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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 5, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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cheap oil means cheap gas. bus those savings at the pump are taking a real toll on investments and wall street. the trial of the boston bombing suspect begins with lawyers trying to sort through a jury pool of 3,000 people. >> the people want us all to come together. >> and new new york's mayor talks about tensions with the city ass police department as new -- as police department shows work slow down in nypd.
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>> this is al jazeera america. live from new york city, i'm tony harris, and we begin with a big drop in oil prices. crude oil dropped to under $50 a barrel at one point today and closed just over that mark. that's a drop of more than 50% since june. now the big dip in price. caused stock markets to double. major indices dropped. ali velshi joins us. ali why do we see drops like what we saw today? >> 50.04 always trades, unlike the stock market that closes and opens, it's trading all the time. put this aside for the second. the dow off more than 330
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points, that's not the lowest part of the day the s&p 500 which may look a little more like some of your investments down 1.86%. the nasdaq which is technology-heavy, down 1.6%. the one specific thing weighing on the stocks is the falling oil prices. the sense of traditionally a drop in oil prices signals lower demand around the world usually that signals people are burning less energy, an economic recession, that worries people, what if oil gets to 40 or $30. i have to remind everybody this is the real first trading day of the new year. there are a lot of people buying a lot of stocks to round out their portfolios. at the beginning of the year there is a supply and demand imbalance. it is not unusual after a very strong year of stock market returns, the s&p was up about 12% in 2014 to see a bit of a
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selloff. i won't be worried about today but will be concerned if we hear the same concern tomorrow. situation tomorrow. >> josh earnest when asked is what he had to say: >> it is also the testament to the success that the u.s. has had over the last several years in part because of the policies put forward by this administration to increase production of domestic oil and gas. it also is a testament to some of the policies this administration put in place five years ago to raise fume efficiency -- fuel efficiency standards. >> do you agree with that ali? >> not the second part. josh earnest is making that up. the administration being responsible for the policies for more domestic drilling, by the way, so was the last administration.
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they always want responsibility for that. there is one country in the world to change the price of oil, saudi arabia. they are the swing country that can hold off production or keep production, the amount of oil that america is producing fracking so by taking oil down to $50 a barrel, it becomes very expensive to frack for oil in north dakota or out ever oil sands in alberta. what the saudis are trying to do is convince others to get out of the oil business. then the saudis can't do this forever but this is sort of their last play. they still have enough oil where they can really affect how the world schools energy and they're proving it. >> gotcha. what are you working on for the program 50 minutes from now?
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>> the federal reserve is expected to raise rates sooner than later this year. i'm going to talk to you about how this will have an impact on you in terms of borrowing and stunt loans. i'll be spending time on interest rates and what you should do about them. >> ali velshi, can't wait. jury selection is started in the trial of dzhokhartsarnaev. three people will killed in that bombing more than 260 others were injured. tsarnaev's lawyers tried to have the trial moved saying the defendant couldn't get a fair trial in boston. john terret is here with us. john. >> that's right tony. the defense attorneys asked to have the trial delayed and moved. both denied by the judge. doesn't mean we'll be getting a trialfully time soon because just choosing a jury is expected
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to take several weeks. dzhokhartsarnaev security video shows him leaving a back tack close to martin richard the youngest person to die in 2013. but to his defenders dzhokhartsarnaev is the intim dated younger brother of tamerlan tsarnaev. wants the trial to start and be over. but can the youngest tsarnaev brother get a fair trial? in a city where he's accused of injuring 260 people and killing three? like the 1999 trial ever oklahoma city defendant timothy mcvey, was not held in oklahoma city but denver.
