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tv   News  Al Jazeera  December 23, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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>> now! >> they are running towards base... >>...explosions going off we're not quite sure... >> fault lines al jazeera america's emmy winning, investigative, documentary, series... is. >> the nation grapples with questions of race and justice, as the city remembers two fallen officers. >> they believed in making this world better, they believed in making the city better. >> more twist twists in the sony hacking saga. it says it will release it's new comedy about assassinating kim jong-un. wall street marks a milestone as
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a new report shows the u.s. economy is growing faster than it has in more than a decade. >> good evening, this is al jazeera america. i'm michael yves in new york city. dozens of people are gathering in new york at this hour to protest against police violence. it's in spite a plea from mayor bill de blasio. >> tensions are growing begin tonight. activists are ignoring the pleas to pause the protest in new york city. [ all we want is to be free ] >> up to 100 people are back on the streets demanding justice for unarmed black men.
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they're threatening to shut down a popular shopping area in manhattan right before christmas. mayor bill de blasio asked to hold off the protests until after the funerals for fallen officers. >> this is a completely southerlious charge, one that is a smear on this movement, that i think quite frankly is an insult suggesting that some how people exercising their first amendment rights has inspired someone to kill someone. >> if anything the protests were re-energized because they were in an attempt to chill the movement. now this anger comes after a day of grief and reflection across new york city. [♪ singing ] >> after days of pain today a brief pause. new york city mayor dill we
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blastio led a moment of silence at the exact moment two new york police officers were gunned down on saturday. >> it's a time of pain for our city. it's a time of mourning for two good families. >> reporter: earlier the mayor visited the growing memorial in brooklyn where the officers lost their lives. >> you can see how much it's touched people and what it means. >> reporter: flies are flying at half-staff across new york as victims' families start sharing their deep pain. >> this is a difficult time for both of our families, but we will stand together and get through this together. >> reporter: the polic >> if you have to constantly go in and out of jail, prison, and clearly something is wrong.
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he should have been offered help in the system, but he wasn't. >> partly driven by the protests against police across the country. philadelphia's commissioner told al jazeera this morning he discussed solutions with president obama. >> there is a sense of urgency around this task force, and coming up the recommendation that will lead to leadership. >> jonathan, thank you. the department of justice is now reviewing the case of a white police officer in milwaukee who shot and killed a mentally ill black man earlier this year. a group of milwaukee city council members are now proposing several reforms in the
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wake of dante hamilton's death. we have spoken with his family and we have more from washington. >> maria hamilton moved her son from gary, indiana, to flee the local gang violence. >> i decided i didn't want them to be a statistic. i made the choice to bring them here so they could get the education, be involved in community like they weren't there. >> but that dream for a new beginning and a better life for her children ended. that afternoon maria's youngest son was sleeping in red arrow park when an officer woke and padded him down. he suffered fro suffered from schizophrenia. i met dontrae's family where he
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was skilled. >> dontre took the police's we ton. witnesses say he never struck the officer. he was in a defensive manner with the baton. the officer must have been frustrated, unloaded his weapon 14 times. >> why would an officer shoot somebody 14 times times? >> we feel that it was hatred, emotion from getting his baton taken. >> you can see more on the milwaukee shooting case on "america tonight." well, the family of tamir rice, who was shot and killed by cleveland police officer last month after the officer mistook the plastic gun he was holding for a real begun. the family is urging peace not only across ohio but across the country. >> i would like to say i'm against all violence. >> this is a movement, not a moment, and often movements will
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attract people with their own ends as i refer to the mercenary motives. that has no place in peaceful reform in justice. >> the police are conducting an internal investigation in tami r rice's death. prosecute necessary minnesota considering pressing charges after a large black live matter protest. the demonstration took place at the mall of america. the nation's largest mall was partially shut down. the police arrived and told protesters they could not protest on priority property. now the city attorney wants organizers to pay restitution, but organizers are telling to charge me two. >> pictures of the protest like this one showing powerful image
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of the protest when protesters shut down mall of america. i tweeted the pictures, so charge me too. another writes, so mall of america we protest because this is not what america should be. if you arrest any protesters, then charge me, too. and then nick writing, we are he all organizers now. we can't afford not to be for our families e friend, and our collective america. charge me, too. >> a good show of solidarity from the protesters. thank you so much. the change of course from sony. it had decided it will release the comedy "the interview" throughout the u.s. on thursday as originally planned. the film was pulled from distribution after massive hacking attack on sony and threats from north korea against any theaters who showed the movie. we've been following these updates.
