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tv   News  Al Jazeera  December 2, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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>> having a place like this where things are controlled, it's a godsend. >> so godeski will be back every day he can. al jazeera america, live from new york city. waya look at today's top >> the wife and son of the leader of the islamic state group, detained in lebanon after illegally crossing the border. massive crowd pros testing in mexico, demanding the president step down over the disappearance of 43 students.
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political unrest prime minister says he will dissolve parliament and call for early elections. netanyahu fires two of his ministers saying there was opposition within his own government. andrew simmons with more now from jerusalem. what he is trying to get out of this is a cabinet that can agree on things. he has effectively made the sackingses after the event. because it was monday night that he confronted in the first time, he wasn't even speaking to the finance minister, they wrote down all together in terms of very real dialog. he had a meeting with him on monday night, listed five demands a range of issues from a bill which was really intended a jewish state bill, which has been heavily criticized both internationally and israel because it effectively makes
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palestinian citizens second class citizens, that bill was controversial, he wanted support on that, from la pead, and la pead did want that sort of bill, but not under the terms that the prime minister was suggested. beyond that, there was zero rated vat for first time buyers of houses that the finance minister wanted to introduce. also, an increase in the defense ministry butt jest, which the finance minister didn't want to go ahead with fully, that was another issue, contention issues were across the board all of it broke down on monday night, now we have these with litany, the justice minister, also fired and a break down of this coalition. this will be a vote, the first vote of three on wednesday, to dissolve parliament, and we'll see
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this parliamentary term less than half way think it's four year term, come to an end. >> france's parliament overwhelmingly voted today to recognize palestine as a state, the decision is nonbinding but puts pressure on the government, the president has said he wants peace talks to talk with israel, before making a formal decision, sweden has officially recognized palestine as a state, while the u.k., spain, and ireland all approves nonbinding resolutions. and the family of isil's mysterious leader has been caught illegally crossing the libyan border. they were caught nearly ten days ago, using four syrian paneling ports. they are being held jut outside of beirut. jane ferguson has more now from the capitol. >> well, it was really the lebanese military
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that announced it. they said his wife had been picked one a nine-year-old child, trying to move from syria across the border into lebanon. they said that she has been picked one that child ten days ago, and that they have been holding them for that length of time, to question them, but this could be significant, not so much in an intelligence way, it is unlikely this almost know anything about the whereabouts, but she could potentially be used in a potential prisoner swap. the government in lebanon have come under enormous pressure since those soldiers were taken in august, from across the border. the boarder with syria, and they have been under increasing pressure, this have even been protests in the capitol of the family members saying they are not doing enough to bring those soldiers home, this' a potential -- there are hints coming from the military, that maybe these two individuals could be used as another prisoner swap with that issue.
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>> president obama is expected to nominate the next secretary of defense, soon today this was a lot of speculation that ashton carter who has a long history after the pentagon is a leading candidate. tell us more about his history there. >> well, you know, he's been a picture in the national security world for years. his number two civilian at the pentagon, the deputy defense secretary, but he really kind of made his reputation as the pentagon's chief weapons buyer he had two priorities getting better weapons to the troops he shepharded in a ten year program to reduce the pentagon's acquisition budget by $500 billion. so that's really what he is known for. but he also has weighed in on policy fronts as well. back in 2006, when he was a harvard professor, he
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advocated a preemptive strike against north korea when they had the missle on the launch padgetting ready to test it, he said that he thought it was a good risk to take, to take that missle out, that was advice the bush administration didn't take, he has some policy chops and some acquisition chops and the other pretenders to this position seem to have fallen by the wayside. >> how difficult, how tough a confirmation fight would there be if he is the nominee. >> he looks very confirmable, don't forget he has been confirmed once already and he has his an mirierses in congress. the income chairman of the senator arms service committee called him qualified and said that he was noncontroversial. but mccain is expected to focus a lot of the hearing on the obama administration policy, not so much on the personal performance of ashton.
