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tv   News  Al Jazeera  September 27, 2014 3:00am-3:31am EDT

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tension in the streets of hong kong as place face-off with pro-democracy protesters. ♪ ♪ welcome to al jazerra, i am darren jordan live from our headers here in doha. also coming up the u.s. led coalition of country is taking on isil grows as the u.k. joins the fight. ray grill milestone the number of people killed in the ebola out break has now reached 3,000. under investigation mexican police detain eight members of the military in connection with the killing of 22 people.
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♪ welcome to the program. we begin in hong kong where riot police have been sent in to clear the main government building of pro-democracy protesters. it happened a day after dozens of demonstrators broke in to the compound. there have been protests for six days now demanding electoral reforms. rob mcbride joins us live now. we understand the protests continue. bring us u up-to-date with whats happening there now. >> reporter: that's right, there are still several thousand protesters here outside the main government headquarters. and the in the certainty of hong kong. the demonstrators rushed the barricades and got inside but they have been cleared arrested and facing charges, their supporters here are not going away. if anything their numbers have grown today. joined by students they began this frost after a week of
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strikes on the university campuses, but also ordinary people. bringing extra supplies of water. we understand a lot of the stores have actually sold out of bottled water. people also have been bringing cling film and face matchings to protect against pepper spray. it really is kind of a face-off, kind of a game of cat and mouse between the demonstrators here and a short way away in the cordon there the police, they will move and test the edges of this occupied area, the protesters, the word will get out that they move position, they move forward to block the police. again, without trying to use any force, with their hands raised, if this is meant to be passive resistence chanting for the police to back off. that's what we have at the moment is another stand off. the police carton there, police sitting down, waiting if they have to be to be arrested, darren. >> and, rob, so where does this leave the very emote i have issue of beijing preselecting
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candidates for the 2017 elections in hong kong which is what all these protests are about? >> reporter: there is a real vitriol i can atmosphere here in hong kong. the sides have agreed to disagree. the sides have agreed to hate each other. the words that they are using and the attacks they are having against each other, it's almost as if both sides -- don't forget there is a very strong pro beijing conservative element here that don't like to see these scenes. they say it's bad for hong kong there is no point in fighting beijing over this because they will not back down, they are a very strong lobby. but at the same time, we are seeing thousands of people coming out in support of these students and this isn't everyone the start of the official occupy central movement that is meant to begin on the first of october where we are expecting to see many thousands of people taking the streets. this is a precursor of, a
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forerunner of that. >> robnik bride in hong kong. rob, thank you. an egypt criminal court is due to announce the verdict in a retrial of former president hospital knew mubarak. people have gathered outside the police academy in cairo. the former president is accused corruption and killing protesters during the 2011 up rising. in proceedings over the last three years, mubarak has insisted he's innocent. owe stornow a report. >> reporter: egyptian media call it the trial of the century. a verdict is expected saturday for former president knew back , his sons and a businessman. the imagine who leddy just a minute for three decades was first ruled in to court in 2011 after he was forced to step down during the arab spring up rising. he's accused of ordering the death of peaceful protesters during the 2011 revolution, abuse of power and profiteering. the trial has been divisive from the beginning.
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mubarak supporters oppose bringing to court the only leader many have known for years. while those who opposed mubarak had little faith in the judicial system. >> translator: i don't trust the arm army. why did it take so fong for the army to arrest him. >> reporter: the prosecution presented the court can rivals, documents, tear gas canisters and even blood-stained clothes n2012 hospital any mubarak was sentence today life for failing to protect protesters. engineering the succession of his son and putting his own interests ahead of the nations. but the sentence was later overturned and a retrial order ordered. a fact-finding committee by the president of the time mohamed morrisey said that they were guilty. like this unarmed man shot in alealexandria. the committee accused mubarak of giving direct orders to kill.