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>> sony has confirmed that it's going to show "the interview" across the u.s. starting christmas day. this decision has lit up social media. a lot of people are applauding it, including president obama. >> you want us to kill the leader of north korea? >> yes. >> whaat! >> "the interview" movie is taking another twist. they'll show the comedy starting on christmas day. the first to take online reservations within two and a half hours the seats were sold. >> i'm going to stand up for free speech as well as creativity. >> the ceo of sony released a statement:
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>> the decision was just days after sony announced it would not be released on christmas day following a threat of attacks on theaters that showed it. criticism came that sony was standing up for free speech, criticism even from president obama. >> we cannot have a society in which some dictator some place can start imposing censorship here in the united states. >> after obama vowed he would respond to north korea's cyber vandalism of sony, the country suffered sweeping internet outages. outages. >> ask the north koreans if their internet was not working. i cannot speak if it was or wasn't.
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seth rogen tweeted. many are happy about the release of the film. one tweeted, congratulations on the win. sony may release the movie on video on demand or through streaming service. maybe we'll get to see it as well. >> if the numbers are big this weekend i guarantee you next week it will even be in more theaters. >> there is a lot of hype around it. >> roxana, thank you. >> thank you. >> ten children were killed in syrian airstrikes today as their schools continue to be caught in the cross fire of civil war. rebels often use schools for military purposes leaving the government for target. the united nations has released satellite images showing the devastate of syria's civil war. this is aleppo in november 2010.
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there are various mosques, hotels and the citadel. this is the photo from this past october. out of 110 key structures, 104 suffered damage. ukraine provoked an angry response from russia today. lawmakers of the want can't the county to abandon its status. we have more on the decision and russia's response. >> the decision to denounce it's non-aligned status could have serious political and security implications for an already destabilized region. the vote by 303-8 effective opens the way to nato membership for ukraine. it will be seen as a clear
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threat to its security. >> today we should all vote for key bills in our current situation. a bill about peace. a bill about reform strategy. a bill will our place in western civilization. this is a bill denouncing ukraine's none aligned status. >> earlier this year senior ukrainian military officers met with nato commanders on a training exercise in you will bulgaria, but it could take years for kiev to complete its membership to the alliance, and not all nato countries are in favor. but with the fighting between ukraine forces and separatist rebels in the east of the country showing no sign of ending, 4,700 soldiers and civilians have died since the cease-fire was signed in minsk in september, today's vote in kiev won't make it easier when russia and the rebels sit down with ukraine to try to reinstate
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another cease-fire. political analysts are warning of a wide range conflict giving russia cause for war. >> you ukraine moving towards nato, or nato moving in to ukraine could cause a problem. not for a small conflict contained somewhere in the east of our crane but to a much larger conflict that may affect western countries. >> just how russia will react to that eventuality will effect moscow. >> the decision has provoked an anticipated angry reaction from the kremlin. the russian prime minister chose his words carefully when he said an application for nato membership will turn ukraine into a potential military
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opponent. al jazeera, in moscow. >> hundreds of australians today paid tribute to the two victims of last week's hostage cries. a service was held at the university of sydney. 18 were held there by a gunman, and two victims died in ensuing gunfire. no. france, deploying extra forces over the holiday season after one pepper was killed and 30 wounded in three acts of violence this week. one of those events is being treated as an act of terrorism. but the government said that the threat level remains high. >> even if there is no link between these events, in reaction to these events the government should show
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solidarity towards those who were injured or traumatized. >> the leader of an armed group is now dead. algerian forces killed the leader. a formal quite command who are has pledged a an allegiance to isil. at least 27 is dead, there was no claim or responsibility, but the attack has all the earmarks of a boko haram assault. we have reports from the capital abuja. >> reporter: this is the explosion. it happened in a busy market and came without warning. killing and wounding dozens of people.
