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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 10, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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>> this is my selfie, what can you tell me about my future? >> can effect and surprise us... >> don't try this at home... >> tech know, where technology meets humanity only on al jazeera america >> this is al jazeera america live from new york city. i'm david shuster with a look at today's top stories. a shake-up is under way at the u.s. department of veterans' affairs. the new boss says as maybe as 1,000 employees could be disciplined over delays in providing veterans with health care in nigeria, there has been another attack and dozens of young people have been killed, after a truce with boko haram in detroit - evidence that general motors waited months to sound the alarm about dangerous
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vehicle ignition switches. we begin with the changes coming to the u.s. departments of veterans' affairs. this morning, a day before veterans day, v.a. secretary says the largest restructure is under way. many face discipline. it comes after a nation-wide scandal where veterans waited months for health care and employees falsifying data to cover up the problem. libby casey joins us from the white house, what was the context for the secretary's announcement. and what is the department planning to do. >> secretary mcdonald says it's a much-needed shake-up and should bring on thousands of
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workers to help care for workers. bob mcdonald has been in the job for three months. the prior secretary resigned when it came to light that thousands of veterans waited weeks and months for care. bob mcdonald's a veteran who used the v.a. he's come from the outside, and says the focus needs to be on the customer, and customer care. >> we have set our sights on three non-negotiable goals. first, is to rebuild trust, rebuild trust with veterans, and with stakeholders. second is to improve service delivery, focussing only on veteran outcomes. third is to set a course for long-term reform. bob mcdonald hopes to hire
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28,000 medical professionals. not something that can be done overnight. he's visiting medical scores, painting a positive picture of the future, and offering student loan forgiveness. other elements of the plan - trying to streamline what veterans face online, instead of multiple websites. simplifying the interface, and getting feedback, considering them the customers, and trying to basically meet their needs better will there be a reaction from the white house, congress or veterans' affairs groups to mcdonald's re-organisation plan. >> we are hearing that some are glad to hear the changes, but it's how quickly can the bad apples we fired. it's a question and concern. a statement came from the
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chairman of the house veterans affairs committee, jeff miller, and he says: now, you mentioned that scores could face firing, but here is the deal - the v.a. secretary has to build a case against them, and go through a judicial process. congress passed a law a few months ago trying to streamline the process, it only cuts the appeals time in half. the v.a. secretary says if you want to see this happen faster, congress needs to change the law. v.a. groups saying building the case is certain. the worst thing is firing someone, not having the paperwork to back it up and seeing them on the job. democrats are expressing hope that this is not just rhetoric, that they can see change and turn things around for the v.a.
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thank you libby casey at the white house in nigeria there was a suicide bombing at an all-boys school, killing 50 people. it happened in yobe state. approximately 2,000 students gathered for an assembly when the bomber set off explosives. no one claimed responsibility, but it's one of the worst attacks on western-style schools. we have more from lagos. >> the lone gunman aimed to cause maximum damage, which is why he targeted assembly, when awe student were gathered listening to the principal. he set up of device injuring 80 students. boko haram has not claimed responsibility, but it bears similarity to earlier attacks. nigeria promised to protect vulnerable institutions like
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schools, hospitals and sensitive locations in the country from boko haram attacks. with attention focused elsewhere in fighting boko haram. at a time when nigerian forces are used in other areas, less attention may have been placed on the school in yobe state. the government is under intense international and domestic pressure to bring these attacks to an end, and free more than 200 girls in boko haram captivity. they have promised to bring to an end these attacks in nigeria. when the attacks intensified at the beginning of this year, it shows that boko haram is growing bolder and bolder. this attack is coming a day before the president declares his intention to run in next year's presidential elections that report from nigeria. >> in israel a palestinian man was shot after is stabbing three
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israeli citizens, the stabbings took place during an israeli settlement. earlier in the day, near tel aviv there was an attack killing an israeli soldier. binyamin netanyahu called the attacks terrorism and warned his government will respond. >> translation: we'll act decisively against the rioters calling for israel's annihilation. those that protest against israel in favour of palestinian - i say move there, to the palestinian authority areas or to gaza. i promise you the state of israel will not make it difficult. for those that stay, we'll make it difficult if you are a rioter or a terrorist. i directed to deploy all the tools at our disposal, the full extent of the laws, new laws, terrorist homes and other measures. we will not tolerate this disturbance stabbings are the latest in a string of attacks.