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contemporary to the defense's argument that he wasn't aware of the killings inning a 2013. >> mubarak was released from prison and put under house arrest. earlier this year, hospital anyr i can was found guilty of stealing public funds. >> translator: the court orders you to prison for three years. >> reporter: despite being convicted and unlike his previous appearances a more confident mubarak appeared before the court this august. >> appearing before you today never hand the out orders for the killings of protesters. or causing a blood bath among egyptians. >> reporter: mubarak's lawyers say they have faith in the legal system. but for many other egyptians, like this man who waved his dead son's blood-stained clothes during mubarak's first day in court, justice has a completely different meaning. >> reporter: al jazerra. the u.s. military says its air strikes against islamic
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state and the levant are hurting the group. so far there have been more than 200 in iraq. but the u.s. defense secretary chuck hagel says an irrelevant strike won't be enough to defeat isil. ground campaign will also be needed. ross lands jordaroslyn jordan rm washington. >> reporter: pentagon officials say they don't know how long the air war will take. from where they sit, it doesn't matter. >> the president gave me a mission, destroy isil. and i will recommend to him what it takes to destroy isil. >> reporter: but there are questions about whether the u.s.' plan to train syrian moderate to fight isil is realistic. only 5,000 syrians would be trained in the next year, critics say that's not enough. human rights groups say u.s. air raids in syria have killed civilians not just isil fighters. the pentagon says it's investigating. >> it is first and foremost the priority of our commanders who
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have responsibility for strikes. to make sure, do everything that they can to make sure that there is no collateral damage. >> reporter: at the u.n., the iraqi president praised other countries for coming to his country's aid. >> translator: the huge humanitarian and military support that we received from the u.n. organizations, the united states, the e.u. and other friendly states played a vital role in assisting us in facing that croup. we are not fighting terror alone. >> reporter: in the syrian border town, kurdish residents don't think anyone is trying to protect them from isil. turk is a calling for a buffer zone to help protect them and its own citizens. the u.s. isn't rush to go endorse the idea. >> a buffer zone might at some point become a possibility. but that's not part of our campaign plan presently. >> reporter: the plan right now says the u.s. military is to make sure isil has no safe haven, roslyn jordan, al
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jazerra, the pentagon. >> britain is joining fight against isil in iraq, parliament voted overwhelmingly in favor of the strikes after a lengthy debate on friday. jets could be called in to work over the weekend. prime minister david cameron says the u.s. must act because ice it'isil poses a threat to te united kingdom. >> left unchecked we will face a terrorist caliphate on the shored of the mediterranean and bordering a nato member with a declared and proven determination to attack our country and our people. iranian president hassan rouhani says time is running out for negotiate being a long-determine deal on their nuclear program. speaking on the sidelines of the u.n. general meetings. he says talks have been slow but positive. >> translator: at no time in the
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last few years have i heard a serious tone about the level of engagement and will to progress. i have been involved with negotiations for the last dozen years. today there is serious intent every side must show courage and appropriate action and flexibility. if we can do this, we will reach our objective. still to come here on the program. demanding a timetable to end the israeli occupation. the highlights of the palestinian president's speech to the u.n. blues. >> reporter: thousands of afghans have sought refuge here, i am taking a look at what life is like for this little-known refugees community. ♪ ♪ fleeing isil's brutality >> the refugees have flooded this small town... >> can they survive? don't miss primetime news on al jazeera america all next week
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>> we pray for the children in the womb >> a divisive issue >> god is life , so it's his to take >> see a 10 year old girl who's pregnant, and you tell me that's what god wants... >> a controversial law >> where were you when the babies lives were being saved? >> are women in texas paying the price? >> who's benefiting from restricting access to safe abortions? >> fault lines... al jazeera america's hard hitting... ground breaking... truth seeking... breakthrough investigative documentary series access restricted only on al jaz
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welcome back. a reminders of the top stories here on al jazerra. riot police have cleared the main government building in hong kong of pro-democracy proteste protesters. on friday they broke in the compound after five days of demonstrations calling for he lock to recall reforms. people began gathering outside a cairo criminal court for the trial of former prison hospital anhosni mubarak. he has insisted he's innocent. the u.s. military says air strikes against isil in iraq and syria are hurting the group but points out a ground campaign will also be needed. isil fighters are moving toward a town on the turkish syrian border. turks there are blaming the
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turkish government and helping isil. turkey has denied the allegations. stefanie dekker reports. >> reporter: these people are turkish kurds and the anger among them is growing. isil positions in syria are not far from here. and they are moving in on three front towards the kurdish town on the border with turkey. and so they made their way a few kilometers twos deliver their message. >> translator: isil is shelling our people. we will sacrifice our club for our town. the turkish government won't let us go and fight. they are helping isil, they want our town to fall. >> reporter: military reinforcements are being brought in as hundreds of turkish kurds are approaching the entrance to protest what they say turkey not doing enough to stop isil. they sing kurdish patriotic songs.
