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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 4, 2015 4:00am-4:31am EST

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israel freezes palestine's tax revenues over its bid to join the international criminal court. hello i'm martine denise. also to come. a new sighting of the airasia wreckage but bad weather prevention recovery. people living near this area in dhaka say they're suffering
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from industrial waste. s palestinian leaders have accused israel of trying to starve their people. that could lead to israel being investigated for international war crimes. charles stratton reports. the war lasted 50 days and left over 2,000 palestinians dead. said responding to hamas rocket fire. 72 israelis died in the war all but six of whom were israeli soldiers. now after the palestinian government moves to join the international criminal court accusing israel of war crimes he israel says it will withhold
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$127 million of tax revenue from the palestinian government. >> will not be able to pay the schools the hospital the medical supplies the milk the bread. so this tax will affect the whole nation. it shows the very israeli occupation is not only concerned about occupation, but when it comes to exercising collective punishment they are putting 4 million palestinians starving them overtaking them because they want to act with impunity. >> israel says the palestinian bid for membership of the icc hinders efforts to restart peace talks. >> the reason we need some leverage to prevent the derailing of the chance of a peaceful settlement. settlement kc reached by negotiation. not for complaints to
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international criminal court. palestinians c can make accusation he of israelis and israelis will make accusations of palestinian, they not going to advance us. >> it is disturbing to hear of the israeli government's attempts to punish palestine for effectively signing up for a process that responds to the rule of law. it is hypocritical to say this is not conducive to the peace process. we don't normally punish states for signing up to international treaties. >> the attempt to sign up for the international criminal court could affect the implications of united states aid. it says it is investigating around 90 incidents of acts committed by its soldiers. israel's military campaign
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flattened thousands of palestinian homes and further destroyed an economy that had already suffered years under israel's blockade. and rebuilding gaza could take decades. and the vital tax revenue being withheld will only make that harder. charles stratton, al jazeera. >> collecting tax revenue on behalf of the palestinian authority and then disburse those funds. >> that's right. this was agreed upon under the oslo accords and also because israel controls the borders here. this is one of the signs of the occupation which is why it collects these taxes which is basically coming from customs revenue, va tfort and things likeva -- vat and thingslike that.
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they have done the had before, every time the palestinians do something that the israelis don't agree with, for example the statehood bids at the u.n et cetera, et cetera they withhold this money. to put this into perspective the israelis don't want to withhold it forever. they don't want to see the pa collapse because that will also be a huge problem for israel but that is a first concrete step that israel has taken to the icc bid. the words that have come out in reaction to this is if israel wants to be held not accountable at the icc then it should end its occupation. the need for palestinian state say the talks are not going anywhere. trying at the u.n. to get a resolution to set a timetable for the end of occupation has failed. they say their backs are against the wall and this is really the
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last resort. the icc was the trump card the palestinians have been holding and they have now played it. >> this shows how much utter control the israelis have over the running of the palestinian territories. i was just wondering how soon do you think the effects of this withholding of funds will be felt? already talk about milk and bread not being able to be bought for the schools and kids. >> we'll have to see the effects, it hasn't happened yet. israel says half the funds that were supposed to be paid in september won't go through. there is a cabinet meeting taking place in about an hour or so. we're expected to hear from the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu. it has a real effect on the street, people rely on this money for salaries, the government relies, two-thirds of
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the pa revenue comes from this fund, perhaps they would be withholding some of the aid money that it gives to the palestinians, so really the word from the leadership and from the people here is that they feel they're on their own even though there is the this language of international recognition that the palestinians deserve their state, there is no translation on the ground. there is no pressure on israel to hold settlements the peace talks are going nowhere. the response of the united states to the icc bid no state or no one should be punished for signing an international law a body that withholds international law very complicated and certainly doesn't -- no conducive signs or atmosphere to reengage those talks at the moment.
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>> stefanie dekker reporting. 31 bodies from the yaishedz flight have beenairasia flight have been recovered. meanwhile the transport minister is threatening to ground the airline because the plane should not have been in the air at all. step vaessen has the story. >> the airline has been found to be operating the flight that went down without a proper license. the minister of transfer doesn't rule out more sanctions. he says he is investigating everyone involved. >> air traffic control organizations, the airport management and the airasia. and also, the other airlines.
