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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 4, 2015 6:00am-6:30am EST

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turmoil - shi'a houthi rebels control 70% of the army i'm shiulie ghosh with the world news. also coming up palestinian leaders accuse israel of trying to starve their people as it withholds tax revenue. the air asia - bad weather is not helping. >> and exploring pluto and beyond. we look at the inter-galactic
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missions for this year. a new report detailed a political cost of the turmoil medium. according to the strad eegeic studies, 7,000 were killed a threefold increase. the houthi movement controls 70%. the report - political transition failed. omar sala is in the yemeni capital. the leader has come out. and officially the objection of the group to the idea of dividing yemen into six regions - the houthi leader
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saying that this is organised and orchestrated by the countries to have a week with yemen. the moves was represented in the meeting, which led to the agreement providing yemen into last year's. over the capital, in december i think they are importing the political will in a separate development, a leading n.g.o. in the capital put a picture for the company. about 7,000 during 2014. 70% of the army's capabilities are in the hands of the houthis. >> palestinian leaders are accusing israel of starving their people of with holding
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a million dollars. israel is inspecting the payment. joining the international criminal court. the palestinian officially see it is on friday. it could launch prosecutions against the war crimes. israel collects faxes for the palestinians -- taxes for the palestine yaunsd the 1993 oslo accord. >> that means that israel has punitive measures. victoria gatenby has more. >> reporter: this is not the first time israel has frozen taxes to the palestinian authority. in pay 2011 israel withheld hundreds of millions. december 2012 israel withheld more than $120 million in response to the overwhelming general assembly the state of palestinian - similar punishment
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in april 2014 after pa president mahmoud abbas fought to join the series -- applied to join a series of conventions. without the money, the palestinians cannot pay the 165 thouds public sec for -- 165,000 public sector please that they employ - police nurses and teachers. the economy's government is dependent. the employees and the money they spend form the economic backbone of the territory. >> a senior palestinian official says israel is afraid. >> the national meeting of this occupation has become the longest in modern history, more than 47 years of occupation is
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enough. the system of appetite is worse. that is the problem. israel has been impugnive to international law, to the fact that the collective punishment. for the first time they'll be held accountable in front of the international community. if they are sure they are in the courts because they did not commit crime. why be afraid. in 51 days, killing, 2, 070 people, injuring many of whom - so what we are doing is an act - in northern iraq peshmerga
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forces have been fighting around sultan abdullah. we have been speaking with peshmerga fighters near the village. >> we are on the front line of the peshmerga forces. it's the strategic village of sultan abdullah 80 kilometres from the region of kurdistan in northern iraq. we cannot go to the village, because there are fighters held up in the village, it's where there was heavy fighting two days ago between peshmerga and i.s.i.l. fighters. although at one point the peshmerga say they were in control of the town they say now that there are pockets of resistance in the town and get incoming fire from the
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positions. we have seen it as unexploded, particularly mortars. which the lost to some meb. the village is close to the strategic i.s.i.l. stronghold also and they don't want to lose it they are using it. the peshmerga are closer. what the peshmerga here are telling us it is a source of water, the main town around this place, which is far from here. it's on the highway to mosul. they say get in control of the village within the possibility to cut the i.s.i.l. supplies. >> bad weather is preventing us
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from the airplane. 31 bodies have been recovered, and they have found another large object on the seabed. the minister threatened to grab the airline, because the explained have been in the airline at all. >> reporter: even before the crash on december he's been flying to the indonesian city. that's because the airline has been found. the minister of transport is investigating everyone involved. >> the airport, and the airasia and also the other airlines and
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also. play. in this airtransport. in this schedule airtransport. including our own people. if any airlines - the same thing. we will withhold the licence of the route, the specific route. if everybody doing it we do anything. >> analysts say it's not only airasia that's breaching relations. they have a boar safety record nearly all the air lines are banned. after the international aviation downgraded aviation safety ratings. many say things have not improved since then. >> there was improvement, but i
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say nothing persistent. we wasted a lot of time. >> the main airport has the capacity to deal with a third of the flow. this is because of heavy traffic. >> many indonesians can now afford to nigh an average of 164,000 passengers fly from indonesia every day. a booming industry. instead of tracking jakarta, the transport minister says european union should help >> reporter: european union, please come here help indonesia. are you happy we have these accidents so you can punish us?
