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tv   News  Al Jazeera  December 27, 2014 7:30am-9:01am EST

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other great powers not just the ones wins who won world war ii but the new powers of this 70s trial as well. >> an marie-slaughter, pleasure to have you with us. >> thank you. > paying tribute - thousands of police throughout the country come out in full force to mourn a fallen new york city police officer. his family perhaps to lay him to rest. >> the blame game - north korea lashing out on the united states and pointing the finger directly at president obama, and a massive flooding in south-east asia, where rescue crews are struggling to reach
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tens of thousands of people. why this family is being forced to retire their trusty two-wheeler after 30 years. >> dad i miss you - i miss you. >> a sombre day in new york city as one of two officers killed last weekend is about to be laid to rest. good morning to you. i'm morgan radford, welcome to al jazeera america thank you so much for joining us. the funeral for officer rafael ramos comes after an emotional wake on friday where thousands paid their respects to his heartbroken family. courtney kealy is live with us. the funeral begins at 10:00a.m. this morning much are the crowds there already starting to gather? >> good morning. there has been intense security presentations and police presence is strong, as some of the crowds are starting to make their way down the streets.
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what we do have is we expect about 25,000 police officers from around the country, as many as that are expected to come here, as well as president joe biden. [ singing ] >> reporter: song and sombre reflection filled the streets in officer rafael ramos's home town. so did thousands of police officers from everywhere. a sea of blue lined up for five blocks outside the tabernacle church, some waiting as long as six hours online to pay their reports. [ sings ] >> reporter: when the church was full throngs of people stood outside and watched on a monitor as ramos's family spoke. >> my father was man of character, a selfless man. i'm forever satisfied for the sacrifices you made. >> my dear brother my heart
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aches so much now. help me understand why god took you. >> reporter: mayor bill de blasio has been criticized by his handling of protests against police officers, came to the wake late in the even. governor andrew cuomo was amongst others that paid respects. >> i am the governor of new york, first i'm a family man and i have kids. to see a family go through this is tough. >> reporter: earlier rafael ramos's flag-draped coffin was saluted. >> he'll be remembered as being one of the faces as you walked in saying "welcome my sister, welcome my brother, god bless you." outside security was tight. officers kept vigil on police sit. officer rafael ramos, and officer wenjian liu were gunned down of the the suspect targeted them basis a uniform.
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it follows groourry decisions not to indict officers in the deaths of michael brown and eric garner. the n.y.p.d. is vetting dozens of threats against the department. at least six have been arrested. >> horrific. it's an assassination of an officer. it's unspeakable, upheard of. given the -- unheard of. given the climate of what is going on in the country, it's imperative that we turn up. >> same way people get roused up when the police shoot someone unarmed, it should be the same as when two unarmed people are shot down. >> reporter: as you can see here security is intense with helicopter flying overhead and the police presence going for blocks. a huge crowd is expected there was yesterday, at the wake. and there's one bright slight glimmer of good news. both officers were posthumously
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promoted meaning the families will get more money with the pensions and there has been offers of scholarships for the children and both of the family's have been paid off. >> don't go anywhere, we look forward to speaking to you again in the 8 o'clock hour north korea is blaming the united states for shutting down its internet this week, calling president obama "the chief culprit in this incident", in a statement the country's defense department likened the president's action to that of a "reckless monkey", saying he incited theatres to screen "the interview." there has been no rehabilitation from the white house despite threats "the interview" did well, making over $1 million, coming from 331 theatres, far fewer locations than planned. it became a big seller on google play and youtube movies. sony spent $44 million to make
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the film but takes a hit on the playstation. it is offline for now, a third day, after a hack attack. the christmas day distrups hit microsoft's xbox live, which was another platform for streaming the interview. xbox is online with minor functions not working. a group calling itself lizard squad claimed responsibility for the attack in south-east asia heavy rain caused major flooding, killing more than 30 people. more than 2,000 people have been forced from their homes. as victoria gatenby reports, rescue workers are struggling to reach affected areas in some of the worst flooding they have seen in decades. >> people leave their homes in a hurry as water flows in from every direction. at least five malaysian states have merged and days of rain turning roads into rivers. the government sent search and rescue teams to the most badly
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affected areas and set up relief centres for the victims. for some, it's too little, too late, criticizing the government for being slow to respond and failing to declare a state of emergency. >> a hole stay has been cut short in u.s. he's been in hawaii when the heavy rains began. in a statement he said: it's monsoon season in malaysia, this year's rains have been heavy, and many places have been affected by the worst flooding in 40 years. rescue workers are struggling to reach some of the affected areas. for many the biggest worry is how to avoid the spread of disease. cases of typhoid, cholera and hepatitis occurs.
