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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 10, 2014 1:00pm-2:00pm EST

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>> this is al jazeera. >> from al jazeera's headquarters in doha this is the news hour. i'm folly bah thibault. israelis shot in the occupied west bank. a suicide bomber. a u.n. plan to end the fighting in syria. president bashar al-assad is ready to look at it.
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and a change in burk burkina fa. we begin with a story out of the palestinian west bank. a man has been shot after he stabbed at least three people one is a woman who has died. first what are the latest developments? >> very tense situation. a palestinian man from hebron according to israeli investigators, they've named him as a 30-year-old man from
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hebron, he's also known to israeli security forces that he was in prison from 2000 to 2005. but again, a very tense situation. after three people were stabbed, two with what's been described as moderate injuries and a third, a woman at the age of 25 who lost her life in this attack. so again we're still getting information from the scene. but as we've been saying, a very tense situation as israeli investigators peace together what happened in this settlement outside the occupied west bank. >> we've seen tensions between israelis and palestinians. what's stoking these current tensions, what is happening now? >> indeed these tensions which have been brewing for some time now, over the last weeks we've seen an increasing number of
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attacks in which palestinians have attacked israelis. a palestinian man drove list car into a light rail station. that followed the shooting of a far right campaigners, al-aqsa compound holds the third holiest site. confrontations between israelis and palestinian forces as part of attempts to have greater access. now the reason this is seen as a provocation, because of an agreement between israel and jordan which is the caretaker of the al-aqsa compound, jeu jews e not allowed to worship inside
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the compound and they're trying to do just that. it is manifest itself in these violent attacks which are growing in frequency over the last few days. >> addressing this increasing security situation, what is at stake for benjamin netanyahu? >> well, it's interesting. on the one hand you have the prime minister making comments where he's appealing for calm, where he says he describes the status quo at the al-aqsa compound will not change, meaning jews will not be allowed to pray inside there, then ton odoother side, you have him usig harsh comments, the shooting of
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the palestinian behind the stabbing he had this to say about the violence. >> translator: we'll fight against the incitement of the violence. we'll act against the violence, those who protest against the state of israel i say to them simply move there to the palestinian authority's areas or to gaza. i promise you that the state of israel will not make it difficult for you. but for those of you who stay we'll make it difficult for you if you are a rioter or a terrorist. we are knowledge authorized to use whatever force is necessary. we will not tolerate this kind of disturbance. >> reporter: now, a very strong comment there, mr. netanyahu saying his government will use if his
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extenwordsthe full extent of th. allegedly behind the attacks. taking away the citizenship of arab israelis suspected of being involved in the attacks and in his words calling for the destruction of israel. none of this is likely to calm the situation which seems to be only worse. >> thank you. a suicide bomber dressed as a student has killed about 50 people at a student assembly. now the attack happened at an all boy school, in a staifnlg sf
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emergency last year. >> every student is expected to gather to listen to the principal's address shortly before classes begin. then he dealt maded his device injuring nearly 80 students. boko haram did not claim responsibility for this incident. the nigerian government had earlier promised to protect such vulnerable institutions in the country from boko haram attacks but with attention focused elsewhere in fighting boko haram, at a time when the nigerian security forces are losing land to boko haram, lesser attention could have been paid to the school that was attacked in yorba state.
