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tv   News  Al Jazeera  September 30, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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>> boldly pursuing their dreams >> what did i do? >> the lives of american teenagers... on the edge of eighteen only on al jazeera america >> this is al jazeera america. with a look at today's congress grills the secret service. the head of the agency vowing it will never happen again. prompting more action if leaders refuse to meet their demands. and the university of michigan now apologizing after a football player with a concussion was let back on the field to play. >> we begin this
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afternoon where there's outrage over the most elite agencies. secret service director took a grill frog the othersight and reform committee today. and made it all the way inside 11 days ago. >> also took some heat for how the secret service handled the investigation, and the information it released afterwards. we just heard her say she is taking responsibility, but as far as the other aspects goes what does she have to say. >> her conclusion is the president is safe, as you
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noted good enough for a bipartisan members today. outraged plenty to go around, and even as they sat there going back and forth and it was at times a very angry exchange between the director julia pearson and many members of congress, a new revolution from the washington post another scoop, it turns out that after omar gonzales has gotten in the front door of the north, he wasn't detained as soon as he got inside the door as we were initially led to believe. and the immediate aftermath of that september 19th, remember it was a friday evening, that incident. turns out after he had gone through the grand hallways into the east room, and was on the verge of entering the green room on the south side of the white house, he was in fact apprehended by an off duty agent. not even an on duty at, someone who according to the post just happened to be walking by. there was on both sides of the aisle as you reported many say they have lost confidence in -- they are -- they
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want to know exactly what she is going to do, this is an individual, you remember, who came in 18 months ago. a life long employee who has held many management jobs but in the aftermath of a series of scandal, including a prostitution scandal and an advanced team there, for an international summit, that was the aftermath, that is the context into which she walks here, and many members were angry including stephen lynch of massachusets. >> that's how we have to call it. in you protecting the american president, at the white house, supposed to be one of the most secure in the building if not the world, my confidence in you doing that is very very low right now. manual you look outside the gate, earn as the white house and the
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secret service has instituted new temporary measures sort of a outside temporary perimeter fence, making it a double fence on the north side, inside today the briefing spokesman josh earnest says the president continues to have confidence. mike reporting live, thank you. india's prime minister is in washington, for an official visit with president obama. they met at the oval office to talk about closer collaboration. they have the world largest democracies. pressed for more access to markets. he also met with the vice president and the secretary of state. he is also scheduled to meet john boehner and democratic leader. in hong kong, protests are gym the chinese government until wednesday to meet their demands. you are looking now at live pictures where it is about 4:00 a.m., wednesday morning.
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people are protesting a new election rule. demonstrators want to freely elect their leader in the next election. they also want to meet with hong kong's top leader. robben brew joins us now, if they don't meet the demands what is the next step. >> that is the big question facing the whole movement now on this the third night of mass protests. we have seep another massive demonstration, defying orders to leave the street. they are out here despite terrific rainstorms. it's become an iconic image, a symbol, if you like, of this movement. protects against pepper spray, against sun, and rainstorms. and people have now thinned out, but many people are still supporting this, and they are now looking at theiring os. there are possibly the option of maybe directing
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their attention to particular government buildings and occupying those. maybe calling for strikes in workplaces which would hurt this city very hard. also looking more immediately, to national day, the first of october, the national holiday in china, china's national day, there is to be various ceremonies here. various demonstrators will be trying to make their voices heard, which is quite inflammatory, being seen as an unpatriotic act by people here, and what is still technically a chinese city. michael. >> the majority of these protestors are a part of if you think yoer generation of citizens in hong kong. and there's also some residents in hong kong that do not support what these protestors are trying to do right now, what are those people saying?
