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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 6, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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veller to being a space traveller. >>you see it as the future. >>i see it as inevitable. [[vo]] every monday, join us for exclusive, revealing and surprising talks with the most interesting people of our time. . >> house will be in order. >> the new republican-controlled congress begins with a push to about the key stone xl pipeline. as the president visits the white house, protesters around the country say he is not welcome. and new service that could convince many people to cut the cord on cable forever.
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>> this is al jazeera america. live from new york city. i'm tony harris, and we begin in washington the 114th congress is in session. and already in its first showdown with president obama lawmakers were sworn in on capitol hill for a new term. [ gavel ] >> senate will come to order. >> for the first time in eight years the republicans control the senate and the house. the first item, the keystone pipeline. the white house has come out swinging saying president obama will not sign it. libby casey joins us live now from capitol hill, libby, the warning comes on what is usually a day of camaraderie and pageantry. >> and there was a lot of celebration today tony, as members of congress soaked in this experience, many of them surrounded by family members and some here for the first
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time. there was no delay though, in getting right into the thick of the fight and it's a battle that highlights what we'll see happen over the next two years. familiar faces but with new power. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell following through on his promise to make the keystone xl pipeline the first order of business. >> let me say that we're anxious to get to work here. >> but the g.o.p. got a clear message from the house. the president will veto their keystone bill just like he has threatened to do in the past. >> i can confirm for you if this bill pass this is congress, the president wouldn't sign it either. >> that's not stopping republicans, and some red-state democrats who introduced legislation. but republican leadership isn't just fighting the white house. >> the speaker elect john a. boehner. >> speaker john boehner had to survive a revolt from the right
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flank of his own party. conservatives are convinced that republicans should do more to challenge president obama. and boehner faced the most votes against a sitting speaker in nine years. but in the end he keeps the gavel and power that comes with speakership. >> now with the pomp and circumstance behind them members of congress can get down to work and republicans control the agenda. >> do you solemnly swear that you will support and defend the constitution of the united states. congratulations. you're now members of the 114th congress. >> and in that 114th congress the house is expected to take up keystone legislation friday, tony. the senate next week. and republicans are teeing up other battles over obamacare. the president's pick for defense secretary and attorney general. now the white house has invited leaders in congress to come over to pennsylvania avenue, 1600
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pennsylvania avenue next week to sit down, but don't expect a lot of warm fuzzies tony, frankly everyone knows right where they stand right now. >> do they remember how to do warm fuzzies at capitol hill? i don't think so. thank you. david, let's talk about the keystone ex-he will pipeline. even that the thought was mr. president veto it now. we have the threat from that president. >> he's saying you may have the majority now. the president capturing the news cycle saying you may have the majority but i pass what becomes law. and what is interesting tony, you could almost see this coming. the president indicated in the last year that he was doubtful about keystone and whether it would help the economy.
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the house danced around it, but right when it count there is the white house spokesperson being perfectly crystal clear that the president is going to veto this. >> and the republicans plan to change how they score budget items. what does that mean going forward? >> republicans have said they're now going to have this thing called dynamic scoring where you take not just how much a tax cut might cost in terms of lost revenue, but you essentially subtract from that how much money it may create in terms of new revenue from economic prosperity. for example in the past you would say oh, that's $100 billion tax cut. now republicans can say well it's not $100 billion because maybe it creates a little bit of economic growth which will create a few billion dollars of economic growth and more revenue for the government. so it's more like $80 billion. democrats say this is complete nonsense. it's cooking the books. it's enron accounting. >> right enron right. >> that's what happens when you control the majority, you control the rules and the rules
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include how they do its work. >> we'll talk with david shuster, who will be back later with power politics. we'll talk with congresswoman sheila jackson lee and what her party plans to accomplish. notably absent was senate democratic leader harry reid. his office tweeted this picture of reid meeting with his leadership team at home. sporting this bandage over a black right eye. reid was told to stay hope after falling off a piece of exercise equipment. he suffered a concussion, three broken winds ribs and bruise to his face. the missing 43 students were on the agenda for the mexican president. it seems that the missing
