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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 4, 2015 9:00am-9:31am EST

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>> taking oarch yemen.-- over yemen. houthi rebels are now estimated to comprise 70% of the army. have dividing the country into six states. palestinians accuse israel of trying the starve are their people. cooler weather in australia not expected to last. and a pair of france is accused
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of racism for refusing to allow the burial of a baby from the roma community. >> first let's start with breaking news from somalia. heavy explosion from the mogadishu area. yemen, 100 kilometers south from sanaa, four people killed and hundreds wounded. >> in yemen a detail of the political cost of the turmoil. 7,000 people were killed, in fighting there a 2,000% increase from 2011.
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70% of the army's equipment and assets. after it took over large portions of yemen and sanaa. the latest from the yemeni capital sanaa. >> it is the first time the rebel leader of the houthis came out and announced his plan to divide yemen into seven are parts. all the key political players in this country including the houthis. what changed is the heufghts houthis have the will or the power to impose
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their political will. moving on, an ngo in this country, a research center based in the capital of sanaa painted a grim picture, about 7,000 civilians or rather people died in the violence. the country's military is very weak. the army and military are divided and that the houthi rebels are now in control of 70% of the army's capabilities. >> palestinian people are accusing israel of trying to starve their people by withholding tax they could launch prosecutions against israelis for alleged war crimes. >> translator: the palestinian authority has chosen to launch a confrontation with the state of
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israel and we will not sit idly by. the ones who should face justice are the heads of the palestinian authority. idf will continue to defend israel with determination and might. as they defend us we will defend them with the same determination and might. >> that means israel can also withhold revenue as punitive measure. secretary general of the palestineian body. >> we are sick and tired of this, more than 47 years of
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occupation is enough. apartheid as in south africa, collective punishment. >> palestineians in toronto of international community if israel is sure that they will not be held accountable at the criminal court because they did not commit crimes then why are they so afraid and so worried? they and the united states. they know very well they have committed war crimes, destroyed 96,000 houses in 51 days and killing 2370 people and jirk 17 injuring 17 thousand of whom many were children. >> al news rah front, in the
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kala rksmoon region. land mines that are controlled by hezbollah and the lebanese army. injured more than 30 civilians during shelling in the country side. many homes in duma were destroyed. in iraq kurdish peshmerga forces were reportedly in full control a few days ago. mohammad adow is on the ground. >> close to the strategic village of sultan abdalla near the semi autonomous the area of
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the. sultan abdalla is aware there was heavy fighting, add one point the peshmerga set they were encircling all of the town, they say there are pockets of resistance in the town. at this front line we've seen some unexploded ordnance. one of the reason some don't want to lose the position is they are using it as a defensive
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position so peshmerga doesn't move closer to i.s.i.l. it is a source of water for the main town around this place which is not far from here and it is also often the highway to mosul and they say getting control of this village will give them the possibility to cut i.s.i.l. supplies. >> part of the state of i.s.i.l. alliance. >> public against maliki's government are still doing the same position and are still on the same foot. i think mr.-- dr. ah abad you will have a very difficult time to change or sway the atmosphere in those areas. because these are deep political
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rooted issues. we have to remember, the baath party was strongest in mosul and those baathists make the majority of i.s.i.l. and they managed to insight the simple public opinion in those areas to mobilize the sunnis against the government. this is still going on, i think dr. haider al-abadi will have a hard time to convince people otherwise. they believe their rights have been taken away from them, the oil goes kurdistan and no one has the share of the running of the government, and they want
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more the danger is still there the environment is still very volatile. and the danger still exists dividing iraq into two three separate states completely different than each other. >> six suspected fighters have been killed in a village in aflgz, strike was aimed at the strong hold of a taliban linked warlord. ic 66 it's 60 years to the day that britain granted independence to myanmar. >> if we are complacent we won't progress. there are many areas in this country that need to improve. so we can't be complacent with the current circumstances.
