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tv   News  Al Jazeera  December 21, 2014 11:00pm-12:01am EST

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>> this is my selfie, what can you tell me about my future? >> can effect and surprise us... >> don't try this at home... >> tech know, where technology meets humanity only on al jazeera america >> this is al jazeera america. i'm richelle carey in new york with a look at today's top stories. mourning the loss of two new york city police officers as we learn more about the motive of the kill. sinjar mountain, where i.s.i.s. has created its worst atrocities. >> north korean response for sony pictures hacking. and political crisis around the
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world. there's a growing memorial for two new york city police officers killed in the line of duty, candles and flowers line the sidewalk where the officers lives were taken. officers rafael ramos and wenjian liu were killed as they sat in their car. families of michael brown and erik garner have roundly condemned the process. all this brings little comfort to police officers who have withstood criticism. >> we're used to flowers and crowds. >> they have families and children. it's wrong all around and this has got to stop.
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>> cell phone video shows the chaos in a brooklyn strain station 24 hours earlier as ismaaiyl brinsley killed himself. >> they were quite frankly assassinated. >> baltimore, maryland, a five hour drive to the south, shot a former girlfriend and used social media. link his actions to michael brown and erik garner. new york city's staten island in confrontation with police. too late, facts arriving as the policemen were being killed. wenjian liu, married just two months ago. rafael ramos, married with two sons. >> i hope and pray we can reflect on this tragic loss, so
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we can move forward and find an amicable path through peaceful co-existence. >> reporter: there's been a steady stream of people all colors all creeds. immediately opposite where the plepolicemen died. >> reprehensible,. >> these two police officers lost their life senselessly. >> reporter: but the police think the killings could have been avoided. blil deblasibill deblasio opener for killers like brim brinsley,e leader of the police union stated. >> that blod on the hands steps on the steps of city hall in the
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office of of the mayor. >> at the clique cathedral of st. patrick, card na cardinal ty dolan has been trying to invoke the spirit of christmas. >> am i correct in thinking that? >> and sunday evening a candle light vigil in bedford stuyvesant where the feeling is it's christmas. we've had enough. john terret, al jazeera, brooklyn new york. >> police arnld the cousi aroune pushing back. where the gunman began a shooting spree, officials are slamming president obama and other officials who criticize police tactics. >> i think it's important to remember that we're is iting on, this is is not just a baltimore
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city problem or a new york problem. this is a powder keg nationwide. >> a police officer was shot while trying to arrest a suspect. recovering from his injuries. and in florida, a policeman was shot, 30 miles northwest of tampa. 17-year-old officer called for help at about 2:00 a.m. initially responded to a noise complaint and was eventually trying to rush the suspect. he was rushed to the hospital died there. previously spent 75 years as an officer with the nypd. the fight against i.s.i.l. has been a heavy battle kurdish forces in iraq. why thing ideas minority was --y thyazidi are minority.
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>> sinjar towrn at the foot of the mountains. sinjar has been where i.s.i.l. has committed some of the worst atrocities against ethnic yazidis. the president of the region, masud barzani visited troops on the front line. he also visited displaced families. >> thank god we've opened and controlled all the roads and broken the siege on sinjar mountain. liberation of the center of sinjar town was not part of our plans but we have managed to take control of a large area of it. we will not leave any member of the terrorist on any area which our brave peshmerga who dare to attack our people. >> peshmerga fighters are supported in their effort to take sinjar by ethnic yazidi
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fighters. cutting out air strikes against i.s.i.l. position he in and around the town. i.s.i.l. fighters captured the towns of sinjar and zumar in early august, escaping to the mountain, they have been trapped there evere since. peshmerga fighters managed to carve out an area of the mountain but treating many survivors. travel in a convoy of vehicles with bright colors. it's to avoid being bombed by coalition aircraft. have. >> and that was al jazeera's mohamed ado reporting near err bill. erbil p. no more terrorism now, during the march demonstrators stopped to pray for the victims.