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students were a major point of discussion between the two leaders today. >> we don't know what happened, and good evening to you tony. inside the oval office president obama made reference to it when the cameras were rolling. certainly outside of the white house, a major point of contention. voices raised. people came from all over the country and even from mexico to protest what has been going on since september 26th when those 43 students in mexico their buss were stopped and they were ultimately, it is feared, killed. the question is who perpetrated this act on these young people? mexican officials and the public in particular, critics who have been raising their voices throughout mexico and the united states say it was the local police in cahoots with the mayor. the mayor and his wife now under arrest. accusations now that federal officials from mexico city and the mexican government were also involved. people are outraged that it has led to the lowest approval
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rating enrique peña nieta. here's what president obama said "h" to said about his counter part sitting next to him about the 43 missing students in mexico. >> we will be oh friend and supporter of mexico in its efforts to eliminate the scourge of violence and the drug cartels that are responsible for so much tragedy inside mexico. we want to be a good partner this that process recognizing that it will be up to mexico and it's law enforcement to carry out the key decisions that need to be made. >> tony, the united states government has appropriated
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$2 million to help eready kate crime and fight it in mexico. the fbi is involved in that investigation. critics say the president has not been vocal enough, and there is too much at stake in the bilateral relationship. >> how does president peña nieto feel about the change in direction on cuba. >> they certainly approve of what president obama has done when the president surprised everyone and said he was going to normalize relations with cuba. president peña nieto lauded the president for his immigration policies as well. also, the united states--remember cuba promised to release 53 political prisoners as part of the deal to
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normalize relations. president obama said that some have been released but not all of them, they're being very vagued on the numbers and there are a number of criticisms towards the white house including from rubio marco rubio. >> i asked what president peña nieto gain from coming to the white house. >> it gets him out of the white house, and the disappearance of children and implication of security officials and the disappearance of others. truly it has been a trying year on the security front. it's been a refocus on the agenda rebust and growing economic relationship between the united states and mexico. and it puts them back on the world stage as a global leader meeting with president obama in the white house. so from that perspective i think it's an opportunity early in the new year to try to reset the
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agenda and refocus on what he wants to talk about. >> can i ask you what has been peña nieto's accomplishment so far in his administration? >> well, he has had quite a number of accomplishments on the reform agenda. many observers have been very positive about what he has accomplished in the first two years of his administration. highways pushed through energy reform, egyptian reform. tax reform. reform of the telecommunication system labor reform. these have been traditional sacred cows in the mexican context that other presidents have tried to address and have in the been able to. moving forward ton this agenda, s, on not just one of these items but all of them, you can get the reforms through the legislature, but you still have to implement them and see the benefits of reforms come through to the common citizen and the growing middle class in mexico. to this point the benefits have not really accrued to the average citizen because it just takes time to work through.
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and in the meantime you have some of the violence issues come forward. there is that disconnect, but in terms of what he has done politically do this point has been very impressive. the question is will he be able to continue that going through the next four years of his term? >> i also asked eric about president's peña nieto's response to the missing students and he said that president peña nieto has been tone deaf. i necessary is hereines is here with more on the protest. >> reporter: these protesters counted to 43, representing the mexican missing students. they blame president peña nieto for not doing enough when it happened and protesters gathered in front of the mexican
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consolidate in chicago. and i caught up with one of the demonstrators on her way back from the d.c. protest. they want the u.s. to cut funding to mexico's government. >> if we're providing the resources for police to control crimes to fight crimes, why are the mexican people complaining about human rights violations? obviously the help that we're trying to provide is not really helping. it's just making it worse. so we need to cut funding and we need to hold the mexican government the mexican police accountable for what is going on for the violence that is going on right now in mexico. >> reporter: and the wife of the former mayor of the town where the students went missing has been charged with organized crime and money laundering. her husband faces similar charges and kidnapping and murder. >> immigration and border security are on the agenda for the two presidents at the white house. heidi zhou castro revisited a
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shelter for migrants. she joins us now from texas with more. heidi? >> reporter: right behind this border fence, indeed is a city where may grant have traveled hundreds of miles and rest up for the final leg of their journey, that is to cross the border into the united states. apprehensions at the border is down since its peak in the summer so we went back to the other side to find out why. >> they accompany him in photos. the wife and daughter of manuel live 160 miles away in corpus christi texas, where five months ago the three had shared life together. he had been a pastor and a church for men recovering from drug addiction but his traffic stop led to deportation. >> my heart is broken, and half of it is there.