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we feed to restore the values and the mind sets which we once cherished that have now lost. >> north korea has reacted angrily to new sanctions imposed by the united states. mountain barack obama authorized those over the hacking of the film company sony pictures. pyongyang has denied involvement in the cyber attack. it followed the attack on sony's picture "the interview" which portrayed the plot for be assassinateing kim jong-un. >> southeast australia is fighting with whatever it's got. from the ground trying to douse
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the flame. it's risky 22 firefighters have been injured so far. now the weather has turned cooler it's dropped 10° but this may not last. >> we're expecting more hot weather. which will create conditions for the fire to escape. and we would like to contain it within its general perimeter. >> a dozen homes have been destroyed in the adelaide hills. alex stemchenko's place is one of them. >> all my positions and my documents and paper work dogs, cars electricals all gone here. >> we want to stay and defend it. >> people are returning to their homes to see if they are still standing. over 11,000 hectares of bush land have been consumed.
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one of the worst bush fires in history. this one is being brought slowly under control but it's unlikely to be the last one this season. nicole johnston, al jazeera. >> australia's prime minister has made a surprise visit to iraq. visited haider al-abadi, discussing attacks in northern iraq. part of a u.s. led coalition to wipe out the group. in the next 15 minutes to pluto and beyond. gone but not forgotten. a unique giant tortoise is set for a new life, three years after he died.
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evidence >> al jazeera america presents lockerbie part three: what really happened? >> it's a chilling and draconian sentence... it simply cannot stand. >> this trial was a sham... >> they are truth seekers... >> all they really wanna do is find out what's happening, so they can tell people... >> governments around the world all united to condemn this... >> as you can see, it's still a very much volatile situation... >> the government is prepared to carry out mass array... >> if you want free
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press in the new democracy let the journalists live.
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welcome back i'm judy gauche with al jazeera. let's remind you of the headlines. there's been a large explosion in somalia in mogadishu. state media says dozens have been killed and more wounded. a new report says 7,000
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people were killed in fighting last year in yemen a threefold increase from 2011. palestinian leaders are accusing israel of trying to starve their people, withholding $127 million in tax revenue. in iraq, northern kurdish peshmerga forces are battling. reportedly to be in full control a few days ago. the airasia plane crashed in the java sea last sun 31 bodies have been recovered and search teams say they have found another large object on the sea bed. bad weather was expected to be a large factor in the crash.
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the indonesiaian authorities are threatening to ground the airline because the plane was not supposed to be in the air in the first place. step vaessen reports. >> the airline was reported to be operating the plane without a proper license. air minister is investigating everyone involved. >> air traffic control organizations, the airport management had have and the airasia and also the other airlines. and also, the whole play in this air transport, in the scheduled air transport. including our own people. if any airlines does the same thing, we will cancel the
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license of the route. the specific route. if everybody is doing it we will cancel everything. >> aviation analysts say it is not only airasia which has been breaching regulations. indonesia's airline industry has a poor safety record. nearly all its airlines are banned from flying to europe after the international airline organization down graded their rating. since 2006,. >> we wasted a lot of time. thogknock specific. >> airports are not capacity to deal with the current flow of passengers leading to worrying statistics of near collisions
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because of heavy air traffic. >> many indonesians can afford to fly. an estimated 160,000 board airplanes here every day and the area is struggling to keep up with demand. the former transport minister says other agencies should help. >> european union please come here. please help indonesia. are you happy we have these accidents so you can punish us, you are a developed region, we buy many airbuses from you. >> while the minister of transport says he wants to take bold measures to improve indonesia's safety record, investigations are underway to find out why airasia's flight crashed into the java sea killing 162 people.