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the government is under continued pressure to free the 300 girls still in boko haram captivity. president goodluck jonathan shows that boko haram is growing bolder an and bolder. just before the president has declared his intention to run in the next year's elections. local ceasefire in aleppo, follows a u.n. envoy. >> he has a new initiative, one that involves reaching local ceasefire deals. he discussed this with the leadership in damascus and the presidential bashar al-assad says he is ready to -- president
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bashar al-assad says he is ready to study the plan. scheduled to start in aleppo. it will be able to deliver much needed aid supplies to those trapped by the fighting. turkmani says it is what the society wants. she is from homs who has being mediated ceasefire in the past. >> they are having much better life now than when they had when they were idps someps, so nothig else have delivered difference to people on the ground. >> she has been lobbying the international community for a bottom up approach for some time now. >> by facilitating, they often
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fail. >> to personally intervene in mediation efforts to bring peace to their district. war is the only area in homs city controlled by the rebels. some 750,000 people live in this neighborhood. besieged for months. it could be a first step to ease the suffering until a top level political deal is reached. zena hoder, al jazeera, beirut. >> live with us from portland in oregon. thank you very much for being with us on al jazeera. what do you make of this initiative by the new u.n. env envoy? brahimi has tried. do you think this will succeed
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when the other two have failed? >> i hope of course that he succeeds. we always hope for the best. we hope for peace, we hope for the stopping of the killings. but i'm not terribly optimistic. the optimistic side of me says that people may be getting so tired of fighting and seeing that the war doesn't go anywhere, one has to remember that they were at least 32 political groups in the rebel movements and they have many more militias. and at some point fighting fatigue such end -- >> sorry to interrupt you but just on this new initiative, it's looking to reach local ceasefires. so basically stopping conflicts in certain aas. could this be perhaps a good first step, you know, a good way to proceed before reaching a
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comprehensive ceasefire? >> on the local level it may be the only way to do it. to get people who sort of know each other and realize that they're not getting anywheres. and in the past, there have been some successful examples of it in syria as your correspondent mentioned. and you can only hope that it works. you know aleppo is a beautiful city, older than damascus even and to see it destroyed it's just heartbreaking. >> bashar al-assad says he will consider the idea of a local ceasefire. do you think he's interested in negotiating now when he seems to have the upper hand on the ground? >> well, again, you indicated why he might not want to negotiate, because things are improving for him with the western coalition, bombing various targets of i.s.i.l,
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i.s.i.s, on the other hand, it seems to me that president obama has sort of subtly indicated that he is focusing on iraq. and that syria needs to be worked out by somebody else. and all the military assets are directed towards iraq now. and so president assad knows that the only way he can survive is by appearing to be interested in peace. i'm sure he is. and he will be you know rewarded in a way because all along for the last three and a half years he's claimed that he's fighting extremist rebels and if he's allowed to say that, because i.s.i.s. and chapadarustra and others who are extremists might be wilings to go for it
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hypothesis. >> whait. >> what about the new u.n. envoy be working with? >> i think he needs to work with everybody. what is good about him is that he has been in a lot of trouble spots before. he's worked in lebanon. he's worked in sudan. he's worked in afghanistan. i believe he's been in iraq as well. so he knows something about the mentality of the people. but unlike lakhdar brahimi, he is not a sunni muslim and almost all of the rebels are sunni muslims. he is of other origin. he is certainly a distinguished diplomat and he might be able to have small successes which will
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hopefully lead to slightly larger successes and eventually create some zones of stability. >> thank you very much for your thoughts. peter betchold, joining us from portland, oregon, in the united states. there is much more on the al jazeera news hour. overwhelmed with grief, thousands queue for hours to pay their respects to zambia's late president. pressure in ukraine and russia are is facing cold war levels. stay with us. first, sudan foreign minister
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has held talks with a political block based in tripoli. the tripoli leadership hasn't been recognized by most international governments bit forcing the government out of the capital. even though supreme court ruled it was unconstitutional. the government in tripoli has warned regional powers to stop interfering in its business. halifa haftar has the story. >> benghazi revolutionary says they are holding its ground. in the lines of militias, the group the u.s. government accuses of carries out attacks.
