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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 16, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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>> the supreme court will decide whether same-sex couples will be allowed to marry in every single state. >> i will be the first to say that we neat to tighten the crews. >> president obama urges patience with negotiations with russian. and new climate warning.
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2014 was the hottest year on earth. >> the supreme court will tackle same-sex marriage. the controversial issue will be irished on a nationwide basis aware than rather than state by state. >> do gay companies have a constitutional right to marry? that's the key key that the court has decideed at a take up. they'll take up arguments involving four states where gay marriage is currently banned in michigan kentucky, ohio and tennessee.
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the supreme court were forced to take up this issue because in november of last year the sixth circuit of appeals said that there was no controversial right for same-sex marriage. the court has looked at this issue a bit in the past. it let stand a ruling that let california's gay marriage law go into effect, and also ruled that part of the defense of marriage act, that was a federal law was unconstitutional. it ruled that the federal government did have to recognize same-sex marriages that were performed by states that allowed them. the court is split on this very controversial issue and we'll know that we'll have a decision by the end of the term in june. >> let's bring in al jazeera's
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legal contributor jamie floyd. jamie, welcome. why now? >> we have a split. we have courts that don't agree and really it's an exception. 40 source have been using the defense act of 2012. inthere is a ban that was upheld, and that is the exception to the rule, and now the supreme court has a conflict to resolve. that's when they step in. they don't say we're going to rule on this and step in. they have to wait until a conflict presents itself. this is the classic way in which they step in. that's why now. also sunny the tony, the states have been asking them to
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step in on both sides of the issue. that the supreme court step in and resolve this fast-moving civil rights issue. >> maybe you can remind us what it has done in the past. >> not much. the defense of marriage case that everyone will remember, the windsor case. a cute little ol' woman her partner dies. they were denied benefits because they were a gay double. they ruled on fairly nature grounds, but the court since then has been using the language that justice kennedy offered up in that case to find in favor of gay marriage. there was also the proposition eight case out of california.
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that was often organized by people who mr. on opposite sides of the aisle but came in and argued this case. they said that case was not properly before us on propositional grounds it has to be back. now i agree with what lisa and most analysts are saying, they have to decide it how because there are no technical issues for them to side step on. the first is does the state have an institutional obligation to issue reasons to same sex couples. does a state have an obligation to recognize a marriage license from another state? even if that state does not want to issue knows licenses. in ohio they say we don't have a problem with your license from
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another state. we just don't want to acknowledge it and recognize it in our state. >> jamie floyd. everyone wants to know what this court will do. jamie floyd what will the court do. >> you don't like to predict what the supreme court is going to do, but in my gut i think they wouldn't have taken the case if they weren't going to do something big. i think it will be a close decision with justin kennedy being on the bench a justice kennedy with a 5-4 split for gay marriage nationwide. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> raids across europe netted two dozen people arrested for plotting attacks. in ireland a man tried to enter the country with a false passport. in berlin two men were arrested for allegedly trying to recruit for isil. a bomb scare forced authorities to evacuate a train station and 12 people with alleged links to the grocery store shooter were picked up, and arrests continued
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in belgium where there was the foiling of an imminent attack. >> on the straight where the raid took place the police stand guard. the raid left two suspects dead. the third was arrested. the police raid one of a dozen across the country where police say they planned an imminent attack on a grand scale. >> this has shown that these people have intention to kill several policemen in the streets. >> this was the case on thursday evening. the man who filmed these images has lived on the street for seven years. >> there have been suspicions
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that anything like this could happen on your street? >> no, no. no suspicion. i would like to say that it's very very sad. we don't want to see this. >> they have a large muslim population. people are trying to make sense of what happened. this is not islamist says this woman. the qur'an does not want people to kill. people fear that this will pay her negative attention. she said she does not want her life to change. after the investigators discovered bomb-making equipment, and importantly police uniforms it was thought police themselves may have been the intended target of a possible attack. hundreds of belgium citizens are suspected joining is militants of iraq and syria. the country said it may call in an army to help with national
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security al jazeera. >> in france today secretary of state john kerry paid tribute to the victims of last week's terrorist victims. jacky rowland has more from paris. >> reporter: the u.s. secretary of state said he has come to give a big hug to the french people. it was clearly a damage exercise. washington made a mistake by only accepting its paris ambassador to the march on sunday. >> today i just wanted to come here and share a hug with all of paris with all of france. i want to express the horror and revolution that all americans felt for the cowardly and despicable act the assault of
