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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 12, 2015 2:00pm-2:31pm EST

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>> a strike at the latter of the u.s. military social media strategy. hacked by apparent i.s.i.l. supporters. holmhello there i'm felicity bar. you're watching al jazeera. dresden anti-immigration rally. and ashraf ghani finally
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announces his cabinet three months after being sworn in. hello, two of the u.s. military's top social media accounts have been hacked by what appears to be supporters of the islamic state of iraq and the levant. the twitter and youtube pages of the u.s. central command were targeted. centcom directs all activity at the middle east and africa. the centcom says, on behalf of allah, the most merciful. posted names of ufs generals u.s. generals and e-mail addresses associated with them. centcom general has been hacked also. let's go to the latest from al jazeera's rosalyn jordan, in
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washington d.c. give us more about what happened here. >> well this apparently started just about 90 minutes ago. and it went on for approximately 40 minutes or so, and that's when both the youtube and the twitter accounts for centcom were disabled. military officials are saying that they are aware that there was some kind of compromise of both social media accounts and that they're taking steps to try prevent this from happening again. it's important to remind our viewers, felicity that both youtube and twitter are commercial accounts. pretty much anyone around the world can establish an account on either or both websites. and the security is not known to be in particularly robust. so it's perhaps not surprising, that something of this sort would have happened. and of course we also know that this is something that would prove attractive to anyone who might have an issue with the u.s. military or with the u.s.
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government for that matter. we happen to know that pretty much every day other governments and individuals apparently try obreach the computer security of the u.s -- to breach the computer security of the u.s. governmental . but what we are talking about here felicity are two commercial accounts. what can be done to enhance the security of these websites because the u.s. military does find that it is quite reliant to use these media to get out its message. >> important to emphasize this is not an actual hack of central command itself. what do we know about the information that was posted, because the account was suspended, what was posted on the account? >> what you outlined, there were so-called war plans listed that the u.s. military could use against china or against north
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korea. we don't know whether or not those plans which were described as classified were actually war plans. there were also the lists of generals' names and addresses and phone numbers of what many in the internet community call doing, releasing information about people in an effort of them getting harassed, random photos, one of a soldier with a small goat inside an office. whether this comes from pentagon computers, there is something that has to be investigated but the bigger question ask: how is is how is this going to be managed certainly at a time when the u.s. is dealing with what are so-called cyber-threats ever sony pictures in late december. because they do believe because
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they have set up a command for this they do believe breaching computers, websites is a security concern not just for the u.s. but all countries around the world. >> thanks roz. 10,000 soldiers have been mobilized across france after last week's attacks in paris. it is an unprecedented move, and also protecting jewish sites. rory challenge has the story on protecting high security sites. >> the best way to resist is to be open as usual. but one of hungs of places hundreds of places to need an armed guard. >> 770 schools have been identified by security services and are being protected this morning.
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this represents a significant effort on behalf of the interior ministry we've employed police for protection of these schools and jewish places of worship in france. >> and an announcement that 10,000 troops are rapidly being mobilized throughout the country. >> the president asks the armed forces to participate because of the threats to our inflation. that's why we have agreed with the chief of staff of the armed forces to moiblgz moinldz no mobilize 10,000 to mobilize 10,000 men. >> prosecutors are investigating whether he might also have been involved in the shooting of a jogger on wednesday and a car bomb on thursday. the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has been to visit the jewish supermark where coulibaly and four of his
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hostages died. on last dlab last de la republic, for all the outpouring of sociologist dared, the chaos of the last five days have shaken people. the newspapers in the kiosks have june one story. the sentiment is expressed again and again in trance at the moment, this is a country united for liberty. but the events of the last week also mean that it's a country that needs to learn lessons and a more reflective tone is struck on the inside pages of lefigaro. nicholas anan is a journalist who spent time as a hostage of i.s.i.l. in syria. >> when i hear about talking about war against terrorism we
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know what i.t. means. and the problem is that these terrorists have tried to kill our freedom. it will be very worrying that our own politician he our own laws and our -- plosions politicians and our own laws complete the job. >> balancing freedom and security is an age old problem for democracies and one that france is struck with now. rory challenge, al jazeera paris. >> yvonne we have massive deployment of police, but is it some sense that the capital city is regaining some sort of normality? >> even though thousands have been deployed to protect public places even though we heard on friday francois hollande there is a real sense on the streets of the capital that people are just kind of yearning for things to go back to normal.