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tensions between israelis and palestinians have been ratcheting higher. nick schifrin is there with the latest. >> this is the scene of the attack that happened a short while ago. you can see behind me the israeli police investigating the spot where the attack took place, scrubbing the ground, looking for blood, looking for any evidence. what israeli police say happened is that a palestinian man drove up here, got out of the car and stabbed three israeli civilians. at least one lives up the road. that's a jewish settlement. it's the occupied west bank, and has been violent over the last few months. just about 150 feet that way or so this summer, three israeli teenagers were abducted and found murdered, leading the head of the local council to call for blood. >> if you are a mother, we'll kill you.
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we'll put you in gaol, you won't get out. your family thrown away from israel. et cetera et cetera the violence has not been confined only to here. a few hours ago an attack similar to the one that happened behind me in tel aviv. a palestinian man went up to an israeli soldier and stopped him whilst he waited for a train. and there's been incidents? northern israel. an israeli palestinian went up to an israeli police van, knocking on the door with a knife. when the door opened, the man retreated, and israeli police shot and killed him. that caused huge demonstrations throughout northern israel. in response, israeli prime minister binyamin netanyahu suggested an iron fist. he said to anyone protesting the israely government. they should move to the west bank or to gaza. these are lone wolf attacks.
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no one believes it's a terror campaign dictated from the top. they are difficult to stop. israeli government tried to increase the penalties for anyone protesting or committing violence. anyone throwing stones at police could be sentenced up to 20 years in prison. the spread fines has not meant a decrease in violence - quite the opposi opposite. tensions and violence is the highest. both sides are fearful that nothing is stopping the violence, and it could only get worse. >> nick schifrin reporting from israel. the parents of michael brown, the teenager killed by a ferguson, missouri police officer are seeking help from the united nations. brown's parents are in switzerland saying the circumstances are torture, severe pain and destruction inflicted by an ofirstly. in mississippi, there has been more protests as the public
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waits for a decision from the grand jury. the grand jury decision could come at any time. >> iraq's army said it made a breakthrough in cutting into i.s.i.l.'s illegal oil profits. iraqi forces reached the center of baiji. the northern town is home to the large oil fields and has been under i.s.i.l. control in june. imran khan has more on the counteroffensive in this report. >> reporter: a day ago i.s.i.l. was said to be firmly in control. today the graffiti tells the story. the flag used by the group has been covered in iraqi security force slogan, as the army takes large parts of the baiji from i.s.i.l. fighters. the taking of baiji was a victory for i.s.i.l. in june. it has been seen once again as a
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triumph for the army and the rapid deployment squad. >> translation: let the young men join the armed forces. let them come here and join arms with their brothers to defend the country and expel i.s.i.l. if we do not act now, i.s.i.l. will sweep us. we have to give big support to the use to join the fight against i.s.i.l. as it is considered the breaking point for i.s.i.l.'s advance towards baghdad. fighting continues for the rest of the town. early on baiji was a command and control center for all the territory that it controlled in iraq. it was not just about military strategy, it was business acumen. from baiji they controlled the oil-smuggling operation, which netted them millions. >> iraqi security forces used helicopters to push i.s.i.l. fighters from the center of the town when they entered from the
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south and the west. the oil refinery is the next big target. located about 15km away, i.s.i.l. fighters are in control of parts of facility. they are cut off from the town itself, and are surrounded by iraqi forces. >> diplomats say there has been no major progress in talks over iran's controversial nuclear programme. secretary of state john kerry has been meeting with counterparts in the e.u. and iran. world powers want iran to give up the ability to make uranium. the deadline is november 24th in beijing, china, world leaders are travelled for the asia pacific cooperation sum et known as apec. president obama said both countries agreed to expand the terms of u.s. visas for chinese
