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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 27, 2014 2:00pm-2:31pm EST

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the taliban launches two attacks on foreigners in kabul and now reported to be attacking camp bastion in the south. ♪ ♪ i am lauren taylor and this is al jazerra live from london. also coming up. oil prices plummet further after producer decide not to cut output. as hundreds of syrian migrant land in greece after being stranded at sea e.u. ministers discuss thousand save the thousands risking their lives for a better life. and mexico's president explains how he plans to turn
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around the justice tim system and tackle corruption. ♪ ♪ hello, the taliban has launched multiple attacks on foreign targets across afghanistan. provincial officials say a coordinated offensive is concernedly around way on camp bastion. the camp in the southern province was handed over from u.k. force to his afghanistan's national army last month. earlier the taliban carried out two attacks in the capital kabul. multiple explosions and burst of gunfire too be heard. the ministry says one attacker was killed in the offensive. before this a british embassy car was attacked. a british security guard and four afghans were killed? the blast. let's get the latest from charles stratford has hoss in
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kabul. bring us up-to-date with the situation? kabul and also camp bastion. >> reporter: we are hearing now from the kabul police cheer who says that there were three taliban attackers -- or three taliban gunmen that launched that attack on the foreign. [ inaudible ] in kabul earlier this evening. this was after a suicide attack by a taliban fighter. on that guest house they are saying that two of these fighters have been killed, but they believe that a third injured taliban fighter has escaped. and they are searching fo searcr for him. with respect to the attack you are reporting in the south of the province it comes from provincial officials in the area saying the taliban lawned what they described as a coordinated attack, the taliban confirmed this. on what they described as
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bastion, now it was an adjacent camp to bastion. and it still, is but bastion was hand over to british -- from british forces to the afghan national army last month. so basically the afghan national army now control bastion and the other, and it had been used for training afghan forces. but it's as i say very difficult to get clear information too fast exactly what's going on there. but we have heard nothing since that announcement that there was, indeed, a coordinate ahead tack. and this is the third attack today in afghanistan, and that the taliban have claimed respond for as we have reported, the first one on that british embassy vehicle, that killed five people including a british national. and then the one on the kabul guest house this evening. and now this attack on a military installation, a large military installation in the south of the country. so certainly the taliban keeping their promise that they would
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continue to attack foreign targets on the back of this security agreement that was approved by the upper house of parliament today that will see foreign forces remaining in afghanistan to train afghan forces after the end of this year. >> okay, charles, thanks very much indeed. charles stratford live in kabul for us. ♪ ♪ the there are reports that a bomb blast has killed 40 people in northeast nigeria. news agency is a it exploded in a busy bus station? an area gripped by violence link today the armed group boca huh ralph according to witnesses five soldiers are among those killed. israel says it has uncovered plans by hamas to launch large-scale attacks on jerusalem. the security service says the group was also planning to kidnap israelis. it's released photographs of some of the 30 members arrested
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in september. they are said to have formed a single hamas military cell. weapons examine ammunition were seized during the arrest. israel says that were order today hit several targets including a stadium and a lightrail way. members of the organization of the petroleum exporting countries have agreed to keep their official joint production target at 30 mill barrels a day. members have been meeting in vienna with one major item outta jenna the falling price of oil. it's dropped 30%. the world is consumer record amounts of oil 92-point a million barrels of oil a day despite many economies slowing down. there is more than enough oil and it's keep prices low. nineties ther93 million-barrelse produced even more is likely to be added as shale production increases in the u.s., it's overtake edge saud saudi arabiad
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russia to become the biggest oil produce third world. jonah hull reports from vienna. >> reporter: not all of opec's 12 members request affor can afl prices fall for long. but with an increasingly competitive marketplace, saudi arabia holds sway here and it and another oil producing nations nod change. >> the conference decided to maintain the production level of 30 million-barrels a day as was agreed in december 2011. >> reporter: before the meeting some members were hopeful, like iran, shackled by international sanctions over its nuclear program. >> i'm not sure of this meeting but i am sure that we will do it because opec, as i said have faced member problems like this before and has managed it. [ inaudible ] >> reporter: many oil producers have little else to sustain their economies. they have come to rely on the
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high prices of recent years. >> let us hope that we can come to an agreement around the table here because it impacts many of our economies very particularly. >> reporter: but the saudi oil minister knew something they didn't. he was tight lipped. >> get the hell out of here and go there, okay? >> reporter: why is that, sir? >> i don't want to talk, okay? go. >> reporter: analysts seo peck's decision is good news for consumers. >> as long as opec continues to produce at currents levels without a change in the dynamics on the supply over demand side, it is very, very hard to see how crude oil prices can do anything other than slide further. and we'll get a taste of that on monday when the u.s. markets return from the thanksgiving holiday. and, yes, it looks as if lower oil prices are certainly here for sometime to come. >> reporter: the message from opec seems to be don't panic, we are seen prices follow lower
