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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 13, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am EST

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actor that battled mental illness her home life. join us on, we are on facebook and twitter @ajconsiderthis and tweet me @amoratv. see you next time. hi this is al jazeera america, i'm paul beban. john seigenthaler has the night off the escape - new video. the paris gunmen fire on police moments after the deadly attack crackdown. >> it goes to show how much more work we need to do public and private sector. >> a white house proposal to stop cyber attacks. will congress get on board? warning signs. the new restrictions in your facebook feed. and song of protest.
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how women in iran are risking prison just by singing. but we begin in paris with that dramatic new video showing after two gunmen stormed the office of a satirical newspaper and killed 12 people. this was taken from a rooftop near the magazine. we see the gunman in the street. one shouting "we have avenged the profit mohammed." almost casually both reload get back in the getaway car, drive around the corner and open fire. on a police car blocking the narrow street. the officers back up. and the gunmen follow spraying bullets as they make the turp. chilling window into the attacks
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comms as france's parliament vote overwhelmingly to continue the fight against i.s.i.l. in iraq. france's prime minister says his country is at war. terrorism abroad and on its own shores. in paris it was a solemn tribute for the three police officers killed in last week's attacks. at the funeral president francis hollande said the officers died so that we may live in freedom. and the satirical newspaper at the center of it all, "charlie hebdo" is defending its decision to put the prux -- put prophet muhammad on the cover of its new edition. >> al jazeera made the decision not to show the cover in full. jacky rowland has more the cartoonist struggles with his emotions as he unveils the new edition of "charlie hebdo". he was not in the office the morning when his colleagues were
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there. it's his drawing on the cover. >> it was not the front page the world wanted to make but the one we wanted to make. it was not the front page that terrorists wanted us to make. there were no terrorists in it. it was a man crying. it's mohammed. i'm shore we drew him again, but the prophet muhammad we drew was a guy crying. >> the newspaper is going global. it's been translated into english, spanish and arabic. special editions appear in italy and turkey. >> "charlie hebdo" never had a massive readership. a lot of french people thought the carr took place were in bad taste. the publication of this week's edition is the most hotly anticipated media event in years. 3 million copies have been printed. they'll hit the streets in a matter of hours. newspaper vendors say they've been overwhelmed by the demand.
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>> translation: i used to receive five copies and sell one. after these events i should get 40 tomorrow. 60 people paid in advance i'll get more over the next few days. >> another tribute to 17 people who died in the three attacks last week. the french parliament observed a minute's silence. they then turned their attention to what many see as an urgent question - how to protect the people of france. jacky rowland, paris. >> there is word that i.s.i.l. is in afghanistan recruiting new followers. according to the afghan military i.s.i.l. is operating in the south of the country. i.s.i.l. is clashing with local taliban whose leaders are telling people not to deal with i.s.i.l. back in the u.s. president obama had his first meeting with leaders of congress looking for
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common ground. as the republican use their majority to push the agenda. it could be tough to find. mike viqueira has the details. >> the two controlled by republicans is a week and no fewer than five vetos have been issued against republican sponsored legislation. it was as if the begin of the boxing match where the two fighters come out and touch gloves before the rumble begins and in the house of representatives, they were trying to turn back the president's immigration reform initiative. talking about the keystone pipe line a veto threat on that. and moving forward to bypass the administration of the affordable care act. they call it obama care. efforts to tweak or replace portions of that. the president promised a veto. there were areas of agreement in the course of the next few months.
