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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 4, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am EST

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thanks for watching, have a great night. >> this is al jazeera america. i'm thomas drayton in new york. wenjian is my hero, we can always count on him. >> paying respects to a slain officer. black boxes and 120 bodies have yet to be recovered. the accused boston marathon bomber is scheduled to be in
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court in the morning. that's when the trial is scheduled to begin. a lot of tough diplomatic issues facing the u.s. this year year. >> thanks for being with us. we begin tonight with the funeral of slain new york officers weferl. he and his partner were fatally shot two weeks ago as they sat in their car. dignitaries and a heartbroken family paid tribute. our courtney kealy. has the story. >> officer wenjian liu's wife spoke about his devotion to his parents as an only child. >> one of his passion he was
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being a police officer. he took pride in the fact that he is nypd. >> liu's father spoke in a cantonese dialect. choking back tears he spokes of his sob's traits, obedience respect and loyalty. after 911 he wanted to serchg serve the new york community with the nypd. sent the director of the fbi, james comey. tensions between the city hall and the nypd have risen in the last weeks. many feel feeling feeling the mayor chose the side of the protesters. >> his greatest joy came in
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caring for others, helping supporting devoting hymns to something greater than himself. >> refrain what from what he called signs of disrespect. >> officer elementiu believed in the possibility of making a safer world. we take comfort in the buddha's words that even when death comes the lightnings of goodness do not perish. we celebrate his life and that of detective ramos in that they celebrate for so many. >> buddhist monks oversaw a buddhist ceremony and they chanted and prayed over the open casket of officer liu. then later his casket was closed to prayers and closed to the public as his family mourned in
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private. police officers filled the trees in their dress blues stood solemnly by, offered a final salute, as helicopters flew overhead. the flag was lifted off of officer liu's casket and folded. a solemn procession to the grave site. courtney kealy, al jazeera. boston jury selection is to get underway in the bombing suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev. the trial could last for several months. al jazeera's john terret takes a look back at that tragic day. >> reporter: no one watching or near the finish line of the boston marathon in 2013 understood what had just happened. a gas explosion?
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an electrical fault? a second explosion 12 seconds after the first and everyone new. boston's iconic sporting event was under attack. the youngest victim, eight-year-old martin richard had been cheering on runners just inches from the bomb. crystal and lind saiz also died lindsay also died that day. more than 360 people were injured. among them heather abbott, catapulted into a restaurant, who injured her leg so badly it had to be amputated. >> i was afraid to look at my leg, people were trampling running by me. >> following day authorities revealed both bombs were made inside commercially bought pressure cookers. each had been packed with metal shards for maximum harm.
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and the fbi released surveillance video showing two suspects with backpacks near the scene of each blast. they were identified as tamerlan and dzhokhar tsarnaev. that evening sean collier was shot and killed, allegedly after the tsarnaevs tried to rid him of his gun. the car's owner escaped at a gas station and called police. by tracking the stolen vehicle using its gps police cornered the tsarnaev brothers in the boston suburb of watertown. both were injured. the police grabbed tamerlan but
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as 19-year-old dzhokhar made his escape it was reported he ran over his brother. tamerlan died. by 9 towns were in lock down. people were told to stay home and only answer a dor the door to a policemen. in this winterized boat in the backyard of a house in watertown, dzhokhar was bleeding profusely and was arrested. the note says we muslims are one body you hurt one of us, you hurt us all. in the 20 months since the bombing, dzhokhar has remained in custody has pled not guilty. john terret, al jazeera. >> a new day has meant improving
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weather conditions, a race for time to recover the flight's black boxes. four more bodies arrived at the identification center bringing the number of bodies recovered to 34. 162 were on board airasia 8501. divers have reached the suspected fuselage of the airbus 320 plane. bottom of the sea is covered with mud making for very poor visibility. underwater cameras are also not working. >> translator: because the velocity of the current is two nautical miles per hour, the underwater dwees device cannot take photos. >> an international contingent of ships and planes are helping in the search. on board is high technical sensors used to comb the bottom of the sea.
