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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 11, 2015 7:30am-9:01am EST

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>> a show of defiance as millions of people and world leaders take to the streets of paris honouring the victims killed in the last terrorist attack. meanwhile - united states joins world leaders at the paris security summit plus a critical find as indonesian search teams believe they have found the fuselage of
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airasia flight 8501 plus the political upheaval plaguing haiti five years after a devastating quake good morning to al jazeera america, thank you for joining us in new york. leaders gather for a display in paris for a display of unity after last week's terror attacks. millions fill the speaks. many are expected to march in the french capital 90 minutes from now, as world leaders join them in solidarity. earlier on in paris interior ministers met to coordinate counterterrorism efforts in the face of continuing terror threats. u.s. security has attorney
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general eric holder representing america, all while the common law wife hayat boumeddiene is being searched for. she travelled to turkey and may have crossed to syria days before the deadly plot unfolded. dana lewis is live for us this morning in paris. france is already under alert after last week's attack. what are they doing today to protect the world leaders as a massive crowd gathers to show sport support, behind you. >> the crowd is gathering. we are an hour and a half away from the march starting off. they'll go a 2 mile route through the center of paris. it's a major concern that security is contained here. it is hard to do. they are talking about up to a million people. the french government placed at least 5,000 police and army
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along the parade route. they have snipers, police in plain clothes and warn the police not to use social media because they are worried they could be targeted with g.p.s. they were shooting the area with a suspicious package. police men were coming up saying, "don't show our faces, we are worried about our security, our families." there's a threat that they believe is targetting any symbols of french security or the french state. they are trying to lock this down. how do you do it on a long parade route, and up to a million people who are behind me and will push on with some 40 world leaders, including the leader of germany, the prime minister david cameron of briton and prime minister binyamin netanyahu of the rail is coming here. the king of jordan.
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security is a good question and a big concern. >> i'm curious. i'm seeing people gathering behind you. it's astonishing. would you mind for a moment turning around and asking one of the gentlemen behind you if they speak english, if so why they are out there today. >> excuse me do you speak english, anybody? just for a moment can i ask why did you come today, and we are live on television. >> why i cam came today? >> yes. >> i'm a french citizen. i'm waiting. i think we have to be there today. >> what is the message? >> the message - no more violence freedom and keep - i would say peaceful country as in europe and in other countries.
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>> thank you so much. good luck. that is what you'll hear over and over again. people feel they have to come out and show solidarity with those who died in the attacks on wednesday at the newspaper, and the subsequent attacks on the market and as the prime minister said it is hard to understand when these attacks were targeted just because people were a policeman or a journalist or a jew, and people are coming out showing defines, that they are not scared to be in the street. >> it's interesting that gentleman saying no more violence or a peaceful europe. that peace would be threatened that the focus is on unity. there's a manhunt going on. what is the latest for the search of the widow or the terrorist suspect?
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>> hayat boumeddiene is on the run, she is considered dangerous by the authorities. turkish authorities say she crossed into the country a week ago. she is a big intelligence target. they want to talk to her, and know that she was in contact. this attacker on the market was working with the brothers who carried out the attack on the newspaper, they want to know how far, how deep. was the organization directed by yemen. he released a video that he was working from i.s.i.s. the islamic state. there was audio, a phone call into the community, while the taking is under way to the hostage taker, and this is what he told the people.
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he was shot shortly that. back to you dana with the three suspects deceased it seems important to bring back nicolas dumulong to understand what she nose. dana lewis, live in paris, thank you for joining us this morning. also an attack in germany, on a paper that reprinted the "charlie hebdo" cartoons. rocks and objects were thrown into the tabloid's building. no one was hurt. police detained the suspects. it's not clear if the cartoons motivated the attack meanwhile british prime minister david cameron is coming to washington expected to discuss the attacks in paris at the white house. the two leaders will work on thursday, and on friday they plan to meet. there is a lot to talk about.
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obama and cameron are expected to talk about cyber security i.s.i.s. and the rise in ukraine. a day after recovering the tail of that downed plane search clues believe they have found the plane's fuse lig. >> what makes officials believe na? >> officials say that they have found - detected a large object in the java sea, which is believed to be the views ladies and gentlemen of flight 8501. and divers have been sent down hoping to confirm the recovering. officials believe they have located the black boxes. three ships detected pings near where the tail was recovered, recovered from the seabed on saturday. >> they saw the results of the sonar, showing a metal object of the 10 meters by four meters, 2.5. suspected it's the body of the plane, there's a possibility
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they are near the body of the plane. >> if the discovery is the fuselage they'll recover the bodies of the victims and search for the black boxes. airasia 8501 crashed two weeks ago killing out 160 people on board. 48 bodies have been recovered so far. tony fernandes defeated about the discovery of the black boxes but his thoughts are with the fuselage and the recovery of the bodies. >> so much information residing in the black bombs as we hope the pings arable since there is only -- arable, since there's only 30 days they can emit the pings. thank you ross shimabuku a fiery bus crash many dead in pakistan. the accident happened. the bus crashed into an oil tanker on a delipidated road 30 miles outside of karachi. the vehicles burst into flames
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upon impact and investigators are trying to determine who is at fault. pakistan has a history of fatal traffic accidents. 4,500 people have been killed in road accidents, and that is just since 2011. al al qaeda-linked al nusra front is taking responsibility for the bombings in lebanon. it targeted a cafe. officials say the civil war in syria is inspiring sectarian violence in lebanon. a suicide bomber believed to be a 10-year-old girl killed many outside a market in nigeria. police officials say explosives were wrapped around the girl's body. it had been detonated via remote control. no one claimed responsibility. the attack is in the heartland of boko haram fighters.
