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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 2, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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myself did it really have to be seven kingdoms, why couldn't i have been five kingdoms that would have been a lot. having thrown the ball in the air i feel compelled to keep on juggling them. president obama orders more sanctions on north korea, saying the regime was behind the huge cyber attack on sony. crews board a cargo ship filled with hundreds of migrants. and confront a new tactic used by smugglers. trying to root out i.s.i.l. >> i'm just getting by. who wants to just get by? >> and the new year brings
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raises for many minimum wage workers. but millions more are being left behind. ♪ >> this is al jazeera america. live from new york city i'm toibztonyharris. and we begin with the first response of north korea's hacking of sony. sanctions on the communist nation and the white house says more actions will come. libby casey has more from the white house. >> senior obama officials say this is the a first imposing sanctions on a country because of attacks on a country. they're taking this rare step because of the nature of the hack which they say was instructive and coercive and u.s. officials are standing by the assertion that north korea was responsible for hacking sony pictures. they say that this is part of a
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larger plan to push back against the threat of cyber-attacks. now there are already sanctions in place on many north korean entities including the three targeted today can. today. so this is symbolic in many ways. here are the groups, one is the intelligence gathering arm of the north korean government, other, the being research and development arm, and the other is comed primary arms dear and equipment and goods having to do with ballistic and conventional weapons. what has to do is sanctions on ten individuals most of whom are based in places like syria iran and russia. senior administration officials say these individuals may not be directly connected to the hack but they are responsible for efforts that undermine and go against the relationship with the u.s. governmental. it's not yet known if those
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individuals have assets in the u.s. but officials say if they do they will be frozen and they hope this generally sends a chilling effect and sends a clear message. >> a ship filled with stran stranded migrants. the italian coast guard took control of the ship after the crew put it on auto-pilot and then disappeared. this after another ship bringing almost a thousand migrants to another italian port. simon mcgregor wood has more. >> the ship normally carries livestock it was drifting miles off the italian coast with around 450 migrants on board many from syria including women and children. one used the migrant used the ship's radio to tell the coast guard
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that no one was steering the ship. the mul doaf moldovan ship. hundreds of migrants appears to be a new tactic by human traffickers. >> it is possible they've discovered a new method of purchasing derelict or old crafts that are sea worthy for maybe one last voyage and then reporting that the crew has abandoned ship, they create a kind of an emergency situation. that's what we hear. but it's too soon to judge how much this is going to be the new tactic. >> it's a new challenge for the thinly shipped european agency frontex, charged with patrolling
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europe's maritime borders. the scale is stallering. so far 2015 promises even greater numbers of migrants. simon mcgregor wood, al jazeera. >> the lateest abandoned ship has arrived in the southern italian port. more on the challenges facing the authorities. >> an overwhelming amount of sympathy, that the other parts of the european union is really lacking. triage has been set up because they don't know exactly what peoples conditions are like. he was saying you know there are always going to be migrants, they have got to set up humanitarian corridors to stop the traffickers from being able to do this sort of thing. they are very receptive to the
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suffering of the refugees here in way other parts of europe aren't. they will look at for them here, put them on buses and on to reception centers where they'll be warm and dry they'll figure out what to do after that. by and large it doesn't look like many people have been badly hurt and the boat has been rescued properly. as simon said in this report, the thing that is preoccupying people here is not so much the human tragedy but what if this is the new tactic and what is europe prepared to do, jet son sonning shiches outsonningjettisonjettisoning ships out to sea full of migrants like this. >> between january and october 2014 frontex 123,000 traveled across the central mediterranean
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sea. more than 43,000 traveled through the eastern mediterranean. the united nations said more than 4300 migrants have died while making the journey. earlier i spoke to benjamin ward. he described the situation. >> it is very worrying to see this happening when the weather is much worse where it's much easier for vessels to get into trouble. normally, the crossings tend to stop during the winter. and -- yeah. >> so benjamin what is frontex the amalgamation of resources and nations and is it capable of doing the job necessary here? because at the moment it appears to be overwhelmed. >> yeah, i mean it's the european union's joint border agency. but it doesn't have any personnel or equipment of its own. it relies on eu governments