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nationals, making them valid for 10 years, not one. >> keep in mind 1.8 mill chinese visitors to the united states contributed $21 billion to economy and supported 100,000 american jobs. this agreement could help to triple those jobs. president barack obama asked china to stand up or human rights and freedom of the press. a deal on the traas pacific -- trans-pacific partnership will not occur. 12 nations agreed to trade alliance. the united states would benefit, shipping $2 billion to tpp nations every day. talks have been vet. leaders say there's two sticking points. the first is the tpp dismned, standardizing copyright and international copylaws. critics say it will stuffle
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creativity and public dissent, and it's feared state owned companies would get an unfair advantage obama administration expects 9 million and 10 million to gain coverage through the affordable care act. less than the 13 million predicted by the congressional office. >> it comes as new insurance plans and prices. there has been plans and subsidies available. open enrolment begun on saturday, and ends in mid-february. the numbers come as health care laws face scrutiny from congress and the supreme court. lisa stark is in washington. tell us what we heard from the white house today. >> well, david, what we heard from the white house was the first numbers that the administration was willing to give about what it thinks enrolment will look like under
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the 2014 obama care. the congressional office estimated 30 million americans would sign up next we are. hhs is now saying about 9.9 million. that's significantly lower than the c.b.o. thought. but it is higher than the counter enrolment, which is about 7 million. now, the reason in the discrepancy in the numbers is that it based its projections on a 3-year phase in for obama care, figuring at the end of three years, 25 million new people would have coverage. the face-in could fake -- phase in could take 4-5 years. hhs secretary silvia burwell says consumers will find a streamlined application. >> the consumer has a better interaction. things are simpler, faster and more intuitive. >> now, republican leadership
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promised to try to repeal obama care, or change the law, and the supreme court has agreed to hear a very significant case about whether federal subsidies to help people pay for the law are legal. the health department is continuing to focus on individual stories, saying these are the folks that can get health care when in the past they could not al jazeera's lisa stark reporting from washington. thank you more student protests in mexico city as activists demanded answers about 43 student missing since september. mexico's attorney-general says gang members confessed to killing the student. today's demonstrations followed violence protests, when they tried to overtake the national palace, setting fire to the door. many activists blamed the government for the violence against the students. adam raney is in mexico city. what is game on with the protests today? >> well, we have students and
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student teachers protesting in the resort city of acapulco on the pacific coast - 4-5 hours drive from the capital. it was a provokive protest. 11 riot police have been injured. they marched to the airport, the protesters did, and showed a brazenness on the part of protesters. it's important for the viewers to understand these people joking in the city of acapulco today come from a leftist confrontational stance, the leftist teacher's union and the teachers from which the other students, which they studied with the ones missing from september, were from the same teacher's college that some of the protests in acapulco came from. it must be said that most of the protests in mexico have been peaceful. and the protest you mentioned, in which protesters tried to enter the palace, they tried to
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break down the door, they were unsuccessful. and dozens were arrested. that followed a protest in which thousands gathered and a powerful protest in the main plaza. >> gang members confessed to killing the students and remains are with austrian labs for testing. when may the results by available. >> it's not clear. experts are saying the d.n.a. is degraded perhaps from being paul verized to such a level, that it could take days to weeks to understand if they can match the identity of the d.n.a. with the remains found, with those of the missing student. they have taken d.n.a. samples from family members. it's important to note that the family members will not believe or trust any word from the federal government. they want to hear directly from outside experts. >> adam raney in mexico city.
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thank you for that report a report indicates that general motors knew about dangerous ignition switches, ordered new ones and waited months to tell anyone about the problems. also president obama made a strong push for net neutrality, we explain what that means after this.