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here at home ice is posing major problems for the midwest. we turn to meteorologist kevin corriveau. what is happening? >> it's a dangerous situation playing out today and into tomorrow. you can see the storm system through texas and arkansas. i think that you see that is i.s.i.l. right now the storm system will make its way to the north, north-east as we go through the rest of the days. the warning is out. the purple is winter weather advisories. it's here towards indiana, as you go through the rest the central part of indiana, including indianapolis a quarter of an inch of ice is expected. meaning we see highway closures and ice is one of the things we can expect to see.
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we'll get to the forecast later on. i'll show you what we can expect to see tomorrow. on the evening of an anniversary that rocked france there's turmoil. >> i'm gabriel. protesters are on the streets in a country facing political crisis. >> a billion industry and why owning a home is no longer a dream for a lot of americans. stay tuned.
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you are looking live in paris france where world leaders are entering the
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security summit shaking hands with french president francis hollande and in over an hour a huge anti-terrorism march will begin in paris. up to a million people are expected to march for unity in the wake of last week's terror attacks that killed 20 people including the three suspects. nicolas dumulong hayat boumeddiene is on the run, and dozens of world leaders are in paris to show solidarity tweets from rupert murdoch had social media buzzing. in one he said: he followed with a second tweet reading: for the record the attacks were condemned by most of the muslim
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world, including the government of saudi arabia qatar, u.a.e. paris, indonesia, europe, turkey lebanon and iran. speaking a university professor addressed the comment of. >> the notion that muslims should somehow be responsible as a group, for the actions of a small handful of misguided radicals is laughable. are we - are christians responsible for the people's army in central africa when it commits atrocities in the name of christianity? no. are all buddhists responsible for against myanmar. >> clearly not. >> some mosques were sprai pointed, grenades thrown at sites and veiled women are warned not to go out alone
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monday is the fifth anniversary of haiti's devastating quake. most of the detention is centered around a political crisis. protesters and police clashed in haiti's capital on saturday and scenes like this have been going on for months as protesters call on the president. as reported monday is a political deadline. >> reporter: again on the streets of haiti's capital it's an will daily occurrence. anger grows with those opposed to the current government. >> translation: we can't take this any more. it's a corrupt government. there's together left for us. >> a long simmering stalemate reached a bailing point. >> january 12th is the deadline for a political deal to be arrested. if not, parliament will be dissolved and the president could rule by decree.
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if that happens, haiti could be thrown into deeper political crisis. >> the prime minister resigned. but for opposition groups like this it's not enough. they accused him of corruption and will not rest until the president steps down. >> translation: when martelly was a candidate he was broke. he had three houses in the thaws he couldn't pay for. now he is building a mansion, and his son building a huge house, all that with the money from the government. >> reporter: the president's supporters reject such claims and say he's the right man at the right moment. >> translation: it's not for the demand but for the sake of democracy, he has to finish his mandate. >> reporter: many are tired of the deadlock and instability. young hatians in a country where unemployment is nearly 40%, and
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thought to go higher. >> translation: especially for haiti, if you look at our history, it brings problems. i'm all for compromise. if the president leaves we have to start over. perhaps by coincidence the january 12th is the 5th anniversary that destroyed much of the country, leaving nearly 230,000 dead. haiti is a country that finds itself on the edge of another crisis this one not a natural disaster, but a political one meanwhile saturday marked 13 years since the opening of the u.s. prison at guantanamo bay. that prison in cuba opened three months after the twin tour attacks on 9/11. despite president obama's pledge to close the facility it's open with more than 100 detainees. a senate report concluded the
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c.i.a. mislead the white house about the torture of terror suspects at guantanamo bay charities through the holidays receive large numbers much second hand clothes, and most ends up on the african continent. we find out what happens to the hand-me-downs. >> reporter: just arrived. a shipment of donations from the u.k. second hand sweaters t-shirts trousers to be unpacked and sorted. on a few rare occasions a dress attracts attention. a dress she would never dream of owning. lost in the clothing and packed up again. >> translation: i loved doctors. i would have to buy it to get it. >> reporter: clothes are not handed out to people but sold to wholesalers, who purchase by the kilo spending 30 to $1,000 of dollars. o.x.f.a.m. and other charities do the shameful. >> this makes people work
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getting involved into a revenue-generating activity and the close itself ends up in the hands of the media. >> reporter: charities are fuelling a billion dollar second hand clothing industry in africa. in senegal it's good. >> translation: it's cheap and good quality, the only way to get the latest fashions from china. >> reporter: almost all comes from china, people go through so many clothes. last year the french thoou away 11 kilos per person the the french 30. most of it end up in landfill. oxfam says since the global economic crisis in 2008 people choose to donate less some economists believe used clothes are drowning the local market.
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>> translation: this is killing senegal's textile industry. we have farmers growing cotton and have garment factories, we have the know how but cannot compete with second hand clothes sold at low prices. the government announced subsidies for the local industry. a $10 dress in the second hand clothes market is a bargain many find hard to resist. riding the slopes of a rough economy. how some businesses cash in on the slide of the russian rouble. plus the golden globes goof. the official website posting the winners in several different categories. stay tuned.
