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tv   News  Al Jazeera  December 2, 2014 1:00pm-2:01pm EST

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this is al jazeera. >> and a warm welcome from me. you are watching the al jazeera news hour. this is some of what we will be looking at. with this coalition divided israel's prime minister about to dissolve parliament and call snap elections. >> . >> the french parliament voted to ask the government to recognize palestine as a state. >> the president sacks the interior minister and says it is war with al-shabaab.
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and virtual library that brings to commuters in a hurry. >> well, begin in israel, where fired the finance and justice ministers. he says he will dissolve parliament. we are expecting to see making some kind of statement within the next hour or so. we h bring you that if we can. this has. rumored for some time, it is now a fact he has disagreements with the coalition, what is he trying to get out of this? is a covenant that can agree on things. he has effectively made the sackings after the event, pause it was monday night that he confronted for the first time in a number of weeks, he wasn't even
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speaking to the finance minister, they broke down all together in terms of any real dialog. he has a meeting with him on monday night a list of five dend mas. a range of issues from a bill, which was really intended a jewish state bill, which has been heavily criticized, because it effectively according to a lot of people makes palestinian citizens second class, that bill was controversial he wanted support on that from la pead, and he did want that sort of bill, but not under the terms that the prime minister was suggested. beyond that there was zero rated v.a.t., for first time buyers of houses that the finance minister wanted to introduce and also an increase in the defense ministry budget, which
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the finance minister didn't quantity to go ahead with fully. that was another issue, a contentious issue across the board, all of it broke down on monday night. so the writing was on the wall, now we have the sackings, with the justice minister also fired and the break down of this coalition. there will be a vote the first vote of three on wednesday, to dissolve parliament, and we will see this term less than half way through it's four year term come to an end. >> for those people that disagree with mr. netanyahu's policy, i suppose the concern is if he win the the election, his next coalition, because lit be coalition, will be with people from who are more from the right of israeli politics and more in line with what netanyahu himself believes. >> well, that is a concern not necessarily
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perhaps the right, but also particularly ultra orthodox, the natural partners in the past for this prime minister who has already done three terms and will undoubtly go for a fourth term. his traditional -- and he has already been accused by his fellow coalition members of working behind their backs and trying to do deals for an alternative coalition with those traditional partners so yes there is concern there. he is -- even though his popularity has gone down after the 50 day war, and also the issue of the building of developments on palestinian owned land, he never the less, still is according to most recent opinion poll, the favorite to win an election. and so what we are seeing now is really him
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asserting himself and using the term opposition within the cabinet. like an opposition moves in the cabbing net, he say as day doesn't go by, without his policies being charged by his fellow members. now israeli politics always has a patch work affair with these governments because the coalitions are small parties, it's always difficulty forming governments and it isn't a surprise that this one has failed because as diverse opinions among this cabinet, are very difficult has been had throughout the one year and ten months that this government has been in existence, david. >> thank you, andrew simmons there in jerusalem, well, the french parliament has voted to urge it's government to recognize palestine as a state nonbinding but symbolic vote follows a similar
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resolution. >> in ramallah in the occupied west bank, more on what the vote means to the palestinians. >> although the motion is not binding it is still very highly significant for the palestinians because prance is a permanent member of the united nations security council, where the palestinians are trying to seek a resolution to end the israeli occupation within two years and create a palestinian state. we have heard palestinian officials over and over again, say that countries are serious about a two state solution, they must start to recognize palestine as a state before israel destroys it completely. we also know that the french are working very closely with the palestinians on a draft resolution at the u.n. security council. we know they are working with the germans and the britts on relaunching negotiations and those would be multilateral talks that would involve
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many countries and set a deadline for the end of the occupation. so we have seen for a while the palestinians and the french see eye to eye when it comes to an end of the conflict, the palestinians are pushing for a resolution that sets the timetable for the end of the occupation, the french have supported that as well as the palestinians say they will only go to negotiations if they are about the creation of the state on the 1967 lines and east jerusalem as the capitol and the french have supported that as well. so now the palestinians can say that they have a strong european partner on their side, that supports a palestinian state on the internationally recognized parameters. and the hope here is that france, which is a major player, in europe would lead more european countries to follow suit and we would see a wave of recognition of a palestinian state from european countries. >> well, the word momentum is being use add
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lot here, let's go back a couple of years. november 2012, uptraded the membership to that, of a nonmember on server state, global support, well, it continues to grow, as we have seen in the last few hours by october of this year, nearly 70% of the 193 u.n. member states recognize so called state of palestine, spain, all voted to recognize the state, but the bringsish vote, well, that's not a binding one like in france, and spain will only give it's support when the solution is found. mas.sive majority in favor in france in the last hour or so, recognizing palestine as a state, but germany a key ally says it will not be following suit let's go to james because our diplomatic editor. two areas to talk about