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your airline industry is developed. we by many airbuses from you. >> reporter: bold measures are needed to improve indonesia's safety measures to see why the flight crashed in the java sea. killing 162 people large parts of the plane, increasing the chances of finding the black box soon north korea has reacted angrily to sanctions imposed by the united states. president obama authorised them for hacking a film company, sony picture. north korea called it hostile and aggressive and denied involvement in the hacking of sony. they were not happy with a film "the interview," an assassination plot against the leader kim jong un the family of an al qaeda suspect died in custody before
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the trial. . >> i'm reporting from the occupied west bank. what is meant to be helping palestine find their way around.
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back, you are watching al jazeera. let's remind you of the top story, a new report says 7,000 people were culled in yemen -- killed in yemen, a three-fold increase.
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large parts have been taken over the county including the capital. in northern iraq kurdish peshmerga forces are battling i.s.i.l. fighters around the village. they gained full control a few days ago palestinian leaders are accusing israel of trying to starve people withholding $127 million. the leadership officially applied to join the international criminal court. >> driving around the occupied west bank can confuse the palestinian authorities. they are not allowed to put up road signs. in the area under israeli control. the villages can't be referred to. we have this report from the occupied west bank. >> reporter: if you relied on signs in fields line palestinian
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towns and villages. that's because the government doesn't allow the palestinian authority to put the road side inside. so many use the heeb rue names. we stopped. where they thought they were. >> translation: normally we know the street. >> yitsar is a street nestled here. >> this road leads to a palestinian area. >> area is in our village, i can't remember the name. trailing across the west bank is a change for palestinians. settlers have exclusive use. palestinians have used segregated roads. across the west bank in areas under full israeli control. not only the arabic names.
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even arabic spellings of hebrew names have been replaced. attempts to put up road signs have failed. it doesn't allow us to put street signs. they feared the signs were confused. >> the issue is about more than finding your way around. >> the most eminent danger is when the colognials. another danger is the place of the original... this means the ultimate success of the project. palestinians have set a goal-building settlements to break up the integrity of any
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future palestinian state. it's an example. they are areas and people's connection to the past the family of an al qaeda suspect who died days before standing trial is accusing the u.s. abu anas al-liby was accused of involvement in the 1998 u.s. bombings in east dakar. keenan reynolds reports abu anas al-liby died days before the trial was scheduled in new york. he was accused of planning the attack in kenya and killed 224 people. the bombings triggered a year na resulted in the death, capture and imprisonment of al qaeda
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separatists. >> they can be fought successfully, and can get suspicions. >> u.s. army commandos snatched abu anas al-liby off the streets of the libyan capital and was taken to the u.s. naval vessel in the mediterranean and questioned. abu anas al-liby said that during this interrogation, they were threatened. they pleaded not guilty to federal conspiracy charges. he was a close say associate of osama bin laden in the early '90s abu anas al-liby's attorney said he had no connection with the organization. he this severe health problems, including hepatitis and liver cancer. prosecutors say he was in the new york city hospital. after which his position
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deteriorated. he told al jazeera that u.s. officials neglected his father and hastened his death. >> translation: we find the u.s. fully responsible for the death of my father. >> reporter: of the 21 al qaeda occupants indicted, many are dead. six are serving life in prison and two awaiting trial. three, including al qaeda remain at large. al jazeera continues to demand the immediate release of the three journalists imprisoned in egypt. peter greste, mohamed fadel fahmy and baher mohamed wrongly were convicted of broadcasting false news which they and al jazeera deny. thursday an appeals court in cairo ordered a recount. lawyers filed requests for them
