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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 8, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EST

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[[vo]] now, we cut through the smoke and find out what's really going on. >>we can show marijuana is leaving colorado. [[vo]] the highs and lows of a year on pot. >> announcer: this is al jazeera. welcome to the newshour. i'm live from al jazeera's headquarters in doha. coming up in the next 60 minutes, the french president holds a crisis meeting with his cabinet following the shooting death of 12 people at a satirical magazine in paris. several people have been detained as they search for two brothers responsible for the killings in "charlie hebdo." a minute's silence will be held
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across the country at midday polls are about to close in sri lanka, where the polls are picking the new lead ner a snappy election. all is not well at a leading smartphone maker. we tell you why we begin in france where a national stay of mourning is being observed. masked gunmen shot 12 dead in an attack at the hospitals of a satirical magazine "charlie hebdo" on wednesday. the french president francis hollande shared a crisis meeting at the pal a as well as with nicolas sarkozy, who heads the main opposition party. a minute's silence will be observed at midday and flags are flying at half mask. police detained several over the attack. the two accused of carrying out the sault are on the run.
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>> the frenching -- assault are still on the run. the french prime minister manuel valls gave an you date. >> translation: we spoke with the president about the situation of the continuing search to find and arrest the individuals that carried out the attack. we spoke about security and the political plan to guarantee national unity. the president, ministers and directors of intelligence services are following closely. we want to say to the french people that everything has been mobilized jacky rowland joins us from paris at the place de la republique where thousands gathered to hold a vigil. bring us up to speed with the latest. >> yes, well people are starting to gather at place de la republique because in an hour's time there'll be a minute's silence observed across
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france and people are starting to set up little shrines on the square. candles, flowers and pens and pencils, the symbol of the tool of the trade of cartoonists killed in the shooting on wednesday. francis hollande setting the mood saying it's against french values and expressing his shock at the fact in this could have taken place in the heart of the city. a feeling echoed by people we spoke to on the square. people who personally feel assaulted as a result of the shooting. >> several people have been detained. police named two suspects. how were they able to do so. what do we know about them? >> well clearly this has been a huge operation for the security force, and also for intelligence agencies. apparently the two brothers the
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kouachi brothers were known to police. one of them even it is reported had been previously arrested accused of trying to recruit fighters to go to iraq. these were people who were already on the radar of the intelligence agencies. also as well huge investigations have been taking place during the night. police surrounded a location in the town of it reims, to the north-east of paris, where there was a forensic operation collecting all sorts of possible evidence like d.n.a. finger prints anything that could help in the search. as the president promised from the moment after the attack all resources are being mobilized in the search. it's almost 24 hours since the attack happened. let's get up to date with this report from my colleague tim
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friend. >> reporter: the faces of two armed and dangerous men who police urgently want to track down after the horrific attack on a french satirical magazine. detectives made their appeal for information about cherif kouachi and said kouachi, aged 32 and 34 respectively as armed officers moved into a housing estate 150km north-east of paris, searching for evidence. there are reports that cherif kouachi is the same man gaoled in 2008 for helping to send fighters to iraq. >> france is holding a day of national mourning for the 12 people killed in the attack in central paris on wednesday. behind the shock and the grief police believe they are made progress in the hunt for the killers. the president and government ministers are being briefed about key lines of inquiry.