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here, james, one concerning the people in the building where you are, one about the bigger picture, tell us about moves within the u.n.? what is happening there? >> well, let's just remember the context of this all the with regard to israeli palestinian negotiations. the so called peace process is not proceeding it is competely stalls. because those u.s. back talked ended in the summer, then a new approach coming from the palestinian side, palestinian president came here to the united nations and said i am going to force this through the u.n. discusser council, i want a resolution that sets the end date for occupation. since that there have been some discussions but not real movement. in the last couple of days we had the air rag league says something will be presented to the security council, in a matter of days well i can tell you from my vantage point, i think that is deeply unlikely. i thinks unlikely you will see that resolution put to the security council by the end oif
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year yes, there's a resolution, there's a separate french resolution, which we believe doesn't have an end date for only face, which the palestinian dun. and the end date for occupation could come during those. >> and that the u.s. draft, so the hard negotiations are going to happen over a matter of weeks maybe months. trying to get all of those resolutions together into one document, because the abe rabb countries want something that will be supported by the united nations, and is going to start a new process which they hope will end the occupation one other point, as well as the french presenting their own text they are come up with another eye, that you may hear about if it gets some traction, the french are proposing an international peace
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conference like the one we had in the early 90's to take place in paris, to kick start the whole peace process. >> james, also, you do a lot of listening, do you think attitudes are changing? yes, i think in ways they are. i can tell you, david, that i happen to be with a senior arab diplomate when the news came through from al jazeera on my phone of the french parliamentary vote. and i broke the news to this senior arab diplomate. who replies to me that this is more than symbolic, because it shows that changes dynamics of public. in europe and yes that word again, momentum. >> james, thank you, we will of course be keeping our eyes on the repreconductions of that vote, but also on the fact and net inyahoo, we are expecting him soon, has called for new
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elections is about to dissolve parliament, and has dismissed members of his cap net, those that appear to be most vocal in opposition to his policies. >> also coming up on the news hour. >> well these are protests against the mexican president his approval rating has hit an all time low. because of sanctions and low oil prices. and in sport, the hometown of australian cricketer prepares for his funerals we will have the details in about 30 minutes. six lebanese soldiers have been killed in an ambush near the border syria. it was in a remote region in eastern lebanon. not immediately clear who was behind the attack.
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lebanese soldiers have been battling fighters and from the front in that area. where, a wife and son of the leader of isil is islamic state of iraq has been -- two of them have been detained in lebanon they were trying to cross there syria, and are currently being questioned at the ministry of defense. >> the lebanese military say the women and child were picked up ten days ago, and have been in their custody since being questions, now, she was traveling on false passports apparently, and she is abuing a bad daddy's wife, according to the military. the child she was traveling with nine years old, they say the dna testing and that is his child. now we know that the woman was released from syrian government custody back in march, in return for the release of 13 syrian nun whose are
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being held at the time as part of a prisoner swap. at the minute we have to see this in the context, of the lebanese government who are under pressure to get the release of 26 lebanese soldier whose are still being held on the boarder by isil, and on the front. >> iraq's government agreed to end an oil dispute with the semiautonomous kurdish region. this agreement between back dad and the currish region p. >> on the pending issues on the budget, and on the issue of oil, affirming that oil is for all
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iraqis. hence the region will provide the federal government with 250,000 barrels of oil per day, and export 300,000 barrels of oil per day to turkey through the trance kurdish stan pipeline. >> that means the currish region will send some pile to the iraqi government, and baghdad won't try to block it any more from selling oil to turkey. the central government has also agreed to provide money to the kurdish peshmerga. the year long dispute is over whether the curds have the right to directly export oil, baghdad has said only the central government can do that, and it has cut off transfer payments to the region in retaliation. they hope this will open a new chapter, in strained relations between the central and regional governments. the iraqi prime minister accused by the kurdish region of ignoring the
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role, has tried to make amends. in the kurdish region, the halt to transfers has led to deep crisis. but the budget is based on a forecast for oil prices that is already outdated. as prices fall to a four year low. while struggling to pay it's bills. al jazeera, baghdad. >> here we see bent ming netanyahu the prime minister shortly after saying there will be elections very soon. shortly after sacking his justice minister, his finance minister, and a number of other whose have been opposed to some of his ideas in cabinet. and also shortly after the french parliament voted to recognize palestine as a state. we are listening into what the israeli prime
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minister has to say. and we will have our experts analyzing that. and indeed around the word. and we will bring you that just as soon as we can. in the meantime. and declared wash on al-shabaab after the somali based group killed 36 people in the north of kenya. the attack was in a quarry, that's the same area where dozens of bus passengers were killed just over a week ago. erica wood reports. >> bodies lined up on the ground, the grizzly scene after al-shabaab gunman entered the quarry in the middle of the night. the quarry workers were sleeping in their tents when around 20 arms men, ordered them out to
