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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 7, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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world. this is what we do. al jazeera america. this is al jazeera america in new york city. i'm tony harris. a manhunt under way right now after three gunmen stormed the office of a satirical magazine in perries killing 12 people. thousands rally in support of the magazine and free speech. >> president obama offers support to france and says the entire world must remain vigilant.
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>> and we begin in paris where a manhunt is underway in the heart of the french capitol. investigators are searching for three gunmen suspected of attack that took place in central paris. near several iconic landmarks like the eiffel tower. >> amateur footage film the attack. a police officer is shot at point blank range. nugenter french the men are heard to shout we have avenged the prophet muhammad, we've
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avenged charb. >> it's an act of exceptional barbarity. the newspaper that stands for freedom of expression against journalists who are determined to live their ideas. >> the president announced that france was on its highest state of alert. >> we have launched a series of measures following this act of aggression to find the perpetrators that would be hunted for as long as necessary. >> as bullets from fired bystanders cowered behind parked cars. >> three marked men at the head
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quarters of charlie hebdeo. they shot at anything that was inside. >> i just got a glimpse. i saw people on the roof just across who were filming. i saw a citroen c3 car. it didn't look like a terrorist car. two guys with black masks got out. [ gunfire ] >> more amateur footage filmed from a nearby building in the aftermath emergency crews rushed the injured from the scene, a number of them critical. the french cabinet met in emergency session. there is now a massive manhunt under way. the black citroen was later discovered abandoned. the french ministry confirmed
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that three attackers were involved and it is likely that charlie hebdo was targeted because of its satirical proper trail of political and religious leaders. >> we're live in paris dana, what is the latest on this developing story? >> reporter: we don't have dana. we'll get back with him in this newscast. in paris thousands gathered in a central plaza. many carrying signs that translate to i am. charlie in french. >> reporter: we want to show you some of the close ups of the tens of thousands of people who gather tonight.
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watch. >> they're chanting freedom of expression. some of they will holding pens in their hands and a sign you see here reads not afraid. that's something that they were also chanting throughout the rally. and it wasn't just in paris. massive crowds also gathered in the city of lyon, france, and also in toulouse, france, there were rallies as well. these were organized through facebook over 38,000 people said they would be attending the rally in paris. gatherings also occurred here in london, as you can see, as well as in barcelona spain more vigils were planned for tonight including one that is expected to draw hundreds in montreal later tonight. >> thank you. the charlie hebdo artists killed were the country's most famous political cartoonists.
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and they had become icons of the industry. roxana saberi with more. roxana. >> stephane charbonnier started editing charlie hebdo in 2009. he used the pen name "charb." they're featured in this online cartoon. >> charb was assigned a personal police bodyguard in 2011 after the paper was fire bombed following the public publication of an issue featuring prophet muhammad. >> is this freedom of speech? >> yes. our job is not to defend freedom of speech, but without freedom
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of speech we are dead. we can't live in a country without freedom of speech. i prefer to die than live like a rat. >> the jean cabut was a highest a paid cartoonist in the world. cartoonist georges wolinski was working for various publications including charlie hebdo when he was killed. hours after wednesday's attack france's president praised the fallen satirists and said that thursday would be a national day of mourning. >> the men and women died for the idea that they had of france meaning liberty. >> cartoonists bernard verlhac
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also died today. and one of the two police officers killed was reportedly charb's bodyguard. coming up we'll take a closer look at the newspaper and some of its controversial stories. >> appreciate that. thank you. president obama condemned today's attack in paris. he called france america's oldest ally and said that the white house would offer help to the french government. libby casey joins us now from the white house. a strong message of solidarity from washington officials. >> reporter: that's right tony. president obama spoke by phone this afternoon with the french president offering condolences and support. mr. obama reaffirming america's strong relationship with france in a meeting today in the oval office with the vice president and secretary of state. the president took a moment to make some public comments sharing a clear message of unity. >> the one thing that i'm confident about is the values we share with the french people, a
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belief an universal belief in had freedom of expression is something that can't be silenced silenced. >> reporter: the president calling the counterterrorism operation with the french, saying they would offer any assistance possible. the director of the fbi said that the agency is working and members of the white house national security team have also been in touch since early this morning. they're trying to help identify those who committed the attack and find out if they're affiliated with organized terrorist groups. the white house secretary made a point of telling reporters there has been outreach with leaders of the muslim community to send an unified message against extremism and these attacks like the one that took place in
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paris. and they'll redouble those efforts. >> let's take a step beyond the white house where you are, and talk about the rest of d.c. how is washington responding to this? er. >> reporter: sick ofsecretary of state john kerry speaking directly to the french people, that is a rare move and significant because of its symbolism. we heard remarks across the political spectrum, house speaker john boehner offering support, but also talking about terrorism and vigilance against terrorists. many taking to social media to express their concerns. and dick durban pointed out the international community came together after the u.s. suffered the terror attacks of 9/11, saying that the u.s. will
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give the same support. >> leaders around the world expressing support for france, all of them condemning the attack. patty coal hane has the report. >> in the capitols of europe. >> we stand squarely for free speech and democracy. these people will never be able to take us off those values. >> we stand by the french people and all those who feel committed to freedom of the press we say we stand for freedom of the press. >> the. >> i want to express my outrage.