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innocent lives and fundamental values. >> an unscheduled stop on his trip john kerry visits the kosher supermarket where an attacker killed four people. jewish schools and other institutions across france are now under guard. meanwhile french police say they arrested 12 people overnight in raids across the region. they're suspected of potting logistical support of the attackers. >> most of them are known by police services for breaching the common law. they will speak on the ongoing investigation when appropriate. >> more funerals are taking place for the victims of those attacks. colleagues and friends are been saying good buy to the cartoonist and editor in chief of charlie hebdo charb. five others were laid to rest on thursday. more than 120,000 police and army troops are now on the
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streets across the country. people in paris feel particularly on edge. the whole of france remains on alert. >> protesters in several countries took to the streets to denounce cartoons of the prophet muhammad published by charlie hebdo 37 clashes broke out between proesters and riot prison. several people were arrested. in jordan hundreds of protesters marched towards the french embassy after friday prayers. they held up banners against the cartoons. the riot police used batons to disperse the crowd. demonstrations in pakistan as well. we go to karachi and kamal
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haider. >> the people do not take kindly to insults hurled against islam. they say this is an intolerable act. and parliament has passed an unanimous resolution condemning the publication of those cartoons in the magazine. in is likely to be more demonstrations on the streets. in pakistan and across the islamic world there is an opinion that free speech should not insult other religions. >> well, there was plenty on the agenda during president obama's white house summit with british prime minister david cameron today. thetoday the two leaders said
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that they stand united on nearly all fronds. mike viqueira is for us at the white house. what is the cake away from this summit? >> on a day when accomplish police were deployed around the united kingdom at jewish places of worship and other facilities and in the aftermath of the violent events in france, belgium, and everything reported at the top of the hour, british prime minister david cameron was meeting with president obama in talks dominated by security and ways to prevent further terror attacks. with europe on edge president obama and david cameron were in lock step. >> this death cult narrative reverting the religion of islam.
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>> a way around encryption technology now built into many sites. if they refuse, certain sites may be banned in the u.k. >> we're not asking for back doors. we believe in very clear front doors through legal processes that should help to keep our country safe. >> that stance has sparked controversy. but on friday problem largely agreed. warning that law enforcement may be hampered without access. even with solid information about a potential plot. >> despite knowing that information, despite having a phone number, despite having a social media address or e-mail address, we can't penetrate that? that's a problem. >> mr. obama said that the ethnic tension now gripping europe is not a big of an issue in the united states. >> our biggest advantage is that
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our muslim populations they feel themselves to be americans. there is this incredible process of integration and assimilation. >> cameronthey've been calling to impose more sanctions on iran talks to prevent iran from making more nuclear weapons has reached a sensitive stage. >> congress should be aware if this diplomatic solution fails then the risks and likelihood that this ends up being a military confrontation is heightened and congress will have to own that as well. >> tony, late today we heard from key senators.
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the problem that president obama will have in this head off in moves against more sanctions from congress, many are democrats, and they're eager to impose more sanctions against iran. they're going to push forward with that legislation even though president obama today issued a veto threat. tony? >> pretty amazing. mike viqueira for us at the white house. thank you. the u.s. is preparing to send hundreds of soldiers to the middle east train syrian rebels in their fight against isil. 400 more soldiers will head to the region in the spring. isil executed 17 people in syria in the last two days. now kurdish forces from iran are joining the coalition's fight. we have an exclusive report from erbil. >> reporter: this is northern iraq. a month ago it was in the grip
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of the islamic state in iraq and the levant. it is now under the control of these men. they have been fighting for autonomy for iran's minority for many years. they are now supporting the kurdish forces known as peshmerga. >> kurdistan is not separate nations. it is rather one nation. it is our motherland. we will do our best to defend it and protect it from any danger. >> reporter: it's a sentiment shared by their kinsmen. >> we consider ourselves as one fighting isil. after all all in this region, syria, turkey, iraq and russian are now fighting the enemy together. >> reporter: all the front lines around kirkuk, enter' supporting peshmerga you wants to defend the oil-rich city.
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but iranian government is not happy. it's concerned that the role they're playing in the role against isil will give it legitimacy. they are concerned they will fight independently but the fighters want to create their own identity. >> isil call us the fighters with red feet. it's because our fighters wear red shoes and that distinguishes us from other fighters. when night false we move and hide awaiting any intruders. >> hundreds of iranian kurds cross the border to join the fight against isil. the peshmerga have been instrument instrumental in security. but it comes at a price.