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>> we rely on radar sonar even personnel using your eyes looking out for debris or recognizable aircraft parts. >> it is a desperate race dependence time to recover the black boxes with each passing day it becomes more difficult to identify the bodies. also crucial to the investigation: finding the plane's black boxes. >> translator: the black box and the victims are our priority. we will work all-out to do everything to find it. >> that is something the families of victims are praying for. more than a thousand worshipers gathered sunday at a surabaya church that lost 46 members from 14 families in sunday's crash. officials are saying weather was likely the factor in the airasia crash. leaked documents indicate the pilots never received a weather
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report alerting them to stormy weather. tonight president obama is back in washington after an extended winter break but he is not going to be there long. the first family returned to the white house today after a two week vacation in hawaii. the president will be hitting the road for a series of domestic issues. talking about manufacturing and a bailout to the auto industry. then thursday on to phoenix where he will showcase the gains in the housing industry. then joining joe biden in knoxknoxville tennessee. support tonight from the first black female republican elected to congress. utah's representative elect mia love says she does not support calls for scalise stepping down. scalise admitted to speaking to
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an organization which was led by kkk leader david duke. >> as far as i'm concerned with representative skalise he has been absolutely wonderful to work with, has the support of me and the support of his colleagues. >> john boehner says scalise has his full confidence. health care worker who is not ill or contagious arrived in nebraska's biocontainment unit in omaha. will be observed for the 21 day inc.incubation period. death toll from the ebola outbreak in west africa continues to rise. according to the world health organization the virus has claimed almost 8,000 lives.
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more people have died from ebola in liberia than anywhere else. gi nay and sierra leone together have lost more than thrive 00 people. resubmitting a draft to the u.n. security council it would call for israel to withdraw from occupied territories and independence by 2017. a similar resolution failed to win enough votes last month in a follow-up bid to join the international criminal court has israel up in arms. our stefanie dekker is in ramallah with more. >> these men are at risk to lose their salaries. in response to the palestinians joining the international criminal court. the israeli prime minister had this to say. >> translator: the palestinian authority has chosen to launch a
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confrontation with the state of israel and we are not sitting idly by. we will not allow the dragging of idf commanders to the international criminal court at the hague. the ones who should face the icc is the palestinian authority. >> israel -- a terrorist organization hamas. their decision to join the icc it is a statement dismissby the palestinian leadership. >> it will be an amazeing historical case where the victim becomes the murderer. for the israelis to claim that we are the ones who are actually the criminals and that we should be -- i don't think anybody will ever take this seriously. and everybody knows that all these sort of acts of aggression that has been committed are doingdoneby the israelis against our
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people. >> during the last round of talks with israel he says after failure of multiple peace talks and the multiple rejection by the u.n taking the legal option at the icc is the next step. for all the plit back political back and forth, palestinians say there seems to be month end to israel's occupation and going to the international criminal court is the only way to put pressure on israel. >> this is a step we should have taken before. we are weak and we have no other option. president abbas tried to do this to protect his people and his country. not join the icc. >> joining the icc was a move made by the palestinians for maximum impact as it has always been a major concern for israel. but it is not clear where it leaves any political solution on the ground. stefanie dekker, al jazeera, in
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the occupied west bank. >> pro-russian separatists are dwhairming aconfirming that a prominent rebel has been killed. alexander badinof was killed as separatists tried to arrest him. he was wanted on murder and abduction charges. as battle rolls on in donetsk, witnesses reported seeing rebels shooting first then ukraine government forces returning fire. many older residents say they simply want peace even if their town has to be controlled by the ukraine government. the situation in ukraine is one of many foreign policy issues facing the u.s. this year. we'll be discussing this in "the week ahead "11:30 eastern 8:30 pacific. the president may admit that
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afghanistan is not ready for total troop withdrawal after all. why an announcement by pope francis could spell big changes for the catholic church. church.