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the spreading of fever is likely. doctors say children and the elderly are particularly at risk and health problems appear after 4 to 6 weeks. water levels are not peaked and with heavy rain, conditions will get worse for those living out the ordeal on the ground with more heavy rain predicted. we bring in meteorologist kevin corriveau for more. what can they expect there in south east asia. >> as the package said we are in the monsoon season. rain is expected. this is a heavy rain, i want to show you where we are talking about. this is malaysia, the southern part of thailand. northern thailand is dry. we expect more rain and as we go into the new year we are talking about mud and land slide. cross the united states we saw white christmas for some people, not everyone. i want to take you hear across
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the mountain states, towards colorado. look at the video that has come in across parts of aurora, where they have enjoyed the white christmas here. behind the snow storm we are looking at cold temperatures coming into place. they'll get a little respite from the snow. we expect more know coming as we go into the new week. colorado, denver, you are at 10 degrees. going up to the north, waking up in north dalent. when you -- north dakota when you factor in the windchill more like five ukraine and pro-russian separatist will exchange more prisoners today after hundreds were swapped. it's part of a plan to end the pro-russian uprising. it came as peace talks were called off on friday. ukraine says it's suspending train and bus services, which
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voted to aline with russia. visa and mastercard announced they are halting credit card services in that area kurdish peshmerga fighters report progress in the battle with i.s.i.l. peshmerga fighters seized roads in the area, including one running along the border. as reported, the fight to retake northern iraq is far from over. >> as night fulls on the kurdish countryside peshmerga fighters take up their positions under the cover of dark innocence i.s.i.l. a -- darkness, i.s.i.l. attacks. this is probably their most important frontline in the fight against i.s.i.l. erbil is 60km away. >> we continue the defending. we will defend because in erbil
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that's our you know, big city. we must be a family to be safe. >> protecting erbil is a dangerous task. two weeks ago ce carried out an attack: using a combination of suicide bombers, they took over the ways for a few hours before the forces were carp toured. as the fighters are more intense, tactics are desperate. the peshmerga say it's the ability of i.s.i.l. to strike in kurdish territory that has them worried. >> some of the tents have fallen down. body parts litter the camp. >> it's the first time to have the tanks with the tnt and
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people. they are coming to our front line. they are trying the last chance to have dash push the peshmerga back. we grove across the villages and counsel. inhabitants displace the by the fighting. kurdish forces made gains the weapons are old and not much match for the weapons. >> we need the weapons, heavily machine guns. what we use is ol. the newest one is 25 feet old. but the amu nation is good. international calls for action against i.s.i.l. grows. the peshmerga is the most formidable opponent. they need meaningful help or i.s.i.l. could charge across
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northern iraq in neighbouring syria, kurdish forces say they killed at least 40 i.s.i.l. fighters thousands of people take to the streets in mexico seeking answers to the disappearance of 43 students. >> i'm in india where the national green tribunal banned all vehicles in new delhi in a bid to curb air pollution. >> and a hospital where the bid is not only to save lives, but energy too. stay tuned.
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>> we were talking to a young lady saying she just wanted her voice to get out there. >> by the thousands, they're sending their government a message. >> ahead of 'em is a humanitarian crisis where tens of thousands of people are without food, water, shelter. >> a special one hour look at global attacks on free press. monday 9:00 eastern. on al jazeera america.
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a live look from queens, new york, where a funeral for fallen new york police officer rafael ramos is a few short hours from beginning. rafael ramos and his partner died after being ambushed whilst sitting in his vehicle a mexican priest kidnapped days before christmas has been found dead. his body was found in guerrero state. he was shot in the head and is the second priest murdered since tept. guerrero is the same state where 43 students went missing. demonstrators for the students continued in mexico city. yesterday marked three months since they disappeared. 3,000 people - look at that - led by parents and relatives demanded justice. the remains of on one of those students has been found. >> a brain dead pregnant woman in ireland has been taken off
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life support after doctors said chances of survival for her foetus were low. she suffered a head injury after a fall, and was declared brain dead. doctors put her on life support against her family's wishes. they were concerned about lawsuit because irish law protects a feetize from the moment of conception. >> hospitals spend 6.5 million, leaving president obama to call op health care providers to become more efficient. diane eastabrook found one hospital in wisconsin ahead of the game. >> reporter: medical workers rely on sophisticated technology from cat scan machines to heart rate monitors, to diagnose and treat patients. they rely on something decidedly low tech to help power it all. that's right, dairy cows.
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the animals produce 35,000 gallon a day. all the waste goes into the three huge digestors converting methane from the manure into electricity. >> it is called home inform grown energy. we said we will make this and improve the health of the community, and it will be good for gunderson's finances. the hospital taps other local power sources like wind, son and trees. what we have is hard woodchips from south-east minnesota. they feed hundreds of chips into the boiler. the unit burns the wood creating heat and electricity. the green energy programme is called envision. it feeds the energy back into the clinic. our other projects sell the utilities on the grid.