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the loss of 1,000 men in the fight against the armed group. the peshmerga say facing a formidable enemy they will accept help from any quarter. al jazeera iraq. >> opening a preliminary examination on whether or not to investigate israel for war crimes. it is looking into possible violations committed during last summer gaza war. this comes at the request of palestine, which is waiting for approval for membership to the icc. >> over 2,100 dead almost 500 of them children, the war in gaza made 2014 the adequateliest year for palestinians since 1967. now the very first stage of a heal process that could see war crimes charges launched. when the palestinian president mahmood abbas signed the statute
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the treaty that governed the criminal court on the last day of last year, he also signed declaration giving court jurisdiction from 30th of june june 2014. the chief executer of the court has launched a preliminary investigation into events from that date in effect an inquiry to see if she should launch a former investigation. she said upon receipt of referral it is a matter of policy and practice opens the preliminary examination of the situation at hand. the office will conduct its analysis in full independence and impartiality. prime minister benjamin
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netanyahu said: >> expert say that the prosecutor's move is not politically motivated. >> israeli authorities should understand that this is a judicial process and inherent in that is impartiality, and police of law. they also need to understand that they will look at serious crimes bitted by israelis as well as serious crimes committed by palestinians. >> it's almost three weeks since the palestinians signed up to the statute. the aim there was partially legal but also political. they knew that the legal process now in its early stage was going to be extremely drawn out.
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politically, though, this highly charged period of israeli election campaign, they're already making waves. james bays, al jazeera, united nations. >> coming up on the program. pope francis has jumped right into the political fray in his visit to the philippines. and also ali velshi from "real money" explains what we can learn about the economy from what people are buying and how much they're paying. >> can effect and surprise us... >> don't try this at home >> techknow... where technology meets humanity... only on al jazeera america
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>> stocks are constantly up and down and wondering where things stand. ali velshi, let's start with inflation. >> it's called cpi. goods and services,
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sophisticated thing. it fell .4 of a percent in december compared to november. that's the biggest drop in six years because of these falling oil prices. for a full year inflation was up .8 of 1%. a lot of people say fantastic. the prices aren't higher. even when you strip out food and energy prices because those are traditionally volatile, often economists like to strip out food and energy to see how most prices are. inflation is unchanged from a year ago. that has the fed worried. they may want to wait a little longer before they raise interest rates. when you slow down the economy you slow inflation. here's why slow--low inflation is a problem. it's nice for a little while but when you think that prices over time go down your whole
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thinking about buying things changes. if you think they're going to go up you buy them now. if you think they're going to go down you wait. if you think prices in general are going to go down, you stop buying things. companies stop expanding they wait for you to make a decision to buy and they don't hire people. you don't want them to worry by being a little low. >> we have the situation in addition to jobs. more people are getting jobs, paying less for gas because that translates into new good consumer confidence. >> consumer sentiment rose to an 11-year high. that's like a stimulus. the improving job parent, the question, of course is this job market we've seen improvements
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and years and years of job gains, but we are not seeing the waging move up. i think the president is going to talk about that. he's going to talk about it by minimum wage. he wants to increase minimum wage to $10.10. that's his proposal. republicans hate that saying that is government telling business what to do. we'll look at what it will take to raise real money in wages. >> good to see you. thank you man. a woman in charge of rolling out the affordable care act or obamacare is now resigning. today she has announced that she will step down at the end of next month. and a not too subtle shot of how europeans treat muslim immigrants. also 2014 was the warmest year on record, and nasa scientists
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say that the earth will continue heating up.
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>> president obama and u.k. prime minister david cameron wrapped up two days of meetings at the white house. the summit touched on the economy and security and terrorist attacks in france were the discussions. >> there has to be a recognition that the stronger the ties of a frenchman of north african descent to french values, french republic, a since of opportunity, that's going to be as important if not more important in overtime solving this problem.
