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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 2, 2014 7:30am-9:01am EST

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i'm michael shuster. thanks for watching. >> sa. >> once we found out what went wrong, if we can overcome it we'll make sure the dream lives on. >> despite the loss of life, sir richard branson vows to push forward with space travel. >> elections in the ukraine - why many are calling them
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useles useless. with midterm around the corner, the president does his part welcome to al jazeera america, live from new york city, i'm morgan radford. richard branson is determined to learn from the commercial spacecraft that killed one and injured another. he arrived at the moj on saturday to get a look at the wreckage. we are joined with more. what are the investigators saying? >> the passage from the wreckage is 5 miles long, kaling that the plane broke up in flight. investigators combed through the wreckage of spaceshiptwo. the aircraft launched on friday attached to a mothership. it was released at 45,000 feet.
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after the motor broke party and fell to the ground in pieces. co-pilot michael alsbury was killed and peter siebold ejected to safety. richard branson arrived at the scene saturday morning and says while he is committed to space tourism, he will not push on blindly. >> we are determined to honour the bravery of the pilot and the teems by learning from the tragedy. then can we move forward, united behind a desire to push the boundaries of human endeavour. >> it's unclear how far the dream will be pushed back. he hoped to take the first trip next spring the the investigation could take a year. at 8 o'clock we'll hear from investiga investigators on some of the
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evidence they have to work with on what went wrong this week "faultlines" looks at "space for sale", only big businesses an afford space tourism. what happens when companies try to profit off the final frontier? combat operations by the peshawar are in full gear. they are in the besieged town on the boarder between turkey and syria. hours after entering the syrian town, they launched six rockets at i.s.i.l. targets. the u.s. has been stepping up its air strikes in the region to help out. the other border between iraq and syria is becoming blurred. y i.s.i.l.'s plan is to create a calafat. we have a report from rabia, where they plan to launch an
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attack. >> reporter: peshawar fighters fight islamic state of iraq and levant. they are defending the town of rabia, the syrian border half a kilometre away. al jazeera is the first organization since the peshawar took control from i.s.i.l. the fighting has been intense. defending the position is vital for the kurdish forces. >> translation: rabia is strategically important because it's the main route for i.s.i.l., between syria and mosul, which i.s.i.l. controls. >> the peshawar dug in. they built high defensive mud banks and say i.s.i.l. forces attack at night. many peshawar were killed in the battle for rabia. 70,000 lived here, they fled when the fighting started.
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vehicles are parked among the homes. >> the general tells us that i.s.i.l. forces are over a kilometre in that direction. the peshawar retook the strategic town. with that i.s.i.l. changed their strategy. i.s.i.l. used trucks and explosives to ram positions and czech points like this. the peshawar say groups of fighters are sent on foot, who try to infiltrate the camp at night. >> they have tried to come in on foot. the day we retook zumar, they thought we deployed heavily here. we tacked here three times. they used grenades, we repel them. the question is whether the peshawar could hold the position in the coming winter months, when cloud cover will make the strikes difficult. >> the air strikes are
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important. the second thing is antitank weapons and night capabilities, we need engineers for clearing improvised devices. the peshawar say they could never have retaken the town without coalition air strikes and wopans, as winter draws closer, so do the defense of up to s like this also -- towns like this a dozen people are dead after a car bomb exploded in baghdad. 10,000 shia pilgrims were getting ready to leave for karbala the new wave of fighting in yemen is threatening to derail a deal to form a new government. no word on when it will take
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power the government is rejecting of the government in burkina faso. the military unanimously appointed this man, ltcol isaac zida as the interim leader. the announcement coming after the president of 27 years stepped down on friday, amid the protests. if power is not transferred to civilian authorities, it could freeze military cooperation. israeli prime minister binyamin netanyahu called for restraint regarding the holy site of al-aqsa mount and temple mount. a far right rabbi was shot there last week causing tension, prompting israel to close the holy site, sparking international outrage. it partially reopened. but fear of violence continued. >> pro-russian separatists head to the poll where leaders say elections are important steps towards legitimacy.
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the region is choosing a new president and parliament. hoda abdel-hamid has the story from donetsk. >> there's a large turn out for the elections. there's more on the streets today than over the past week while travelling around the region. there's a large queue inside this polling station. we have seen a similar scene in the regional capital, where people told us they have been waiting two hours to cast the ball odds. this is the image they were waiting for, showing the world that the struggle had popular support. a lot of people in the region left since the shelling started. separatists said they would be able to cast ballots on line. there are polling stations open across the border for the
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refugees. there's the issue of international observers. the o.s.c.e. is on the ground. people to perform at the agency for security and cooperation, they come from different european countries and have been touring and the polling station and have seen no indication of vote rigging. on the day the fighters dominate on the streets. they have taken a back stage. an image choreographed to give the people who have been at home an opportunity to make their voices heard. >> there are calls for a trike in bangladesh after the second leader of a key islamic party was sentenced to death. he was found guilty of crimes
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against humanity during the war of independence against pakistan. last week another leader from the same party was given the death sentence, and another senior member has been hanged. there was some relief from the heat and humidity. authorities restored power to most areas after a transmission line from india failed, causing the count are to plunge into darkness on saturday. there's a chilly weekend bringing snow to the south. the latest forecast with kevin corriveau. >> you would think it's cold in new york. >> not down south. down south it is slow, below freezing. we'll go through that in a moment. we are talking about snow. this is about 24 hours ago on the radar, and you can see the areas of blue and pink, that is indicating snow. we are talking about georgia, the caroliners. take a look at the video coming
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out of the area. ashville, 5 inches of snow fell and below it or not, they are making snow at some of the ski hearse in the appellations. the only big problem is that we have seen thousands lose their power because of it. i want to show you what happened with the snow. it made its way out here to atlantic. it is at 24 degrees. birmingham alabama, 31 degrees. atlanta feels more like 21. things will warm up. 21 degrees. can you believe that? >> i cannot. >> a new report from the u.n. find that climate change making natural disasters frequent and violent. many. countries are small island nations in the pacific ocean. people in samoa are preparing for the worst.