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supplying their own staff and personnel. but i think it's important to say that it's only very recently taken on the task of patrolling the mediterranean. that task has been carried out for the most of the past year by the italian navy. and it's interesting that this week both of the major rest accuse that we've seen have actually been led by the italians. the eu force was supposed to take over from italy but it's clear the tanlts are still italians are still needed. >> the eu should do more we're hearing that a lot but what more could the eu be doing in your opinion to disrupt this people-smuggling operation? >> fishes they need to increase the scale and scope of their rescue operations. there are other things they could be doing as well. for example the european commission has said that people should be able to claim asylum
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in anniversarying countries so they wouldn't need -- in nearch countries. nearch north yearch countries. african countries. 3 plus million why is qurns rfgz million owner syrian rfgz that there are. >> is you it your belief that the port operators are taking a bit of a payoff? >> there certainly is policing that can be done. but i think it's important to say that whatever the circumstances, you know, there is a responsibility to do everything we can to save lives. and unfortunately the eu's not actually doing enough right now. >> the italian rescue operation
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currently cost the italian government the equivalent of about $11 million a month. a greek ferry that caught fire in the adriatic sea earlier this week arrived in port, palestinian authority submitted its request to the united nations today to join the international criminal court. only members of the icc can be charged with crimes at the hague, and they will ask that the court investigate charges against israel. kristin saloomey has more now from the united nations. >> it's official. the united nations now has palestine's application to join the international criminal court. but where it goes from here is far from clear. >> now, this is a very significant step in which we will be going through it, to
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seek justice through a legal option. it is a peaceful option. it is a civilized option. it is an option that anyone who uphold the law should not be afraid of. >> if the palestine palestinian leadership has its way the court will investigate israel's 2014 invasion of gaza which resulted in the death of some 2,000 civilians and also the ongoing construction of israeli settlements on land the u.n. says belongs to the palestinians. but how far back and to what incidence the court's authority will ultimately apply is open to debate. palestinians could also be charged for war crimes including firing rockets into israel and while most countries recognize palestine as a state israel doesn't. >> the government is very upset because of this loorl unilateral
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state. israel expect that the icc will reject the proposition. >> leve le mans. >> u.s. led peace talks broke down earlier this year but the u.s. and israel say unilateral action he like this will hinder future negotiations. the spokesman for u.n. secretary general ban ki-moon says, 60 days for jurisdiction to kick in and it could take months before the icc decides to take up a case. kristin saloomey, al jazeera united nations.
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>> doctors put king abdalla on a breathing tube. he is being treated for pneumonia. in northern iraq the battle against i.s.i.l. is now being fought house to house. the peshmerga who is the u.s. allies on the ground recaptured a strategic village today on the road to mosul the largest iraqi towncity controlled by i.s.i.l. mohamed adow has the story. >> 80 kilometers outside erbil it is one of the few villages peshmerga fighters recently recaptured from spiel. i.s.i.l.i.s.i.l. i.s.i.l. fighters have battled to recapture it. and as the fighting intensifies focuses on one house. >> they have remained behind after the others retreated.
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>> more kurdish fightsers move closer to the house. they spray it with bullets. [ bullets firing ] >> reporter: there is nothing to confirm their bullets have hit their targets so some of them move even closer. it's a mistake. bullets coming from the house. one of the peshmerga fighters has been shot. he is dead. his colleagues carry his body away. overcome by grief one of them weeps over the body. in another part of sultan abdalla a huge explosion rips through the village. it's a car bomb targeting the peshmerga. more peshmerga enforcements arrive as panic grows. the kurdish forces decide it's time to bring the fieding to an
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end. -- fighting to an end. rocket propelled grenades are their weapon of choice. detecting no movement inside they set what remains of the house on fire. and for now sultan abdalla is back in peshmerga hands. >> translator: this is a very important village as it is on the banks of the river. the highway to mosul also passes here. it means we can stop i.s.i.l. supplies from this direction. >> reporter: these men know too well that it's commissions like the one here that will decide who eventually wins the war. peshmerga fighters may have met modest gains against i.s.i.l. in recent days but they are not yet estimating their opponents. they say they will have to stop i.s.i.l. from advancing any further or they will enter major towns in the kurdish region. mohamed adow, al jazeera florn
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northern iraq. 17,00017,000 civilians were killed there in 2014. roughly double the number of deaths in 2013. more bodies found today from the crash of airasia qz8501. ment many of the bodies spotted buy u.s. navy ship. that brings the total to 30. the remains of three were turned over to the relatives in indonesia. bad weather is hampering the search for the black boxes and more victims. some victims were still strapped in their seats. that suggests the plane was intact when it hit the water. coming up, students are borrowing more money than ever to go to college. also the uphill battle to raise
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one of the lowest minimum wages in the country.