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than this before. the market will correct it seven. the risk for opec is it may be seen as as hostage of market they continues control. farer less of a potents influence plan it was t* once was. european foren and inter tear your ministers have been meeting in roam to address the humanitarian crisis of undocument the migrants crossing in to the contents. 2014 is shaping up to be the worst clear in he can days with for the number of illegals arrivals in to europe. so far at least one stpaoeufbgs thousan165,000 migrantshave arr. that already exceeds, far exceeds the 60,000 moa 60,000 ke made the crossing in 2013. the triest previous records in 2011 when 70,000 reached the shores at the height of the arab spring. migrants are from all over north africa and the middle east, half
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of 2014s arrivals are from syria and eritrea and their make departure points are touche i can't, morocco and libya they are trying to reach spain. phil, they ever been meeting all day, what has actually come out of it? >> reporter: the up shot is that we have a new commission. it took about six hours of deliberations behind closed doors, 58 participants in these talks drawn exclusively from even u. states and african countries to come up with some kind of plan to help. now, what we didn't get was we didn't get some kind of action plan, there was no we are going to do this, this, this and the problem will start to be fixed. what we did get was the announcement of this whole new commission, the question is what will it do and what can it really chief. this is the problem. paying grantmigrantsrisking the.
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is this the solution or at least part of it? the obligatory family photo that follows any even u. meeting. few could name all of these people, but what they decide is crucial in reducing the numbers of migrants risking death to get to europe. >> translator: we have decided to develop a common european migration policy. taking in to account both home affairs and foreign affairs. equally important is for the european union to recognize countries who host these people. there needs to be cooperation between all member states not just the southern states. >> reporter: this is one of a number of meet on the grounds the subject of migration which are being held between european foreign policy chiefs and their african counterparts it's all called. [ inaudible ] in a en. that is significant, this is being held here in italy. a country that has been struggling with the sheer number of m migrants.
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little once thaert italians here are describing this issue as a priority that needs to be dealt with now. they are packed onto boats. it's an unpredictable dangerous stretch of water and many die in the process. it's all very well having tess conferences with all these important people here sitting around the table. but can anything realistically be achieved sitting here talking in a room thousands of miles away? >> well, i think it starts and end with political commitment. and political commitment is created in rooms like this. and without political commitment and without the common understanding and the sense the joint and common share of sense of urgency of the matter, this is created in rooms like this. but it cannot stop there and everybody knows it will not stop there. >> reporter: no those that do
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arrive. many are stranded in italy because that was their point of entry. living in derelict buildings, targeted by anti-migrant protesters. and as the e.u. talks, the migrants still come. they continue to do so. these are desperate people, prepared to risk death because life itself it too all of a reality. >> phil, what is this commission about? and how will it work? >> reporter: that is the big question. they took six hours to come up with an a ups no think. a lot of talking, very few details. a lot of back slapping saying how great it was they were meeting in rome because italy has suffered the problems of mass migration, there was talk that it was great that it was taking during the protests. which i explained in the report. the details were spars. what i can tell you is it's going to integrate policies and actions between countries, that was a direct quote from the
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human -- the high representative i should say of foreign affairs within the european union. she says the commission will take in to account both home and foreign affairs, he but will look at several things, the rights of migrants the reasons they are make this is journal and i looking at the issue the human trafficking. i must also point out there was a bit of a sideswipe at some of the northern european nations, the nations that it is felt are flaking enough migrants because the migrants are find that go they are stranded in the likes of italy. not moving in many case to his other countries riz. she said the key thing about this was both northern and southern european nations need to work together on this issue. it cannot just be the likes of italy. >> okay, thank you very much for the live update from rome. now, the ongoing war in syria has forced more than a million people to flee to neighboring lebanon and winter
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has come early this year. effecting vulnerable refugees who mainly live in beirut. the u.n. has stemmed up its support offering extra aid to help them survive the harsh winter. inside syria activists say several people have been killed in government air strikes. about 30 civilians and rebel fighters have also died in an army ambush. syrian rebels have been batting government forces in the country side. they have also been fighting pro assad forces in aleppo city. al jazerra cannot independently verify these pictures. more than 40 fighters from isil have been killed in french air strikes in northern iraq, the air operation took place south and west of the city of kirkuk. seven people have been killed in iraq's capital after a bomb exploded inside a mini bus, 10
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others injured in an attack in sadder city, a shia neighborhood of baghdad. ♪ ♪ still to come this half hour, protests in india as investigators say the alleged rape and murder of two young girls in may was actually suicide. and the cricketing world mourns of death of australian batsman philip hughes who died a few days after being hit by a ball.