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>> 65 migrants are staying at the shelter just across the rio grand from texas. one out of five are recently deported mexicans. the rest are central americans. the place is nowhere near as full as it was this past summer when young adults and teenagers traveling alone flooded all corners. the pastor who runs the shelter said central americans now have a tougher time getting here. mexico is turning away more migrants at the guatemalan border and police are stopping people from using the fright train to travel north. over all mexico has deported about 40,000 central americans this past year. but still this come. it took man real three months to travel from honduras last. >> there were no jobs in his country. no opportunities. so he looked to the united states for answers.
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behind the shelter is the rio grand. america, just a stone's throw away. they've come so far yet for most of the migrants here this place is the end of the road. manuel said that he plans to return to honduras because he sees no hope of crossing now that the u.s. has stepped up its border security. biding his time, the immigration reform in the u.s. will offer him a way to enter the u.s. he has been deported eight times, so his application to enter the country has been denied. he hopes president obama will be moved to reunite families torn by the borders, he says. and obama's recent executive action offers about 4 million undocumented immigrants currently in the country a
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reprice from deportation. three-quarters of them are mexican. >> heidi zhou castro in texas. kurdish fighters have reportedly seized the key border town of kobane. witnesses saw an explosion in the town earlier. kurds now control 80% of kobane. international airstrikes helped the kurdish troops take control of the town. a member of hamas will spend the rest of his life in prison for killing three israeli teenagers. he received three life sentences. the murders of the teens set off a cycle of violence that led to the 50-day war in gaza between israel and the palestinians last summer. as the price of oil keeps falling, it is start to go reshape our economy. ali velshi joins us the ripple effect. also the new service that gives you live news and sports without paying for cable, it could be a game changer for tv.
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>> onethree al jazeera journalists have been held in egyptian prison for a year now. the three are caught in a dispute between egypt and qatar which owns al jazeera. he write we've been pawns in a geopolitical game that has nothing to do with our work as impartial professionals. president al sisi views us as a political as we are held hostages. >> where is the oil prices going to end up.
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crude oil fell more than $2 a barrel to its lowest level in two years. ali velshi joins us now. two days. >> this is not even live. i taped this yesterday. this is a digital image. >> the same as the first? >> yes. i mean, i can't believe it. it's been three months of straight decline with the price of oil. markets go up and down, but not in the oil market. this is a remarkable number. >> wow $47.93. is the oil and gas industry at the point yet where they're really concerned about this? >> yes, you can never get a straight an answer out of the oil and gas industry. the oldest way to get oil out of the ground, drill a hole in the ground and it comes out of the ground. that's cheap oil. that could be, maybe it's $20 a barrel to get that out. when you start fracking you're
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butting super heated water and using natural gas to get it, to break gas out of rocks out of ground. >> it's expensive. >> it's mixed into the soil. you take natural gas heat water, lots of it, and you're basically boiling the oil out of the ground. it's much more expensive and i don't trust anybody's answer, but they say it's a 6-7 to start this off to make that feasible. at $47 we know that there are wells that are going to be started that have not been started in america. we know that there are wells being shut down. we know that they will approve keystone xl. >> are you kid meg? >> kidding me? >> the saudis at opec, whatever their aim is, it may to be shut down the american fracking oil production boom. it could be to cripple isil, because they make all their money off oil. and it could be that they don't
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mind that russia is suffering and iranand venezuela, but they can forward to do this. they can afford to last it out we may have to shut down our oil production. >> it could an longer play for the saudis. >> now remember, you look at a place like north dakota, the heart of fracking in america. they have the unemployment rate of 2% in north dakota. you can go there with very little education get a job working those fracking wells for maybe $100,000 a year. we love the low gas prices. it's very beneficial, but there is a bit of a boom because of this energy stuff in the last five years. that could go away. >> what else are you working on. >> we're talking about blue states and red states as the republicans take over the house and senate. we look at how people prosper in those states and why. it's a fun discussion. >> ali velshi coming up. >> i'll be here tomorrow, by the way. >> thanks, ali.