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>> mike, how did the president respond to the criticism of his actions in. >> republicans are angry, they have been angry over the course of the last two weeks ever since president obama announced those actions allowing some 4 million people in this country illegally, if they have children who are legal residents or u.s. citizens to stay here at least on rah temporary basis and jay johnson was up on capitol hill today. the secretary of homeland security to face the music and the wrath of republicans they wanted to know how dare president obama, ask unilaterally, go around congress, and enacts that retomorrows to
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immigration temporary as they may be, what gives him the authority, johnson was asked time and time again, and here is how he answered. >> i am fully comfortable that we have the legal authority to push forward these reforms, in particular specifically with regard to deferred action, that is an authority that presidents have used for decades. defers action is an inherent executive branch authority, that can and should be used from time to time. and we have done so here. >> deferred action, in other words putting out the deportation, or process toe deport those in this country illegally, again, a three year program that the president has announced, really the question is here is what will republicans to about it, what can republicans do about it so what are they saying. >> first of all, the senate is still in domic
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control and republicans realize that they can't really move inning in the nest. they are going to put on what amounts to a show boat with both house and senator under republican control, try to figure out this sort of power of the purse mechanism in the meantime, the speaker of the house, faced reality today when he talked to reporters. >> we aring looing at a number of options in terms of how to address this. this is a serious breech of our constitution. it is a serious threat to our system of government. and trafficly, we have limited options and limited abilities to deal with it directly. conservatives are upset, some are still talking about shutting down the government. the republican leaders in
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congress don't want to see that happen. they are trying to bring these two different healths of the party back together, to get them into the spring, and then kick the can down the row. lawyers for a texas detrain mate, are making last minute appeals to stop his execution which is schedules for tomorrow night scott's attorneys says he suffers from mental illness, and putting him to death would cross moral and ethical lines. heidi what are the arguments are the attorneys making in their appeal to the u.s. supreme court here. >> hey, tony, the attorneys say that his execution would be in violation of the 8th amendment, which prohibited cruel and unusual punishment. they say that amendment protects him because he is severely mentally ill. now this is a man who for the last 36 years has
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struggled with paranoid schizophrenia. he was hospitalized 15 times prior to shooting and killing his wife's parents in 1992. now his attorneys say he dave this while living out of a dill lewis that he was getting rid of the devil. so this evidence, including his mental history, was never presented to the jury. inch stead he dressed as a cowboy, in a costume, he tried to subpoena god, jesus, and j.f. tk., and he told the jury that it was an alter ego named sampling who had committed the crimes. he has been on texas death row to close to 20 years. his attorney says he has not received mental health. he says he does not understand that this punishment would be for the crime that he has committed.
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if scott is executed on wednesday, we h be taking a step that in the this country, is virtually unprecedented. there is no one else on texas death row, who has scott's history of severe mental illness, who is permitted to represent himself at trial. and what this would say about the american justice system, is that we have crossed a moral line. now the legal question currently before the supreme court, boils down to does he have both a factual, and a rational understanding of the punishment? in order, does he get the cause and effect relationship, that because of the killings he performed. his attorneys say he is too ill to have that understanding but the state of texas which plans to leithly inject him tomorrow, says otherwise. >> so heidi, what kinds of other reactions are you hearing to this appeal from others in the state. >> well, the argument can
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be summed up that they say that he is faking his illness. and as evidence of that, they suck mitted to the supreme court audio recordings recorded recently, talking to his relatives during prison visits in the which the state attorney say he was both lucid and intelligent. on the other side there's been a grand swell of support, that said today his execution would constitute a violation of international law. who have asked for this execution to be halted, and perhaps most notably, tony, is his own ex-wife who was present when her parents were killed she says that he was ill at the time of the crime, and remains ill today. all right, huntsville texas, appreciate it. the american couple that was stuck in qatar after the death of daughter.
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they will return to the u.s. tomorrow. a court on sunday overturned the ruling that they starved their adopted daughter to death. top executives from all four major u.s. sports leagued testified before congress today answering questions about how they deal with domestic violence. it has been a heated issue, since video shows nfl running back ray rice hitting his future wife in an elevator. ply cabbing eaves is here with more. michael. >> never good to get called to the principal's office. >> no. >> domestic violence is probably the biggest topic in sports this year. with multiple athletes being charged with assaulting their wifes or girlfriends. it was immediately obvious today that the senate commerce committee to take domestic violence incidents more seriously than they have in the past.