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remember this is the start of the working week, millions of people heading out to work as they normally would many people cashing in on the discount prices, it is the sale season and many of the touristic areas are bustling with people. there is the feeling this people are wanting things to go back to normal. in some places it was hard to tell that anything even happened last week. having said that, given the words that came out about france being a target, people are on edge, people feel a backlash but on the one sense people are trying to go about their ordinary lives. >> france's intelligence services have of course been accused of failing to prevent the attacks. what more do we know about their role? >> well, that's right. as the dust settles, the focus is now swiftly returning to what they knew, whether they felt act on anything of intelligence, we already know that the kouachi
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brothers one of them traveled to yemen in 2011 and another had been jailed in connection with trying to fight in iraq. we know that coulibaly had been in and out of prison. questions are raised about why the securities and intelligence services famed in the sense of some people, had in security. why these managed to fall off the radar. we were in the neighborhood where cherif kouachi was living, there were no intelligence services coming to investigate or ask questions about the brothers. many we spoke to wanted to know why that was the case. having said that, there's no indication so far that there's going to be any kind of potentialofficialinquiry, many people are calling
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for because they feel that there was information there that might have been missed and in some sense the attacks potentially could have been avoided. >> yvonne in paris thanks very much. >> nigerian arms group boko haram has attacked cameroon, in the north and just across the border from boko haram's strong hold in northeastern nigeria we get the latest from al jazeera's ahmed idris. what do we know about the attack? >> basically from government officials in cameroon, attacked the military base and the cameroonian authorities responded. in the process they killed more
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than 200 boko haram fighters and they seized lots of military equipment from them and one official is even suggesting that probably some of this equipment might have come from a military raid the boko haram fighters had on a military position in nigeria. what they not saying is exactly how many died. but what one soldier we talked to is at least one died in the attack. the cameroonian side lasted for more than four hours so basically people are talking about probably more than one soldier dead in that incident. >> amed idris from the nigerian capital. thank you. after 100 days of uncertainty, afghanistan has taken a significant step to an effective government, the men
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and women nominated as cabinet members. the list of nominees will now go before parliament for approval. jennifer glasse has more from the capital kabul. >> the announcement of new cabinet ministers will come as welcome news for the unity government. president ashraf ghani and abdalla abdalla each getting the equal number of votes equally divided. they include three women, in the cabinet, none of them have been ministers before and that's something that ashraf ghani has promised we osee some new faces. there is leadership experience there including the former head of the army as well as former head of the high peace council. these nominations have to still be confirmed by the parliament. they are going to be vetting
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these cabinet ministers very closely. >> iraq's prime minister says the international community is too slow to responding. haider al-abadi, mohammad adow has more from the northern iraqi city of erbil. >> reporter: heavy fighting from the northern iraqi town of gwer . in pursuit of i.s.i.l. tighters who attacked their positions in town. opened fire at him. he tries escape by running. he's unlucky. soon the peshmerga arrive at where he now lies, dead.
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he's from chechnya one of them announces, before escaping fighters. i.s.i.l.'s attack on gwer was the worst since last queer. 45 kilometers from erbil. >> translator: i don't want to give numbers but our losses were heavy. taking advantage of the darkness and fog they came by boats and rafts and attacked us. we only managed to repel them after we took more troops gwer. >> reporter: the peshmerga say they are often outgunned by their opponents. >> we have received weapons from the coalition we need heavy arms too if we are going to get the upper hand in the almost daily fighting. >> the air strikes have made a huge difference for peshmerga. the coalition jets have been
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bombing the city of sul sultan abdalla. a personnel carrier is one of the targets hit by the jets. from their positions overlooking sultan abdalla opposition loudly cheer. the beginning of air strikes by coalition forces. with i.s.i.l. fighters now repulsed from gwer, erbil the capital of kurdistan's region, the peshmerga tighters say they will never let gwer fall. mohammad adow, al jazeera on the outskirts of erbil. >> also to come on the program back to school under tight security. people who survived the peshawar attack return to class for the
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o >> hello again reminder of the top stories here on al jazeera. the u.s. military's twitter and youtube needs appear to be hacked biislamic state of iraq and the levant. the names of u.s. jedges generals and e-mail addresses have been posted. not a security threat. france is mobilizing 10,000 soldiers to try to tighten
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security raf last week's attack in paris. jewish schools are getting extra protection. boko haram attacked omilitary base in neighboring cameroon. in the north of cameroon just across the border from northeastern nigeria. thousands of people have better than gathering in the german city of dresden for an anti-islam march organized by pegida an organization gaining momentum in germany. against rise of islam in the west. german officials have urged people not to take part. neave barker has more from dresden. >> thousands of people here in dresden have gatheragain for anothergathered again foranother mass rally of pegida. tightening of germany's border
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and an end to the islamization of europe. there are also these banners. the names of those people who were killed in paris. last week. among the names ahmed maruet, the french policeman who was killed in the line of duty. people here from the pegida movement are expressing their solidarity with those killed in france. they perhaps feel, but they have violence some way verified their concerns that the muslim world poses something of a threat to traditional values here in germany. pegida is fast becoming an umbrella organization for a whole range of right wing concerns whether it be anger and frustration of the german government age are with the german media perceived to be filled with left wing violence, and an all of awful lot of support
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from the ultrafar right who blame asylum seekers on economic unserpt in theuncertainty in the government, huge concern for chancellor angela merkel. >> five members of the same yearn family havesyrian family have been killed. more than 3,000 homes have been destroyed in the battle or the the region which was a rebel strong hold. as if the cost of fear of attack isn't enough, syrian civilians are facing another attack, severe winter. 5,000 died on one day alone four of them children. paul chatajan reports. >> reporter: the syrian mother and their son mohamed are trying to keep warm.