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rescuers have located large portions of the plane at the bottom of the java sea. step vaessen, al jazeera. at least four life boats have been at the scene since the crew of a passing ferry spotted the hull of a ship yesterday. seven of the crew are polish, the other miss being man is from the philippines. a mayor in france is being accused of racism for refusing to allow the burial of a baby from the town's roma community. after the mayor of a neighboring town intervened. harry smith reports. >> on monday a baby girl will be buried after dying from sudden infant death syndrome after
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living for only two and a half months. her parents and siblings go to school in the town. but the local mayor refused them permission to bury because he said there were few plots available. he also told the paris newspaper that the priority is given to those who pay their taxes. the implication that the baby's family do not because they are roma. the decision is racism. >> it's very clear that they don't want any roma dead or alive. they don't want them dead or alive, that's all there is to it. how can they refuse this? it's disgusting, it's unjust, it's inhuman. >> the mayor in visu is a doctor who has treated the family but he says even if he has never met them he still would have offered them a burial place. >> you just have to put yourself in the place of this mother,
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these parents to understand that they just lost a piece of their world. it is not inhuman. when i heard about the refusal my reaction was immediate we will accept her in our village. >> the mayor said his remarks were misinterpreted. the case once again raised the treatment of the country's 20,000 roma, who suffered discrimination and inequal treatment to services. harry smith al jazeera. petrol boamentspet rolepetrol bombs at the police.
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al jazeera continues to insist the release of its three journalists who have been imprisoned for over a year now. their charges are denied. retrial could begin in less than a month. lawyers for peter greste and mohamed fahmy have requested that they be deported from egypt. 15 new leaders of the roman catholic church. pope francis has chosen cardinals eligible to vote for the pope's successor. former greek prime minister george papandreiou who was prime minister when the euro
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crisis began wants to reform the old corrupt political system that cause ed the crisis. one of the most notorious greek criminals has been captured. now from the crash of virgin galactic's test craft to the first landing of a spacecraft on a comet 2014 was a huge year and 2015 promises to be the same. tarek bazeley has the story. >> within 10,000 kilometers of its surface giving us an unparalleled view of the world we know little about.
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>> pluto whether or not we call i.t. a planet, will be visited by a spacecraft. mind boggling, furthest solar body from ours. that's mind boggling. >> lying between orbits of mars and jupiter let's hope both will learned evidence to the creation of the solar system. larger than the coffee cup are currently in orbit around the earth. the european space agencies is expected to try new technologies. >> when the net reaches the body of debris the net impacts on the debris and the masses continue their courses so they wrap
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around and they internal the debris that is impossible to internal. >> they plan to drag the debris towards earth where it will be burned up. a lander on a comet for the first time. the orbiter. >> so for many scientists that's big diego deal. >> in jan nasa plans to launch a satellite to measure solar wind. it is putting up one to explore how the earth's magnetic fields affect the planet. india, china russia and japan are planning a number of satellite launches, to enhance
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communications and give us a better understanding of our planet's space in the solar system. tarekek bazeley. al jazeera. >> lonesome george died two years ago at around age 100. >> he is known as lonesome george discovered ton galapagos island in 1971, at a time when his subspecies was already extinct. >> these or the tuesdays haven't been heavily exploited hundreds of years ago we might still have the pinta tortoise here. >> brought to the u.s. in 2012,
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it took a taxidermist years to restore him. >> lonesome george will soon be back home in ecuador. gone but not forgotten from the national history museum. he has become a symbol of what has been lost to extinction. dozens of species goes extinct every year. the attempts to produce him a mate and offspring failed. >> we talked about the issue i think she understands that they all die i said. >> yes. from just to have opportunities to see it, it's wonderful. >> there is a lot of talk about things are going extinct and this shows. >> teaching a new generation
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about the fragility of life on earth. kristin saloomey, al jazeera new york. >> you can keep up to date on all the news and sports at our website, . >> 2014 was not the year when americans had an honest heart to heart. we yelled at each other plenty though. that's inside story. >> hello, i'm ray suarez. when the team that puts inside story together for you day after