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and listen to this, live news and sports without a cable subscription. dish network is launching sling tv. it doesn't require a cable box and will include networks like espn. i spoke with brett larson, the editor of tech and i asked him how much this will change the way we pay for tv? >> no longer are you going to have to go to the cable company and say i want cable i want this package and this package. because they inevitably will say if you want showtime you have to get this. and if you want hgtv you got to get this, and the next thing you know you're paying $120 a month. granted you get 1,000 channels but you really only one 10 or 15 of those. >> will i see a day where i can literally cut the cord on cable and get an a la carte of what i
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actually watch? >> of what you actually watch. what they're doing with sling it's going to be on your tv, your tablet. >> so it really is tv everywhere. >> it brings it to you where you are. cable companies are trying to get in to the streaming space. you have an app, you can download, log in, get some cables. at home on you're five you can getyour wi-fi what are you thinking? >> we don't have a lot of time left. we have to start to think of a better way to appeal to consumer demand as opposed to we're the only game in town. if you want tv you're getting it from us. >> you're thinking this could be a real game changer if you're a cable operator. >> yes. >> that's because can we foresee a day when we can get a digital and we can get an antenna. >> right. >> and get everything that is available that is free over the air. >> there's quite a bit.
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>> there is this other world out there where there is a lot of digital tv being offered. offered right now. >> mm-hmm. >> and then the content providers prow december urgency, espn can now look at this new world and maybe jump in. >> and they absolutely could. discovery could say we're going to create a discovery streaming channel, and it's all on demand, and it will let you pick whatever you want. whatever shows from the multiple networks we have. you can watch them when you want to watch them and where you want to watch them. >> man brett added that most people pay the majority of their cable bill for sports programming. like espn. so the addition of an espn to sling tv is really a game changer. we say it often but it looks like this could be the real deal. republicans have big plants now that they're in control of congress. we'll speak with congress woke
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sheila jackson lee for a view from the democratic side of the aisle. today's launch was scrubbed, but the dream of reusable rockets is very much alive.
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>> in today's power politics. jeb bush has taken another step towards a formal campaign, and this step involves fundraising. david shuster is back with us. >> jeb bush created paperwork to create a committee to hire staff, pay for his travel, and support like-minded politicians. he made his announcement on social media. >> today we're setting up the right to rise pac, a pac to support candidates who believe in conservative principles that allow all americans to rise up.
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if you're interested, go to right to . >> the webs hazard a mission statement that says: >> it does say that the poppism thatpopulism that jeb bush plans to bring to his campaign. wisconsin governor scott walker who one re-election in november just held his inauguration and previewed the rationale for his all but a announced presidential campaign. walker noted that in wisconsin unemployment has dropped schools scores have improved, and the state's retirement fund is fully funded. >> in contrast to the applications along the patomac
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we get things done. >> in the garden state governor chris christie, who was planning a 2016 presidential campaign as well is facing awful news stories stemming from jerry jones, there is jones turning away from christie's double high five. a christie spokesperson confirmed that jones provided the ticket and private plane for the governor to attend the game in dallas. that would be fine except the government showed two years ago that christie pushed the port authority over seeing bridges tunnels and one world trade center to approve a lucrative contract for a firm owned by jones. now ethics rules prohibit public officials including christie from accepting gifts from people
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or firms like jones for work like the port authority. christie insists that the gifts are legal. cowboys, better believe it. in virginia a federal judge sentenced former republican governor bob mcdonnell to two years in prison for public corruption. he was once a top republican prospect for national office was convicted last year on charges that he sold the influence of his office to the ceo of a dietary supplement company. they had asked the federal judge for three years of community service. it has destroyed mcdonnell's career but the judge said that a meaningful sentence must be imposed, he'll serve two years in prison starting next month. british prime minister david cameron revealed that president obama calls him a nickname. that's right. they're close and the president calls him by the nickname, bro.