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>> in the past six years gunder son invested 4 million in green energy projects. energy is a small percentage of the overall budget. less than one% to keep the lights on. are the sustain ability projects worth the investment? gunder son thinks so. it uses a lot of power, especially in areas like the kitchen and the laundry. in 2008 it spend more than $5 million on energy, left year a million left. >> if we lower the cost of our organization's operations that helps the region, because it lowers the cost of care. gunder son hopes one day it will lower the cost of bills. coming up in the next hour we look at the evolution of wind
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power. $80 billion were invested in wind farms, there's a team of researchers exploring a cheaper, greener option. brave wigs and weaves. the quest for luscious locks turns into a multi billion industry. and getting a high over low gas prices. we tell you what states are pumped over fuel less than
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check this out - drivers in minneapolis is in a festive mood. gas falling to $1.09. the average price per gallon has begun to fall for 92 straight days, the longest downward streak since the data was tracked. triple a statistics support the number. the current national average is $2.32. you can compare that to a year ago and see why drivers are enjoying it. gas was $3.26 at this time last year welcome back to al jazeera america. i'm morgan radford. thank you for spending your saturday morning. india makes a push to curb air
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pollution, first a look at the weather with meteorologist kevin corriveau. >> across the united states we are looking at chilly temperatures across the west. where we are seeing warmer temperatures, well above average for this time of year. a quick look at your forecast. sunday, a lot of rain towards the south. it will be making its way up the eastern sea board. as we go monday weakening. heavy snow across the mountains, and new year's, a lot of people will be there. around midnight we don't expect rain. atlanta, the big drop. no rain. 35 degrees. new orleans - it will be rainy. los angeles, it doesn't matter, you'll be inside, possibly we'll see snow india's capital new delhi has the most polluted air, and 10 other cities on the list are
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in india. it's been under international pressure to meet environmental standards. but as our reporter reports, it's struggling to find the best way to clear the air. >> this man loves his scooter. it has been a proud member of his family since he married anita 28 years ago. he says it's never let him down. >> translation: i have driven around my kids on the scooter after they were born. i have taken my wife and sister-in-law for a ride. even my mother, when she was sick and we had to take her to the doctor, we wept on this. >> but india's green tribunal is forcing them to retire the two-wheeler. the green tribunal banned vehicles older than 15 years, in a bid to clear the air. the city was singled out by the
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world health organisation as having the worse air quality. and a study by a university of californian scientists suggests pollution levels on the roads could be higher than reported. >> one of the most important pollutants for your health is particulate matter and elevated levels could lead to heart attack strokes, respiratory diseases. they have major consequences. with risk to health, authorities are under pressure to clear up the air. three-quarters of the pollution is caused by emissions. banning cars and scooters will nottic much difference. what is needed is monitoring of emissions and tougher fines of polluting vehicles.
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>> average age of vehicles in deli is 4-7 years. we don't expect many to be in the region. if we get rid of them, i don't expect it to get rid of the air quality. if authorities are serious about tackling air pollution. authorities say they need to invest in public transport the threat of listeria has spread in caramel apples. gl happy apple brand is recalling the caramel apples. and the bacteria has been discovered. they were distributed across western states.
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two men mr sick, it is voluntarily recalling up products produced this year. >> the economy has taken a big hit. there's an industry booming - that's hair. the demand for extensions is keeping a group of women very, very busy. >> on the corner of a lagos street, the women are looking for beauty. it's a common site across nigeria and africa, a booming demand for hair pieces, braids, weave-ons and wigs. >> it makes us look smart. beautiful and confident. >> reporter: esther comes twice a month to have brains attached. the search for a good-looking
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hair. investors have been attracted by around the world. this is a large factory producing synthetic hair pieces. it makes two brands. it's deported and processed into dry hair. the industry runs into hundreds of million. by estimates, up to 6 billion. >> we are happy the nigerian lady had to throw it away after three, four weeks. with a growing population the prught grows on its answer. african women have been keen on glamour. the internet and globalisation exposed them to trends and better quality products. >> people perceive you how well they think you look.
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you are more respected more recorded. everywhere want to be in. it comes in all shapes and prices. from street stalls to mauls. the closer of the hair piece looks to hair, the pricier it gets. walking on the streets you would be hard pressed to find a woman without her hair piece. >> we get it. we know what to do. it's so innate. the industry agrees. >> before we go we want to take you to a live image here where thousands are expected to gather for a final farewell for fallen police officer rafael ramos. the long list of politicians is
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expected to attend a newspaper for the finest. we'll keep it here. we'll be back, and bring you more on that funeral coming live out of queens.
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you're looking live in queens new york. where thousands are expected to gather for a time farewell to a fallen police officer. two force were ambushed. rafael ramos - his funeral you are about to watch this morning. the long list of high profile politicians and community leader are expected to attend the funeral of one of the new york city's finest.