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chiefly it emerged from the meaning of the military force, in the fight against i.s.i.l. the president after the election said he wanted to renew that relying on the old authorisations from 2001 to 2003. there's some common ground. he can move forward to get a fresh authorisation. there's talk of possible deals on corporate tax reform and on two big trade deals with the asia pacific and europe. democrats now are objecting to the provisions emerging on that. both sides in the wake of recent events are interested in making a deal to reform that as well. >> mike viqueira at the white house. s.e.n.t.c.o.m.'s social media platform are on line. a cyber attack disabled u.s. central command twitter and youtube sites much the hackers claiming responsibility said they were supporters of i.s.i.l. meanwhile president obama called
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on congress to pass legislation giving authority more power to track down hecklers. >> there's not much president obama and republicans can agree on. they seem to find common ground on improving the nation's cyber offenses. >> the hacking of the pictures including jihad conducted against the twitter and youtube pages created a rare consensus. new laws needed to counter cyber attacks. the president cited cyber security as an area that should unite the divided government. >> it goes to show how much more work we need to do public and private sector to strengthen the cyber security making sure - to make sure the public structure is safe. >> the white house revamped old ideas. the proposals would among other
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things encourage private companies, share data with the government. but only after scrubbing it through a bot net. the sale of bot nets would be outlawed and courts given new authority to shut them down. and toughen laws against the overseas sale of credit card and bank account numbers and spy ware used to commit i.d. thest. the president threshed out proposals in a speech at the integration center outside washington. >> the bottom line - we want cyber criminals to feel the full force of american justice. they are doing as much damage if not more these days as folks who are involved in congrengsal crime. >> initial reaction from law makers was positive. >> it's something to work together on cyber security. we'll have ideas as well.
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it's something serious that we work together. >> a tricky issue is how much the laws will intrude on private lives. earlier attempts to improve cyber security raised concerns for civil libertarians who fear it amounts to too much snooping. the plan to provide protection but only if they adopt new privacy restrictions. >> jamie mcintyre in washington. >> we are joined by a security expert for internet security and privacy company hot spot shield. thank you for being with us. >> good evening. >> quick question here - this proposal about sharing more information between the public and private sector between government and industry - is this because in general we don't know enough about cyber attacks? >> that is the case. the more transparent that government officials are with the information that they have
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in regards to worldwide cyber crime organizations, organised web mobs the better corporations will be able to protect themselves. the government c.i.a. secret service, fbi - many are on the front lines, along with many. corporate pep tryings testers. they have a lot of insight. the more collaboration, the better off we'll be. >> gotcha. the upside for industry is that they are going to gain from the expertise from the government and vice versa i presume. let me ask you this - they'll be privacy concerns. there has been endless discussions in the country, the ibb vasion of cell phone data. will this raise the same concerns? >> you know look the data is out there. our information, your information, my information has
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been come promised half-a-dozen times. it's cloting around. it's -- floating around. what they can do with the data that causes harm is the issue. having a public private partnership is one way to make that data useless to the thief. >> how much are government and industry working together already. i think that's what most assumed, that they are working together to make sure this doesn't happen? >> well a lot of large corporations that provide security software and hardware have government as their biggest clients. there already is a significant amount of collaboration. it's on the investigation side. it's on the law enforcement side that collaboration needs to increase. and also with foreign nations, and other law enforce.
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throughout the world with cyber crime. the financial systems go down. we are all in this together. globally. so you see, a lot of foreign nations are cooperating with the u.s. governments as well. >> you know back to the last question about civilians and privacy concerns - are other countries concerned about working with the u.s. on this based on revelation about the n.s.a. about surveillance? >> yes, that cat is out of the bag. i would imagine that you know everywhere pretty much nose at this point what is going on. spying has been going on since the beginning of time. while it comes to - it's a little unnerving for the average citizen, it's not something that should be completely surprising. it's ekka lon and all the other behind the scenes technologies and efforts going on spying is simply a part of life. it's going on behind the