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>> the man who shot president reagan will not face new charges after the death of james brady. brady was the former white house aid that was shot in the head after john hinkley shot at the president. today they said they will not seek a new trial. millions of people got a raise when states raised their minimum wage. for example georgia and wyoming have the lowest minimum wage in the country and they were not among the states that raised those rates. but as robert ray reports for us now some in georgia are trying to change that. >> reporter: on new year's day the minimum wage went up in 20 states and the district of
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columbia. >> still make it but i'm just getting by you know what i'm saying? who wants to just get by? >> for many a life changer and it comes almost exactly a year after president obama called for raising the federal minimum to $10.10 an hour. >> today a mom or dad working full time on the minimum wage doesn't earn enough to make ends meet. that's not right it's wrong. that's why it's long pastime for us to raise the minimum wage. >> the president's effort however is mired on capitol hill. throughout 2015 three more states plus five major cities will be boosting the minimum. >> and though many low wage workers will be getting a raise in 2015, that's just not case in some states. especially here in georgia. >> they wouldn't believe you. >> reporter: state representative and president of the atlanta labor council dewey mclane is trying to change
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that, that would take the wage up to $15 an hour in the peach state. right now it's just $5.15. >> would i have liked to put 20 but then again i'm already being called way out of the box with 15. so this will start the conversation. >> according to mclane he has plenty of support from fellow democrats and will be working to convince republican lawmakers that the state's current rate is not high enough. >> the push back that i hear is that they're saying that we won't make as much profit, we'll be out of business. i say you will not be out of business, you'll still make a profit. >> 15 cents still goes a long way. >> and that means everything to something people. according to a recent bureau of labor report about 3 million low wage workers are getting a pay raise, the highest in the united states is the state of washington at $9.47. meanwhile, congress and the white house continue to battle
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over an increase to the federal wage which the president wants to be $10.10 an hour. robert ray, al jazeera atlanta. >> so as we mentioned georgia is not among 20 states that raised their minimum wage. right now washington, d.c. has the highest at $9.50 per hour. washington state is next at $nine.47 followed by organize at 9.25 per hour. right now 29 states have a minimum wage that is higher than the federal mem wage my knowledge minimum wage of 7.25. i asked andrea morveaux about this. >> are john boehner talked about increasing the benefits to the people at the tom not progressive pacs but at the same time they did very little for
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people at the bottom. and so when you capture economic growth and people are saying the last quarter will be something around 4%, who's benefiting from it? wages went up overall at about 2% tony and when you look at the $8 an hour minimum it is $21,000 a year. that's above or below the poverty line, just slightly above the poverty line for a person, and two children. so you have people who are surviving as the person in the piece said, on little of nothing. so no, these folks are not wrong when they say the deck is stacked. that -- only that, the numbers that we hear, if i tell you it's 21,000 at $8 an hour that's assuming that someone has worked full time 40 hours a week and full year, 52s 52 weeks.