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the nfl's initial response was competely inadequate, two game suspension, was a pal tri-sentence for such violent behavior. at worse by waiting to suspend mr. rice only after the elevator video was made public. the nfl sent a mixed message to millions of fans in the general public, about how it handles such acts of violence. >> well, today is not the first time the senate committee has taken up sports topics which leads some to question aren't there more important things they should be addressing. professional sports with very few exceptions have done little to hold those who commit this crime accountability. and perpetrators know, that if they can only get their victim to recant,
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refuse to cooperate, threaten their financial future, threaten the future of their gamelies financial status. orb put them on an airplane to venezuela, if they can accomplish those things then nothing will happen ire might add, the senate hearing is on going right now, and the chairman of that senate commerce committee john rockefeller from west virginia, tony, he made it clear also when he started that he was disappointed none of the commissioners from the sports league attended today's hearing. they all side they have prior obligations. at least the time he served on suspension should be lifted. one of the guys to testify, he is at the senate hearing so he can't testify today in new york, all these things are intire twined between the players association, and the league office. it is getting mercury and
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ugly. >> all right, michael, appreciate it, thank you. >> drought stricken california is getting much needed rain, but it may be too much too quickly. jennifer lon door is live for us. and welt, it is a welcome site to see rain, when are you expecting the worst of the storm? >> good afternoon, tony, from a very rare sight in california a rainy day, we have seen steady rainfall throughout the morning around the entire greater los angeles area. the heaviest rainfall is expected to hit this afternoon into the etching as you mentioned it is creating concerns too much too quickly, and while you think some may see up to eight inches of rainfall you think isn't that good thing, when the sate is in the midst of and worst drought on record, as you mentioned too much too soon, create
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as huge concern for residents in the city of glen dora, which is about 30 miles east of los angeles. in january they were hit with a massive wild fire that burned about 2,000 acres. which makes it very vulnerable to collapsing under the weight of so much rainfalling so quickly. to that enter, about 18,000 bags have been distributed so far. speaking with one homeowner who says she is preparing for the worst. >> i am worried that when the heavy raining come, that all of the mud is going to just go all the way to my back wall. and i won't have any yard but gravel the city is also worrying about heavy
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debris flows and they have been staling heavy equipment, you can also see they put up some of these concrete barriers that is to stop any mud flows from slamming into the home, they are keeping the sandbag distribution center open, and making more sandbags available to residents. as i mentioned right now, voluntary evacuations but the city does reserve the right to make those mandatory if the conditions get worse. >> boy, talk about a mixed bag. president obama is focusing this afternoon on the fight against ebola here in the united states. and over seas at this hour, the president is visiting the national institutes of health near washington. he plans to congratulate researchers for their work on ebola vaccine. the president will also push congress to approve more than $6 billion to fight the virus in west africa. a fight against a new minimum wage in chicago, workers in other parts of the state protesting to get a raise too. and protests leaders in hong kong are urging
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students to end their sit ins, why they say they are afraid of the police.