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>> i will not keep silent and i'll take revenge for my brother ooep if i have to -- even if i have to join a terrorist group they say lav loved ones are beep executed without a -- being executed without prop justice. with a deadline approaching - a look at how close we are to achieving lofty goals. >> it might be a bit dangerous making green energy greener. how scientists are harvesting the power of wind without a windmill good morning to you, welcome to al jazeera america thanks so much for spending four saturday morning with us. i'm morgan radford live from new york city. thousands are expected to gather in new york to say a final farewell to a fallen officer. it follows an emotional wake where officers waited online for hours to pay their reports
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to rafael ramos and his family. there were so many people outside could see the screen. they are expecting a huge turn out at the funeral. who is expected to attend? >> good morning. we are expecting vice president joe biden to attend along with new york officials. and, of course, have been hearing that 25,000 police officers from around the country are expected to attend as well as local citizens, police officers from nearby, and we are also expecting crowds to fill the streets as they did yesterday at the wake. >> and the farewell began yesterday. how did they handle the huge crowds. we are seeing people line up behind you. >> well, the crowds spilled
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outside of the church, down the street. people waited online for up to six hours to pay their respects to officer ramos, they put up a large screen to people could hear tributes like this one from his son, justin ramos. >> my father was a man of character, a selfless man. dad, i'm forever grateful for the sacrifices you made to provide for me and jayden. >> and the children will be in attendance as well. it will be a sombre day just like yesterday. >> any mention of a sombre day for the brothers in blue. you did mention earlier that there was good news, the family of officer rafael ramos and officer wenjian liu received a bit of good news during the trying time. tell us what happened? >> they have been promoted posthumously, allowing the family to get more benefits. we heard both family's mortems
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have been paid off. the -- martages have been paid off. new york yankees are offering scholarships for the children. and officer wenjian liu's family have been offered to fly in from china. we'll hear about that in days to come. >> powerful images as people prepare for the funeral. courtney kealy in queens new york. thank you for being with us. north korea is lashing out at the u.s. as the diplomatic tussle between the two countries continues. in a statement the top governing body accuses the united states of shutting down the internet. they believe it was in retaliation. north korea condemned president obama over the film the interview, saying the president ipp cited the see at rick -- theatrical release
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millions of sony playstation players are frustrated. it is offline after an attack. and the disruptions begin on christmas day hit microsoft xbox live. it was a platform to stream the film "the interview." a group calling itself lizard squad claimed responsibility for the incidents a prisoner wap is underway -- swap is underway between ukraine. this morning ukrainian president petro porashenko met with hundreds of troops changed. it is part of a plan to end the pro-russian uprising in eastern ukraine. the move coming as a key round of peace talks were called off on friday. al jazeera's ema-haywood has more. >> a mother and son are reunited. the soldier, one of many released in ukraine in a
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prisoner swap. a possible step forward in easing the host iltize engulfing part of ukraine for month. and taking place against the backdrop of a ceasefire in a conflict leaving 4,500 people dead. moscow long denied backing and arming the rebels, who were still in control of parts of eastern ukraine. kiev says it is still fighting against what it believes is russian influence. >> they transferred ukraine. what is interesting in the doctrine is russia considers social movement as a threat. it means that russia is transforming into a police state. they were putting on record that they are in total tri state.
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russia's annexation is a source of deep anger in kiev. ukraine's rail company suspended trains to prime minister, fighting security concerns. visa and master cards can't support because of sanctions. peace talks started and ended over ukraine. this prison are exchange signals a protest. >> some 4,000 people have been killed since ukraine adds crisis began. 13-00 since the truce.
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vladimir putin signed a doctrine, calling for the use of neek leer weapons. russia's popularity with the west plummeted since the annexation of crimea pakistan fast-tracked executions of convicted terrorists in the wake of a deadly taliban attack on a school last week. it is drawing condemnation on several fronts. u.n. chief bangui mon is urging the country to reinstate a dealted penalty freeze. it is making a rush to judgment. we have more. they are begging for mursy. he could be hanged at any moment. we are knocking on every door to seek justice for my brother to save hits life. there's no hope and my brother will be wrongfully hanged by the authorities. >> reporter: behind me sa court
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that issued death sentences for thousands of suspects across the country during the last few years. with the lifting of moratorium, the suspects are facing execution. >> this man is on a list set for immediate execution. this map's family and lawyers deny his crime, saying he was 13. the accusations had nothing to do with armed groups. >> he was a juvenile and tortured into a false confession. it really goes to the heart of the government's decision to lift the ban. under the pretext that they are hanging terrorists. he's incident. he is a juvenile. the list of the moratorium, an attack on the taliban that
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killed 149 people, most of whom were children. a couple of days later several death row conflicts were hanged. he was to be hanged last tuesday. he pleaded for a grace period. his brother has this to say. >> i can't bear that my incident brother will be hanged by the government without a fair trial. if i do so, we'll take revenge for my brother, even though we have to join a terrorist group. >> if my brother is convicted. there is a state, and a law. islam is clear on that. justice delayed is justice denied and recognises that justice hurried is justice buried. between the two. pakistan is facing hard choices at the moment pakistan's army announced more air strikes as part of the ongoing military operations
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against the taliban. the army says since the cool attack more plains -- school attack mar planes a killed fight -- more planes have killed fighters. the prime minister of malaysia is rushing home. residents accused his government of reacting too slowly to the flooding: he was seen playing golf, after it was bearing down on the country. the flooding is some of the worst the country has seep in decades. rescue crews were struggling. five died and 120,000 practice placed in their homes. the government allo gated 14,000 and. flooding killed 13 people and left 8,000 displaced.