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scenes as you point out. thank you for joining us. the trial began today for the man accused of running the billion director online drug bizarre known as silk road. ross albrict's attorneys committed he started the website but argues that he's been framed. we'll learn a lot more about what is going on as this case unfolds. >> reporter: the internet search with conventional segments line u.s. and yahoo is the tip of the iceberg much behind the surface is a deep web, content that can't be trawled, indexed or retrieved by certain search engines. it was developed to hide communications, it holds public databases accessed through a search box. the national library of medicine
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and private networks locked behind firewalls and log ins. >> making online communication accessible. >> the smaller but more talked about part of the web are hidden services. anonymous payments, emails and forms accessed through payments using onion routing wrapping messages in encryption and transport it to different addresses. >> we wrap information it transport it to different locations before your destination. >> it makes is attractive to criminals trade engine illegal firearms, child porn -- trading in illegal firearms child pornography and other illegal activities. silk road shut down and resurfaced by silk road 2.0,
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only to be shut down. silk road put the web on the radar. while vice grabbed the headlines, the deep web is used for vurt use activities. activists from iran's gripe movement used the deep web it circumvent gough internet restrictions -- government internet restrictions. >> hidden services are used by four people. >> reporter: deep web hiden services are used by law enforcement, the military and people who don't want their online activities monitored by the government or other outside parties. >> i think the deep web and tourism services are a force for god. the future will bear it out we are learning about a bartender in ohio accused of plotting to kill house speaker
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john boehner. michael hoyt was indicted last week charged with threatening to murder john boehner. he used to serve the drinker drinks at a country club. he told police he wanted to poison or shoot the house speaker. he has a history of psychiatric illness and held for mental evaluation. detroit is out of bankruptcy and trying to bounce back. there's more work to be done. fish has that. -- alan fisher has that snow is a great hider. it's hard to tell the warm homes to those that will never see another family through its doors, until you get close up like the city itself. >> there's a feeling, a suggestion that detroit is on the way back. people and businesses are being attracted to this city center. there's a feeling and a suggestion that those on the edge of the city a few
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kilometres away are left behind. >> north end was a thriving community but those days have gone. the streets are got with abandoned homes and sites. >> shelley lived her for years and thought about leaving. >> when i see something in front of me that's going to say ms davis, this is what we are going to do for your community, i'll say yes, it's getting better. until i see that until i know may neighbour here she can come up on the front steps, i'll say yes, it's getting better. >> detroit ran into colours when the motor industry moved away. people followed the work. and the declining population. services suffered. tensions rose. around 20 million in debt the city filed for bankruptcy. one expert said the city and neighbourhoods changed forever.
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>> there are parts of the city that will never be the neighbourhood that the people that grew up there remembered growing up in. >> what you see is a west oakland home. >> this woman's company buys homes, refurbishes them and resells them. she said the site is a true barometer for change. >> some say a trickle-down economics doesn't work for the government. it can't work for neighbourhoods. there has to be clear strategy and an intent. >> north end is a challenge. it provides hope that a non-neglected area can emerge from a long winter coming up you heard the expression of course "jes suis charlie," an expression of solidarity in the wake of paris
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attacks. in nigeria the suggestion is i am boga that's where boko haram has been committing so many violent atrocities. and a graphic warning - facebook moves to restrict offensive videos. >> they're firing canisters of gas at us. >> emmy award-winning, investigative series. new episode. "hidden state: inside north korea. monday 9:00 eastern. only on al jazeera america.
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. >> a conviction was overturned against former president hosni mubarak, in egypt, and ordered a retrial against the 86-year-old deposed leader. the action paves the way for a release, days before the fourth anniversary of the 2011 anti-hosni mubarak uprising. the world's attention in the past week has been focussed on the attacks in paris that left 12 dead.
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more widespread bloodshed has been going on largely unnoticed in west africa. >> reporter: the armed group boko haram is responsible for increased bloodshed since being founded in 2002. it made headlines last year for kidnapping almost 300 school years. hundreds are missing. it was suspected in a new series of attacks. >> the nigeria armed group launched a slew of attacks in west africa claiming 2,000 lives, prompting this u.s. statement... >> boko haram is a huge threat remains a huge threat. it took the last week to know that. we are finding more information about numbers. >> we do have numbers. starting on january 3rd and boga as many as 2,000 were killed according to amnesty
