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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 18, 2015 1:00pm-2:01pm EST

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in the next 60 minutes, boko hamar strikes again. the nigh -- boko hamar ab did you thinking villagers in cameroon. libya's warning factions declare a cease-fire but long-term piece talks remain uncertain.
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elderly and afraid but now free about 200 members of the yazidi community released by isil in northern iraq and: an awesome site and sounds in man i will willa, 6 million celebrating mass with pope francis on his last day of his trip to asia. now, breaking news out of syria where several hezbollah fighters have been killed following an alleged attack by an israeli aircraft. it was in the proof ince of al kunatra close to the border with lebanon. nicole johnston is in beirut with this. i understand that it was possibly a helicopter that carried out this. what more details do you have? >> reporter: that's right. we are getting more information on this. this is really breaking news. so far we know that israeli
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helicopter did attacked quinetra in the southern syrian border with israel. it's near the cease-fire line in the golan heights. it's been a hotbed of fighting on the southern front. we have numbersra front fighters and other pro-opposition groups along with the syrian army fighting in that area. we know the son-in-law of mohalita his father was a top operational commander this is a real attack on hezbollah. it will come as quite a big move in israel. we know his son has been killed as well as another significant figure from hez hez. >> that's what we know so far. it's really significant. it goes to show how much this
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war in sur i can't is move can over to lebanon and we are seeing the impact in the southern front of lebanon. >> we will get reaction out of israel a little later in the program. i am reading the defense minister said we will hound our enemies where they are, not specific about this attack but suggesting that something like this is possible. the suggestion is that israel during the courts of the syrian con conflict has done something similar to this on a number of occasions before. >> that's right. it's been a number of different occasions where we have seen you israel launch attacks inside syria on differented areas. this isn't the first time. we are seeing israel specifically target hezbollah figures, including the son of a senior leader so the interesting thing will be what sort of
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response to we get from hezbollah? we had, you know, has a.m. inside >> in kurdish-held territory. it's not been made clear why they were released but, but many are elderly. jane araff reports from the iraqi capitol baghdad. >> most of them were elderly, disabled or sick. all were traumatized. among them are some of the
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oldest members of an ancients religious group. >> these yazidis were rounded up and taken near the syrian border. the u.s. and iraq have been bombing talafar and they were taken from there to mosul where he is ill decided it didn't want them any more. >> we were in mossel when they told us they will send us to talafar. i asked the driver where they were taking us. he told us he was taking us to a safe place. i thought it would be telafar but we sendended up south of kirkuk. some converted to islam when threaten,000 by isil. jamal said she spent three months in talafer. we told them we would become muslim and they didn't hurt us but they kept on kidnapping girls. they kidnapped my neighbor a young yazidi girl and another neighbor who is christian.
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>> kurdish forces picked up the yazidi and gave them medical treatment, sending them to a camp for displaced iraqis. it wasn't clear why isil released them. activists say it could be because the radical group under siege by fighting can no longer take care of such a large number of prisoners. while isil has killed hundreds of yazidi men and said it won't harm those who con vert. >> more than 4,000 are believed to be held by isil. almost half are women. the group said it doesn't recognize their religion so it considers the women spoils of war to be used bought and sold leaving their agonized families waiting and wondering if they will ever see them again. january araff, arizona, baghdad. >> meanwhile, a top afghan general and the interior minister in that country have both confirmed the presence they say of isil in afghanistan.