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to be deported from egypt. cooler weather conditions in south australia are helping fire fighters contain massive bushfires, 12 homes in the adelaide hills have been buoyed by fire. wind conditions that fanned the flames have eased. firefighters bring another huge fire under control. >> 67 years for the day since britain granted independence to what was known as burma. myanmar has been celebrating with a military parade. last month's school attack in the pakistani city was followed by economicics. we have this report from peshmerga. many are hopeful of a better
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future. >> it has not rained this winter in pakistan. especially among the poor. as the new year arrives, they hold concerns. >> i hope 2015 will be a peaceful year and my business will prosper. if the bomb blast doesn't kill there'll be a bomb blast that will affect the livelihood. r this man sells gore a home-made cake. it costs less than a dollar. the area is threatened economically. years he shot. definitely we will achieve the
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targets. because the goal lasts one. we are facing the problems of security. they made the atmosphere. it will be definitely increased within six months. children in a school attack drew the attention of the world to the area. pakistan received 3.2 billion. critics say the bulk of that money to defense and security for the government. that's for the moment too much prioritising of it diverts funds and the economy. the two are linked in the eyes of many. >> i think this year will bring it because for the first time
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the government and the military are in front. fighting the residents. if there's peace, there'll be investment and job opportunity for the people. and everywhere here will benefit. life is hard here with high unemployment. hundreds of renewed insecurity. the most these people aspire to at the moment is to keep the heads above water. now, a mayor in france as been accused for refusing to bry a baby from a roma community. local fax pairs should receive priority he said and there was a shortage of burial. where roma police lived with running water and electricity. a funeral has been arranged after a mayor in a neighbouring town intervened.
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the bay of hann in senegal was was known for pristine waters. it is now an environmental disaster area. nicholas hashing went to see why. hashingque. >> many used to come here to swim. some here are trying to clean the shore line look at it now. it has been turn food a stream of sterile waste poured into the ocean. slaughter houses tanneries, making it a dumping site. this woman cleaned it when she realised the waste was making children in her neighbourhood sick. >> they suffer from dyer year and respiratory problems.
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we have to take them to the doctor. i am sure it's due to pollution. >> i took a sample of water and took it for testing. the results are astounding. >> the level of water is about international levels. these are chemicals that damage. this is not just pollutants it's poisonous. billions of litres continued to be released into the ocean, slowly killing wildlife. it's illegal, yet no factory owners sfrined. -- have been fined. >> translation: they employ thousands, but there is in no long-term solution. >> reporter: france and the e.u. are paying for a water filter. it will increase the quality of the water, but will not help the
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pollution. it will take years to build. too late says this womaning believing too many have been affected. not early enough to preserve the beach from the crash of virgin reason equal -- virgin galactic's spacecraft and more we look at missions planned ahead >> reporter: after a nine year journey through space n.a.s.a.'s horizon craft makes an approach. coming within 10,000km of the surface of a world we know little about. >> pluto, not a planet. will be visited by a spacecraft in 2015.
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it's the first time this heavenly body will be visited by a spacecraft launched a decade ago. it's mined bog lipping. in april, another craft arrives. between the orbits. 17,000 trekable objects larger than a coffee cup are in orbit around the earth. they are a threat to satellites and the european space agency is set to test the capture technology based on the fishing net. the nets being in space, you don't have a problem or drag. the net reaches the body of the debris it impacts on the debris, and they continue their course. they wrap around. they disentangle.
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>> once caught they plan to drag the debris to earth. >> late last year the european space agency landed on the surface of a comet. it is still orbiting the nucleus and spends most of the year analysing it as it approaches the sun. >> you'll see water and gas and other materials. for many scientists it's a big year. >> reporter: in jan n.a.s.a. plans to launch a satellite to monitor charged particles from the sun. it can cause damage to power and community systems on earth, putting up one to explore a magnetic field. india, china, japan and russia are launching a number of satellites. these are intended to enhance communications and give us a better communication of our planet's place in the solar
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