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who are these people? they are the people who prepare our food, the people who make our beds when we are at hotels, the people that take care of our mothers at nursing homes? do they deserve that little money? i don't want minimum wage folks taking care of my mother, they may drop her. we have to pay attention to who's doing this work. >> how should parents and young people to to the respond to the reality right, technology continues to make it easier for companies to do more with fewer people. so what will people need to do to transition themselves to be ready for the new jobs that will be available in the future? >> well, there will be some new jobs. but the tragedy is many of our young people they've played by the rules they've gotten a college degree, they can't find jobs. nearly a third of them are working in retail outlets. i won't mention them but we know who they are earning eight
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$8.50 an hour. you may say that's okay, they're living at home. you don't want a 25-year-old at home parents want ant empty nest and it's not happening for them . >> young people want to be prepared for the technology jobs and tony we say it's tragic, for the technology sector say we have a shortage of trained people so we need to immigrate have technologies workers pep how about strange the people here? >> many in that republican party are itching for a number of fights but certainly one over common core standards of education in this country. oftentimes saying it's too difficult for american students and it's a government overreach a couple of the arguments they're making. at the same time as the country is losing its competitive edge. shouldn't the country have a
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competition argument instead of created by state legislators? >> they should be jogging towards and not away from common core. we want to have a high school diploma whether you're in mississippi or maryland look like the same thing. some of these schools clearly have substandard education systems. and we want to bring them up to the max. the other thing is when president obama came in said he wanted the united states to lead the world in the number of people who graduated either from community college or college. that number is about 40%. we trail countries like ireland. >> yes. >> and i'm not dissing ierltd,ng ireland but the pell grant only covers less than 50% about 45, 40% of tuition, room and board at a state school. we need to cover these young people but we are not doing the
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and the boehner congress is going to do less than we have been doing before. >> my wish of a happy energy to julie malveaux. gm recalled two and a half million vehicles with similar problems of ignition switches. the obama administration announced new sanctions on north korea today but they come with a lot of unanswered questions. that's next. also remembering three time new york governor mario quomo, david schuster is up next why his impact on voters made him a national figure.
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>> new sanctions against north
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korea. president obama issued the executive order in retaliation for the hacking of sony pictures. three north korean operations are sanctioned as well as technological governments ten government officials. joining me is sun yeung lee. it is a pleasure to have you on the program professor. whether north korea was really responsible for the sony attack. what's your view of this? >> i can't think of any other individual or government agency or government that may have a stronger motive, and also, a stronger incentive to show its cyber warfare capabilities than north korea. we know that the north koreans
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defy their leaders reaffirms the government's opposition of the north korea as the culprit for the attack on sony pictures and the threat of attack against american corporations theater chains and the american public in mid december. so whether this will change north korean behavior overnight i don't think anyone really expects that but what it does is instill some psychological burden or fear in the north korean leadership. >> that it has incentive to do this is not proof that it did it right? you'll agree with that? does the united states have responsibility to put more evidence forward in support of these sanctions? >> i think there's no legal responsibility but maybe some
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sort of moral responsibility. >> yeah, yeah. >> or duty to do so. and i wouldn't be surprised if the fbi released more evidence. because understandably, the evidence so-called you know release was not full proof. >> pretty -- yeah. >> that there are alternative theories is no surprise. but again why would anyone else do this? i mean it's a massive serious cyber-attack with legal implications. north korea in the past has launched cyber attacks against even an ngo in washington d.c last year in 2013, pardon me, against many banks government agencies and so forth and by doing this by establishing credibility of its cyber warfare capabilities that north korea has shown the world it has a way to hurt americans. there how painful will these new sanctions be, more than a pinprick or less, more than a
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slap on the wrist? or less? >> the latest announcement by, in itself, doesn't really go beyond anything that the u.s. has done. in fact, those government in the entities whether the u.s. has the political will to take forward these measures, which are quite weak against north korea, the obama administration has been sanctioning perhaps a dozen other countries much more heavily and north korea. there is more it could do. >> there are hints that more might be coming. how much further account can the u.s. go to be tougher you're suggesting to be tougher than the sanctions