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potential spoiler alert for the golden globes. on friday the official website accidentally had the films "sell ma", and "into the woods" took on the top honours. the brief posting was a mistake. these are not the real winners. we'll have to wait until this evening to find out the truth the average u.s. mortgage rates dropped to lowest levels in more than 19 months. despite the low rates many americans were looking to rents their homes. some rent because they have to
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others see it as a smart move. we have the tail of two renters. >> reporter: there are two main types of renters, those forced to rent. and those who believe it's their best choice. christy bell lost her home and now rents a house in the suburbs in atlanta. >> i rent because i have to. it's not my choice but recovering from financial hardship. >> reporter: shaun lives in new jersey, he's in his 20 and believes home ownership is not the sign of stability. >> reporter: shaun and christy are the faces of decline in home ownership. it went up by 69% and now is below 65% tighter standards are keeping would-be buyers. but there are other reasons some americans are renting. shaun sees home ownership as a career impediment. jobs and business opportunities
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hard to come by. and doesn't want anything anchoring him down. >> we choose the rent for the flexibility, mobility of getting to live in different places and areas in the city. apart from moving to another city or outside of the country. >> for christy, who pays $1500 in rent. saving a down-payment is the greatest challenge. >> i'm paid twice a month. the first check goes to rent. that hurts, but i do car page i have a kid in college, and i'm barely getting by. >> one out of every three americans live in rental housing. they spent 441 billion on rent. that may be the right choice some worry that these renters are losing out on the american dream and retirement security that they can't build in equity in a home they own officials confirm that
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prepackage caramel apples killed three people came from a california plant. in a statement last week the company called the news devastating. at least 11 states were affected russia's struggling economy is forcing many russians to adjust to new realities. some are benefitting from the economic downturn. peter sharp has the story from sochi. >> reporter: for the first 11 days in january, millions leave for the annual holiday. many ending up somewhere like this in the mountains above sochi, home to the winter olympics it was packed. many skiers passionate about the sport will be found at european ski resorts. in france or switzerland. but sanctions and the fall in the value of the rouble changed
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all that. there has been a 32% increase in the number of russians booking holidays at european skiing destinations. >> we were curious to see post olympic sochi, to see if it's worth it. when europe was so expensive, it was unavoidable to go abroad. the european level was pricey. >> the premier russian resort is cashing in. denied the europe een slopes frustrated skiers discovered that prices to ski at sochi doubled in the last few month. >> translation: they built a lot. everything is new. you can find here what we call the soviet kind of service. >> reporter: sochi's $50 billion olympic makeover has left it perfectly poised to fill the gap. this man runs a resort saying it's not just about sanctions.
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>> translation: i think if we didn't create resorts with good service, dollar price would not help and weak ruble would not save us. people would come once see it and never come back. >> it has all the brand new hotels and infrastructure to place it at the vanguard of a russian initiative to boost tourist potential. sanctions and the economy close european destinations to people here. vladimir putin told ministers it's the patriotic duty to ski within russia. who can argue with that. it's not building up the tourist market. many other industries medical technology airline services food suppliers are locking inward to develop and supply the products delivered by the west. it's this development of russia's market that could be seen as a silverling in the sanctions cloud.
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so from the slopes of sochi to the alps of japan, cute video that caught our attention. check out the monkeys, they are relaxing in the hot springs of central japan, and have been coming down from the mountain for 50 winters and use the pools to keep warm. >> that's it for this hour but we want to leave you with live pictures coming out of paris, of the unity march. up to 1 million are expect to march as european ministers meet to discuss upcoming security and how best to combat terrorism. stay with us. i'm morgan radford, and al jazeera america continues after the break.
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a somehow solidarity as crowds gather in paris. right now french president francis hollande greeting world leaders. you can see attorney general eric holder as we showed you meeting to discuss coming security measures. that's holder representing the u.s. at the rally. the first stop a meeting about security as terror cells threaten there'll be more
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attacks on the way. also a possible breakthrough in the ongoing search for airasia flight 8501. crews using sonar detect what appears to be the fuselage of that plane. president obama saying this week that america's economic resurgence is soon. is it too soon for a victory lap. we'll break it down in our weekend politics good morning to you. welcome to al jazeera america. thank you for joining us this sunday. i'm morgan radford. the world a standing with france. as many as a million people expected to march against terrorism in paris. extra police and soldiers have been mobilized to protect the crowds and world leaders attending. while that takes place the manhunt continues for the common law wife of the suspect in the jewish supermarket attack. that is her pictured here. reports say that she left for syria as early as january 2nd. her name is hayat boumeddiene.
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dana lewis is live in paris. dana a gathering this big hasn't been seen in decades there. what security measures have you seen? >> hi it's incredible when you take a look around the square behind me we are an hour away from the march and it feels like it's started. thousands are here. it's difficult to move across the square. the security of course is tight. unfortunately the french authorities believe that a march like this and a gathering luke this given what has happened we could be a target. for that reason there's up to 500 policeman are on the streets, there are snipers, plain clothes men and they have told the police not to go anywhere without holding the weapon they are told not to use social media because some of the reports suggest extremists might target the police. we were at a bomb call yesterday
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that was just a suspicious package. police said "please don't show our faces because we are worried for our families", they have real concerns given a policeman was targeted on the street after the shooting of 11 people inside the charl "charlie hebdo" papers, he was wounded and the hostage takers went up and finished him up at point blank range on the streets. up to a million will come up here winding through paris on a 2 mile route. 40 world leaders, including the prime minister of britain, glerk of jeremy prime minister binyamin netanyahu of -- angela merkel of the germany, binyamin netanyahu, the king of jordan. a lot of security and concern. there's a mood of defiance. people say they are not going to be silent and they'll stand up to extremists and are out on the streets to protect their
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liberty. >> it's interesting because the mood of defiance we feel as we look at the images people holding up the french flag the colourful posters. we see francis hollande greeting the world leaders as they enter the building and remind us how much work has to be done. we can't forget the investigation continues into the attacks, and the widow of the terror suspects may not be in france. what is the latest you hear about hayat boumeddiene? >> indeed as you mentioned hayat boumeddiene likely crossed into turkey, and it is assumed that she went to syria and has long gone. that is a matter of some distress for french authorities that she may have left the country as early as 2nd of this month because she is a very
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important intelligence gift for them. she is the common law wife of the hostage taker that took over the market and they want to talk to her and see what she nose. when he took over the market hayat boumeddiene, there was telephone contact with a television station. it was left off the hook. some of the conversation as he spoke to some of the hostages was recorded. i think we can play a bit of that for you now. amedy coulibaly is also a - has regarded a video before his death, before he was shot by the police and he talks a lot about
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his cause, and you see him with a lot of weapons and military fatigues and bulletproof vests getting ready to carry out this act. >> meanwhile, an attack this morning in germany on a paper that reprinted the "charlie hebdo" cartoons. rocks and a burning object were thrown into the tabloid building. thankfully no one was hurt. police have detained two suspects. it's not clear if the cartoons motivated the attack muslim and france are worried about the backlash and many feel intimidated in the communities that they call home. zeina khodr has that part of the story. >> reporter: paris is multicultural, but there are cities like this that is majority muslim.