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jennifer class has more on this from kabul. >> confirmation not only from the minister of interior but general mar al maras. he was speeding in northern afghanistan. he says there have been elements of is of the islamic state operating here in afghanistan trying to recruit under the i s flag in hellmit mut clashes. there have been reports. we have seen no pictures of any of these fighters or of the i.s flag. these are remott areas where fighting has been very very difficult and difficult to get to. the commander of afghan army ground forces confirming reports that i.s is trying to recruit inside afghanistan. >> boko hamar fighters have raided a village in the north of
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camaroon abducting dozens of people among them children. cameroon's information minister here on al jazeera said the fighters attacked early on sunday morning. they burned 80 houses to the ground, he said killing three people. cameroon is fighting before before boko hamar. here is what the miles per hour sister had to say about the reamingnal effort. >> this is the right moment the right time to let the enter international community tom come together to destroy this phenomenon which we call boko hamar because as i keep on saying we are just a collateral victim of this problem, but given the scope the coalition
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is, the international community has to understand come together to materialize and put together in order to change this. the attacks took place in a village in a division when sforment there were an army was not based there. you think there are more than 100 villages kong tig once here it is important to have a military every kilometer. it is almost impossible. what about the information brought to their knowledge of the governor of the head quarter
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of the military. they organize themselves in order to go and fight them and chase them down. this is the. it's side-by-side with our army i think at the end of the day, we will get rid of them. >> troops from chad have moved in to cameroon to fight boko hamar hamar. just across the border in northern nigeria. convoy in marua, and we will join 1 troops from nigh year i can't and cameroon. erica wood has more. >> reporter: troops from chad rolled bio their way to join soldiers from neighboring cameroon and nigh year i can't this is the beginning of a major joint military assault against boko hamar involving regional
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forces. >> it is important to say that in war, there is death. in war, there is blood. in war, there is sacrifice. we cannot be indifferent to what is going on because we are directly concerned and because we believe cameroon must not be alone in boko hamar. >> in that fight, chad's president urged other african nations to join in. the issue of whether to form a broad coalition force is due to be discussed at a meeting of african leaders in the coming days. there is now a wider interest into launching a coordinating offensive against boko hamar because the armed foersz recently launched more and more attacks not just inside nigeria where it's sfwlfrmths based but outside as well. as violence spreads, thousands have been forced to escape. >> our statistics say there are more than 12,000 refugees, women, children men and some
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representatives of local authorities. among them eight nigerian soldiers who fled atrocities. >> the group caused outrage last april when it attacked a school in the northeastern town of chib chibook and kidnapped more than 200,000 awe girls. last week, amnesty have national released photos that showed the scare of the devastation in two towns caused by boko hamar stapingz in early january nigeria is due to hold presidential elections next month and no doubt, safety and stability will be in the forefront of voters' minds. neighboring current trees are warning a disrumings of the polls by boko hamar who have implications not just inside nigeria but regionally as well. erica woods, al jazeera.
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let's go to northern nigh year i can't. the specifics of attacks in there will just over the border. this is proving much harder for the for the nigh year january authorities than they had anticipated. we know that. is it a general feel that bringing together troops from chad cameroon and nigeria is going to turn the tides in this battle or is something extra needed more help flu other countries? >> basically, that is welcome development for most my yearians. how it works out, it's another difficult thing. you have a difficult terrain and bringing in forces from neighboring forces from chad my year i can't to walk together will definitely help turn the tied against boko hamar in the north of the country. these countries may not have the required equipment to deal with boko hamar. we have seen how sophisticated boko hamar has been over the
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last two years and we have seen how they have military barracks taken up communication equipment and the nighian authorities have been saying boko hamar has most of the sophisticated or local officials have been saying boko hamar has more so you havisticated equipment than the nigerians. external from the west especially. >> okay. ahmed, thank you very much. hot on the news hour ukrainians medical staff marching for piece in kiev. we find people still live nag combat zone the protest against charlie hebdo's latest cover, we hear from a pastor who's church was burned down. and in sport, the man with the 10 shop lead, one of the best goffers fluffs it.
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attempts by the united nations to bring together libya's two rival governments have hit a number stumbling block. to resume on monday but the leadership based in tipoli now insists those talks be held in lib i cantions itself. the other government in tobrook has declared a cease-fire in line with the other side. kim vinell has more. >> nowhere encapsulates the lawlessness in libya than benning benghazi these probably once family homes are used for cover and the streets are deserted. the battlefields is a crowded space. been benjamin on one side, troops loyal to a former general, the force aligned with the internationally recognized
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government. these troops were recently made an official part of the army. on the other side a number of malitias including the powerful alliance libya dawn. it's. >> fighters restained the general national congress who is intlfrnlths mandate had effectspired. >> forced the elected government to leave tripoli for tobrok and created a deadlock with both sides using irregular armed groups to fight for control. last week u.n. sponsored talks began in geneva. the tripoli leadership wasn't represented. the two main players have each announced a cease-fire that's renewed optimism. >> it's the combination of themo many months u.n. process to attempt to bring together the rival sides who constitute the tripoli government and the tibrok government. one is that both sides agree to a cease-fire.