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that has prompted an interesting exchange in the briefing yesterday. >> david cameron said over the weekend that the president calls him bro and are there any other pet names he has for world leaders? >> to paraphrase a local sports person that's a clown bro. no just kidding. i'm not able to give much more insight about the private communications between the pratt of the united states and prime minister of the united kingdom. >> for the record, the baseball player that earnest was referring to who first uttered that unbelievable quote, bryce harper the centerfield for the nationals. he does not drink. when a reporter asked him to name his favorite beer, he answered that is a clown question bro, which is now part
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of transcript history. >> how about them cowboys. all right appreciate it. thank you. >> that's a clown question, bro. well done. full circle. that's how we do it. >> space x will try to launch the again that was canceled because of a problem with the motor. lisa stark has more from washington. >> reporter: everything was going smoothly until 1:21 before lift off when they detected a problem and shut everything down. the problem was with a system that helps steer the second stage of this falcon nine rocket. that would lift the dragon capsule so it could rhonda view with the space station. it's carrying supplies for the
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space station as well as experiments. they'll have to figure out what went wrong and try again on friday. what was generating excitement on this launch was something that had never been done before. space x wanted to bring down the first stage of the falcon nine rocket bring it down and land it on a floating platform in the atlantic ocean. it would have been quite a feat. they admitted they only had a 50/50 chance of success on this first try. they had successfully twice brought down the rocket to a soft landing in the atlantic ocean, but then the rocket tipped over and was damaged. if they can bring it down on the platform successfully and refurbish it, they could use it again. right now to build the falcon nine rocket is $54 million. it gets an one time use and then it's jetsoned. that's pretty expensive. they want to be able to reuse
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these rockets. he said it would change the equation the financial equation of flying into space. the hope again is that they will get another chance to try on friday. >> lisa stark from washington for us. greyhound race something a dying sport in the united states. more than half of the nation's doug dog racing tracks have closed but a law dating back to 120 years is keeping the tracks open even as they lose millions every year. sheila mcvicar has more. >> reporter: greyhounds have been running around tracks in florida for decades. what used to be a lucrative sport is now a money-losing proposition that brings a black eye from animal welfare groups. >> racing greyhounds spend about 22 hours a day in their cage. it's a life of confinement and it's a life of confinement for literally thousands of dogs.
6:37 pm
>> greyhound race something also dangerous for the dog. hundreds are injured sometimes horrifically. state records obtained by america tonight show that on average one racing greyhound dies at a florida track every three days. state senator maria sacks, a former prosecutor, ran her own investigation into how the dogs are treated. >> people of florida once they ever find out what really goes on behind the tracks, behind the lights, hyped the behind the excitement, once they see what is going on, they're going to say enough. >> those who argue for the end of dog racing on humane grounds have unlikely allies. a 1997 florida law meant to keep dog breeders and trainers in business mandates that track owners keep running money-losing races if they want to keep lucrative poker rooms.
6:38 pm
they would like to offer a much more limited greyhound racing schedule but he can't. unless the state legislature passes a new law that will put an end to the link between dog races and poker rooms. decoupling the two. but the dedoubling law has come before the legislature twice before in five years and failed. despite bipartisan support there are powerful forces with deep pockets lined up against it. >> this issue isn't really about dogs safety or anything else. it's a larger debate over the expansion of gambling. >> at the center of that debate the very powerful seminole tribe, who controls gathering in north and central florida, the seminoles don't want track owners shutting down dog races and competing with them by expanding casinos and slot machines. they face an uphill fight and
6:39 pm
florida greyhounds are likely to be running all out again next year. tony there are only seven states in the u.s. where dog racing is still legal and most of the tracks are in florida. the sport that 15 years ago could bring out thousands have fallen off the cliff of popularity as one florida track owner told me the internet generation has no interest in watching an animal run around in a circle, but that still leaves a big dilemma for the dogs. >> sheila mcvicar for us. thank you. you can check out the rest of the story here tonight at 9:00 p.m. eastern on al jazeera america. the consumer electronic show is one of the highly anticipated veins in the technology world and following a several cyber hacks, jake ward joins us. >> tony, this really has been one of the great fixations of
6:40 pm
america. everyone wants to know what are the big trends at the consumer electronic show. the big theme this year are sensors, tiny device who is can read all kinds of things. going into very tiny objects. that creates a whole new tension about the kind of data that it collects about you and me. >> at the consumer electronic show the home of big and bold ideas, the focus this year is much smaller. tiny tech that can put more of you and life online. >> companies are talking about sensors. companies that never talked about them before. because seasoner is areer sensors are getting smaller. >> beginning last year we began to sow things like basketball balls. this year we have baseballs, we have crock-pots and onesies for babies. everything that sensors are
6:41 pm
built in. >> but sensors are exposing us in new ways. they follow where we go, how we're feeling, whether we're awake or asleep, and that data is painting sophisticated portraits of who we are. >> our devices are becoming more and more intelligent. >> they'll replace things as physical car keys with web-connected sensors as small as three millimeters across. even our bodies can be monitored on a constant basis. >> the more there is an opportunity for exploitation, and we take that very seriously. >> there is a lot of convenience for all this, but there is danger too. many of the companies here have not been in the sensor business before and may not know how to safeguard that data it from intrusion. >> your texts your e-mails, they
6:42 pm
are vulnerable. as we revail to our gadgets the route we take home, our time of arrival, and what lights we like to turn on when we walk in the door a whole new world of data is up for grabs. >> tony, there were a handful of companies at this year's consumer electronic show that had never been part of the consumer electronic electronic electronic show before. they're looking for guidance in this new world trying to find that at ces this year. >> jake ward for news san francisco. appreciate it. thank you. construction on california's $68 billion high speed rail line started today. crews broke down in fresno to build the first 29 miles two years later than promised. the bullet train will connect san francisco to los angeles at 200 mph. it will take less than three hours for the trip.