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but the minimum wage remains the same in the rest of illinois. two question is this legal? >> apparently, you know how president obama acted on immigration retomorrow on his own, because he said he was tiring of waiting on congress to act, and how some have questions will that's legal. well, today, the mayor in chicago passed the ordinance which raising chick go's city minimum wage, and he did so because he said he was
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tired of waiting on state lawmakers at the state capitol to act. and he says he is on solid legal ground to do it, by invoking what is called the home rule that's the right of a city to govern itself. which has a lower wage minimum wage, and a cost of living. now, today's ordinance raises the minimum wage from the current $8.25 an hour, to $10 an hour, and then increments up from there. and the mayor specifically pushes this ordinance today, because this' been talk at the state capitol that lawmakers mite try to pass their own law which would ban emanuel from forbid him from acting on his own. now as far as the minimum wage himself, opponents obviously say that it would be bad for business, but supporters say they shouldn't worry. >> the costs go up and you have to do one of two
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things raise prizes or reduce hours to compensate for that increase. it gives people at the bottom of the economic scale ever many money in the pocket. inform you put money in the bottom of the scale, they consume, because they need it. so what does is help small businesses. there's another rink until this, the fact that the mayor is running for re-election. so his detractors say he is just trying to get the vote of men mum wage voters. voters who want to raise the minimum wage up to $15 an hour, so he is getting it from both sides. >> all right, andy live for us, thank you. >> general motors is recalling hundreds of thousands of vehicles because their head lights can stop working. the recall effects g.m.c envoys, buick rain years,
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super bowl 97 x's. now the auto maker says it is unclear if the defect had led to any crashes. this is the 79th recall this year. and more are being called to fix potentially faulty air bags. and mitsubishi -- man, the new recalls expand the covered to include parts of south carolina georgia and alabama, mississippi, louisiana and texas. the cars have air bags made by texas death cat that that can innate with too much force. better than expected car sales, help make it a good day on wall street. the dow gained about one huh 3-points to reach a new hie. a big push for police
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officers to wear body cameras on the heeling of the shooting death of michael brown the chicago police department will likely begin testing body cameras and president obama is asking to fund cameras for officers across the country. >> the technology is very simple, it's been around in years. mostly installed on the dashboard of vehicles libry fleets and truck drivers. the idea here is basically recording and discarding a constant loop. one that is only saved when it is chosen to save the most recent moments. this' only been one good big controlled suddendy of this, and it shows dramatic results, which has a population of about 100,000 people ran donley assigned body cameras to half of it's police force, and found in 1-12 month period, the
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instance of complaints against the police, dropped from 88%. from 24 to only three, and it turns out the officer wearing a body camera was half as likely to use violence as someone who was not wearing one so it can have tremendous effects in theory. there are no standard rules about how the footage is taken, and it should be disseminating. it is up to the individual officers to press record on themselves. that poses all sorts of problems, and sort of leaves the choice up to somebody in that moment may not be able to make the right decision, and it's not clear who gets the footage one it's been shot. there are court cases in ohio, washington, colorado, trying to sort this out. in denver which has another pilot program, it is not clear who other than the police chief has the authority to release the footage.
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it is simple technological but very complicated when it comes to legal grounds. >> a call to action, in mexico. residents protesting calling for the president to resign is this a tipping point in the case of four missing students we will talk to a protoast, and that's next. and a massive black out leaves businesses and schools in the dark.
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mexico's empatle president wants state police to replace the most corrupt local forces in the next two years. violence broke out last night after weeks of peaceful protest, he is being blamed for not doing enough to crack down on government corruption, and many are now calling for him to
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step down. mass protests were set off when police turned over four students to a gang in september, those students are still missing. alleged survivors from the attacks on those students are speaking out, young men who say they survived the attacks that led to the disappearance took part in this video. >> they are calling for a global day of action to take place tomorrow. they want people across cities in the u.s. to take part in this also, they say it isn't just for the four missing students but for the parents and thousands of people across mexico. also, mexican actors speaking in english recently took part in this video to raise awareness about what is happening in mexico, they explained the headline is 43 missing students they go on to talk about other acts of violence. if you are mexican, and
