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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 5, 2015 2:00am-2:31am EST

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>> a blast in the yemeni exalt sanaa sparks a debate belonging to the heufghts. houthis. >> i'm nick clark many. you're watching the doha news. an election on the eve of an anniversary. it's responsible for a deadly car bomb in the somali capital of mogadishu. and a winter wonder land that's
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lighting up the syrian capital of homs. we gib in yemen. it comes hours after omar what more do you know about this? >> well an official force says it's an improvised explosive device use outside the house used by the houthis as a base. that house belonged to one member of the group. there is big damage, windows were blown out and so was the doors. it is a residential neighborhood so the damage extended to nearby houses as well. it's not far from a government school. with regards to casualties, we understand there is only one
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person injured in the blast witnesses say -- heard it was very loud when it to took place around 7:30 this morning. what's interesting is that house is not very far from the president's house. he lives about a kilometer or so from that blast which is under tight control of the president guards as well as the houthis nick. >> has anyone claimed responsibility yet? >> no, there hasn't. but on sunday, a similar attack happened elsewhere in the province of damar and was claimed by al qaeda. al qaeda has vowed to attack the houthis since they extended their control to most parts of the country. they are not shy to say so. however, with regards to this
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incident there hearnt there hasn't been any claim of responsibility yet. >> thank you omar, we'll leave it there yet. shot dead, bangladesh are are nationalist party leader has been prevented from leaving her home in the capital. tell us more about what you know know. >> well, these kind of open crashes that have has been felt today they haven't been taking place for while. 2013 was a very, very violence year for bangladesh but 500 or a little bit more than 500 people were killed during that year. 2014 in comparison was very, very quiet. so now it's a bit jarring for many, many people to see
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these -- this number of open crashes ton street, as well as with the police just kind of rearing its head all over again. and a lot of nervousness in the air, a lot of people calling each other asking if it's okay to go out to go to this neighborhood or not cars being burned, things like that. >> all right we'll leave it there for the time being. these deaths i should say come on the first anniversary of the parliamentary election that sparked unprecedented violence. maher gives us more of this. >> prevents her from leaving her office. >> translator: as soon as we
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are indicateour desire to leave our offices. >> arrival are demonstrations on monday but they've been banned. it's been a year since an election capped months of political violence hereby. more than 500 people died in the run up to the vote. ruling party activists say that since the violence died down, the government has focused on driving the nation forward. >> since our independence up till now the only violence that has happened in bangladesh. government promiseed it's unclear if bangladeshis are seeing the
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are evidence. used to be a garment worker but lately the jobs in that industry has drawn up. >> the gas bill keeps rising, the water bill keeps rising and then the landlord comes and says they need to raise the rent because they are not able to pay their bills. >> she pace $57 for the small room she shares with her three children and husband who is also unemployed. nazman wonders how long she will be able to afford these cramped quawrsquarters. >> al shabaab says it was target foreign elite agents known as the alpha group. >> reporter: the hand of al shabaab in a daring attack near the heavily fortified
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international airport near the somali capital. >> it was a huge car bomb explosion. i whereas surprised by the size of the blast. >> the target, a moving convoy of u.s. trained special forces. but in the end the victims were mostly civilians walking along the side of the road. >> the bomber blew himself up in the middle of the cars. >> this is latest in a wave of al shabaab attacks across somalia. on christmas day gunmen penetrated the main african union base seen as the most secure in mogadishu. just last week, an army transport was ambushed. the uptick in violence is believed to be mostly retaliatory. are the platest attack killed an
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intelligence chief. >> their mindset maybe we need to talk, push our agenda through political means rather than through warfare. >> but warfare is the present reality and al shabaab is showing no signs of backing down. jerald tan, al jazeera. suspected boko haram fighters multinational joint task force established in 1998 to border downer cross border violence. residents of the northeastern nigerian town have begun moving home. they were forced out. mohamed idris.