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>> two years ago a cyclone sprought trees smash -- brought trees smashing down on lester dean's bee hives. some of the believes that survived were starved of holland. the loss of bees -- starved of pollen the the loss of bees meant pollination didn't occur the next season. >> everyone lucked out. the farmers had no cash. natural disasters can have unexpected consequences. anticipating them makes sense. dean is keeping new hives away from trees. they should be protected from rain. a tsunami killed 33. survivors moved to a settlement up the hill. trees are planted along shore lines, protecting ocean surges. crops you are under plastic, protecting them from the rain. forests are replanted to act as
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a barrier to flash floods. communities need to be involved in that, a scale model of the landscape to explain what is done and why. >> it can be scaled up. climate change needs to be addressed. it is happening. the project is a good example. >> the gradual effects of global warming means habits need to change. there are big projects. physical bar yours are examples of thinking ahead. this is designed to sop havoc. not all examples are about action on the ground. >> a bush by the united nation is to get insurance. caused 200 billion in damage.
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70% of the world has no insurance at all. in the pacific the penetration is 0.3%. i don't need to say how critically important it is to have insurance covered. >> reporter: climate change is making disasters fr went and severe. it pays to be prepared. today's report sites rising emissions of carbon dioxide, methane as other causes of changes the midterms coming down to the final stretch. up next, a senator in the political fight of his life. against an independent who is packing a political punch. reunited. after recovering from ebola, the happy reunion between fnina pha, and her beloved dog bentley
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and a lava threat subsiding giving home owners a bit of a break.
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>> every saturday, al jazeera america brings you conversations you won't find anywhere else... >> your'e listening because you wanna see what happen... >> get your damn education... >> talk to al jazeera only on al jazeera america >> oh my... there he is, president obama spent saturday urging michigan democrats to hit the polls on tuesday. he spoke at a campaign rally in detroit for garry peters and mark shower who is running for tower. he touted his own economic policies, namely how he bailed out the auto industry. he'll rally for democrats in connecticut and peninsula good morning, welcome back to al jazeera america, thank you for spending your morning with us, i'm morgan radford.
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a closely watched race is kansas, where pat roberts is struggling to hold onto his feet, challenged by an independent greg ormond oso wot amy kansas has 5,000 people, 20 churches, one cafe, and a history dating back before the civil war. it's a conservative place. >> most people in kansas are republican. i believe they vote republican. >> people here, like many americans, are not happy with politics and politicians. >> people are tired of the politics and the general direction that the country is going in. >> washington is not doing anything, it is broken. we need to get it fixed. >> that feeling is bad news for this man. kansas's senator pat roberts. >> ladies and gentlemen, the road to a republican majority runs right straight through
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kansas, and kansas will deliver. >> or maybe not this time. robert is in the fight of his political life against this man. independent greg ormond. he's a successful businessman who is not aligned with either party. >> the american public expects washington to work. they expect them to solve problems. unfortunately when we send the same people back, we don't send the message. >> greg ormond sent the senate race into a toss up. >> support crew, and in september the democratic candidate dropped out of the race in order to give greg ormond a better shot at beating roberts. >> reporter: panicked at the prospect of losing the senate, robert rolled out big-named endorsements. >> it is intention to elect pat
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roberts to the u.s. senate. >> roberts says greg ormond is really a democrat and an ally of president obama. whom he bitterly denounces as a reckless and flawed benefit. back at chris's cafe, in oso watt amy many feel roberts has grown out of touch. >> mr roberts has been in washington too long, hanging on to his paycheck. he has lost contact with the kansas voters. >> i'd like to see the independent in, hopefully he'll be independent. we need something fresh and new, someone that will listen to the people. >> long-time kansas political servers say greg ormond has a tough job. he faces changes of messaging and building his organization, getting people to the polls. doesn't mean he can't paul it off, but it's tough. >> polls show the race is tide. on election day, places like oso
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watt amy may send washington a message be sure to tune in on election night as the votes come in across the country, our america vote coverage begins tuesday, 7:00p.m. eastern, and we'll bring you a wrap up wednesday morning fireofficials are trying to figure out what sparked a fire at a house near the university of southern maine. five are dead, and another is critically injured. it happened early saturday morning in portland after a halloween party happened friday night. it's not clear if any killed were students from the local college. >> in this house, within 10 minutes it was engulfed in olympic games. -- flames. i saw a young man jump off the porch. he was rolling on n ground. >> eight escaped the burning building. it's the deadliest fighting in
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three decades. the doctor treated in new york for ebola is in stable condition. craig spencer contracted the virus whilst working for doctors without borders, but his fiancee is in quarantine at their apartment and has not shown symptoms of the illness. a remotional reunion after a difficult ordeal for nina pham, the first nurse to contract ebola, and now has been reunited with her dog. bentley completed his own 21 day quarantine. she contracted the disease while treating thomas eric duncan. she expressed her gratitude for bentley's care. >> thank you for helping to take care of bentley. caring for him as if he was your own, and showing america that compassion and love is abundant and alive. a dallas spokesperson said
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caring for bentley cost tens of thousands, but donations and grants should cover the bill. >> violence and protests over alleged police brutality. riots were in full force. protesters clashed with police, and three dozen police were arrested. demonstrators were upset over the death of an environment activist killed. >> stay tuned. because a moment of reprieve for the people in the pass of flowing lava. the destructive force slowing down, allowing home owners to breathe a sigh of relief. >> thousands of commuters in brazil jump at the opportunity to ride the bus. we'll tell you why next.