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you have ever been. >> mugged. >> kid p thatted. >> abused raped or lost someone you loved to crime. >> then you already know, cops [bleep] about it. >> must spread everyone where. this is a new beginning. where we demand our government to fulfill their obligations. if the government cannot meet their obligations, the government must resign. >> protestors say they want justice and for the president to resign. >> joining froes mexico city is antonio martinez. he is a human rights advocate, and took part in last night's protest in mexico city. antonio, good to see you, thank you for your time, where were you last night, and what was the spirit of the particular demonstration that you participated in hi, tony, yes, i was in the demonstration last night,
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and i was in when we finished, the rout the proudest i was in the peninsula monument, where the students and the parents of the missing students were talking in a microphone. and while we are walking from the peninsula, the demonstration was not only peaceful, but a lot of people were angry, that the dend mas of the people in the demonstration were so many but the people were angry, but also, this
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anier was transforming in my group, we were taking flowers and music, to cheer the spirit of the movement. >> yeah. >> so antonio, what is your view of the president? and how he is handling this current crisis. >> well, he -- very slow to react to the crisis. the first time, but also this political crisis of the public here in mexico, is worrisome, because the president didn't take responsibility for these tragedy. he is insistent about it was a local problem, he is insistent about it was only a drug dealing
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traffic issue, but it is not. it clearly is not, because all the civil society, and the political actors around the country is pointing to a crisis of the state antonio, let me jump in with one more quick one before i have to let you go, what is that you want from the president? it is kind of two questions in one, how does this continue, and what do you want from the president? >> well, there are already fourchon vagues, i think it will be more, and the violence if the brutality doesn't stop on the people, obviously, will get angry the main -- well, one of the petitions is that the resign of the president, and -- but it isn't
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resign, maybe the -- a reform a big reform from the state. as a whole maybe is for the democratization of the public sphere will be useful. >> all right, antonio, great to see you, thank you for your time. >> thank you. >> he is a human rights about vest, and he took part in the grone vagueses last night, let's bring in kristy thornton, she is a latin american history ph.d. candidate. and board member that's a research and advocacy group. >> thank you for having me. >> wait a minute here, retomorrows announced last week, by the president include replacing 1800 local police forces. a reform of the judiciary. i.d. cards. federal forces in key
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areas. a national emergency hotline, what do you think of these? well, one thing that is clear, is that he is really trying to insulate the federal government. the argument. >> we aren't the problem, the federal government, we are the good guys. >> exactly, what he wanted to do is federalize the police forces, disban these municipal. >> power grab? feels like it might be. >> i don't think mexico has always been a sort of very presidential kind of political system, but this is one in which he is really trying to say this is not the federal government's problem. this is a problem on the local level and what the protestors are saying they don't buy it. >> is there history, this is your area, that suggests reforms of this nature work at rooting out corruption at the local level. >> you know, there hasn't been that history because the political party ruled
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for 70 years before losing power, so this were only these 12 years of another party being in power, so the way that party was entrenched in emmeshing with the cartels has been really strong so you have written a piece on our website that the u.s. has a role to play in this current crisis, let's devil into that with a luke at the numbers here. the u.s. muchs between 19 and $29 billion a year into mexico's drug trade, wow. at the highest estimate that is 3.5 times what the government spends on national defense, the u.s. has spend more than $1 billion annually, and you say this is not enough so the question then is why isn't that enough, and what more needs to be done. >> money is not the answer. and the military is also not the answer. the united states has been supporting the
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militarization of this drug war, at the same time that u.s. drug users is the reason there's so much money flowing back over the border. what activists use mechanism which is called for human rights oversight of foreign aid to say. police forces are committing human rights atrocity, we need to hold money back. and that's what we have seen recently, to people are calling for that military aid to be cut off. >> let me ask a tricky question. i don't know if this has any bases. so in mexico, it appears as though corruption is so intertwined, in the government in the economy of that country, can you, as a president really uproot that and get that out of the system without being disruptive to your own country? i don't know to what extent manufacturing, and
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exports of oil, are really growing and sustains the population there, but i am wondering can any government really effectively uproot the corruption that seems to be inemcannic in the that country without displacing a lot of people. >> well, they certainly can't do it without admitting that the prop goes to the top. so it is going to be a review that looks from the local level all the way up to the federal government you have to look at the human rights abuses that have happened, and so you would need a top to bottom review of where that corruption is yeah, and my question is not an argument that it should continue, just a little thought exercise. >> right. >> kristy is with us, she is a latin american h.p.d. candidate, pleasure to talk to you. >> thank you. >> the fight for democracy in hong kong is taking a new turn. they say violent actions by police have left them fearful for the safety of protestors.