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advancing from the salmani neighborhood. they say shelling in central benghazi has intensified. in the western mountains the men who call themselves the libyan army says they have made further advances in the state of kekta. an alliance of religiously conservative militias which control much of the country. they back elected politicians who are in the city of tobruk. a decision that's reverberated throughout the country. as the situation on the ground gets worse there are growing calls to stop foreign meddling. >> we draw the attention of regional players to refrain the from intervening in our domestic
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affairs. we warn them that the consequences will be dire. >> the attempts by the united nations to bridge the political subdivide have not worked so far. hundreds have been killed and tens of thousands of lynnians ls have bee -- libyans have been displaced. osama al jazeera. >> heavy fighting there for weeks now as houthis try to capture territory in the frawment prawmently sunnpredomi. >> when the houthis refused the
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standard turned into heavy fighting with both sides using rockets and heavy weapons. late in the day, joined in the fight against the houthis killing dozens of them and repelling them. and now we know that some of those tribes control strategic mountains that surround the city. this is a situation that could play into the hands of al qaeda. queald ial qaeda is very actives province and are saying it is in their interest to join in. this is a test to the new government, whether this government is able to restore order. the prime minister, the the panned the minister of defense are under mounting pressure, of concern is if the sectarian divide continues you will see more clashes more fighting in
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different areas, particularly in the areas where sunnis live next to shias. >> family and friends have gathered in amsterdam to honor the passengers of the malaysia flight. simon mcgregor wood has more from amsterdam. >> it was an extremely emotional event. yes, the dutch king and queen and various dignitaries were all in attendance but this was really a take for the 196 victims relatives. to say it was extremely emotional, the center piece was
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the reading out of the 298 names of all those passengers and crew who lost their lives on mh 17. in the center of the auditorium youight have been able to see white candles each one for the 298 victims. so i think this was all about grieving. about prime minister mark rute saying, reshur reassuring them e not alone. despite their best efforts, the investigation has still not begun, dutch investigators have attempted but fighting has started yet again. of course this idea of justice finding out who did it, bringing them to justice, bringing a criminal prosecution against those who are responsible for this tragedy is as far away
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today as it ever was. >> now as tensions rise between russia and nato over ukraine, a think tank describes, a highly reserving patent of violations, 40 in the past eight months. barnaby phillips reports. >> in the skies above europe, russia and nato are playing out a dangerous game. this is a norwegian fighter following a russian bomber. such close encounters are increasingly common. >> i think the danger is nato forces and russian forces actually fire on each other because it believes it is attacked because of situations in front of them, this could spiral out of control. >> the report identifies three incidents which it describes as
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high risk. first was an air liner that narrowly avoided colliding with a russian finally plane. surveillance plane. some accused russia, an accusation moscow denied. the hunt for the mystery submarine, evoked the cold war, in the cold war the soviet union and nato had systems in place to talk to each other and prevent situations from escalating. >> there's really an urgent need in military to military communication between nato and russia, about where they're militaries are doing and what they are doing, so everybody is
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a little bit calmer and nobody is expecting a surprise attack and therefore, everyone can take a little bit of:00 over decisions. >> in rebel territory this week yet more evidence says nato of a new aggressive russia prepared to use force beyond its borders. russia says it's the west that interferes and seeks to expand its influence. it may not be the ideologically issues o -- ideologic issues. >> zambia is preparing to bury its president. a truce between rival factions has held. tanya page reports. >> the viewing of zambia's late president michael sata is overwhelming for some mourners.
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>> i want him back! >> most had never met him but they feel they've lost their father. thousands have queued for hours to pay their last respects. the line stretches for several blocks. the president's son is here. >> it was purely our own fault as a party, i think we could have handled some of the issues better. but i'm glad that also, we were very quick to deal with the issue that sparked that confusion. >> at issue is who should replace sata. when acting president fired one of the front runners, took to the street forcing scott to reverse his decision. >> people are saying no no no, we give this white man an opportunity to lead us as zambians but why do we make these bad decisions?
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>> reporter: yet they say they will respect a truce until no campaigning until after sata is buried. they must decide on their candidates for an election to be held in january. >> too many problems around these problems cannot be overcome if we are not together. so if i were to come back, this is win of the things that i would do. -- one of the things i would do. >> politicians from every party have appealed to the supporters and the public to assure this is a dignified event but after the burial that could change. >> once the burial is over, protesters could appearen again. although the song seems to reflect the strongest of sentiments. tanya page, al jazeera, lusaka,
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zambia. >> stay with us. still ahead, the egyptians standing up to their government. >> i'm lucia newman, coming up, i'll show you what an american couple is doing to ensure it stays this way. >> robin is standing by with spots details. we'll be right back after this.