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officials in hawaii say lava flowing as stalled. the danger remains, and they may eventually have to evacuate. the lava has been streaming down the volcano towards town since june welcome back to al jazeera america, live from new york, i'm morgan radford. let's get a look at the national
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forecast with kevin corriveau. >> it's marathon day, 50,000 people, staten island. >> lots of no,,ers. >> i was at the jim abbott center - -- jabbot center, in the long -- the wrong line. the big problem is the temperature and the wind. we are talking about 42 degrees in new york city. when you factor in the wind, these are the wind gusts, 26 per mile gusts, coming from the new york, making it feel more like 25 in new york city. with the marathon, this is the start. staten island, brooklyn, queens, manhattan, into the bronx for a little bit, back across central park and end in central park. the problem is we'll see winds mostly from the north-west or the north. that will give people a head wind or a side wind.
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textures climbing slowly, but the wind are expected to come up through the whole thing. we are talking about 50,000 people, a million people watching this event. >> back to you. >> thank you. sao paulo is driving toward a greener future. the brazilian capital is rolling out fully electric battery powered buses. it's the first city in all of the country to do so. it's hoped to serve as a model for the rest of the world. >> reporter: it's a busy morning in the sao paulo bus terminal. some commuters will ride in to work on anything but a typical form of transportation. this is an all-electric battery powered public bus, one of several going through a trial run in sao paulo. the first of its kind in south america, and a small handful of cities around the world. in the first month they were put
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in operation, more than 100,000 passengers used the buses. >> translation: it opportunity make pollution, it's faster and doesn't make noise. >> reporter: it runs on rechargeable lithium iron batteries. four times a day the bus is fuelled up on electricity at this charging dock. there are more than 20,000 regular diesel powered buses lying this in the city of soo -- like this in the city of sao paulo. less than two per cent are battery powered. if this takes off and goes, it would not only have environmental, but economic benefits as well. in cities like sao paulo, they are using 10% of g.d.p., because of congestion, providing a better solution, and designing it from the beginning on in a better way.
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certainly it's something where a lot of cities can learn from it. city officials are optimistic on the prospects but have to prove it can work on a small scale. >> translation: this is a bus that is perfect from an environmental and performance point of view. now we are collecting analysis of financial data to see if it will permit us to do this with more buses. >> reporter: for now it's a small step, perhaps with big ramifications for the environment mexicans are observing one of their most cherished holidays called the day of the dead. for the first few days of november they remember and honour their decreased loved ones, by dressing as the skeleton lady. they set a guinness wrorld for the most kat reenas in one lace at one time coming up, it's been an
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expensive election season history. we look at where the most cash is spent ahead of midterm elections. voting in ferguson, missouri, we speak about how votes might be affected by the shooting death of michael brown. landlords. monitory value. >> they're being taken advantage the crisis continues. >> ground breaking... >> they're firing canisters >> ... emmy award winning investigative series. landlords.
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keeping hope alive for the full court of commercial space travel. the promise from sir richard branson as investigators try to piece together what went wrong in the skies above the mojave desert. >> my dog has come back from digging in the area with human remains in her mouth. this neighbourhood is becoming a
8:01 am
cemetery search for the truth. mexican police questioned in connection with the murder of three americans three years in prison for taking part in a same-sex wedding. a nation that convicted a group of men based on this youtube videos. >> whoever the sources of the leaks are need to shut up. >> tough talk - attorney general eric holder on the leeks in relation to the grand jury in the ferguson case. >> i truly believe humanities greatest achievements come out of our greatest main billionaire richard branson visits the scene of the crash that kid a pilot. vowing to bring his mission to space despite the deadly accident. good morning, welcome to al jazeera america, live from new york. i'm morgan radford.
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>> investigators descended on mojave desert, looking for part of wreckage. they hope to find what caused the test flight to crash. ross shimabuku joins us with more. >> more than a dozen ntsb members combed plough -- through the wreckage. it had six cameras and cameras through the mothership. >> we under the risks involved. we are not going to push on blindly. to do so would be an insult to all those affected. >> reporter: richard branson vowed to investigate the crash that milled michael aalst brie, a father of who with a decade of flight experience. peter siebold was able to eject and parachuted to safety. he is recovering in hospital.