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international. boko haram went door to door. one witness said they were slaughtered. the military puts the death tolls in the hundreds. then on january a bombing claimed at least 10 lives in the market of the regional capital. authorities blamed boko haram in that attack. a day later, a human bomb exploded leaving six dead. it didn't top there. boko haram fighters attacked a base in north-west cameroon and a one soldier was killed. given cameroon's response there are questions about the failure of the nigeria military plagued by low moral and allegations of corruption. the next round of nuclear
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talks between the u.s. begin tomorrow. secretary of state john kerry arrived in geneva to reach a deal with iranian counterparts. talks stormed last time the two sides met in november. iran insists the nuclear programme is peaceful. the u.s. believes the country wants to develop nuclear weapons. in iran there was a show of solidarity from a musician xo says he's been barred from eving the country. women have been posting themselves singing in support. >> reporter: this singer was stopped from leaving iran earlier this month. they are upset his group posted videos showing women singing solo which was illegal in iran. ordinary women - they are filming themselves engaged in a defiant act of song. the video of an iranian singers
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had many hits on youtube. when the women sing the solo they are breaking the law. >> women can not sing in iran. why? men cannot handle it. men might get excited, that's why it's forbidden for an iranian woman to sing. >> reporter: the group's leader says the solos are the reason he's barred from leaving the country. his passport was confiscated. he told a newspaper based on the explanations,: [ singing ] >> into now women in iran are recording video in support and defiance [ singing ] . they are singing solos, some without revealing their identities others are showing their faces. this woman wrote:
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the videos are getting thousands of likes and shares on a facebook page. iranian american journalist created a facebook page for women inside iran to show photographs without the required hijab. and says the videos highlight the scene. many iranian women want freedom to express themselves. they are trying to say singing it not forbidden. if men cannot handle it why stop us from singing. >> reporter: the head of music says women must respect the law. iranian media asked whether he was punished for leaving the group. he responded: he said women that want to sing like that should sing in front of other women.
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>> the restrictions of women singing in public began after the 1979 resolution much before that iran had famous singers, including gush who now lives in exile. coming up next - jews are fleeing france and heading to israel or the u.s. we'll talk with an attorney helping them to make the move. plus moving to mars - how a billionaire plans to get us there.
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welcome back to al jazeera america. i'm paul beban. coming up, exodis to israel -- exodus to israel. >> the mayors and president's task force meet to figure out reforms facebook's warning about graphic or violent images.
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>> there is dramatic new video from paris. the video was shot from a rooftop moments after gunmen stormed the offices of "charlie hebdo" killing 12. the gunmen get in their car and encounter a police car. the brothers jump out and fire at the police. "charlie hebdo" is defending its decision to put the prophet muhammad on the cover of its new edition, saying it will not be silenced and has a caricature of the profit with a caption "all is for given." france's parliament voted to extend the fight against i.s.i.l. in iraq. the program says the country is at war with terrorism abroad and at home. in paris funerals for the three police officers killed in the attacks - president francis hollande awarded each officer a french medal of honour.
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>> the four victims killed inside a market were voted in israel. the attack brought global attention. many in the jewish community feel they have an uncertainly future. >> a large gathering to pay respects much the majority burying their brothers. the israeli prime minister was here prompting binyamin netanyahu to call for jews to immigrate. >> translation: jews have the right to live in many countries. i believe they know deep down in their hearts that they have one country, the state of israel which is their historic home. >> some say binyamin netanyahu is using it as a political tool to reflect a growing reality. >> i emigrated from france
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two months ago. i felt like i couldn't be a jew in france. >> even before the recent attack there has been an increase in french citizens looking at israel as an alternative home. >> that neighbourhood is a popular home for french jews. many feel that the situation in france is becoming less secure for them as jews. >> 2014 saw a record number of french jews move to israel and more are expected to come this year. some of the real estate signs include french. >> i think that's what happened. absolutely this week what dramatical change in the mind of a lot of people would just phone to our office in the last days. some of them because they are fair some because they don't know what to do. it's a new reality.