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on tuesday 148 people were killed by a suicide bomber in aan army run school in peshara. mohamed val reports. >> located just 60 kilometers away from the afghan border, peshawar, people say they are playing the price of there government rule. >> because of these terrorists the people are not able to work freely as they are killed or abducted for ransom. they are trying to shift their businesses from here to the safer part of the country. that's why there's less jobs and more poverty. >> velaya has seven children and is unemployed. he is inviting neighbors to celebrate, mood is grim here and across the city. evidence of poverty is everywhere and there's not much
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to do even if you have money. cinemas have been converted into bazaars and the few public parks are unsafe. mobile parks are military garrisons. peshawar is as conservative as any taliban controlled areas. schools are one of the few ways out. that's why people are so angry about the taliban attack. >> translator: these terrorists are having guns in their hands and they want to impose their agenda on us. they want to snatch the pens from our children and give them weapons but they will not succeed. >> for a moment the taliban appeared to be getting their way. many schools will remain closed for weeks. some young school graduates say they plan to leave pakistan forever. but there are signs of growing resistance to the fighters and their aids. as you can see behind me the walls of the peshawar military school are already being raised
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higher. this is the most powerful and symbolic act against objectives of the taliban. despite the attacks on the setbacks there is still hope that one day peace will prevail over war in this land. mohamed val, al jazeera, peshawar. >> to tunisia now. a former government minister is claiming victory in the historic election. final step into nation's transition into democracy after the ou out ouster of the former president in 2011. from teuns. tunis. >> on the ballot paper were two names, a former minister under the deposed dictators, and the country's interim president who took charge following 2011 revolution.
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isipsi built his campaign around his decades of rule, and the suppression of dissent. those who voted him say he's the only one capable of moving tunisia forward even though he's 88 years old. >> translator: i voted for isipsi because he has a lot of experience and we have a lot of faith the in him that he will fix our country. >> tunisia is the only country that has come close to ook succesto being asuccess story ob spring. supporters of mazuki say they want to safeguard. built himself as a unifying figure galvanizing from across
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the spectrum. >> the reason i voted for yaziki is i want to make sure no one has a hold on power. >> some observers say that this has created a sense of fatigue among the elect rats resulting in a large number of the people not voting this time around. with the polls now closed in tunisia people are waiting to find out who will be entrusted with this young democracy. but regardless of their political inclinations, tunisians are hoping their feelings will not be short livid. >> saudi arabia will not cut production, the world is forecasting less opec oil. the uae oil minister has urged
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oil ministers not to raise their production, in order to study price of oil next year. the price for regular gas in the u.s. has dropped another 25 cents per gallon in just the past two weeks and that brings the national average to $2.47. it is the lowest gas prices have been in the u.s. in the last five years. analysts say gas will keep following. the price for regular will drop below $2. join us for that in just a few minutes, the focus on the week ahead. as we look at the future of oil production. the latest on the sony hacking story. north korea says more hack is possible. the release of the interview was cancelled last week in the wake of the theaters, making of that
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comedy film. meanwhile the united states has been considering its response to north korea. diplomats have asked china to intervene with pyongyang. and president obama denied the u.s. is at war with that country. >> i don't think it was an act of war. i think it was an act of cyber-vandalism that was very costly, very expensive. we take it very seriously. we will respond proportionally. >> the movie "the interview" was scheduled to open in theaters on christmas day. sony is now saying it may release the film at a later date. >> this is a state sponsored criminal attack on an american corporation and its employees. if the nsa had invaded people's privacy like this, people would have been outraged. north korea does it. and couples it with physical threats. and people sort of sit back for three weeks while sony fights
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this issue on its own. >> an attorney for sony there. cia agents will not be charged for snooping on computers used by the senate intelligence committee investigating the cia's use of torture, the five officers that carried out computer searches that angered senate committee chairman dianne feinstein will not be punished. coming up on al jazeera america, shift in policy towards cuba. we're going to hear from a cuban american priest and hear what he has to say about the change. and work is set to begin on a multibillion dollar daniel in panama. >> while africa is attempting to start the outbreak of ebola, new drug treatments.