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it was horrendous, unjustifiable and cold-blooded crime. it was a direct assault on the cornerstone of democracy the freedom of expression. >> across the globe this is clearly being seen as much more than just an attack on a satirical newspaper but on democracy itself. al jazeera. >> a controversial danish newspaper that sparked protests. there was significant backlash against cartoons making punish fun of the prophet muhammad. offices in spain evacuated offices after receiving suspicious packages. france has had its hands full of
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terrorist threats ahead of today's attacks isn't that true? >> for many years france has been a hotbed of terrorist activity and a lot of it has to do with france's involvement in situations in the middle east, africa and other parts of the world where terrorists believe they were mettling. it has been very busy and involved with terrorist activity. there have been at least 20,000 western passport holders to go into iraq, syria. >> so jj, talk to us about what appears as we focus our attention now for the moment on today's attack. what appears to have been. we're going to roll some video
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in. a well-organized and coordinated attack. >> what you see are people that are not in any haste or hurry to leave the scene. they are very meticulous. you see one of the people getting into the car reach in that individual does not want to leave evidence behind perhaps authorities could get finger prints and link that to them. they're wearing masks wearing gloves. they're using weapons very professionally. they're in and out they did what they needed to do and left. it suggests that they were well trained, this was planned
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researched and they knew what they were going to be up against, it is something that the french government is very concerned about tonight as well as parissens and others all over france. >> let's look at what you have learned from those in the law enforcement community in france. given recent threats on this magazine in another foiled plots, was there intelligence gathered that might have suggested that this plot. >> the french government came out and said that three or several terror plots had been thwarted. this came in on the heels of lone attacks. it seems to suggest that the government knew something was possible, something might happen and there was some intelligence and chatter about something that might happen, but they felt they had it under
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control. i do think that based on talking to french law enforcement and u.s. and european law enforcement and intelligence officials, there may be. >> was this a target of opportunity. >> how covered by cameras is france? i'm thinking in the closed circuit police cameras? >> well, we know that some years ago they had almost 10,000 of them. the question is since that time, which was 2008, president sarkozy at that time wanted to triple the number of cameras
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being used in france, closed circuit tv cameras. i'm not sure how far they've gotten on that, but we do know there were a limited number available to police and investigators at that time. since that time there have been a number of reasons for them to increase the numbers. the question is have they done it, and have they made use of them and of what use will it be based on this particular situation today because a lot of--a lot of activity took lace out in the street today. as i mentioned they were not in any hurry to leave the scene because they knew the car that drives away from the scene fast is the first car that cops would go after. they carjacked another vehicle so there should be quite a bit of information available for any closed circuit tv cameras. >> let's hope so. the suspects are still at large. what's next on the investigation. i'm thinking that the suspects have planned this thing to the extent where they've got a cover
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house, a safe house or something like that where they've gone underground? >> very possible. if you look carefully at the video that has been shown you see one of the attackers getting into the vehicle seemingly to say something or motion to someone behind him--behind the vehicle, and that could very well be an indicator that there is someone else working with them behind that vehicle or around them. it could have been some type of signal. but at the very least it suggests based on my conversation with security officials, it suggests they had this planned out. this car was waiting and supposedly there might be another or series of transport vehicles or transport methods that have been lined up for them. they may not be in france any more. >> that sounds scary. j.j. green for us. good to talk to you. thank you. i got to tell you the attack on
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charlie hebdo has journalists around the world defending press freedom. we'll look at the effect that today's event could have on freedom of speech. and the airasia flight recorder. we'll have more next.
