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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 10, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am EST

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show you how the miracles of science... >> this is my selfie... what can you tell me about my future? >> can effect and surprise us... >> don't try this at home >> techknow... where technology meets humanity... only on al jazeera america >> this is al jazeera america, i'm thomas drayton in new york. let's get you caught up on the top stories of this hour. an outpouring of support from around the globe as police continue to search for a missing suspect in this week's paris attack. a british security expert believes small scale attacks are on the rise. we'll explore the nature of these in "a deeper look." wreckage from flight airasia
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8501 is lifted from the floor, less than two weeks after the plane crashed into the java sea killing 162 on board why are more americans choosing to represent? we begin with breaking news out of texas. a man barricaded himself in a hospital room with his son. you are looking at live aerials. he was upset over his sun sods condition. the scope is unfolding 30 miles north-west of houston. we are getting conflicting information. local police call it a hostage situation, we spoke to the sheriff's office they do not consider is to be a hostage situation. we don't know if the man is armed or if there's evacuations. we'll monitor the story and bring you details as soon as it's available.
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>> the other top story. it's been more than 24 hours since france was gripped by two hostage situations and the nation remains on high alert. hayat boumeddiene is expected to have been involved in shooting a parisian police officer on thursday there are clues that the attacks may have diesties to yemen. one of the brothers killed on friday fought with al qaeda in the country. they say he camped in southern yemen and was supported in 2011. on the streets of france there was a heightened state of security. police and armed soldiers are on alert for all threats. tens of thousands took to the streets, to express support for the victims of the attacks. a national unity rally is scheduled for tomorrow. among world leaders planning to attend is david cameron, angela
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merkel italy, sergey lavrov from russia and israel's prime minister binyamin netanyahu. we begin with a hunt for a woman connected to the crisis. here is rory challands with more on the suspects. >> hayat boumeddiene - in a photo french police released. she's the most wanted woman. she may be in syria. she is wanted in connection with a police officer on thursday. and is the girlfriend of amedy coulibaly, who took shoppers hostage in amedy coulibaly. it ended when amedy coulibaly was killed by police four hostages died. the couple have been connected with the kouachi brothers killed in another police action on friday the prime suspects in the shooting at satirical
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"charlie hebdo". amedy coulibaly and other me would have been among the joggers. this network named after a park trained and financed fighters for iraq. amedy coulibaly was a member. police thought the group was dismantled in 2005. amedy coulibaly did gaol time in 2010. the fact that the men were known to a supported violent groups for years is uncomfortable for the french intelligence services. >> it's difficult to tell people we cannot guarantee 100% security. you have got to accept minimum risk. our task is to reduce the risk. >> as france comes to terms with the event, the country is on the highest possible state alert. the government drafted in
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hundreds of troops to control the streets. >> translation: in the current environment we are facing risks. it is important that the plan for the security in paris is supplied to the rest of the country and should be strengthened in the next few weeks. >> since the network met and trained in the early 2000s, many met violent deaths. the kouachi brothers two more believed to have blown themselves up in iraq. the police will have to answer tough questions. are there any that remain that may pose a threat and how did they slip through the fingers, and are there other groups planning similar attacks. >> armed soldiers are patrolling the streets of paris, tensions are high as the city mourns much dana lewis has been following
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the story since the sault on the "charlie hebdo" offices. >> reporter: on a busy seat in paris police shut down a main road leading to bastille square. french citizens heeding calls from the government called it in. a suspicion package at a bus stop. it's a false alarm - the first of many. paris on edge. we came 5 minutes down the same road and the police are checking out another suspicious package. poem are nervous. a lot of people want the government to rethink how it protects france. >> maybe we will have to be like more village - vigilant about all of that and maybe like the borders of the europe will be like stronger. >> they need to focus more on these people and maybe - yes.