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absolutely, this is a very polarizing issue, yes, there are thousands saying we want true democracy, and what you are giving us falls short of that. there are still though what the government talks about the silent majority. very conservative, sectors of the society here, this is as we know very business driven place. that likes to have good friendly relations with china, it's what is prosperity relies on, according to the -- according to hong kong's lead who has been reminding the population, and this -- falls short of stability, so the business community is very much divided. and there are more conservative elements that are saying there's no point in going ahead, demanding something that beijing will just not give you. and many people here are urging hong kong to pull back, it is not a tradition nally been a radical place, it has been more conservative, and people really fearing what the consequences
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could be. the industry here, the chamber of commerce, are already warning that business is being hurt. that the international reputation is being hurt around the world. michael. >> robin, reporting live in hong kong, thank you. business owners say they are already feeling the pinch of these demonstrations. without the usual crowds it is hard to tell that the business strow is in a prime location. this should have been the restaurant's opening day, the staff already the coffee is brewing but the only person being served is the owner. when you see all -- and then, traffic is being diverted, and then there are no people walking on the streets. and nobody will come into our restaurant. the protests have taken rout in hong kong's most densely packed office and shopping areas. this is normally one of
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the busiest times oif year for luxury source with china's golden holiday week started. be uh the cash rich mainlanders stilling away. and it's frustrating more than just the retailers. >> why must you damage the prosperity of hong kong. >> the concern is brought by business leader whose say if the protests continue, hong kong's economy will take a hit. >> i think it will effect the image of hong kong. and also, the foreign residents in our -- will have a certain restorations. >> this is where most of the protests have gathered. they take up about three-kilometers of this boulevard. this is normally one of hong kong's busiest roads, it connects the east and the west of the island, but the protests have essentially cut the heart of the business district in half.
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reflecting the divide in the population. >> feelings are mixed. the building is usually packed but many are at the protoasts. >> my sales have p dod 30%, blue personally, i think the protestors are very peaceful and i support the campaign. it's unclear how long the protests will long, was they do know the longer they continue, the less likely the enterprises will survive. irocky forces have opened up a new dwight against isil. government forces took 16 villages and at least 100 isil fighters were killed. >> this was a major operation by the peshmerga.
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soldiers launched coordinated attacks on three fronts, to essentially retake territory that isil fighters have taken from them, months before. now, the town is one of these we are being told it is strategically very important, because fighters where are thinking to use it as a launch pad to retake the very important city. that obviously sits atop iraq's oil wells. the per somewhere goo atarts with hum vies, first caliber machine guns but before the offensive, coalition planes bombed the area to soften up targets there. the other two towns, were also targeted and these are important because they are in the middle of the rout, between the serious strong hold, and the mosul strong hold in iraq for isil. so again, this all aimed at disrupting isil, and their strength here in northern iraq. >> monica reporting from
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iraq, now, there are hopes the offensive cut off isil supply routs from syria, but the armed group is digging it's heels in. the civil war has glymph them plenty of coverage. some who thought they found salvation in the teachings soon realized the dark intentions. reports from the first installment of a five part series. and closes the door on his troubled past. he is the night guard, the boss is the man he called his savior. he would have been a suicide bomber, in the islamic state of iraq j i thought they had the high etc. understanding of religion that was based on the koran. >> just eight months ago, he became one of nearly 30,000 young men in isil training camp like this one.
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the video may be propaganda, but he says it is accurate. >> he learns how to fire an assault rifle, how to fight hand to hand. when you joined what did you think they offed you? >> i didn't join them because i thought they would offer me anything, or because i wanted something from them, i joined them because they provided the best religious path. he says isil made him feel like a holy soldier. he was in a company led by an officer just like the man in this video giving fighter as pep talk. the day he realized he needed to leave, was the day he killed a man. >> i wouldn't want to kill a chick let alone a human being, i was force to kill. i regret it, i regret it, i was brainwashed. >> across town, he told me he joined for
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religious reasons and military might. he was an officener the moderate free syrian army. they offered higher salaries even bonuses for successful missions. >>s i would come to a base and there would be no food or money. isil provided all these things as well as protection. >> but he realized his commanders were formerluth in the iraqi army, he said they lied and claim fsa fighters were actually israelis. he found his commanders disrupt and brutal. today he is still scared of them that's why he won't show his face. >> we saw the command were criminals. criminals that only take advantage of the minds of muslim men for implements their own goals. he wasless angry and more scared. her urged to flee by offing a job in a different kind of religious operation.
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today he fights with ideas. he travels to syrian refugee camps to debate isil missionaries to argue their version of islaming is brutal. he argued the same. >> what is better, to wait on the battlefield to kill a woman, or to help create an intellectual, a man who can bring to life a whole nation with his thinking. today he totally rejected isil, but he still knows the group is incredibly strong. so he is applying for asylum in europe. the only way he will feel safe, is as far from syria as possible. that was nick chef run reporting you can watch the second part of our special. coming up in our 8:00 p.m. hour. lebanon's military is short on supplies and needs the assistance.
