally. >> i think there needs to be a deal. this is why i wrote my book. as the united states opened to china, and president nixon, and
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kissinger went to beijing, united states could do that. we can build the trust, cross the ruby con. we have the powers. the iranians would accept and embrace that. >> do you think we'll see a face to face meeting in the future? >> not this year. >> not this year. >> there is hope before president obama leaves office. >> all right. thank you for joining us for your perspective. >> thank you for having me. >> president hassan rouhani wanted to denounce i.s.i.l. as un-islamic. we are joined by the digital reporter, following how muslims around the world have been responding to i.s.i.l. we saw a pivotal moment in the son-in-law media war. >> absolutely. 120 muslim scholars issued an open letter. it's 28 pages, refusing i.s.i.l.'s claim that it represents islam. it goes into different things,
9:37 pm
including that desfiguring the dead is forbidden in islam and goes into the islamic law as to why, and comes from people from around the world, including the grand mussy of egypt -- mufti of egypt. it's not just scholars, but individuals too. there's a campaign called "not in my name", and i want to show you examples. >> not in my name, because your leader is a liar. >> because your actions do not represent the actions of the rightly guided companions. >> because your caliphate... . >> what you are doing is inhumane. >> because you abuse heart and mind. >> because you have no compassion. >> so it's been pretty successful so far since released this month. it's received about of 60,000 tweets. 50,000 from the last week alone. >> the point by buoyant rebuttal
9:38 pm
by -- point by point rebuttal by the scholars is interesting. how are i.s.i.l. responding to this? >> they have not issued a response, but individuals and supporters have. it's interesting to receive the emergence of a hashtag "all in your name", a rebuttal to "not in my name", and to some of those scholars. a lot of muslims have had this attitude, this has been popular to why should i apologise for a group i'm not part of. muslims have a hash tack where they apologise for everything they have invented to discrimination based. >> sorry the nuns can cover their hair, but i can't. >> dear person on the subway, i'm sorry my incredible aura and preps caused you to move a few
9:39 pm
seats away. >> i'm so sorry for holding up custom lines at the airport. >> i'm sorry you tapped my phone and all you learnt was i was planning a pot luck at the mosque on friday. >> that has been used, it's powerful, and one of the things seen often is surveillance of muslims, it's a big deal to a lot of american muslims, and they realise that a lot is at take when the religion is associated with i.s.i.l., and they are taking a strong stance against it. >> this can build support and shatter support at the same time. very interesting to see social impa media's impact. >> after the black, a former n.f.l. player tackles domestic violence. >> as a footballer i can't let my sister be at risk without me being a voice for domestic violence. >> how a super bowl stand out is
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leading the charge against domestic violence.
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with football season officially underway most of the talk focuses on what is happening to the n.f.l. off the field, especially with domestic violence. it affects one in every four women nationwide. with scandals piling up, the
9:43 pm
embattled league promises change will come. for a former n.f.l. standout and his family, domestic violence is bigger than football. sara hoy has the latest. >> in the johnson house, team work is paramount. it's a household this couple says is built on a foundation of love and faith. here a family that prays together stays together. so when news about former ravens running back ray rice knocking out his wife made head lines, super bowl player christopher johnson and his wife decided to speak out together. >> i look at my nieces every day and see two beautiful girls that will never grow up with their mum. >> reporter: december 5th, 2011, while playing for the oakland raiders, chris got the shock of his life. his 33-year-old sister jennifer
9:44 pm
was shot and killed by her boyfriend, leaving the texas native and wife to care for her daughters. johnson at the peak of his career decided to ask the raid tors release him. >> once this happened, i had to let this go. it was my past. i was ready to retirement we spoke to people at church about it and prayed about it. i'm like i think at this time my niece and mum need me, i asked oakland to release me. >> reporter: his sister's killer you jean esters was sentenced to live in prison. what did the world lose when they lost her? >> a very upbeat beautiful young woman. she gave herself to people more than people gave to her. >> the johnson's gave "america tonight" rare access into their fort worth home to talk about
9:45 pm
the impact of domestic violence. >> as a brother i can't let my sister be at risk without me being a voice for domestic violence. >> me observy's -- mioshi's side of the family has also been touched, she helps an organization welcomen for moses. i lost my cousin, it was something that my family thought was an isolated incident. we focussed on our family and the victims. once we were dealt a loss of losing my sister-in-law, i vowed to help victims. the loss give them a purpose. after months away from the game he loved, chris found he couldn't stay away from the football field. >> i don't think my sister would
9:46 pm
want me to give up my career because of something like that. she was a cheerful, joyful person, for me to sit around and mope, i was not doing justice to her. >> the quarterback got a call from the baltimore ravens, and returned to the league. less than a month after signing, kansas city linebacker shot and killed his girlfriend and turned the gun on himself. days later chris addressed his own team in the locker room on the first anniversary of his sister's death and talked about domestic violences. also on his team was ray rice. his last and final season of the n.f.l. took him to the 2013 super bowl in new orleans. >> the first thing i did was dropped to my need and thanked god for the team. i had so much emotion, i was going to give up my career to be with my mum, nieces and family.