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>> a major development for the search of airasia flight 8501, they've located the tail of the plane on the sea floor which means that the black boxes could be nearby. lisa stark has the details from washington. >> reporter: tony, weather conditions have permitted divers as well to get into the tail section of the plane. it's 100 feet below the surface. it's resting side down. now, if the tail section is relatively intact, that would be
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very good news because that is where the blacks boxes the flight data recorder and cockpit recordered would be recorder would be found. they're trying to get listening devices in the water to pick up the distinctive pinging noises. the boxes will be critical to figure out what brought this plane down. it was on a flight from indonesia to singapore. 162 people on board. it encountered bad weather and that was likely a factor in the accident but it's unlikely that that was the only factor. it's why they really need to get these data recorders to figure out what happened. now, also sonar has picked up large pieces of what is believed to be part of the plane. that is important because that
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is where many of the bodies will be. >> the director of the fbi is giving new details of how investigators determined that north korea was responsible for the sony hack. it comes in response that administration was too quick to blame the nation. >> well, fbi director james cook gave a defense of the obama administration's calling out of north korea and he said if the doubters knew what he knew, they would be convinced too. [applause] >> the fbi director used his top billing at the cyber security summit to rebut the skeptics in the north korea-sony hack. >> i have very high confidence about this attribution as does the entire intelligence community. >> almost immediately after president obama publicly accused
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pyongyang's various cyber expert experts started blogging about their doubts. scott boring, north korea has never before demonstrated any advanced hacking capabilities, more important it has hardly any way of acquiring those capabilities. >> some serious folks have suggested that we have this wrong. i would suggest--i'm not suggesting i'm saying that they don't have the facts that i have they don't see what i see. >> the most popular counter theory was that it was an inside job. the keys to the sunny kingdom by a disgruntled employee who was laid off last may. kurt stanburger said that his company identified six individuals with direct involvement in the hack, including one former sony employee, a ten-year veteran of
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the company. the malware used was linked to north korea and the attack had striking similarities to a north korean cyberattack last year against south korea banks and media outlets. now he said that north korea used proximately servers in other countries to cover its tracks but got sloppy. >> several times it got sloppy. either because they forget or they had a technical problem they connected directly. and we could see them. and we could see the ip addresses used to post and send e-mails that were exclusively used by the north korea. >> he said for him that amounts to case closed. that speaking at the same conference the director of national intelligence james clapper concurred. he told the story of a meeting in north korea with the north korean general. he said its responsible for the attacks and said that north koreans in his words are deadly,
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deadly serious about affront to their supreme leader, who they regard as a deity. >> did the fbi consider any other possibilities? >> well, they said they were not just narrowly focused on north korea. they brought in an entire red team to consider all the other possibilityies to take a look for any other explanation of what happened. he said he wasn't going to reveal all the ways they knew what was going on because that would give too much away to the north koreans, but that did feel like he had to show a little leg, so to speak, in order to kind of tamper down some of these doubts that had been planted about whether or not the case is as solid as u.s. administration says. >> jamie mcintyre for us in washington. the form korean air vice president at the center of the nut scandal at jfk was indicted today on criminal charges. the executive was on a plane bound for south korea when she
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demanded that the plane return to the gate because she was served macadamia nuts in a bag rather than on a plate. he was charged with violating safety regulations and then conspiring to cover up the incident. the dow was up 213 points. the s&p rose 23 points. the nasdaq gains 58. charlie hebdo's controversial style made it popular but inspired threats and anger against its journalists. we'll look at the journalists across across the globe who are raising their voices in support of charlie hebdo.