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focus more on them and do what needs to be done. >> more security forces are deployed in france and the government promised to review why french intelligence blinked, taking eyes off men. an interior minister says after the meeting authorities and attackers are part of an extremist network. outspoken french calls the attacks sofist gated. it's a wake up call for all of europe. >> the french should be heard from london berlin or other european capitals as a warning because these terrorists are
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able to destabilize old states and democracies. not from outside. the charlie hebdo, where 12 were gunned down lies on. living on in under tighter security. one of the view surviveing spoke of his emotions. >> we are trying to take care of ourselves, continuing our work. we need to escape this emotional outpouring. i am sure you'll understand if something like this happened to you. we are holding on we'll have more on the attacks in paris tonight in our "deeper look" segment and we'll explore the rise of home grown terrorism across the globe and the difficulties combatting such
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threats. the al nusra front, al qaeda linked is taking responsibility for two suicide bombings in a cafe in the coastal city of tripoli. seven were killed dozens hurt. many blamed the civil war. for the growing violence in lebanon. the government is preparing to take on i.s.i.l. it's expected to be a long fight. they are trying to get support including from peshmerga fighters. mohammed adow has more. >> heightened activity on the front line of the region. the defense minister are visiting kurdish peshmerga positions. the peshmerga have been making gains against i.s.i.l. this visit, however, has less to do with their victories and more with a plan to retake mosul in
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the second biggest victory. >> translation: the fight to reliberate i.s.i.l. will help soon. they'll rise up against the foreigners. we'll clear the land of the evil i.s.i.l. discussion. >> reporter: the fight for mosul will be tedious. the men are seeking help from every corner in europe. the vice president and minister for defense are keen to get the peshmerga kurdish forces support in a campaign to take mosul fighters. they are promising the peshmerga more military support. >> in need of more urgent support are the sunni militia men from mosul. gathered in this camp for months. made up of volunteers and police men, they say it's the pace for seven months.
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>> sunni leaders in iraq long complained that the government in bag dad does not trust them enough. the defence minister says there is a change in baghdad. >> translation: the government adopted a none partisan approach. we hope it will continue and be widened. promising. the governor of mosul, and brother of the vice president. >> we have promises more than action. but still we hope to get the help. we need to keep the good relation with the central government. >> iraqi kurdish authorities insisted they can only play a support roll in the battle for mosul. the peshmerga are spread thin on
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the ground. mosul is 90km away. a fear that it is close to the call toll could drive the fighters. >> the tail of airasia flight mh3708501 was lifted from the bottom of the sea. the first major peace of wreckage. missing is the black boxes that officials hope will offer details in the cause of a crash. 162 people on board were killed when the plane went down over the java sea. crash investigators have only two more weeks to find the boxes before the battery powered signal fails. >> north korea offered to suspend nuclear tests in exchange for the u.s. agreeing to call off the drills with south korea. the white house flat out rejected the proposal calling it an implicit threat.
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the u.s. and south korea carried out joint military exercises for been 40 years. the nuclear test and military drills are two separate issues. a spokesperson says the test is open. urging pyongyang to cease all threats and reduce tensions. two u.s. senators weighed in on the investigation of c.i.a. director david petraeus. in a statement senator john mccain and lindsay graham said: reports surfaced on friday that federal law enforce. officials recommended criminal charges against petraeus and the retired general retired from the c.i.a. in 2012.
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ahead - two more teachers have been killed in mexico city in the midst of strikes over lack of security in public schools. plus - a deep divide remains between many muslims and secularists in france. we take a deeper look after the break.
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let's take a deeper look at the situation unfolding in paris. while violent acts continue across the globe, the nature of attacks has evolved. we start with this report from courtney kealy. >> reporter: this week's attacks in paris forced those around the globe to admit that they are on the rise. andrew parks, the director of mi5 said: lion since 9/11
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authorities continued to develop counterterror. >> methods to thwart mass casualty attacks. ongoing conflict such as iraq and syria, and disillusionment with the west continued. >> in april 2013 dzhokhar tsarnaev and tamerlan tsarnaev naturalized american citizens allegedly detonated two pressure cookers at the boston marathon killing 2 people. the recipe was published online in al qaeda's "inspire" magazine. a radical cleric aligned with al qaeda was killed by a u.s. drone trike, but wags aligned with one of the paris attackers. this is the case in france with the suspects in the "charlie hebdo" shootings. cherif kouachi spoke by phone with a french tv news programme before being killed by police.