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the ntsb is gathering dater scattered across the mojave desert, five files long. >> when the wreckage disperses it indicates in-flight break-up. documentation is important. >> reporter: investigators combed through the wreckage of virgin galactic spaceshiptwo. the aircraft launched for a test flight, attached to a mothership "white knight ii." at 45,000 feet emphasise released, soon after the motor broke apart. >> we have to go to the sites and the extensive amount of data. that's why we have the work cut out for us. i'm not complaining, it's a good thing we have that data because it will help us do what we have to do. >> the ntsb says the investigation could take up to a year. it's unclear how far the crash
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will set richard branson back on his dream. the british billionaire hoped to take the first flight to the edge of space next spring. >> we are determined to honour the bravery of the pilots and the teams here by learning from the tragedy. only then can we move forward, united behind a collective desire to push the boundaries of human endeavour virgin galactic spaceshiptwo was testing a new enjoying mixture. what is left of the motor may hold clues for the ntsb investigation. >> thank you ross shimabuku another investigation into a fire that killed five at a house near the university of southern maine. one person was critically injured, and now it's not clear if any of those killed were students from the college. planes broke out erty saturday morning in portland after a halloween party. >> the house within 10 minutes was engulfed in flames.
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a young man jumped off the pomp, engulfed in -- porch, engulfed in flames. he was rolling on the grounds. >> officials say it's the deadliest fire in main in three decades. >> a new twist in the case of three americans killed in mexico. on saturday the attorney-general said investigators talked to local police about the disappearance of the three. their bodies found last thursday with bullet wound to the head. investigators in southern mexico are checking graves to see if they contain 43 missing school students. a number of sites are being tested. as adam raney reports, the discovery tells a story of continuous violence. this poor but peaceful neighbourhood is where some of the mass graves outside iguala were found.
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a warm after noon, friend, family. in the shacks, people are afraid, telling stories of horror and fear. >>: >> reporter: people around here keep to themselves. why risk crossing anyone? they know the price they could pay. i asked a federal policeman on duty if he heard the same stories, that this had been a place where cartels buried their victims. . >>: >> reporter: now, police will not let us go further beyond this point. some of the graves outside iguala are about 2km up this road. locals tell us that at any time of day or night for years, cars
8:07 am
would go up the hill quite full, but when they came down, they were pretty. empty. this man lived here for nearly three decades and sleeps on a dirt floor. he would rather be poor than join the gangs. >>: >> reporter: three of his nephews have been missing for years. he often rights poetry dealing with death. his latest poetry is in honour of the 43 missing students. >>: pash
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>> reporter: the students' fate is unknown. this man, living close to death, can only imagine the worst. so far as many as 30 bodies have been found in mass graves, but officials say none match those of missing students israel's cabinet agreed a penalty for stone pelters, part of a crack down on terrorists. he urged the parliament to show rerecording the al-aqsa mosque. it's been at the heart of tensions between israeli and palestinians in recent weeks,
8:09 am
after a far right rabbi was shot, prompting israel to close the site sparking international outrage. it's been partially reopened. there are concerns of the violence there's a propaganda video out from boko haram. in it the leader denies ceasefire negotiations with the nigerian government and says the 276 abducted schoolgirls have a new life and long forgotten. al jazeera's correspondent reports. >> reporter: the video that broke many hearts, showing a man purporting to be the leader of boko haram, who says that the more than 200 girls kidnapped were converted to islam and married off >> translation: don't you know the over 200 chibok schoolgirls converted it islam. they have memorized two chapters of the koran.
8:10 am
>> he denied a ceasefire. >> what negotiation. we do not negotiate. what is or business with negotiation. allah said we should not. >> the government announced it reached a peace agreement with the armed group, raiding homes the kidnapped girl would return. >> we received the ceasefire. because of the previous arrangement that did not translate to having the girls released. >> the nigerian authorities are yet to comment on the video released by boko haram. officials are hopeful that the dialogue officiated will lead to a breakthrough. boko haram resisted talks of ceasefires with the government. attacks are continuing. people believe it could be a failed attempt to end the violence that killed thousands and displaced hundreds of thousands. >> in the past week there has been breaches by the armed
8:11 am
group, and more territory has been taken by the fighters. with a new video released by boko haram, all nigerians can do is wait for either a breakthrough or a victory by the government boko haram's leader is one of the most wanted men in the world. the state department put a $7 million boundary on his head. the polls are open in eastern ukraine where pro-russian separatists are choosing a new president and parliament. leaders say the elections in donetsk and luhansk are important steps towards limbing mate. the e.u. and the united states and n.a.t.o. say they will not accept the vote no matter the outcome. hoda abdel-hamid has more. >> reporter: there's a large turn out for the elections. we have seen more people on the streets today than over the past week whilst travelling around the region. there's a large queue in this
8:12 am
polling station, but we have seen similar scenes in donetsk, where people told us they've been waiting up to two hours to cast the ballot. this is the image separatist leaders hoped for, an image that would show the world that the struggle has popular support. a lot of people that live in the region left since the shelling started, while the separatists and commission says they'll be able to count the ballots online, or there are polling stations open across the border in russia for refugees that have gone there. there's an issue of international observers, the o.s.c.e. is not underground. how far, there are people from - to perform agency for security and cooperation in europe, they come from different european countries, and have been touring around the polling stations.
8:13 am
they say that so far they have seen no indication of vote rigging. on the day, the fighters are dominating on the streets, have taken a back stage, it's an image that is carefully choreographed, to give the people who have been sitting at home, watching the conflict, the opportunity to make the voices heard. >> fighting in the ukraine claimed more than 4,000 lives since it broke out in april residents cleaning up in southern california after a massive mud slide brought in heavy equipment to haul off the mess. 20 were effect rude after a rain storm struck the region on saturday. two homes were damaged. an early blast of weather and carve is here with a -- kofb is here -- kevin corriveau is here with a little more.