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>> translator: isil's presence is not independent from this government's policies. if they hadn't opened the border for isil and given them ammunition isil would not have gotten this close, if anything happening to our town we will make held for turkey. the government has to stop its dirty politics and let us fight ice el. >> reporter: an hour and a half away there were diplomatic efforts by the u.s. to bring coalition groups inside syria to fight isil. we are hold that includes the free syrian army, syrian christians and minor kurdish groups when we asked if that means training fighters this is the answer we got. >> i hope the arming of vetted groups comes quicker and faster and i hope we hasten the day in which we can use bashar al-assad in the past tense. >> reporter: the major players on the ground like the islamic front and the allocated affiliated al-nusra front are not welcome. they wantheir ability to confrol is debatable. it doesn't including the ypg the
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syrian group battling isil. the turkey's resistance with resentence doesn't want the kurdish armed that could down the line be pointed back at them. they want an independent state. there is a ceasefire in place but it's fragile. isil's recent push has forced over within 50,000 syrian kurds to escape across the border. and it's renewing tensions between turkey and it's kurds. stefanie dekker, al jazerra, on the turkey-syria border. russia's foreign minister has criticized the u.s.-led air strikes against isil in syria. sergei love i don't have says they have discussed it before the strikes began. >> translator: it's very important that such cooperation with the syrian authorities is established because excluding syrian authorities from the struggle that is taking place on their territory not only goes against international law, but also undermines the efficiency of the effort.
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>> the palestinian president has unveiled a new timetable for israel to withdraw from the occupied territories. but israel and the u.s. have criticized mahmoud abbas' speech to the u.n. general assembly. james bays reports from new york. >> reporter: mahmoud abbas about to make one of his strongest speeches in a decade as the palestinian president. addressing the united nations, after a war in gaza in which more than 2,000 palestinians, many of them women and children, have been killed. he talked of absolute war crimes and compared with previous conflicts in the territory he described the scale this time as a genocidal crime. >> translator: here we find ourselves full the grief, regret and bitterness raising the same long standing conclusions and questions after a new war. the third war waged by the racist occupying state in five years against gaza. the small densely populated and
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precious part of our country. >> reporter: because of a jewish holiday there was no one in israel's seats in the hall to hear him say that in peace negotiations earlier this year, israel had failed the test of peace. >> translator: the future proposed by the israeli government for the palestinian people is at best isolated ghettos for palestinians on fragmented lands, without borders and without sovereignty over its air space, water and natural resources. which will be under the subrogation of the racist settlers and army of occupation. and at worst, will be the most abhorrent form of apartheid. >> reporter: president a abbas has come up with a new proposal. he wants negotiations to start straightaway on a new security council resolution. he wants that resolution to outline a specific time line for the end of the israeli occupation and the creation of a two-state solution. and once that time line is in
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place he wants the immediate resumption of peace talks between the palestinians and the israelis. [applause] >> reporter: in the hall of the general assembly, president abbas received a great deal of applause. but getting support for his proposal in the other major chamber of the united nation na, the security council will be much more difficult. there israel can count on it's allies the u.s., one of the five countries that has the power to veto any resolutions. indian prime minister is due to address the u.n. general assembly on saturday. he's already met new york mayor bill de blasio on his first official visit to the u.s. after his u.n. speech he heads to washington for talks with president obama. he comes nine years after he was denied a visa to the country now the u.s. is courting the prime minister as a extr strategic par
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to expand business and trade ties. the death toll from the ebola out break in the west africa is now more than 3,000. the world health organization says most of the deaths are in liberia. u.s. president barack obama told a global health security in washington that no county can meet the challenge of ebola on its own. here is dominick kane. >> reporter: for months the ebola eye srus has bee virus hao cross south africa. now the number it's killed has reached 3,000. it's such a global threat that the united nations security council devoted a meeting to it this week. on th*us u.s thursday u.s. presa speech. oceans don't protect you, walls don't protect you. and that means all of us as nations and as an international community need to do more to keep our people safe.
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>> reporter: the out break is believe ged to have started in guinea. its president told the united nations general assembly the effect on his country has been devastating. >> translator: the ebola epidemic reminds us of the vital need for a global approach to contain and overcome this terrible disease. we need to combat the irrational panic that has taken over the world. ebola is a highly serious epidemic but it can be healed and it's not necessarily a death sentence. >> reporter: but the challe in begun-y is daunting. it is home to 11 1/2 million people. although it is rich in mineral deposits, half its population lives in poverty. the government spends just $67 per person per year on health. meaning there are only 1100 doctors in the whole country. and there are high rates of malnutrition, malaria, and had h.i.v. many scientists are pinning their hope on his the search for a vaccine to treat ebola.