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but iran's checkered fast and syria mainly a strong support, could complicate this new agreement. reports from beirut. the timing of this is important. quote a fierce terrorist on shout. the army is at war with isil, they have engaged in fierce clashes with that group along lebanon's border, they are also fighting another powerful rebel force in syria. now, lebanese officials have been asking for help, but they want to empower state institutions, some countries have come forward, they have made pledges and promises but so far it is just the united states that has provided weapons to this army. it is not just the timing it is the donor itself. they have been supporting the syrian government, they see iran as
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empowering the lebanese shiite movement, giving them weapons and military assistance, at the expense of the state. this is not the first time iran has offered to help, and provide military assistance, in the past, the government refrained from accepting that assistance. we will have to wait to see whether the government will agree this time, especially since it really does the army -- the army is really facing a threat, and it doesn't have a much equipment at hand. president obama says the by lateral security agreement today with afghanistan is a historic deal. in a statement the president said the deal reflects our continued commitment to support the new afghan unity government, we look forward to working with this new government to cement an enduring partnership, that strengthened afghan sovereignty, stability, unity and prosperity. jennifer glass has more. >> the united states had hoped this would happen nearly a year ago. afghanistan signing of two security agreements. one with the u.s., and
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another with nato, that will allow international forces to remain here after the end of this year. >> the signing was watched over by the new government. he heads a unity government, both leaders say the deal is good for the future. >> across afghanistan this year, afghan forces were in the lead, carrying out 90% of a ground operation, but they know they still need nato help. the security forces are not ready yet in every field, so they need continuous support, and it would be leafing a half ready force, that would have the challenge of an insurgency, that is still out there. >> many afghan and international forces have been killed or injured fighting those grouped. and still needs much support, nato will also
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help with intelligence, logistics and officer training as well as teaching budgetary skills. >> the new smaller nato mission will have about 12.5000 soldiers. the bulk of them american. >> signing this with america, that itself blocks the door of any conversation or dialog. because this agreement is for the occupation of afghanistan, and that's what we are fighting against. >> the 350,000 afghan forces cost about $5 billion a year, mostly peaked for by the international community. afghanistan is expected to take over the full cost. >> in the meantime, the mission is to ensure that the troops can eventually fight on their own. al jazeera, kabul. >> the first criminal case over spy ware, an app that monitors calls texts and your location,
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and other information and first t.v. shows now into the original movie business, that and more next on al jazeera america.
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the dow fell 28 points at the closing bell, the nasdaq was down 12, and s&p 500 lost 5 points on the day. more than a decade after a huge corporate marriage, ebay and papal are splitting up. the auction site is splitting off the instant payment service. there was another man in this picture who owns two preponderate 5% of ebay, he pushed for the split, ebay c.e.o. will step down after the deal is complete next year. ebay bought papal for $1.3 billion in 2002. netflix is not content with only producing digital shows. the video streaming service is releasing it's first movie. it will premier simultaneously on netflix, and in imac
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theaters. but some theater chains are already refusing to screen it says they will not show films that are available elsewhere. the justice department says it is the first of it's kind, a mobile spy ware app, for stockers. jacob ward is in san francisco, and jacob, i need you to tell me about this app. because is it as creepy as it sounds? >> it is absolutely as creepy as it sounds. in fact that was the justice department's whole problem with it. it wastized for a creepy purpose. it is called stealth geneny, and was designed for the remote monitoring of another person's phone. if you could gain physical -- have access to that phone for a moment, you could upload information to a centralized account, that you can then remotely monitor. and the app was designed to be untraceable by the
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perp who owns the phone. and it was expressly for the purpose and it said this in the advertising for this particular app, it was for the purpose of detecting spousal infidelity or checking on one's children. obviously the latter we don't care about, but the former i think is what got the attention. >> it is one then if you have doubts about your spouse, and want to find out what is going on, but if you are a criminal you look at that, and it could be a way, depending on your access to stock someone, we have so many stories right now, of missing young girls all around the country. so what that even in mind, how did this app get out on to the market in the first place. >> well, this is really the surprising thing about it. it isn't so surprises this would be available on the android platform, googles platform, which has almost no oversight. goodle will allow almost any app maker to put up almost any app, but what is interesting is this was reportedly according to the government also