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>> we are the defenders of the profit. he was sent by al qaeda in yemen, and anwar financed me. the rise of the islamic state known as i.s.i.l. has seen thousands of foreign fighters all over the globe flock to syria and iraq. as the conflict changes with western involvement and air strikes recruitment was on the rise. like the bloody standoff in sydney australia, a gunman held 10 hostage in a cafe. at one point forcing them to hold up a black banner. a group that has the declaration of faith rein in calligraphy. three, including the gunmen were killed. this is a pre-attack preparatory
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work. they'll do a few dry runs. >> reporter: law enforcement can't arrest anyone thinking radical thoughts but the bloodshed that took place - locating them is difficult france has the second largest muslim population making up 7.5% of the country's population. most from french-speaking countries. muslims in france have fully condemned the attacks. the government bans religious symbols in public schools, and defends what the community sees as religious hate speech. the double standards there and in a global community at large. a newspaper created uproar for publishing offensive cartoons of
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prophet muhammad refused to run drawings making fun of jesus. the paper fired a cartoonist in 2009 for inspiring racial hatred for mocking president sarcozy's son over a rumour he was converting. >> judahism. hughes limbs in francoi [s]y they'll -- muslims in francoi [s]y they'll no longer be anticipated in their home. >> paris does have districts considered muslim. france has a 5 million strong population. some say they have failed to integrate. others blame society. the divide is not new. the killings of "charlie hebdo" has worsened tensions. france is on the edge and so is the muslim community. many are too afraid to talk to us about the killing. those that did expressed concern na in one way tore another
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france's muslims will suffer the consequences. the two brothers suspected of being behind the attack were not just muslims, but claimed to have carried out the killingsment. the brothers didn't represent him or his religion. his worst fear is the place he calls home will no longer accept him. >> translation: the right wing is using the attacks to spread hatred against muslims. why, we are citizens we respect the laws and are looked pop as monsters. >> reporter: it's a feeling shared by muslims who believe the fall out will deepen the economic and social rift long existing here and some worry tougher measures will be imposed. >> translation: things will change laws will change. it will not be to the vane of arabs. they want to make it easy for muslims to stay here. two attackers live in the
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districts. a sense of alienation from french society creates a fertile ground for radicalization. >> translation: there are many mistakes in french society, a french national should feel trenches. they don't. they are discriminated against. french society should deal with this so people don't feel different. authorities have been calling for unity and tolerance. following the killings many feel it will become wider to discuss the violence and controversy spurred by the attacks, i'd like to welcome robert mcfadden a deputy assistance director of the u.s. counter intelligence and john bowen, professor of social cultural anthropology in st. louis, joining us from st. louis. great to have you both was. as we try to answer of the critical questions, motives,
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affiliation, do you see the divide in islam deepening? >> in some respects yes. when you have situations like this the tendency unfortunately and naturally, it is to conflate a lot of situations. and really not taking a more nuanced look. there are certain sets of circumstances, and context for what is going on in france that may not apply to england, germany or the united states and the area of the world. it speaks to a much broader strategic issue too. sometimes it seems like a cliche but the shrinking global village, that issues that happen in some parts of the world over religious differences, being philosophically conceived to have that effect everywhere in the world. >> are we not connecting the right dots and truly
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understanding the factor behind this and other attacks. >> i agree completely with the last two comments. it is important to connect the dots in a way that reminds us that france britain and the u.s. have different histories of encounters with islam. one thing that people don't point out is the long intimate engagement that france had with the muslim world. since 1830 when they invaded algeria, there has been many millions coming to france after world war ii to work. the immigrants children and grandchildren ended up in the poor parts of france in the north without jobs and without a feeling of connection to french society. what we see in france is a strong sense of not being welcomed into the republic. it has nothing to do with religion it's a sense of exclusion. it remind me of what happens in ferguson, missouri, a few miles from where i'm sitting, where
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african americans are excluded. for that large number of french muslims, it's not about religion but the sense they are treated as second-class citizens. >> it's about alienation and resentment. >> for those, it is. the vast majority that feel not accepted it's about resentment and alienation. >> we'll talk about two words - lone wolf. the lone wolf element. how does one become radicalized. >> depends on who you are talking about. we have seen an increased volume of lone wolf or wolf pack. small groups we use. wolf pack of less than five. again, though it's important for looking at them individually. now, the common thread of course is violence. they are the only means to address known or perceived grievances. when you take a look at recent
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incidents like in canada for example, at the war of veterans memorial. you cannot deny that that individual had serious mental pathology and drug addiction. you take a look at what happened in australia with the tragic event with the hostage situation. you had an individual with a veneer of a religious grievance. there were underlying things. look what happened in france in the tragedy. here you have a situation from what we know so far, and more to come with you had two brothers home grown, self-radicalized that brought into the violent ideology which is the driver in some of these cases of violence not the group affiliation as the important thing, but buying into on the sunni extremist side the sala feet ethos, where there's no other way to think or act but that way.
