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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 11, 2015 6:00am-6:31am EST

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promoting international security - france hosts a summit following the paris attacks the unity march bringing 50 global leaders to the french capital from doha also ahead how sri lanka's former president offers a failed plan to keep mahinda rajapaksa in power when he realised he could lose
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election. >> protesters on the streets. >> hello. interior ministers from across europe are holding a security summit in the french capital and are discussing ways to counterterrorism aspects. turkey's prime minister said that he will help to trace a fourth suspect who is thought to have fled towards the middle east. crossing over to jacky rowland, joining us from paris. tell us about that. >> what you said about the bringing together interior ministers, security ministers from countries in europe and further afield. the question of course is how
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much can be organised in a hastily awaited image. it's parts of in many ways symbolic to bring the people together to talk about security i think, or practical work will take place afterwards in the days and weeks to come. clearly when you talk about threats now, these are not real threats. they cross borders, you have a europe without borders, and that's to the advantage of people who wish to trade and try to do business. it's a danger because it means if a person has a european pass or once they are in the demroouns, they don't have to -- demroouns, they influence, they don't have the border security and could flee over the borders. during the days when the french police were hunting the kouachi brothers in relation to the "charlie hebdo" publication, they could have fled over the
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border into belgium. the meeting is demonstrating that a threat is not national it's a threat that can cross borders, and is something that needs to be dealt with on an international level. what is happening on the ground in paris, today. up to a million demonstrators are expected to come out. it was around 50 world leaders attending. the marchers in the solidarity in france. what security measures are put in place on the ground? >> well clearly this is a huge event which required separation and security preparation. obviously part of that. 1 million people were out on the french capital, participating in the march. the last time many were out on the streets of the french capital was to greet allied forces liberating the world war.
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so there are more than 5,500 police officers, also military on the streets of the capital. they focused on the routes of the march, and senior politicians are attending. that adds to the security nightmare, really for those organising the security for this. we understand 150 close protection officers plain clothed officers will be close, and all the way along the route, snipers poised on rooftops. obviously secure forces are astute. the attack should pass peace flyand people should be able to express unity, defending the values of french republic without fearing that they could be in danger. >> thank you very much for that. jacky rowland reporting for us.
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as jacky rowland mentioned many people are expected to gather in paris for the unity rally. authorities have set up areas to accommodate the crowd. they'll start at place de la republique in the heart of the french capital. the second route will veer to the north-west. israel's prime minister binyamin netanyahu will attend the march. here is what he said before. >> i am heading, leading a new battle against humanity. in the evening i will take part of the labour of francis hollande and the jewish community in france. whatever wants to come it will
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be welcomed. >> the minister is in - against the violent few, and not islam in general. >> translation: by attending the event i will give the strongest message against the muslim world. my protection will show sending in solidarity and based on a message trying to take advantage of the attack. >> two suspects followed an arrest of two at a german paper, who printed cartoons from the french satirical paper "charlie hebdo". it happened in hamburg early on sunday other news. nine have been killed in a bomb attack in northern lebanon. those from the al nusra front linked to al qaeda say they are responsible for the attacks.
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victoria gatenby reports. >> reporter: this cafe was full of customers when the bomber upt. it was surrounded and the streets are cordoned off. >> the first explosion happened in the cafe. people gathered to check what had happened. and the second outside the entrance. >> the blast happened in the predominantly allo wight neighbourhood. the syrian president is an alawite and support for him. >> translation: there were two suicide bombers sitting inside the cafe. we saw something exploding. the second bomber waited for the people to gather and blew himself up in the crowd. al nusra front claimed responsibility for the attack. the deteriorating security situation is not lebanon's only concern. the divide between sunni and
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shia threatens the country's stability most support the fight to get rid of the regime most back the syrian president and keep him in power. lebanon see a series of attacks since the war nearly four years ago. saturday's attack was one of the deadliest to hit the continent in the past year. >> taking you back to france - we were telling you about the rallies that are held in paris. people expect to come out on to the streets as well as 50 world leaders attending those rallies that are meant to kick off in a couple of hours time. tim friend is joining us. as i'm saying they are starting in a couple of hours. people are starting to congregate. >> that's right. down at ground level, it in the rub are, which, of course -- in
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the place de la republique which, of course threatens the values of the french coming under threat in the last few days. the people have come out in the sunshine. the weather is good for the demonstration, this huge unprecedented, almost rally, and in a few hours there'll be marching those kilometres making the feelings clear. a few hours to go. many many have gathered from all over paris, and from outside the capital to be here today. they are very keen to show their solidarity. that is what president francis hollande has been calling for over the last few days. when you think. security situation, it's remarkable that so many people have come already because france the politicians admitted is still under threat.