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[[vo]] rock star astronaut chris hadfield. >>everything i've done has been fun stuff. [[vo]] mind-blowing discoveries & >>it's on the edge of impossible. [[vo]] terrifying near-death experiences & >>if it had been higher, it'd hit us. [[vo]] and an exciting future that's closer than you think. >>go from being an air traveller to being a space traveller. >>you see it as the future. >>i see it as inevitable. [[vo]] every monday, join us for exclusive, revealing and surprising talks with the most interesting people of our time. >> in france an attack killed 12 people at the magazine charlie
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hebdo. right now a massive manhunt is underway for the three suspects. what is the latest on this story? >> well, tony, we should really talking to you about the breaking news. that's being cared by french media. there are a number of sources reporting that these three masked gun then who carried out this bold and bloody attack have been identified by french authorities, in fact, the french newspaper liberation has already published the names i believe two of them in their 30s and one of them is a teenager finance. there are some suggestions that there may have been an arrest. we have no official confirmation from the ministry of interior. just over my shoulder, along this boulevard is where some of
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the shots were fired. an eyewitness talked about the series of shots she heard looking the streets. a lot of people didn't know what was going on. they thought it was fireworks at first. they came out and it was mayhem here on the central boulevard in the heart of paris. one group of policemen arriving on bikes was fired upon. another policeman shot in his vehicle as he was pulling up, i saw that vehicle taken away here earlier tonight. with bullet holes in the front wind shield. and then as he was on the sidewalk the masked gunmen came up and shot him again to finish him off killed him in cold blood. they collided with one car, as
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they fled to another district of paris not far from here. they dumped that vehicle and then they got into a second vehicle, which they hijacked, and then made good their escape after that. >> wow so much there. and the scene the video of that officer being killed, it's just so difficult to watch. so with these breaking developments let's revisit that. share with us again what you're learning what is the very latest here, because that is a really dramatic set of developments here. we're hearing from four or five french media reporting tonight that the suspects have been identified and we have seen some names, of course, we're not going to run those until confirmed by the authorities. they're two men in their 30s and then another man in his
4:33 pm
teens around 18 years old and they're apparently from a suburb in northern paris. there was one report that one of these men was known to the authorities, and had been arrested for trying to go to syria, and presumably sign up with the isil, and two of the three were brothers. >> dana, how is the muslim community in france reacting to this attack? >> i don't know about the entire community, but there have been muslim leaders who have come out and condemned this attack. leaders from germany's angela merkel and they came out and
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spoke with the press and condemned it. living in london there is great fear as many as 1,000 young muslims from france have gone to syria, and have fought there and many have come back, perhaps in the hundreds. some of them have been on trial. some 70 arrested in france, i've been told, and are still in jail to go before the court. you know, even in the united kingdom a lot of concern that there are many men like this who are coming back who have military training and could carry out similar attacks like this security is extremely high across europe. >> dana lewis for us in paris. france, as you know, has raised its terrorist threat to the highest level. let pick up on that point that dana was mentioning. there is great concern throughout europe, certainly in france and the u.k. to be more specific that there are a number of young men who have gone to the front to fight with
4:35 pm
isil and that they may come back at some point with bad intentions for the homeland. >> bad intentions and good training. the borders of syria and iraq have been a seive. they can go in and say this is easy to do, let me try. it's not only isil. let's talk about that for a second but it's all of these groups trying to attract europeans with european passports, and some come uninvited. they say hey i'm waving the flag and i want to fight. therefore, if they've got those passports they'll try to travel back. that's what dana was saying that european and u.s. officials are worried about. >> that gets to the question when you think about what you're talking about in terms of the passport, and the ability to spread out throughout europe, what kind of reach potentially--that is the kind of
4:36 pm
thing that would keep law enforcement officials in homeland security on edge. >> up at night. >> up at night. >> this is their major concern. let's not scare everyone. this is not happening on a daily basis. there are not hundreds of people racing to syria and racing back. david cameronprime minister david cameron are even suggesting to denounce their citizenship. the number of americans fighting in syria and iraq is low, but there are hundreds of europe europeans. you talk to smugglers and they'll show you on their iphones, pages and pages of fake passports pages of european passports. we brought this fighter in, and this fighter in. they're boasting, but there is
4:37 pm
discussion of bringing them back into europe. but that's not necessarily the case that these guys got training in syria and iraq. obviously there are reports to connection to that, but the fear is they're coming back, and there are people already there who are sophisticated they're calm. that's the point about that video, they are calm. they are well trained and they're ready for this. that means they've got experience with these weapons. >> the calmness and the deliberative manner this was carried out. this is not the first time that a publication or magazine has been attacked this way or hacked in europe. >> no, not at all. this particular newspaper was-- >> fire bombed! >> they were fire bombed in 2011, and it taunted radicals saying you haven't gotten us yet. these taunts will continue, if we can call them that.
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the free speech will continue, and the attacks will continue. we have not seen so much a level of sophistication because there are a lot of sophisticated attacks, but we have not seen the level of sophistication of attacks in europe before. >> nick schifrin, good to see you at this desk. nick schifrin, thanks. charlie hebdo never sold a lot of copies, but it is well-known in france for never giving in to critics and threats. roxana saberi is back with more on the newspaper. >> reporter: tony, charlie hebdo was founded in 1970. many people criticized it but the newspaper said it was protecting france's tradition of free speech. for decades charlie hebdo has shocked and amused readers. at times it mocked muslims at other times jews and christians. when it came to ridiculing
4:39 pm
public officials the red-wing newspaper offended people across the political spectrum, but in recent years it's attack on muslims has caused the most controversial. it was sued by two french muslim associations after printing cartoons critical of islam. the court rejected the case. editors stephane charbonnier spoke with al jazeera. >> it just sow happens every time we deal with radical islam we have a problem and we get indignant or violent reactions. >> the newspaper said it had a duty to uphold france's freedom of the press. now the newspapers' web side shows this defiant message.