8:14 am
>> there's a whole lot more. if you want warm weather you have to go to the south-west. phoenix 56. texas - the warmest place in the country. down to the south-east, a major snow storm pushed through yesterday. it's a radar 24 hours ago. look at the video coming out of georgia, where they saw snow across central georgia. we saw winds up to 40 miles per hour. 10,000 losing power, that has gotten better, and conditions are getting better. into the carolina, they were dealing with a similar situation. i want to show you the video. let me tell you what happened in ashville. we saw five inches of snow falling across that area. believe it or not. they are pumping out the snow makers at the ski areas. the system moved off.
8:15 am
whether we would see natural snow. at atlanta, you are at 35 degrees. birmingham you are at 32. the temperature came up in the last half hour. atlanta 21. as the sun comes up more, it will rise quickly for them. what we have in effect is freeze warnings, over a dozen states in the south-east. look at what we expect to see for atlanta. chilly. tomorrow morning, temperatures going down. we'll come down to normal as we go through the week. miami, a high of 84 degrees. today 72. you know the people will get out the codes and even their scars. they'll be back to normal as we go towards the beginning of the
8:16 am
week iraqi kurds launching an assault on i.s.i.l. fighters. we are live on the border between turkey and syria. we'll talk to major mike lyons about the controversial comments by defense secretary chuck hagel. >> and in the ebola hot lines, finally getting something they need for the first time - training. hawaii have not the only place sitting in a line of fire. smoke and ash smoouing up to 40 miles away.
8:17 am
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[ chanting ] a show of solidarity with peshawar forces fighting i.s.i.l. in iraq and in syria. 8,000 people took to the streets paris france on saturday, and they are expressing report with iraqi fighters battling i.s.i.l. with kobane. it's one of several such rallies that took place in cities across the world. there was a strong show in london. over in argentina 200 people
8:19 am
came together in support of global day for kobane. most of these rallies were organised by kurdish expatriots. self groups and political parties took part in the rallies. >> the streets of turkey's capital swelled with peshawar supporters. that was despite warnings that the protests were illegal. the besieged town sits on the turkish border. operations are in fall gear on the boarder. this was the scene overnight in kobane. six rockets were launched at i.s.i.l. targets. jamal is on the border. have the power dynamics in kobane changed now that the peshawar are actively fighting
8:20 am
i.s.i.l.? >> it's still early to make the assessment because they have been engaged only in the past 16 hours. there's an added force that is combatting i.s.i.l. in the form of the peshawar forces there. aside from the rockets overnight, throughout the day they have been launching several mortars, behind here, the bases, targetting the eastern sized of the town of the we have filmed more ammunition arriving at the girma mecheso base, a few kilometres behind me. it appears there'll be a change in dynamics, if the tempo steps up. the fighting continues with both sides holding to the ground they had under their control. >> jam am, these are iraqi --
8:21 am
jamal, these are iraqi kurds, how is syria's president reacting to a foreign troop build-up in his own country? >> well, ironically and scoring to analysts, this is in the favour of bashar al-assad. kobane is a small town in syria, syria is a huge country of over 20 million. whilst attention is focused on kobane, the syrian parliament pounded strongholds of opposition fighters not seen to be terrorist orgizations by many countries. there has been the killing of home in homs, the syrian observatory for human rights said there has been a doubling of barrel bombs dropped by the government. barrels dropped by the government. everyone has been focused the
8:22 am
cameras on the town behind me, few people paid attention to the fact that more and more civilians are added to the death toll that has surpassed 200,000 people because of bashar al-assad's crackdown or his people for three years now. >> i want to go back to something said. syrian kurds were engaged with the kurds. what is their role now. according to the military people we have been speaking to, i use the term loosely. the army is a group of amateur fighters. they have set up coordination groups between - or committee between them. based on that. the syrian kurds continue to man the front lines, they'll be the foot soldiers.
8:23 am
it will be on their backs. the heavy artillery or mort tars, and that comes from the peshawar forces. the troops are soldiers that come through, don't surpass the 200. what is more important than the numbers is the fact that they are coming with the weapons na maybe the syrian kurd didn't have before. it's difficult to understand how much of a difference it would make, considering you have the u.s.-led coalition. if an air force with its might is incapable of defeating the fighters. it's difficult to see how the mortars would make a difference. >> a daunting task ahead. you
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8:25 am
way we'll have success until we have ground troops there. they'll call in the strikes and be more effective. speaking of the troops, secretary chuck hagel made quite the stir. >> take a listening. >> bashar al-assad derives some benefit. we are talking about a longer term strategy that is effective in doing what we think and the people of the middle east as to what is required to stablilize and secure that part of the world. >> when i heard that, i heard the record scratch. is the white house and the pentagon out of sync? >> clearly the secretary is saying we did ready, fire, aim in syria. we shot up targets without thinking about the long-term effect. if it takes down the bashar
8:26 am
al-assad government, what does it look like. especially now we shifted to kobane. there's a disconnect. we said we were going after strategic targets, and now tack tools. >> given the ties connect, does the bashar al-assad regime hold the keys to the car. >> i think they have a lot of favour in that it's to their advantage that we take out i.s.i.l. and put them in this area. that's what the secretary is staying, we should have thought this through and had a plan. >> a pleasure to have you with us in the studio. thank you for joining us on a sunday. >> a bit of a relief for people living in mt kilowaya in hawaii. olava flow has stopped. it has been streaming down the volcano towards town, since
8:27 am
june. >> a costa rica volcano saw an eruption, spewing ash, landing as far away as capital san jose, 40 miles away. it rumbled on wednesday. residents found pets and livestock covered in ash winter is in full swing in the west. meteorologist kevin corriveau is here with more on that. >> it looks like winter is all across the country, what we are seeing on the radar - idaho montana towards nevada, a bit of snow. warnings out. winter storm warns, those are the ones in pink towards colorado. more of that snow pushing through today, and it is going to be a rainy event to the west. we are talking about parts of washington, oregon, and we expect to see heavy rain obvious the next 48 hours.