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security level is at the maximum. they are on the roofs in case of incidents. everyone is hoping today will pass peacefully they can make their feelings known, and show that france is united. >> and from the people that you have spoken to what are they telling you about how they are feeling at the march. what is the mood like. is there an air of apprehension? >> when you think of the event in the heart of the city and outside the capital as well over the last few days. it presents a real threat to the general public. amongst those who feel defiant. there are obviously those who are nervous as well. they have overcome the concerns to travel on the mettio buses, to come here.
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there's that feel about the need to associate the freedom of expression overriding their nervous possess. they are aware that politicians from all over have come to paris. they have spoken to pointed out that perhaps some of the politicians have not always had the finest record. and it is to ensuring the freedom of expression. they are realists of course. but the overriding sentiment is one of as i was saying earlier, making sure that the world was clear that france is going to give in to people who would challenge the principle of freedom. all this prompted initially by
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those dreadful events of the cartoon magazine the satirical cartoon, and many with pencils and pence holding them up as symbols. >> okay tim, for the time being, thank you. we'll check in with you a little later. tim friend reporting from paris. sri lanka's new government is alleging that the former president, mahinda rajapaksa, tried when it was clear that he had lost the presidential elections. the army chief reportedly refused mahinda rajapaksa. he conceded defeat to maithripala sirisena on friday. a government investigation is being launched. and the new president has been addressing the nation from the city where he spoke at a holy site for buddhists. >> we have been speaking to the
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campaign spokesperson for president maithripala sirisena and he tells us in the early hours of january the ninth, the votes were coming through. it seems the then president didn't like what he was seeing. he called for a meeting those in the attorney-general's office and the army chief, to find out what we are told a legal means of him retaining power. it's worthwhile remembering that he had poor results two years earlier in by-elections. to cut a long story short, that meeting didn't go down too well with the attorney-general representatives, it refused to play ball. they called for a private meeting, and it shows if this is true, the lengths that the former president was prepared to take to control the presidency here. today, speaking to the face from the historic sri lankan cam tall
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of candy, he has been outlining his plan once in this 100-point manifesto, pending the presidential powers that gave mahinda rajapaksa control over police and military. he's been speaking to people broadcast live. he said that this country didn't need a king it needed a leader. he wished all political parties to help form a national unity government to lead to supporters for standing by him, and helping him towards victory. the surprise victory in the election. later we are expecting him possibly it's not confirmed, to announce members of the cabinet that will oversee a governmental debate - the basis of
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transitional government that would see a manifesto through. the autoaccuratic days of the former president, mahinda rajapaksa coming up on al jazeera the the great russian vacation has a declining value of the rouble leading to bookings in socchi.
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>> it's a chilling and draconian sentence... it simply cannot stand. >> this trial was a sham... >> they are truth seekers... >> all they really wanna do is find out what's happening, so they can tell people... >> governments around the world all united to condemn this... >> as you can see, it's still a very much volatile situation... >> the government is prepared to carry out mass array... >> if you want free press in the new democracy let the journalists live.
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hello again the the top story on al jazeera - ministers
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in france are holding a summit in the capital. they are discussing ways to coordinate a counterterrorism effort at least are live pictures right there from the place de la republique in paris where people are starting to gather for a national unity rally. the demonstrations come in the wake of attacks in which 17 people and three gunmen were killed. sri lanka's new president is alleging that the former president mahinda rajapaksa attempted a coup when it was clear that he had lost the presidential elections we are in the fallout from the attacks in france, and the country has close to 5 million muslims. many are concerned and there are reports of how some french muslims feel alienated. >> paris is multicultural, particularly in districts like this considered predominantly muslim.
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france has a 5 million strong muslim population some say they have failed to integrate. others blame the society. the killing at "charlie hebdo" were the worst outcomes. many people here are too afraid to talk about the killings over recent days. those that did expressed the concern that in one way or another, france's muslims suffer the consequences. >> two were suspected of being behind the attack. they claimed to have carried out the killings in the name of islam. the brothers represent him or his religion. he left 18 years ago and his fear is that the place he calls home will no longer accept him. >> the right-wing spread more hate. we are citizens we are looked
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upon as monsters. >> it is a feeling shared by many who believe the fallout from the attacks deepen the social economic and cultural risk that existed, and some worry about tougher measures improved. >> things will change it will not be to the advantage of arabs and our rights. >> two of the attackers lived in the districts. some told us that a sense of alienation from french society creates a radicalization. >> there are many mistakes whose origin is elsewhere. they feel french they don't. they don't get opportunities, they are discriminated against. the society doesn't feel different. following the killings many feel the rift will be worse.
