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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 12, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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next time. >> france ramps up security to unprecedented levels, mobilizing 10,000 troops and employing thousands of police to protect jewish schools. turkey confirms the gunman the the accomplice of the gunmen crossed into turkey. >> hello i'm with al jazeera live from our headquarters in doha. also on the program, a wanted man, ukraine's former president now on interpol's list over embezzlement charges. trying to hold afghanistan
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together president ashraf ashraf ghani puts together their cabinet. and golden globes as the award season kicks off. >> we begin with news from africa where boko haram where boko haram fighters have attacks a basis base in cameroon. we have more in the nigerian capitol abuja. tell us more about this attack and tell us why if boko haram was able to attack a military base. >> actually, according to government officials, they have killed more than 200 boko haram
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fighters. they're not talking about how many soldiers have died in that attack. but this is also not the first time cameroon army base has been attacked late last year we saw boko haram contracting over into cameroon and attacking a military base there. now, on the niger nigerian side boko haram has attacked several times, and they're already over another military outpost. >> thank you very much for that. let's go to the phone line. we're joined by cameroon's minister in the capitol thanks
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very much, indeed, for joining us minister. we're hearing that cameroon forces managed to kill more than 200 boko haram fighters in that attack. can you tell us what happened? >> yes i'm delighted and pleased to confirm this information. in the early hours this morning the weather was foggy they thought they could over overwhen and surprise our forces. at the end of the day they were overwhelmed, and they were obliged to flee. what i can say is that, indeed, almost 200 people who were killed when they plead they
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liberateed many this has been the most heavy. >> but it didn't the first time that boko haram carried out attacks, is it? how much of a threat are they? >> they continue to be a threat, but the commitment of our military. the commitment of our army, whenever they have tried if they come the military are committed to defend.
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>> but they managed to come across the border this time, minister, so do cameroon forces need to cooperate more with nigerian forces? >> there is no problem. there is effort to combine cameroon forces and to protect the nation and we're ready to cooperate with nigeria. >> thank you for giving us the latest information. the information minister in cameroon. in france up to 10,000 soldiers have been mobilized after last week's attacks on the
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satirical magazine and a jewish supermarket. they'll protect the general population and an additional 5,000 police officers will be deployed to guard jewish schools. it's an unprecedented ramping up of security as rory challands reports. >> reporter: teachers say the best way to resist is to be open as usual but it's one of hundreds of places the interior minister feels is vulnerable enough to need an armed guard. >> 717 schools and places of worship have been identified by security forces, and they're being protected this morning. this represents a significant effort on the part of the interior ministry. deploying police to provide protection to schools and worship places in france. >> and an announcement from the defense minister that 10,000 troops have been rapidly mobilized around the country. >> the president asked us to
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participate in the sensitive parts of the country because of threats to our nation. that's why we have agreed to mobilize 10,000 men. >> clearly they are asking if there are accomplices. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has been to visit of the jewish supermarket where amedi coulibaly and four of his hostages died. on place de la republique has become an attraction itself. but in the chaos of the last five days it has shaken people.
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>> the sentiment has been expressed again and again in france at the moment. this is a country united for liberty. but the events of the moment, this is the hour for questions. the government stewart heavy response worrisome worry some. >> when i hear about talking about war. this is worrying that our own militia, police can complete the job. >> balancing freedom and security is an age-old problem
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for democracy, and one that france is being forced to struggle with right now. >> security camera footage of the suspected female accomplice of the gunmen of the attacks has emerged. it shows that hayat boumeddiene has passed through the turkey airport. turkey confirms that she crossed into sir on thursday, the day before her partner, amedi coulibaly, took hostages at a kosher supermarket in paris. turkey's prime minister insists that turkey is not to blame for her escape. >> had turkey closed it's borders it would have had to close it to the refugees as well well. >> turkey's border with syria is notoriously porous for fighters
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as they go almost the an at will. >> turkey has an open border policy with syria. while refugees are still accepted the government has become a lot more selected about who is allowed to cross in the other direction. >> at first it was easy for people to cross illegally. but now it's totally different. especially after isil arrived and mr. were bomb attacks on the board. the turks are afraid of isil, and they're afraid of bombings. now smuggling is really hard. they're taking stricter measures. >> turkey had been accused of allowing fighters crossing into syria because they wanted the down fall of bashar al-assad. >> turkey's ministry say it has banned 8,000 subjected fighters
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from entering the country but it's impossible to police every meter of the more than 900 kilometer board border with syria. >> reporter: a report says that more than 50,000 people from 80 countries have traveled to iraq and syria in recent years to become fighters. many will have crossed into turkey. anyone determined enough to join isil will still try to cross the border. with money and the right corrections there is a chance they'll make it. eventually. bernard smith al jazeera, on the turkey syria border. >> iraq's prime minister says that the international community has been slow in responding to the threat posed by isil. meanwhile, isil fighters killed at least 24 members of the kurdish security forces in the attack in northern iraq. we have reports from the iraqi city of erbil. >> reporter: heavy fighting.