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>> welcome back. you're watching the al jazeera news hour. a reminder of our top stories. a palestinian man has been shot by israeli secured forces after he stabbed at least three people in the occupied west bank. one person a woman has died. 47 people have been killed in a school assembly in northern nigeria. the bomber blew himself up during the principal's daily
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address. freeze allow in aid convoys into syria, bashar al-assad will consider the plan. returning to our top story, the shooting of a man who stabbed three people in the occupied west bank. violence flared on october 30th when israeli closed the lawksz mosqual-aqsa mosque for t time. on november the 5th israeli activists tried to storm the compound housing the mosque. that fight, on the same day a palestinian driver was shot and killed by israeli police after he plowed his van into pedestrians on a jerusalem street. let's speak now to mohamed abu
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sadr, thank you very much for being on al jazeera. first of all in your view are we seeing a new pattern here of palestinian individuals not affiliated with any group or factions, directly targeting israel? is this a new pattern? >> well, it's definitely a new pattern, in the eyes of the palestinians and in the eyes of those watching the palestinian israeli conflict. a number of incidents we have seen over the past few days, a number of palestinians have been stabbing israeli soldiers and israeli settlers, also a number of incidents in which palestinian drivers ran over israeli pedestrians. that is definitely a new patterning of palestinians against israeli why the
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palestinians have been pushed to resist the israeli occupation. the hope of a two state resolution has been declining, over israeli aggressive measures against palestinians. and also as you indicated in the beginning of this program, we have witnessed over the past few weeks a repeated israeli attempt to change the status quo in al-aqsa mosque by allowing israeli extremis to enter the al-aqsa mosque and closing the lawsks aral-aqsa mosque for thet time, why the palestinians are being pushed to resist the israeli occupation in this way.
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>> israel has accused hamas of fomenting the violence in the west bank, ahead of a potential showdown with the rival abbas administration. is it clear to you whether there's a political element in alt these incidents we've seen here whether there's a push you perhaps, that palestinian youth are being pushed by straily forces? >> when we look at what the israeli leadership represented by netanyahu and other israeli officials basically blaming president mahmoud abbas, for the current resistance against israeli occupation. more it was the minister of defense which said that the speech delivered by president maumee abbas at the u.n. assembly about - mahmoud boobs,,
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trying to basically put the blame an the palestinians or the factions like hamas. as i mentioned earlier, israel to be blamed for what is happening right now for the tension which is rising as a result of the israeli congregation against the palestinians. let me also add one more thing that most of these attacks which we have witnessed over the past few days have been done by -- palestinians who are not affiliated by hamas and the incident which was the stabbing incident of today was attempted by the islamic jihad for example which has nothing to do with the
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hamas, it is basically trying the put the blame on hamas and other militant groups why israel would have to take responsibleiy for the rising tensions. >> the young palestinians throwing stone at israeli police becoming an almost daily occurrence. are we in your view on the eve of a third intefada, a third uprising? >> this is a conventional way of resisting the israeli occupation and we have seen this model of resist this occupation in the beginning of the first intifada, now we are witnessing this activity now in east jerusalem as a result of the israeli
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aggressive measures against the palestinians. whether that is going to lead to a third intifada or not, in order for a third inl intifada e successful, it doesn't seem to me that the palestinian leadership is in a position to allow a third, no control over the palestinians in east jerusalem so basically it is the responsibility of israel to deal with the palestinians in east jerusalem. i can assure you the palestinian leadership is not going to allow the a palestinian intifada in the west bank or gaza, any failed intifada might turn into a violent intifada, and create chaos and lawlessness in the
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palestinian streets. i think for that reason the palestinian leadership is afraid of allowing any mast protest or intifada against israeli occupation at this point. >> very good to hear your thoughts, a political analyst joining us from gaza. just to know we are waiting to hear from the israeli ambassador to the united nations. he is expected to speak about the deteriorating security situation. we'll bring you that statement as and whit happens here on al jazeera. now the iraqi army says it has reached the center of the northern oil producing state, to the islamic state of iraq and the levant fighters, imran khan has our exclusive report. >> reporter: just a day ago,
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i.s.i.l. was said to be in firm control. today, the graffiti tells the story. iraq security force slogan as the iraqis take a large part of beji town from the i.s.i.l. fighters. swept through parts of iraq in june, once again this victory is being seen as a young men joined the arm forces whether the army or the popular mobilization forces. let them come here and join arms with their brothers to defend the country and expel i.s.i.l. if we don't work now i.s.i.l. will defeat us. so we have to bring great support, considered the breaking point for i.s.i.l.'s advance towards baghdad. >> reporter: fighting continues though for the rest of the town. very early on i.s.i.l.