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recite islamic prayers then they were killed. the victims were not from the region, all of them had gone there from other areas to find work. there were a few survives have they cowered and hid in a trench. it is the third recent attack, ten days ago, al-shabaab also said it was behind an attack on a bus, around 15-kilometers away in an area. that left 28 people dead. and later on monday, gun mapp entered a nightclub, one person was killed, and more than a dozen injured. >> the government has facing increasing credit 6 from opposition leaders and the kenyan people over the ability to secure the country. they say it must do to make sure the public is safe. >> we made it clear plan for counter terrorism, and a clean program for operations border security, and the corruption programs and targeting terrorists financing. the country is crying for
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policies to turn extremism, what the government is pursuing across the country has proved to be count brother ductive kenya is at war. we aid this enemy. when we succumb to suspicion, fear,
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finger pointing. >> the government has been struggling to stop attacks since 2011. that's when kenya sent in troops to fight them, in somalia the group says it will keep up attacks until troops pull out. >> the threats do not bring anything new to the fight between them and us, they forceds into this war. we told them they will not achieve anything from going to war, we told them they know nothing when it comes to war. they refuse to heed our warnings today they see with their own eyes what war tastes like. we are ready for them, we are waiting for them. >> the president, though, says it was the right decision to go into somalia, and it is still the right decision for them to stay. and he says he is confident the situation will turn around. his words are unlikely to calm the fears of those, nonmuslims and others who feel unsafe, are heading to the nearby military base to seek safety.
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al jazeera, nairobi. >> after what we have seen over the last two months this may be a bit of a surprise, protest leaders in hong kong are turning fellow protestors to end their sits in. and the organizers say they will surrender to police. they say they are concerned about people's safety after two days of violent confrontations as police clear more protest sites. sara clark is in hong kong. >> it was certainly a very emotional address. which started this campaign around 64 days ago. they announce they would surrender to police tomorrow, at around 3:00 local time. and have also asked a repeal to students here at this site to retreat, and the reason they said that is the concern for the safety in the wake of the very violent clashes we saw on sunday night, and monday night. hay said this site here is now considered dangerous, they say the police action was out of control.
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having said that, they want to transform that movement, they want to open coo it peaceful, but they are also saying they want the campaign to be one of peace and a community campaign as to something it has maintained on the streets here. okay, we have been looking at benjamin netanyahu now fielding questions after making a statement. erier having sacked both his justice and finance ministers. our senior political analyst sitting with me here. you have been listening in he believes that they were -- those people i mentioned are trying to get rid of him. >> that's right. and he said in one word, he said he cannot stand opposition within his own government, he says they
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have been against building settlements the finance minister, he says he has been inciting against he cannot allow this to happen, a new law to go to new elections. that this is -- it isn't going to be easy, but he is thinking it even though it is a personal responsibility, that the echemicalses are not a good thing, however, this is the needed thing, this is the right thin to do, and the goal here is to have a strong and stable new israeli government. the background to this, -- he may feel like he has been threatened or may feel that people are
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being disloyal, but what is it doing to mean to the situation in that country? this is almost double of the government that we are in the fest period of the state. so israel has been going through quite a change for the last two decades or so since the peace process started. there's a lot of disagreement on the national question, on the question of negotiations with the palestinians and on religious verses secular, and i think we will see more of that stay with us for just a second, i am going to go to my colleague andrew simmons who is in our bureau in jerusalem, any more thought andrew on what we have seen in the
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last few hours in the last few minutes? yes, basically netanyahu is settling out, he is saying that the elections aren't good, and it has to be said that we have been speaking to a lot of israelis today about the prospect of elections and they have been almost unanimously saying we really don't want elections. the economy is poor, we have been through the war, there is a lot of concern about many issues right now, security, primarily, is this a time to be changing government and so netanyahu is trying to seem to be firm, with what is obviously disunity in his cabinet. put he trying to spin this in a direction that he is in control, making the point, that she did
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not see, and she is the justice minister, she did not see that this nationality bill that would make this a jewish state, which would really take onboard questions really about with it is really a true democracy. that she -- before we go to a break, you think there's something important to add? the members of the government have been irresponsible, and he just said, this has to be a national unity government. he said we have had a national coalition government, national unity government before with labor, and that such national unity governments are important today. and that if this is possible with secular
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parties. that this is a national responsibility and has to be done. >> thank you. stay with us if you can on the news hour, we have this coming up. the battle for aleppo, we exam out of five of the biggest city, become a turning point in the war. the environmental dilemma in south sudan, balancing a need for sustainable forrest against providing fuel for cooking. in sport, the impact of head injuries after the suicide of a college player
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>> hundreds of days in detention. >> al jazeera rejects all the charges and demands immediate release. >> thousands calling for their freedom. >> it's a clear violation of their human rights. >> we have strongly urged the government to release those journalists. >> journalism is not a crime.