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>> the fear in france is making many move. >> i came to israel two years ago. it was because i have family here and i wanted. i will be happy here for the rest of my live. with what happened in france i feel safe. i don't feel safe in france. >> france is the country with the highest number of citizens moving to israel before the attacks last week marlon is an attorney who specialises in helping jews from france move to the u.s. thank you for being with us. >> thank you. >> and helping us sort through this. what is going on. this is something on the rise recollection and you expect it to go up more. >> definitely. this past year 2014, french jews were the largest population of jews making a return to israel. that was before an incident of
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this violence. certainly we expected it to go up. >> they'd go to israel. where else are they going? >> the two biggest areas is u.s. and israel. driven by the large population israel being a jewish state. and the u.s. having a huge population of jews as well. >> is there anything france can do - this is not good for france. >> it's definitely not good for france. vladimir putin said that one of the greatest mistakes the soviet union made was allowing the jews to leave. it was a massive brain drain, a cultural drape, a negative for their country and the culture. the same is fruit for france. as far as what they can do there's no easy solutions. they are not easy problems they are deeply rooted social problems and tied up in economic problems and will not be easily solve. >> tied up in france's unique but unusual demographics large jewish and muslim populations
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relative to other countries. >> that's correct. >> and they are in close contact. >> they are. >> france is unique in europe that they have both the largest jewish population and muslim population and it creates a lot of interesting demographics which leads to a lot of issues. >> both of these groups perhaps not doings dentally feel is -- coincidentally feel isolated from the main stream. >> that is right, and it's true from europe. >> unlike the united states we had a few hundred years with fits and starts to work out how to allow immigrants to take on underpipings and add their open. europe is new to immigration in a lot of ways. they are struggling with it. >> the communities have been there for centuries. i want to ask you - what are you hearing specifically from people who say "i want help getting out of france." >> it's the most important
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thing, the key thing we hear is safety. people tell us they don't feel safe. it's not for them or their children. i had people say to me "i'm okay but i can't be with my kids 24/7." they are teenagers, they need space to grow. i'm worried about what they'll do after school on the weekend. that's the driving force for people. >> people are worried about the day to day safety. >> absolutely. >> you work with high net worth people people who have means. what do you think is the situation for people who don't have these means. are they able to get out? >> they are. it's harder. their options are narrow. i think for those whose means are limited, they are more focused on israel. it doesn't matter what your wealth is it's available to jews in israel for the wealthy there are options. they can pick other places - the u.s., wherever they want to go.
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people with more limited means, it's more challenging. >> it's a question of options and means. people find out where they can theoretically provide for their own security. this is a challenging question for both sides. thank you for being with us. a billion dollar landmark trial got underway in new york city. the palestinian authority and p lo are being sued. american victims of attacks claim that they funded these attacks. >> reporter: lisa's husband died in iraq in 2005 whilst working on a book. members of a shia group may have shot the journalist but she said the leaders were partly to blame for his death. >> i was with him 22 years and thought we'd go old together. it was taken away from nee.
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>> vincent wrote in the "new york times" about shia religious groups and shi'ite security forces. she claims there's evidence that the me who kidnapped and shot and killed him were trained and had training from iranian funded hezbollah, for killing and wounding americans in hezbollah. the suit holds financial institutions liable. families of americans killed by happen as and israel used a similar argument. cath turner is a lawyer in both cases. >> i think it's critical that the world understand the importance of not only terrorism finance, but how it's being done because as i told the jury in the bank case you don't stop terrorism with bullets and smart bombs. you stop them by taking money away interest them. >> hs b c, royal chartered,
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royal bank of scotland and credit suisse admitted to helping rain transfer millions secretly in violation of u.s. sanctions. and they agreed to pay hundreds of millions in fineses. the banks are fighting the civil suit. barclays did not facilitate the activities cited in the complaint and told al jazeera: under the u.s. anti-terrorism act, the banks if liable will be required to pay damages times three. the lawsuit names high-ranking palestinian officials including the late yasser arafat responsible for a terror. >> campaign designed to get israel to withdraw from jerusalem and palestinian territories. after two weeks of ignoring minor offenses new york city
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police are getting back on the job. many officers have been upset with the way mayor bill de blasio handled antipolice protests in the death of two officers in the line of duty. the latest arrests show officers begin to write the tickets again. last week they were down 38%. the commissioner is concerned about a drop in police activity the "new york post" reports that it cost the city more than 46 million in revenue. >> a presidential task force on policing held a public meeting today. president obama formed the tack force in december in response to high profile police shootings and brutality cases. mayors from philadelphia baltimore and new orleans met with the group's 12 members. the task force is expected to send recommendations to the president in march. an issue is the militarization
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of police lawmakers criticized the pent gone over a programme to give local police forces sur plus military gear. libby casey has a look at that. >> reporter: the criticism comes from both sides of the political spectrum. >> the militarization of police is something that has gotten so far out of the control, we allowed it to descend with not a great protection of civil liberties as well. >> images of ferguson, missouri looking more like a war zone than a st. louis suburb have members of congress asking questions about a program they signed off on. called the 10:33 programme. it provide armored cars silencers and grenade launchers. >> it was a way of providing quit to the military so the government could get the money back and help law enforce. with what needs they had.