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>> president obama also said he'd confident that they'll prevail in the hearts and mind of muslims in their communities. >> so we have these two gentlemen, two leaders today and they had an opportunity today to gather, to respond to last week's attacks in paris. you were a bit surprised by what you heard from these two men. tell me why. >> well, one thing that i think was really important was they struck this very non-alarmist tone. they were like, you know, these attacks have happened, they're very important big event. terrorism is a huge threat, and remains a human threat to the west and the united states but at the same time recognizing that the battle begins terrorism is not a single event. it's something that as president
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obama said that his susser will have to deal with as well. this recognition not to raise the alarm too high, recognize the emother enormous security threat but not to overreact was interesting to me. >> because hotter rhetoric has the potential to give some fuel motivation to right wing groups cruise europe who are using this moment to stoke anti-muslim sentiment. >> that's exactly recall right. but also, i think you don't want to glorify these acts or give them that status on the other side. you don't want them to think that they're actually getting to you. that's part of it as well.
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>> that might be something for media outlets to keep in mind. >> that's always the issue. >> here's a thought at one point president obama praised america's connection to its muslim communities. this is what he had to say. let have a glitch our muslim populations they feel themselves to be americans.{^l"^^}. there is this incredible process of immigration and assimilation that is part of our tradition that is probably our greatest strength. >> here is a question, do you think that the president was calling out europe a bit with these comments? >> i think so. he was contrasting the american muslim population by all studies are very well integrated. >> that was an accurate picture
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that the president offered up. >> oh, i think that's totally accurate. people have long contrasted the way europe treats it's muslim communities versus the united states. first of all, you have to remember that the numbers are much much smaller. in the united states it's less than 1% of the population. in a country like france. >> 3.5 million to 5 million. >> yes so very small. in france you're looking at 10% of the population who can be identified as muslims. so you have a big difference in numbers. beyond that europe has had muslim immigrants who came as guest workers so at the lower end of the economic scale and their children often have faced discrimination particularly in employment very high unemployment rate among muslim youth, so they've stayed within the margins of society. in the united states, on the other hand it is much more
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diverse. you don't have just the guest worker but many other different professionals coming in. >> push back on david cameron who said this is not a question of assimilation this is a question that the real threat is a poisonous ideology. >> the yes is question is why is this attractive to certain populations. why is this attracted to men who carried it out. >> is it because they feel disinfranchised, marginalized, is that what you believe? >> i think that is a very real part of the situation. it's too easy to say there is this poisonous ideology out there and that is causing all of these problems. there are 1.6 billion muslims in the world and this poisonous ideology is not causing them to
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create terrorist attacks. so a little bit of caution is merited. >> thank you. have a great weekend. thank you for being on our program. it is freezing in the middle east right now. many are bracing themselves as conditions get worse. nicole johnston reports where people are dying from the cold. >> a harsh winter has come to the beqaa valley covering the hills and homes with snow. this house has no heating. it's a cold cement shell. the family escaped the family from syria and lived in lebanon. they lived in this house for the last five months. but a week ago the temperatures dropped to minus 10 degrees celsius.
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>> when my mother passed away there was nothing wrong with her. it was because of the cold weather. we saw her shivering we rushed to warm her up but we could not. we tried to get her warm, but it was not enough. she passed away. >> mall lick is the youngest daughter. she's 14 years old. we see where the family slept together in one room. there are holes in the walls and ceiling. the night their mother died there was no gas to heat the place up. their father is in syria waiting for permission to enter lebanon. the children say that they won't live in this house again. it's too painful. what is tragic about this situation is that there are families like this all across the region. syrian refugees who are living in either tents or unfinished houses. and they are freezing through the winter. the children have moved in with a lebanese family next door.
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here it's warm and safe. they're waiting to get help from the united nations and they're waiting for their father to return. until he does, they'll stay here. >> the kids are staying in my home. what should i do, put them in the streets? they lost their mother because of the cold. they don't have heating gas or food. they don't have anything. >> the body couldn't be buried for four days. the grouped was frozen hard. she has been laid to rest in the beqaa valley. and because of that reason they will never return to syria. they'll stay in lebanon close to their mother's grave. nicole johnston, al jazeera. >> saudi arabia has postponed the floging of a blogger.