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again a reminders of the stop stories here in al jazerra. taliban fighters have launched a series of attacks targeting
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foreigners in afghanistan. at least eight people have been culled in kabul. pro vin shel shallow visuals say a coordinated effort is on at camp bastion. a reported bomb play has killed people in nigeria. killing 40 people. in lines linked by the group boca mboko haram. a poke will not cut surprise. the next can president enrico peña nieto has laid out a new strategy to tackle the country's dysfunctional justice system public out rage has been building since the disappearance of 4 students two months ago. he's proposal constitutional changes to create new laws against organized crime and corruption. he wants to unify mexico's multi-layered police forces and ordered a special security operation to tackle the violence
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in the country's southwest. while laying out his strategy he asked all mexicans to band together to stamp out the corruption plaging the country. >> translator: we are clear only through the state of law can we defeat together the challenges of insecure tie, corruption and impunity in the wake of the tragedy, mexico is being newly tested. faced with this, mexicans cannot fall in to pessimism nora ban done our hope for a better future. >> for more lets let to monica who is in he gala the town where the students disappeared, will the speech apiece the president's many critics? >> reporter: i am sorry, lahr en can you repeat, i couldn't hear you. >> i was just wondering whether the speech will apiece any of the president's critics?
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>> reporter: we just heard the president speak and people are really skeptical. what's really significant to tell our viewers is that the president had sort of a huge fall from case, people are very unhappy. like you mentioned we are here where the students were last seen, they were presumably massacred by the police who hand them over to drug lords, this is the currents state of affairs in mexico and it's happening everywhere in the country. and people have taken to the streets massively for the past two months telling the president you have to change and implement reform or you have to step down because the corruption levels and violence levels are not sustainable. there is a lot of bloods shed. since he took office 10,000 people have disappeared according to victim rights activists and an increase in
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brutality. he was forced to come out to be on tv and announce reforms, but people are already saying interestingly enough, that these are just cosmetic reforms, these are very superficial and they need real change. >> monica, more bodies have been found in guerrero state, what more with you tell us about that? >> reporter: absolutely. even today as you rightly say there were 11 bodies found decapitated, some burned. this is unfortunately and tragically not something unusual it. appears there is confrontation between smaller drug gangs here like a turf war going on because this is an important drug corridor and the big cartels that operated here. the boss has been killed, so obviously there was a fragmentation in to smaller cells think all of them fighting and a printsly this was inner fighting. but that'sal real problem. every time there are mass graves that are uncovered and more and more coming out, people just say they don't know who the victims are, they don't dare and. the situation is that people here on the ground are really
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terrified. >> okay, monica, thank you very much indeed. at least 13 venezuelan prisoners who have been on hunger strike over the conditions have died from drug poison. prison officials say they were poisoned after taking precipitation drugs. the watchdog group says a death toll is higher as four other inmates died in similar circumstances. investigationers in india say the alleged grape and murder of two young girls was actually suicides. they were found hanging from a tree in late may but as this report says, women's group joke the findings. the two young girls, cousins were found hanged from a tree. villagers said they had been raped then murdered. now the central bureau of investigations says the girls killed themselves. a conclusion womens groupings
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condemn. >> the unfounit is unfounds andy unanswered questions until now. we from the side of women organization would articulate those issues and we will pursue our own cases on the basis of that. until that time we don't approve this. >> reporter: the government disagreed and certified its confidence in the investigation's kuh conclusions. >> translator: investigations come up with different findings i think the probe revealed the truth and the case was involves. >> reporter: the case caused outrage in india. and despite thursday's findings, critics insisted the central bureau of investigation should reopen the case. >> translator: i think the cbi should investigate the case again. they may have miss some clues and they should reexamine the case, this is a sensitive case. and they should take it seriously. and not hurry.