8:28 am
al jazeera following the trail of dark money in the lead-up to midterm elections. we'll look at some of the most expensive races and the possibility of a face-off between two of america's powerful political families in the race for president. weekend politics after the break. [ sirens ] and fury in france. the allegations against police have sparked violence in the streets of two major cities overnight.
8:29 am
8:30 am
you are looking live at the skyline in new york, where the new york marathon is set to begin in about an hour from now. president obama spent saturday urging michigan democrats to hit the polls on tuesday and spoke for gary peters, and former congressman mark shower who is running for governor. he will campaign for democrats in connecticut and pennsylvania. and a documentary here on al jazeera is shedding lights on how dark money and outside
8:31 am
business interests influences politics. david shuster has more. >> this is the most extensive election going on in this country right here in north carolina. >> reporter: no sooner and north carolina and others been targeted as the the lynch pin. >> he wants to be an iowa senator and he threatens to sue. >> it's not neighbour lie and iowa. >> extreme ads are all that people are talking about. they are doing more talking than the candidate in some cases. in the documentary series "midterms" airing on al jazeera, the director spends time with
8:32 am
the candidates at the ground, at the debate with the voters, offering a true picture of the candidate and what they have to say. >> but it's me. i'm talking. it's me. of course i approve this message. >> we want to find the moments where they are interacting with a contit unit. where they are hanging out with the family in a hotel suite, a green room, something that shows you who the people are. >> i want you to put me in as we kick out thom tillis. >> we are going to send kay hagan home. >> it's the outside money, it will cancel each other out. you are left with what you can do on the ground. >> i'm filling in. delaware.
8:33 am
please. >> it's a lot of handshaking. we love it. it's god. >> or we can fight back. [ cheering and applause ] >> each with tens of millions of dark moneys, the message from the principles is the same as it has always been. you decide. >> you are not running against the other people. you are running against me. >> you are looking at a map showing the top five extensive senate races in the country. $3.5 billion will be spent on the race, and that is not counting $1 billion of undisclosed money. joining me is a former aid to george w. bush. and former aid to new jersey
8:34 am
congressman. thank you for joining us ladies. pleasure to have you here. let's jump into the money, where it's going, and the most expensive senate race in the country, in my home state of north carolina. there's a tight race between kay hagan against thom tillis. can the democrats hold on to this one? >> this is an important race for the democrats. i won't sugar coat it, it's tough. kay hagan has a few things on her side. tom til as is extremely extreme. the ground operation that the democrats put in place is robust. it started earlier than in the past. >> the other thing is when it comes to the issues, if we can get the base out. when it comes to the issues, people of north carolina are more aligned with kay hagan, whether it be minimum pay increases, paying people a fair
8:35 am
share. >> one of the positives - you talked about the campaign beginning earlier. if you remember, you had a lot of democratic pace showing up. you can't cut the programs for the poor. if you think of programs like that, tillis has a shot. hagan is an incumbent. you have to get pore records. hagan has trouble. it is extreme. extreme in ha good way. there's bold people, policies. >> you don't think kay hagan is bold. if you make bold mistakes, it's not good. let's go to iowa, a race that could tip the senate. the poll showed joni ernst with a 7-point lead. if iowa goes to the republicans, does harry reid give up his gavel. >> there's a lot of races contested. i don't know that iowa is a firewall in the way that in
8:36 am
north carolina, and some of the other races are. i say this. democrat bruce has made some issues, he is not running an effective campaign, he has joni ernst is an extremist. she is talking about having local law enforcement arrest and pull guns on federal officers if they implement the affordable care act. helping people get insurance, so if they go to the emergency room, they will not be turned away. 100,000 have been employed. she wants to have law enforcement local law enforcement. it's extreme. >> indiana and iowa feel similar. people love joni ernst. she is a shining star. this woman, she's in the military, she is so strong,
8:37 am
good, and bold this a good way. she's not extreme for iowa, i assure you of that. you are not from iowa, i'm from indiana. they love her. i have a friend on the committee. the race is over. >> she'll blow braley out with some of the things he's said. >> not reflecting in some of the errors. >> doesn't matter, joni ernst will win the brace. braley is over. >> what will it mean nationally for iowa. >> we have it in the bag. maybe smaller than we like. harry reid is gone. he's been the ultimate blocker. he needs to go. things will move without harry ride d reed. americans -- harry reid. >> speaking of the gridlock. i want to talk about mitch mcconnell. he discovered an address. >> a republican majority wouldn't mean we can get everything you want from
8:38 am
washington, but it would mean we'd bring the current legislative gridlock to a merciful end. >> what do you think about that? do you think he can swayed the gridlock. >> he is the gridlock. >> no. >> if you are the gridlock... [ laughs ] >> maybe you have more power to change it. >> he said his number one goal is to make president obama a one-term president. staffers have been on the record, on the record telling the press they don't want to give president obama a win. giving president obama a win - that's ridiculous to say that's what you base your policy making on. it should be based on giving america a win. when you hurt the president here, you hurt him abroad. republicans thought if they attack the president and don't give him wins that it will bring him into the office. yes, but you weaken the office of the presidency abroad. and it hurts people. >> do you agree?