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some say they have failed to integrate into society, others blame society for discriminating against them. the divide is not new. the killings at "charlie hebdo" worsened tensions. france is on the edge and so is the muslim community. many are too afraid to talk to us about the killings but those who did expressed concern. france's muslims will suffer the consequences. >> the two brothers suspected of being behind the attack were not just muslims. for many muslims, they didn't represent him or his religion. the worst fear is that the place he calls home will no longer accept him. >> the right wing is using the attacks to spread hatred against muslims. why? we report the laws and are looked upon as mon stars.
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>> it is a feeling shared by many muslims who believe the fallout will deepen social economic and cultural risks that existed. tougher measures will be imposed. >> thinks will change. the laws are going to change. it will not be to the advantage of arabs. they will not make it easy for the muslims to stay here. >> two of the attackers live in the districts. a sense of alienation from french society creates a fertile ground for radicalization. >> there are many mistakes in french society, a national whose origin is elsewhere should fuel french. they don't. they don't get opportunities, they are discriminated against. french societies have been feeling this. >> reporter: authorities call for unity and tolerance. following the killings many believe the risks will be wider
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coming up in a few minutes the exact of the french terror attack on communities where jews and muslims co-exist. first, the al qaeda-linked al nusra front took responsibility for the suicide bombings in lebanon last night, targetting a cafe in tripoli where nine were killed and 37 wounded. officials say the civil war in syria is inspiring sectarian violence. a suicide bomber believed to be a 10-year-old girl killed 20 people in nigeria. explosives were wrapped around her body and likely detonated by remote control. no one claimed responsibility but as akmed idris explains it wouldn't be the first attack linked to boko haram. >> this would not be the first time boko haram used young girls for a suicide attack.
8:10 am
last near a young girl between 12 and 13 was arrested. she said she was introduced to boko haram by her father and was threatened unless she detonated the device the whole family would be killed. she was scared after a bomb went off carried by another suicide bomber. in the north of the state, a young man was arrested earlier in the day with a car laden with explosives and taken to a police station. while the interrogation was going on police officers went to the car to investigate and there and then the device went off. killing them. this is the deadliest week since the uprising started. seven days ago boko haram fighters attacked the fishing community. reports say as many as 100 or more than 100 have been killed. locals say as many as 2,000 might have been killed and boko haram went back to attack the
8:11 am
same community, burning the village. there they killed about 100 people and then another attack happened towards the end of the week. on friday boko haram fighters engaged the military killing civilians in the town in the northern state of yobe state. this is an explanation we may see, algerian security forces and the military regained territory and lost to boko haram in early attacks. >> there are reports that the little girl set off a metal detector but the blast happened before she could be searched monday is the deadline for a deal to be reached in haiti. protests are heating up. this is the scene as protesters and police clashed in haiti's capital on saturday. demonstrators called on the president to step down. if a deal is not reached by tomorrow parliament will be
8:12 am
dissolved. the deadloin coincide with the -- deadline coincides with the fifth anniversary of the haiti quake a pakistani bus collided with an oil tanker killing 35. it happened on a road outside of karachi, both vehicles burst into flames. some of the 50 dead were burnt behind recognition. investigators is trying to determine who is at fault. pakistan has a history of fatal traffic accidents. some 4,500 people have been killed in road accidents, and what is since 2011. search crews believe they have discovered the views ladies and gentlemen of the downed plane, and are getting closer to finding the plane's black bombs. >> sound like the search and rescue teams are optimistic. why is that. officials are optimistic in finding the black boxes because
8:13 am
three shifts detected pings. rescuers discovered the tail of 8501. a secondar scan detected a large object believed to be the fuselage of the downed plane. it measures some 30 feet in length. investigators believe this is where many bodies will be found. divers have been sent down hoping to confirm the discovery. >> translation: if it is the body of the plane, we'll evacuate the victims, we'll search for the black box investigators say if the black bombsxes are found, it could take two weeks to download the recordies. airasia flight 8501 crashed two weeks ago killing all 162 on board. 40 have been recovered. airasia c.e.o. tony fernandes tweeted about the recovering of the boxes but said main thoughts are with the views ladies and
8:14 am
gentlemen and recovery of the bodies. >> let's hope we can learn from the black boxes, and while the batteries are good. >> 30 days. single-digit temperatures and strong winds hampered efforts to clean up a 193-car accident. can you imagine that. part of the highway in michigan is closed due to a pile-up that happened on friday. it left one dead and doze epps injured. officials are investigating the cause of the accident. while this crazy winter weather continues, let's turn to meteorologist kevin corriveau. i hear that the temperatures are coming up. >> we were talking about the accident. single digits. windchills below zero and things have improved in terms of temperature. chicago 24. detroit at 23. we are talking in the region of the accident. 23 degrees. windchill is nil and are low.