6:43 pm
the major hurdle, state leaders have not lined up all the funds to complete this program. sheila jackson lee will tell us about her party's role in washington now that they're in the minority in both houses.
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6:45 pm
. >> the 114th congress is already in session. and lawmakers return to capitol hill with republicans now controlling the house and the senate. and the first order of business is a bill to approve construction of the keystone xl pipeline. the president said he will not sign it. on inside story today with ray suarez former member of congress said it won't be easy. >> you have to develop the trust, you have to build the relationship. that happens over a period of time. the last time we did this was in
6:46 pm
1995 and 1996 with bill clinton it took awhile to build that relationship, but when we did it was successful. bill clinton vetoed welfare reform twice before he signed it and the billy involved to a point where he could sign it. you're not going to see this harmony and bipartisanship on day one. it will take time to work it out, and hopefully they do because there are things that really need to happen. >> we're joined by democratic congresswoman sheila jackson lee of texas. good to see you and happy new year to you. >> happy new year's. good to see you, and good to be with your viewers. >> are you confident that in time, not in the short run but in time there will be trust developed, and a true working relationship will develop between democrats and republicans on capitol hill? >> tony, i'm hopeful but here is the distinction with myself and my good friends.
6:47 pm
their values and needs that have to be upheld. those values include the empowerment of the most vulnerable. the providing of educational opportunities, the raising of the minimum wage, the reform of the criminal justice system, and yes, getting through and finish finishing and completing a comprehensive immigration reform that includes the multitudes of ethnicities and racial groups that come to this country simply for an opportunity. if we could walk the path of bipartisanship on issues that deal with values, then i think there are many issues that we can compromise on, on the economy, on issues dealing with infrastructure, which is so needed the environment many other issues. but there are issues dealing with values. the question is whether republicans will recognize the importance of lifting up the most vulnerable in this country. >> does the evidence suggest to
6:48 pm
you that republicans let's stay in your chamber in the house share enough of the same values and common whip democrats to move in areas of jobs, areas of education, areas that help the economy so meaningful legislation can come out of your chamber with bipartisan support? >> i cannot for a moment imagine that a republican or democrat could go to their district, and not find if they sought them out the underbelly or impoverished communities that needs their help. it's a matter of looking for them and identifying with those communities and those americans. my question would be back to the republicans: what and whom are you representing in your district? is it everyone? or is it just those who represent the multitudes or the majority. if they look at the back
6:49 pm
landscape of their district, if they look at the city they represents they all know that the city needs federal funding to do many things, including law enforcement, if you will. i would say that they have to dig deep to find these values, but the values could represent a cross section of america, and frankly, i really want to get something done. i would peep that the peaches given today and that give by speaker boehner our own leader pelosi who spoke of great things we can do to benefit all of america, i hope that's the pathway and journey we can take. then the president won't have to use a veto pen he'll be glad to sign bills that come on behalf of the entire country. >> since 2006, how do you view your role as the opposition party in this new congress?