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available on the apple i-phone, and that is a little more closely monitored. apple will reject apps that are too derivative, and so it is really curious how it is that this got passed the apple system. of course, we are talking about this point, well past -- there are literally millions of apps so very difficult to do but this was obviously for a purpose. >> so many ans are hitting the market every day to get a grip on all of them, dangerous to say the least. >> thank you. >> the afternoon american that owes stupid debt, owes more than $30,000. as real money tells us, it could mean the difference between a yes and a no from the bank, if you are trying to buy a home. >> four up and 14,000
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homes will go unsold this year, because would be buyers are so saddled they can't afford to buy. that's the conclusion of an analysis by john burn real estate consulting. an economists with the brookings institution. >> they are certainly a relationship between student loan debt and housing. >> batchings have their hands ties baud of federal laws. in exchange for long protections -- if the borrowers anticipated monthly debt is more than 43% of the gross income. take the case of a how hold earning $80,000 a year, with reoccurring monthly credit card and car payments totaling $700. a student debt free household with 3.5% down, qualified for $250,000, 30 year mortgage at 4.5% interest, but throw in a
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monthly student debt of $250 or more, and the bank will deny the application because it is total monthly debt would be greater than 43% of it's income. credittics say the overall effect is more complicated. >> any aspect that are only capturing the effect of having to make the payments are missing that other piece. so while they have the extra bill to pay each month, to repay that deft, they have higher earns. >> every 250-dollar as monthly student debt lowers an applicants limit by $44,000. that creates a catch 22 as many take on student debt that they need to compete, they might also be reducing their likelihood of buying a home. al jazeera. >> the director of the secret service gets grilled on capitol hill after a major security breech, was this a sign of a bigger problem within the agency? we will take a look next. and thousands of students
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in colorado protesting against changes to the history curriculum, a big walk out planned and now teachers are getting involved too. >>
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secret service director faced bipartisan outrage today. oscar gonzales scaled the fence more than a week ago. he ran through much of the main floor. >> he was tackled by an off duty agent, and in november, a gun mapp hit the resident. the case cases are putting pressure on director of security. >> i am not asking you about a washington post story, i am asking you about why a housekeeper who doesn't spend 14 weeks in training who doesn't have 18 weeks of training thereafter,
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found glass and your agents did not. >> the housekeeper was able to locate fragments of glass on the trueman balcony, which is not an area that is frequented by security personnel. >> and i didn't ask you about who is frequented your officers threw their weapons director. that's how seriously they took it. so i am not interesting in cursory searches when did your agency find evidence of the shooting? >> and that shoots incident was in november 2011. and now a security analyst and i want to get your reaction just to these incidents alone, because the white house and the president supposed to be one of the most -- the president should be protected obviously, the white house should be extremely security, but these two incidents the shooting in 2011, of course, oscar gonzales scaling the fence, would raise a lot of questions about how thorough that is. your reaction to those two. >> well, obviously they are troubling. i know jewelry stores in
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brooklyn that are tougher to get into. can anyone fire shots at the white house, yes. that's -- that is no the issue, the issue is not disof cooing it and not following up to where there's actually an intelligible answer that the director can give. more troubling is the recent incident where you have a former army veteran, who clearly suffering some mental debilitation, makes it over the fence, sprinting 70 or so yards. unimpeded gets to a door ha is strangely unlocked, gains access, and actually makes it through if you read the stories correctly, into the east room, before become tackled by an off duty agent, just -- really bad. if one place in the country and in the world should be secure, it's this. and there's some issues here. >> so what do you think the fall out should be? people have called into question dreck pearson's job security, but even
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beyond that, from a overall security standpoint, bike there need to be reforms that maybe protocol changes. >> well, there's no adult there are protocols in place, but obviously -- there's a cultural of complacency. things don't happen for a period of time, the job becomes mechanical, and you walk away from the your post, you don't pay attention to the mop tor that's the issue. how do you keep your agents on top of the game. i can tell you what the israeli cedrate service does. they are constantly testing their agents to make sure they are on the ball. for example, let's say the secret service had a program in place where they have someone walk around the white house, maybe they do, maybe they don't, i don't know. or drive around, the agents the officers out there need to be -- that person wandered around more than two or three times that person should be identified and called into get. in other words, you aren't waiting for an incident to happen to keep you sharp, you are worried about your boss doing something on a
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routine base toys test whether you are paying attention. and there's a consequence if you are not, you need to have constant rigorous testing to make sure people are on their game. more importantly, all the technology in the world, as we see, is worth less if the people monitoring it and the signs to response to intrusions are not doing their job. >> and one thing that was troubling from the washington post report, omar gonzales has been tapped as had a previous incident, evidently he was recognized at the white house outside the day of this incident, and he still managed to get into the white house, so that calls into question, obviously there's protocols in place, because they recognize the guy, but then they didn't do anything out of the ordinary, to protect the white house in case this one individual decided to do something yet again. >> yeah, how about just tapping the guy on the shoulder, and say hey, how you doing, nice to ski you back, why are you here. the guy was arrested --