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established baji as a command and control center for all of the territory it controlled inside iraq. but it wasn't just about military strategy. it was also about business ak acumen. they control their strategy which netted them millions of dollars. pushing i.s.i.l. fighters from the center of the town when they entered from the south and the west. the oil refinery is now the next big target. located about 15 kilometers away i.s.i.l. fighters remain in control of parts of the facility. but ty're cut off from the town itself and surrounded by iraqi forces. imran khan, al jazeera, baghdad. >> around egypt, people in especially students continue to defy the government despite laws intended to curtail the rallies.
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natasha guinane explains. >> reporter: three egyptian cities, as president abdel fatah al-sisi, a few days ago police arrested a 21-year-old student at cairo university who was carrying a copy of george orwell's story 1984. it was a story about a totalitarian society. a day after this happened, in a village, moments after he was
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shot and killed. others ran to escape the bullets and the haze of tear gas. this province is 122 kilometers south of cairo. one man was killed and a number injured and arrested. police came to this village to arrest suspects when a band of muslim brotherhood began shooting ashooting and police sd killed him. support of president mohamed morsi. protesting without permission and allegedly joining what it calls a terrorist group. the people al jazeera spoke to say despite the police crack down they won't be silenced and they'll continue to protest. natasha guinane, al jazeera.
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>> monday is the deadline for registering, the government has tightened its squeeze with a number of offices being raided and workers being put on trial. organizations, they also say the law raises concerns that the government of president abdel fattah al-sisi is rolling back freedoms in the 2001 uprising that ou ousted the president. >> handing over their independence or facing prosecution and seeing their organization shuttered. we fear that our community which has spent 30 years championing human rights may be shut down
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virtually overnight. i think in the last week we saw several leading egyptian human rights organizations boycotting for fear of reprisals. i think the fear is the damage has already been done. no matter what happens today egypt has already succeeded in silencing egypt's human rights organizations. meeting for a second day in oman, the final stretch of years of meetings to limit iran's nuclear production. there's been no sign of a break through and the talks have continued into monday night. bombs have struck three afghan cities including the capital, kabul. a bomb went off near a
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university, in eastern province, a suicide bomber killed at least 9 officers. it is reported that the bomber was dressed as a policemen. iniajalalabad,. >> burkina faso, says the au's role will be one of support. opposition protesters forced blaiz comepare from rule earlier this month. it's hoped an interim leader will restore peace before elections next year. >> we have now just had our revolution. like the french did in 1789. that's what made the military understand that they now need to choose their side, the people's side.
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>> reporter: and during that revolution one graffiti artist used his art to call for change. when thousands of protesters demanded the resignation of the former president, this man used his graffiti in his own words. >> translator: revolution 2014. for a long time we kept hoping, we knew things would change. have only known one president, blaze comepare who came into power by force. he did nothing to improve the lives of people here. that's why we started doing this. we're motivated because people were on the street protesting. we think our work helped, encouraged more people to rise up and chase away the vampire who was leading this country.
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before the protester started we had to do our work at night because it was dangerous to criticize comepare. we work during the day and it's helped to get the message out. thank god we achieve our goal and comepare is gone. there's a strom message i stronr work it is a discipline that comes from hip hop and rap. with music you can express yourself. with gratitude it's the same thing. liberty, peace and love. that's why we use the color of our flag, red, yellow and green. the color you see here is significant. it's the color of the army. it is as if we knew the people and the army would work together to remove comppare.