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peshmerga fighters are in pursuit of the isil fighters who are in the town. they have tried to escape soon the peshmerga arrive where he now lies dead. he is from chechnya they announce before firing more rounds. they say isil's attack when isil controlled the town. >> i don't want to give numbers but our losses were heavy taking advantage of the darkness and fog they came by boats and rafts and attacked us. we only managed to repel them after we took more troops to gwer.
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>> hundreds of isil fighters took part in the attack. they say they're often outcamped outcamped. >> we received weapons from the coalition, mainly guns, ammunition and anti-tank missiles, but we need more if we're going to get the upper hand in the daily fighting. >> reporter: the airstrikes by the u.s.-led coalition has made a big difference for the peshmerga. they target areas where isil fighters fight. peshmerga fighters cheer. it's isil's capture of gwer that prompted the airstrikes by coalition forces.
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gwer is a crucial area, and they say that they will never let gwer fall. >> in syria five members of the same family among them three children have been killed by government airstrikes in homs. witnesses say three barrel bombs were dropped by security forces over the town. homs has seen continuous shelling forces many to flee. 3,000 residential homes have been destroyed in the area. libya's general national congress is meeting in tripoli to discuss the upcoming u.n. mediate talks with its rival part in tobruk. the talks are scheduled to take place in geneva next week. interpol has put ukraine's former president on the
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international wanted list. viktor yanukovych has been living in russia since being ousted by massive protest against his rule almost a year ago. ukraine has accused yanukovych of embezzlement and wrongdoing. we have more from the capital of kiev. >> themisappropriation embezzlement and corruption behavior in a position of trust. it's interesting that there is no mention at all had possible charges of murder and manslaughter related to the deaths of protesters here in the main part of the up rising 11 months ago. clearly it's not possible at the moment for ukrainian prosecutors to bring enough evidence to bear with interpol to bring charges for that. that said issuing this red
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notice against president yanukovych will be seen as as a major progress by the government. there has been a lot of inter-departmental finger pointing that has taken so long. just a month ago interpol refuse refused to put former president presidentan slowpresident yanukovych on the list. and its rush where the former president is now living. even though russia is signed up for the interpol club, it's highly unlikely that it will hand over the former president to the ukrainian authorities. russia itself would like the extradition of of people in
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ukraine, and ukraine refuses. so it's likely that russia's president will refuse to extradite the former president. >> we have more on cuba's historic deal with the united states. >> we have a look of automaker's focus on speed and power.
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al jazeera. boko haram has attacked a military base in neighboring cameroon. it is across the border of northeastern nigeria. at least one cameroonian soldier was killed. france has deployed 10,000 soldiers to protect its citizens following the attacks on a satirical magazine and a jewish supermarket. 5,000 forces will be deployed to guard jewish schools. andand a video following an accomplice of the attackers. hayat boumeddiene crossed into syria via turkey last thursday. anti-islam protest groups is gathering in the german city of dresdan. the group calls itself pigida.