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there are different stories but apparently he is arrested in possession of a sawed off shotgun, that is a violation of federal law. he is rearrested after that, why wasn't he violated? and more importantly, why wasn't this guy who clearly has mental health issues why wasn't he given help. there is a lot of blame to go around, but most importantly, we need to make sure they ever single person, along the chain, is held accountability, whether the director keeps her job or not, is irrelevant, the question is are people going to learn from it, are they going to do better next time, i certainly hope so. >> you say whether she keeps her job is irrelevant, but a couple of years ago, the director of the c. i.a. resigned in the wake of the scandal involving a prostitution situation down in columbia. so if that person resigned in that situation, do you not see potentially director pearson losing her job as well? >> i think director pearson -- i am
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speculating but again, after the prostitution scandal you put a woman in place, and a different message, maybe that had something to do with it, who -- if she does get fired, or does step down, who takes over the reigns? you don't necessarily have -- you need to have somebody who actually is -- not only a good add men stray tor, and politically well connected or in favor of the house, a person who knows the job, who has done the job. there's a tendency to put people in charge who have never done a lick of protective or investigative work in their lives. that makes absolutely no sense. there is no gain to the american people, to the security posture of our country, by putting political appointees in charge. i don't know if her action or lack thereof is responsible. if i were here it would be stepping down, but i don't know if that will happen.
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>> security analyst, thank you as always. david schuster joins me now, to discuss another side to today's hearing and that's the political implications and there's been so much animosity between the democrats and republicans the last several years. today is a very united bipartisan front attacking the director of the secret service. was there a political reason behind some of these congress people. >> absolutely. this is known on capitol hill as a freebi. it is hard to be against protecting the white house. where there's a lot of criticism that congress does nothing to be able to say hey, i provided oversight of the secret 70, i suggests the secret 70 be fired i questioned them, that is worth it's weight in political gold, when they are running for their seats and trying to explain to the voters what they have been doing. they can't say they provided a lot of bills, and thats politically
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helpful to them. >> you mentioned election year, about five months away from the midterms. besides this situation today, there's this growing outrage, but digits satisfaction, because they haven't gotten anything done, how will that effect the campaigns themselves but the overall midterm elections in. >> it is a huge issue, and in fact we will talk about that just a second, and there's a theme now that is starting to resonate with voters and that is that members of congress have not been doing their job. so anything that either reenforced incumbents not doing their jobs and maybe it is an attack ad, or that reenforces the idea that oh, members of congress are doing their jobs. that is political dynamite. >> let's talk about power politics what do you have for us? >> democrats in iowa are increasingly alarmed at the way that that crucial senate race is trending and the issue priority there for voters.
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democrat bruce bailey is now trailing his private by 6 points, and this is despite him hammering joanny earns for threatening to privatetize social security. the republican attacks have been relentless. >> as a veteran i was insulted that bailey would be on the veterans affairs committee and miss 79% of the meetings. veterans risk their lives for our country, and bruce didn't have the respect to show up to support them. >> democratic groups say that for their part the attacks are part of what they call a secret and sleazy corporate agenda. >> almost $3 million in ads, backs by two billionaires who don't even live in iowa, she is fighting for their agenda. let's shut down the federal e. p.a. >> no matter what it costs. >> i have talked about
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privatetizing social security as an option. voters are angrier about missing the v.a. meetings than about republicans missing social security. that is significant. rem senator minority leader is facing a tough re-election, and he is been odefensive over this charge. even more important. >> he only showed up 7% of the time. >> if you did that, you would get fired. so should he. the claim that members of congress enjoy washington too much, and do the people's business too little is also showing up in house races. illinois republican rodney david is under fire for spends tens of thousands of dollars at d.c. steak houses. >> drop medicare but not
4:41 pm
perks for himself like first class fights or healthcare for life. >> hey, steak is great, congressman, but it is time to trim some fat. >> putting yourself ahead of the middle class is a load of bull. >> more on the baggage of incumbency in a moment. the democratic divide over hillary clinton is gaining steam. clinton, of course, is considering a run, and says she will make a decision early next year. bob kerry a democrat who has clashed with the clintons says he is norming jim web to challenge clinton. what does web think about a run? is he says he is considering it. >> i am seriously looking at the possibility of running. but we want to see if there's a support base, from people that would support the programs we are interesting in pursuing.