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and on friday in geneva, there were some signs that the wait may soon be over. >> we might be able too star too use some of these vaccines in affected countries in -- at the beginning -- the very beginning of next year, in january. >> reporter: by then, the virus is projected to have infected many 10s of thousands of people. dominick kane, al jazerra. ivory coast president says he will lift a suspension on flights to countries affected by ebola. he also says people coming in to the ivory coast will be checked for the virus. >> when ebola broke out people got panicked. and obviously we rushed to taking some decisions, but have announced that we are goin goino now that everything is under control, there is no case of ebola here. we have decided that next week we'll lift the suspension of
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flights, the maritime suspension, and also we have opened humanitarian corridor so that we can check people who want to come here. and we have contributed $1 million to the fund to fight ebola. so i think clearly this was -- has been very much appreciate the by the countries and the people of the countries concerned. rebels in columbia have ambushing several cars and an ambulance in the northwest w-ft country. the rebels set fire to the vehicles on friday injuring at least one person. it coincides with peace talks being held in cuba between the rebel group and the columbian government. the president says the attacks are a sign of desperation. new pictures leaked to the media suggest mexican soldiers killed 22 people in an area controlled by drug gangs. it happened in the town in the state of mexico. the soldiers had said the
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victims died in a shootout in june but a witness says they were murdered. the pictures are graphic and some viewers may find them disturbing. rachel levine reports from mexico city. >> reporter: these photographs s show the aftermath after an alleged confrontation between mexican soldiers and gang members, blood stains the walls where it is victims were fatality shot. there are weapons which appear to have been placed next to each body. among the victim is his 18 age girl. the graphic images of the victims were supposedly taken hours after the incident in which one soldier was wounded and 22 civilians were killed. the photos were leaked to a mexican news agency, and al jazerra cannot verify them. however human rights groups investigating the case believe they are authentic and they support claims made by an eyewitness who said she saw soldiers shoot the victims after they had surrendered. >> translator: we know that there are survivors that say
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that what happened was not a con football take between the army and a criminal gang. but the summary execution. if that turns out to be true, then this will be one of the biggest massacres by the military any recent years. >> reporter: so far, seven soldiers and one answer have been detained in connection with the killings. the military has traditionally been considered one of the most trusted institutions in mexico. however, allegations of extra judicial killing, torture and human rights abuses have increased over the years. as more and more soldiers are on the frontlines fighting drug cartels. on friday, the interior secretary promised a full investigation in to the killin killings. >> if there was anything questionable about the way members of the national army conducted them sefplgts themsell be the exception and not the rule because we have a great army. >> reporter: recent reforms mean that military personnel accused of committing crimes against civilians, will be tried in
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civilian courts. previous attempts to hold a military accountable for its actions have failed. this case is the most important one so far to test the reform. and it's not only mexico, but the entire international community which will be watch to go see if and how justice is served. rachel lavine, al jazerra, mexico city. now thousands of afghan refugees live in the central asian country. they went there hoping to find a better and safer way of life. but as this report shows, many are facing new problems. >> reporter: she and her family are hopeful that they will find a safe place to call home n august they traveled around 1,000-kilometerkilometers from afghanistan to the border. >> translator: we want to be resettled in the next one or two months because we fear we are in
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danger here. we believe the enemies can come to this country and threaten us. >> reporter: she and her family have joined a small but anxious group of afghan refugees. they came here because they were worried about safety and poor living conditions in sprawling refugees camps in pakistan. >> translator: the afghans that go to pakistan face challenges like torture and bribery, the police also immaterial presiden. >> reporter: about 4,000 refugees live here, many of the people we spoke to are desperate to be resettled in western countries. most afghans cross the board with a valid visa, but once here, many say live is far from easy. she and her family have lived on the fringes of the society here for four years. according to local laws, they are not allowed to get jobs, access the government education system, or live in the capital.
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>> translator: life is really hard here. my two younger daughters work in the local market and then they go to school and my older sons can't go to university here. >> reporter: but the challenges that afghan refugees face here are similar to those that force around 1 million to leave the country every year. united nations says it's aware of the additional pressures that deteriorating conditions in afghanistan could place on this small impoverished country. >> we do not anticipate large-scale inning fluxes of refugees from afghanistan. we do not think that's likely. but on the other hand, we know that there could be an increase inflows, we need to be ready. >> reporter: but for those already here, life is far from certain. returning to afghanistan is not an option. so many feel traped in a place they never intend today call home. al jazerra. now, it was considered lost
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for more than 200 years. and now the original manuscript of one of mozart's most famous works has been found in hungary in a budapest library. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> well, wolfgang amadeus mozart composed the so not a in a-major around 783. the only other surviving page has been sprefrbed in his birth place in austria. the national library was cutting through folders of old music when he found the page. >> when i look the at the page the handwriting seemed similar to me and i said this looks like mozart and i started wroting it and it happened to be a very famous mozar mo piece and i recd
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it and then for a scholar it was easy work. most of no find are not very interesting for the public and sometimes you get lucky and you find something that is interesting for others as well. quick reminder you can keep up-to-date with all the news on our website there it is on your screen the address that's >> weather you run a gorill guerrilla army or trying to make the jump of creating a new country, you need money, lots of money. where are the fighters finding the cash t to take over syria and iraq.


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