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announces today, correct? >> yes, and in the past, such targeted financial sanctions going after north korea's primarily illicit activities, money laundering, sales of drugs and so forth that actually worked between 2005 and 2006 when the bush administration pursued that line of action against north korea. north korea felt a lot of pain, they said so and then the bush administration made a series of stunning concessions after north korea escalated by conducting its first nuclear test in october 2006. it can be done again i think. and one more thing. we have this notion that u.s. sanctions against north korea are maxed out that there is not more that the u.s. can do. that is patently false. the u.s. can for example designate the entire north korean government primary money laundering concern as it has iran and burma. it could do a lot more to really tighten the financial noose
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around kim jong-un the north korean leader. >> it probably won't do it and is hesitant to do it more generally because there is always concern about the reaction from north korea correct? >> that's right. and that's the reason north korea's demonstrated lethal means to attack south koreans u.s. personnel and installations from south korea over the past half century. yes we take north korea quite seriously. at the same time, the athis assault, north korea said it would blow up the blue house and many times this time it really worked in muzzling free speech in the united states. i think backlash the sense of indignation felt by the american public and many people in congress as well as the obama administration was not foreseen by north korea. so who knows. maybe the u.s. will finally firm up and find the resolve to really put some hurt on north korea. >> time to firm up and put some
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hurt on north korea. okay sun yeung lee he is a professor at tufts university. thank you sir for your time. >> thank you. >> yoamario quomo's family says his funeral will be held on monday. his death occurred the same day that his son andrew took office. libby casey has the story. >> he was not shy of being pro-choice supporting civil rights vetoing the death penalty and putting other people ahead of his own presidential aspirations. >> the republicans believe the wagon train will not make it unless some of the weak are left behind on the trail.
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>> this will forever cement his legacy as one of the most gifted orators of his generation. then taking on president reagan and conservatives at a time when liberals felt marginalized. >> there is despair mr. president in the faces that you don't see, in the places that you don't visit in your shining city. >> when he catapulted to national stardom mario quomo already had a deep new york career. running for mayor in 1977 but losing to then congressman ed koch. he would become new york's secretary of state and then lieutenant governor in 1978. quomo was elected governor of new york for the first time in 1982. >> we won because people, people and the passion of belief are still more important than money. >> but it was that 1984 speech that propelled him to become a top pick for presidential runs in 1988 and 1992.
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he backed out both times. his reluctance earning him the nicknameham let on the hudson. governor in 1984, losing to a little known republican state senator, george pataki. >> i've made mistakes but i'm as proud as i can be of what we can canning accomplish together. >> he is survived by his wife, and his two sons. it was yoa mario quomo's are last public opinion he spoke about his dad. >> my father's in this room, he's in the heart and mind of every person who is here, he's here and he's here. and his inspiration and his legacy and his experience is
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what has brought this state to this point. >> libby casey, al jazeera washington. >> and for more on mario quomo's life and legacy david schuster is here. >> tony, such a vibrant legacy, back in the 1980s certainly in the world of politics there was ronald reagan who won election in 1980. democrats 1984 faced a choice and mario quomo says instead of moving towards reagan democrats who wanted less government no, we need to articulate a vision for how government can help people. so ten days, ten days after ronald reagan gave his convention speech, mario quomo goes to the democratic convention and passionately defends liberalism. here is more of that speech. >> the heart truth is, not everyone is sharing in this
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city's splendor and glory. a shining cities is probably all the president seize from the portico or the verren today of his ranch where -- veranda where everybody is doing well. but there is another part to the city the shining city where people can't pay their mortgages and most young people can't afford one where students canned afford the education they need and middle class parents watch the dreams they hold for their children evaporate. in this part of the city there are more poor than ever. more families in trouble more and more people who need help but can't find it. >> tony, he was considered one of the most stirring convention speeches of the era ted kennedy in 1980, jessie jackson 1988. and mario quomo's stood out. he wasn't the democratic nominee, it was walter mon mondale.