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>> construction is get set to get under way at a $50 billion canal project. to largen the panama canal. >> the ranch has been in the same family for more than 100 years. but now lucia torrez feels she will lose everything, 130 hectares of land. the $150 billion canal will run straight through it. >> there's great uncertainty. we feel very bad and stressed because the government hasn't thought of us. this hasn't benefited us. it will destroy our home and family. >> lucia, a lawyer, says she will do everything she can to protect her family. the neighbors people they will be evicted. pr neither the government nor
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the contractors have told us where they will send us. >> the canal will be 278 kilometers long, affecting more than 300 families. the neighborhood is organizing to take action. thousands of nick ro nicaraguan. >> it is a project that will enrich companies and millionaires, it will not solve nicaragua's problems. on the contrary. it will destroy an important part of our territory and heritage. >> translator: i think they should have been a referendum. >> opposition to the canal is growing the more people learn about it. but the government says it must go ahead, because it will create
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thousands of jobs. it says the canal has been a dream for many nig ro nick nica. >> it will transform the infrastructure and bring great benefits. i was enthusiastic but now i'm worried about how the project is being managed. >> from her home lucia can see the government's determination to go ahead. a police patrol is stationed nearby to prevent people from disrupting construction. but lucia says this won't deter her from her fight. al jazeera america, nicaragua. >> influence a new generation in this country. cnn state of the union he says the administration is looking at whether to remove cuba from the list of states that sponsor
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terror. marco reub ya rubio was on meete prus. >> i wanpress. >> freedom of elections, i don't think the policies that the president has put in place meets that goal. now you're going to provide heart currency for a rere pressive regime to fund their -- for a repressive regime to fund their policies. >> people asking for hope and praying for a miracle. a miracle that some say has already come. >> translator: as a person of faith i'm super-happy. i went to the shrine in cuba to pray for amiracle betwee a mirae two companies and look it is a miracle from god.
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>> much of the credit has gone to pope francis. he spent 18 months facilitating talks between president obama and raul castro. but the vatican has been pushing for a that yo thaw are between o countries for decades, starting with pope john paul ii. they put their money together and with that money they built a shrine to the patroness of cuba, welcoming thousands of cuban americans each year. now many here say they support the vatican's direct role in the shift in policy, despite some fears that it could have pit faith against politics. >> many of the parishioners here have suffered so much over the years. >> while many of his
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parishioners remain hopeful about the vatican's political call for peace they haven't forgotten the past. >> they are weary about taken advantage of you know, because so many -- they have been deseefdeceived so many times bee of empty promises coming from cuba. >> i think it's an opportunity to see what happens because it's already been soful years with the same restrictions. >> translator: i think it's good for the community because that's what i want for my cuba because one day freedom will come. >> because freedom will reunite thousands of families. >> the catholic faith moves us to healing reconciliation, forgiveness. >> which means that people of faith say that now is the sometime to have just that. morgan radford, al jazeera,
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miami, florida. >> many are concerned about restoring diplomatic ties between the u.s. and cuba. >> let's have a good relationship so this embargo which is affecting us so badly ends. >> translator: i hope everything turns out really well and that there's well-being for all. >> some cubans are worried that the change of recommendations will affect these cars, new cars coming into cuba will not squeeze out their family hair heirlooms. >> if they want to take me to work i'll go. >> classic cars provide a source of income for many owners and drivers who use them as taxis to take visitors around the island.
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half the world's aifdz worls patients, scientists have tested a vaccine which reduces the level of infection by 30%. >> isn't a scientists but she is at the cutting edge of hiv-aids research. she has volunteered to test a new vaccine that could save millions of lives. the trial is run from the desmond tutu research center. it's time to see if it's still working. so far all her blood tests have come back negative for hiv. the vaccine cuts the probability of infection by aids by 30%.