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>> the relatives of 43 missing mexican college students are vowing to start their own search for loved ones. family members marched through mexico city sunday, chanting and laying a wreath in their honor. clashes with police in the city of okay ogwala. it took authorities more than a week to intervene. fans of ash rah ashraf ghani. coalition soldiers mainly
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americans will stay behind to support afghan security forces for two years. in an interview ghani suggested that the u.s. rethink its deadline for pulling out troops. no comment yet from the white house. peshmerga fighters are hoping to take back more land from i.s.i.l. fighters. mmedz mohammad adowmohammad adow has the story. >> a few meters away is the village of sultan abdalla it was the scene of heavy fighting from islamic state of iraq and the levant and kurdish peshmerga forces. peshmerga now control the village but it is still within the range of i.s.i.l. fire. we were advised against going into the village. it's a front line so with the mortars almost daily every day
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there is a mortars between us and them because we have very long front line. >> unexploded bombs litter the area around the peshmerga camp. they say i.s.i.l. has killed some of their men. a few kilometers behind the sultan abdalla front lines is the village riddled with bullet holes as stark reminders of the battles fought here. in some of the villages recently retain by the peshmerga life is slowly returning to normal, as more people feel courageous enough to return to their homes but facing many problems. remained behind when the rest of the villagers fled. he says they need urgent help. >> translator: are we have no food. no fuel. no cooking gas. no electricity. and even more essentially: we have no clean water. we appealed to the authorities
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to bring us water and food. it's very cold and the children are suffering. >> reporter: he feels relieved that i.s.i.l. is no longer in control of their village. >> translator: we are punished for even the smallest actions. if someone smokes cigarettes they said you are not a muslim. if a member of your family was a government soldier you'll be punished so it was for anyone who had links with the kurds. >> the peshmerga took care of their own problems for people. they accused some of its sunni arab residents of supporting i.s.i.l. and arrested them. >> my cousin is one of the 16 taken away by the peshmerga. we don't know where they are. they accused them of being i.s.i.l. members but they are not. >> they take advantage of a lull in fighting to prepare their weapons. other clean their guns. they say they are outgunned by i.s.i.l. and unless this changes
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their line would not continue to hold. mohammad adow, al jazeera on the front lines of northern iraq. pope francis has named 15 bishops and archbishops. many selected from the furthest reaches of the world. among countries represented myanmar thailand ethiopia. a mayor's refusal to allow a roma woman to bury her daughter. >> she died of sudden infant death syndrome at the age of just two and a half months. her family wanted to lay her to rest in the nearby town of champon where she was born and lived with her parents and two
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siblings who go to school in the town but the local mayor refused them permission because he said there were few plots available. he also told the paris newspaper that priority of the cemetery in champlon goes to those who pay their at a taxes. the implication is that the dead baby's family do not because they are roma. they say the decision is racism. >> it's very clear they don't want any roma dead or alive they don't want them, that's it. >> the priority is the same thing as any french family who lose a baby. it's injust, it's inhuman. >> the mayor in visu is a doctor who has treated the family. he says even if he had never met them he would still offer them a burial place. >> translator: you just have to put yourself in the place of this mother of the parents. to understand they just lost a
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piece of their world not to let the child rest in peace. it's inhuman. i'm not trying to judge express any point of view but my reaction was immediate we will accept her in our village. >> the mayor of champlon says his remarks were misinterpreted. the treatment of france's 20,000 roma who have long suffered discrimination poverty and lack of acceptance. harry fawcett, al jazeera. later, disturbing new numbers in the effort to keep meth off the streets of the u.s. the u.s.