4:40 pm
i am charlie and people across the city are showing solidarity. >> now we're in national unity mode that when you attack one you attack all of us. we're all charlie hebdo and we're all defending our values and our freedoms. >> reporters without borders told me that they're worried about their own security because the attackers are still on the loose. tony some press companies have guards posted outside of theirs office. >> we go to anchor with france's 24 network. thank you for your time. look i want to start here. thousands of people taking to the streets of paris. >> you're welcome. >> why are so many people on the streets of paris? what statement about this
4:41 pm
barbaric act do they want to make this evening? >> reporter: well, those people are very concerned about defending the liberty of speech, the freedom of speech, which is necessary for the human rights declaration from 1789, which is a very strong basis here. this act that happened today is seen as a threat to that freedom of speech. many who don't agree with what charlie hebdo even criticized the magazine hundreds are gathering around france. one is a few hundred meters from where i'm standing in the heart of paris. >> tell me more about the magazine.
4:42 pm
it has been described as featuring biting criticism of those in public life in france and of all religions. >> absolutely. charlie hebdo takes anyone and everyone as a target for criticism. they don't let anyone out of their sights for that. politicians are mostly attacked. they're mostly criticized. but religion, and every religion every religion is targeted as well. there were mentions cartoons for the reason they were threatened. and then in 2011 there was a fire at the hq of the magazine
4:43 pm
with no victims no casualties, but christians as well have been targeted the pope, the church, everyone really. >> so laura take me back to the attack itself. i understand that you were in the area. what did you hear? what did you see? >> absolutely. i was really 100 meters from the place where everything occurred. i heard gunshots, and i had no idea at the time there were gunshots. i thought maybe they were fireworks or noises from a construction site. but a few seconds after the heard the first shots i saw four policemen running to the streets, screaming, it's shooting shooting, go away. i was really in shock because it's not something that you see in paris. we've had bombings in the past, but we really rarely have people
4:44 pm
shooting at other people. so after i thought maybe it was fireworks or construction sites. i thought maybe it was one person from a building shooting people in the street. i had no idea it could be that kind of terror attack. it was only a few minutes later that i heard three groups of shootings, and i was--there was really no place where i could hide so i was taking up a distance. when the shooting stopped i came back just to see if anything had happened, and i saw a policeman who was being threatened on the ground. and actually the policeman who was shot to death by the gunmen. i had no idea at the time that he was dying.
4:45 pm
that was a bit of a shock because it rarely happens and especially in paris. >> laura i have a couple of questions for you we're getting indications that there is reporting in paris n france, that the alleged attackers the shooters have been identified, and that perhaps arrests have been made. do you have anything that you can add to that recording? you. >> there is no official confirmation so far. >> a couple more. how will your news operation respond to this attack? because i know you really strongly view this as an attack on the freedom of press. how will this attack impact the way that you do your job in the
4:46 pm
future? >> that's a hard one, a tough one. i think it will give us more determined minds not to worry. these people who are gathered in france they're standing for that. lots of journalists have joined the people who are gathering in the streets for freedom of press, freedom of speech, and some of them showing their press card to show they're not impressed. they don't want to be impressed. charlie hebdo cartoonists and journalists had been threatened in the past many times. they always said we cannot be
4:47 pm
impressed or worried. of course they were worried but that would not prevent them at any time from doing their job. that's what everybody in the press as far as i know that's a point of view that everybody in the press as far as i know shares. >> you live in that city. you live in that community. what is the risk of further social divisions widening in french society as a result of this attack? >> well, the thing is the gunmen shot--it was strongly supposed
4:48 pm
that them muslim. we were watching social media and they were all mentioning that that is a shame. >> we lost her. laura mignon. she's an anchor with 24 news, she was at the site of the attack today. "i am charlie" is trending worldwide. >> reporter: people are using the hashtag to express their believe of freedom of speech and freedom of expression, and many journalists are tweeting about this including kate who writes: >> and nicky writing: >> now 107 news rooms in europe held a moment of silence, and
4:49 pm
they were holding signs "je suis charlie." and solomon rushdie wrote: . >> colorado's pot industry has been a money maker for the state but why some are whiching questioning legalization.
