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tv   News  Al Jazeera  October 13, 2014 1:00pm-1:31pm EDT

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day he can. >> i.s.i.l. fighters continue to make gains in several provinces in iraq. and we speak to one mother whose child joined forces in syria. hello, this is al jazeera, live from doha, i'm adrian finnegan. also live from doha. protests spread against university campuses in egypt, laws restricting political
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descent. we begin in iraq where fighters from islamic state of iraq and the levant are edging closer to gaining complete control of the western anbar province which is close to the border of syria and runs to the capital baghdad. the u.n. says 180,000 people have been displaced in and around th the strat central tow. top level generals retreated from the base . anbar province is where i.s.i.l. has made other strategic gains. fallujah is partly under its control. zena hoder has the latest for us in erbil. >> the iraqi army is calling it a tactical withdrawal but
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undoubtedly it's another setback for the military in this province. they've been losing ground over recent weeks. iraqi officials appealing for help military assistance as well as ground forces, foreign ground forces to help them hold anbar, a strategic province. i.s.i.l. really has an open corridor between its corridors in iraq and syria. the iraqi army calling this a tactical withdrawal but it really raises the question on their capabilities. they haven't been able to recapture territory and they can't even hold ground. and it also asks the question whether or not to let coalition air strikes have been helping the government in its fight against i.s.i.l. the u.s. coalition air strikes have been targeted the haditha dam, areas around the haditha dam to make sure i.s.i.l. doesn't take over this dam in
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anbar, but elsewhere there's been limited success on the ground. at the end of the day, the government as well as the coalition are going to need the support of the sunnis and right now sunnis have little appetite in fighting i.s.i.l. for them they want the government to give them guarantees before they do that. one of them setting up a local force to protect their people. they're saying once we get rid of i.s.i.l. they're replaced by shia application ya men. publis. >> three pronged attack on the town's eastern side, kurdish forces are now struggling to defend it and there are fears for the safety of what could be thousands of civilians who are thought to be trapped there. more from jamala shayal who is
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in southeastern turkey. >> on the political front, there have been some sort of developments taking place. turkey's foreign minister in the united states issued a statement where he said there was some agreement between washington and ankara. bear in mind turkey has constantly said, the confrontation shouldn't be one dimensional. as far as turkey is concerned that means getting rid of bashar al-assad. so the agreement coming out from the foreign ministry here is they have agreed they will provide training for what they called moderate syrian opposition groups. what exactly that entails and whether they would arm them, we have yet to hear the details. turkey's insistence, must
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include also a strategy dealing with syria. that is paying off at least based on what has come out from the foreign ministry so far. on a hospital bed lays this young kurdish fighter wounded from battle. yet all he can think about is defending his home town of kobani. he and his sister are fighters for pyd, a kurdish rebel group linked to the pkk. they have been at the forefront of the battle to save kobani. >> four i.s.i.l. fighters attacked them in the middle of the night. we managed to kill three of them but i got injured during the fight. >> reporter: he considers himself lucky to still be alive. as notice o notorious as i.s.i.s said to become, there is question where their weapons come from.
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who and what his comrades were up against. >> i.s.i.l. has so many different fighters from countries, one of those we captured was moroccan. >> in this private hospital there are several other fighters being treated. they refused to tell us who was paying or the their treatment but local force he told us it was most likely the pkk. barely old enough to graduate from high school, 17-year-old is involved in the battle against i.s.i.l. >> suddenly i got shot, i was alone, my friends weren't near me. i promised not to let them capture me. if they got near me i promised to blow myself up. >> i asked him if he was scared. >> yes to be honest i was scared when i got shot but my belief in the solidarity made me feel
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stronger. i wanted to keep fighting to protect my home land from the foreigners and to take revenge because many of our people have been killed. >> reporter: on another bed sits ahmed, advertise his duty to defend the kurdish nation. >> i.s.i.l. is abusing and hijacking muslims for their action. they captured our friends and beheaded them but our faith raimtioraimtionremains strong. >> ankara reduces tora refuses n forces. >> secretary of state john kerry says that saving the syrian town of kobani is not part of the long term strategy to defeat the group. speaking in cairo, kerry says
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the focus should be on defeating i.s.i.l. in iraq. >> kobani is one community, it's a tragedy what's happening there and we don't diminish that but we have said from day 1 it is going to take a period of time to bring the coalition thoroughly to the table. to rebuild some of the morale and capacity of the iraqi army and to begin to focus where we ought to be focusing first which is in iraq. it is iraqis who will have to take back iraq. the iraqis in anbar who will have to fight for anbar and we're confident that just as that happened before that can, and will, happen again, though it will take some time to build that capacity, in order for it to be able to be effective. >> it appears that a growing number of young men and women from european nations are trying to join the islamic state of iraq and the levant.