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100 kilometers away another device was detonated. this time at a bus station. the time and place was packed with travelers. many of those who died from burned beyond recognition. dozens of people were seriously injured. >> this is the second such attack over the last two months. although i boko haram has not claimed either bombings, officials say that it is similar to other attacks. >> ing it suggested more than 10,000 people have been killed
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by acts like this in nigeria. a wave of violence that the government appears unable to stop. al jazeera, abuja. >> president obama's plan to close guantanamo bay has hit a major roadblock. state department envoy has announced he's resigning. >> he leaves on a very strong footing. >> for more on this story, here is jamie mcintyre from washington. >> reporter: secretary of state john kerry praised cliff sloane as a skilled negotiator who is a big reason why almost three dozen detainees were transferred under his watch. the state department denied that sloane is resigning over the slow pace of the transfers. one of the major frustrations of president obama's time in office has been his inability to make
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good on his promise to shut down the u.s. military prison camp at guantanamo cuba. >> i'm going to be doing everything i can to close it. it is something that continues to inspire jihadist. it is contrary to our values and it is wildly expensive. >> the major credit to the fact that 34 detainees have been released to other countries over the last year and a half is being given to the diplomatic skills of cliff sloane, a close confidant of secretary kerry, who is now stepping down to return to the private practice of law. the state department denies that his departure was a surprise or the result of disagreement or displeasure. >> he said he would give us 12 to 18 months here. he gave us 18. there are reports that are totally inaccurate that we left frustrated. >> what is true the white house
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is forwarded by congressional restrictions and the slow approval process of the pentagon. outgoing secretar defense secretary chuck hagel: with the latest transfer o of of four afghans, 64 have been approved for release. another seven face trial by military commissions, and then there are the roughly three dozen detainees that are essentially forever prisoners who face indefinite captivity with no prospect of due process. the obama administration said
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that more prisoner transfers are in the works in the coming days and weeks, and hopes to get the number down to fewer than 100. then convince congress to lift the ban on bringing the remaining detainees to the united states where they could be held in american prisons. >> jamie mcintyre reporting from washington. coming up, the dow passed a milestone trading above 18,000 for the first time in history. but it's the reports behind those numbers that really matter. also a new york congressman pled guilty to federal tax evasion.
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global attacks on free press. monday 9:00 eastern. on al jazeera america.
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>> new york congressman michael graham pleaded guilty to felony tax fraud today. but he said he will not step down despite calls for him to resign. he pleaded guilty to one count.
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he's accused of hiding $1 million from the irs and hiring unauthorized workers. the charges game after an investigation into his campaign finances. those claims have been deferred to the department of justice. he is a former marine and fbi agent. he will be sentenced in june and faces up to three years in prison. >> the dow broke into record territory topping 18,000 mark for the first time ever. the dow is up more than six or seven points closer to 18,026. the s&p brock record, and the nasdaq was down today which is 16 points. david shuster is in for ali velshi on real money. >> michael, tonight on real money it's the news that suggests the u.s. economy is, indeed, sizzling. the news from the commerce department adjusting gdm up to 5% blew away a lot of
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expectations and exceeded the gdp for a second quarter. all of this has convinced a lot of folks on wall street and main street that the u.s. economy is doing the best it has done in years. in fact, these figures are the best for the u.s. economy in 11 years. the numbers were fueled by heavy spendy by consumers, and business. and the dow above 18,000. now the dow is at 9% of the year with gas prices staying low, and every expectation that the fed is not going to raise interest rates for some time, 2015 could be one of the best economic years in a the united states has had in some time. we'll talk about what it means for all of you. we'll also talk with a skeptic who is talking about certain areas of the economy because he's not convinced that everything is as great as it seems today. we'll get to the politics, the
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battles between hillary clinton and massachusetts senator elizabeth warren. some defenders of hillary clinton are growing increasingly nervous about all the attention that elizabeth warren is getting. we'll talk about that with a close clinton confidant tonight. >> looking forward to that, david, at the top of the hour. the fda is lifting the ban on gay men donating blood. gay men are only give blood if they have not had sex with another man in the previous 12 months. nearly two million new customers have signed up for health plans through december 19th. 4.5million renewed their coverage. these cover the 37 states served by .