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>> welcome back to al jazeera america. here are the top stories we're
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following now. thousands paid their respects to nypd officer wenjian liu. liu's wife and father paid tribute saying the officer lived his life to help others. federal state and city officials attended the funeral. four bodies have been recovered from airasia flight 8501. that brings the total number of recovered to 34. monday brought improving weather conditions and hopes of locating more of the 128 missing passengers. president obama and the rest of the first family are back in washington after an extended winter break in hawaii. they arrived at the white house this afternoon. later this week the president will hit the road for a series of speeches on domestic issues. it is sunday night and time for our regular look at the week ahead. and tonight we're discussing u.s. foreign policy in the coming year but first our courtney kealy takes a look back
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at the year 2014. >> a year of significant achievements. >> the u.s. will retain a force of nearly 10,000 troops in afghanistan to combat the remnants of al qaeda. >> and insurgency is not beaten on the battlefield an insurgency can only be overcome by reconciliation. >> the echo of sentiments similar to end of 2011 where the u.s. withdrew all of its troops from iraq. 2013 a shape shifted groups from iraq and syria for more virtue you a pleasant group called islamic state of iraq and the levant, proved to be a deadly enemy. >> we ill engage for as long as it will take to prevail. assist missions for iraqi security forces will expand.
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air strikes will continue as necessary. >> for first time since the conflict in syria began the u.s. led air strikes there against i.s.i.l. meanwhile iran, a backer of syrian president bashar al-assad opened nuclear talks with the u.s. which have been extended into 2015. but the u.s. already had its policy plate full with russian president vladimir putin. after the ukrainian protest movement for a pro-west one last winter, russian militias moved into the ukrainian east half. the u.s. targeted top russian officials as well as top russian economy with sanctions. but in july the downing of malaysia airlines flight 17 over ukraine by pro-russian militias
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further complicatethe crisis. >> russia and president putin has capacity to compel them to cooperation. that is the least they can do. >> putin denied involvement. >> nobody should or does have a right to use this tragedy to achieve their hone selfish objectives. >> a massive group remains parked on the russia-ukraine border. for the first time in 120 years russia knocked u.s. off the top spot of becoming the biggest economy. while the u.s. was responding to the malaysia airlines tragedy in ukraine on the same day in july the israeli government launched a ground invasion into gaza to stop hamas's rocket fire and the u.s. stood by as a stalwart ally. >> no country would tolerate
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rockets being launched into their cities. >> israel will will not negotiate under fire. israel will continue to act in every way to change the current reality and to bring quiet to all of its citizens. >> reporter: a ceasefire was agreed to, five weeks later. 2110 palestinians were killed. vast majority civilians and nearly 500 carts were children. 2014 had one last big shocker this time it held hope not horror. >> we will begin to normalize relations between our countries. >> u.s. and cuba announced this would restore ties after 50 years. the announcement was welcomed by much of the international community acknowledge a relief no doubt for some of the foreign policy challenges of 2014.
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courtney kealy. al jazeera. >> courtney, thank you. with republicans just weeks away from controlling both chambers standoffs between the president and lawmakers could become quite common on all foreign policy issues. the white house can begin high level diplomatic relations in cuba some prominent republicans have already come out against the policy change. while supporters say getting a foot in the door of cuba is the first step in routing out the russian influence. foreign policy priority this year, bob corker has criticized what he thought was a weak response to the annexation of crimea which russian president vladimir putin held as a landmark of its history.