4:42 pm
gone, web is not the most dynamic speaker but on foreign policy he would be to the right. voters are resonated to -- or enjoying washington too much, and it is now a central theme in the latest ad attacking north carolina democratic okay haggan. haggan has missed half the hearings this year, while isis grew, the price for their failure, is danger. >> danger. democratic strategy that ad may be too over the top to work, be uh the themerd rahing committee attendance is picking up, and attacks into the strong anti-incumbency feelings that voters already have. and that is today's power politics. >> that seems to be growing as well. thank you so much. joining us tonight for a special program america votes 2014, 8:30 and
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11:30 eastern time, right here on al jazeera america. time now to get caught up on other news from america today. >> michael, we begin with two school shootings. in the carolina incident, one high school student shot another during an argument, the student was not seriously wounded and the shooter is under arrest. in kentucky police are still searching for the gunman who opened fire at person creek traditional high school, police say one student was injured, but is expected to recover. a hospital in texas is waiting on test results to determine if a patient has a deadly ebola virus. the person was hospitalized monday the patient is being held in strict isolation, the cdc is expected to have preliminary results at any time. a houston cancer doctor has been sentenced to ten year in prison for trying to poison her lover. she laced the man's coffee with an antifreeze
4:44 pm
chemical after he broke up with her last year. he survived. she faces up to 30 years behind bars. plastic bags will soon be illegal in california, the first statewide ban in the nation, governor jerry brown signed the bill today outlawing the single use baggings. the law pushes by environment lit ghosts into effect next summer. opponents have a voter referendum to appeal it. and a family is recovering from some harrowing moments at sea after capsize. the four adults and three children were taking part in a children's fishing tournament that's when they were thrown into the choppy waters everybody was wearing life jackets but it took two hours before they were rescued. >> grabbed the kids and the boat was going down very fast, and jumped out of the water, treaded water for a while, and before we were able to get a phone call out, it seems like forever. >> we kept them calm by telling them it is like being in a pool, there
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are waves and they had the life preservers on first, and we held on to them for life. >> and still not clear what caused the boat to flip over, thank goodness they were wearing life preservers. >> scary moments, especially with the kids. thank you so much. >> a university facing a lot of controversy after they left the school quarterback keep playing with a concussion. we are life at the university of michigan with the fall out, next. and olympic champion swimmer michael phelps arrests again.
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only on al jazeera america
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arrested for a second time for alleged drunk driving. officers arrested him after phelps failed
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sobriety tests. he was charged with dui and other infractions. he got 18 months probation as a tea party in 2004, for his first dui arrest. the nfl says a player who bowed his head in muslim prayer should not have been flagged for a penalty. he dropped to his knees after scoring on an interception last night, he got a 15-yard penalty for unsportsman like conduct, because of a rule that bans celebration, but the league says religious demonstrations are exempt. he skips last season to make a pill gram page to mecca. students at the university of michigan plan to rally on campus tonight dend maaing the athletic director be fired in the wake of how the football team handled a concussion suffered by it's quarterback. he was allowed to stay in saturday's game for one play after suffering what the school called a mild concussion, he later came back to the game before doctors had cleared him, to return to play.
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just how angry are these students about this, and what the entire athletics department? is. >> well, at this point, it is just the students that are being the most vocal, there is one young man that start add petition, and so far it has generated over 7,000 signatures. in that the students are asking that athletic director dave brandon be fired. and the same students are expected to gather here behind me in an hour, and talk about their displeasure with how the school handles mouseries' injuries. >> he can barelynd that up. >> they have to get him out. >> morris already limping
4:50 pm
refusing to come out of the game. despite what appeared to be a concussion. now, the school's $2 million a year coach, brady hope, is on the hot seat for putting morris back on the field. >> i have to tell you that number seven is still in this game is appalling. >> sports writers from coast to coast, even the michigan campus newspaper, now calling for coach to be fired. >> jay morris cannot be going back into this game, this young man looked groggy after that hit, he is being put back on the field -- he can barely stand up. this is not good player management. >> but he is defending his actions he had no plans of stepping aside. >> i would never put a kid in that situation, never have, and never will. because you get into this to coach kids. >> he claims it is not his call if a player insists on staying in the game. and that ultimately, team doctors have to make the decision. most analysts seem to disagree.