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patriotic europeans against the islamization of the west. demonstrations in support and against pegida are planned for berlin. now poor people around the world are often forced to rely on used clothing. the trade of secondhand clothing is worth $1 billion. in countries like yemen where almost half of the population is below the poverty lines stores selling used clods have been doing as well for years. >> one of yemen's ancient wonders, and behind its walls is where many yemenis get their second-hand garments. it is the perfect place for people who want cheap clothes and keep quiet about it. many people here can't buy new clothes, they can't afford it. but they don't feel good about
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buy it. this man is looking for winter clothes to keep his children warm. but he's embarrassed to talk. there are many items to choose from. he finally got what he wants three pieces for over $4. outside of the walls of the quarter of the capitol stores like these are scattered all over. and many people are not shy to stop check and buy. this man wants a cheap coat. >> those with businesses, but this place is for the poor. items are $2 to $4. >> it's winter now so coats and jackets are in big demand. many people are forced to come here. more than half of the population in yemen are under the poverty line. many people here are forced to
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buy used garments even if they are shy about it. and if the economy improves, and the government creates more jobs jobs more people will continue to buy wear and sell used garments. that's why second-hand business is booming. it's not only the cheap prices that bring in customers. >> there is a boon because all of these things are brands made in europe. it's better quality than the new clothes. >> cheap and used clothes are a luxury. >> al jazeera continues to demand the release of its three journalists who now have been impress imprisoned for more than a year. they're acussed of spreading false news and helping the outlawed muslim brotherhood, which they deny. their lawyers have requested
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that they be deported from egypt. the u.s. secretary state has arrived in pakistan to hold talks with leaders about counter terrorism. john kerry's visit comes at as children return to cool at one of the worst attacks. walls have been raised and electric fencing added to increase security. many other schools around pakistan have installed similar security measures. we have more from peshawa. >> the government has announced that schools across the country will reopen. as you can see the students are back. the mood is defined. they say they want to go back to school no matter what the risk, but apprehensions are also high as parents are concerned about the security for their children. while military schools will have top-notch security, private
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institutions will have to beef up their security. they'll have to put in razor wire metal detecters and artificial measures that is not conducive for education in this country. this country is in a state of war, and the government does not have a plan to effectively stop these attacks from happening again. nor are they in position to deliver. of course the people of pakistan particularly the parents wants security for their children so they can go to their schools without any fear. and many people are afraid about the future of education in this country. >> after months of political uncertainty afghanistan has finally turned a corner. the government has revealed it's full list of cabinet ministers for its unity government. president ashraf ghani say that 25 people have been nominated
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including three women. the list of nominees will now go before parliament for approval. u.s. allegations that it sent money to afghanistan to pay for police salaries. ghost workers have been receiving salaries, and 20% of the workforce may not be getting their full paychecks. cuba has released 53 prisoners as part of its historic deal with the united states. it was the request that led two countries to restore diplomatic ties after decades of division. human rights organizations say they were in prison for advocating political and social reform in cuba. we have updates from the u.s. city of miami, a place with a large cuban community. >> reporter: this is a significant development in the
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normization of cuba and the u.s. of the prisoners released, we don't know their names. we don't know who they are but we know they've been named by human rights groups. so people calling for things like social and political change. now reaction here in miami holds more than 1 million cubaens. for those who support these moves, they say it's a major hurdle that's been over come in that normalization of relations and it comes on the eve of a significant meeting between the u.s. and cuban officials next wednesday. the u.s. government say the first thing they want to do is establish an embassy in havana. >> the world's famous car show has kicked off in the city of detroit. car manufacturers have gathered to showcase new models, more importantly newer technology. the themes of most automakers
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this year are speed and power. john herndon has more from detroit. >> the theme this year is speed and power. in recent years we've seen a real focus on fuel efficiency. chevrolet introssed it's new chevy volt, a hybrid car and all electric car to come soon. what we're seeing is an emphasis on muscle cars. ford came out with a gt high performance car. it unveiled the shelby mustang a powerful war not to be outdone dodge came out with two cars with the horsepower of 707 one of them the charger the challenger has the fastest the quickest and the most powerful engine ever put in a sedan.
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the theme this year is really more powerful cars. in large part the lower oil cries, and more young and first time drivers. the >> now the first major awards of the hollywood film industry were handed out at the golden globes. >> and the golden globe goes to "boyhood." >> the coming of age tale of "boyhood" took top honors for best motion picture. the films that followed the same actors for 12 years managed to edge out its competition. in other categories the grand budapest hotel took best. >> thank you so much. thank you so much. >> she's very happy julian moore
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took home the ward for her drama performance in "still alice"." and you can get the latest will all those stars on our website. >> for more than a decade, the world has witnessed seemingly endless violence in afghanistan. many tell me the daily reports of the attacks, and the daily killings have ceased to hold much meaning. but for those living in this land, torn apart by war, there's no more important of a time than now. after years of trying to drive back the taliban, most of the