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in france, authorities estimate that more than 900 people may have traveled to iraq or syria. al jazeera's hoda abdel hamed reports. >> his journey to the front line in syria began in 2010 when he converted to islam. he said that his half brother followed him. his mother said that at first nicolas found some peace but isolated himself. the two brothers made their way to the syrian city of homs. >> he set it was doing logistics, sometimes he did patrolling at night. he told me syria was a beautiful country despite the war. he was not interested in fighting but said if he was asked he would go to the front line. >> reporter: then on january 1st 2014, dominique received a
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text message saying her son was dead. he carried out an attack on a village near homs. poafsed on sociaposted often sos proof. in march 2012 police killed mohamed mira, he was holed up in this flat. he had just been on a shooting spree that lasted several days and in which seven people were killed. now the impact of that is still very much felt here and in the rest of the cub. country. have mohamed mira became a symbol of social injustice according to some in the community here. >> a lot a lot. what gives me the chills when we speak to ten or 12-year-olds when you ask what do you want to be, they say mujaheed.
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can you believe that? >> translator: the jihad is the only cause for many youth that lack ambition or hope. it's frightening to see that western societies have produced youths in need, because there is nothing else for them. >> france is now discussing a tougher antiterrorist law aimed at stopping its citizens from reaching the battlefield. dominique says what is really needed is more opportunities for youth. for her, it is too late, nicholas's body will never return home. all she are has is memories and a text message. >> appointed as new prime
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minister, part of the efforts to ease political crisis there which saw houthi fighters capture part of the capital, sanaa, last month. >> this is the man who faces the difficult task of keeping yemen together. served as yemen's oil minister before he was sent to canada as the ambassador. in 2014 he was appointed oil minister again. a few months ago, he was chosen as yemen's united nations ambassador. ♪ >> bahah is from the restive south. , mass rally in the city of adan to call for the south to break away from the north. but the south isn't yemen's only problem. aal qaeda in the arabian peninsula or aqap claimed responsibility for this attack,
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that targeted houthi protesters the on thursday in the capital sanaa. this group is considered the al qaeda most active group in the world. deepened the divide between the shia community mainly in the north and the predominantly sunni south. houthi rebels still control government buildings in sanaa. they say they will only pull out once a national unity government where they having equality is formed. prime minister after the houthis accused ben mubarak of having close ties with the u.s. with both sides now approving the appointment of clil clid kh.
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>> at least 30 people are reported to have been killed in the blas ththe blasts. at least 80 people have been injured. on the line is al jazeera's imran khan, tell us more. >> reporter: well, let me just take you through neighborhoods of what happened in the first attacks. that was a parked car bomb where nine people were killed and 22 were injured and then a suicider, blew up a car, in the neighborhood near baghdad, ten people killed and 32 injured and then improvised explosive device northern baghdad where six were
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killed and 26 were injured. we see this happen time and time again. they wait until the early evening. they go out into neighborhoods where it will be very busy, designed to cause maximum panic and fear amongst the population. the fact that these are all shia neighborhoods is also quite cruel, last year here in baghdad. nobody has claimed responsibility for these attacks but we do know when i.s.i.l. gets squeezed in such areas as anbar they do take out revenge attacks in areas of baghdad. these are packed ieds and car bombs and suicide attacks. nobody has claimed responsibility for this. >> imran, thank you. on the line from baghdad. series of bomb blasts have killed at least 30 people and injured at least 80 people in
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baghdad, according to iraqi police. more on that as and when we have it. student protests are growing across egypt, despite laws restricting political protests, arrested at least 16 students since sunday. but it's not just students who are voicing their dissent. faculty staff too says they have reason to rally,. >> reporter: in large numbers and undeterred by police crack down, the students returned to the streets. they're marching against new governmental measures clamping down on political dissent at universities. students say new regulations further restrict their freedoms to depress themselves and to assemble and yet another layer of repression against those who oppose the military government
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mucof abdel fatah al-sisi. >> government and military jeedges. military regimes. >> there are clear links to violent protesters. bravely displayed at this protests, a symbol of their now outlawed muslim brotherhood. students are defying tough new laws, necessary they say to draw attention to outstanding agreements. at least 16 students were killed and hundreds reafte arrested. following mohamed morse's arrest. thousands of students have been detained convicted and fined. >> it does reflect the real
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anger within the student community in egypt. it was expected by the authorities, it wasn't something you know, out of the blue. they knew that there would be a reaction. for that they prepared for these measures, they took all of these steps to prevent that. now saturday started, it seems they failed to do so. >> reporter: the students aren't the only group on campus to be rallying against the government. faculty staff has been also voicing their objections, isolating faculty members without investigation. they said gives universities the right to remove staff for political reasons. the protests come at the start of the academic year and show little sign of abating. government officials had warned that protests would not be tolerated and had hired a private security firm to search and monitor students. these damaged metal detectors
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and protesters back on the streets show the disdain students have towards the government's ever expanding security measures. marian mahond, al jazeera. >> al jazeera continues to demand the release of its three journalists imprisoned, peter greste, mohamed fahmy and baher mohamed, appealing their convictions. we'll get a weather update next on al jazeera. then should britain recognize palestine as a state? we'll be live in london. and we'll tell you about the scuffles in hong kong as hundreds of masked men moved in to break down protest barriers.