8:12 am
148,000 roads were affected eight of the provinces declared a disaster zone. they tracked the system. what is on track. >> we are looking for rain. this has been going on for a week. we are seeing video on it here. take a look at the satellite. malaysia all the way across north-east that's where there is heaviest rain. if the rain assistance we'll see mudslides and land slides. deforestation in the areas make it a risk. they'll watch that carefully. here in the united states flooding will be a problem across the south. as you can see the showers are amping up this morning across the gulf coast states. new orleans, now, your visibility is low, us have a lot of fog and rain. expect days. -- delays much before christmas
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there were major storms through the area. tornados, flooding. the ground was saturated, the flood warns i'm are -- warnings are in effect. some areas could see 2-3 inches, and over the n 12 hour period -- next 12-hour period, and that will extend over the florida pan handle. most of the rain to the south in the morning. as we go towards the afternoon, it will ease to the north. atlanta. you'll see the rain showers coming into play saturday night. they'll extend sunday as well as monday, delays at hartsfield international airfield over the next few days. >> a wet well for 2015. 14 years ago the u.n. set an enthusiastic plan known as the millennium development goals. poverty and access to water was part of the few its on the
8:14 am
agenda. al jazeera's james bays looks at what has been achieved. >> reporter: at the dawn of the millenian kofi annan, the then president launched on saturday to improve the world's poors. within 20 years, we believe they can have the population living in poverty reduced. girls and boys, particularly girls received a fuel primary education and hat the spread of h.i.v. aids. that was 14 years ago. he had a 15 year deadline, but with a year to go it was a niched picture. significant project was made and work is needed on mat erm mortality rates and feeding the
8:15 am
hungry. there's no doubt world leaders were forced to take action. now the unare creating a new set of goils, to bike up when the old one set off. diplomats are working on the wording, but activists say they need to be ambitious. >> they commit to fighting equality, tackling climate change that is important. because they are grappling, they are more complex and comprehensive than the original goals making them harder to sell. >> that diplomatic wrangling is in the final stage. >> so far there's no penalty for a country in fails to meet the
8:16 am
goals. blue lives matter, that was the rally cry gathering when dozens interviewed came out in support of police. they are coming out as n.y.p.d. rafael ramos is laid to rest. we'll speak with a former n.y.p.d. inspector who will be attending the funeral, af the break. >> what do i have left? we are getting our life the airline is moving on, the families are nod. al jazeera sits with a man who lost his sun, shutting down over ukraine. families coping and caring for a grandson. plus... ..we look at that. the political debate that led to fist yit cuffs and a former soviet republic. all that and more after a short break.
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you are looking live in queens new york where thousands are gathered for the funeral of an n.y.p.d. officer.
8:19 am
rafael ramos was gunned down with his partner wenjian liu. a killer targeted them because of their uniform. as you can see there, a sea of blue is forming for a final farewell. >> meanwhile in iowa dozens gathered and they called it the blue lives matter rally. police were not part of the event, and organizers say they gathered to remind people police are there to protect them. i want to show a different side to what people see. >> another rally is planned for next spring. officials say 4,000 people are expected to gather in the public square. demonstratedors say it's to honour fallen officers. cleveland has been rocked by its
8:20 am
open police shooting and protesters have been calling for justice after tamir rice was shot and killed by a cleveland police officer. he had been playing with a pellet gun joining us is a retired deputy n.y.p.d. inspector. thank you for joiping us this morning. how does it peen for you, as a -- mean for you, as a former officer to see a sea of blue and thousands travelling to see the support. >> it's a sad day. police work, it's a big thing. am i my brother's keeper - yes, i am. >> it's interesting. nine people have been arrested for making threats against the n.y.p.d. do you thip the officers feel like they are walking around with tart on their back? >> because of all the stuff
8:21 am
going on it's something cops don't think about. they don't have a lot of time or thing about these things. it's a copy cat grime he or anywhere else in the country. that's what we have to be careful about, arresting these people, because someone was overheard saying something, we have to follow up on that stuff. >> you're saying they have to weed out the threats to show what is role or not. >> i'm not privy to the cases but i know one perp was overheard talking about hurting a cop and they went to his house and found an arsenal. people are saying these thingsment they are angry.
8:22 am
it doesn't fit, don't wear if, go out and doing the job. the ones out there doing what they are supposed to do. >> do you think it is the bad cops giving the sense of mistrust. how do you come to bridge the design how do they bridge the cap. >> for me it's simple. he has a problem with police in the black community. no one wants to admit is. you can't have race issues in america. in the police department they say there's no racism. there's a lot of black males dead at the hands of police. we need to age it and come together to table a mayor sh police officers.
8:23 am
everywhere needs a vested interest. i believe we can do it. i believe the n.y.p.d. presents there's not a race problem. >> definitely. i look at the highest ranking black officer. in n.y.p.d. he quit. the trainer quit. there's things going on in n.y.p.d. i hope that they get a grip on this soon. it's a good thing we have going on, is that it's cold. if it was summer, i don't know what would happen. in the summer you have people prust rated. living in housing developments. we have these protests going on. it could get a lot crazier. trust he. it gets a lot crazier. >> retired officer. appreciate you being with us.
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as 2014 draws to a close we look at families caught up in major event. in malaysia, malaysian airlines caught up with two air disasters. the families of victims are still suffering. le >> reporter: a daily ritual brings a small measure of peace towards a father whose son was killed. a crew member on board flight 17 was shot down in ukraine over july. >> whatever i have left, both of us, we are living our life. it's very torturing. >> all 20098 people were on board. access to the crash site, the bodies had to be netted by the
8:25 am
government. the months that promised were painful for the familieses left behind. >> we met through help. me and my wife, though we had a constant flow of friends and relatives coming there are times we wanted to be alone. >> it was the second tragedy for the national carrier. recovering from the loss of a passeng passenger jet that has gone missing. the two disasters proved too much for the company. less than a month after mh17 was done, a state-run investment took it off the stock exchange and put it under government control. it put it place a plan. the airline is being
8:26 am
nationalized. it may return to profit perhaps in several years. for this map and his family, it's difficult to imagine recovering something like this. his grandson has been affected by the loss. >> he's careful. he was talkative, now he's quiet. i speak to him. he calls me da da. a parliamental grandfather. i don't know, i don't have anything to talk now. their family is left with memories and photos to hold on to most of the wreckage of flight mh17 was returned to the netherlands a few weeks ago. investigators are trying to reconduct it to see if it yields any crews whatsoever. -- clues whatsoever. there's a blast of cold air, and we turn to meteorologist kevin corriveau. >> they are not here, but are
8:27 am
definitely in the northern planes. temperatures in the single digits, if you look at nalent and pushing -- north dakota, and pushing forward. they'll be dropping. you can see the lines pushing through kansas. we have snow, paying its way up here to minnize oata, causing problems at the airport. for fargo, the high textures about 21, and tomorrow it will drop as a high of 9 degrees. look at the 5-day forecast for minneapolis. 24 degrees is the high. we'll drop town into the low -- down into the low in the minus digits. well below average. they'll have to bundle up. >> winter is here. president obama praising servicemen and women, thanking them as the longest war winds down in afghanistan. we'll mark mainingor mark lyons -- major mark lyons
8:28 am
whether the 13-year campaign was a success. and a volatile year in the history of the conflict. a look at the bloodshed and how the victims are struggling to get by.