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picking a pool of 3,000 people may seem onerous but not impossible. not everyone watches 24 hour cable news. >> there are a lot of people who don't watch the news who know there's a bombing incident in boston but know nothing about them. the question is whether they can put the information aside and follow the law as instructed by the judge. >> jury selection is expected several weeks opening statements not expected until sometime in february. tsarnaev pleaded not guilty to federal charges against him. a second hearing will be held if he's convicted to dperm he should bedetermine ifhe should be put to death. tony. >> all right john appreciate it thank you. new york city police
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commissioner william bratton today addressed an issue ever police work stoppage. after eric garner's case. statistics smee that overall arrests were down 56% compared to the same period last year. summonses, parking and traffic violations also fell by more than 90%. new york city mayor bill deblasio joined the commissioner for that news conference. roxana saberi is here with that information. >> he and the police commissioner ended up fielding questions about the virtual work stoppage and the tensions between the nypd and the mayor. a day after more officers turned their backs to protest mayor ibm deblasio at the funeral of a fellow officer he and the police
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commissioner expressed their disappointment. >> they were disrespectful to the families who had losted their loved ones. i can't understand why anyone would do such a thing in a context like that. >> i just don't understand it. i'm sorry i just do not understand that. what was the need in the middle of that ceremony to engage in a political action? i don't get it. >> tensions between the mayor and nypd have been running high. many officers bill deblasio sided with protesters, after the grand jury decided not oindict a white officer in the death of eric garner. the mayor has often said he has warned his biracial son about the dangers of police encounters. the mayor tried to defuse the situation sitting down with union leaders last week. >> what he said today is actions
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speak lowrd than louder than words and time will tell. >> led do a slow down in arrests and summonses. >> we have had a lot of things impacting on activity levels but even with that activity the overall numbers have continued to decline in the city. >> on monday the mayor said new yorkers want to move on. >> the people believe we can do better and that positive vision will prevail over the negative visions, the loudest voice of he disunity and discord dominate the the news cycle. >> the mayor's comments come just hours after protests in front of supreme court four groups have filed petitions calling for the triments and transcripts and evidence to be disclosed. while the public search for
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information is both palpable and understandable satisfying that thirst would impair the effectiveness of future grand jury proceedings. a judge announced he will hear arguments for and against disclosing those grand jury documents later this month. tony. >> ines is here. >> a facebook page called thank you nypd has thousands of likes on it. messages of support for the nypd. like for example officers at davis county in utah, also police officers at the campus of rutgers and at the campus of cooney. and then posing with members of the nypd and some people are even posting pictures of their babies and their pets with nypd shirts on them. this video on youtube watch.
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>> thank you for your service. thank you sir. we're just trying to instill positive relationship between law enforcement and pedestrians. >> members of the urban theater group went around the city delivering cards for cops and they approached police officers and handed them notes of appreciation. those notes were made by children and distributed by the group throughout city. tony coming up later i'll tell you about a police officer who is being blasted on social media. >> overnight divers have found more wreckage. lisa stark has more. >> tony, critical black boxes
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from the airasia flight, weather was better but not good enough to get divers in the water where visibility has been near zero. two u.s. naval ships are on scene helping in the search. also deploying a type of sonar that can map images on the bottom of the ocean floor there. >> this is our c c kahn. this uses different kilohertz different kilohertz bands. >> five large objects have been found, believed to be pieces of this plane. it is unclear if they aren't, so they can get divers down there to take a good look. so far no sign of the black boxes. listening devices have not picked up the distinctive pinging sound they would make. weather is believed to be a factor in this crash.
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meteorological officials say perhaps extreme icing caused the engines to seize up but again that is just a theory at this time. median, indonesian officials are cracking down -- meantime, indonesian officials are cracking down acknowledge on that december 28th when the plane disappeared apparently the airline did not have permits to fly that route on sunday. and because of that, officials in indonesia also suspending the airport's operator as well as control tower officials. again the search continuing for more victims and for more wreckage. tony. >> lisa stark, thank you. four opposition caichts were killed today in bangladesh as protesters demanded more elections. supporters of the opposition party who are protesting against last year's election results. police also cordoned offices of
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the opposition leader saying it was for her own protection. a security firm says 76,000 people died in syria's civil war last year just as one country is make it more difficult for people to came the escape the fighting. today lebanon changed the rules. jane ferguson reports from beirut. >> for 20 years abu hamza has not needed to worry about a visa to work in lebanon. now the lebanese government has changed the rules. syrians will have to explain why they're entering the country and entry is not guaranteed. >> translator: i've been working in lebanon since 1995. and now i'm stuck in lebanon. there is no way i can leave now back to syria. lebanon has been protecting us and now we don't feel safe. >> reporter: many syrians live in this working class neighborhood of beirut.