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no negotiation. that could be the driver on some cases, not all. >> looking at the video, what does that tell you from a security stand point, the actions of these men. >> from the security stand point. >> there's a lot of assessment right after the event looking at the video where some experts pointed out the vi degree of training -- out the high degree of training and military precision. others said it exhibited a cursory amount of training nonetheless there was training practice and egress. you can sell the saulters felt there was no escape plan. you had that. here is something consistent. the lone wolf attacks, even with preparation. they may use astute planning it
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follows a script that after the event, what do we do now. the brothers obviously had no plan. but with the great capabilities that was not going to happen. >> looking at the community, how does france stand out from other countries in regards to immigration? >> there's what i mentioned earlier. france has had the largest number more than any european country and had a great problem of separation and exclusion from the rest of society. another thing that is specific is that france never left the former qualities, maintaining an intricate economic political engagement with the detectorate. they took a lead in bombing.
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it wasn't a colony. they've been involved in bombing for iraq. this is another aspect of the problem. it means from the standpoint of jihadi if america is the number winn my maybe france is number two. you heard an audio clip of a guy that held up and took hostages. he talked about, unlike the brothers he talked about the ways in which french forces are killing brothers and sisters in iraq and syria. >> is it more common? >> the short answer is yes. with the claim of responsibility, it was the operation of al qaeda. and connected to al qaeda core. you had the competition vying
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for supremacy as the vanguard of the movement. i think it's a plausible scenario that could explain why a q a.p. was quick to claim responsibility or say it was operations. the competition for recruits for being number one, for making the biggest impact is something of concern for allies. how difficult is it? >> extraordinarily. when you talk about a bigger organization al qaeda, as it existed in 901 to the mid 2000s, by the number of nodes of communication, for example. opportunities to and plight the different things it's bigger for facilitated for intelligence services. when you have an individual or a small cell. although that's another topic to
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talk about, the missed opportunities for the french service, it makes is just extraordinarily difficult to penetrate. and then you have a situation in various countries, we'll take france where it has a big issue chronically for a number of years now. being able to not just find a needle in the haystack but the many different hay stacks. >> do you feel the french overextended. >> we know the french well at the local, the state, the national level working well. it has a terrific capability. if the french were not at capacity i would be surprised. if you take one issue, and there are many issues within france. the foreign fighter numbers, official numbers, 700 french young men had gone to syria and
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iraq. at this .1,000 have gone, government estimates in france 325 returned to the country. that paints a picture, why did they go what is their motivation when they come home how challenging that is. >> what is the conversation if you want to add to that that we should have moving forward, across the world and at home? >> i'd like to add a pick up on the question of radicalization and the lone wolf i.d. this is right. upstream from this there are many more young french women and men getting radicalized. they go on the internet they get attracted by the message, the messages is the men don't love you and they are obvious here killing your brothers and sisters in islam, so join us. that may be 2,000, 3,000, we don't know. radicalization is in the prisons is the second element. it's been the case for many
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more. this suggests two areas going forward. one is what kind of steps can be made upstream. leaving to fight or trained in iraq or turning into someone that will commit a violent act. what are the ways in which community leaders, parents, others teachers can mobilize or be mobilized earlier on to cut short of the circuit. secondly are there ways to break up assemblies and ways to intervening. france faces a shortage of muslims. it's not a tradition. france is trying to train more and more. you can come in knowing arabic islam, and the reliageom. and how to recognise dangers. those are two things that need to be worked on. >> i want to look at a tweet creating dialogue.