9:47 pm
>> you went out with the super bowl. >> i think that is the best way to end a career. on top. >> reporter: this year when the video surfaced showing his super bowl team-mate ray rice striking and knocking out his wife in february. the johnson's say they were a pauled. >> reporter: is -- appalled. >> reporter: is it tough to look at him after? >> i wouldn't say it's hard, i don't have respect more than that hit a woman. the n.f.l. has been bashed. it's not an n.f.l. n.b.a. baseball, basketball, it's nationwide. the men of the world need to under not to put their hand on women, period. >> reporter: rice was not another n.f.l. player, he was chris's team-mate and their wife was friend. >> when the second tape hit, i was horrified. you know, that's a friend.
9:48 pm
i text her and said "i saw the second video and i have tears in my eyes." and she said "i'm so much faurg than that." -- further than that." . >> reporter: by repairing the video, what does that do to the general public? >> i don't think it helped at all. if you show it, show it and say this is happening every three seconds in america. this is somebody's life. so how can we prevent this happening to the next person. >> reporter: the facts about domestic violence are staggering. according to the fbi a woman is beaten every 15 seconds across the country, with 1500 women murdered every year as a result. since retiring to texas for good, chris and meochi have become outspoken advocates against domestic violence. >> 70% of domestic violence happens when a person leaves. in my sister's incident she
9:49 pm
tried to leave and was killed. pro players benched for abuse provided an opportunity. >> it's a negative platform for the guys that they've been in the incident, but a platform for domestic violence for the right people to step forward and help the women. >> reporter: reece was fired after a -- rice was fired after a video surfaced exposing the attack. after a week of silence, n.f.l. commissioner roger goodell responded to criticism and outlined steps that the league is taking. >> i got it wrong on a number of levels from the process that i led to the decision that i reached. but now i will get it right and do whatever is necessary to aecom plush that -- accomplish that. >> myoshi says the league can do more. >> they need to know it's not one guy and his wife - no.
9:50 pm
it's one. four. it's the 600 a week. these are the things that we need to put under this headline of domestic violence, rot renae, not mcdonald, not who didn't get to play because of, but what are the reasons and the prevention and the help we can do for domestic violence. >> as the third anniversary of chris's sister's death approaches, the johnsons share their story with anyone that listens. for you y is this important? >> my mum went through domestic violence, my older system. my eye has been on it and i was one of the guys who - let me be quiet. when my sister was killed, now i have to speak on it.