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many are confused about the rules and came to ask us what is going on but it is not yet clear what will happen to those already living inside lebanon who don't qualify for visas ungd the new rules. not all syrians are registered as refugees, in syria. many came here years ago looking for work. many split their time between the safety of lebanon and visiting relatives inside syria. now if they leave there is no guarantee of being let back in. >> translator: i have a daughter still living in ale to go visit them. now they have blocked us and i won't be able to see them. >> reporter: it's not just working class syrians who will be affected by the new rules every syrian whot who is not registered as a refugee will have to explain to the government what they're doing here. that includes middle class syrians. many own businesses inside lebanon. now when they enter they will
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have to tick a box on the paperwork declaring themselves students business people or tourists et cetera, and prove it. >> if they are not a refugee they have to present documents to explain. >> reporter: the new regulations are a norm in many countries around the world but the border between syria and lebanon has historically been open. now syrians fear that freedom of movement is fading. jane ferguson al jazeera baiz ruth. >> earlier i spoke to bill froelich. asked him how heavy the burden is on lebanon. >> the burden is very heavy very difficult demographic balance. this would be equivalent to to the population he of california, texas and new york coming in as
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refugees. there is not only the moral but responsible stance, in effect what you're doing by rejecting people at a border of a directly neighboring country that is involved in the kind of conflict and persecution that we see in syria is putting people at serious risk for their lives and freedom. >> what happens to those living inside the country? it was mentioned in jane's piece who don't qualify four visas under the new rules, what happens to those people, if they leave there's no real guarantee that they will be allowed back in. >> certainly there is ambiguity at this point. we don't know at this point. the government announcement of the program did say they wouldn't be deporting people who are in lebanon at this time, we hope this is not case but this is certainly raising the anxiety level sky-high within the
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refugee population of lebanon. people are very concerned about whether they are going to be able to maintain themselves pnl approaching curfews and other vigilante situations for people living there. >> that may not be the place to travel to, lebron lebanon. are turkey iraq and jordan viable options? >> lebanon is one of the more viable alternatives you mentioned. jordan closed their borders last summer and only reopened to a small number huddled against border in december. >> bill added that turkish and iraqi borders are also dealing
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with huge bottle next of refugees with no end in sight. >> grand jury decisions are secret and should stay had a way, but one person wants to talk about the michael brown decision next. >> i'm allen schauffler economicking in on the tunneling project that has stopped dead and causing concerns.
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grand jury's decision not to indict police officer darren wilsonor killing michael brown sparked riots back in november. now a member of that grand jury is suing to be able to speak about deliberations. the juror said the public ought to know why the decision was made. joining me now with more on this is jefer jeffrey mitman, good to see
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you. why is this grand juror suing and why have you taken up the case on behalf of the grand juror? what is the case here? >> this is a classic first amendment case. when we discuss cases of public policy in the united states we believe our elected officials need to be fully informed. the first amendment does not allow the government to control how we talk about issues. unfortunately in this case this is what happened here. the prosecutor had a press conference released information about the grand jury and told public how to think about what occurred and what the grand jurors believed. this grand juror wants the milk, the press and most importantly our public officials to know what happened. >> got you. does the particular case from the grand jury system in general?
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>> no important question. this is an as-applied challenge just about this case unique facts and circumstances where there's no need for secrecy. the targeting official is darren wilson, as opposed to that you have a great public need for an informed public debate. is the grand jury the right way to deal with police misconduct? the public has to have a full and completely picture so the public can pass laws to meet problems. >> does the aclu want the system resolved? >> we are bringing a lawsuit on behalf of this grand jury. this grand juror wants to bring this information forward. the grand juror is subject to prosecution fine or going to jail but the government's viewpoint about what happened isn't the only viewpoint.