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open enrollment ends o. >> there are 90 reports of injuries from these machines. coming up, protests against police violence return to the streets of new york. let's take a closer look at the demonstrations and the riff between police and some of the people they serve. >> and our series on fracking continues with a look at how farmers and oil companies are squaring off in california.
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documentary, series...
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primetime news. >> welcome to al jazeera america. >> stories that impact the world, affect the nation and touch your life. >> i'm back. i'm not going anywhere this time. >> only on al jazeera america. >> welcome back to al jazeera america. i'm michael yves. dozens of protesters on the streets of new york city despite the call by mayor bill de blasio to hold off demonstrations until two fallen police officers are laid to rest. protesters are marching down fifth avenue one of new york city's major shopping corridors. they're demanding justice for the deaths of two unarmed black
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men by police. some are blaming them for triggering the murder of the new york police officers. let's take a deep dive in the issues around these protests. joining us is glen martin from just leadership usa. thank you for being with us ta today. >> glad to be here. >> there is a lot of political pressure in these demonstrations. the mayor wanted people to hold on on these demonstrations until after the funerals. was it politically motivated or was it out of respect for the officers. >> i think its partially politically motivated. unfortunately, things are being divided right down party lines and i think the mayor is doing what he thinks he needs to do to maintain his relationship with nypd. the folks who are out there protesting and who have been protesting about the abuse of
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young men of color in particular by police officer. they're out there marching, and i agree with them. >> this issue is so polarizing, and people seem to be very entrenched on their sides of the debate. how do we move beyond this to get to some co constructive discourse. >> i would ask to you look at the ground where these marchs are happening people are not as polarized as one might think. >> really? >> in the media we see these significant figures coming out, taking sides, digging in his heels, and using this as a political football to cause turmoil for opposition. at the same time, if you look at what happened in new york a couple of weeks ago, i was in the middle of the march, 50,000 people all marching together, white, black, latino, clearly this was about democracy. it was not about the things we've been hearing about. >> well, people do have concerns of violence, especially in the wake of the officers being murdered over the weekend. do you have those same concerns?
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>> i have concerns for the young people who are out there. i'll give it to nypd. i thought that they showed an amazing amount of restraint on the day that they had the march. at the same time i'm not sure that that level of patience is going to exist with future demonstrations. so i do worry. this is a movement that is led by young people, and i worry about their safety. >> what do you make of the comments by police union chief who said that this is a war-time police department right now, and that the nypd will act accordingly. this does not come from the commissioner bill brattan but the head of the police union. >> pat lynch has a history of criminalizing people of color to further his own political and financial ambitions, i'm not really surprised by that. if you look closely at what's happening, you'll see this is not a violent movement. this is a very peaceful movement, but i'm not surprised that he's one of the voices who would jump in and think about what his negotiations with the mayor is going to look line down
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the line and how he can leverage this to gain strength with negotiation with the mayor. >> there is a bit of irony i find in some of the recent developments here in new york specifically. over the last couple of days the police precincts have been guarded by uniformed policeouts because they feel they are being targeted. is that not the same contingent that so many young black men have as it relates to police, and that's one of the reasons why people are hitting the police? because they feel that black hen are unfairly targeted? don't they feel the same thing? >> that's the interesting thing that is happening. if you look at the death of these police officers, these are police officer heroes who are out there protecting the rights of people to exercise their constitutional right. to constitution that we would slow down the democracy as a result to me is the wrong answer, number one. number two, this is all about life. this is all about--people are meeting out and marching in droves and numbers. why? because they value life.