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>> reporter: in paris and across france people held demonstrations in solidarity with the satirical magazine "charlie hebdo," and its right to be irreverent about revered figures. lanterns were released into the sky - one for each of those kill. the nation is stunned by the images. the two gunmen escaping in a hail of bullets. a policeman lies on the ground injured. he's shot at point blank range. the men are heard to shout in french "we have avenged the profit mohammed." then they drive off. survivors say the men ask for many by name and appeared to know that the magazine's editor yag meeting was taking place that day. >> translation: these individuals asked two maintenance men in the receptionist area of the building where exactly "charlie hebdo"'s officers were located,
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and immediately opened fire killing one. the attackers went into "charlie hebdo"'s offices on the second floor and went to the conference room where the newspapers editorial team was meeting. the two men opened fire killing 10 people inside. >> francis hollande has appealed for national unity and promised the killers would be brought to justice. >> i want to the express your gratitude to the families for the ones hurt wounded, loved ones to those killed. charb was the pen name of stefan charbonnel the editor-in-chief. he was one killed. al jazeera's jacky rowland interviewed him in november 2011 after a firebomb attack against the officers of the weekly magazine. >> translation: it's been 20 years that we have quote/unquote been provocative
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on many subjects. every time we deal with radical islam we have a problem, and we get indignant or violent reactions. >> reporter: now in gens of freedom of speech he and his colleagues paid with their lives jackie we heard reports of another shooting in paris. this time in the south of paris, and not sure of course if this is related in any way to what happened at "charlie hebdo"'s offices. we have live pictures from the scene. what more do you know about this? >> well we know that there was an attack as you mentioned - this is to the south of paris. we understand that a man in a car opened fire on two police officers. apparently one of those was a
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traffic police officer. we are now hearing from the police that one of those officers a police woman has died from her wounds. the other police officer is badly injured, and we understand that the suspect was not apprehended so we could be looking at another man with an automatic weapon who attacked police officers, being on the loose in paris and other areas. we have nothing at this stage to suggest that the two attacks were linked but clearly this is adding to the sense of insecurity in the capital today. >> i imagine a great deal of tension in paris. >> we heard after the crisis meeting. we heard him talk about national unity. is that the message about the french government. national immunity from all political leaders in france. it seems the key word is
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national yes, and, in fact francis hollande is leading by example, inviting to that security cabinet meeting on thursday morning. his hold political rival. nicolas sarkozy, the former president who francis hollande defeated in elections in 2012. he is really putting his money where his mouth is inviting him along, making it clear that now is not the time for party politics almost for a unity government. sarcozy spoke after the meeting, calling the work that of a fanatic and supported the president's decision to use every tool at the disposal of the authorities to track down the gunmen. >> thank you. that's al jazeera's jacky rowland reporting from paris.
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people have started to gather ahead of a minute's silence, which is supposed to happen at 12 local time an hour or so in paris. let's speak to a security consultant, live with us from paris, and good to have you with us. we want to talk about the latest we know the investigation. sex, according to the police. two pictures are on the run. they were named after one of them left their i.d. in the vehicles they were in yesterday, wednesday. what does this suggest to you about the level of preparedness of this attack. how well organised was the attack? >> well it's surprising because it shows that there are purely
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professionals, and they don't make any mistake. i mean during the attack and when they left they said that there is two options. there's a mistake from them because they had to change the car, and maybe they left one of these - i mean these i.d. cards, or maybe it's a way how to let's say, leave some kind of print, leave, like - to show that they were involved in just to put the pressure on the police. i suggest that the first one is the favourite one, because it's in that - when they changed the car it was in big hurry and under pressure of police. >> so you think it was sloppy on their part. until wednesday's attack it comes after several recent
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attacks in france in september. which were described as isolated cases. how should this particular attack at "charlie hebdo" be viewed? >> it's a different time because, first of all, we were well prepared. i mean there was an investigation from those two guys that mean where was the gap in the system that means to observe, to survey that site. and, also not only is it prepared how to attack. but they need to escape from the police. it's specific to this attack. >> it's not the first time that "charlie hebdo" has been firebombed at the offices. in 2011 they had to move. this is the magazine under
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threat. after the publishings of cartoons and so on. i want to understand what sort of security they said at the offices and whether it was easy for the guys to get in. >> the magazine was no more a kind of priority for the security. i mean it was - at that time it was a very sensitive target between the time. it just kept the same system the security system but as you know the sweat - it's now, it's an evolution. so the system was not well. not well adopted to the resolution of the threat. >> we are seeing france raising the terror alert level, the so-called terror alert level.
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we are seeing truths sent in flown in to paris. do you think that this is going to serve as a deterrent. will people be reassured by this? >> well first of all, don't forget that there is no drug. i mean we wait for getting those people in the police hand. until then the pressure the security pressure will be very strong. sure that opinion, population to feel more secure but it doesn't mean that it will prevent any other attack and that also one of the fear is that those two people if they are still - i mean out of the police hands, it moons it could have the project -- it means it could have the project to make another attack.