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a warning some viewers may find images in this report disturbing. >> harvesting what remains of the family farm, they left it unattended for two months when boko haram fighters have overrun the town. now have lost a substantial amount of the produce. >> we were supposed to have this in two years -- two months back, but due othis incident we were not up to it until this time around. and due to this incident i lost my father who owns this land. >> as they work all around them are the sites and smell of death. have the result ofthe result of sick weeks ever fighting with boko haram. >> therefore we cannot invest it likewise many people around united states. you can found some dead bodies beside our farmland. >> on the way to town, the
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streets are littered with evidence of the carnage. weeks of boko haram fighters are chased out mobi is largely deserted. security forces are in charge of mobi now but memo most people who fled stay away. many businesses are reamg shut. remaining shut. dark hopes of return to normalcy. hundreds of thousands of dollars have been lost and the traders here face an uncertain future. >> translator: it's actuality to see if some level will come back to this town. many traders have lost everything money goods and even customers yet some despite their losses come back to declare their debris hoping for some miracle. but the truth is people are
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desperate. >> reporter: but the area is now calm but with boko haram's history of attacking towns and villages repeatedly, people are left with only one thing. hope. hope that the recent victories of the military and the fighters will hold. mohamed idris, al jazeera. coming up. many of new york's best turn their back on the mayor. and in france, a mayor denies a burial plot to a roma baby.
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>> it's a chilling and draconian sentence... it simply cannot stand. >> this trial was a sham... >> they are truth seekers... >> all they really wanna do is find out what's happening, so they can tell people... >> governments around the world all united to condemn this... >> as you can see, it's still a very much volatile situation... >> the government is prepared to carry out mass array... >> if you want free press in the new democracy let the journalists live.
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>> and again welcome back. the top stories here on al jazeera. in yemen there's been a blast at a house used as a base of houthi fighters in sanaa. damaged a western building in the capital. and a blast in dama city south of sanaa. two activists from the main opposition bangladesh opposition party have been shot dead. comes at the beginning of many the angry al shabaab has
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targeted foreign trained elite agents known as the alpha group. and now to the fight of islamic state of iraq and the levant. 11 iraqi soldiers and allied fighters have been killed in sala hudinin province. one of the locations the security forces are trying to regain against i.s.i.l. one of the key battles is in the village of sultan abdalla. peshmerga forces were reportedly in full control of the village just a few days ago. it lies between the kurdish capital. >> a few hundred mierts away is the village of sultan and la. heavy fighting between the
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islamic state of iraq and the levant and kurdish peshmerga forces. peshmerga now control the village but it's still within the range of i.s.i.l. fire. we were advised against going into the village. it's a front line so with the mortars almost daily everytake we have a mortar in front because it's a very long front. >> a few kilometers before the sul italian abdalla front line stark reminders of the battles fought here. in some of the villages recently retain by the peshmerga life is slowly returning to normal. as more people feel courageous enough to return to their homes but they are facing many problems.
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this man and his system remain behind when the rest of his village fled. he says they need urgent hem. >> we have no food, no fuel, no cooking gas no electricity and even more essentially we have no clean water. we appeal to the u.n. to bring us water and food. it is very cold and the chirl are suffering. >> he feels relieved that i.s.i.l. is no longer in control of their village. >> we are punished for the smallest action he. if someone smoke regrets they said you are not muslim. so it is for anyone who had links with the curds. >> they accused some of its sunni arab residents of supporting i.s.i.l. >> my cousin is one of the 16 people taken away by the
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peshmerga, we accuse them of being i.s.i.l. members but they are not. >> back at the front workers take advantage, others clean their guns. they say they are outgunned by i.s.i.l. and unless they change this their line would not continue to improve. activists say the latest shelling killed a woman and her two children and injured two others in pooh country side not far outside idlib. >> police say more than 30 people were expwrird in the city ofinjured in the cityof duma.
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resolution submitted last week to the u.n. security council failed to win enough votes. >> we will go against the u.n. security council maybe in a week. we will consult with our brothers in jordan because first they are close to you and they are the only arab member in the city council. we might go again and again and again. we winner never be bored of going to the council and in the end they will recognize us. >> president has submitted documents to the court. israeli has responded by withdrawing are a large amount of money. >> these men are at risk of losing their salaries. israel says it won't be transferring over $1 million in response to the marinians have
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the weekly criminal court. the israeli prime minister had this to say. >> the palestinian authority has chose to launch a confrontation with the state of israel. we are not idly standing by. the ones who should face justice are the hets of the palestinian war commission. >> he is referring to the two parties which israel believes is a terrorist organization. it's a statement dismissed by the palestinian leadership. >> it will be an amazing historical case where the victim becomes the murderer. for the israelis to claim that we are the ones who are actually the criminals and we should
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be -- ideologic anyone will take this seriously. and everybody knows that this all these sort of acts of dpreation last been commitmented have been done by the israelis, against our people. >> model are r rmohamed strayer many palestinians say they have lost confidence that any lasting solution will be found for them. for them, there seems to be no end to israel's occupation and going to the criminal court is the only way to put pressure on israel. >> this is a step we should have taken before. we have no other position. israel is trying to pressure us and the north american too of not joining the icc.