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walter mondale erchtded up getting crushed in the general -- ended up get crushed in the general election. >> i know he wasn't a baptist minister but he sure sounded like one. >> it fueled such anticipation and speculation that the democrats could have another kennedy-like speaker in 1988 or 1992. and mario quomo kept a lot of people waiting. there was a plane in albany that was literally fueled and ready to take him to new hampshire so he could sign the papers. there was full press conference coverage. but he says so many troubles in new york i can't do it. >> the reagan speech, and quomo follows, thank goodness for
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youtube. david schuster appreciate it, david schuster with us. aids for democratic senator harry reid, says he will be back after breaking bones in his ribs and face. reid's office says he will -- that he actually fell off of a piece of equipment. police in sweden are looking for a person who threw a molotov cocktail at a mosque on new year's day. jonah hull has a report. >> no signs remain of the attack on new year's day in this mosque near stockholm. this said go home muslim scum, replaced by signs of solidarity.
6:43 pm
this one on christmas day in the southwest of sweden injured five muslim worshipers. five days later further south another mosque targeted by suspected arsonists. reflects a society shocks by signs of religious intolerance and intensified debate about immigration. >> i don't know what to say really, people are so rude these days. how can you do something like that? consider like we, not you you and you? it's just we, you know, muslim, you know, you are from the same. >> everybody can't believe in everything. doesn't matter where you are coming from. we are hear to support but it doesn't matter. >> sweden takes in the largest number of refugees and asylum
6:44 pm
seekers per capita than any country in the european union and broadly speaking, that's a pretty popular thing 60% approval according to a 2014 survey on government participation not everyone is happy, the far right democrats did pretty well, they want immigration cut by a full 90% and their support is growing. >> translator: mosque authorities told us that the relatively harmless attacks so far would get worse. >> translator: the members of the community are very sad. and at the same time, very worried. it's not only what has happened here in ipsala, but also the incidents in the whole country. >> reporter: the government says the attacks aren't representative of the country. instead they do represent what is for the moment a very small minority. jonah hull, al jazeera upsala, sweden. in shanghai grieving
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relates, not clear what sparked the chaos on new year's eve. speculation someone was tossing money into the crowd after the stampede started. malaysia says it could cost hundreds of millions are dollars to rebuild after the intense flooding. thousands are still stuck in being elevation centers. karishma via is on the ground. >> trying to salvage anything she can. her home is buried in mud and her father is struggling to dig through it. shafika's neighborhood was one of the worst hit when flood waters gushed through malaysia's northeast last week. her family escaped to an evacuation center.
6:46 pm
but nothing could prepare them for their return home. >> i'm worried because i'm afraid my family won't be able to sleep comfortably like before or eat as much as before. >> many simply don't know where to begin. people in this neighborhood have been cleaning up for past three days but as you can see it has made little difference. with no running water or electricity it could be weeks before they can live in their homes again. assessing the damage is still difficult for the government. the areas affected are extensive. and basic infrastructure like power lines and roads have been destroyed. officials say rehabilitation could run into millions of dollars. >> getting data is a challenge. because it's break down in
6:47 pm
communications, but we know some 70% of cities, as of now. >> but some critical institutions like this hospital in kota baru are racing to reopen their doors. staff here continue to look after around 400 patients, even when they were surrounded by a sea of water. >> we are running about 50% capacity. most of the staff that could not come because either their house are flooded or the road leading to the hospital are flooded. >> for families like shafika's recovery will painstaking and slow. they live in a community that already had very little. now they are left with nothing. karishma vaias, al jazeera kota baru. up next, more about bad luck than bad habit.
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t the journalists live.
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>> so researchers say they have discovered most types of cancer are due to bad luck. not people's lifestyles. hmm. scientists found that two types of cancer types they analyzed were caused by random mutation of cells. roxana saberi is here with the story. roxana. >> scientists at johns hopkins say responsible is only part of the time. the rest is up to chance. scientists at johns hopkins university and the bloomberg public health, say cancer has more to do with lifestyle than bad luck. >> science has told the layperson what many of us in oncology have speculated about and believed for some time.