8:15 am
the big problem that we'll watch down to the south, we are talking about the mississippi valley and into the midwest. where you see the pink it's an area of ice. that is moving up here towards the north and the north-east. very dangerous situation. we are looking at warnings watches in effect. you can see freezing rain advisory coming into parts of indiana and illinois. let's go closer in to indiana, where you see the area of purple. that is an ice storm warning. it's a dangerous situation. it's one of the most dangerous situations in the winter time. we expect a quarter inch vice forming in the evening and into tomorrow. highway closures and extensive power outages because the ice gets on the powerlines and brings it down. we'll watch it carefully. in the forecast we'll watch how the area of precip makes its way
8:16 am
to the east. tomorrow it will be a mess across many parts of the north-east. >> thank you so much paris is a city of diverse cultures all impacted by last week's terror attacks. al jazeera's jacky rowland is a resident and hit the streets to see how people in her neighbourhood are dealing with the aftermath. one-time presidential candidate mitt romney is back in the game and interested in the job. what it could mean for jed bush coming up next. two men trying to accomplish something that has never been done before. how close they are to scaling the yos im ni national park without the help of any equipment. check that out next. pash
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ah, got it. these wifi hotspots we get with our xfinity internet service are all over the place. hey you can stop looking. i found one. see? what do you think a wifi hotspot smells like? i'm thinking roast beef. want to get lunch? get the fastest wifi hotspots and more coverage on the go than any other provider. xfinity, the future of awesome. paris is known to be a diverse city. last week's attack shows a crack in the facade. jacky rowland takes us to her neighbourhood. >> reporter: this is not an
8:19 am
early neighbourhood, in my neighbourhood and other places the violent event are upper most in everyone's minds. i want to find out how my neighbours and local shopkeepers have been affected by the attacks. my first visit to my favourite antique shop. the owner is jewish and tells me a relative was among the people held hostage at the kosher supermarket on friday. the relative escaped unhurt but he is still in shock. >> translation: we hear that there are disadvantaged people. that is the excuse. people unemployed and uneducated. they are on the streets and get indoctrinated. i think the muslims have a responsibility to speak out. all muslims need to condemn the acts. >> around the corner is a butcher shop run by immigrants from north africa.
8:20 am
they sell good quality meat at cheap prices. it is popular. >> i come here to buy roast chicken. the butcher shop is run from people from morocco. we are friendly and chat in arabic. when i asked if they'd talk to me, they said "not in the current circumstances. things are quiet for us now, we want to keep them that way." the reaction at the butcher's shop reflects an anxiety among ordinary muslims. people with no connection to the armed men who attacked journalist police and a supermarket are afraid of indiscriminate revenge attacks. i have come to visit a retired bank worker who lives in the neighbourhood with a large immigrant community. i got to know her through mutual interest in cats. she no longer feels safe in her own city. >> translation: before going to
8:21 am
fight radical islam in mali we should fight radical islam at home. the muslim religion is not entirely compatible with the republic or our type of society. we are not allowed to say this kind of thing in france. the leaders of france called for unity, but the event disclosed cracks. people seem more aware of their vulnerability, and it will be some time before the city regapes its competence. -- regains its confidence a new video emerged of the supermarket shooter in paris pledging his allegiance to i.s.i.l. that video is entitled "soldier of the calafat" and shows amedy coulibaly preparing for the strike. he's surrounded by a number of weapons and is heard speaking french and arabic.
8:22 am
malcolm nams director of the terrorist project and joins us from washington d.c. thank you for being up early to speak with us on a sunday. give us the big picture. what are the lessons learnt. what can you say about the french forces and the way that this situation was handled obvious the last week? >> well gist the way that the terrorists carried out their attack, the french have to handle the situation on the fly. the issue to be discussed is how did they fail so badly in intelligence. they seemed so have some indications and how did they get reppians into france. they are not readily available. intelligence is where france will look. >> what would you advise them to do differently? >> i'm app intelligence
8:23 am
professional. i believe that everything comes down to having full knowledge of an separation separation. if you look at the knowledge, ak-47s over 20 magazines of ammunition. it has to be sold by someone. there has to be a tail allowing the terrorists to get weapons and equipment in place. you can always have means and motive. if you don't have the opportunity and equipment. you can't carry out a terrorist act. this is where france will place their emphasis finding out how did these men get the equipment they had. >> opportunity you say, but we have seen an attack in canada a hostage situation in sydney and now in france. is there a common thread here? >> well if there's a common thread in that these terrorist
8:24 am
groups and these individuals carrying out these acts in the name of this pan global islamic jihadism they are operating under one ideology osama bin laden named this the ideology. that is what al qaeda believes. despite the fact that you have i.s.i.l. you have al-shabab, boko haram, you have the islam, they believe the same thing. that this is a cultish reinvention of what they believe islam is that they want to bring that and strike at the enemies and expand it through a popular attack and that's where you get the rise of i.s.i.s. all of the people it doesn't matter what they say in the videos they believe the west must be punished and the muslim world must be reengin eared. being more specific one of the brothers said kouachi
8:25 am
reportedly received training in yemen from al qaeda in the arabian peninsula. if ac a.p. is found to be behind this. would you expect the u.s. to take a more active role in rooting out al qaeda in yemen, and if so what are the challenges that would present. >> i don't believe this one specific incident in france will change the dynamic of how we do counterterrorism organizations. al qaeda was pushed to yemen when the saudis defeated it doctor a counterterrorism war in the mid 2000. once they were pushed down into yemen, they went out into the remote regions, that's when the war started against them and counterterrorism organizations started against them. all the groups are of the same ideology. if a.q.a.p. carries out an
8:26 am
organisation. aqim may supply the weapons and commitment. boko haram may supply the man who will carry out the operation and you may have operatives in france that may facilitate the operation. >> creating an issue of opportunity. thank you for joining us from washington d.c. our pleasure to have you with us. an amazing feat of endurance under way in california's yos imine where two two weeks two men have been climbing the mountain, they are scaling the surface. both are going at it. one of the men is going 1,000 feet. they have been battling temperatures on the climb. for that we turn to meteorologist kevin corriveau. >> we are in the winter time in california and talk about
8:27 am
yosemite in the eastern part of the state. morning textures 25 degrees. afternoon not bad. we talk about between 45 and 50. we don't expect to see rain in the forecast. it was down here towards the south, and that is going to be all day long. we'll see temperatures. los angeles 57, and the golden globes is later. it will be a wet event for many people. the rent will last one day in los angeles. for the rest of the week things will get fairly nice. look at the tuesday, sunny skies. 70 degrees, and the rain showers making their way towards arizona. >> as the stars are drenched in the city of aping else. -- angels. >> president obama coming off a week of focussing on economic policies he says america's insurge is real is it too early for a victory lap.
