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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 5, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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l jazeera america >> united states charges two men for trying to square throw the president of gambia on december december 30th. >> hello you're watching al jazeera. ahead, bangladesh's prime minister accuses the opposition of trying to create anarchy. three security guards are killed in an attack. and a roma babb are finally laid to rest as an inquiry is
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launched into why a french mayor refused her a place in the town cemetery. the u.s. justice department has charged two u.s. citizens of conspiring to carry out a coup against gambia's president. we'll get an update from our correspondent in washington, d.c. but first let's remind you of what happened. on december 30th, a group of soldiers attacked the presidential palace and four people were killed. it's president returned to the country from neighboring chad the following day saying things were back to normal. he announced the failed coup was based by disdidn'ts in the u.s. u.k. and elsewhere. >> reporter: the authorities arrested two men who are described as finance financier
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and leader of the conspiracy, and another man with gambian descent descent, and according to the criminal affidavit the two men were members of approximately 10 to 12 members of the conspiracy who entered the gambia in an attempt to carry out the coup and hopefully to inspire other dissidents inside the country to rise up against the government. now in addition to that we had reports that two members of the conspiracy who were killed, including a colonel an american an american american asylummee and another who was killed, as i said. the united states had previously indicated they had no part in the conspiracy. they opposed this overthrow of
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the government, which is friendly to the united states, although in recent years the president had distanced himself from the united states, refusing to allow american troops in the u.s.-african command to take part in the military exercises inside gambia, and he has accused dissidents basically of conspire to go overthrow his government for quite awhile. >> any idea when they'll appear in court? >> they appeared in court separately. one in maryland outside of washington, and another in minnesota separately today. but there is no indication yet how they're pleading and what kind of court arrangements would follow up after this arraignment. >> thanks for that, tom. the cia has announced that it's inspector general david buckley is to resign at the end of the month. buckley investigated a dispute
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between the intelligence agency and congress regarding the handling of records of the cia detention and interrogation activities. officials say that his departure is unrelated to anything that he had investigated. at least four people have been killed and dozens injured in bangladesh. thousands took to the streets to mark the anniversary of last year's controversial elections. in a live television address the prime minister accused the opposition of trying to create anarchy. >> an eerie calm on the streets of deck dacha. monday is the anniversary of her re-election, but the opposition calls it democracy killing day. >> in a tv address in the last few hours she said she believes that the pmp leader is trying to
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create anarchy. they bear graded her inside the quarters of the capital until early afternoon. eventually they let her leave. but a crowd of pro-government supporters had got to the gates and armed with sticks they tried to get inside the building. the bmp said that it's aim is to protect democracy. >> they have clearly stated that the moment that they started to protect democracy and the voting rights of the people in the country will continue until the government falls. all of you should come forward. >> away from the capital the violence was worse. two people were shot dead. the political conflict between the government against each
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other. they want new elections to preserve democracy. al jazeera. >> the world's largest islamic organization has visited jerusalem's al aqsa compound. saying that muslims have a tort pray at the israeli site. ahead of the organization of islamic organization to allow for tens of thousands to visit the site. >> it's a symbolic visit by the head of the organization of the islamic corporation to the al aqsa mosque. it's a rare visit. east jerusalem under occupation, so figures like him try to avoid it. it comes at a time where the timing is significant. a time when the palestinians are trying to push through a
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resolution at the united nations to set a time frame from the end of occupation. this was submitted on behalf of the jordan. the jordanian ambassador watt at the al aqsa side today where they prayed with palestinian leaders. they said they will try to push the resolution through again. so certainly the time something significant, a political move, perhaps symbolic, 57 islamic countries standing with the palestinian leaders and jordanned ambassador, perhaps a message to the world that it's time for palestine to get their own state with east jerusalem as their capitol. >> syrians hoping to enter lebanon will face tougher rules. and provide documentation. more than 1.1 million syrian refugees are living in lebanon after escaping the war. three saudi arabian security personnel have been killed in an
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attack on the kingdom's border with iraq. the attack included a suicide-bomb and gun attack in the remote desert area. no group has claimed responsibility but saudi arabia boosted its security on the board in july, adding thousands of troops on saturday the country's foreign ministry said that it would reopen it's embassy in baghdad which closed nearly 25 years ago. syrian government forces have launched more airstrikes around idlib. people in rebel-held areas are trying to establish a homemade air defense system to protect themselves against government attacks. >> reporter: for the last two years, they have spent almost every day fearing airstrikes from syrian government forces. everyone she knows has lost someone to indiscriminate missiles and barrel bombs that have killed thousands of
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civilians. >> we're going crazy. not only hearing the sound of the sirens but of the jets. >> reporter: people here call the jets the factories of death. they have established their own basic air defense system. someone spots a plane they call it in. a hand-cranked alarm is raised, warning people that a plane is coming. some of these alarms were seized from government forces, and some are locally manufactured. they are building shelters to seek cover. >> to inform residents that jets are hovering in the sky so they can take necessary precautions. islam, the operation rooms in order to sound the sirens. >> but even concrete buildings can't with stand the superior air power of the syrian regime. this is what happened after one
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such strike. and rebels too are continuing to launch attacks. they say they've made gains in northeastern aleppo. they complain of weapons being in short supply, but say they're improvising with what they have. for its part the syrian government said it's on the offensive in many areas. state tv reports forces captured more parts of opposition held areas. the divided opposition area in exile has yet again chosen another leader. it does not have much influence on the ground, and limited backing of the international community. the change in leadership does not mean much. they continue to seek cover. in a war that seemingly has no fend sight. al jazeera.