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we need to fight this censorship and make sure the public is fully informed. >> that's an interesting point. what policy questions what does this grand juror want to add to the discussion about how this case was handled? i don't know how you can talk about this but to the extent you can talk about any of it share it with us. >> this grand jury is very publicly oriented, wants to respect the process. as of now there is a agriculture order, all grand jurors jurors are absolutely forbidden to disclose. this grand juror wants to share with the public full and complete information. how was the charge given? what law was presented? what witnesses were presented? so that our legislators for example who are considering a bill to do away with grand jury
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proitiondzproceedings totally did it work or did it fail to work. >> the situations that this same grand jury saw what does the grand juror marine by markedly different? >> you will recall over the course of the summer it was a sense that michael brown was on trial in the grand jury proceedings. this grand jury process should have been about is there evidence that former officer wilson broke the law whether he shot an african american youth or instead what occurred, we don't want to present evidence that is under agriculture order was this process about michael brown, the victim of the shooting? that's one example. again if you look at the prosecutor's press conference when announcing the result of the grand jury you see many statements characterizing the
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witnesses, what the grand jury believed what was presented. we don't do public policy debates in that way. we don't let the public decide. >> following this lawsuit, there are certainly other grand jurors on this grand jury, why aren't there others participating? >> we have filed the lawsuit. we night to let the court know is there an actual case or controversy. to take the court's time. >> all right jeffrey before we lose you, thank you for your time. jeffrey mitman. executive director of the aclu. republicans in control of both houses, we will get a preview and chris christie gets denied rejected, i don't know what that is. and mike huckabee joins the fray fray. david schuster updates us in
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today's power politics.
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>> well, tomorrow the new republican led congress goes to work. for the first time since 2006, the gop will steer the direction of both the house and the senate. they will have a packed agenda. libby casey joins us from the white house. you've seen plenty of discontent with president obama's goals. can we actually see things getting done in this new session? >> reporter: well, tony republicans have been riding a wave of confidence these past two months. they are so enthusiastic about winning, gaining their biggest majority since the great
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depression. republicans have a hefty agenda. first keystone xl pipeline. it has passed the house multiple times, the house won't say how the president will react to a keystone bill passing his desk. >> he obviously has doubled down on defending obamacare. we think it's a terrible piece of legislation we are certainly going to be voting on that if we can put either repeal or take out pieces of it. like you know destroying the 40 hour work week, the medical device tax the individual mandate. >> reporter: incoming senate majority leader mitch mcconnell will lead a caucus of 54 republicans not enough to overcome a filibuster much less a presidential veto. he pay find it on corporate tax reform or trade deals with asia or europe.
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republicans say their biggest tool control of the purse strings. and they plan to use funding of the department of homeland security to block the presidential nominations. in fact top house republicans john boehner faces his first test of 2015 tuesday. he's expected to win a third term as speaker but not before push back from conservative ranks. it may be one of the many battles in the gop congress. and expect those battles to be not just about the agenda but also tone and style. leader mcconnell trying to set a tone this weekend, talking about growing americans confidence in republicans so they keep congress red and maybe even take over the white house. tony. >> libby casey, thank you. for a deeper dive, we are joined by al jazeera america political correspondent michael shore.
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i'm stealing it from david schuster. a conservative rebellion is brewing against speaker boehner. tell me about representative golmert and representative yoho. is there any reason for the speaker to be concerned? >> well, not really other than he's getting challenged. and those words of david schuster so eloquent as they always are tony. [ laughter ] >> the truth is these are gadfly members of his caucus and he's probably not going to be able to muster i would imagine more than a dozen votes going the other way although 29 votes is all it takes for john boehner having to take it to a second vote. the mere fact it's coming up is a little bothersome for him. steve scalise we've talked about him in recent weeks because of his associations having addressed a david duke group, the fact that did he not
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remove him is something that is working to his favor tomorrow. because had he done that a lot of the conservative wing of the party they look at him as sorts of their man in the room when john boehner is meeting with leadership. the fact they didn't remove him will probably work well for him in the election. >> he said some controversial things and holds some controversial beliefs. here he is talking about terror babies being implanted in the united states. have a listen. >> they would have young women who became pregnant would get them into the united states to have a baby and then they would return back where they could be raised and coddled as future terrorists. and then one day 20, 30 years down the road they could be sent in to help destroy our way of life. >> talking about terror organizations doing all this.