8:28 am
we break it down for you. critics of medical marijuana fight proof that it is helps treating patients. federal law say their hand are tied when it comes to reach 13 years an gitmo is open 137 prisoners remain many never charged or cleared for release. we speak to an attorney who represents one man about the process. and live to paris where thousands gathered for a solidarity march in the wake of this weak's terrorist attacks. we bring you more after the break. stay tuned.
8:29 am
8:30 am
good morning and welcome back to al jazeera america, i'm morgan radford a day after lifting the tail section of airasia flight 8501. search cruise say they have located the black boxes and the
8:31 am
views ladies and gentlemen. -- fuselage. also nine are dead, 37 injured after two suicide attacks in lebanon. the al nusra front is claiming responsibility for the attacks, and officials say the civil war is inspiring sectarian violence in lebanon. it is a see of humanity in paris where hundreds of thousands of people are gathered there holding french fags holding signs marching in a unity rally beginning half an hour from now. emotions are high after the attacks leaving 17 dead. about 40 world leaders are joining the french as they denounce terrorism. dana lewis is live at the march dana it's an extraordinary scene behind you. describe for us how people are feeling about what is happening. >> hi. you know i think it's that ared
8:32 am
not to get caught up in the emotion of the day. so many who have been watching the violence unfold across france from the beginning of the attack in the newspaper on wednesday, and the hostage takings on friday. finally they get a chance to come out and say how they feel and that is that they are not scared that they are defiant and disturbed that this has taken place and concerned about security about what is happening in france and europe. i understand that we have pictures of the world leaders leaving the elysees palace with francis hollande. it winds two miles through the center of paris, and that includes the president, the leader of germany, angela merkel, the prime minister of britain, david cameron, prime minister binyamin netanyahu from israel and the king of jordan.
8:33 am
you can also see a large country of immigrants you can see flags from etch from israel to the middle east from all across europe. people have roots elsewhere, but in the end this is their country, and they feel that a piece of this is stolen by extremists who attempted to silence free speech hitting a newspaper, and they hit jews in a marketplace, and they went after a symbol of security gunning down police men and police are saying they will not accept it and are not scared and want the government to come up with a better plan to deal with extremism in the long term. >> crowds defiant and disturbed. remarkable images coming out of paris. after today's rally britain's prime minister david cameron will be preparing for a trip to the united states where he's expected to meet with the president at the white house on
8:34 am
thursday and friday. the two leaders will discuss a variety of topics ranging for the paris attacks, economic sanctions on russia and the fight against i.s.i.l. and the crisis in ukraine. the president is expected to announce before the meeting cyber space initiatives and will travel to iowa for expanding internet access. it follows a number of moves by the white house to build on initiatives pushed by president obama ahead of the state of union. the administration was given the boost of confidence. >> america's resurgence is real. now that we have calmer waters if we do our part if we all pitch in we can make sure the tide lifts all votes again. we can make sure the middle class is the engine that powers america's prosperity. >> pushing the economic agenda the white house is first up in the weekend politics segment and
8:35 am
joining me is two guests. pleasure to have you. good morning. let's listen to what the president said. he said america's resurgence is real. let's start with you, on the heels of a strong jobs report how does it counter that. we have a president that will raise the debt. 70%. since the day he came in office. gas prices up 75%, man that swars he'll veto the xl pipeline. more jobs and gas prices. >> are you choosing to ignore the win, the unemployment rate is better than we have seen in a long time. >> it's about time. it's only taken 6 years to bring the country together. it's a dismal effort to that moipt. [ laughs ] >> what do you believe, dominik, is this the combination of shrewd political moves by the
8:36 am
president. >> of course it is. my good friend doesn't have a counter to the question you put it them. republicans find themselves in a pitiful situation. the president, after immigration, after cuba. this president has proven that he is not going to be a lame duck president and is redefining the process of the state of union address, and started to go out touring america with one or two initiatives after the address. this president is doing it beforehand. because of the news cycle focussing on the republican majority instead the news media is forced to focus on the president of the united states. it brings up an interesting point. the first week we saw the president hit the ground pushing the economic agenda and the republican focussed on the backlash.