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>> 34 police officers have been arrested in turkey as part of a probe into illegal eavesdropping. state media says there have been wiretapping of officials. >> the islamic movement accuses of trying to topple the government. egypt's president has visited kuwait for the first time since his election last year. he'll discuss investment and bilateral agreement. the country along with the arab emirates in saudi arabia is a key backer. in worth a million dollars. al jazeera continues to
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demand the release of its three journalist who is have been imprisoned in egypt for a year. they have been convicted of false information and helping the outlawed muslim brotherhood which al jazeera denyies. >> still to come, school is out in kenya. we report on the teacher's strike that could effect millions of students. and the lights go up at the world's biggest ice sculpture festival.
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>> it's a chilling and draconian
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sentence... it simply cannot stand. >> this trial was a sham... >> they are truth seekers... >> all they really wanna do is find out what's happening, so they can tell people... >> governments around the world all united to condemn this... >> as you can see, it's still a very much volatile situation... >> the government is prepared to carry out mass array... >> if you want free press in the new democracy let the journalists live. [[vo]] an america tonight in-depth series. >>my first column was, “hey, where are the weed-smoking moms at?” [[vo]] one year legal. >>i'd try chem 4, alien dog, and girl scout cookies. [[vo]] and it's become big business. >>the state of colorado is profiting immensely off of this. [[vo]] now, we cut through the smoke and find out what's really going on. >>we can show marijuana is leaving colorado. [[vo]] the highs and lows of a year on pot.
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>> the u.s. justice department has charged two u.s. citizens for trying to overthrow gambian gambian's president. bangladesh's prime minister has accused the opposition of trying to create anarchy's violent protest erupted. four people have died and many more injured. three saudi arabian security personnel have been killed. according to the interior ministry, a suicide-bomb and gunner attacked the remote area. let's quickly pop over to tel aviv for live picture coming from there. the israeli prime minister
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benjamin netanyahu he's launching the party election campaign ahead of the poll in march 17th. thousands of are expected to take part in four cities. protests have swelled from hundreds to thousands calling for the eject of muslim asylum seekers. we go to cologne where some of the protests are expected. tell us about those who are protesting. >> reporter: the crowd, which is several hundred round now are members of anti-racist groups, and left-wing groups and members of the public from the city of cologne. this is the second biggest in terms of the demonstrations.
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the group is campaigning against the islamization of germany. the people behind me say that that's not representative of german public opinion. one speaker on stage has called the fact that the police are allowing the march in cologne in the next hour or so a provocation. so the people behind me are very much opposed to what's expected to be a smaller number turning up to march towards the cathedral in this city, to denounce what they see as the threat from islam and from immigration. we do know that the organizers, or rather the authorities at this city's cathedral are planning to switch off the lights to show that they're not happy. they don't agree with the movement jane. >> these growing numbers in the anti-muslim movement, is this indicative of what is happening in the rest of the country?