9:51 pm
>> reporter: while the n.f.l. grapples with how to handle domestic violence in the league. the former quarterback is using the family tragedy to fight back. >> muslim brotherhood's correspondent joins us. so many bad stories, it's nice to hear about a guy like this. how is his nieces doing? >> they are doing well. the johnsons looked after them for 18 months, but they are now living with their grandmother, she as shot, but is doing well now. >> how under-reported is domestic violence, i wonder how much is report. >> he said in the locker room you heard about it all the time. from quarterbacks to coaches, domestic violence - where there's smoke, there's fire. >> did chris have a reaction to the apology from roger goodell, and should there be a change this leadership. >> he went to twitter and said
9:52 pm
you can't trust the man, it's time for him to go and the n.f.l. needs new leadership. >> i wonder what support and action he had to that. >> he loved the n.f.l., playing football. this is what they do, friday night lights. when it comes to domestic violence, this issue, there's something he cannot reconcile, if they are not upfront about it. >> a lot of former n.f.l. players rally around the cause. he chose this. i wonder how he can keep it in the spotlight. what helps is he's a super bowl champ, he has the ring. it's a personal story. this was his sister, they were close. they were best friend. this is not something he'll let go. >> and getting support from counter and former players. >> absolutely, they rally and stand for a cause. many turned up and said what ray
9:53 pm
did is wrong, but he needs help. >> sara hoy, thank you so much. for some, college is a rite of passage, for many young americans it's still nothing but agony. what is keeping these kids out of higher education. @
9:54 pm
9:55 pm
undocumented residents share the same live sometimes as u.s. citizens, but there's one benefit they don't enjoy, eligibility for federal aid for college. in this "edge of 18." we are bruised to vashti, a smart young woman center phoenix who cannot afford to continue her education, and justin and brampton stare down the value of
9:56 pm
misses college, one by choice, and the other underestimated the obstacles in his way. >> people say i don't belong here. this is where i grew up. i'm american. people have a stereotype of what being an undocumented person means. the common thing i heard is undocumented people take our jobs. my parents came to the u.s. for a better life and better future. as far as college process goes, being undocumented makes my situation complicated. i still want to come. i don't qualify for federal aid. i applied to out of state private schools. . >> officially she is not here in some fundamental sense. yet she is here, striving to make it work and reach beyond the expectations of her parents.
9:57 pm
some of the parents of the kids want to keep them too close and are not letting them fly. the whole plan of coming to the country is to do good on my own. >> i feel like i'm going to be stuck here forever. i was rejected from my dream school, and i only applied to one other school, so i'm worried i'm not going to get accepted. >> now plan as of now - i'm planning not to go to school. the problem is when you take a break, that's the end of the schooling. as smart as you are, if you have a college education you can make it. >> i have no intentions on going to college. i feel you can't teach creativity or taste.
9:58 pm
[ ♪ music ] >> kyle is an up and coming rapper, i'm part of the crew, and i perform. the most awesome thing i could be doing. in my field you don't need college - either you are born with it or you are not. in addition to performing on stage with kyle, i run the blog and instagram, i'm a videograph videographer, photographer, editor, creative director. >> to be an entrepreneur, it takes a level of courage. you can't let anyone side track you and you can't be afraid to take risks. >> if things don't work out by the time you are 20, then what? >> i don't have a fall back plan. i tell myself that i have no excuse for this not to work out. >> i'll make it happen. you can catch "edge of 18" here on al jazeera america, friday at 9:00 p.m. eastern. that is it for us here on "america tonight" this evening. we want to tell you what is
9:59 pm
happening this week. the gaol break at the juvenile facility in tennessee gripping the nation. why did the teenagers do it? lori jane gliha goes indepth with a look at the uprising, and what is happening to the juvenile justice system in the u.s. the out of control scene at that tennessee youth center when juvenile offenders took over - that's this weekend here on "america tonight". remember, if you would like to comment on the stories you have seen, log on to the website you can look through the archives, previous stories, and join in the conversation on twitter or facebook. goodnight. we'll have more of "america tonight" this weekend. see you then.
10:00 pm
>> iraq's prime minister warns of a terrorist plot against the u.s. american officials say they know nothing about it. after six years attorney general eric holder is stepping down. i'm antonio mora, welcome to "consider this". we'll have those stories and more


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