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sara clark has more. it certainly was a very emotional address which started this campaign around 64 days ago. they announced they would surrender to police tomorrow and have also asked or appealed to students here at this site and the reason is the concern for the safety in the wake of the very violent clashes we saw on sunday night, and monday night, they said this site here is now considering a dangerous police, they say the police action was out of control, and the hong kong administration. having said that, they have also asked for the movement to continue, but they want to transform that movement, they want to keep it peaceful, but they are also saying they want the campaign to be one of peace, and a community campaign in
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today's power politics, five days until a run off election in a louisiana senate race. david joins us with more. >> this was an amating one, it was a heated debate, domic incumbent senator mary landrieu accused republican challenger of farce fying time sheets while he worked as a doctor as louisiana state university, cassidy accused landrieu of using tack payer money to take charter flights. they also collided over discrimination. senator landrieu that somehow barack obama was not being viewed favorably because we have a history of racism in the sought. just because you disagree with the president doesn't make you a racist. >> i said the south, has not always been the friendliest place for african-americans and it's also been a region that has not quickly
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recognized the leadership of women. i will make no joy for something that is a historical fact. >> the run off election is this saturday. a few weeks into the second year enrollment for obama care, and the department of health and human services says the sign up period that began in november has been strong. in the final two weeks of november, the new enroll lees topped 500,000 people. a year ago, the total was june 137,000. the sign up period this year in addition to way, working website has been accompanied by a television ad campaign. >> i was very surprised about the affordable rates. >> budget wise, it works for my financial situation. i am thankful i do have it now. >> for me it came down to pure math. >> obama care will be an
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issue for republicans in the 2016 presidential nomination battle but not for ohio center, he just pulled himself out of contention saying i don't think i can run for president and be an effective senator at the same time. while i appreciate the encouragement, my focus will remain on ohio and running for re-election to the senate in 2016. he would have been the first pro gay marriage presidential candidate, the ohio senator announced his support for same-sex marriage two years after his son came out as gay. the exit of portman will help another moderate. i am thinking about running for president, and i will make up my mind in short order. not that far out into the future. i don't know the exact time line bush said he is
4:45 pm
asking himself if he has the skilled to run in a way that lifts people's spirits and not get sucked into the vortex. he then mentioned another consideration. >> perhaps more important, can i do it where the sacrifice to my family is tolerable. bush noted it is a pretty ugly business right now. >> negotiators are trying to work out a deal on government funding. the issue is dominating several discussions, many republicans infour rated by the president's executive actions have threaten to shut down the government on the other side, harry reid just said for many families the actions saved thank gives. in immigrant families semibroughted thank giving for the first time without the threat of someone knocking on the door in a police uniform. these people now, instead
4:46 pm
of staying in the shadows are having -- their holiday is not threatened to be ruins. >> and they are having a good time. finally speaking good times. john mccain made an appearance last night where he talks about serving for higher office and he had this discussion while appearing on the cole berry report. >> you are here -- is this a trial balloon to be secretary of defense. >> i was thinking -- i was thinking about running for president, again, what do you think? [applause] >> you would have the full resources of the coal bear report at your back in 2016. if it were still on the air. >> the cole bear report is going off the air later this month, because he is becoming a late night host, still it is fair to assume that one of his early guests will include the always media friendly john mccain. >> you can't get him off television. >> good to see you, thank you.
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>> let's get a check on the news making headlines across america. tony, police in west virginia say revenge is the motive for monday's shooting spree. jodi lee hunt, a tow truck owner killed his ex-girlfriend and two men she was linked with. hunt later killed himself inside a pickup truck, on his facebook page he posted that he was deeply hurt by the events that led to the killing. the fbi is now helping serj for a college student that disappeared five days ago. he left alone on foot, at about 2:00 a.m., police say he hasn't appeared on any surveillance footage from the business neighborhood where he was last seen, they are offering a $25,000 reward in the case. new york city mayor wants to change how the city deals with mentally ill and drug addicted
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suspects. those suspects should be in treatment facilities not behind bars. the $130 million plan includes training police to identify these suspects and then sending them to treatment centers. the overhaul comes after two inmates who suffered from mental illness died in jail. and police are asking detroit residents for help finding a man who set fire to an apartment building the crime was caught on surveillance video. you can see the man walking into the building and pouring gasoline before setting the fire and two dogs can be seen running from the flames. the sprinkler system put out the fire, and police say all the residents including the dogs are safe. but police are asking people to help if they recognize that person. >> yeah, let's get that done america, okay. appreciate it, thank you. >> power slowly returning to detroit after a massive blackout. the outage closed city
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hall and all public schools were dismissed early. do officials have any idea yet what caused the power outage. >> they do, tony, the aging electrical grid is to blame. 900 locations were effected as you can imagine. it cause add lot of problems as well as confusion. this a number of evacuations schools had to be chosed. there are also some people that got caught in elevators. he said out of the bankruptcy, the city will no longer be in the light department business, that responsibility will be turned over to an energy company here in downtown detroit. we had an opportunity to ask the mayor a couple of questions and he talks about where the and i is at right now in that
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transition. take a listen. >> dte is in the process of building a $200 million system to serve these customers because the d.p.d. system was so far gone, it could not be salvaged and so we are in the early fazes of this process. >> over 700 traffic cigle thats were out, but as you can see behind me. the lights are back on and traffic is moving slowly. still throughout all of this. it never went down. the major said there was no one that was seriously hurt. >> can you imagine that 700 traffic signals out at 1 point, wow. appreciate it, thank you. they are called burn pits. areas on military bases
4:51 pm
are waste has burned.