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but they value all life. when someone likes giuliani comes out and speaks very harshly when two police officers get killed but ignore the fact that there was a young woman who was shot and almost killed is indicative of why folks are out here hitting the streets. >> the one side of this, particularly will not understand that the protest according to them, they're not protesting against the police, but police brutality. why can't some people designate between those two issues. >> i would argue that people are justice, pro peace, not anti-police. i have not found myself in the middle of any anti-police movement. i have found myself in the middle of a movement that is about valuing all human life. >> founder of the advocacy group just leadership. welcome. happy holidays. >> happy holidays. >> in california the state's record-breaking drought has caused hardship i hardship
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former farmers there. with fracking going on there, it puts farmers further at risk. farming has been purpose to the state of california, but oil has as well. >> reporter: indeed, california is the fourth largest oil producer in the country, and fracking is becoming increasingly more and more important in california, especially in the central valley, which is also home to the nation's breadbasket. as the state struggles through the worst drought on record, fracking and farming are on a collision course. >> from up here i not only see my orchard, i see the mountains on three sides. >> the almond farm has been in the family for four generations, there is something else. >> today there is fracking going on four miles this way. three miles to the east over here. about seven miles to the north,
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and about six miles to the west. >> so you're basically surrounded by oil fields where fracking is happening. >> we're surrounded, and this is new. we've been invaded here. >> kearn county is ag and oil county. 80% of the state's oil and gas are produced here. fracking occurs here, using water, water that farmers say they need for their crops. >> francis is uneasy about possible leaks and spills that could contaminate what little ground water is level. in 2012 he taped the illegal dumping of fracking water in to an unlined pit. >> i know what happens in this area, whatever chemicals we've used in the surface a lot of those chemicals have made their way in our ground water already. >> almond far farming is a big
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industry in california. and it's if water and oil are contaminated, so are the almonds. jason marshall, chief department director of the state agency in charge of regulating gas in the california. >> who are protecting the people of california to make sure that their ground water is not being contaminated. >> there are a multiple of agencies looking at that because there is a multiple jurisdictions. >> one of thosations is the california's region control board. there is ground water monitoring and assessment. >> is oil poisoning gallons of water each day?
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>> so you're asking me to give you a yes or no answer on something that i don't know. so i think the right answer would be that i don't know. >> back on the farm with tom france he said when it comes to farming versus fracking it's not a fair fight. >> do you think farmers have a friend in sacramento? who is watching out for you? >> big ag has always had friends in sacramento, but when it goes against big oil the whole game changes. they are more powerful. oil has always gotten their way. >> for farmers in kern county the saying that oil and water don't mix has taken on new meaning. it's important to note that farming is incredibly water intensive. almond farming takes 10% of the california's total water supply a year. and almonds are not even its most water-intensive crop. tomorrow, in the third part in our series we'll take viewers
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back to shafter, california, where they'll meet one father who is saying fracking is making his daughter sick. >> it's interesting to see how to major industries are going head to head in that state. thank you. the insurance institute for highway safety has revealed it's annual list of safest cars on the road, and again the u.s. automakers did not top the list. in february general motors launched an ignition switch recall that has been linked to a dozen deaths, bisi onile-ere takes a look back. >> in february general motors issues a massive ignition switch recall of its small cars linking the defect to 13 deaths. weeks later in a stunning admission the automaker said some employees were aware of the problem more than a decade ago. >> we have apologized, but that is only one step in the journey
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to resolve this. >> an apology that falls short of families whose loved ones have suffered harm or worse, death. >> we know that g.m. employees knew about these dangerous defects and did nothing. >> prompting members of congress to take action. >> this supply committee will come to order. >> in april g.m.'s ceo mary barro was in the hot seat being grilled. there could potentially be hundreds of thousands of vehicles on the road that could unexpectedly switch off, triggering the power breaks, steering to disable. >> we now know the difference between this switch and one that would have worked was the difference between life and death. do you know the other difference? the other thing that we now know? that it would only cost $2 to
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repair. $2. >> g.m. was later fined $35 million by the national highway traffic safety administration, which also faced criticism. by june the automaker released the results of its internal investigation. for years g.m. fostered a dysfunctional corporate culture. 15 employees were fired. five were disciplined. >> amber died on july 29th. >> laura christian hopes that someone is held criminally responsible. her daughter was killed driving a chevy cobolt. >> amber died as many others died driving a car from g.m. i'm here to tell you that amber is one of many hundreds killed by this defect. >> since then the death toll has more than tripled. g.m. victims compensation fund has linked 42 deaths and dozens of injuries to the faulty ignition switch.