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>> certainly on monday night they're seeing coordinateed marchs in five different cities, but we should remember that amarched it should be big on monday night as well. the numbers are turned out are relatively small in the monies and it's attracting tens of thousands. the same situation here in cologne. some of the smaller political parties have lend their support but chancellor anglega merkel say that the organizers of the movement are manipulating the public, and are motivated by hatred and should not be given a public platform. they say they're not
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representative of germany's tradition going back decades of tolerance and let's not forget of welcoming asylum seek necessary large numbers possibly 200,000 arriving last year. that is something that some of the supporters are being perhaps the way it's traditionally being pore portrayed. >> a roma maybe baby's burial has caused widespread anger in france. the baby was laid to rest just hours ago. the mayor of the city originally said that the burial plot could only be given to taxpayers. it washe then offered the family
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a burial part, in which the family refused. >> one of the main issues that roma face segregation and discrimination in a country where they come from. they've been a lot of roma living in transcome from eastern europe where there is segregating structures, and they face discrimination with employment education and help. and these segregating structures put them in a really difficult position to integrate and some of them choose to migrate to western europe, where they live in harsh living conditions, especially concerning housing. obviously, they live in the french keep evicting them on a frequent basis, which is a big obstacle in integration. when you lose your home, you
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become homeless once or twice a year that is no way you can integrate like this. >> the euro has slipped to a nine-year low against the dollar after doubts emerge over greece's future membership of the currency. up coming greek elections and the prospect of a leftest with decisive moment with the membership. the price of oil has briefly dropped $50 a barrel for the first time in for man five years. that's less than half of the of the make that it reached last june. >> a building in kenya has collapsed kill two people, including a small child. rescue teams have pulled 38 people from the republic. the police suspect criminal
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negligence in the construction of the building. meanwhile, a nationwide teacher strike in kenya could affect 13 million students. school teachers say they want more money but so far negotiations with the government have been unsuccessful. from nairobi we have reports. >> reporter: gabriel la and her sister claire spend the first day of the new school term at home that's because government-paid teachers are on strike. and the schools are closed, an inconvenience for the seven-year-old who is at home. >> i want to go back to school, and teach us very well, and don't strike again. >> reporter: but a nationwide teacher strike means many classrooms are empty. >> some parents brought their children to school in the morning, but there weren't any teachers around, so they took them back home. the teachers won't come back to
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school until they are demands are met. they want their salaries increased and housing allowance increased by 50%. in the past some teachers strikes in kenya have dragged on for weeks. >> it's affecting the children. it's affecting the nation. so we would like--and it is my prayer--that if this could end as soon as possible, it would be better for the children and nation at large. i feel that the two parties need to gray agree amicbly and have children come back to school. >> some teachers take homeless than $300 a month. the kenyan government said it does not have enough money to increase salaries. >> they take teachers for granted, and this matter is serious. it is time for the government to wake up and they engage
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constructively. >> but for now many of kenya's classroom also remain quiet. al jazeera nairobi. >> in nigeria the government has expelled boko haram from nairobi nairobi. there are images that some may find disturbing. >> harvesting what remains on the family farm. they left it unattended for two months when boko haram fighters have overrun the town. now they've lost a substantial amount of produce. >> we were supposed to harvest two months back. but because of the dissidents and because of the dissidents, i
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lost my father. >> there is the sight and smell of death. >> there is one dead body there. and therefore we can't afford to invest it. likewise there are many around us. you can find dead bodies around our farmland. on the way to town the streets are littered with evidence of the carnage. weeks after boko haram fight percent chaseders were chased out, the area is quiet. >> reporter: many are staying away. many businesses remain shut, dashing any hope for quick return to normalcy. >> at the markets people are clearing debris. a large section of the market was set on fire. hundreds of thousands of dollars have been lost, and the traders here face an uncertain future.
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>> there were >> it's difficult to say if as much will ever return back to this town. many traders have lost everything money goods and even customers. yet, some, despite their losses, come back to clear the debris, hoping for some miracle. the truth is people are desperate. >> the area is now calm, but with boko haram's history of attacking villages and towns repeatedly, people are left only with one thing: hope. hope that the recent victories by the military and vigilanties will hold. >> firefighters battling to control a bush fire in southern australia warn that conditions are due to worsen in the coming days. temperatures of south australia are said to rise. 20 houses have been destroyed in fire.
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and 37 families have been given temporary accommodations. >> indonesia's search and rescue agency said that the search for the airasia passenger jets' black box is being hampered by strong underwater currents. 37 bodies have been recovered so far. now to northern china which gets a magical makeover every winter. this marks the largest ice festival. >> five days of working in subzero temperatures, and this is the with regard. a work of hard human from a single block of ice. this ice sculpting competition part of the harbin ice festival has attracted thames from all
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over the world. this spanish team is putting the finishing touches to its peace patterns inspired by nature. >> but the competition is not the main draw here. nor is it this ice rink rather unusually for trical rides. it's also not for the horse-drawn carriages, even though they add a nice touch. people come for this. when day transforms into night. and the buildings are lit up like some gaudy yet magical winter wonderland. neon lights in every color light up the blocks of snow and ice from washington, d.c. and out. >> each year the festival keeps getting bigger, attracting more participants who put up more elaborate structures and
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sculptures. and organizers say they expect more people, a 10% increase from the 1.1 million who attended last year. >> there are castles to explore and trains to clamor on and off when you've had enough. >> it's like seeing the sea from the desert for the first time. and suddenly you just go wow. >> it's my first time here. i'm from the south so i've never seen the snow and ice carvings before. i'm very excited. >> the cold is not a deterrent. even with temperatures dropping to minus 40 degrees celsius. the people here have found a way to celebrate winter. and in doing so turn their city into a spectacular display of art and magic. al jazeera, harbin, northern china. >> now it's not something that you expect to see in the fran quill israeli coastal town, but
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this is what motorists were met with on sunday, an emu on the run. it was caught on cameras zigzagging in the pouring rain. it had escaped from a private farm and now it's been returned to its owners. >> new dawn in beijing, the ancient capital of the world's fastest growing country, home to the 2008 olympics. it's the vibrant centre, the super power, where the old wrestles with the new. communism clashes with capitalism and a new global