8:37 am
he came out. take a listen. >> i reg bigotry of all forms. when you see the people that know me best here and back home people i served with and people on opposite end, who know the truth and what is in my heart. >> has he survived this? >> absolutely. a black representative from utah stood up and said what he has done for her. >> is she the harbinger to the black party, saying "we all forgive you." >> that's one example. back to dom nicks point. before the state of the union he couldn't wait. he lost the house in the history of the country. for what the rub gans have in the majority of the house. he has to decide if he'll be the obama administration of the past where he blocks everything or if he tries to be like bill clinton. he at least did something right
8:38 am
to reach across the island. we sat on the step and said dominik will not agree. >> 25 of them voted against him. >> yes, but a lot more voted for him. there'll be people in decent with the parties. >> the president reached across to work with everyone that is what it's about. >> the last time i checked the president's approval noms were up and many believe it is the congress the new republican control congress with the tea party folks that work with him. to go back to your question you can be a novice anyone an eighth grader can tell you that speaker john boehner cannot control the catholic church and there's no doubt about that. it will be interesting to see how the tea party folks pull him to the right. can you rest on your laurels about being anti-president
8:39 am
obama. >> 47% of the country agrees with the president. 53 don't. >> the approvals are higher than george w. >> he was. >> he had the same work rate. >> this president has a problem, he can't do what he wants, he has to learn to work with the house and the senate. the reason why we are in the secretary general. let's not pretend there's a great mandate. history showed us as you know with midterm elections, it goes against the sitting president. history shows that. >> you are saying it's nothing new. >> it's nothing new. >> how bad is this. >> same thing happened to president bush. >> some say it's an aberration. >> one may make the case on an aberration but it appears the
8:40 am
president has his mojo back. in the last two years he decided he's not going down without a fight. he's being the president obama i remember when i was in denver at the democratic convention he's being that president obama. the one this people voted for. >> o'brien, is mitt romney your man. he said "hey look i may be interested in the job." mitt romney is the man. will he be the map again. jed bush put out the timetable. mitt romney - people have been saying he should have sat on the sidelines. see where jed goes did decided he'd get into it. now that he's playing the game he'll say sit on the sidelines, i'll decide what i'll do. it will be interesting. unlike hillary clinton screwing up the process. >> will this benefit hilary. >> yes. they'll fight for the same base romney and bush. each of those candidates are serious contenders.
8:41 am
how the country goes will determine whether or not mitt romney has a third opportunity to make the case of these are the things i warned you about america, and now i can fix it. mitt romney and bush are serious contenders and could become the next president of the united states. >> speaking of syria's contenders. let's listen to senator box and says she will not be a serious contender coming up. >> i will not be running for the senate in 2016. i'll continue to work on the issues i love. i'll have more time to help other people through my pack for change community. >> okay speaking of contenders. we have an interest cast of characters coming out of california vying possibly for her seat. what about the favourite? i don't think. i think the favourites are the current state attorney-general of california and the former mayor of san francisco, gavin. and the counter lieutenant
8:42 am
governor. the downside is they are fighting for the same base the same financial dollars. this raise is predicted will cost a billion dollars. so there are a number - those two are the a list candidates and everyone is benoth them. it will be interest. remember in california the top two go to a run-off, if you will. and it doesn't matter your party affiliation. >> you have a self-funder. >> a billionaire. >> this is a man trying to take over the democratic party. he may run. california of all states has a horrendous history of running and not doing well. >> i think it's too early for republicans. the developments appear to have a stronger field. because they have state-wide official. there's a lot to be said. if there's a self-funder running voters don't like that. if that's the case anything can
8:43 am
happen. >> on friday the president called for two years of community college to be free and universal. >> it's a 60 million waste. where is in money going to come from. the president comes out to do these things. they don't talk to congress before. this is an example of where the president - the narrative about getting out in front of the state of unions instead of going on the roadshow. if you are not talking to officials. it goes by the v.a. our veterans that defended the country, it doesn't speak or stop by. >> is that what republicans are mad about. are they upset about the initiatives, are they upset because they feel they are not consulted. >> even tom, a conservative republican who is a friend said this.
8:44 am
this president doesn't play well with others. he has never given them a chance he doesn't do with them. >> o'brien, play well with others - you have a party, congressman going back to david duke and can't control the message, and you have a speaker that can't control the party. and i don't think the american people feel it's a waste when you talk about educating americans. i will admit that when the president basically declared war with congress on immigration, he can't turn around and say congress will agree or support him. it's not going to happen. i am sure the white house's point of view was they were never going to work with him. >> so they took what resources they had. >> yes. >> thank you. >> we're done. >> we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> always a pleasure having you guys.
8:45 am
the medical benefits of marijuana have long been debade. there's little scientific research showing the effects of pot on the body. it's not for a lack of effort. >> erin was 18 when he went to fight in iraq. >> some of the mortars came close, some people in my company was killed. >> reporter: the traumas of war followed him home. >> i would be at a park and all of a sudden my brain would wonder around and say what would the scene look like if a bomb dropped on it. >> reporter: he used alcohol and drugs to cope with the attack. then he started to smoke pot. >> it allows me to focus on daily tasks and enjoy my life. >> reporter: he is one of 20 million americans using marijuana on a regular basis. if states are passing well-changing laws based on nothing but anecdote.
8:46 am
federal law stifled research. we don't know how pot, pregnancy or life expectancy how it react with anything or if it can treat a soldier's p.t.s.d. >> right now i could go out and tell a doctor that i'm suffering from angst and i need marijuana, and i could get it. and i could bring it to the office. if instead i said i want marijuana, that would take me years. that's crazy. heroin cocaine, lsd, m.d.m. a, ecstasy, all the drugs are easier to study. >> brad burge works to legitimize pot. >> if it was aspirin, prozac and lsd - all we need to do is take the study job and go into a
8:47 am
series of reviews. >> to study cannabis researchers need approval. and an open-ended public health review unique to pot. which can stall research forever. >> the pressure on the federal government is greater than it has been to allow the research to go forward, setting up an opportunity for the obama administration to step in. >> if i didn't have pot as a coping mechanism. if you took it away i would have turned to alcohol. i might have turned to something harder. i might have started to inflict self-harm. currently 23 states and the district of columbia allow for medical marijuana use, but only a few allow is to be used to treat p.t.s.d. today marks 13 years since the first terrorism suspects were brought to guantanamo bay.