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oisrael's prime minister accusing them of plank a coupe. he said he will dissolve parliament. french parliament voted to recognize palestine as a state. the nonbinding but highly
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symbolic vote following a similar resolution by the british and the spanish. the vote was 339 in favor, 151 against. kenya's president sacked his superior minister the declared war after the group killed 36 people in the north of kenya. slightly over a week ago. 11 mexican protestors have been let out of a mexican security jail after a judge said there was a lack of evidence. the second anniversary seemed more protests against his rule, and the government are accused of corruption and ineptitude by many. the approval rating is down to about 40%, as monica reports the disappearance of four students while in police custody continues to
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infuriate many. anger returns to the streets of mexico city on president's second anniversary in office. the men armed with bats and mall of the cocktails destroyed everything on the way. >> the protests is largely peaceful, there's a group that is setting stuff on fire and breaking the windows. it was may ham, thousands have taken to the streets to ask mexican president to step down, a so called mexican awakening. >> shame on you, i pay your salary, and my taxes are robbed by corrupt government, what you don't realize is we are all effected. >> they arrested demonstrators while
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penning in a largely peaceful crowd. >> protestors counted out loud, a reference to 43 fellow student whose were reportedly abducted be i the police. handed to drug cartels and then allegedly massacres. it was the last straw and a triggered a wave of outrage across the country. the president has announced reforms and reign in alleged police brutality, analyst believes he has never been under so much pressure. >> it is clearly before and after, it is cheer that the exposed weaknesses of municipal governments to face organized crime. the student says the corrupt goes all the way up to the president. he says his wife has been involved in a scandal for trying to buy a $7 million home, for a company that he has favored. the protest movement is
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moving and the slogan has become mr. president, 120 million mexicans elected you we can also get you fired. >> the captain of the cruise liner is giving his first test in an than court. he denies abandoning the ship, 32 passengers and crew were killed when the vessel hit a reef and capsized off the italian island. two years ago. you crane's military and pro russia separatist forces have agreed on a new cease fire, starting on december the fifth. it applies in the east of ukraine. military representatives of ukraine and russia are going to have talks be rebels on tuesday to discuss the withdrawal of heavy weapons. more than 4,300 people have been killed in eastern ukraine since the rebellion began in april. european foreign ministers are meeting the
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a nato summit, and their discussions will focus on ukraine also the threat of isil and georgia's break away province the secretary jens was very critical of how russia was threatening stability in the region. we strongly condemn the continued disposition of ukraine, includes the provision of advanced equipment weapons and military personnel. and we also condemn russia's actions that are undermining the security of ukraine, and have serious implications for the stability and security of the spire rat lan tick area. >> the economy in russia is suffering pretty badly.
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the last 20 now hours hassallen by 5%, possibly more over the course of the whole year. and russia central bank is no longer defending the currency. after western parents slapped the sanctions on what is happening in ukraine and oil prices have slumped almost 40% this year it is one of the world's biggest proproducers. would be 98-dollar as barrel that's what they are forecasts of $60 a barrel now. massive drop in revenue, and the country's finance minister, well he thinks are asia could lose 100 billion-dollars in revenue next year, because of the falling oil prices. in the first nine month oz they have year, is the
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indication that confident or don't have in russia, investors are said to have pulled $85 billion out of the country. mow the thoughts currency strategist in london. the only question is how much they will contract over the next year, and i think we can estimate it will be around 1%. including sanctions on the rush economy. and now the crucial factor is whether russians specifically those russians with any savings in the ruble, will start converting those savings from rubles into dollars. that would create additional pressure on the very weak domestic currency.