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they saw off pieces of a tree branch in the middle of their living room to use in a small wooden stove. it's the only way to keep warm in this rebel held northern in this northern area ever huta. >> how can i describe to you the pain and suffering? not only mine but of all the resilient people here. we cannot even find logs for fire. people even search for wood in the garbage. >> duma has been sieged for neerls three years. people who didn't stock up on food last summer don't have access to groceries. many of which are either closed or without supplies. the syrian observatory for human rights say 800,000 people are suffering from the freezing temperatures and running out of food. >> translator: if i didn't have heavy clothing from last
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year i wouldn't be able to find any. we can't afford to buy food so buying clothing is not an option. >> reporter: the snow storm has forced a temporary ceasefire in some areas but government forces haven't remained idle. >> we used the snow storm to enter the rebel areas where we planted explosives and set up devices. >> reporter: at least mohamed and his family have a roof over their heads. hundreds of thousands are struggling to survive in refugee camps. with only canvas over pludy floors protecting them from the cold. paul al jazeera. >> al jazeera continues to insist on the release of its journalists held in egypt for more than a year. peter greste, mohamed fahmy an baherandbaher mohamed. lawyers for peter and mohamed
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have filed requests for them to be deported from egypt. survivors of the taliban attack on a pakistani school last month are back in the classroom for the first time since the massacre which claimed the lives of more than 150 people. the army public school in the city of peshawar has reopened 27 days after it was stoned by security gun 91. soldiers are stationed outside and electric fences have better than installed. kamal haytr reports. hayder reports. >> they say they want to go back to school no matter what the risk. the apprehension is also high. they are concerned about the security of their children and why the military run school with it will now have top-notch
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security will have to really beef up their perimeter security, there will be now demands to put razor wire metal detectors and all the foarnl situation which will not be conducive of education in this country. this is a country in the state of war and the government it appears does not have any plan to effectively stop these attacks from happening again. nor in a position to deliver and of course the people pakistan particularly the parents want security for their children so they can go to their schools without any fear. and many people are afraid about the future of education in this country. >> interpol has put ukraine's former president on the international wanted list. viktor yanukovych has been living in russia after mass protests almost a he year ago. the organization is accusing
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yanukovych of financial wrongdoing. u.s. had asked for release in talks last year, the latest move set a positive tone for further talks last week, aimed and restarting diplomatic ties, human rights organizationer say the prisoners were detained for advocating political and social reform in cuba. now monday plarks five years since an -- marks five years since a devastating earthquake hit in haiti. political upheaval is overshadowing the anniversary. the deadline is about to run out for opposition mps to reach a deal with president mitchele marlt marta lfersie. >> more protests in the street of port-au-prince.
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they are growing in intensity and like previous ones at times they are violent. trying stem the violence, announced that a deal with some opposition parties had been reached but it was a deal perhaps in name only. and that is because the most hard line opposition party wasn't part of talks and they are the ones who control the majorities of the 18th government protesters and also key seats in parliament. with the mandates of lawmakers expected to expire at midnight monday it could mean that parliament shuts down leading martele to rule by decree, throwing the country into the worst political crisis in decades. >> what is your message to the international community and to the people that may still have doubts in the rebuilding process and the political process? >> as i just said, you told the
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country, and try to identify froacts thatprojects that we have been having here in haiti the efforts that we have, how many kids have gone to school freely since i became president. how many people have gotten out of under a tent since i became president. how many kilometers of roads have been paved. how many homes have been build. how the ifnlgive haiti is change around the world. >> -- how the image of haiti is changed around the world. >> hoping his last minute deals might avert crisis but more protests are planned and it all comes at a sensitive moment. >> still unresolved and a looming deadline to dissolve parliament, the political situation in haiti is today what it was yesterday: in one word, chaos, set to cast a dark loud
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over the five year anniversary over the terrible earthquake. gabriel alesandro, al jazeera port-au-prince. >> a reminder, you can find the latest at >> this is "techknow." a show about innovations that can change lives. >> the science of fighting a wildfire. >> this is a show about science, by scientists. let's check out our team of hard core nerds. marita davison is a biologist specializing in evolution. tonight, fracking. >> i looked out my front door