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sanctions have sent the russian economy spiraling to recession. earlier this week putin said it would hold its position on places like syria and iran. secretary of state john kerry desperately wants to work out a nuclear deal in iran. the u.s. mrs. wants to figure out how to isolate i.s.i.l. strong holds in iraq and syria. there are roughly 3.3 million syrian refugees. continuing to build a relationship with the budding world superpower, despite violations of human rights. today the north korean government lashed out at the white house for newly imoised sanctions that came in response to the recent hack against sony
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pictures. a spokesman for the north called the move hostile. joining me now to discuss the major foreign policy issues facing the international community are andreaperto-li, from washington, d.c we have ally wine, a contributing editor for wick irstrat. gentlemen, good to have you with us. thanks for allowing us to be here. >> let's start with you mr. burtoli. >> indication of dploims counts been, counts in a way that is showfer surprising. and interestingly enough, the council is in place for the u.s. reposition the congress, reposition the president in
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relation to the electorate. it is a move that obama in relations of 60 years before him in recommendations to 60 years to come. >> you bring up a very good point. what obstacles do we see flaring up in the new congress? >> i think the biggest challenge we see will regard this overture to cuba as somehow sanctioning the regime in place in hasan hasans havana, no policy is perfect and the overture will have its complications, but on balance united states is better prepared to face the challenge economically and diplomatically. >> we are going to be talking
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more about asia in just a moment but does it change the pivot? >> i definitely think it changes the way the u.s. has been held currently. in that sense i see the greatest change is in lat independence america? we can think of columbia, venezuela, other places. but here the message that is playing is the president is relevant. >> what does this say about u.s. foreign policy moving forward with latin america? >> it cents an interesting thing. be you asked about cuba. one of the major criticisms of america'samerica's approach to cuba, there was a growing concern that
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the united states was essentially succeeding, and with the greater focus on integrating the forces, i think the browms obama administration says we're engaged not just dploictly against cuba is pardon of welcome counter-balance to chinese influence in the region. >> i think we all agree it's going to be along road ahead. i want to shift to the middle east what's it going to take for a solid agreement with the country of iran? >> of course with the position i hold at the congressional research service actually the parties at the nuclear deal are not that far apart.
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really what seems to be holding up a final agreement is the political situation in trawrn itself. it seems the supreme sleeshed, allalli khomeini seems unable to overcome his very, very deep sided miss mistrust. fest. >> there's certainly a lack of hope. do you see the relations improving at all this year? >> there has actually been some movement. the way i describe it in talks around the town, the u.s. see the middle east region less differently than they used to. they had been die mettarily
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poafs on almost every issues. the islamic state the united states and iran are tacitly not directly but tacitly cooperating against the islamic state. they are both mill trailer assisting the iraqi government of prime minister so there is seasonal commonality. on sir of course, the iranians want the u.s. to cop in mowsh? is out offing the not the way to deprive the islamic state of support in sir. >> mr. wine, i want to get to you. could we see tougher news sections? >> it's possible. sanctions are an interesting
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instrument fsz advises vitality. you're the type of instrument that you tend to employ, it's kind of an intermedia solution you think quk or resorting to force, makes policy makers feel like they're doing something. i think the track record of sanctions thus far shows that we can target certain individuals and institutions. whether it will like stalling mechanism, it's a way to continue to impose some incremental pressure on the iranians. but it isn't clear to me based on the track record of sanctions thus far vis-a-vis the iranians will most likely impel a change in behavior. >> how does the u.s. move forward in dealing with i.s.i.l. this year?
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>> i would also say on the iran issue sanctions have been incredibly effective. they have really brought iran to the bargaining table. so i think yes they have a mixed record in other places, but on iran they have been extremely effective. as far as i.s.i.l you know again, the u.s. has a very clear strategy on the iraq piece. work with the iraqi forces, train the iraqi forces, arm the iraqi forces, and the kurdish forces the peshmerga who are doing in your last piece very fairly well against the islamic state in the north. on syria however it is a very mixed muddy complicated situation. and the u.s. does not have anybody really on the ground that it's supporting right now. there is some indirect supplies to certain rebel groups but these are very small. there are not advisors or trainers on the ground in syria. there are some air strikes in certain places but there's no real organized ground effort in