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i think they might have to use interest rates and raise them rather aggressively to send a very strong signal to the current speculators and to stabilize the ruble in order to also prevent a full scale international crieses. it's not just western sanctions and disagreements with other countries about what is happening in ukraine russia is a country, with a long, wonderful artistic heritage, let's talk about a virtual library now of russian classics. that is going to go underground where computers with download for free. taking a look inside. >> this is the house in moscow, the russian giant of literature, penned some of his classics here, but it is a dry
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stale place. now the culture of city hall are going underground. to bring great books to the people. >> built in the 20th century, it is a masterpiece of modern art and soviet realism. but some stations named after the most loved writers. extracts from his poetry adorning the wall. like the knots images of crime and punishment, on these halls. and now, moscow's system delivers a virtual library. of russian literature to the commuters. now i am going to download war and peace, and that should occupy my journeys through the winter, and well into the summer.
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>> they are no strangers to culture on their commute. zone years ago, they introduced art galleries, some of russia's most famous galleries do nate reproductions of their most famous paintings. we would like our passengers not to see the metro not only as a transport system, it is more than that, it is also a place where they can talk to each other, and art pieces. when they are waiting for a train, or our traveling in the carriage culling churlly commuters are sport for choice. architecture art and lit lecure, what about music? a little seasonal perhaps
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to lighten that long journey home this winter. peter sharp, al jazeera, moscow. >> we have the sport coming up in just a moment. and the controversy for liverpool ahead of their premier league clash on tuesday. as striker forced to apologize over accusations of racism and antisemitism.
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the worst flooring almost 30 years in southern
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morocco has lest a vast amount of damage. the rain came so fast, and with such force, it left craters on roads. this one now looked like a canyon. on the edge, trucks lined up as far as the eye can see. they need access to a primary road some have been stranded for days. this is unacceptable. >> his anger is shared by many, they have blasted the government's emergency response to the worst flooding in almost 20 years. the disaster has crippled movement by road across the south, six highways and 100 roads are now impassable, in response to people's dissatisfaction, the prime minister fired one official, but the impatience is likely to out pace the complicated task of rebuilding roads
1:44 pm
and homes and resoaring basic services. spain has sent emergency aid, and the royal palace has promised to pay funeral and medical experiences for those effected. this is a reminder of how much rain fell. the flood gates were opened. the curious came to have a hook, and document what will likely be remembered as a historic rainfall. for at least one driver, there's hope that his unexpected detour is almost over. i arrived here saturday night. it is not anybody's fault.
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as the road seems to open soon, i came from paris, i am headed to marly. >> but for other whose have lost so much, their journey is just beginning. >> al jazeera. >> a lot of talk and coverage about global warming, what we are going to do now is take a look at one of the great causes of that and that is deforrestization. now people meet untiling peru, are trying to find a way to undo the damage that is being caused. where villages say they need to chop down trees to get the wood to survive. >> 20 juan-year-old, took over responsibility for his family, when his father was killed in the war leading to independence. now his nephews have lost their father, in the most recent fighting.
1:46 pm
along the only paves highway, essential goods arrive from neighboring countries even petrol is imported awash with fossil fuels. there is no gas, very little kerosene. >> the irony is that despite the billions of dollars worth of oil being pumped from the ground effectively year here, the main source of fuel for 90% of the people is charcoal, and that is wood harvested from virgin forrests for 9 million people that's millions of cooking fires every day. and that's unaccountable number of trees. those movements of smoke are coming from charcoal sites. nearly 1.5% of the forrest is being lost every year.
1:47 pm
the problem is, the current rate of deforrestation will mean no forrest will be left in south sudan within three or four decades. this open area here, used to be a forrest. because of activities the production has become the greatest business. you guarantee the money. in the catch toll, tree seedlings are being nurtured. the idea is to promote reforrestation while encouraging the communities to take responsibility for the forroast they rely on. >> you cannot stop people to cut the forrest, be uh we are trying to give them the message to use the sustainable. >> one way to stop is to bring the nation's vast oil reserves online for it's people. but of course, that creates another environmental problem c 02 emissions. such matters are
1:48 pm
1 million miles away from a daily toil who is simply countried with eking out a living. time for sport. >> thank you very much. live pool striker has apologized for posting abimage on social media that has prompted accusations of racism he could face a five match ban for the image including a picture of the computer game character super mario and had the words jumped like a black man, and grabs coins like a use.