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rupert murdoch says: he followed with a second tweet reading: i want to point out that news corp did not respond to the comments. how should a comment like this be dissected. >> well, two reactions right off. the notion that muslims should be responsible as a group, as a billion people for the actions of a small handful of misguided radicals is laughable. are we - are christians responsible for the people's army in central africa when it commits atrocities in the name of christianity - clearly not. are buddhists responsible for what happens in myanmar.
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clearly not. that said it's true there's a lot to be done within the muslim community in terms of educating muslims about what islam says. mark sageman, another counterterrorism expert in the u.s. a c.i.a. guy once said that one of the things europe ought to do is have more islamic schools to teach young men and women about what islam is. the young men and women know nothing about islam. they've not been schooled in it. a couple of terrorists on another occasion were found to be carrying with them a book - islam for dummies, and the koran for dummies, they were on the way to iraq. >> your final thoughts? >> yes, mr bowen put it wonderfully, i couldn't agree with more than he said. with a statement, muslims...
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>> i think any reasonable objective look most muslims are not for the violently ethos whatsoever. the other part of what we are talking about here as a former practicer in private industry. the working in the near and middle east for many years is a privilege. there's an idea again of making a monolith where it never existed. the statement talks about from africa to the middle east to the philippines, when going back to what i said originally it's important to take a look at the circumstances locally, in the country and regionally. what is going on for example, in north-east nigeria, with the boko haram situation is certainly many more contrasts with abu saif and the moro liberation front in the philippines. it's an ideology that feels a
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void. if you imagine in many countries, in the arab spring for young men or women, they have two alternatives. governments and religious extremism in between. those are the kind of things not so much that we will do in the united states. within many of those societies and countries that transformation refer nation in the longer turn remain. >> we'll have to leave it there. robert mcfad ep senior face pp of the sufan group and assistant director of the u.s. counter intelligence situations and john bowen, director of social control anthropology. great to have you both with us. coming up on al jazeera america - less than a day after senator barbara boxer said he will retire next year big names are popping up. also ahead on al jazeera - is working to buy your home a
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notion. we look at why buying a house is not for everyone and why migrants are leaving turkish stores.
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also ahead on al jazeera - is
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working to buy your home a notion. we look at why buying a house is not for everyone and why migrants are leaving turkish stores. y migrants are leaving turkish stores. welcome back which want to update you on the stand off at a fex as hospital where a man -- tax as hospital where a man has barricaded himself. authorities are on the scene at tumble medical center. authorities do not believe it's a hostage situation, police are talking to him. the man is distraught over the situation with his tonne. >> two countries dependent on oil revenues vowed to fight prices. venezuela madura accused their enemies of using crude oil as a weapon. oil prices plunged down to $50 a
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barrel. this is putting a strain on both countries. gas prices in america are around $2.15. it's $1.15 less than a year ago. another group of migrants rescued by the coast guard have been taken to italy. they were abandoned by their crew at sea with little food and water. rescue operations in the seas around italy are on the rise. since 2014, 100,000 migrants arrived in italy. >> the european union want turkey to explain the rising numbers leaving its ports in turkey. we go to where many migrants continue their journey. >> reporter: the winter storm lashing southern turkey is a year-round million dollar people smuggling business. anchored in international waters migrants promised
11:42 pm
there's a 100 meter long ship waiting to take them to a new life in europe. >> translation: i decided to go to europe because there's no chance in living a dignified life. other countries closed the door. the gulf countries, i couldn't get the visa for any of them. only europe welcomes us. but this insurance company - migrants must pay a $5,000 cash fee per passenger. the waiting room is full of willing, though realistic choices. the fee includes a combination. the migrants are promised weekly
11:43 pm
sailings. there are at least 500 people. and it's not the only place. families come and go. people wait. the weather is delaying this week's sailing. everyone is eager to get moving. the smugglers are open about their operation, there's even a facebook called europe travels, and has a picture of a container-type vessel on it and it says that they sail to italy on an 82 meter vessel. this one says there's a sailing on thursday the weather seems fine and all the passengers on board will be provided food water and sleeping mattresses. and there's a phone number to call for inquiries. >> for u.s. fishing boats to take you out, it takes about 45 minutes.