6:42 pm
it's a number that will likely rise. a recall by japanese airbag manufacturer takata is also showing no signs of slowing down. >> all i remember is hearing a big explosion, and it sounded like a shotgun. my right side went black, pitch black. >> cory was hurd when his airbag violently exploded sending shards of metal flying. today he's blind in his right eye. so far the airbags have been linked to five deaths and more than 100 injuries. g.m. takata has apologized but fought demands by lawmakers to expand its recall nationwide. new safety reforms are likely in the coming year. >> ntsa is definitely going to be more active, more careful, nor assertive when it sees a problem in the future. >> but the road ahead could get
6:43 pm
rough as both g.m. and takata head into 2015, the focus of a critical session. bisi onile-ere. detroit. >> four men are facing federal charges accused of smuggling guns on delta airlines fights. officials recovered 150 guns. the men said that they were moving weapons between new york and atlanta in carry-on luggage. one of the men is a current baggage landeller and another is a former employee. kenneth thompson said when confronted by the police one of the suspects quickly admitted to the crime. >> at that point he said my son is home. the guns are in my bag. i just bought them and brought them on the plane. he made that admission. we looked in that bag and we found 16 guns that were wrapped up individually in different bags within that bag. we also found three other guns
6:44 pm
in his cart. >> delta said it is cooperating with authorities with the investigation. coming up on al jazeera, storms in mississippi have caused several tornadoes. we're getting reports of injuries. we have the latest on the dangerous weather next.
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>> a threat of toned right now and a big swath of the south. this is new video coming out of columbia, mississippi, where reports of five tornadoes struck the area. people found shelter after debris began to fall out of the sky. two days before christmas we think about snow, not tornadoes. >> meteorologist: one of the reasons is because it's warm in front of this front. that causes the threat. we'll watch this very carefully. the amount of tornadoes including louisiana as well as the one down here in florida, we're talking about nine
6:47 pm
tornadoes in total. not just in parts of mississippi. but i want to go closer in. i want to show you what we're looking at. you can see the line from louisiana, mississippi and into alabama. let's put this into motion. this line is very distinct right here. that is the one causing all of the problems. i want to show you all the damage we see. the red dots are indicating the tornadoes. you can see most of them through parts of mississippi. we're not done yet. we're going to be seeing the threat continue through the evening. we're talking about alabama, georgia as well as florida. the tornado watches are in effect. we'll watch this carefully not just tornadoes. not just the weather. we're talking about flooding going on across much of this. if you're traveling in highway ten, highway 90, major problem here. georgia, we'll have delays coming up soon. >> kevin, thanks so much. south africa is in the middle of
6:48 pm
a crisis over electricity. there were 15 days of black outside this year and more problems are expected next year as the demand outweighs supply. the outages are taking a toll. >> i'm so sorry to do this to you. our electricity is off. >> jenny is canceling the day's bookings. there is another power cut in johannesburg. >> no electricity, again on a monday. our clients are going away on holiday. they want to have their hair done and they can't. >> but there is nothing that she can do about it since early in november millions of south africans have had to put up with power cuts because the public utility has reached a tipping point. it simply cannot keep up on demand. south africa reply on coal-pow coal-powereed power plants.
6:49 pm
it has ignored warnings for over a decade and only has began to replace facilities in 2007. >> for now it's a struggle to keep the lights on. economists are predicting it could endanger growth. electricity supply will be a major political and social issue in 2015. it has warned south africans to expect power cuts for the next year. and it will effect everyone, every business big or small. >> considering a generator to keep ovens and bakery hot. >> some can't afford it like myself, but we do the best we can to try and carry on.