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a u.s. postal service reports it's the victim of a hacking attack. postal authorities say the cyber attack happened in mid september, the breach may have compromised information about postal service employees, including social security numbers. customers of local post offices or those using their website were not affected. people that called the customer care center may have had their information compromised. the postal service has over 800,000 employs. >> president obama announced support for net neutrality, the president called on the federal communications commission to reclassify internet access as utility, like power, water and telephone. the president wants a ban an deals between internet providers and onlined services, and to give the specific companies the equivalent of a fast lane over the internet. the president's comments are a
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gross overreaction. >> we are learning information about general motors ignition switch recall. the company ordered switches months before alerting officials about the effect. the problem has been linked to 30 deaths. bisi onile-ere joins us from destroyed. break down the report, and why this could be damaging for g.m. >> david, "the wall street journal" came out with email exchanges that found that g.m. had between delfy, an auto parts comflier, a g.m. contracts worker, and placed an order for over 500,000 ignition switch replacements. the trouble with this is it wasn't until a couple of months later, earlier this year, that general motors ordered the ignition switch recall. and what is troubling is general motors knew about the issue for over a decade, but did nothing about it.
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the issue with the ignition switches is that if it slips, somehow slips out of the off position, the airbags can become deactivated, as well as other features. this is an issue linked to over a dozen deaths and multiple car accidents. this report does not go in general motors favour. the automaker issued a statement saying the emails are further confirmation that it needed to reform. we have done so, reorganised safety, and have more investigators move issues more quickly. as the issue continues, it's been a year, and the evidence is stacking off. they extreme lined the investigation. half of the defective cars have not been fixed. it's been nine months since the
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recall was announced. why is it taking so long. the automaker says that people with these vehicles - they are reluctant to bring them into a dealership. a couple of weeks ago general motors started an incentive, offering $25 gift cards to places such as applebies and wall marts to get people into the repair shops to get the issue fixed. >> bisi onile-ere reporting from detroit. thank you joining us from san antonio texas is robert hillier, an attorney for crash victims and disclosed the order by general motors. you argued that g.m. knew about the switches way before saying so, even though the c.e.o. denied this. what do you make of the latest efforts and are you willing to ratchet up the allegations against the c.e.o. barr herself. >> she was vice president of
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purchasing and supply, and they did purchase 500,000 supply parts under her watch. it was an unbudgeted amount. that means they had to go find $3 million unexpectedly to pay for the parts. it simply stretches the imagination to think the vice president of purchasing and supplies was not in the loop on that. keep in mind if you give her the benefit of the doubt, if you say that she did not know - why didn't she at least be honest with congress and the senate and tell them - look, i didn't know about it, but you need to understand that we purchased 500,000 parts without telling the national highway traffic and safety administration for 57 cause, and didn't tell our customers for 117 days. it's suspicious. >> do you believe that mary barr, the c.e.o., lied to congress? >> i believe she should be brought back to explain a clear
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omission, you know, in the law an omission of a necessary and fundamental fact can be card a lie. you don't have to affirmatively misrepresent something. if you leave out something fundamental to the truth of the story, you may be in trouble. she left out an explosive piece of evidence. the only way i found out was i got the confidential designation removed so news agencies could see she didn't tell congress, and more surprisingly it's not mentioned in the 380 page lucas report that g.m. said was independent, thorough and complete. it's mined boggling c.e.o. barr tried to go a long way to placate victims and customers. you represent victims of the g.m. crashes. how are they reacting to the latest evidence? >> they have reached just a
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level of anger and sadness. first they had to deal with the fact that g.m. hid the problem for 10 or 10 years. and i had some clients involved in accidents, and one individual passed away after the parts were ordered, but before g.m. notified the customers. what i can't under is on the day they ordered the part, why not contact the customers and say take all the keys off your key chain, until we get a new part to you, as a safety measure, please take the keys off your key chains. instead they covered their own financial self-interest. they were silent to their own customers who paid money to drive their g.m. cars for 170 days, and some were injured and some died. >> robert hillier, thank you for joining us coming up, the new head of the veterans administration announces changes to the agency, we'll ask the veteran and
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advocate in the moves go far enough. a former president is hinting at the possibility of a third bush running for the white house. that's next in the power politics.