8:29 am
8:30 am
good morning, welcome back to al jazeera america. i'm morgan radford, these are the top stories. north korea's top governing body blames the united states for shutting down the country's internet. and is holding president obama personally responsible for the release of the film "the interview." and this includes a fictitiousal plot to kill kim jong un. they liken the president's act to "a reckless monkey", some question whether north korea is behind the attacks on
8:31 am
playstation and microsoft xbox. the gaming consoles were hit yesterday and christmas day. both companies are working to restore the issue and say the service has been restored. 25,000 police officers are expected to attend the funeral for fawn police officer rafael ramos. rafael ramos, and his partner wenjian liu were done gunned down last saturday while sitting in the squad car. the funeral is being arranged in 90 minutes the funeral for new york city police officer rafael ramos, as we mentioned. crowds are starting to gather for the 10:00a.m. funeral, and security is tight. courtney kealy is live for us in glendale this morning. courtney, it appears there's an all-out effort in terms of security. what are you seeing out there? >> well, the secret service is doing a sweep of the media and the surrounding blocks.
8:32 am
vice president biden will be attending. that's the level of security. all the blocks around the church are cordoned off. we have police men filling the streets. some are processional leading up to the funeral, and they are directed to clear the streets and assemble several blocks south of here. there's an extreme police presence, as you expect. yesterday too at the wake there were sharp shooters on the roofs. everything is pretty much locked down. >> you mentioned the wake. thousands were there at saturday's wake. what were people saying? >> well, basically you had people waiting in the streets for about six hours to pay tribute to officer rafael ramos to enter the church of the not everyone made it inside the church. there was a large screen. so thousands could see that. dignitaries visited. you have gores saying that he
8:33 am
felt it was necessary to attend. >> it is a personally very, very difficult situation. and i'm the governor of new york, but first i'm a family man, and i have kids, and to see a family go through this is tough. and, as you heard, governor como saying to see a family go through this is tough. rafael ramos's son justin spoke. he said it was the worst day of his life when his father passed away, as you here they directed police officers to assemble quietly, to get off the streets so security can do the jobs. thousands will march down the street including family members soon. courtney kealy joining us live from new york the u.s. military released video showing the air strikes
8:34 am
against i.s.i.l. initial released footage on friday and they say it was conducted last sunday. it shows war planes bombing several buildings used by i.s.i.l. fighters. the video of the fight was released as president obama told military members in hawaii, that the combat mission in afghanistan is over. next week we end the combat mission in afghanistan. because of the extraordinary service of the men and women in the armed forces, afghanistan has a chance to rebuild its own country. we are safer. it's not going to be a source of terror attacks again. >> joining us to discuss the longest war is mark lyons. a retired army major and senior fellow. major mike, thank you for being with us. watching the president say this will not be - afghanistan will not be the source of terrorist
8:35 am
attacks. how can he be so sure? >> that's a bold statement. some will say he sunday do that at this point. he will be making some chances. he's more confident. they have been trained 13 years, unlike what we saw in iraq, where they hold and retain some of the ground. >> why is he so confident, what evidence does he have that the nation has been a success infrastructure is in place. as long as we fund the african security force, there's confidence. the infrastructure provides intelligence. it will be a contained battle. >> the reality is he's leaving 10,000 american troops in afghanistan. is the end of this mission more symbolic than reality.
8:36 am
>> the president doesn't define what he means. it's large forces and form agency. there'll be special force, operators working alongside the operators. >> they are small missions, not designed to take and control land. to do a hit once. different to what we see. that's where the president has not defined what the mission will be. there'll be combat from the operators. >> speaking of perspective on this. more than 4,000 soldiers and police were killed in 2014. it was the highest death toll, is the president cutting his losses and ending a war. >> it's 10 a day and not i've
8:37 am
yaption. it gets back to the confidences of security. this is a second part of his campaign. he'll get us out, not focussed on conditions. i think by 2016 none of those forces will be there. >> some u.s. officials want the taliban to amount a campaign. i think afghan security forces might fight that. i think the u.s. forces sending them back, to fight what should be a competent african security force to take care of the fight. >> let's get context. we are talking 13 years, and a trillion dollars later. can you bull up the graphic. compared to the other - this is the logs on record. iraq laffededdate years.