11:44 pm
on the big ship he'll head to italy. it takes about five days to get to italy. it sails slowly. the smugglers move different harbours to stay one ahead of the turkey lead. when the passengers begin their troop the smugglers promise in italy, the migrants can go to any country they want. >> a deadly weekend in acapulco mexico two teachers killed within hours of each other. coming in the midst of a teacher strike. following a rash of violence. 15,000 students are affected by the strike. >> reporter: rejecting not by choice. veronica is filling in as her teacher. veronica home schools because of
11:45 pm
strikes. one of mexico's violent cities. the gangs robbed us not only of safety but have stolen our public spaces. kids can't go out to play. they can't do activities outside like they used to when i was a child. >> 11-year-old fatima enjoys time with her mum. her plan to study chemistry requires intense preparation. something lacking, especially now. acapulco is one of the mexico's famous resorts. in years it lost its sheen as drug gangs fight for territory. it's not just drugs, criminals extort criminals, judges police - anyone they can. the kindergarten teacher from school was kidnapped, and other families. just like you they ask you for however much money they want.
11:46 pm
sometimes you may be rescued, sometimes you don't come back. teachers in the state have long been on the government side. and they have motives too. they won't go back to the classroom until the state government provides better security. >> translation: the city state or government should put the guarantee there. makes me want to cry. my class is empty and filthy. >> reporter: state officials denied the request for an interview. thousands of students are missing out n their schooling. >> reporter: around 100 schools in acapulco have been shut down because of the strikes. dust on the streets shows how long it's been since the strikes occupied classrooms. the strike has been going on for two months.
11:47 pm
as it carries on citizens remains on hold. a developing story coming in. officials at airasia say they have reason to believe the black box has been located. tony fernando's wrote - we believe the black box has been located. >> the first major piece of wreckage was recovered. 162 people on board were killed when the plane went down over the java sea. once again, the g c.e.o. believing they had found the black box. >> when al jazeera returns, it's a dirty job, but a lot of people want to do it. why becoming a sanitation worker is harder than you think.
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the former mayor of los angeles announce said that he's considering a run for senate he may run for the seat barbara fox will vacate in 2016. he is a high profile mayor. >> 3, 2, 1, 0. lift off of the spacex fallon 9
11:51 pm
rocket a spacex falcon 9 rocket lifts off, sending a capsules loaded with supplies and experiments to the international space station. the manages had a separate goal trying to recover the booster by having it land on a barge at sea. it broke apart upon landing more americans are choosing renting as opposed to buying. some see it as a smart financial move. we talked to two renters. >> reporter: there two main types of renters. >> help me with this. >> those that believe it is their best choice. christy bell lost her home. a single mum with three in the suburbs of atlanta. >> i am renting because i have to not by choice. >> shaun lives in jersey.