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returning to our top stories, veterans' affairs secretary robert mcdonald unveiled plans for the largest restructure of the department historiers following a scandal last -- history, following a scandal last spring. veterans waited months for heath care, and employees covered up. the goal is to make it easier
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for veterans to get the services they need. >> we want them to view us as their v.a. they know who to contact, where to go on the website. and they know what benefits are available, and they can easily connect with us to get the benefits and the services that they have already earned and deserve. >> joining us from washington is retirement major stuart hickey, member of the american veterans, advocacy group. last time you joined us nothing had changed. no one had been fired. now 35 have been dismissed, and it may go up to 1 thus. -- 1,000. what's your rehabilitation? >> it's a good start. i'm glad to see the allegations are taken seriously and it's a good start. >> he's planning to hire 28,000 medical staff. it's a large number. in your view, will is that help
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in. >> well, again, it's a start. reform in the v.a.'s like turning an aircraft carrier, it will take a long time, you can't do it on a dime. they need more doctors and nurses and health care providers. i hope he can hire what he needs. but there's going to be a lot of work that they are going to have to do to re-organise and change the culture in the v.a. >> do you believe that robert mcdonald, the person that can do that, is bringing urgency to move the aircraft carrier, as he describe it? >> yes, i think he's been in there about 90 days, i believe, or so. i believe he is making the reforms that are necessary in the v.a. we'll have to wait and see what the outcome is of all his hard work, but we are keeping our fingers crossed, hoping that he's on the right track. >> a lot of companies have a
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customer service branch within the organization. the v.a. will have one. is that something that you envision could be helpful? >> yes, i think that would be extremely helpful, and i like the way he structured it so that they answer up to the v.a. headquarters, and not to the hospital administration in the local area. if there are problems, the customer service people can let them know at the higher headquarters in d.c., what the problems are. >> do you think mcdonald's addressing the core problem. seems like there's a cultural issue in the bureaucracy in the v.a. that enabled this sort of scandal in the first place. >> yes, and i think he's realised that, he talked about veterans groups, v.a. employees, to veterans. and he knows what the problems are and the culture there, that's why he announced - he has a list of 1,000 employees that need to be fired.
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i think he realises what needs to be done. i think he's up against the juggernaut of the federal government bureaucracy and personnel rules. but i believe he is a good man. i think his intent is pure, and he's looking out for the best interests of the veterans. so we are going to wait and see, and hopefully what he's trying to do will come to fruition. >> how long does he have in terms of coming to fruition? are there benchmarks and dates when you expect to see the changes to convince you that this is more than a good is that right. >> right. i would say when he has been in there a year, he should have implemented a lot of these changes. the re-organisation of the v.a., i think, will eliminate some bureaucracy. the v.a. has eight or nine different geographies, organizations. he'll consolidate that down to
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one. he's going to make the website more friendly - user friendly. i think all these things are positive, and i think in the next year, if he doesn't have some results that veterans can see at the local v.a. hospitals, and found their claims and interactions with the v.a., people wonder, you know, when. we have heard all this before, so. >> retired major stuart hickey, national director of american veterans, an advocacy group. thanks for joining us. in power politics, 13 months since the voting in the presidential primaries, and former president bush is talking about jed bush's campaign. he spoke about his brother in an interview an cbs news and provided the odds that jeb will run. >> reporter: you think he do it?