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>> reporter: it's always been a major concern for israel but not clear where it leaves any political solution on the ground. stefanie dekker, al jazeera west bank. >> wenjian liu was shot last month with his partner, rafael ramos, in an alleged revenge shooting. courtney kealy has the report. >> his devotion to the law and to his parents when he was a young child. >> one of his many passions was being a police officer. he took pride in the fact that he is nypd. >> liu's father spoke in a cantonese dialect joking back
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tears. he said his son wanted to be a police officer since he was a child and after 9/11 he wanted to serve the new york community with the nypd. top officials attended the funeral. president obama send the director evident fbi james comey to serve the white house. some members of the are police department and fire department turned their backs on mayor bill deblasio. many felt the mayor had chosen the side of the protesters. >> his greatest joy came in helping others, helping support, devoting himself to something greater than him. >> william bratton had urged members of the nypd from engaging in what he is felt was
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spines of respect. >> we take comfort in the buddha's words that even when death comes the lessons of goodness do not perish and always cops we celebrate that of his life and that of are detective ramos. >> there were public moments but also private moments. later his casket was closed to prayers and closed to the public as family minutes adhered in, stood solemnly by offering a final salute as helicopters flew in formation overhead. the nypd flag was lifted off officer liu'su's casket and folded. a solemn processional that then
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proceeded towards cypress hills cemetery. ending two weeks of mourning. courtney kealy, al jazeera. >> two policemen have been killed in an attack in the north of saudi. a report they were killed after their patrol vehicle was shot often the border with iraq. two plem were policemen were killed in the attack. we'll bring you more information as we receive it. more crew members are being utilized of the recovery of the airasia airbus crack. mayor of a paris suburb
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refused to let a baby to be buried in its cemetery. >> on monday, a baby girl will be buried in the paris suburb of vishu. her family wanted her to be laid to rest in the city town of champon. the local mayor refused them permission because he told them there wesh few plots available. the priority of the cemetery in shampleon. they did not receive a burial place because they rom parvetion. they don't want them, the family
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is losing and feeling as much pain as exactly a french family doing the vaim thing. it is unjust, inhuman. >> he doubts that feerch he puts himself into a piece of this parent this mother. it's knot acceptable. it's knot human. so when i heard about the refuse al. my reaction was we will accept her in our village. >> his remarks had been misinterpreted and offered his condolences to the family who hasn't been named. the family had long faced
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discrimination. >> harry for fort fawcett, al jazeera. a work of art hewn from a single block of ice. this ice-sculpting has attracted teams from all over the world. this spanish team is putting the finishing touches to the structure. >> if you work on one side or the other you create four dimensional side this is what happened here. >> competition is not the main challenge here. tricycle riding.
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people come from this, when day transforms to the light and the buildings are lit up like some galorey. lock up the blocks of 90 and i'd in night and out. >> each year the festival attempts to get bigger. are putting up even more elaborate structures and sculptures. 10% increase from the 1.1 million who visited last year. there are castles to explore. a steam train. clamgbor on and off when you've had enough. >> it's amazing it's like seeing the sea on the disertd for a first time, then suld you just go, would i. >> i'm are from the stout so i never noaa an ice carvings
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before. i'm very dmietded. the cold is not a deterchlt. even with temperatures dropping to minus 45° sells use. they turned their city into a spectacular splay of art and magic prp magic after a 6-year struggle to pull out of the resecs, america sets the -- recession, america sets the tone - who wins and who losses in 2016 vladimir putin's russia kicks off the new year engaged in a new cold war with the west. we look at russia's shaky economy, and falling oil prices are a part of the story the white house takes action against kim jong un's north korea for the cyber attack on sony.