6:50 pm
>> i think the constitutional structure gave to america the right for the minority to be heard. our voice list the majority of americans to find common ground. we must be the loyal opposition, if we can go back to the fact, i failed to mention the voting rights act, for example that's something that deals with voting. our role will have to be looking for a common path, but never stepping away from a fight. if it means that we have to yield and seed the needs of people who can't speak for themselves. i'm always concerned about people who are peering from the outside looking in. we have to represent those people peering through the window looking in, wondering if
6:51 pm
anyone is going to remember them how cold they are how homeless they are how hungry they are. how much education they need. there is no shame in that because there are so many horatio algiers who can tell you the story that they were lifted up because someone helped them. we as democrats emthose individuals. many of whom are returning soldiers who are coming home from afghanistan and places around the world. >> and congresswoman one last one for you. your thoughts on this being the most diverse congress. thethere are 46 african-americans, 43 hispanics 12 asian americans and what are yours thoughts about this being the most diverse congress ever. >> well, i celebrate it, but i think its important for many of those that we represent who
6:52 pm
happen to be asian african-american hispanic, to realize that in passing major legislation to lift their votes to respond to their concerns we have to collaborate with the majority congress persons. many times the hopes and dreams of those we represent are elevated because of our presence. we are fighters, and the president is a fighter who happens to be an african-american but we must also challenge our colleagues in this increasingly diverse congress that in order to work on behalf of all the american people we have to work together. they will see others as has been said, see others that are not themselves. >> congresswoman sheila jackson lee of texas a pleasure to have you on the program. pleasure. thank you for the time. >> thank you. >> happy new year. >> yes. thank you. the hall of fame, and the
6:53 pm
four who made it in, and what it means. >> how low can oil prices go welcome i'm looking at where and when we'll hit the bottom and the deep economic divide between conservative red states and liberal blue states could put all of america's prosperity in jeopardy. all that and more on "real money." that's closer than you think. >>go from being an air traveller to being a space traveller. >>you see it as the future. >>i see it as inevitable. [[vo]] every monday, join us for exclusive, revealing and surprising talks with the most interesting people of our time.
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6:55 pm
>> researchers wrote about--i did it earlier. i said it earlier. what is it? in the journal nature magazine. they say test on mice with clinical trials on humans in the next few years. okay. we're talking about professional baseball. there have been almost 20,000
6:56 pm
players. that number, just 306 have been deemed worthy of the sport of the highest induction of the hall of fame. four more players were voted in. michael yves joins us now to tell us more about this year's class. >> well, it was a record-breaking class. because you mentioned those four players. this is the first time ever that three pitchers will go in the hall of fame from the same ballot and since 1955, an induction class includes four players. here is a look at the voting. randy johnson pedro martinez john smoltz and craig biggio each earned the necessary 75% of the vote from the baseball writers of america. and based on their career numbers and the history of hall of fame voting, all four of these players are definitely worthy hall of fame inductees. johnson is a five-time cy young award winner and finished with 4,875 strike outside. his 97.3 percentage is the eighth highest. in the history of the voting. pedro martinez led the major
6:57 pm
league with earned run averages and helped the boston red sox to their title in 586 years. john smoltz is the only pitcher with 200 wins and 150 saves. he posted 15-4 record in the postseason. craig biggio banged out 360 hits all with the houston astros. he missed out on the hall of fame last year by two votes. while all four of these guys thought there with a pretty good chance they would make it into the hall this year, none of them took the achievement for granted. >> i was really excited and thinking positive, like i was going to pitch a big game. i was always thinking i was going to win. i was humble, yes i kept it in, but at the same time i wanted to stay positive and have a good time with it. >> now johnson martinez smoltz and biggio will be inducted up
6:58 pm
in cooper's town. >> the baseball writers association, they vote on this. with a happened in 2013. they didn't elect anybody. >> zero. >> last year three players made it in. is the association doing its job the way it was designed and do you agree with it? >> they're always getting criticism not only for who they vote in, but who they leave off the ballot. did he not see mike piazza or jeffwell either jeffbag jeff bagwell either. the numbers are pretty much the same numbers were last year, we're not seeing the voters get close for allowing those guys in and a lot of people think they're wrong for that. >> what big names will be on the ballot for the first time next year. >> the biggest name next year is ken ken griffey jr. he should be a lock for the hall of fame. >> the kid. >> 13 times an all star.
6:59 pm
american league mvp 630 home runs and not a single hint of a rumor that he ever used performance-enhancing drugs. the record for vote something 8.8% by tom receiver 98.8% will ken griffy get close? i don't know how one guy could leave him off the ballot. >> appreciate it. >> and finally after 220 years we're getting a look at items inside of a time capsule buried by samuel adams paul revere. it was found last month under a state house. they began the tedious process of opening it. so far they've taken out a saturday morning newspaper coins, including one from 1652.
7:00 pm
and a george washington medal with the inscription "general of the american army." preys fascinating stuff. that's all of our time for this news our. "real money with ali velshi" is next. >> well, prices in a free fall. and i'm looking at where the bottom might be and when we'll get there. and talk about a dangerous job. a woman who makes a living smuggling oil for isil. and red states, blue states, the divide between them could put all of america's prosperity in jeopardy. i'm ali velshi and this is "real money."