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>> i think it's 50/50. he and i are close. on the other hand he's not here knocking on my door agonising about the decision. he knows exactly the ramifications an family, for example. he has seen his dad and brother go through the presidency. i would give it a toss up. i know this about jeb, he is not afraid to succeed. in other words, i think i know he knows he can do the job, and nor is he afraid it fail. >> bush is promoting "41", his father. both waged wars against iraq's saddam hussein. >> when you say something as president, you better mean it, words mean something. he was very clear at times during his presidency, and i thought i was pretty clear at times during my presidency, and meant it. saddam hussein didn't believe
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us, i was surprised. >> data is being analysed from the 2014 midterms. turn out from the voting eligible population was 36.4%. that is down from the 41% turn out in 2010, the lowest since 1942, when it stood at 34.9%. many americans did not vote, because they were busy with world war ii a big winner is wisconsin governor. he's taking shots at hillary clinton, the democratic front runner. >> i think if we are going to beat hillary clinton at the next election we need a message saying hillary clinton was about washington. she was the big loser, she embodies everything that it wrong with washington. we offer a fresh approach. any of you wills, 30 governors have the -- any of us, 30
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governors have experience outside of washington to provide an alternative. >> hitting at a 2016 run, walker said governors make better presidents than members of congress. there's a few races in remain resolved. and mary landrieu is facing a run off against bill cassidy. mary landrieu's campaign is hitting cassidy with this. >> on may 31st, bill cassidy gave a speech that was nearly incoherent. >> she may get. senator mary landrieu may get... >> his message is clear, to cut social benefits to pay for an increase to himself. >> louisiana. we know energy creating better jobs and benefits. in congress, we have fought to
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expand and the jobs it brings. i oppose president obama's moratorium, climate and regulatio regulations. >> aidery lives in iowa. she's three years old. and infatuated with vice president joe biden. >> why. >> i am. >> she asked parents who he was, and for months, after seeing him on television, had a series of phone conversations with the vice president. her grandmother wrote to the vice president and out of the blue she got a phone call from joe biden himself. when she said. it's joe biden.
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he ran, and told stories about his grandchildren. expect another phone call before the iowa caucuses. that is today's power politics. >> and around the america more with morgan radford. >> i will give to my best. let's start in los angeles. where sheriff's deputies located 15 hikers reported missing. they are part of a group of 30, who went hiking. they got lost and were forced to spend the night in the mountains. some were able to send texts to neighbours, asking for help. luckily, sheriff's deputies found them and brought them to safety. a rape suspect cut off his ankle bracelet and went on a crime spree. after gregory lewis was charged. he cut off his monitoring and took off and committed crimes across the country. prosecutors are asking a judge
4:41 pm
to deny his bail. there can be a shift in policy in new york. the n.y.p.d. is considering not arresting people for possessing small amounts of pot. and will issue them tickets. that decision would represent a major shift in policing since tens of thousands of people are arrested here every year on minor possession charges. >> speaking of that, the wisconsin man who stole a $5 million strata various violin has been sentenced to 7 years imprison. he attacked a musician with a stun gun after performing in milwaukee, and snatched the 300-year-old violin. the robber told a friend that stealing the instrument was a dream. it was found in the home of a friend, and it was all in good condition. >> perhaps he was smoking something here in new york ticket. >> maybe, now he may get a ticket. >> and everyone on 34th street
4:42 pm
is safe winter is a month away, millions of americans are bracing for an arctic blast. a foot of snow is falling in parts of mipz. it's not unusual for minnesota to get snow. this much early in the season is rare. the strong winter storm is moving across the country, bringing temperatures which the middle of next week. kevin corriveau is here with more, and the cold temperature is headed our way. >> it's a mark on the calendar. a lot of snow pushing through. 18 inches across parts of wisconsin, and the up in michigan, it can go up to 22 inches. these are the totals. minnesota 13 inches, that is to the west of minneapolis, down to the airport. we are looking at three hour delays, in minnesota now. we have a lot of warnings, snow and temperatures look behind the front. this is at 19 degrees, with that
4:43 pm
windchill. we are seeing about one. we expect the temperatures to go down to minus 20. >> and it's not the second week in november. crazy. >> coming up, sex crimes on college campuses go unpunished. we see what happened when a victim and her family tried to fight the system drones over sports event with tens of thousands of people, and they don't have prime ministers. even in colombus at the university. the f.a.a. is taking a closer
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look. right now the u.s. department of education is investigating nearly 100 complaints that colleges and universities failed to properly prosecute rape allegations. the problems have come about in the years since "america tonight" debuted a series about sex crimes on campus. joie chen looks at what has changed and what has not. >> i remember waking up and he was kissing me.