6:50 pm
>> but business is good for matt who has pre-sold all his generators until february. >> the past couple of weeks have been craziness, we've been running around like headless chickens. >> sly said some suppliers are exploiting customers' desperation by overcharging, but many simply don't have a choice. al jazeera, johannesburg. >> al jazeera demand the release of outside journalists from egypt's prison. mohamed fahmy, bader mohammed, and peter greste were accused of helping the muslim brotherhood and spreading false news. al jazeera demands their heed release. peter grete send greetings from his prison in cairo. he said while the journalism situation is dire, he said we've created a huge global awareness
6:51 pm
not just of our cause but the widespread abuse o of journalists. >> india's ruling party won a number of seats in state elections today. the largely muslim region has been out of reach for the hindu nationalist party for years. for prime minister narendra modi devoted time and effort to motivate change in culture there. >> reporter: with no party gaining a majority, it's basically a hung assembly. now making historic gains getting the second largest number of seats of answer party here. the regional president told me he's credit thing this win to prime minister narendra modi,
6:52 pm
who swept the country in national elections this year, and he said that wave carried over to these state elections. one of the things that this has a potential of being a polarizing situation. if vjp stay in opposition that will divide the hindu majority and muslim majority areas of this region. but if the bjp were to join one of the other party to form the government, many muslim voters might get alienated. whatever does happen the main thing has been that the bjp has finally established themselves as a major player in the region. >> women protesting today against australia's prime minister. why they say he's sexist and out of touch. david shuster is in tonight with ali velshi on "real money."
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>> america's economy is in overdrive. why we're seeing the biggest growth in over a decade. we have all that and more on "real money."
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>> in central america an official groundbreaking on a transocean canal. the project will occur in the city of nick agua. it will span 173 miles. construction is expected to last five years and cos cost $50 billion to complete. the project is stirring up mixed
6:56 pm
feelings. >> for decades, shoe makers have sold their product locally. he inherited the shop from his father and plans to give it to his sons, but he does not have the skills or resources to expand his business. >> i think the building of the canal will expand jobs. >> the world food program said that 4% of the population live under the poverty line. the canal could offer a lifeline. >> the canal may not benefit small businesses like these, but they hope it will bring many more tourists. >> economists saying nicker augusnicaragua's growth rate to double and large scale exports like coffee will make good use
6:57 pm
of the water way, which will be ready for use in five years. but one farmer who owns a coffee farm has mixed feelings. >> this will mean an injection of capital that the country has never seen, but we must look at the environmental studies to make sure that it is propertily managed. >> reports into the overall feasibility and impact in the environment still have not been delivered. green activists say that the core of the water way will be contaminated by sendment dredged from its bottom. >> the lake is a source of drinking water for 17 regions. 2500 fishermen feed their family and support the local economy will be directly affected. in addition there are five species of fish crucial to the food security. >> many don't know if protecting the environment will be more important than nicaragua's
6:58 pm
development. but some would like business and country to reach it's potential. >> a wild scene at the end of the miami beach bowl. a huge brawl broke out after memphis beat byu in double over time. players converge on the field throwing helmets and bunches. coaches of both teams say they may issue discipline. >> during a television interview prime minister tony abbott said it was important it's budget will give $500 back for household budget. >> some saw prime minister's comments as sexist and out of touch.
6:59 pm
>> watch this. >> hi, ladies, what is the biggest issue fating australian women today. >> you mean apart from the carbon tax? >> yes, apart carbon tax. >> there is often the gender pay gap. >> that is pretty bad. >> and representation. >> it has doubled to two. >> what about domestic violence? that's pretty bad. >> one woman does die every week. >> no, it must be the carbon tax. >> definitely, the carbon tax. ♪ come on tony, light my fire >> the women go on to light up
7:00 pm
their aaronin ironing boards. >> at least they're adding levity to it. >> a lot of humor. >> i'm michael yves. stay tune for "real money." have a great evening. >> here's your holiday gangbuster growth for american economy. the best numbers in a decade. and coming to a theater near you, sony. and plus, those who make it their mission to follow the money, taking on major corporations and demanding answers. i'm davi


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