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>> many opened their iconic yellow umbrellas. they're against china choosing the candidates for 2017's election. sara clark reports. >> reporter: the blockade may be over but the tent still stands
4:52 pm
outside of the government building. a small group has deified police demands to leave hoping to keep the campaign for electoral reform alive. >> i want the government to listen to us, not only they decide policies. >> but the hong kong government is refusing to compromise even though it has launched a second round of consultation of how the city leader will be elected. they insist they'll stick with beijing's plan of which candidates will run for the election. >> if we want to implement universal suffrage, we have to follow the baseball law because hong kong is a lawful society and we have to follow the decision made by the standing committee. >> that statement was echoed in a report submitted to beijing this week even though the hong kong government told
4:53 pm
protesters the document would reflect the people's calls for greater voting rights. but the leaders say the 155 page report ignores public opinion and does not address the political crisis that triggered three months of straight protests. >> the report is a load of rubbish. it twisted the public sentiments and also it misrepresents the opinion of hong kong public. >> this report was initially held at the olive branch that protesters had helped would break the political en pass. after the street blockade was shot done, it could trigger new protests here in hong kong. >> canceling town hall meetings over fears of potential public unrest. >> the public should take lawful, rational and pragmatic approach in expressing opinions
4:54 pm
in the consultation period. >> but some protest leaders could be denied a role in those attacks that the government hording a need for investigation and potential arrests. sara clark al jazeera, hong kong. >> you know it seems simple enough legalized recreational use of marijuana. but there have been unforeseen problems. lori jane joins us with part two of her investigation. lori? >> reporter: hi, tony, yes this is a very serious issue when it comes to edibles and butane hash oil extraction. >> i was starting to convulse and really freak out. >> you thought you were going to die. >> i said probably 20 times in the car ride. i'm going to die. >> when jordan took his family to the denver county fair, he never expected to od on marijuana.
4:55 pm
>> i feel like i got poisoned. the 34-year-old father and video game designer said he and his wife parked their little boys with their father while they checked out the fair's pot pavilion. there wasn't supposed to be any actual pot there because it can only be sold at licensed sites. convinced he had nothing to worry about he approached a booth that caught his eye. it. >> it looked like "willy wonka" thing. i joked with them and said there is no thc in this. they said no. we're not allowed to have it here. >> he became totally disoriented and begged his wife to take him to the hospital. he said that medical workers diagnosed him with thc overdose, the active ingredient in marijuana. edibles are not the only potent form of marijuana to catch the state bistros p cannabis
4:56 pm
concentrates called dabs, can be manufactured safely, a rising number of home cooks are trying to make concentrates by watching videos on youtube. [ yelling ] >> using dangerously flammable solvents like butane. including to kevin wong the number of explosions has more than doubled in the last year to 32 since retail legalization went into effect. >> that's his legs. >> so far the numbers are small but the casualties may increase as the business grows and state authorities scramble to keep up. >> and tonight we're going to take a deeper look into the dark side of marijuana. we're going to take you into a burn unit and let you know how the state is reacting to all of these issues. >> lori, appreciate it.
4:57 pm
good to see you. dangerously low temperatures across the country have forced school closures and safety concerns. kevin has the details next. >> it's a chilling and draconian sentence... it simply cannot stand. >> this trial was a sham... >> they are truth seekers... >> all they really wanna do is find out what's happening, so they can tell people... >> governments around the world all united to condemn
4:58 pm
this... >> as you can see, it's still a very much volatile situation... >> the government is prepared to carry out mass array... >> if you want free press in the new democracy let the journalists live. >> cold snaps have brought temperatures to dangerously levels. kevin is here with the details. kevin, help us, please. can you warm it up? >> meteorologist: chicago public schools were closed as well. they have not released whether they'll be closed tomorrow. this definitely looks frigid. we're looking at a shot over the great lakes right now. chicago, you're at 1 degree. you feel more like minus
4:59 pm
21 degrees. and we're dealing with windshields. look at thunder bay in canada, minute minus 37 degrees. of course, it will feel very cold but it will be much worse across northern new england where web see vermont with minus 44 wind chill. we're going to see temperatures below zero in terms of wind chill. about 70 degrees. >> that's cold. we leave you now with live pictures from paris france, where people are placing candles and flowers for people who were killed in today's shootings. 12 dead from an attack on a satirical magazine. more injured. we will see you tonight at six.
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>> the last gunmen shot masked gunmen shot 12 people, including police. that's next on "inside story." >> hello i'm ray suarez. charlie hebdo has