4:46 pm
before i knew it he was trying to have sex with me. i was trying to push him off. i was weak because of how intoxicated i was, it obviously wasn't effective. i told him, "no", and to stop, and i couldn't do this. >> reporter: did you know you were being raped? >> at the time, no, i didn't even remember leaving the party. >> reporter: the justice department estimates one in five women will be sexually assaulted in college. they don't have the courage to do what rebecca did, tell the cops. in one video the attacker if admits having sex long after she said no. >> he fully admitted to having sex after i said no. >> we began to think, you know, something needs to be done to remove this young man from the campus. they found it in the "america tonight" series "sex crimes on
4:47 pm
campus." >> we had seen "al jazeera america"s expose about the title 9 case and women going forward. >> title 9 of the schools act man dates that schools with federal money protect students from sexual assault and fully investigate abuse claims. >> i had never heard of title 9, i thought it would never happen do me. >> in the months since the "america tonight" series aired. the title 9 claims tripled. 96 case are under investigation at 86 universities. >> rapes are not always in back allies, it happens in the present of people you love and trust, which i don't think the general public realises. >> joie chen joins us live from washington. after revisiting the issue, any indication that colleges and universities are doing a better job handling sex crimes and allegations on campus.
4:48 pm
>> it's not all true, it's a matter of how you look at it. there's three times as many reports in the year since we first ran with our series. three times as many reports, indicating that there are a lot more people willing to come forward. it might also indicate that this is a growing problem, that more people are recognising. it is still, though, a difficult issue for universities to deal with, and the department of education, in their approach - should they go after the universities, should they take federal moneys from schools they deem to be not appropriately handling the cases. there are big questions that remain. >> what other issues are you planning to tackle in the show. >> we'll do this. actually, we'll look at sex crimes on camp us for the next three nights. tonight is an overview of what has changed. tomorrow night we'll look at another phenomena that has arisen. that is a backlash coming from young men, accused, they say falsely. it's an interesting position.
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some forced out of the university's, even though they are not found to be criminally responsible. that's an interesting story. then we'll look at high schools, and sexual abuse, rape of high school students, and how they are dealt with by the federal government and the schools. >> joie chen with "america tonight". thank you. "america tonight" "sex crimes on campus one year later", debuts at 9:00pm on al jazeera america stadiums across the country are magnets for rogue dronesment we have video taken by camera mounted on a drone. "the washington post" reports the federal aviation administration is investigating incidents in which drones have been spotted over live sporting ent, including football -- sporting ent, including football games. the aviation safety experts and f.a.a. say it poses a hazard in crowded areas like this.
4:50 pm
let's bring in leek aing contributor -- legal contributor jamie floyd. what are the laws regarding drones flying over stadiums? >> there's a lot of law about the risk you assume going to a stadium or sporting event. if you get hit by a baseball, you assume that risk the did you know na. football, you assume that risk. you are at a basketball game and shaquille o'neil puts a foot in your face, you assume the risk. or lebron james, i should be current. did you think a drone would slice your head off. no. we don't assume it now. "the washington post" and the f.a.a. are aware - the footage is amazing, you see why people do this. we are providing a public service here. this is not an epidemic. there are a rash of these things. we are talking about a half dozen that the f.a.a. is aware
4:51 pm
of. that's a few hundred thousand people. they are very dangerous. people need to know these are not toys. they are dangerous devices. it there a distinction - i went to the university of michigan. there would be planes flying the banners, private companies advertising. what if it's the juste flying a drone, or what if it's the n.c.a.a. that is sponsoring a drone. at that point is it legal. >> they can make an application to the f.a.a. to fly the drone. now the f.a.a. is starting to shut it down. in light of the recent concerns that have been raised, the f.a.a. is saying no to those. previously if you had your drone and wanted it to carry your football in, let's say, for the opening... >> michigan. >> yes. that's why you asked the question. they said even though it was low to the field, not hovering over the fans, they said right now we want to make sure we have a handled on what is happening at the games, we want to make sure
4:52 pm
the person manning the drone is well trained. military pilots are trained to fly the drones. now we have civilians buying these things online, and a man in brooklyn killed himself accidentally when the drone got out of line. skyscrapers are being hit. people need to realise that these are not toys, you need to be properly trained. the f.a.a. is starting to put in place, they made a public proclamation, they want them regulated and the laws will be changed that they'll fall under the regulation of the f.a.a. >> can we expect to see drones flown by sanctioned bodies, for example, military parachuters. >> absolutely. and the deridgeable - a favourite word - we call it the good year blimp, it's not just good year. they are licensed, regulated by the faa and eventually it will give way to the drone. we'll get used to seeing them. they'll be part of our life.