6:51 pm
and that is that some people can do everything that we say you should do to prevent getting cancer yet you're still going to get cancer. >> reporter: our cells naturally divide and replicate themselves. but sometimes those cells mutate and become cancer cancerous. they found that two-thirds of them divided more frequently increasing the chance they'd mutate and develop cancer. the research concluded remarkably, this bad luck explains more than hereditary and environmental factors. that influences only about a third of cancer types but some doctors caution this doesn't mean that people shouldn't take care of their bodies. smoking is still linked to lung cancer and overexposure to sun is linked to skin cancer. >> people who smoke people who have bad diet, lack of physical activity actually have even more
6:52 pm
of these cancers that are more likely to break through and be clinically relevant cancers. >> living healthy may be important but may not involve the brain and pancreas. finding more ways to detect those cancers at early and curable levels. thinks only about half of cancers are due to bad luck. tony he says the other half are highly influenced by things like smoking and obesity. >> happy new year roxana. >> thank you same to you. >> florence louie reports from beijing. >> it's rare that you get to see a clear blue sky in beijing. more often than not the city is
6:53 pm
enveloped in smog. factory eapplications as well as coal burning. most people here start their day by tracking the air quality index, air pollution in the air. starting there year more than 330 cities across china will be required to release real time data on air quality. viewing these are data concepticly as they do in beijing. there is usually discrepancies between the two with chinese data showing lower levels of pollution. they insist their readings are more accurate because they are taken across several locations in the city. part of the chinese leadership's attempt to show it's series and transparent about tackling pollution. it also comes just as an advise law on the environment will take
6:54 pm
effect. will allow prosecutors to bring criminal charges. perhaps an indication that chinese officials are serious about getting tougher on polluters, fining several companies a total of $26 million for polluting the environment. >> well the number of reported rapes in india is growing but is it because of a spate of new attacks? or a bold new approach? ines has details after the break. only on al jazeera america
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primetime news. >> welcome to al jazeera america. >> stories that impact the
6:56 pm
world, affect the nation and touch your life. >> i'm back. i'm not going anywhere this time. >> only on al jazeera america. >> the number of rapes reported in deli have actually gone up by 31% in the past year, a little over 2,000 of them were reported in 2014 and now the police department is launching an app to increase that number. ines is here with that story. >> women are more willing to come forward the data sparked reactions and women's safety is, 96% feel unsafe, 86% have faced
6:57 pm
sexual harassments after dark. put cameras on buses and create fast-track courts. women's safety 2015, none can expect respect until men respect their mothers. the app will automatically start recording the environment now some say it's a step in the right direction. others say it's really not enough with raul writing: launch the app in deli simply for deli women assuming every woman has costly smartphone. increasing in rape, must be followed up with investigation. 35% of reported cases in deli
6:58 pm
are pending. and another user is saying, so disappointed hope the app helps. >> you're going to need that and a few more things and a change in thinking particularly among the men in that society. >> true. >> it has to be said. ines appreciate it, thank you. a royal scandal is in the offing. prince andrew has been named in a sex lawsuit in florida. a woman is suing a man named jeffrey epstein who is a friend of the prince. she claimed epstein force he her to have sex with andrew. denies improper relationship. hollywood is happy to turn the cloarnd the the new -- calendar to the new year. 20-year low. rob reynolds tells us what is ailing the movie business. >> there was bad news at the box office for the u.s. movie industry last year as ticket
6:59 pm
sales declined to their lowest level in almost 20 years. overall, the number of tickets sold was down in 2014, by about 6%. and the box office receipts, that's amount of money that theaters made, was down by about 5%. why is this happening? there are several reasons. one of them the movies were not very popular. hollywood's habit of recycling sequels of its action films and previous block busters finally caught up with it this past year, with franchises of spiderman, the hunger games and transformerrers didn't do as well as their previous incarnations had done. also, the increasing habit of americans to watch video on demand depressing sales. video on demand, people can get their entertainment fix without
7:00 pm
getting up off the couch. >> that is all the time for our news hour, i'm tony harris. we encourage you to head over to our website patricia sabga is in for ali velshi on "real money." have a good weekend. >> after a six-year struggle to pull out of the great recession, america is poised to set the tone for growth around the globe. we'll look at who wins and who loses in the world economy in 2015. >> vladimir putin's russia kicks off the new year engaged with a new cold war in the u.s. falling oil prices are only part of the story. plus, the white house takes action against kim jong-un's north korea for the cyber attack on so