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>> i want to make sure that the people i'm left with learn more about hiv and maybe in three years time or for our generation, there will be nothing left, like no people dying of aids. >> the second side of the trial involving 200 volunteers starts in january. within two years 7,000 people could be taking it. this is a pharmacy where everything is tested is kept. the vaccines, drugs and hiv preventivity products. in different temperatures in one of the fridges. but making a bigger difference in people's lives right now, instead of taking several pills some hiv positive people are on a single dose, anti-retroviral. she has seen potential vaccines come and go but this is the first one they are talking about licensing for widespread use by
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22022. >> so for me, to be part of a team, that starts an hiv vaccine that's protective would be the best thing that could ever happen to me in my life. >> she feels the same. >> i feel very good and i can't wait to finish this study, i'll do another one. >> shell be back in a fortnight for another blood test. tanya page, al jazeera, capetown, south africa. >> coming up in the week ahead, a meeting of arab countries that export oil is scheduled. we talk about the global response to the falling oil prices
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>> a crisis on the border... >> thery're vulnarable... these are refugees... >> migrent kids flooding into the u.s. >> we're gonna go and see josue who's just been deported... >> why are so many children fleeing? >> your children will be a part of my group or killed... >> fault lines, al jazeera america's hard hitting... >> today they will be arrested... >> ground breaking... they're firing canisters of gas at us... emmy award winning investigative series... fault lines no refuge: children at the border only on al jazeera america >> welcome back to al jazeera america. here's a look at your top stories. replies officials say they have deep concerns about attacks on two police officers. suspect on that incident irvegdz
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lrclinkedthe crime with unrest r shootings of michael brown and eric garner. yazidi minority has been trapped under i.s.i.l. control. peshmerga are treating the wounded on the base of that mountain. u.s. retaliates on the recent attack on sony pictures. officials also claim the u.s. government was involved in making the sony comedy, "the interview." critical of the leader kim jong-un. the organization of oil producing countries, better known cartel, opec, that includes only arab countries.
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certain producers have decided to keep oil production up and prices down. this report from courtney keely. >> on friday oil closed down to nearly $62 a barrel. opec decided not to cut supply to raise prices. >> opec does not specify a price but we always try to reach a fair price for both consumer and supplier. >> but there's more than markets forces at work here. saudi arabia has a history of cutting or boosting oil production to cut its long term goals. sometimes it's market share, sometimes price stability and sometimes it means being willing to lose a few dollars to keep iran in check. saudis can do this, iran buying
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necessary equipment to boost output. now low oil prices are forcing iran's hand, making sanctions release all more important. giving iranian government less money to support its allies, like syrian president bashar al-assad and houthi rebels in yemen. russia, moscow is not a member of opec but oil accounts for 75% of russia's exports. opposed to supporting ukrainian separatists. american oil production is at a 30 year high, fracking is much more expensive than drilling and higher oil prices will be needed to sustain the industry. >> but also to show the united states that shale production has no immediate future.
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by keeping oil at a low price and the market gutted, this is going to force shale-producing entities in the united states to go bankrupt. >> if prices stay low, many small energy companies could become takeover targets. >> these assets will get purchased, they'll get purchased for i hate to say pennys on the dollar but a lot less than outstanding debt. >> loss on opec ministers who want to minimize competition. less demand for alternative oil sources. but not every big producer has the time or the budget to wait out an oil slump. and even opec whose meetings made westerners tre tremble, gin it even less influence over price than it otherwise have.