4:53 pm
it's not just stadiums, it's a big issue for airports and aircraft and the f.a.a. more than they are telling us are getting reports from airlines, they are not naming which, that are running into these things in the skies. not something that we want to hear about. >> is it possible the f.a.a. is being aggressive. they let so much go on. >> they are under duel pressure, a lot of pressure from the industry. there is tremendous potential, business potential here, right. at the same time they need to be regulated because there is safety hazard. that is happening for the f.a.a. dual pressure, and they need it started. the law is called the modernization and resfarm act. how exciting is that. like everything in washington. there's modernization and reform on a track.
4:54 pm
>> the fine print on the back of your tick, some day when there's drones, if one crashes on your head, there's not much that can be done. >> the timid stay at home. that's the league at quote. if you ride the sea lift, you go to the game and be aware of the drone. >> thank you jamie floyd, legal contributor coming up, a billionaire family wants to turn back the clock in a remote place on others. their plans are running into resistance. >> i'm lisa fletcher, the president is in china, hoping to emphasise his pivot to asian foreign policy. this include enlivening trade deals. we'll discuss what it means for americans live at the top of the hour.
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
kata gownia in chile is a remote location. under threat from overgraving.
4:57 pm
an american couple have an innovating idea. we have this report. >> reporter: taking off in this far away corner of southern hemisphere is a dream to turn the clock back as close as possible to the place darwin found when he stepped foot in patagonia. >> those opportunities are not everywhere in the world. >> it's huge. >> the chilean patagonian region was the most remote corner of the southern hemisphere. not remote enough says a wealthy american philanthropist to prevent environmental destruction from overgrazing. >> we donate three national parks. >> thanks to this couple this 70 square hot spot for patagonian biodiversity is coming back to life. the fences are gone, and the wild grass is growing. >> you cam here and think "god, this is like paradise.
4:58 pm
they are back where they belong, they know that they are not hunted, and that's why you can stand here, so close to them, and they don't... >> run away. >> they don't care. >> reporter: the native cousins to the lama are driving, as are the viscatchas, in danger of extinction. now they only have natural enemies, like the condor. patagonia used much of the personal fortune to buy the cattle ranch, soon to be donated as the patagonia national park. creating a national park can cause controversy. shifting land use inevitably
4:59 pm
evogue passions. some accuse them of burning it into a nuclear waste dump. chris tompson, who ks patagonian home believes that national parks are a way to build a line of defense to stop the destruction of the natural world, lop after she and her husband are gone. >> are we willing to use up every square inch of the planet at the risk of losing most species to make sure that we humans consume as much as we want to. >> the tomorrow things consumed the largest land, destined from any couple in the world, are saying no after four years of restoration, the courtyards are open to the public once more. the areas surrounding the statues were thought to have
5:00 pm
been built 45 centuries ago. water pollution prompted the closure. tourists will be allowed to walk around but the s finks is closed for work. >> i'm david shuster, "inside story" is up next. for more news go to >> president obama is in china navigating a battles adding. onact. we're talking trade on "inside story." >> i'm lee shah fletcher. world powers are meeting at the asia


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