4:51 pm
>> ultimately it does have to come from the sideline, because players want to be on the field no matter where the risk. the they cantic director said there was some issue with communication between the sidelines with the coach, and the doctors and he also said that a mistake like this not happen again. as for morris, i am told, by his mother, that he is doing okay. and earlier today he tweeted he just wants to play football. michael that press release, there coming as you said about 1:00 a.m. in the morning he has gotten a lot of criticism for the release time of that, alone. so obviously, some things sort of pile up there, let me ask you another question, as it relates to the reaction, congress is now getting involved in this incident? what are politician saying in regards to what
4:52 pm
happened. >> yes, there's a u.s. rep out of new jersey, and he has a task force that deals with brain injuries, well, he is asking the big 10 to investigate what happened here in ann arbor. >> very interesting because concussions have been a huge story for football both the nfl and college over the last year or so. reporting for us live. well, students in colorado are planning a massive walk out tomorrow to protest curriculum changes. the students will walking out on count down. this comes after two high schools in jeffson county school district were forced to close monday when more than 70% of the teachers called out sick, and after a week of student protests. the proposal would require history courses to promote citizen ship and patriotism, and discouraging civil disobedience. coming up, laws are banning the media from effort aring the name of a girl who was raped, bullied, and then who killed herself. but her parents say they
4:53 pm
want her name out there, their effort now going viral. hello. i am ray swarez, india's prime minister was welcomed in america, like a rock star, but behind the warm greeting of some big things like military support, and if he doesn't get it, he might just turn toward china, we are inside the meeting live, top of the hour. >>
4:54 pm
4:55 pm
15-year-old killed herself last year, her parents say she was bullied for 17 months after a photo of her being gang raped went viral. last week the boy who took the photo pled guilty to manufacturing child pornography. but canadian law prohibits the media from saying the victim's name. back here with more on
4:56 pm
the story. >> michael, her parents say this is like silencing their daughter, canadian law prohibits the media from using the name of a child pornography victim. and her parents are using social media to create awareness, and social late her name worldwide, they are sending stones with her name on them to their supporters and in return, those supporters will post images of where those stones are being placed. this one for example, in lake louise in canada, in cape britain in canada, you have these ones in springfield ohio. even in central park new york city, the stone right here next to the tree, and in lagoon france, and you also have supporters here with signs saying remember her. now the alleged rape case was originally dismissed and then reopened after public outcry, it is now being treated add a child pornography case, but as long as the media isn't allowed to say her name, they feel no justice is
4:57 pm
being served. >> the most productive years for many artists come early in their careers but one sculptor is showing no sign of slowing down at age 89. >> inside, he continues to work tirelessly. from political figures such as india's first prime minister, to his tore call ones such as benjamin franklin, his work is very much in demand. the son of a carpenter, his art career began as a schoolboy. >> he ask me. >> that led to a request for another gandhi statute and then another.
4:58 pm
after art school in mumbai, he became famous for this sculpture, one of which is at india's parliament. >> people like it, i also like it. understanding what gandhi was, what he wanted. by seeing the statute, they will get inspired. >> gandhi wanted peace for the world, soy like this. and the thinking -- to mix culture on this subject. >> now, he isoi just that. >> this is the largest gandhi statute every made, said to be placed in front of a state assembly, statutes like this one depicting political figures have dominated his work and made him famous, but he feels that even now his legacy isn't complete. >> 16 of his statutes are in parliament, others in
4:59 pm
every state in india, and dozens of cities worldwide. i wish to have biggest possible modern art, i wish to make -- but that refret hasn't dispatchenned his passion, say those that work with him includes his son. >> he is really enjoying his work, i this that's one reason why he has been so active. >> ethe senior has no plans to retire. >> so we go on. >> even at 89, the desire to create keeps him going.
5:00 pm
thank you for watching this live edition of al jazeera america. inside story is next, i will see you again at 6:00 p.m. eastern, become pacific for more news updates around the world, just go to our website the leaders of the world's two largest democracies are getting together, the prime minister is still pretty new to the job and has plenty of challenges. it is inside story. hello. i am ray swarez. india is in a new place, among the top tonies in the worl


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