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courtney keely, al jazeera. >> earlier this week, the dubai stock marked dropped, saudi arabia the largest oil exporter says it will not cut output to prop up oil prices even if opec countries do so. financial markets are overreacting, oil prices will move to a higher position in six months and oil has been a uniquely volatile commodity, price swings based on political developments. and courtney's comment about wielding power and cash reserves and low production cost, can't be said of iraq, iran, russia or venezuela. to discuss all of this let's bring in stephen koppits and max frogwolf, chief economist at
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manhattan venture capitalists. what's your thoughts? >> that makes sense to an extent. the saudis really suffered on this back in '79 when they cut production to maintain prietses, there was a spiecial down -- spiral downward by the saudis. the lesson is let's produce the right amount for us and let everyone else adjustor around ad them. >> the world is being reminded pretty graphically, that saudi arabia is an enormous swing producer. there's a little bit of a reemergence reminder here. we are seeing a global redistribution of wealth to the
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tune of tens of millions of dollars a day away from producers to consumers, if it goes on for a few months let alone it gets a little more severe, it will have pricing consequences. just as it matters in the oil production facilities of the middle east. >> talk more stephen about who is benefiting from this and how that might pivot as max is saying. >> yes, certainly advance country consumers will be the primary beneficiaries in the united states, in europe and japan we're going to have extra cash in our pockets and we're already seeing that. that's the only source of growth of supply in the world right now so we need to trim back the growth of that from the opec perspective but not crush it. the countries who could suffer the oil majors, shells, the chevrons, the stad oils --
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>> how muc how much? >> significantly. they are not well positioned on shale, they're positioned in the arveght and diep water. and that segment if ps deny arctic and in deep water. >> depends on how long here, right? we're asking a question about duration. >> sure. >> we have a betterri severity than duration. 50% peak to trough from the tom to the bottom, that will have a big short term side. my guess on the long term side, buffeting oil prices has absolutely nothing to do with oil, has everything to do with politics. >> as courtney pointed out. >> that's much harder to handicap. 40, 50, maybe 55% of the story. >> what is the affect on nonoil
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producing countries, big ones like china? i'm sorry, don't fight guys. stephen you take it. >> first of all i disagree with that point a little bit. very significant oversupply situation in the first half of next year. now max is right in the sense that there's plenty of politics here as well with the russians and with the iranians. but obviously the oil importers are going to benefit. if we look for countries who are going to benefit the most, it will be the so-called pigs, portugal ireland and spain. they are big importers in termination of percent and they are going to benefit in the next year i think. >> russia not doing well-being affected by the falling gas prices, rory challenge has more on that now.
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>> the short answer is that russia is one of the three biggest oil producers in the world and its economy is heavily dependent on this, some 68% of the country's foreign export revenues come from energy. something 50% of the federal budgets is made up of taxes brought in from those energy exports. so when the price of oil tumbles russia's fortunes tumble with it. russia is by no means penniless, but foreign currency reserve of hundreds billions of dollars but it's spending these at the moment trying to prop up its currency. russian firms and banks have effectively being locked out of international credit markets by western sanctions. those firms are coming to the russian government hat in hand asking for bailouts. that's another drain on russia's
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reserves. what can russia do about this? it can't control the price of oil. the government line is to hunker down wait for better times and diversify the economy. it's been talking about diversifying the economy for years but hasn't done it yet. if russia gets out of the ukraine, then the burden of western sanctions would be lifted. >> and of course that might not happen. max as roy was saying, they're going to -- supposed to attempt to diversify the economy, that's something they have not done and that's actually a solution for the long term. what can they do right now? >> you're absolutely right. russia is relying on a political standing and oil prices that did everything they didn't want to do during a sanctions period. on the other hand, we also would
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do well to remember, that the cyclical oiling market, glut we see now will cut off projects, reduce investment and will eventually set up some kind of a slingshot here. the question is, the can the russians withstand the short term pain, can they get to the long term through this short term? and it looks like the bottom hasn't been put in yet for russia and the pain will be with us in the long cold winter ahead. >> to you want to get in on that? >> i think the russians are going to be struggling right now, i don't see any momentum to come the a resolution son ukraine. i think we'll continue the status quo acknowledge oil prices as long as it lasts, that means another six months of serious punishment of the russian economy. >> how is this affecting the rest of europe.