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and also, the whole play in this air transport. in the scheduled air transport. including our own people. if any airlines does the same thing we will cancel the license. of the route the specific route. if everybody doing it we will cancel everything. >> aviation analysts say it is not only airasia which has been breaching regulations. indonesia's air agencies have a poor record. down graded the international safety rating in 2007. many things have not improved since then. >> translator: there was some
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improvements but i would have to say nothing specific or consistent. we wasted a lot of time. >> reporter: airplanes here are not equipped to deal with the rapidly growing airline industry. the main airport has the capacity to deal with only one-third of passengers. leading to possibility of air collisions because of the heavy air traffic. >> jakarta is now one of the busiest airports in the world. more indonesians can afford to fly. a booming air traffic. >> please help indonesia. >> european union please come here. please help indonesia. are you happy that we have these accidents so you can punish us? you oar developed region.
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your -- you are a developed region we buy many airbuses from you. >> while the minister of transport says he wants to take bold measures to improve indonesia's air safety record, rescuers have detected large portions of the plane at the bottom of the sea increasing the chances of finding the black box flight recorder soon. step vaessen, al jazeera indonesia. broke into the house where the men were staying and spraited them from muslims. the kidnapped men were working in libya to support their families in egypt. the family of a libyan queald suspect just days before going on trial is accusing washington of neglecting his
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health. abu anas al-libi died just days before his trial was scheduled to begin in new york. he was accused of helping to plan the attacks on the u.s. embassies in kenya and tanzania that cild 224 people. the bombings triggered a years-long man hunt that resulted in the death capture or imprisonment of 18 suspected al qaeda operatives. >> the big take away, is that terrorism is a crime that can be fought very specifically. >> taken to the u.s. naval vessel san antonio in the med trainan and questioned for a this is mediterranean and
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questioned for a week. during that he was threatened and made incrim necessitating statements under duress. he was a close associate of osama bin laden prosecutors say, and joined al qaeda in the early 1990s. but al libi's lawyers say he had no connection with the organization after 1994. he had hepatitis and liver cancer. he was taken to a new york city hospital on december 31st. after which his condition deteriorated rapidly. one of his sons said he neglected his father's health and hastened his death. >> translator: wee hold the u.s. government fully responsible for death of my father. >> reporter: of the alleged al qaeda operatives indicted for the crimes, ten are in u.s.
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prisons and two are awaiting trial. two including ayman al zawahri remain at large. >> still to come. outrage in france after a conservative mayor refuses to let a roma baby to be buried in his town. his town.
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ais. >> hello again i'm martine dennis. here is a reminder of the top stories here in al jazeera. palestinians are accusing
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israel from starving their people by holding $126 million of tax revenue. israelis take this step after palestinian apply to the international criminal court. airasia wreck another part is found in the java sea. abu anas al-libi was accused of being involved in the u.s. embassy bombs in tanzania. a ship abandoned with hundreds of migrants on board. a new tactic by human smugglers.
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>> passengers are sure they saw gang ways littered with possessions, suitcases stuffed with all they could bring on the voyage left abandoned. too late to escape the vessel that had promised them freedom from their prison. transporting cattle, cages designed for animals were the migrants sleeping quarters. hours earlier they had gathered on the decks wrapped against the cold night air as the izideen was finally brought on shore. an italian naval team one of their number giving voice to the passion and frustration. >> we need to create humanitarian corridors to allow these people to arrive in europe in a way that is free from the
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greedy human traffickers that speculate on desperate people. >> the italian coast guards have been forced to board the izidedeen by helicopter. after it became clear that the crew had simply abandoned the ship to the mercy of the sea. after another vessel with nearly a thousand on board had to be rescued close to the italian coast, the commander of the italian coast guard said he believed the crew had deliberately abandoned it with the knowledge that the italian navy would attempt an rescue. >> it is deliberate, no respect for human life. >> do you expect they will do more like this? >> we expect there can be other there can be new cases. we worry this. we worry there will be new cases. >> the fear that voyages like
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that of the izideen represent a new strategy of the people smugglers, it is one that is increasingly concerning the authorities. this bolt load of migrants are safe for now but others may not be so lucky. harry smith, al jazeera. >> the leader of yemen's shia houthi movement has rejected a plan to federalize the country. the agreement would have spread the government into six states. the capital sanaa has now dismissed the plan. the leader says his group has planned to move into the oil rich marev province. he says to stop it moving into the lands of al qaeda. omar it's an indication of yemen today that what was so difficult to achieve late last year has now been thrown out of the