8:38 am
nine years the korean war. is that why the president is reluctant to deploy ground forces in iraq and syria. >> what does afghanistan do, does it turn into a vietnam where it hangs on, and comes back. does it look like pakistan, where the central government controls the area in kabul and the capital area, and loses control. and the korean war, it was a success and the threat of continuity is we left 25,000 troops there. so that doesn't seem like this president has this appetite. i know that's what some on the right have been saying, making that the model. >> you don't think that's the case? . i would have been for leaving troops in iraq and afghanistan. i line the model of korea, having the forces training alongside. look at what it's taken,
8:39 am
13 years, a generation, and we are not to the point where we are confident of what the results will be. >> thank you for joining us. our pleasure to have you with us. >> the war in gaza took a toll on israelis and palestinians. the kidnapping and murder of three teens set off a chain of events leading to a cycle of attacks on both sides. [ explosion ] >> that apartment building collapsing because of an israeli air strike. it was an iconic image. nick schifrin was there for much of the war and filed this report. >> reporter: for seven years gaza was at war, and war spares no one. not the gazan cameraman, not the family killed as it slept on a blanket in a school. >> reporter: and not the israeli communities where missions were
8:40 am
a sound track. and where rushing into bomb shelters was terrified. from late june to mid-august. the military invaded. and bombed gaza. dropping 20,000 tonnes of explosives. gazans posted this faub photo to acknowledge after three wars in six years, he'd seen things no teenager should ever have to see. guys like me getting murdered. bombed in the houses, so i ask myself will i be next, or what. it's tough. to the middle of residential
8:41 am
neighbourhoods launched more than 4,000 rockets, deeper into israel than before. palestinian fighters used tunnels to sneak into israel. israeli residents were traumatized. my son is suffering. he was holding his head saying it's in my head, it's in my head. i can't get the code red out of my head. >> the war lasted longer than the two combined. in part because two sides supported it. in gaza. palestinian fighters launched a barrage of rockets. inside the schoolchildren yeared. they they would them they hoped it would land in the united states. >> israel wanted to take the weapon from the fighters. if the war is a month or a year. >> five months away, he provided the best.
8:42 am
>> translation: i wanted, he says, to see how to strike back. the strikes were asymmetrical. crude hamas rockets failed against the missile defense system, the iron dome. there was no iron dome in gaza. there were no bomb shelters. all gazans had were ground floor apartments. in the worst areas of gaza survivors were dwarfed. streets closest to the israeli border were gone. israeli f-16s dropped thousands of pounds of bombs. palestinian fighters dropped troops. flags fluttered from homes used as bases. this is in the middle of the neighbourhood. this is a u.n. school gutted by a strike. if you look, you can see how empty the neighbourhood is and you can hear the sound of
8:43 am
israeli drones. you can see this, a house. hamas fought the war to gain attention. four months later the strip is as neglected as ever. tens of thousands were homeless. neither wants to start again, but the peace is fragile more than 2,000 palestinians were killed. you can learn about that and watch is number of other stories we been following all year on a parliamentary session in the nation of georgia got a little out of happened on friday. harsh words turned into pumps, as lawmakers disagreemented over party quoters. look at that. some members whipped the microphones off. this is not the first time that politicians got political. last year two law makers traded
8:44 am
goals. talk about a room with a view, a german astronaut posting a time laps. he got back from a 6-month mission, and he had a camera set up the entire time and was taking still images that only an astronaut can take, when he landed he combined 13,000 photos into this one video the idea of using wind to general power is not anything new. over $80 billion was invested in building wind farms. a team of researchers in the netherlands is looking for a cheaper, greener wind option. >> last minute adjustments before the test launch of a high-tech kite. >> it might be a bit dangerous. >> reporter: these dutch
8:45 am
researchers believe if the technology takes off it could change the way we generate electricity. the system harp ass the steady pull of a light way kite -- harness the steady pull of a light wave kite. as the kite pulse a winch on the -- pulls, winch on the ground pull it is out. >> we cap generate optimal amounts of trusty as the kite reels out. we can reel it in when we are done, until it's on top of us. and it goes to the next power cycle. >> this prototype provides enough electricity to power between 10 and 20 homes. the team wants to scale it up, making the kite and the capacity five yards larger. >> we don't need a heavy train,
8:46 am
we can drop it, and it seems like an ideal replacement. >> like many test flights, this doesn't go as planned and a problem with the steering brings it down. flying a 200 meters, above the height of conventional wind turbines, they enjoy stronger and sustained wind conditions. we are working on a computer system to regulate its movements and say when this is achieved kite power could provide an efficient and reliable source of energy. it is a difficult task. even for a human operator, and you need some kite-surfing skills and see how the quite reacts. it's a dynamic system. it moves in all directions.
8:47 am
from a control point of view it's a hard challenge. >> the team says conventional wind turbines have taken decades to develop. the technology is in its infancy and has much, if not more, potential. well, there were millions of disappointed gamers on christmas, and today some are still waiting to get their sony playstations back from the hack. some wonder if it's the work of north korea. and will topple brett larson after the break. so they just don't build them like this any more. what didn't happen next. we'll talk to the spectators after the break. stay tuned.