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>> well, a little bit less than it is us because of our shale production and the strength of our economy the dollar has revalued, the barrel has denominated in dollars, and the euro has devalued a little bit. oil is a little more expensive for them than it is for us but they're getting a nice tail wind from lower oil prices as well. >> max, how do you see this playing out? what is the bottom, where will oil go? >> i think to me again the question is more duration and severity. i think much below mid 50s slightly, people whose expectations were at 100 to 110, i would caution people to make any simple -- >> what about venezuela? >> venezuela was teetering, pretty badly in this.
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who wins, who loses has to do with who seizes the opportunity. u.s. airline industry pocketed all the money that would have gone to lower fares. just because they could charge you is less as an american consumer doesn't mean they will. not as general and useful to the public as we like. >> steven, who else has great opportunities right now? >> well gosh any advance country, any oil importer has opportunities. but to return to the theme of the airlines what we're going to see is a real rebound in vehicle miles traveled, by historical standards we'd expect to be up eight to 11% in air transportation, max is right, right now the airlines are holding onto their margins, and over time we'll see very impressive transport number gains and that will rebound to places like orlando and other
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places that people travel for vacation. >> i appreciate the expertise for both of you. steven toppix and stephen garner. fraking has been a part of the global energy debate as both of my guests mentioned. join us tomorrow for the first of a three part series, how it's affected drought stricken california. in the week ahead on monday, china begins a colossal waterway project, estimated to cost $50 billion and expected to rival the panama canal. territories of jamu and kashmir, and on orthodox separate the
11:45 pm
christmas holiday on different days. the reopening of the rafa border will not last. rebecca. >> thunderstorms rolling through central florida brought lightning strikes that injured several people at the green bay packers game, i'll have that story coming up.
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real reporting that brings you the world. giving you a real global perspective like no other can. real reporting from around the world. this is what we do. al jazeera america.
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>> devastating climates... >> if we don't get rain we'll be in dire straits... >> scientists fighting back... >> we've created groundhog day here... >> hi-tech led farming... >> we always get perfect plants everyday... >> feeding the world... >> this opens up whole new possibilities... >> tech know's team of experts show you how the miracles of science... >> this is my selfie, what can you tell me about my future? >> can effect and surprise us... >> don't try this at home... >> tech know, where technology meets humanity only on al jazeera america up. >> relief tonight for palestinians trying to leave the gaza strip. the egyptian government has reold the rafa border crossing. but as natasha guinane reports, the opening is only territory. >> reporter: the faces revealed the misery and
11:48 pm
frustration they've endured. >> translator: everyone carries responsibility, including president sisi. i appeal to the europeans, the airbus and the u.s. to help, they are partners in the siege against us. >> reporter: among the thousands who found themselves trapped in the gaza trim for str almost two months. the sick the elderly and almost 200 students. >> open the rafa crossing, nothing was opened. >> reporter: the egyptian government closed the rafa crossing in late october. ties to the muslim brotherhood now banned in jeecht. the crossing is open for two days and only for humanitarian purposes. the egyptians have given no
11:49 pm
include to their plans. >> it's the relationship is not damaged. egypt all the time in the side of the palestinians. >> reporter: opening the rafa border permanently, the citizens would have the opportunity to come and go as they pleas. the blockade should be removed for 350,000 people. >> peter greste, and mohamed fahmy were sentenced to seven years, baher mohamed was given ten year sentence. al jazeera rejects the charges and and in the journalists' release. >> a businessman has climbed on the bail bal coin of st. peters.