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i don't know if you have a comment about that but maybe you could tell me about the other congressman yoho, he has other controversial statements there as well. >> yes one of the early congress people in the last congress to call for the impeachment of president obama. if the republicans want to lose the white house i have two words for them, spieker -- speaker gomert. they are really gadfly members of the caucus. it is just the question that boehner, this is what he's going to have to deal with going forward all the time. keeping that caucus together, appeasing some of them like i say with scalese he has more people in his caucus than ever before so it's even stronger. >> let's talk about agenda items at least one in particular
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democratic senator chuck shumer, says the president should ultimately veto the keystone xl pipeline. walk us through the top republican agenda item. >> yes it is a top agenda item because it's the first on the list largely to keep mary landrieu in the senate, it didn't pass, now they have the votes to pass it, but they don't according to schumer and in his last press conference of the year president obama for the very first time showed his cards a little bit on keystone. it looks like he's not in favor of the keystone xl pipeline and he would veto it. but in point of fact as it stands right now it's probably unlikely that we're going to be able to get an override of that
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veto. >> i want to get your thoughts here before we go, the superstar espn sports anchor stuart scott passed away, man he will be missed. the president issued a statement on this, i will miss stuart scott, 20 years ago stuart ushered in another way to talk about the teams. wherever i went coy flip on the tv and stuz and his colleagues on sports center were there. over the years he entertained us and inspired us with courage and love. michelle and i offer our condolences to his family. pretty unusual isn't it? >> pretty unusual for a president to issue a statement over the death of stuart scott.
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but first and foremost he did inspire, and that's a bill of a hallmark of what obama wants his legacy to be. talk about and to people in a different way. an entire way of speaking to an entirely new audience for espn. for you more than me. probably very inspirational. >> oh yes. >> and door-opening for people as well. >> absolutely i could go on but we don't have the time. but suffice it to say he will be missed. michael, appreciate it. >> he will and kudos i would say to add to espn for letting him be who he was on the air because that made all the difference too. >> that's for sure. michael thanks. >> thanks tony. >> it's just a year until the 2016 wise iowa caucus. david schuster is here. >> this is something you and i will have a lot of fun over.
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mike huckabee is actively looking for another presidential campaign. won the iowa caucus in 2008 but eventually ran out of money. until saturday night huckabee had a show on fox news. not anymore. >> there's been a great deal of speculation as to whether i would run for president. and if i were willing to absolutely rule that out i could keep doing this show. but i can't make such a declaration. now i'm not going to make a decision about running until late in the spring of 2015. but the continued chatter has put fox news into a position that just isn't fair to them. >> huckabee said he will now spend time exploring a run with owners and potential donors. most socially conservative voters. the front runner will be former florida governor jeb bush, although opposing his support of common core education
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and immigration standards. he lamented court decisions legalizing gay marriage. it ought to be a federal or a state decision,. >> gay rights groups criticized mr. bush for that statement. music to the iers ears of some conservative activist who ares who are questioning mr. bush. chris christie, friends with jerry jones the owner of the dallas cowboys. in a crucial moment christie in red went for a double high 5 with jones in the middle, rejected an kind of awkward. according to cbs, really rich guys celebrating stuff is never not funny.