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there are challenges in transferring military equipment to domestic law enforce. . >> congress created the programme so place had more tools to fight drug gangs and deal with natural disasters. and expanded after the september 11th attacks and got bigger as military equipment came home from the wars in iraq. >> anyone that thinks we will not have tactical teams or high-powered weaponry has not been paying attention to the realities of police officers. there is a time and a place for anyone of these particular tools. >> the pentagon programme has transferred more than 5 billion in equipment over the years, and congress is asking if it spiralled out of control. >> while this hearing may reveal strong arguments why some equipment may be helpful for the safety of police officers in certain situations i'm confident that miltarized policing tactics are not consistent with a peaceful
11:43 pm
exercise of first amendment rights of free speech and assembly. gormia represent -- georgia representative hank johnson wants others to affirm this. >> if a local law enforce. has a need for heavy military there's no prohibition in my legislation from them acquiring it through their normal budgeting process. you go to your governing authority and say "we need this equipment. that governing authority made up of people elected by the citizens. the debate is in early staples, and members are grappling with how much to change a programme intended to protect communities. the white house is reviewing it. there's no deadline on the findings.
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>> police have cleared the university of virginia fraternity at the center of the rolling stone rape allegations. the frat was suspended after that report was published in object. police are raising serious new doubts about the story and jonathan betz is here with the details. >> coming to the gang rape at a frat house has largely been discredited but was troubling enough to spark changes at a prestigious university. >> reporter: its doors were closed for two months. now the phi kappa psi house is open. rowling -- rowling about -- "rolling stones" article has all but been discredit. the article, jacky's story, added fuel to a debate about sex
11:45 pm
crimes on college campuses. the woman known as jacky said frat members gang raped her for hours in 2012. the magazine didn't contact the alleged rapist and eddors admitted their trust was misplaced. >> the journalism behind the article. that's irrelevant to what we are trying to do. we think the article pointed out changes that need to be made. new rules have been imposed three members must be sober. one person stationed. beer must be served in cans. premixed drinks are not allowed. hard liquor can only be served by a bar tenner. >> we are looking at ways to help fraternities design action plans that make the parties
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safer and make guests feel safer and who to go to. fraternities have until friday to agree to rules. police are investigating the story. investigators found nothing to confirm allegations. investigations are open. and do not think a crime occurred in the fraternity. >> thank you. the number of measles caseslinged to a theme park has rich to 76. most of the people visited destiny land or disney california atventure in december. 12 of those had not been vaccinated against measles. now to a remarkable rescue off the coast of mexico. a passenger are on a royal caribbean cruise ship wept overboard. no one saw the 22-year-old fall into the water.
11:47 pm
someone passing on a disney liner heard him shouting. the ship sent a life boat and pulled him out of the water. the map was described as being -- man was described as being in good shape and spirits. >> next - north korea wants to see the evidence against it in the sony hacking case. congress wants to see more sanctions. cleaning up your news feed by getting rid of the violence.
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north korea tips to deny it was behind the sony hack challenging the u.s. to show proof of his nation's involvement. >> we really want the united states to provide evidence. we even requested to the united states to undertake joint investigation. north korea was the focus on a foreign affairs committee
11:50 pm
meeting much the attack on sony and the threaten its nuclear missile programme warranted stronger sanctions and action. >> we need to step up and target financial institutions in asia and beyond that are supporting the brutal and dangerous north korean regime. such sanctions crippled north korea in the past. >> a treasury department official hopes the sanctions will cut off north korea's links to the international finance system tonight facebook is putting warnings on graphic video and pictures warning users that content may shock and offend and stopped the footage played automatically. in a preventative measure, it will not play offensive content for users under the age of 18. some say the measures are not going far enough to protect young social media users.