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syria so the -- >> the president says no boots on the ground. do you see boots on the ground, are they needed this year to deal with i.s.i.l? >> well, there's already boots on the ground. i mean the issue they're not in front-line combat but the trainers, there are about 300 trainers on anal assad air base, they are boots on the ground, they are not in front line combat. there has been a lot of sorts of confusion about this boots on the ground as far as iraq is concerned. in 2015 looks to be a busy one on that front. nick clark looks at where we start the year and what's ahead. >> climate change is a story that just will not go away and it will be high on the agenda of world leaders in 2015 and not
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the lease president barack obama, and the man leading the climate push and that is john kerry. all roads lead to paris when all climate documents need to be signed on global warming. the president wants to lead the way, in 2014 he took his biggest step yet to limit emissions from coal fired power plants in the u.s. that historic you could say joint emissions reducing agreement with xi jinping. in months ahead the president will look to tap the growing issue, there will be widespread cause for action even from the pope when he's expected to issue
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a major encyclical. this issue could yet prove to be president obama's most lasting foreign policy legacy. of course there are enormous obstacles not least from the republican party and this year there will be a come back of climate skeptics running key committees. and president obama has a big decision to make on the keystone xp pipeline, some say if he approves this projects all his other positive directions on climate will be negated. the u.s. president wants a big stake in the game. >> once again our nick clark reporting. let's continue this conversation. do you agree this will be the president's lasting statement on foreign policy? >> it clearly states that the world in which we live a world
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that is multipolar. you have many countries making many decisions, it is not just going it alone or the americans alone. obama is making a leadership challenge on itself taking this as an important element because he has internal international implications the overall possibility of these agreements to emerge. >> two more issues i want to get to. what about russian president vladimir putin get more aggressive? >> actually no. i actually see putin becoming more and more capable of the flexibility that he demonstrated many times actually in the past. of being very adaptable. i think the economic situation requires a very different response from the russian point of view. i think that putin is perfectly capable of being creative enough
11:46 pm
to respond that way and we will see more little peace map on a little back of a napkin as in the past, putin i think is going to be interesting this year. i don't think that is going to be more aggressive. on the contrary. >> mr. wine, senator can mccain says the president doesn't understand the russian president. does the u.s. fully understand putin's ambitions? >> no one can fully probe vladimir putin's motivations although i would say that if you look at the cumulative effect of the obama administration's strategy and i would say western strategy more generally against russia i think when russia initially, this was in early next year when russia managed to half off crimea, he had outfoxed
11:47 pm
the obama administration, but if you look at the effect of sanctions and the response that russia's behavior has induced in neighbors and throughout the world russia has actually inflicted a lot of damage onto itself. i think the consequences, whether you look at the decline in the value of its currency, the cumulative effect of sanctions on russia, have taken a pretty serious toll on russia. some people feel if it doesn't reds. >> we're going to have to leave it there i want to talk about israel here, i appreciate your time. one final question mr. burtoli and that is with asia. chinese-u.s. relations very important very critical. >> that is where the future is going to be and it cannot be
11:48 pm
only economics. it can only be something that has to do with money. it has to do with meaning. around i think that on the chinese side it's a very interesting challenge about defining the policy. there is a major effort and i think that obama would be well pressed in reinforcing strategizing even more in the personal relationship with the presidency. the keep key to the chinese-u.s. relationship must take into account this fundamental leadership structure that is going to be the way ahead. >> finally what do you see happening with north korea? >> i think north korea is a great mystery. but this opening to the south is very interesting. again it's this very important diplomacy. dproamsdiplomacy is back. the fact that the south korean can respond to the opening is very important to everybody. in the end this is a korean issue, should be. >> remains to be seen in the week ahead and the year ahead.
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dean pertoli thanks for being with us as well as our other guest. thank you. before we go let's look at other events coming up in the week ahead. on monday the trial for the accused marathon bomber dzhokhar disarch willtsarnaev will begin. and president enrique pena nieto will visit. ford announces a set of recalls for one of its more popular vehicles. and called a syberian express is bearing down on the u.s. for years it has been a favorite
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but why cities around the country are now banning sledding. sledding.
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>> welcome back. iconic american sports cafer stuart scott is being remembered tonight. a figure for espn since 1993 has battled cancer for years.
11:53 pm
he was known by viewers for his animated approach. scott's legacy, president obama said 20 years ago stuart talked about our favorite teams and their best plays. he inspired us with courage and love. michelle and i offer encouragement to his family, friends and colleagues. the war on drugs. seizure of methamphetamine at the u.s. mexico border in 2014. meth seizures at california entry points were up by nearly 300% last year compared to 2009. drug enforcement agencies drug cartels are finding meth cheaper easier to produce and smug into the u.s. than cocaine.