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the captain of the wrecked costa concordia cruise ship. is also charged with causing the wreck and abandoned ship in january of 2012. 32 people died when the ship ran aground and ship remains partially submerged for more than two years before it was salvaged. tens of thousands of veterans said they were exposed to toxins while deployed in iraq. america tonight sheila mcvickser in washington with more on this. tony, the burn pits some of them more than an acre in side on rated on 250 bases where troops were based. and they were used to burn everything from tires to plastics and medical waste. some of the veterans we
4:54 pm
have spoken to have told us they were continually exposed to the smoke, and that it drifted over their living quarters and where they worked. i have lost a lot, and i don't like being like this. >> 35-year-old anthony thornton suffered from a rare and aggressive form of brain cancer. >> i can't tell you my wife's middle namings or my daughter's. i don't remember everybody's name. >> doctors had to take out part of his brain, and part of his hypcompas he has trouble keeping up with his three-year-old daughter, he believed he got six from toxins he was ebbing posed to while serving his country. >> here he goes. massive open air burn pits like this, operated
4:55 pm
on u.s. military bases across iraq and afghanistan. at the height of the wars more than 250 bases burns their trash. releasing large plumes of black smoke into the air. >> during the daytime, it was solid black. you could smell it. and tony it isn't just abdonny, 25,000 have signed the reg city, and increasingly, contractors are reporting illness as well. >> you also sat down with a dod official, what is their stance on this issue? we talked to the senior health services official, they say we know people are six, and we understand how frustrating it is to them that they are six and that many have lost their careers.
4:56 pm
they have don't their science, they are continuing to do the science, and they cannot make the link between the burning of that crash and the illnesses particularly lung illnesses that these veterans are now suffering. >> all right, appreciate it, you can see much more of this america tonight investigation this earning. that is 6:00 p.m. specific, and coming up, former british prime minister christmas card going viral for all the wrong reasons. >> hello, i am ray swarez, a new parliament was sworn in today, in egypt, and cairo has been chosed to protestors in the wake of former president's acquittal, two very different outcomes four years after the arab spring, does egypt pass through the fiers of revolution, only to wind up in the say plame? join us live at the top of the hour.
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on tech know, >> i landed head first at 120 mph >> a shocking new way to treat brain injuries >> transcranial direct stimulation... don't try this at home... >> but some people are... >> it's not too much that we'ed fry any important brain parts... >> before you flip the switch, get the facts... >> to say that passing a low level of current is automatically safe, is not true >> every saturday, go where technology meets humanity... >> sharks like affection >> tech know, only on al jazeera america this is just too funny.
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former british prime minister tony blare was just trying to spread holiday cheer, but his chriss mast card has turned into a viral sennation. tony, being called awkward, terrifying the odd, but you be the judge. >> what is he doing? so some people are saying look at the eyes the teeth saying these teeth seem to follow you around the room. so police have been posting their own pictures of chandler -- >> yeah, it is a tight sort of jaw locking isn't it. >> right, and cher comparing that smile to his character from a classic vampire film. and also american gothic one twitter user even wrote that the christmas card isn't just for christmas, it can also be used for halloween.
5:00 pm
>> maybe it is a camera problem, buzz his wife's face look as little misaligned. >> some people saithe looks angry. >> all right, see you back at 6:00. inside story is next on al jazeera america. >> in the last week an egyptian court hosni mubarak was not guilty of some of the most serious charges brought against him since his overthrow. we look back at the last four years and figure it was all worth it. it's inside story.