11:51 pm
we have a marketing consultant helping us sort through this. how does facebook determine what is graphic and what is not. >> it's the supreme court rules saying we don't know what it is but we know when we see it. facebook does the assume same. they have rooms of people sitting there reviewing complaints. has to be a horrible job. >> it's people there. >> yes, it's people saying "this doesn't fit us this does." they change their what fits and what is not policy. pretty much daily. >> what responsibility do we think that networks like facebook have to keep it from its. >> the courts ruled that user - stuff that people post online is not necessarily the fault of the social network, but they can't police everything that goes up.
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it's hard to do that. what you have is facebook giving best faith efforts to keep things offline. they know automatically, friendships, if music is copywritten. they have algorithms and it's deleted. it's a bigger picture, what qualifies as objectionable or offensive. is it religious in nature. they had a huge debacle last year when they banned some photos. under the guise of you are not... that's a disulty issue -- sexuality issue, breastfeed is not sexual. and women stormed facebook and they reversed the column. >> where do we draw the line between indecent. and sensoring content. >> it's a different situation for facebook. no matter what they do someone will be unhappy and complain. where will they complain on social media. the problem becomes the issue
11:53 pm
you'll never go away. when they table the standards, they have to stick with them. if they backcheck, they make the arguments weaker and weaker. >> it undermines arguments. what about the age-gate. how effective will that be? >> probably 100% ineffective. if you are one. - i think there's about seven kids between the ages of 13 and 18 putting in an accurate aim on the facebook. the rest of them say 26 or whatever it is much chances are they have seen worse than the web. it's facebook doing a protective measure. at the end of the day facebook has advertisers, that's how they make money. you will not have an advertisement for family-friendly products right next to sexuality photos or photos of beheadings or something like that. >> walter cronkite school of journalism, but sites like twitter and tumbler allow anything. >> twitter and tumbler allows
11:54 pm
everything. instagram does not. tumbler, was acquired by yahoo, one thing people said is what about the porp. the mayor's we'll keep the porn and not put adds in the needs. you'll see then. every day there's something else. >> thank you, seems we have not for sure heard the end of this our picture of the day next. plus mission to mars - engineers will be hard at work making galactic travel plans.
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our picture of the day next.
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today the c.e.o. of spacex elon musk talked about plans to colonize mars. he talked about how it would happen. jacob ward is in san francisco with the details. >> elon musk has been clear about his ambitions for mars, and speaks about pushing out from our own planet and setting up new life and talks about being buried on mars. that's in the future. spacex will expand its seattle operation to specialise in high-cost satellites. it will eventually hold
11:58 pm
hundreds, maybe a thousand people as the company moves to putting up communication and science satellites for public and private clients. musk is planning to use the business to create expertise and technology to master all the things that it takes to make the long journey to mars. it's a long journey, that's the problem. chief among the long list of obstacles between ourselves and a new life on mars is the sheer distance to travel taking 150 to 300 days to fly to mars depending on its orbit and ours. certain humans have been up there that long. valerie, a russian cosmo naught spent 437 days in orbit. he stayed around earth, well understood and safe to be as safe goes. over the course of a long journey the humans would be subjected to new dangers, not the least of which is intense
11:59 pm
radiation you are hit with away from earth, out in deep space, and the time you spend, the greater the chance of damage to the spacecraft and death of everyone on board. fewer that half of missions to mars made it and they didn't have to keep people alive. 200,000 applied to be a first organization for mars one, a dutch organization. here is the thing - those people volunteered in spite of the fact the organization makes clear they are talking about a one way trip. elon musk is famous for big, bold ideas. perhaps a one-way trip to mars is the boldest. >> jacob ward in san francisco now to our freeze frame and many are feeling the big chill across u.s. but not in brazil. a zoo in rio gave the bear frozen water melon. that looks good compared to what
12:00 am
we are dealing with in new york city. i'm paul beban, "america tonight" it next. have a great night. >> on "america tonight", liberty, fraternity and inequality. heroes and villains in the french massacre share the same fate. why france's muslims fear they have become the targets. >> reporter: are you worried afraid? >> more and more i think i'll be afraid to walk in the streets because they will think i'm muslim, and maybe a terrorist our few from paris. sheila macvicar is there, with