11:50 pm
peters in protest. new law does not allow the renewal of his business permit. the italian government stopped allowing licenses pass from one to another. green pastpeace members. >> giant images scratched into the desert more than a thousand years ago. but when activists for the environment of greenpeace used nasa lines, it backfired. on friday acknowledge an age riy
11:51 pm
crowd hurled insults. >> as you can see here, the people are saying justice, we want justice for the next alliance. >> after activists went into the desert to place their sign. around 20 activists are accused of leaving footprints and overturning stones in the ecologically sensitive area. coincided with a peru conference that took place earlier this month. >> i'm saddened that this happened in the mid of the conference. we were so proud to be the host country of the cop and there fills us with shame because it should never have happened. >> back in the us courthouse, greenpeace apologized. >> there was no justification of putting our foot on that sacred
11:52 pm
place. i'm willing to provide whatever assistance where authorities will need and i'm willing to come back and they've responded strongly to that which i'm grateful. >> had no knowledge of the plan failed to quell people's anger. experts said someone of the group, had to have some knowledge of the site. >> this is preplanned in someone's office. they say let's go in there to get some attention. but why the hummingbird? they haven't gone to damage it, they've gone to attract attention but they didn't take the proper precautions. >> greenpeace says it will proceed with an independent investigation. but for many peruvians, damage to the archaeological site has
11:53 pm
already been done. david mercer, al jazeera. >> rebecca joins us. hi rebecca. >> intense heavy rainfall is now tracking from gaines vifl to jackson, florida, but so many cloud to ground lightning strikes, we had one in the parking lot of the stadium where the tampa bay buccaneers were playing. they did lose. i don't want to be aspoiler. injured seven people transported to 12 people, impacted by that cluster of storms. we have a real cluster of moisture that has been hammering the west coast. it's a spheric river.
11:54 pm
in the amount anywhere of 5 to 10 inches of rain. little further across the valley, the cascade mountains had up to seven, seven and a half inches detected. 2 to 3 inches of rain in the valley. keeping the roads wet from rainfall in the lowlands of the weathewest and bringing in muchr air, taking temperatures 20 degrees more than normal. >> thanks rebecca. a few loud bangs and a massive collapse at a texas sports stadium today.
11:55 pm
relax eagi aggie fans. that was all planned. part of a $450 million budgeted new areas for fans. i'm sure long horns like seeing that though. the format has been making a come back. >> once upon a time before these, before these, before these, there were these, the snatch, crablg an crackle and p. making for some a very record return. finally, record sales past $1 million a month, that will be
11:56 pm
more likely 1 much 2 until, first time we've hit search digits since 1996, first year we heard about the spice girls, what happened to them? compared to vinyl heyday, that year 1.1 billion records were sold. >> if you look at the charts and see what arts were performing really well, there's a new line of artists, even to some extent the arctic monkeys who are bringing us in this new generation of music fans who are exploring it at a time. >> you need bulky, hardly portable equipment but the enthusiasts never tired of it. >> it was small scale but when that was still there, often that at some point become quite trendy again and it starts to see again more into the
11:57 pm
mainstream because people are looking what's happening maybe in the sort of underground or independent or what maybe yucker younger people are doing. >> for some vinyl borders on art, case in point, this studio which uses 1950s equipment to press classics the old fashioned way. and orders have gone off the roof with orders in the thousands of dollars. >> good wine, good food, a certain lifestyle. the digital consumer is like a fast food animal. >> vinyl of 2014 more competition than vinyl of the '80s but for the real audiotime, this music is quite
11:58 pm
like ours. phil lavelle, al jazeera america, london. >> lolockerbie, next. thank you for joining us. high level, had the stake in al-megrahi's guilt >> the most definitive look at this shocking crime >> the major difficulty for the prosecution that there was no evidence >> al jazeera america presents lockerbie part one: the pan am bomber
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>> three years ago al jazeera began investigating the conviction of abdel baset al-megrahi the only man found guilty of the bombing of pan-am flight 103, over lockerbie in scotland. we subsequently screened two films which cast great doubts on the way the case against megrahi had been assembled. over the next fortnight, as the 25th anniversary of the bombing approaches, we're showing those two films again before revealing the results of a third, and


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