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>> in pak stab a bus packed with passengers collided. 59 were killed near karachi. reports said the tanker was travelling along a bad stretch of road. delegates from around the world are in the indian prime minister's home for an investment conference. it includes the secretary of state. the u.n. secretary-general ban ki-moon is an investment opportunity. the prime minister told dill gaits that his government is committed to transparency. we have more. this is a large area at the conference. some of them are here for the first time. in previous years other countries were not impressed
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with narendra modi because of his involved in riots in 2002. now he is the prime minister many of the foreign countries are with the new government. that can be seen from the number of foreign country on the other side of the gate. the u.s. secretary of state and u.n. secretary-general ban ki-moon. many companies complained about this in india, saying that it was burdened with a bureaucracy and attacks that didn't make sense and made it difficult to make or do business. it was completely the opposite. the bureaucracy simplified business easy to do. foreign companies are hoping that narendra modi who went from chief minister to the prime minister will mean that india is open for business. >> a round of peace talks between libya's warring
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factions. to the north and south of benghazi that is where six people have been killed between - in the fighting between the army egypt's president has been celebrating judiciary independent of the system. he has been careful not to interfere in the affairs. human rights groups criticized war after fast-tracking childhood for members of the banned muslim brotherhood. the three journalists have been imprisoned in egypt for more than a year. peter greste, mohamed fadel fahmy and baher mohamed were wrongly accused of broadcasting false news and helping the outlawed muslim brotherhood. charges they deny. an appeals court ordered a retrial that could begin within
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a month at least three houthi fighters have been killed after their patrol car was hit in the central area. no one claimed responsibility for the attack. al qaeda fighters have been targetting houthis in the area in nigeria, at least nine people were killed when girls thought to be as young as 10 was used for a suicide bomb attack. the bomb exploded in the eastern market. the attacks by boko haram in that area. two people including a police officer were killed and another exploded at a police station. that happened at the town. monday is the fifth anniversary of the devastating earthquake. most is centered on the political upheaval.
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we have this report from port-au-prince. >> reporter: in the streets of haiti's capital it's an will daily occurrence. anger grows. >> translation: there's nothing left for us. a long simmering stalemate reached a boiling point. january 12th is when a deal must be reached. they could rule by decree. if that happens, haiti will be in deeper political crisis. the former prime minister resigned. butt for opposition group, they accused him of corruption and will not rest the president himself steps down. >> translation: when martelly
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was a candidate he was broke. they had three houses he could have paid for it. now, he was building a mansion in the coast of haiti. that with the money from the government. >> president's supporters reject such claim and say right man at the right moment. >> translation: i think martelly is not only the best man, but for the sake of democracy he has to finish his mandate. >> many here have instability, like the young, they live in a country where unemployment is nearly 40%. >> especially for haiti, if we look at our history, when the president leaves it brings more problems. i'm for compromise if the president leaves we have to start over. >> perhaps by coincidence. january 12th political deadline
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is the fifth anniversary that destroyed much of the country and left 230,000 dead. haiti is a country that finds itself on the edge of a crisis. this not a natural disaster but a political one. >> falling oil prices - sanctions that russia's economy is closer to recessions. many can't favoured to travel. they are choosing a holiday close to home. >> the first 11 days russia virtually closes down. millions leave for an annual new year holiday. many ending up somewhere like this. home of the winter olympics the slopes packed. the russian skiers passionate about the sport will be found
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waiting like in france or switzerland. sanctions have changed all that. there has been a 30% drop in the number of russians booking holidays at european skiing destinations. >> translation: when europe became expensive, it was unaffordable to go abroad. the place at the european level was pricey. >> reporter: the premiere russian resort is cashing in. delayed the delights of europeans, frustrated skiers discovered sochi had doubled its prices. >> translation: they built a lot, it's beautiful. you can find some service. >> reporter: $50 billion olympic makeover left it perfectly placed to fill the gap.
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it's not just about sanctions. the dollar price would not help. and the week rouble will not save us. people would come once see it and never come back. >> reporter: it has the brand new hotels and infrastructure to place it at the vanguard of russian boosting tourist potential. vladimir putin himself told his ministers it's their patriotic duty to ski with respect russia who could argue about that. the face in the west - many industries medical technology companies, airline services are looking inward to develop the supply of the product delivered by the west.
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it's part of the russia's market that could be seen as a silver lining in the sanctions cloud more information on russia's economy on the website there you'll find the day it's other top stories. >> no other sport can kick off mass emotion in indonesia like football, even if the national team languishes near the bottom of world rankings. >> indonesians, they're really crazy. we can see their ranking in fifa is going down, going down, going down. but every game in the stadium, 80,000 people, 90,000 people. >> even local competitions turn