8:48 am
127 remain many have never been charged or cleared. we'll speak to an attorney for one of those detainees next.
8:49 am
8:50 am
it was 13 years ago today that guantanamo bay, cuba was reopened to house prisoners in the global war on terror. it's been the suflent controversy since then. most of the detainees were held without charmge or not gone to trial. president obama vowed to close the facility but there's 127 that remain there. officials claim that is tied by rules to transfer the prisoners. joining us is an attorney at the center for constitutional rights and among the clients is one of the last remaining men at guantanamo detained since he was a juvenile. tell us about your client. i understand that he is one of
8:51 am
the youngest held there. >> he's one the last remaining men to be detained. he's suffered tremendous misfortune he's one of the vulnerable men and boys swept up landing them at guantanamo bay, and from 2002, until today, he has been detained without charge and without trial. we are parking the 13th anniversary and the got has not come up with charms and successive administrations. >> are you saying it's a function of misfortune that he has done nothing wrong to wiped up in guantanamo. >> it's a misconception that they were scared off with u.s. soldiers and sent to guantanamo to neutralize them. that's not the case. it's been known. bounties, cash money was paid. in many cases that is what landed them there. >> he's in yemen, what is keeping him from going back there, do the yemenis not want him or president obama saying no
8:52 am
dice. the american government is clear they want the citizens back. the president obama administration received a political liability. it's true for most of the men. they want to leave as soon as possible. >> does the official end of the war in afghanistan take away and strip away the bases for keeping the men there, especially those not cleared or charged. >> absolutely. it's something we are likely to see in 2015, a legal challenge put before the court. international law allows the tingeses. as the host ilt yits end, with it the stated justification, a legal justification for holding the men. i spct it's something we'll see. >> you say it's clear yemen would want its citizen back. >> one of the things that's been remarkable throughout the long and troubled history is how many
8:53 am
countries are willing. the willingness of the administration, the past administration to turn away from guantanamo to release the men it can't bring charges against. >> what about uruguay. >> that's a great champ. -- example. we hope others follow their lead. uruguay resettled the men allowed them to be free and not detain them as well. >> we don't know that gitmo had an effect on the shooters in paris, do you think closing gitmo would reduce the tension leading to this type of attack. >> first, i should say that the i tacks were gross esque. it's not a tragedy, i am not in a position to say what role guantanamo plays. i have heard the president, and say that it makes it less safe. the reasons are not.
8:54 am
it's about the moral imperative. the rule of law. i think at the 13 year mark it's time to turn away from this sort of attention without charm or trial. >> 13 years later. >> thank you so much. >> the votes have been cast and counted. now we have the 2014 word of the year chosen by a self-described group. we have to figure out how it gets into the group. >> welcome to the word landia. to the strange linguist. >> c stand where language rules. >> boundaries of word hood can be fuzzy. >> where the word nerds kather to select the word of year. >> ben zimmer runs the spirited nominating session for a variety of woodee categories.
8:55 am
>> i'd like to see basic as unnecessary. >> i enjoy colombusing. . >> reporter: and what makes sa good candidate for the word of the year itself? >> that's a good question. we should speak to how we are living our lives and the way we are speaking about things. there are other roadies. marion webster, culture, reveals exposure. from the australian national linguistic center shirt front. look it up. >> it's the night of the vote half an hour before the session starts. track the wowedies and you track the development of that thick. the way we communicate. 93 information superhighway. 95 web. >> then tweet hashtag, app. >> inside sources say these can be 2014 contenders from the
8:56 am
world of pot. drony, a selfie shot from a blown. a plasitiesized solution. ebola, getting woo drk ee budge. those little things appearing on the screen. the field is wide open. it's standing room only when the final debate begins for words make the short list. it is democracy in action. >> additional arguments. go ahead. >> reporter: raise your hand speak your mind. >> i think it would be nice to put some support behind that. >> if you are in the room you have a vote. in the end emozee is nowhere to be seen and a blow out from the hashtag category. #black lives matter - igniting the room.
8:57 am
>> i am so proud of this organization today. >> a telling hybrid word reflecting our challenges back to us. my vote goes for bud tender and colombusing. i don't know about you. let's get a check of the forecast. what is the word. >> if you have something to do in the north-east do it. tomorrow things are going to get worse. we have snow in northern new york. take a look at the forecast. we have a freezing rain advisory from ohio into pennsylvania and winter weather advisory for the rest of the area all the way to new york. what will happen is this. we'll see snow rain and a mix of rain and snow or icing situation here. anywhere from the peninsula - basically north of new york up to massachusetts, as well as down to ohio.
8:58 am
dangerous situation tomorrow. >> thank you so much. >> that will do it for us in new york. i'm morgan radford. thank you for spending your sunday with us. coming up in 2 minutes - the unity rally in paris. stay tuned.
8:59 am
>> sunday night. >> 140 world leaders will take the podium. >> get the full story. >> there is real disunity in the security council. >> about issues that impact your world.
9:00 am
>> infectious diseases are a major threat to health. >> "the week ahead". sunday 8:30 eastern. only on al jazeera america. >> they feel they've not had this education a disenchanted live. maybe they don't have a job approximate talk about trying to serve a positive message a positive message that could possibly capture the imagination to appeal to the young people, instead of these regularly available negative messages which are out there on the internet, as well calling on internet companies to play a greater role in policing the net, but with organizations