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it happened previously five years ago in... >> toulouse. >> yes, toulouse. in paris you have a lot of police men in the street and you feel in the city that there is attention, so after when they will be arrested sure there'll be a second phase of security pressure which will be more on the intelligence repress if let's say, development and good to get your insight. thank you for being with us on al jazeera, security expert live from paris. still ahead on the newshour - suspect in connection with the shooting at the "charlie hebdo,"
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reaction from around the world, because there has been a lot of reaction. and i.s.i.l. - the successful defending of a shia site in sport - australia - live in melbourne to find out who the favourites are to win. in other world new, in yemen, more than 10 houthi rebels have been killed. it happened when tribesman backed by al qaeda fighters attacked a houthi gathering. let's get the latest from yemen's capital and speak to omar al saleh. tell us about what is happening, and the significance of the area in radaa district. >> well sources suggest that the fighting happened late
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wednesday. heavy clashes broke out when al-qaeda operatives backed by sunni tribesman attacked a number of houthi targets like jet points gatherings. witnesses in radaa suggest that they have heard a loud explosion. heavy weapons were used. the clashes went on early thursday. there is a death toll as you mentioned. at least 10 houthi fighters were killed. there is a field commander, a houthi field commander was killed in the attacks, and a number of vehicles were set ablaze. the importance of radaa is that the shi'a houthi fighters took control of it in object. parts of radaa was al-qaeda strong hold so what al qaeda did when the houthis came is that they retreated to rural areas on the outskirts, and since they started waging what they call a war of attrition
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against the houthis, trying to ipp flight as much cask -- in flict as much casualties as possible setting ambushes and so on to weaken the group we heart reports that the information minister's office had been stormed. can you tell us more about this. >> yes, that happened in the last hour. a number of men stormed the ministry she wasn't there, she was appointed as the government in november. we know that the minister has been - there has been big disputes with the houthis, they were trying to enforce the will on the minister's attack and houthis in the government - government-run news channel, and
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there was a significance of this. and it assures the newly earnt power that the houthis have in this country, and they enforced their will on a number of ministers and institutions. even the government. people think the houthis are the reel rulers of this country, because they controlled the capital. >> thank you so much. >> in iraq police sources say five people have been killed and up to 22 others injured in a suicide bomb attack. three are among the dead. this happened when five suicide bombers detonated trucks on the main highway. it's understood the attackers were targetting others. we'll speak to our iraq correspondent, imran khan who returned from baghdad. there has been self attacks in and around samarra, why are we
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seeing so many attacks? >> it is crucial. it's hope to a shrine one of the important shrines. it's important to shia muslims across the world not only in iraq. it's been a target most crucially on feb 22nd on 2006 attacked by al-qaeda. a group that sparked - the group sparked sectarian tension. we see the ripple attempts. al-qaeda in iraq morphed into i.s.i.l. which suggested it is a key target for them. there are regional implications for all of this. iran said clearly if any of the shrines in iraq are attacked they'll send in ground troops to defend the shrines. that's a concern for saudi arabia worried about the role that iran plays in iraq. regional implications local implications. if there was a successful attack there's no doubt iraq
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would spiral into levels of sectarian violence that we saw in 2006, 2006 and '08. also, the bombs used in the attack. these were truck bombs. they are more likely to be discovered and stopped at the checkpoint. they are a youseful deliver, delivering large amounts of explosives. it looked like it was a major attack. it looks like samarra is becoming a target. >> thank you very much. imran khan an election pitting one-time allies against each other. voters in sri lanka are picking their next president. there has been reports of violence and voter intimidation at polling station, including jaffna in the north. the president is popular with
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the senna lease ethnic grose but is loathed by the tamils. he is hoping to win a third term in office. >> the incumbent is going head to head with his former health minister who turned into his political rival. he changed the constitution so he could run for a third term. he's from a powerful family his father rajapaksa ran. he succeeded his father at the age of 24, and became president in 2005. in constrast. sirisena is unknown, not joining mainstream politics. he served as health minister but resigned in november when announcing his candidacy. >> let's speak to a member of parliament who joins us now via
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skype. thank you very much indeed for speaking to us. the president called the election because he seemed confident of winning this third term in office. it's proving to be a tough battle. do you think he can win this? >> no i think he was counting on the present opposition standing against him. that is difficult. the health minister is part of the cabinet. who had been very supportive in twine. who like some of us was on the government side found in the last four or five years, the president and his family were more corrupt and were not taking the president's main risk. a couple of other senior figures in the election were never
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consulted about anything. there was a lot of anguish on the part of people and they expected to have won the war. in particular there has been a space of attacks on the muslims this time. in the last year or so by a particular organization of extreme monks, the large majority that they found objectionable. but they found nothing to stop it. it's a lot of discomfort at the moment. i rather believe that the defendant could defeat it if the election is free and fair. >> do you think it will be free and fair? we heard about voter tamering in the north. and is there a programme or a plan that is appealing to voters. >> that's two questions, one is there has been a lot of incidents over the last week.