11:52 pm
he thinks buying a house is in the the same financial security that it was. >> buying a house is questionable at this time in my life. >> reporter: shaun faces a decline. tighter lending standards, down payment requirements - keep some would-be buyers sidelined. there are other reasons some are renting. home ownership is seen as a career impediment. job opportunities are hard to come by. >> i choose to represent for flexibility, mobility, living in different places in the city. >> he pays 1585, and that is the greatest challenge. >> i'm paid twice a month and the majority of the first goes to rent. that hurts. i have a car page a child in
11:53 pm
college, utilities and kids activities. >> one out of three americans live in rental houseing. they spent 443 billion on rent. that may be the right choice somewhere these renters are losing out on the american dream and security coming with building equity in a home they own california's golden gate bridge is closed to traffic this weekend. the iconic structure is being retro fitted. this is the longest it will be closed since being open to traffic in 1936. emergency vehicles will be able to use it. it reopens 4:00am on monday. the crunching sound of metal again and again on i 94 michigan
11:54 pm
yesterday. the slippery surface combined with low visibility caused the chain reaction. 193 vehicles were involved. there was one fatality. a truck driver from canada. two dozen people were hospitalized more snow making its way across the country. >> it's the labelling effect snow causing the problems. that heavy band across lake michigan is lighter in that area, but where we got the heavy snow are off the shores of lake erie and lake ontario. we have video to show you where we recorded over 2.5 inches of snow this afternoon. it's been snowing, coming down heavily. even places like buffalo total up a foot of snow. just in the bands of snow moving through today. it's specific. the lakes are not completely
11:55 pm
frozen over so the wind moves over the warmer water, picking up moisture and runs into the for example of the shore line. continuing to taper a little tonight. we'll have an increase as we get into tomorrow knowing, especially around lake erie. that's where we'll see heavier snow. cleveland, cold blustery with the snow coming down. the big concern is from southern kansas indianapolis to ohio. icy winter weather possible. we have warnings out, freezing rain advice for the areas. as the storm system brings up the moisture from the south, it's running into the cold air. as we get into later sunday it tracks east. we'll expect the snow to cross the north-east across main and it will be a wintering time in between.
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>> in the meantime pacific size mcnetwork at the university of washington recording seismic activity around the seattle sea hawk game. time goes from earlier kick-off and increasing times you go down. we have seismic activity when it came to a touch down at the end and an it's interesting to see the studies of how much the ground moves. >> all that excitement. >> it is very exciting. >> thank you. >> did you know new york city generates 11,000 tonnes of track. it's a tough job keeping up with the waste. becoming a sanitation is the most coveted civil service job in the city. 93,000 applied for carting away the rubbish. >> i'm a new york city sap saying worker.
11:57 pm
it's not easy to get a job. to get a job in this day and aim is scarce. this might be one of the jobs to get in new york city. this past year more than 90,000 people submitted applications from sanitation workers. the department is about to hire many workers per year. that translates to an accept ans rate for a little over half a per cent. 5.8% is the perception. it's hard to become a sanitation worker in new york city than it is to get into harvard. >> when i heard there were 96,000 applicants in this job. it made me think how hard it is to get a job right now. for some reason being a sanitation worker is so ipp tiesive, it may be the pay. >> the starting salary is low. when you factor in overtime it averages 47,000 in the first
11:58 pm
year. after 5.5 years the salary jump to an average of 89,000. and since new york city sanitation workers operate the city there's an ample opportunity. >> when we have a big snow fall we move into 12,000 shifts so they earn a lot of overtomb. the last winter was harsh, and people who might on average have made say, 75,000 a year foraveraging more like 95,000. >> there are other perks. 10% extra pay for night shifts. double time for sunday 25 vacation pay after six years of service, and an unlimited number. in fact, the station department workers uses 14.4 days. and sanitation workers have unlimited days but use an average of 7.7 days.
11:59 pm
>> they have very good benefits good health plans. that's true across most other city employees. >> it's not the easiest job, unexpected. you don't know what you are walking into - needles, knifes acid. you don't know what you're touching all the time. >> reporter: days of endless garbage, sanitation worker joe considers himself to be one of the luckiest men in new york. >> it's like winning the lottery. i tell myself to take the test. 20 years, retire it's a great job was it a mistake or an early reveal of the sunday global awards. it remains to be seen after the global awards website appeared to have the winners in two top
12:00 am
categories. the foreign press says it was an error during a test run of the website, and there was no connection to the actual winners. we'll see. >> thank you for joining us. i'm thomas drayton in new york. "consider this" is coming up next. keep safe. the deadly terror attack in paris sparks the debate over religious sensitivity and freedom of expression much does the u.s. offer military prays shores. we are joint taking aim at a documentary putting our guest into the cross-hairs. i'm antonio mora, welcome to "consider this", those stories and more ahead. >> calls for the defense of