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he was to received a second round of 20 weeks of flogging because he has not recovered from the lashings he received last week. he's serving a ten-year sentence for charges of insulting islam. pope francis visits the philippines. >> reporter: pope francis spent no time in tackling politics in his first day of visiting the philippines. he said that the country's leaders needed to get serious about corruption, poverty. >> the political leaders be standing for the integrity and commitment to the world. >> the filipino president has
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waged an anti-corruption drive but one his critics disproportionately targets opposition figures. thousands crammed the streets. >> pope francis is actually here. i want to be enlightened. i want to be inspired. the things he said are very doable and we should follow his example. >> bringing excitement and expressions of love. >> the philippine church said his visit and inspirational presence will be a wake-up call. >> the pope spoke in english
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with a direct mention about the need to fight inequality and poverty. that is very much the theme of the first day of the pope's visit. >> for a number of families much more than a glimpse pope francis would talk about the importance of families where so many find that one or both parents travel abroad in look for work. >> the 12th u.s. archdiocese filing for bankruptcy protection. it's lawyers said that it would protect the church's assets and repay creditors. the ncaa is restoreing joe paterno's wins at penn state. they were taken away over the jerry sandusky sex abuse
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scandal, but now they're given back as part of a restructuring of the threats. athletics. >> the earth is warming. >> records continue to fall. 2014 was the hottest year on record. and in fact, scientists say heat records were set during six months last year. scientists say never before has it been so warm. temperatures on land and sea broke records last year according to a new report from nasa and noaa. surprising experts because it did not happen during an el el nino year. parts of the west were unusually
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warm. helping to make the drought even worse. scientists blame an increase am carbon monoxide and other human emissions into the atmosphere. >> we're taking carbon out of the ground, mainly as coal, oil or natural gas and we're burning it. when you burn carbon, you contribute to the effect. as we continue to increase that we'll continue to see warming and more records being broken. >> reporter: the ten warmest years on record except for 1998 have all occurred in the 21st century. this massive video shows the changes in the earth's temperatures since 1880. every year since the planet has warmed by .4 .4 degrees.
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>> later this year 200 countries will meet to figure out how to cut global warming floods and kraus that droughts that come with it. >> they won't be surprised if this year breaks last year's record. most people alive pay today were born after the year 1976, and they've never seen a year where temperatures were cooler than normal. >> i feel really old right now. thank you. more trouble with the toxic memories in west virginia. toxic chemicals spilled into river. schools are scheduled to open machine in guinea for the
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first time since the ebola outbreak. health officials have struggled to stop the spread of the virus. right now the outbreak remains contained in sierra leone, liberia and guinea and the end may actually nobody sight. >> i do really anticipate that in much of the region we'll be there. that's why a number of cases is coming down, and will continue to come down, and we will before long see an end to this outbreak. >> the key statistic is the number of cases reported. there have been only ten reported this month. the u.s. eases restrictions for travelers to travel to cuba. what does that say about the contention between the two
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countries. >> many line up for food and necessities, ines with more on reactions. actions.
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>> michael: new rules go into effect for americans hoping to travel to cuba. there are now a dozen specific reasons u.s. citizens can go to cuba without getting a special license. however, tourism is not one of them. it has been against the law for 50 years for americans to visit the communist country. i spoke with the president of the u.s.-cuba trade and asked him why president obama made the cuba changes now. >> the president is looking at legacy issues. he has two years left. he realized after the congressional elections last november he knew there would be a limit of what he can do legislatively. he campaigned on the issue and none of this is a huge surprise in terms of his intentions wrapping it all together. that is somewhat of a surprise.
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>> what do you mean wrapping it all together being a surprise. >> 80 pages of treasury and commerce, and they're all expansive. they're all basically a blueprint for changing cuba. now the question is going to be whether cuba wants to be changed. if cuba feels it can survive the onslaught of the obama initiatives then there is going to be activity. but cuba generally will allow what it feels it can control. in this particular case all of these new initiatives are designed to destabilize cuba in one way. they're designed to tear at the social fabric of cuba and in essence recreate classes that the revolution extinguished,
6:50 pm
middle class the professional class. the issues of race and haves and have notes. the president will define success, anddefine--everything that the president has announced is designed to tear at this. we watch josh earnest use the word "regime," they're using the word regime, which is generally a term we call a government. we go to regime when we don't like it and it's illegitimate. yet we're sending down the secretary of state to open up a new embassy. >> the cuban government still controls how much of a relationship they want with the united states.