8:48 am
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8:50 am
an implosion zone awry. dynamite failed to topple a building. it could be the leaping apartment. the implosion didn't fail, they intentionally limited the explosion to minimise risks to properties. another attempt is planned for a later date. >> sony is struggling to get back online while microsoft's xbox is up and running. both systems were shut down on hackers for a second day in an attack related to the release of the film "the interview." >> for millions of gamers, this christmas is an anxious affair, having readied for holiday screen time. many found they hit a wall whilst trying to collect online. >> sony's playstation and xbox
8:51 am
live networks the target of a cyber attack. a group of hackers calling themselves lid ard squad. this is by no means the first hack. but remains a serious concern. many high-end systems cost more to manufacture. the expectation that profits will be made with the sale of games. so gaming companies have a lot to loose when security is breached and gamers put off. >> hackers are very - they have a lot of techniques they are going use. and you don't know where the attack is always coming from. that is sort of the problem. it is difficult to defend it:
8:52 am
the attack comes at a time. the comedy about a plot to kill north korea's leader. >> kim jong un. sony said it was going to delay the film's release after an unprecedented hacking attack. the u.s. blamed north korea, and denied responsibility. china's only alley is urging pyongyang to take the release lightly. we hope the relevant side can maintain calm and exercise restraint and deal with the issue. >> security experts say there's more cyber attacks, and that the attitudes of cyber criminals are changing. hackers are becoming bolder, spurred on by a sense of immunity, headed by computers across the globe. governments, corporations and consumers are becoming their victims. >> we are joined by brett
8:53 am
larson, tech analyst. thank you so much for being with us. first off. do you believe happened with xbox and playstations. in some ways it was. hackers beyond it realised if we do this now we'll get a lot of attention, the media is talking about this. i want to be known and have great brags rights to say that i brought down the sony playstation network and microsoft - they are good bragging rights? if they are the bragging rights, was this easy to do for gaming service, what does it mean for online data? >> it means in the new year we'll see more of these things, and it is bad because it's very - it's taking time out of our day. i can't log into the bank account. if there's a silver lining, it's
8:54 am
getting us talking about the hacks, and it's starting to inform us that our data may not be as safe as we thought it was, and we are asking questions about that. when you go to the retail store, you are not going to ask the checkout person how safe is the data. >> now you think about it. >> we have to think about it. these are serious risks. >> north korea accused the united states of shut undone its internet. let's look at what the spokesman for the defense commission sis. says. >> if it per sists. arbitrary practices. the u.s. should bear in mind that the political affairs will fays ipp escapable blows. should we be concerned. this is a country, where the internet went dark. a little over 1,000 internet
8:55 am
addresses disappeared. where there are billions, it's not a wired people. we should be concerned of other terrorist groups, other groups that don't like the u.s. >> how did it happen. president obama is blaming north korea. they've been wired enough to do this. >> they are wired enough to get on the internet. they are not like - we have billions of internet addresses in the u.s. they have 1,000. they are not as connected. the people that need to be connected are. >> that's not the majority. >> no. we have to be mindful of the terrorist organization that is do want to do damage to the u.s., that have the ability to do this and may have planned a hand in the attack on sony to begin with, it may not have just been carried out by north korea. it could have been a rogue group. >> we had a guest that said china was involved, and sony had the film on google and youtube. to download for a price.
8:56 am
could people download it ta some internet bug is lurking. >> if you are downloading it from a bit torrent or illegally downloading it, you should be worried. "i got the movie for free", you may have downloaded a host of problems. >> are the legal ones okay. >> i did it yesterday, i had no problems. i'm not going to ask for the two hours of my life back. >> what did you think? >> it was funny stupid. it was pineapple express, this is the end wrapped around north korea. >> brett larson, analyst and host. thank you for being with us saturday morning. >> despite threats against theatres "the interview" did well. it banked over 1 million in ticket sales in the opening. it comes from 331 theatres, which is fewer locations than what was originally planned. it became a best seller on
8:57 am
google play and youtube. sony put up 44 million to make that satire. that will do it for us here in new york city. i'm morgan radford. coming up in two minutes, the latest on the flooding in asia, we leave you with a look in queens new york, where thousands are gathering for the funeral of n.y.p.d. officer rafael ramos. his son called him a hero, saying he couldn't ask for a better role model. officer rafael ramos will be given a funeral that includes all the traditions in that n.y.p.d. brought. he and his partner were killed while sitting in the patrol car in brooklyn. 325,000 police officers from all across the country will be descending as the brothers in blue pay their tribute.
8:58 am
thank you for joining us and spending your saturday morning with us here on al jazeera. i'm morgan radford. >> pan am flight 103 explodes december 21st, 1988 was the right man convicted? >> so many people, at such a high level, had the stake in al-megrahi's guilt >> the most definitive look at this shocking crime >> the major difficulty for the prosecution that there was no evidence >> al jazeera america presents lockerbie part two: case closed >> now available, the new al jazeea america mobile news app. get our exclusive in depth, reporting when you want it. a global perspective wherever you are. the major headlines in context. mashable says... you'll never miss the latest news >> they will continue looking for survivors... >> the potential for energy production is huge... >> no noise, no clutter, just real reporting. the new al jazeera
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in brooklyn. >> rescue teams struggle to reach flood victims in parts of judiciary as hundreds much thousands are effected by heavy rains and landslides. hello, welcome to al jazeera, live from doha. also on the program syria's assad government agrees to take part in peace talks with russia. pakistan criticized for lifting its ban on death sentences. >> we're working on


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