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>> a firsthand look at the isil fight >> you can see where the bullets ripped right through... >> refugees struggling to survive >> the government, they don't help us... >> but who is fueling the violence? >> if they had the chance to kill each other, to make more territory, they would do it >> fault lines, al jazeera america's hard hitting... >> today they will be arrested... >> ground breaking...
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they're firing canisters of gas at us... emmy award winning investigative series... new episode iraq divided: the battle against isil only on al jazeera america >> hello again, the top stories on al jazeera. a series of bomb blasts has killed at least 30 people in iraq averages exam. three explosions took place in mainly shia neighborhoods. iraqi troops retreated and top ranking generals left the base. up to 180,000 people have been displaced 50 fighting in and around hete. students in egypt have returned to the streets.
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undeterred by a police crack down. ten people have been injured in jerusalem where israeli forces confronted palestinian demonstrators, tear gas was fired near the al axa mosque. israeli soldiers tried clear the holy site, before festival goers separated the festival. separated in ra rah ramallah, 5y conflict with israel led to more than 100,000 palestinians losing their homes. >> the palestinian government, consensus will play the lead role in managing these funds. and supervising gaza's construction, reconstruction with the support of the international community.
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we'd like to see the unity government succeed in assuming its right offul responsibilities and functions in gaza. >> translator: i have stressed to secretary-general ban ki-moon that all these programs and the aid will never achieve its goals unless the israeli blockade on gaza is lifted. we raise the economy and get reiterate of the israeli doimghtdomination on goods and . whether the israeli government should recognize palestine as a state. prime minister david cameron isn't taking part in the debate. >> 134 countries bilaterally recognize palestine, sweden the
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platest to do so. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu warns against. what is the point if the vote at the end is nonbinding? >> reporter: well, adrian, as you were saying, the prime minister won'ting voting and certainly his ministers will not be supporting the motion. but the members of parliament surely got the numbers to actually see it being approved it would call on the government to recognize the state of palestine and while the government is clearly not going to do so, it says it won't shift its stance, they hope it will be a strong signal externally, as well as putting more pressure on the government in the future. we know that possibly a majority of labor mps opposition mps plus many of the liberal
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democrat mps and the coalition allies of david cameron will support the recognition of palestine. in the last few minutes the debate's all right underway-- already underway. saying the recognition of palestine shouldn't be contingent on approval from israel. he says it's a right in itself and that it shouldn't depend on anybody else saying the time is right to do so. >> so they've got the momentum to get this vote through. why won't the british government recognize it? >> well, the british government as the israeli government say, they insist that the recognition of palestine can only be the product of direct negotiations between israel and the palestinians. they say that that's necessary because the palestinian state, the actual way that it -- what it will look like in the future depends on the outcome of the talks.
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borders, security, the army and so on. but i've been talking to palestine's ambassador here in prit britain today and he says that he hopes this recognition while symbolic will actually put pressure on israel to get serious about returning to the negotiating table and notably the one thing that stood in the way, the settlement building we are hearing ban ki-moon refer to, will call a halt temporarily to that. if there are enough european countries like sweden and britain in the future recognizing the state of palestine. it could take a long time but they're hoping that momentum will actually shift towards the palestinians in the negotiating process. >> nadim baba liven in london. russia and china have signed numerous trade deals. russia hopes the deals will help it ride out difficulties caused
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by western sanctions. prime minister dimitri medvedev. >> reassembling barricades after weeks of protests, other groups of police have tried to unblock roads in the financial district. protesters are angry at beijing's decision to screen candidates, but the protests will hurt hong kong's position of stability. divya gopalan in hong kong. >> there have been scuffles, although there have not been many people there. they have been using it as a bargaining tool, to tell the government to give them more space in other areas and the government has not responded. police earlier today tried otake down those barricades. they didn't manage to do that.
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protesters gathered there. confrontations with other people, members of the public, trade union people, taxi drivers, construction workers trying otea to tear down those barricades. instead, fortifying them. people are gathering here feeling thousand that the movement could be under threat, the police have very clearly said they will be taking down more of the blockades. >> south africa rn olympian oscr pistorius, has been brought to a hearing for his punishment.
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