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the courts have been bray and ordered the arrest of three ministers. another, another, a victim was involved and died. it's not completely free and fair. the wave of support for mr mr sirisena is strong. there'll be a certain level of distrust. it's unlikely he'll win. i was told by some i met that the former chief minister was trying to stop ballot boxes, but i think they were able to inform the observers, the local and the international observers, and i hope that has been put a stop to. with regard to mr sirisena, it's
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a vibrant programme. he has a large contingent together but to me the fascinating talk about the discussions is that we found that on so many things we all agreed. about 80% there's enimenty. and apart from making sure any systemses are removed we are talking about the rule of law, the right to information, strengszening the audit, because we found members of the public enterprises - there was a lot of problems. the recommendations need to be entrenched and make sure that the oversight of parliament on whatever the executive is whether it's the president parliamentarians have to do their duty by the people. that's broken. the programme is i think, a
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particularly good one, and i happy we have the opportunity. >> we appreciate your views, thank you for speaking to us. a member of the parliament joining us via skype from colombo. thank you in israel jerusalem has been blanketed in a thin snow. west jerusalem, after two days of stormy weather. 19,000 homes are without power, and residence have been warned it could be three days before they are reconnected. some schools have been shut and major roads are blocked. let's get an update on the weather with everton fox. we have seen what is happening in the middle east. what about europe? >> there's milder area coming in. it will win out over the next couple of days pushing towards jerusalem, and the west bank. things will cheer up. looking at the satellite. this time of year milder air, wet and windy, piling in from the atlantic. you can see the cloud doing
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that. towards the south-east. there's a large area of high pressure follow the isobars and their chart. wester lies across to the north, and a northerly. that's the cold air that's been fading down across the eastern side into the levant countries. 6 degrees in athens around about 13-14 degrees at this time of year. moscow minus 11. that's not glad. faring nicely. the milder air across the west of europe. 11 for london and paris, warming up into friday. look by that stage the temperatures edging up a notch. going into saturday we are getting up to 14 celsius in saturday. and zero in moscow. that is relatively mild. back up to the north-west 13 or 14 degrees. with the milder air, wet weather, there for england and
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wales across a good part of northern france. turning to snow as it moves to the colder ground. easing east. >> still ahead on the al jazeera newshour. syrian refugees in lebanon battle winter's storms. plus fears of rising tension as thailand's prime minister is set to face an impeachment hearing before the military appointed government. and the engines fall silent as competitors remember a motorcyclist who died in unknown circumstances at the dakar car rally. stay with us for sport. we'll be back after the break. american
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o welcome back welcome back you are watching the al jazeera newshour. several have been detained in the hunt for two brothers suspected of the shooting of 12 people at a satirical magazine in paris. arrest warrants have been issued for 32-year-old cherif kouachi, and 34-year-old brother said kouachi. both have not been arrested. the french prime minister held a crisis meeting with his ministers and predecessor nicolas sarkozy and began a day of murning to remember the victims. in a separate incident a policeman has been killed in a shooting incident in southern paris. france's interior minister says it's too early to draw a line
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between this incident and the attack at "charlie hebdo"'s offices. cartoonists posted emotional drawings of their own in answer to the attack in paris. hundreds of cartoons flooded the internet using the hashtag "jes suis charlie" meaning i am charlie. artists shared powerful and satirical sketches using them to advocate for a free press, denounce violence and mourn their colleagues. popular images were shared more than 62,000 times, within 13 hours of hitting the internet. it was joined by david pope. peps and pencils were used to represent the victims with some sharpened pencils claiming retribution. the sadness and shock has been echoed around the world.