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>> reporter: authorities have not given anymore details about their investigator how the local police who concluded it was rape, came to such a different conclusion. al jazerra, new delhi. major cities in greece have been brought to a stands still as thousands of workers went on a 24-hour general strike. to protest against more austerity measures expected next year. 10s of thousands took to the streets of the capital athens, flights were canceled and hospitals, schools and banks were disrupted as workers walked out. the conservative led government is under pressure international lenders to impose more cut backs to balance next year's budget. ukraine's parliament has approved another term for the prime minister in kiev. he made a strong show of solidarity with president poroshenko as all new five-party coalition was named to run the country think more than two-thirds of the deputies voted for the prime minute store continues with his role against
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the background of the ongoing conflict against russian-backed rebels in the east. >> translator: you can fight against the army, and you may beat the army, but you can never beat the ukrainian people. and the ukrainian nation. >> one of the co discoverers of ebola is planning to travel to sierra leone to see firsthand the damage the epidemic is causing. peter helped discover the virus in 1976 and though a u.s. trial for vaccine is showing results, he has told a cure may still be a while off. >> at the moment and for the next few months, it's really figuring out whether there aren't any major side effects, a what kind of dose to give and then we go to larger trials onto study the immune response and then to protective trials. is this working or not. and that's for the next six to 12 months. so it is -- it may come too late
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for this end decembe epidemic, t it. because is seems that the ebola enepidemic in west kafka africao on for quite a while. a high court in britain has decided that egypt could be prosecuted. they say egypt as rulers should be investigates for crimes against humanity including torture. al jazerra continues to demands the release of eights three journalists who have now been detained inky just a minute for 334 days, they were jailed over false allegations that they helped the outlawed muslim brotherhood. they are appealing against their convictions and jail sens mo halt he had and peter were sentence today seven years, bahar got an extra three because he had a spent bullet in his possession which he had picked up eight protest. the world of cricket is no
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mourning after the death of philip hughes. the 25-year-old australian died in a sydney hospital two days after he was hit in the neck pipe a ball during a match. andrew thomas reports. >> reporter: almost exactly 48 hours after the ball struck him, philip hughes was dead. at the hospital where he had been treated, australia's cricket captain michael clark read a statement from hughes' family. >> we appreciate all of the support we have received from family, friends, players, cricket australia and the general public. cricket was philip's life and we as a family shared that love of the game with him. we would like to thank all of the medical and nursing staff at st. vincent's hospital and cricket new south wales until staff for their great efforts with philip. we love you. >> reporter: in a country where cricket is the national sport, losing such a big-named player in such a freak accident in the prime of his career as shocked millions. the prime minister gave a national address. >> the thought that a player in
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his prime should be killed playing our national game is shocking and sobering. >> reporter: tributes to the player who was just shy of his 26th derth ba26th birthday haved from in australia and around the world. >> all of those who play cricket who have children playing cricket are devastated by in news across the world. >> reporter: on friday flags across hughes' home state of new south wales will fly at half staff. shortly after his death was announced doctors explained how serious his injury had been. >> philip took the blow at the side of the neck. and as a result of that blow, his vertebral artery, one of the main arteries lead to this brain was compressed by the ball. that caused the artery to split and to -- and for bleeding to go up in to the brain. and he had a massive bleed in to his brain.
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>> reporter: standard cricket walls weigh 160 grams, the fatal deliverly was bold at approximately 140-kilometers a be a hour hitting hughes' neck below his helmet effectively rupturing an artery flooding had his brain about blood think philip has a respected and talented cricketer. his talent spotted at an early aged been in and out nation team for five years. he suffered a hemorrhage and that is exceptionally rare. doctors here at the hospital that treated him said there had only been one reported case of a cricket ball cause that go this in the past. so as message have come from the player that bowled the ball atta him. that he shouldn't feel guilt or be blame. it was a freak accident that caused it. andrew thomas, al jazerra, sydney. french farmers released a flock of cheap under the eiffel to you never paras in a protest over wolf attacks. the farmers are unhappy that the wolves are listed as a protected
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piece bice the government and the numbers continues to grow. they estimate more than 8,000 of their animals have been killed by wolves in the past 20 years. plenty more on our website the address for that is s very few people get up in evil. what evil can i do today? >> he wrote the epic novel, a song of fire and ice, the basis for the hbo series "game of thrones" now in its fourth season, george r.r. martin is working fotin issue the series. >> there are days i wonder if i bit off more than i could chew. did it have dotcoms? >> his characters are often consumed with power struggles making them blind to the greater threats to their kingdom did. found.


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