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christie wearing the same outfit as fat albert. today christie's brother todd wrote on facebook, for all those cowboys fan with their panties in a wringer the governor has been a cowboys fan for his entire life. panties in a wringer i don't even know what that means. something to do with national politics. finally there was controversy over the weekend for the 2008 vice presidential nominee. sarah palin posted a picture on facebook she thought was amusing. her son trig, using the dog as ostep stool. 40 pound boy on the dog. animal abuse including peta. it's odd that a mother would post such a thing with no
6:42 pm
apparent sympathy for the dog. the hardhearted seeming callousness of this woman. did you go as crazy when your heroic man of your lifetime barack obama revealed he actually enjoyed eating dog meat? i believe he revealed he ate it but didn't enjoy it. watch. >> what is the difference between a hockey mom and a pit bull? a pit bull is delicious. >> ouch michelle obama just said, what did you just say? that is today's power politics. >> that is a full run down. thanks david. >> a judge has allowed same sex couples to marry in miami-decade
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county. the judge lifted her stay of an earlier ruling banning same sex marriage. the federal judge already ruled that the entire state of florida could be beginning issuing same sex marriage licenses tomorrow. at least 11 nigerian soldiers and dozens of civilians were killed, boko haram fighters seized the town and a nearby army base. the attack comes days after boko haram fighters were forced from the town of mobi. ahmad idris some of the images in his report are disturbing. >> they lefted unattended for two months when boko haram fighters overrun the town and now have lost the extension
6:44 pm
amount of the produce. >> we were supposed to have had this in two months back but due to this incident wear not up to until this time around and due to this incident i lost my father. who owns this land. >> reporter: as they work all around them are the sights and smell of death. the result of six weeks of occupation by boko haram. >> there is one dead body here and it is stenching. so far we cannot, likewise many people around us, you can found some dead bodies beside our line. >> on the way to town the streets are littered with evidence of the carnage. weeks after boko haram fighters are chased out mobi is largely deserted. despite their presence most people who fled are staying away. many businesses remain shut dark
6:45 pm
hopes for any quick return to normalcy. at the central market traders are busy clearing debris from their burned shops. a large section of the market was set on fire, hours after boko haram fighters took control. hundreds of thousands of dollars have been lost and traders face an uncertain future. >> it is difficult to say whether anyone will come back to this town. traders have lost money dids, even customers. yet some despite their losses, hoping for some miracle so the truth is people are desperate. >> the area is now calm but with boko haram's history of attacking towns and villages repeatedly people are left with only one thing: hope. hope that the recent victories by the military and vigilantes will hold.
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mohamed idris, al jazeera northern nigeria. despite efforts to keep people from supporting it, protestors against the islamization of germany. not everyone is buying into it. >> the crowds of antiracist protesters in cologne monday night, clearly outnumbered the pegida movement. saying they weren't welcome in this cities effectively. now angela merkel about german chancellor has come out in the last week or so and said people should not be tempted to follow pegida saying its leaders were motivated by prejudice and even
6:47 pm
hatred. a recent opinion poll showed 13% of people would show up for a pegida movement rally. but exaggerating the movement. it's not clear how many people around germany sign up to all of the slogans and campaigning causes of pegida. mainstream political party certainly distancing themselves from what the people behind me would call a neonazi movement. >> part of seattle is sinking we'll talk to residents who want the big bertha project shut down.
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>> you know, the plan seemed simple enough. dig a two mile tunnel to replace an aging elevated highway and move tract through downtown
6:50 pm
seattle. instead a project that was supposed to help the city has only caused more problems. the machine dubbed bertha has been stuck for more than one year and no one knows when the project will be finished. al jazeera's allen schauffler joins us from downtown seattle. this project has turned into a bit of a nightmare i understand. >> yes, a couple of big problems. you mention one of them tony, nobody can say for sure when this thing is going to be finished. number 2 nobody can say for sure how much this all will cost. the state maintains technically at this point they are not over budget at least not yet. what is known for sure is that bertha the world's largest tunneling machine a couple hundred yards this way and about 120 feet below the surface is causing some problems even though she's not going flirp. anywhere. the j and m cafe has been part
6:51 pm