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countries have been quick to condemn the attacks in paris. >> reporter: from across the globe came one voice "france, you are not alone" vinyling ills held -- vigils held near and far in asia and with condolences and condemnation. >> those who carry out senseless attacks against civilians ultimately will be forgotten, and we'll stand with the people of france through this time. >> translation: the terrorist attack at this time is an act of terror against the news organization as well as the freedom of speech and the freedom to report. this is unforgiveable, regardless of the reasons, we cannot forgive cowardly attacks, and condemn them. >> obviously this is an atrocity. absolute atrocity. sadly, we can expect more of
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this. in neighbouring countries people and their leaders showed solidarity. >> we stand with the french people against terrorism and threats to our values free speech the rule of law and democracy. it's essential that we defend the values today and every day. saudi arabia posted this message on the state newsagency saying the kingdom condemns the act directed by the islamic faith. it was a horrendous unjustifiable and gold-blooded trial. it was also a direct sault on a cornerstone of democracy, on the freedom of expression. >> the messages of unity pours
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in not just in sympathy but in defending the right to speak out in news just in the french press newsagency is reporting that the two suspects in this attack have been located in northern france. the two suspects i remind you are cherif kouachi and said kouachi. two brothers named by the police after the attack at the "charlie hebdo" offices, and according to the niece agency they've been located. no word on whether they've been located, and we'll bring you information as and when we get it. the two suspects in the shooting attack on the offices in paris have been located in northern france. let's speak now to director at the conagy middle east center and joins us from beirut. thank you for speaking to us.
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first of all, your reaction to what happened in france in the last 24 hours, and the outpouring of emotion and reaction from around the world in relation to this attack. >> the kahn -- key action to look at is the reactions from the religious entities maybe from the most eminent sunni institution, saudi arabia as well as the arab league. i think it should form a wake-up call for not just europe but all countries that have contributed directly or indirectly to the spread of jihad around the world, especially muslim communities in the middle east. now time. >> muslim leaders in france were quick to speak out against the attack and condemn it.
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it seems like they were apologising: what do you make of this? >> unfortunately, since the september 2001 attacks. muslim leaders around the world have not been as forthcoming as they could have been in condemning extremists and terrorist attacks made in the name of islam. i think now everybody is realising perhaps cautious attempts at alleviating without being very loud and clear about it. has not worked. and now is the time and it is time for new strategies forceful in condemning these extremes. >> and this attack also happens at a very particular time for european politics as you know when we see the fight in parties on the rise. in france there has been a great debate and tension about.
5:39 am
do you think it will intensify tensions? >> yes, of course across europe in germany, we have seen if we can call it pro-islam and anti-islam camps. these kinds of attacks are a manifestition of a growing in europe. more should be done to promote social cohesion more widely to show that these attacks do not represent the opinions and the sentiments of muslims in europe at large. >> when you say more should be done to promote social cohesion do you think this is towards - it is a more integrated society in france for instance? >> so far a lot of people who
5:40 am
come from - those that live in ghettos, whether in france or elsewhere in europe a lot are regarded either with a sense of oryientalism or suspicion. they are regarded as different. it is reflect in economy, social policies and primarily education. more should be done to integrate the people into society at large in france and abroad. >> thank you. speaking to us lena we appreciate your time from the carnegie center joining us live from beirut. a reminder of the breaking news we received a few minutes ago. the a.f.p. newsagency reporting that the two suspected of the
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shooting in "charlie hebdo" on wednesday, have been located. no official word yet. the two suspects are shelly eyre and said kouachi, who police named just a few hours ago. they were apparently named after one of them left i.d. in one of the cars that they used in the attack yesterday at the offices of "charlie hebdo." i remind you again. 12 people were killed. [ inaudible ] threats had been received to "charlie hebdo" offices. [ inaudible ] jacky rowland joins us. we are hearing, of course this line again from the a.f.p. that the two pictures have been
5:42 am
located in northern france. do you know about this? >> yes, we are hearing from a state radio, as well as a.f.p. the french newsagency a reliable sourcing that police have located shows two suspects - the kouachi brothers. according to the reports, an apartment in the most of paris. you'll remember as well that during the night police were carrying out - sorry, we are struggling with the elements here. during the night, police were carrying out search operations to the north-east of paris, and we know they plead -- they fled. and the police have been
5:43 am
following leads. >> we lost you for a second. where, exactly were the suspect located? >> according to those french media reports, the suspects were located in the department of ern to the north-east of paris. if we in fact follow the information that we have about the movements of the suspects after the shooting they are known to have fled to the north, and police were carrying out search operations in the north-east. now there are reports from the media about [ inaudible ] but, in fact police have located them in the end department. >> so they have been located, but no word on whether there's an operation to apprehend them or whether anything
5:44 am
[ inaudible ] >> that's right. we have no other detail. we are not hearing of a particular measures or efforts - obviously the objective is to arrest them. for example, we are not hearing of s.w.a.t. teams moving in or a siege situation. all we hear at the moment is that police believe they know the location or narrowed it down to the department of ehm, a region of france not talking about a city or a region but they are narrowing down the search to an area to the north-east of paris. >> if you could remind us who the two suspects are, we do have a bit of information, they are brothers. >> yes. i mean the information is that they are two brothers cherif kouachi and said kouachi.