8:39 am
>> i disagree with everything you said. this president did it to himself. there's another block. harry reid is in charge. let's gi him a chance. this is - the filibuster is going on now. the republicans need an opportunity to get things grooming. the polls show that the mercury is not happy. given the difficulty that the speaker boehner had with the house. >> we have a house and senate washing together. kevin mccarthy, a good friend of mine, things will operate well without harry reid in washington. >> republican senator of texas said "it's not that people have to totally embrace the g.o.p., they have lost confident in the white house", what can be done to regain the confidence? >> i think the g.o.p. will be fine.
8:40 am
look, now president obama has helped us. he's done so badly. it's not wrong for us to point out what he has done. we need to come up with policies that will work. now that we have the house in the senate. we'll have to do it. is is in the bag or the republicans? >> the only thing that counts is the cliche, the poll on election day is the only one that counts. the president has a tough battle. the republicans did an amazing job, painting him as the bogeyman, the devil incarnate. 55 straight months of growth. 10.3 million, "forbes" magazine. on economic numbers alone. president obama will go down this history having done a good
8:41 am
job. >> democrats know this. they say this. >> 250,000 jobs created in september at a time when the only end to the republicans is talking about policy. we can come out of the box. in terms of being a no party. i don't know who is saying we are a no party. we don't have the opportunity, because of harry reid and president obama being abyss mill. it will be a good day on election day, because americans will see what republicans can do. a heck of a job. and harry reid, a terrible leader. republicans will win back the senate. speaking of what he do. chris christie getting a lot of attention. let's take a listen to what he said. turn around. get your 15 minutes of fame and take your jacket off, roll up
8:42 am
your sleeves and do something for the people of this state. if you want the conversation later, i'm happy to have it, buts until that time sit down and shut up. >> i'm sweating rewatching that. let's start with you. will he have to readjust the imaging. >> i'm from new jersey, and i can tell you saying that christy went off on someone is like saying the sun came up. people in new jersey go get him. in the rest of the country, i don't see it resonating. when he is on a debate stage, with eagles just as big as his, i don't see them steam rolling him. i don't see it happening, and the yelling in the face of women. i don't see that it plays well. >> you've been talking about bold leaders. >> i love it. i love chris christie. he'll be a great president.
8:43 am
he's a real man. if someone is going to hold up a sign, he should tell them to sit down and shut up. i'm sick. whimpy obamas. >> what if president obama did that. >> i expect a little more - i'd respect him a little more, at least he'd say something and do something. he seems coma toes. chris christie is a great leader. you love or hate it. i love it. he's a real leader, i want someone that is strong, someone to tell i.s.i.s. and vladimir putin to kiss off. >> he don't back it up with policies. we'll find out on november 4th. >> love the red by the way, a sign of things to come. >> okay. thank you so much for joining us this morning for weekend politics, a pleasure to have you both. be sure to tune in on election
8:44 am
nights as the votes come in. america votes begins on tuesday, 7:00p.m. eastern, and we'll bring you a wrap up wednesday morning. >> the doctor treated for ebola in new york city is in stable condition this morning. it's been 10 days since craig spencer's experimental drug treatment began. he contracted the virus whilst working for doctors without borders. his fiancee is in quarantine in their apartment. see has not shown signs of the illness. a reuniting for nina pham, the first nurse to contract the ebola in the u.s., and she has been reunited with her dog. bentley. who completed his 21 day quarantine. she contracted the disease while treating thomas eric duncan. and yesterday expressed gratitude for bentley's good care. >> thank you again for helping take care of bentley over the
8:45 am
last 21 days. caring for him as if he was your own and showing america compassion and love is abund dant. >> caring for bentley cost $10,000, but donationing and grants covered most of the build the death toll is 5,000 out of 13,000 cases, almost all confineded to three west african nations. neighbours countries are not taking chances. >> the health workers are preparing for a scenario they hope they will not have to face. they are learning to street ebola cases. it's the first time it's taking place, happening at an ebola treatment center outside the capital. personal protective equipment is hot and uncomfortable but necessary to protect health workers. the treatment center can take up to 10 patients, two others are
8:46 am
built in other part of the country. the government wants to reassure people that it is making preparations in the event of an ebola outbreak. the organization that represents doctors says preparations are not moving fast enough. >> by now we should have had other terms in place. to ensure that they are in place. every single worker should have at least an idea of how they would manage such a case, in case it comes within the area the man in charge of this training rejects the accusation. >> you do not go training everyone. you focus on the response team, to give them the training, and then you focus on the second level of team, to let them know how to identify a case. of course, it will take them a long time. >> if not, you get careless. what we have done. that is what we get done. >> ghana is in the spotlight
8:47 am
because the u.n. emergency response mission has its headquarters here. supplies are sent to the ebola-effected countries, and u.n. officials move between the countries, it lead to a debate about whether the country is exposing itself to further risk. authorities say it's all the more important for health workers to be prepared. it's a small taste of what those doing it for real are going through ghana received a shipment of medical supplies, and sent ilts to five other west african nations. [ sirens ] chaos on the streets of several cities in france, where people were protesting claims of police brutalityies, riot police tried to push back the crowd and three dozen were arrested there and in other french cities. demonstrators were rallying
8:48 am
against a 21-year-old environmental at activist killed at a protest during a dance. united nations is seeking justice for journalists and today is the first ever international day to end impunity for crimes against journalist. it honours of pair of french journalist killed while covering the election in mali. many have been killed, less than 6% of deaths are resolved. >> today marks 309 days since peter greste, mohamed fadel fahmy and baher mohamed were xriped in egypt -- imprisoned in egypt. they are falsely accused of helping the outlawed muslim brotherhood. al jazeera denies the charms and demands their release. several men were sentenced to three years behind bars. this youtube video shows the men exchanging rings and embracing. the video was called shameful to
8:49 am
god. the men said the video was made as a joke coming up, it's been 90 days since the shooting death of michael brown. attorney-general attorney general eric holder is lashing out at who is leaking information. we'll talk to the chair woman and how the incident could impact election day. open season. while the capture is bad news for the local deer population. the amazing display from the sky. only in one remote region of the world. stay tuned.