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those who don't stay us seriously we just ignore them. >> still ahead on al jazeera news hour, patagonia where the fight is on to eliminate environmental did he gradation..
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>> welcome back. patagonia's delicate ecosystem is under threat for overgrazing.
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but getting help by two people and a fair amount of their money. lucia newman sent us this report. >> taking off in this far away corner of the southern hemisphere is a beautiful dream, a dream to turn this back as close as possible to the place darwin found when he first set foot on patagonia. >> it's huge! >> reporter: until recently, the chilen region of asenne, not remote enough, says douglas thompltompkins. this 70 square mile hot spot for biodiversity is coming back to life. the fences are gone and the wild grass is growing. >> we come here and you think, god, this is like a paradise.
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because they're back where they belong. they know that they're not hunted. and that's why you can stand here, so close to them. and they don't -- >> they don't run away. >> they don't care. >> the native guanakos, cousins to the lam la llama are thrivin. >> this was a dream conservation project. >> the ex-ceo of the company patagonia used much of her fortune. to donate to chile for a national park. >> from coalitioexploitation to.
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but icc tompkins who now considers patagonia her home, feels that national parks are a line of defense to prevent the destruction of the naturalorld long after she and her husband are gone. >> are we willing to use up every square inch of this planet, just to make sure that we humans school as much as we want to? >> the tompkins who have created national parks more than any other couple in the world are saying no. lucia newman, al jazeera, chile. >> time for sports, here is robin. 6-4, 6-1 thrashing of thomas
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burdick, the australian didn't have the best results in the past, but roger e-federer won relatively easily. novak djokovic is hoping to retain his ranking, djokovic star the defense of his title, with the play against adam clich. >> so it's great that tennis and offers an opportunity to have an event. >> from tennis to cricket and
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pakistan's informed batsman, 566 foot 3 against new zealand, comes from ahmad shizad. unfortunate circumstances, knocked down his own stumps after. he was hit on the head by a bouncer from corey anderson. had to be taken to hospital for a checkup and will be kept unit observation for the next 48 hours. he made a 100 lot out. scored an unbeaten 1 two, third conservative century. new zealand began the massive chase and are 14 without loss. heading into the third round on tuesday. united arab emirates has joined
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bahrain in pulling out of the hand ball tournament. main stories we're covering on our website, starting january 15th in doha. we will know how the international hand ball federation will deal. you can get all this information on final race of the season in abu dhabi. raising $3.5 million through internet funding. races in the u.s. and brazil but hoping to raise enough money to make it to the final grand prix at the uae in less than two weeks time. >> just focused on actually getting to this one race, abu dhabi, and we hope by the time we have that race, dealing with a new owner so the team will be
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on a proper financial footing and be able to go on. >> world champion mark marquez described this season as a dream. awarded the world cup just hours after he, his brother alex won the motor g 3 championship on sunday, receiving his medal, they're the only two siblings holding titles in the same season. >> of course this has been really amazing really good. the best you can't imagine that, because really good, especially the first part and then i get a title but today, my feeling was incredible, with my brother, and then i won the race. but that was -- that finished the year in good shape. >> football ended their losing
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streak inning britain, christophe klammer scored his own goal from virtually the half line. winning 1-nil. a from the pitch got its 15 seconds of fame before disappearing behind a camera. now once they got back on the way, dutch leaders, 2-1 on the goal, could result there. there is your sport for now, plenty more later, thanks a lot for watching. >> thank you very much. robin, thank you for watching the doha news hour. from me folly bah thibault and
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all the others. we're live in just a few minutes from london. mp
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>> this is al jazeera. >> hello i'm felicity barr. we're back on the air in a state-of-the-art newsroom in western europe's tallest building. the top stories. a palestinian man is shot by police after stabbing three israelis in the occupied west bank. suicide bomber targets a school in nigeria. >> 67 years, jill guard, 62


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