5:45 am
cherif kouachi aged 32 and said kouachi 34. now, we have information as well that cherif kouachi was known to the police and that previously he had been imprisoned for trying to recruit fighters to go to iraq. the two brothers on the police radar. it was cherif kouachi who was known to the police in the past. so obviously we are talking about the intelligence that had been gathered and police operations and forensics carried in as well and to the north-east. all agencies are working on this together as the president said that all forces every measure would be used and no lead left unvetted. >> thank you voch at the moment. jacky rowland on standby to bring us all the latest from
5:46 am
paris. now, we want to take you to thailand where the former prime minister yingluck shinawatra is set to face an impeachment hearing before the country's military appointed government. there's concern the impeachment would reignite tensions. scott heidler reports from bangkok. >> yingluck shinawatra has been out of thailand's political scene since being kicked out of office last may. weeks before the coup she was disqualified as prime minister by the constitutional court, overhearing shuffling of servants. the servants saw it as a politically charmed ruling. friday she was stepped back to the spotlight, where she faced impeachment hearings. yingluck shinawatra faces corruption linked to a rice
5:47 am
subsidy government her government launched. the idea is to control prices. i insist that the team of the government aches to help the poor people in the gaps between the rich and the poor. the programme failed and she is accused of corruption within the programme. her critics say she knew it was failed but put the programme through. >> one of the goals of the government is to bring the people of thailand back together. pointing reconciliation between those, those that fought to kick yingluck shinawatra out of office. it could put her in dilemma. it's a test for thailand's reconciliation process. they had to come up with some
5:48 am
answers and some goods. they deposed the government who seized power and ruling in a military regime. they say corruption had to come up with the proof. >> if the government feels it has that proof, it can impeach yingluck shinawatra, ensuring she will never run for office again, and may make it to the next level, for criminal charges. >> this happens. any progress in reconciliation in the divide will most likely be erased. >> obviously it's been one week since the court of cessation ordered a retrial. peter greste, mohamed fadel fahmy and baher mohamed. al jazeera demonstrates the release of the three journalists for more than a year. the three have been wrongfully gaoled in egypt, accused of broadcasting false news and helping the outlawed muslim
5:49 am
brotherhood. >> peter greste's brother spoke with us from new south wales, and said lawyers for mohamed fadel fahmy and peter greste have filed a request for them to be deported. they are hoping it happened this week. >> after the announcement from the court that a retrial as ordered peter submitted an application to the - to get him deported under the guys of the decree announced in november. this is an opportunity for the president to exercise his powers and deport peter. particularly now he's gone from being a convicted person to an accused perp. egyptian authorities will consider this in a timely
5:50 am
matter. and come to a digs where he is deported and benefit all parties. >> let catch up with the sport. >> we start with football. atletico madrid takes the advantage with cross-town rivals real madrid. the spanish league champions were winners. fern ando torres made his first start. the former liverpool and chelsea player couldn't manage a goal. it was a raul garcia penalty and a jimenez strike giving atletico a 2-goal leading into the next leg. the asian cup kicks off in melbourne. hosts australia will open proceedings in kuwait the first of 32 matches. australia looking for the first continental championships, and left for the asian football
5:51 am
confederation in 2006, in pursuit of tougher competition. it can be expected in this tournt with a group who they'll play on the 17th. >> this is the first game of a major tournament one that we are hosting and our intent to be successful. that will come out tomorrow night, play well get three points and have a strong performance. the focus is on the first game and nothing beyond that. we won't get there later in the tournament unless we get it rite on the first night. >> israel is the biggest of the six confederation, but also it would argue, the most underpurchasing. the best rehabilitationed in the top 50 is iran 51. asia failed to register a single victory at the world cup in brazil. no teams made the rounds. in fact there are only five