11:54 pm
>> over 900,000 mkc lincolns will be pulled from dealerships causing the vehicles to stall. safety experts say the start button is too close to other controls and that could result in drivers accidentally shutting off the car. from the tragic crash of virgin galactic's test crash to the first land on a comet. 2014 was a big year. al jazeera's technology editor
11:55 pm
tarek balz has the bazley has the story. >> large body will be visitby a spacecraft we launched a decade ago. to me that's mind-bogboggling. >> in april another spacecraft, dawn is set to land on ceries. the problem of space debris will also get attention in 2015. 17,000 trackable objects larger than a coffee cup is are currently in orbit around the earth. the european space agency is set to test new capture technology based on fishing nets. >> you don't have any problem with air or drag, and when the net reaches the body of the debris the net impacts on the debris and the masses continue their courses so they wrap
11:56 pm
around and they entangle the debris in a way that is impossible to disentangle. >> once caught they plan to trag the debris down to earth where it will bush up on reentry. lathe last year, the european space agency placed a lander on a comet for the first time. sampling and analyzing it as it approaches the sun. >> you're going to see water flowing away water gas and all other materials at much higher rate. for many scientists that's the big keel. >> in january nasa plans to launch a satellite to register so-called solar wind. it is putting up one to explore how the earth's magnetic fields affect the planet. india, china japan and russia are also planning a number of satellite launchers.
11:57 pm
these are to give us a better understanding of our planet's place in the solar system. tarek bazley, al jazeera. >> fourth day of wildfires as they battle to bring under control the worst brush fires in decades. firefighters made some progress but strong winds are fanning the fires. officials say the brush fires are burning in all directions. they've scorched more than 2700 acres already. 12 homes have been destroyed as well as a pet kennel. 22 firefighters have also been injured but the injuries are not serious. so what can we expect weather-wise? let's get to rebecca stevenson. >> cold accommodate air is blatsing in right now. we're starting to see the snow spin up as that cold air is blasting down into the central portions of the state. mountains of idaho and montana. it is a snow event there that's going to add up to a couple of feet by the time we get to
11:58 pm
tuesday. so it's going to last a while. in the meantime we have got drying coming through in parts of the east coast where we have had strong winter weather. i want to point out where the strongest directions are. out of the north northwest slamming down around the great lakes and towards new york, anywhere from 25 to 35 mile-per-hour gusts is what we are getting here. the wind chills with very cold air are falling fast. feels like 32° below zero for fargo and indianapolis. that's what we're -- and minneapolis. now i'm going to tell you about something that is not an agatha chrisiechristie novel. the jetstream pulling it down through canada and it's going to continue to refresh the arctic
11:59 pm
air, continually called the siberian express because that storm track is going all the way to the north before it takes a nose dive into dief into the east dive into the east coast. next weekend get ready for really cold weather. dangerous wind chills across the great lakes tomorrow and the next couple of days in fact. as we scroll through your low temperatures you'll see how close to zero we'll get, east coast, new york is going to plummet down with the high of only 34° expected today and tomorrow then the single digit lows. >> do you like to sled? >> love to sled. >> it is a winter tradition isn't it? at least it used to be all across the u.s. here. du buick iowa is the last city to ban sledding in all of its parks. it's joining other
12:00 am
municipalities that will ban sledding because of liability costs. more than 20,000 children are injured in sledding accidents each year. some have caused u.s. cities millions of dollars. that's going to do it for us here in new york. i'm thomas drayton thanks for watching. watching. >> three years ago al jazeera began investigating the conviction of abdelbaset al megrahi, the only man found guilty of the bombing of pan am flight 103 over lockerbie in scotland. in the run up to last december's twenty-fifth anniversary of the bombing, we repeated two films that cast grave doubts on megrahi's conviction. now, we can reveal the results of our third, most disturbing investigation.