1:49 pm
ended a run of three straight defeats. >> we have some very very good players. so we know that we are fully concentrated but we want to keep this momentum going that we have. >> one of the other games facing new castle the ever the first time. while fourth place manchester united look to make it four in a row winning 4-4, a top club manchester united is the most important thing. in a week. orb in a day. and you have to win. otherwise others shall overcome you.
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>> now they are in action against south hamilton on wednesday. meanwhile, the manager says he is certain the club does have a future with the gunners already announced he wouldn't be signing another contract. he says he doubts the 37-year-old will ever play professionally again, but could come back as a coach. >> because he is intelligent. and just to think do i want to sacrifice the rest of my life, to be in that job? how often, also nominated as coach of the year,
1:51 pm
will rest. that man there, tony cruz for the second leg of their tie against cornell la. they lead the tie-4-1 after the first leg. up to 5,000 people are expected to attend the funeral of australian batsman phillip hues. the service will take mace in the hometown in maxfield, in a few hours time. he died last week after being hit on the neck by a delivery during a domestic game in sidney. both past and present, will also attend, a representative of the hughes family said on tuesday, they have all been touched by the global reaction to his death the love and support that this community has shown has always been there but it has come through so strongly in the last seven days. very proud that their son, has made such an impression on people that
1:52 pm
knew him, and obviously people now who have come to know him in this issue unfortunate circumstance. the jazz came back from an 82-point deficit to tie the game up. in the final minutes and with just under 30 seconds that's ty lawson, made the game winner. they lost six games in a row, their longest losing streak since march last season. for at least the remainer of the season without pay. he accused of using a tree branch to discipline his four-year-old son. sported a special
1:53 pm
examination, into the death of a college player who shot himself, it is to look for signs of traumatic brain injury, which may be linked to suicides. >> the proof life ended after he complained to family of repeated concussions on the field. the american football player had been missing for four days. he texted his mother he was sorry if he had been an embarrassment. the defensive lineman apparently fatally shot himself this time, preliminary investigation is showing that he died from what appeared to be a self-inflicted gunshot wound. we have recover add firearm at the scene. >> . >> junior seau killed himself in 2012, the u.s. national institute of health found he has suffered brain abnormalities associated with chronic energies.
1:54 pm
he ha had told his family the latest concussion had left him confused. doctors say they are also prominent in lacrosse, and that global brand known here as soccer, and it's not just that the professional or collegiate level, doctors say they are finding head injuries in child athletes. >> players mourn their fallen teammate. >> i hope you found peace. >> american football say they are making changes. the national football league recently agreed to a settlement that could
1:55 pm
exceed $675 million. the national athletic association is spending $70 million to monitor athletes for brain trauma. it is interesting that tackle and football should become more like rugby, back in the day when the helmets weren't so good the tackles was a lot more safe for the head because it was leading with the shoulder. >> i think it is fascinated. they now wear padding. but i think it is fascinating sometimes the less protection you have, the safer it is and they don't have as many concussion injuries as they do in america football. >> okay, we are off to space, the space agency is going to launch an ambition mission and looking for clues about our solar system.
1:56 pm
act the size of a fridge, higher booster without is sitting out on a six year hunt in deep space. the spacecraft uses novel ion engines, the system which using electricity to accelerate gas particles. >> that make as jet that goes ex-dreamily fast, although the mass of this is very very low. that is enough to really steer this spacecraft along the orbit. >> higher booster two has a long way to go. more than 5 billion-kilometers. 2 1/2 years into the mission, the craft is expected to catch up. once the craft arrives it will spent 18 months studying the asteroid. the most ambush part
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involving firing a high speed explosive bullet et into the asteroids crust. ejecting the material out into space, and part of that is going to be brought back. scientists say the rock from inside asteroid will be less weathers by heat. and more likely to answer some questions about the universes, what gave rise to life on earth. that mission had some problems but if it works as planned it will return pristine asteroid samples to earth in late 2020. al jazeera. >> that's it for me, david froster and from the news hour team, it's been good to have your company, see you next
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yo are watching al jazeera live from london. hours after lebanon detained the wife and child of the ice salt lake leader, gunman kill lebanese soldier