5:52 am
countries who made it out of their world cup group - japan, south korea, saudi arabia and north korea, who reached the quarterfinals in 1966. barcelona are not in copa del ray access until thursday. preparations have been hit by the firing of the sports director, and rumours of a rift between the players and the coach lewis enriqua, something he denies. >> translation: i had the same relationship i had at the beginning of the season with all the players. nothing changed. maybe we know each other and maintained same relationship. i think it improved because of time. in that sense, no change. >> steven gerrard will soon be a gal amy player -- galaxy player. he'll see out the rest of the season and link up with the club in july. he's been with liverpool since
5:53 am
eight years old. he'll follow in the footsteps of david beckham, and gerrard is bound to bring in the fans. one is famous himself. >> i'm looking forward to getting down there and watch you do your think. i've been a can for yours for a long time for yours versatility and leadership. welcome to los angeles, man. enjoy. and kick some areas in the process. i'll be done there rooting you on my man. >> 2011 dakar rely champion has extended his lead climbing the andes and across the desert ahead of defending champion roma in day four. the days event overshadowed by the mystery of the death of the motorcyclist michal hernik after the polish rider was found
5:54 am
dead of unknown causes. in the motorbike category. a second victory ahead of mark coma. a spaniard leads by 12 minutes and 49 seconds on to tennis maria sharapova's warm up is shaping up. world number two and top seed is cruising into the semifinals. up against 7th seed maria sharapova took the first 6-1. nav arrow put up more of a fight in the second the russian defeating her 6-3. maria sharapova plays in the last four well let's go back now to our story about the asian cup. we have scott mcintyre joining us from melbourne. he's an asian football expert
5:55 am
for australian broadcaster sbs. why do you think asia sits so far behind the rest of the world? >> hello. i don't know if that's necessarily the case. these things come in cycles. if you look at the world cup in 2010 on a percentage basis. more asian nations progressed to the knock out staples. >> the problem is that the statement on which to test yourselves, it's for the big nations. they come once every four years. as strange as it sounds. the only way it will bet better is for more teams to go to the tournament. you look at the players. one of the best pliers in the
5:56 am
bundize league. there's the talent coming out of asia. it's the big matched experience as a nation that is lacking. >> give us a look at the favourites that we can expect to hear about in the tournament. >> i've been covering the asian cup for a long time. the most open tournament that i remember. there's no dominant teams, the nations didn't do well in brazil. it wasn't as if one came off the back of good form. there has been so many nations that changed the coaches, the australian coaches, the japanese coming in. their coach, the mexicans under a cloud for match fixing in spain. it's an open adjournment. qatar can do well. i can see iraq for example,
5:57 am
continues an open corner. that is the football expert. scott mcintyre doing well. that is all the sport for now. thank you. we want to update you on the main story. french media, reporting that the two suspects in the attack at the offices of "charlie hebdo," the satirical magazine on wednesday have been located in northern france. according to afc they were located in the region of aisne, north-east of paris, they are two brothers. said kouachi and cherif kouachi, two brothers suspected of involvement in the attacks at g "charlie hebdo," leaving 12 dead on wednesday. more on this in a few minutes on al jazeera. i hope you join us.
5:58 am
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weekdays at 5pm et / 2pm pt only on al jazeera america sirs [ bells toll ] you are watching al jazeera. we begin in france where a minute's silence is being obvioused to remember 12 killed -- being observed to remember 12 killed in an attack on "charlie hebdo." this is the scene where the bells of notre dame are tolling as part of a national day of mourning.