6:51 pm
at least 20 mexican officials are under investigation for corruption. they're accused of covering up the role of in the death of 22 gang members and it's possible role in the missing 43 students. >> i'm standing outside of mexico's main army headquarters, the first time ever the court has ordered the army to open up across the country. they would look for evidence that the army played a role in the killing of guerrilla republicansgerry rebelguerrilla rebels and the missing students. it comes at a time when the army
6:52 pm
would help against the drug war but they have not lived up to the promise to bring down the levels of violence. mexico continues to be extremely violent and the military and army have now been linked to thousands of cases of human rights abuse rape, torture and murder. and in the next few weeks we can expect to see forensic teams searching this base here in mexico city and other ones around the country. it's a sign that shows just how far this long honored and respected institution in mexico has fallen in the eyes of many mexicans. >> a low oil prices are making a shortage of basic goods in venezuela even worse. lines are long and patience is wearing thin. ines is here with more on this. >> reporter: venezuelas are waiting for hours to buy basic goods. take a look at these basic videos. people are lining up around an entire block there to buy goods like soap, milk, and diapers.
6:53 pm
the national guard is sent to monitor these lines. now they line up early in the morning. three states already banned overnight lines because of fighting breaking out and robberies. when a shipment comes in there is oftentimes chaos inside the stores. venezuela produces oil and with the oil prices so low the country is struggling and inflation is high. the president said it's the opposition of hoarding goods and sending prices higher, but opposition said that this is happening in public supermarkets as well as private supermarkets, and people are posting pictures of empty shelves when they go to the store. this is completely empty. this is the meat section. this is the dairy section. >> my goodness. >> and there is some pasta left and some beans. these shortages are sparking a new type of business, people who charge to wait in line for others and also tony the resale market some venezuelans say that people are buying products at
6:54 pm
government prices and then resale them at a higher cost. >> sure, sure, desperate people. sure. thank you. >> thank you. >> outgoing defense secretary chuck hagel spoke out on sexual assault in the military. he said that leaders bear some of the blame. >> i believe today as strongly as i did two years ago and maybe more so that you cannot--take the responsibility and accountability for this out of the chain of command. >> hagel issued new guidelines to make it easier for non-profits to work on military bases. coming up on the program a martian mystery that disappeared 12 years ago now is found. >> coming up on "real money." if you're looking to buy a home in the coming months, we'll talk about the economic forces at work that could help you help
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you save some money. and we'll tell you if there is a new tech bubble waiting to burst. we'll have all that and more on real money. special state of the union coverage at 7:00. >> we'll take an in-depth look at our nation's financial future. >> then john seigenthaler breaks down the issues. >> we need to know what's going on in our backyard. >> plus, objective analysis and live reports from across the nation and reaction from around the world. the state of the union address. special coverage begins tuesday, 7:00 eastern. right here on al jazeera america.
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primetime news. >> welcome to al jazeera america. >> stories that impact the world, affect the nation and touch your life. >> i'm back. i'm not going anywhere this time. >> only on al jazeera america.
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>> 1 years ago the beagle 2 probe disappeared out of space. they assumed that it crashed on its way out of mars. but now they've found it intact. >> reporter: it was a ground-breaking mission sending a space crash spacecraft to land on mars. but after beagle 2 was released in the martian atmosphere in 2003 it was never seen or heard from again. until now. >> what we can say today with some confidence is that the beagle 2 is no longer lost. >> it had been efeared that beagle 2 had crashed into the
6:58 pm
surface of mars or bounced off the atmosphere into space. a spacecraft orbiting mars has turned that thinking on its head. this is what they think is beagle 2 sitting near it's intended landing spot. >> beagle 2 did not fully deploy. it has four solar panel that needed to deploy and the antenna, and we needed that antenna to command beagle 2. what is so frustrating about it is we got so close. >> this was britain's effort to send a spacecraft to the planet. >> there is an additional frustration, beagle 2 tracked scientific data. it may still be on beagle 2 and we can't get to it. >> we're not that far away from
6:59 pm
it in the orbit. >> he died last year, but his daughter was there to hear the news that her father's life work was not lost in space. >> he would be saying, when do we go again? when is the next mission? how are we going to do things differently. >> the scientists think that there is a chance that beagle 2 could still work if there was a way to open it's solar panels. the space agency plans to land a probe on mars next year taking in the lessons of what was once called a heroic failure. >> and finally it is a stunning mixture of fire and ice in ireland. an erupting volcano with the lava flow larger than the city manhattan. it started the erupting in august and it is still spewing lava in iceland.
7:00 pm
it is the it's largest volcano in two hundred years. take a look at those pictures. that's all of our time in new york city. "real money with ali velshi" is next on al jazeera america. . >> high anglety over plow inflation. hue it could be a monkey wrench in the federal reserves plan. plunging prices have put thousands of jobs in jeopardity. and the new rules that could effect us.