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window the transitional plan that we thought the houthis had agreed to. >> yes, that's right. they seem -- the houthis in particular seem to have backtracked what they agreed on that plan, it's called the national dialogue conference and it took over a year for all the political parties and players in this country to agree on, it was agreed that yemen will be divided into six regions to try and sort out all the grievances and to be more just in the distribution of wealth. in july the houthis went to sweep on through main provinces including the capital in september and in yesterday's speech abdel meliki made it very clear that his group was opposed
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to dividing yemen into six regions. a plan to divide and make this nation weak. groups want to region, one in the north one in the south to consolidatingconsolidate their grip, oil and sea port and make sure they have lifetime support to the group. >> and presumably this will add fuel then to the aspiration of those in the south those who want to break away from what is modern day yemen. >> yes, that's right. the general feeling here that this is what's going on in this country, the political landscape has changed once and for all. now people wanted to hear it from officials in this country. however, the president is seen
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very weak. he didn't come out and say this is the new reality. however, people here think that this country is run by the houthi group and in a separate development relating to all of this is that a study of the group here in the capital issued a damning report putting up the death toll for 2014 up to 7,000 people and says the army is virtually nonexistent. divided and weak. and that the entire transitional process that followed the toppling of former president ali abdel el sali has failed. >> thank you. myanmar is celebrating the 60th anniversary of its independence from britain. it's the first such event since the military coup of 1962.
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cooler weather conditions in south australia are helping firefighters from containing a massive blaze. at least 12 houses in the adelaide area are lost. winds that have fanned the flames have eased. and helping firefighters bring a huge bush fire under control. a mayor in france is accused of racism after refusal to allow the burial of a roma baby in his town. he says there's a shortage of burial plot in the pairs suburb where roma people live without running water or electricity. the former greek presidential george papandreiou
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was prime minister when the euro zone crisis broke and he agreed to greece's first bailout agreement in 2010. the polls are expected to be close with syriza holding a slim lead. and one of grease's most wanted fugutives has been captured after nearly a year on the run. krisko dulos zeros died his hair blond and grew a beard to disguise his appearance. the left wing armed group has targeted several politicians and diplomats. and the bay of an in senegal used to be famous for its sandy area because of pollution
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nicholas hawk reports from dhaka. >> this beach was famous for its butte. peep called it the co copa cabana of senegal. sewage has turned into a constant stream of industrial waste poured directly into the ocean. slaughterhouses and chemical factories use the bay as their dumping site. the stench is unbearable. annjai is concerned. >> they constantly suffer from diarrhea and respiratory are
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complications. >> the level of organic matter in the water is ten times above international standards. it contains extremely high levels of mercury and cadmium. these are toxic chemicals that damage the nervous system. this water isn't just polluted, it's poisonous. billions of liters are being released everyday. none of the factory owners are fined or prosecuted. >> they ploy thousands of people and they are an important contributor to the community. we can't just stop them, we need a long term solution. >> france and the eu are helping. it will not stop the pollution but will take years to build. too late she believes, she believes too many people have become comfortable to live with
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pollution. nicholas hawk, al jazeera bay of vandecar. >> a or the tuesday died two years ago at the age of around 100. kristin saloomey reports. >> he was discovered on the galapagos island in 1971, at a time when his subspecious scientists believed were nearly extinct. >> we might still have the pinto or the tutionpintotortpintoorpintotortpintotortois
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still here. >> does of specious go extinct every day. >> this isthis is lonesome george. although he may be gone his legacy lives on. >> we read the story and we talked about are extinction means, i think she understands that they all died i said. >> yeah. >> just to have opportunities to see it, it's wonderful. >> there are a lot of talk about things are going extinct. >> teaching a new generation about the fragility of life on
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earth. be kristin saloomey, al jazeera new york. >> you can go to the al jazeera website to find more out about lonesome george. that's . >> 2014 was not the year when americans had an honest heart to heart. we yelled at each other plenty though. that's inside story. >> hello, i'm ray suarez. when the team that puts inside story together for you day after