of pioneer square since the 1800s and now it's part of the controversy shaking up this neighborhood. beneath these streets there's a giant drill boring a tunnel for an underground highway but the tunnel machine is stuck, broken and repair work may be making this part of town sink. >> there's water coming in every day that used to never come in. >> j and m general manager tony -- miami petroni took us underground as to why he and others feel there are growing problems and cracks in their buildings. >> this is fetting crazy. they are tying sensors watching these cracks. >> a likely but not proven cause, millions of gallons of groundwater, oso contractors can reach the broken machine and make repairs. >> that looks fresh. >> that came down last night? >> that wasn't there yesterday. >> this is falling out overnight. >> yes. >> city officials are watching
6:52 pm
30 buildings after cracks were detected last month above the 7 ton machine dubbed bertha. >> one section of the double decker highway that the tunnel is going to replace sunk about an inch and a half during that time. that's an inch and a half more than the broken down tunneling machine has tunneled in more than a year. bertha stopped moving just a thousand feet into a two mile dig into downtown. >> the current state it's almost a comedy. >> not really all that funny though for attorney row v. russell, who has a front row seat for the underground engineering drama. >> the head of bertha is right there? >> right there. >> rowbe believes it could eventually lead him to court. over the overwhelming price tag. >> no, this is america, you
6:53 pm
know? >> the settling has stopped and work ton repair pit has now resumed. contractors hope to start drilling again in four months and finish the traffic tunnel by august of 2017, two years later than previously planned. but the head of the state transportation department says nobody can provide a complete time line for the completion of the $twops $2.1 billion project. now there are more problems in more places than just the old buildings, the old brick buildings that make up this neighborhood. a lot bigger and heavier problems than here, tony. >> the weather looks great overcast rain, it's seattle right? but no matter where you are chances are it's not any better, ten to 35° below normal. schools have delayed or cancelled classes. look at this, this is images from one of the coldest places,
6:54 pm
duluth minnesota. rebecca you have to consider the wind chill. it felt like 30° below zero at times. rebecca is here with us. >> you got wool socks? >> i do not. >> you have long underwear? >> that's a person question, but yes, do i. >> make sure it has some wool in there. >> that's why you have the circle there. >> you have to have the wool northeast, east coast. as you're saying, seattle a lot of people think it rains there all the time. it really doesn't. we say that in seattle to keep the californians away. >> nice, nice. >> go towards the west coast if you want to stay warmer, because this is the week that other places are staying 15 to 20° below zero. band of snow drop down the dakotas, across chicago three
6:55 pm
to four inches of accumulation, and greats, piling up in some places temperatures borrow zero in minneapolis. and imagine standing outside in boston where you have a 46 mile per hour wind gust and it's only 19°. >> that wind chill -- >> well blows zero. it's dangerous to be outside this entire week. this is kind of weather that you can expect. >> be careful behave like you've been here before because we have. >> wool socks. >> thank you. pib's police -- pittsburgh's police chief is in hot water then it's "real money." >> i'm going to tell you what you should do, if anything, to your own investments. plus: what you should know
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about interest rates in 2015 before you pull the trigger on a new loam or car all that and more coming up on "real money."
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>> pain killer addiction on the rise >> i loved the feeling of not being in pain >> deadly consequences >> the person i married was gone >> are we prescribing an epidemic? >> the last thing drug companies wanted anybody to think was that, this was a prescribing problem >> fault lines al jazeera america's hard hitting... >> today they will be arrested... >> ground breaking... they're firing canisters of gas at us... award winning investigative documentary series... opioid wars
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only on al jazeera america >> so the chief of police of pittsburgh is facing a lot of criticism today posing with a picture of antiracism. that picture has gone viral. ines. >> when an activist asked chief officer mclay just committed to challenge racism at work. now, the police chief retweeted the photo and wrote this: he says it's time for courageous conversations about implicit bias race and gender at work. and in our community. >> that's the chief? >> it is. >> okay. >> this image went viral and the fraternal order of police
6:59 pm
criticized the chief sais says it's implicitly racist. chief mechanic leigh posted a response on facebook. he apologized, and standing by the photo he has received messages of support as well. like dave says, you're mad at the chief for taking a stand? you're part of the problem. giver the mayor an award for chief of the decade. >> ines, we'll follow that wherever it goes. time for another. a festival fit for kings today in spain. thousands lined the streets where the annual christian tradition, honor of the three kings, also known as three wise men who bring gifts of gold
7:00 pm
frankensense and myrr to the baby jesus. handed out presents and sweets to all the cute kids. tony harris in new york. "real money with ali velshi" is next on al jazeera america. if you are looking to buy a home for car in the new year i'll tell you what you should know about interest rates, and how they could cost you more or save you a few buck. plus why one of the world's rich richest terrorist groups might not be as much as it claims. i'm ali velshi. this is "real money." ♪