8:50 am
8:51 am
. >> >> part of the investigation is being done by the state and local authorities. we have a separate investigation of our own, we have not seen
8:52 am
leaks there. whoever the sources of the leaks are need to shut up all right, tough talk from attorney general eric holder last week, reacting to a series of leaks from the grand jury in the shooting death of michael brown. yesterday a report in "the washington post" said no civil rights charges will be filed in that case, that citing unnamed law enforce. we are joined from st louis. we know it's been almostle 90 days since allan mountford died. have tensions subsided at all -- 90 days since michael brown died. have tensions subsided at all? >> tensions are up and down. when these leaks started coming out. there was a huge uproar in the community. because a lot of people felt and still feel like this is
8:53 am
undermining our justice system, and the leaks that are coming out are used in favour against the character of michael brown. in explaining what happened. the community want a fair process to take place, this is a thing that when this first started the community cried out for, because we want things to be fair and impartial. the leaks don't seem like we are going to get fair and impartial process. >> i want to ask you about that. speaking of justice and fairness. how do you respond to "the washington post" report that criminal charges may not be filed? >> if it's based on the investigation, that's been thorough, then that is an outcome which is a possibility. to leak that information into the media - that's not fair. there is still an investigation process going on. so it really is trying to skew
8:54 am
not only the people involved in the investigation, but also the community and everyone here who is paying attention. if there's app investigation taking place, i have to agree with the attorney-general, keep your mouth shut and do your job. i haven't seen the evidence. i'm not involved in the investigation. we'll have to trust that those looking at the evidence regarding this - they are able to make the best determination. leaking information like this is harmful. >> i want to go back to attorney general eric holder. he was very angry over the leaked information. let's take a listen. we don't have that sound for us again. you saw how angry he was in the introduction. to you share some of that frustration? >> i absolutely share in attorney general eric holder's frustration. and this seems like - to be a slap in the face of our justice system. this is not right.
8:55 am
i wish people would stop printing and giving audience to these leaks and rumours, and let the process take its course and let the information come out like it shut. >> there's been a lot of talk about whether ferguson police chief thomas jackson would step down. how has the community reacted to that topic? >> there's kind of a mixed bag. most people want the chief to stepdown. his leadership has been questionable during this time. when things first started, most people believed that he did a fantastic job in turning the case over. but once this video was let out and there has been other missteps and a night that he decided to come out to the crowd, there's a lot of people that question his judgment, and think that the police need to be under different leadership
8:56 am
patricia vines, thank you for joining us center st louis. >> thank you for having me. >> any time hunters are back in business in pennsylvania now that the manhunt for eric frein is over. they were ready to get back into the woods and look for deer. the hunting seen was put on hold following booby traps and explosives in the woods left by eric frein. he was captured thursday after 48 days on the run. >> you don't have to get anything, but it's nice to be in the woods and be relax. there's plenty of nice screerp. >> it's held a lot of people up. you don't see many. i'm hoping for a good season. >> it came in time for the turkey hunting season. eric frein was arained on friday for killing a state trooper and injuring another look at this, a brilliant
8:57 am
edmer ald green, the aurora borealis, an amazing display of light and colour occurring in the arctic circle. we are seeing more of the northern lights because a series of flares from the sun is sending charged particles into the earth's magnetic field tomorrow, the final hours of the midterm campaign. president obama is spending the last weekend stumping for democrats. that's tomorrow on al jazeera starting 7 o'clockam. that will do it for us in new york, i'm morgan radford. coming up in two minutes, the latest on the fight. remember to watch al jazeera america on election night as the votes come in. our america votes coverage begins on tuesday. we'll also bring you a wrap-up live wednesday morning. have a great day.
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9:00 am
kurdish forces strike i.s.i.l. targets inside kobane. the biggest strategy on how to defeat them is still in the works from al jazeera's headquarters in doha, coming up, [ chants ] ..protesters on the street at burkina faso, on what they say is a power grab by the military. plus... >> leaders must act. time is not on our side the u.n. chief talks tough


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