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within the tripoli's action known as "libya dawn," some actors, missratan and tip real tripolotanias but some have not agreed to the cease-fire. >> the u.n. has warned this could be libya's last chance to avoid a civil war. >> the general impression is that the country is swraer crease to total chaos and if they miss this opportunity, it's very difficult to imagine that there will be a situation in the country that will allow easily to start a new process. >> medics inbengs benghazi say since 00 people have been killed in the violence in the last three months alone. a deepening divide between two sides who both claim the right to rule the country. kim vinell al jazeera. >> the russian president, vladimir putin says he is worried about escalating
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violence as troops fight for control of donetsk airport n ukraine's capitol, kiev there have been demonstrations again in the country's independence square. that's where protests last year led to the revolution against the then president victor yanukovych. 10l,000 people this time maybe more remembering, they say, those killed in fighting in the east of the country. more than 4,800. ukraine's current president says he will manage to get control back once again in the east of the country our reporter paul brennan with more on the ukrainian army's efforts to retake the area surrounding donetsk airport. >> reporter: in east ukraine, rockets land with little warning and even less accuracy. this footage where an attack hit a commuter bus killing 13 civilians including a routine age girl. the prolonged battle appears to be reaching a deadly climax.
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the terminal buildings have been utterly destroyed. new aerial footage shows complete devastation of the whole area. on mondays, the foreign minister will press the eu colleagues for koptsd financial and humanitarian support. pavlo klimkin says regaining control of the border region is the most crucial of all. he heavy weaponry is coming from russia, from this part of the border. the border is key to any kind of stable and dis stainable solution. >> the osce now has more than 360 staff trying to monitor the conflict zone. the movement is limited and risky. the head of the mission is gravely concerned. >> it is shaky. precarious. it's unpredictable. so we have to take care of the monitors. in the meantime we have to cake
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of the -- of operation. >> reporter: away from the localized combat zones, there is a semblance of normality in the separatist controlled east. despite the fact you might overhearplosions outside, all of the infrastructure of the city works. you have been out on the streets. snow has been moved. police are on duty. infrastructure is only part of the problem 5.1 million people real affected by humanitarian crisis in ukraine. 1.4 people are described as highly vulnerable. this is a shortage of medicines and vaccines raising the risk from polio measles and tb. as of january 6th, the death toll from the conflict stood at 4,808 with 4,468 wounded. another explosion you can hear. there is an air of strange normality almost here in central
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donetsk. the butses are running. people are going about their normal business. but the sounds of conflict just a couple of miles away are a continuous backdrop in this city. >> paul brennan, al jazeera, dondon. >> the second of the two brothers who attacked a french satiricalnu's offices has been buried in an unmarked grave in paris. cherreve kouch kouch and his cherif kouachi and his brother were killed. french authorities buried them in unmarked graves and refused to release details of the locations. in niger, 10 people have been killed during the last couple of days against charlie hebdo's latest cover which shows a cartoon of the prophet muhammad. these are the protests. the whole issue mixed up with
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long-standing anger at the government. this was banned after the anti-"charlie hebdo" protests. organizers say they have a right to march and they planned the violence before the gathering. now the thoughts of a pastor called alber a missionary in yemen. his church was attacked on sunday. this is what he told us a little earlier. is they took everything that they could get their hands on for themselves. the rest they burned such as chairs and other objects. there are lots of people thank god action there were no, ma'am injuries. they tried to attack the guard but he managed to get away. stayed in the house with my family. the guard said there were people in the from the neighborhood shouting, this is a church. we need to destroy it. >> pope francis has held a stwrient open air mass for six million roman catholics in the philippines. it was in manila the final event of the pope's six day event to asia. harry fawcett was there.
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>> reporter: early morning in man ill a clear already this was no ordinary sunday. the streets were jam packed a con stavent stream of people adding to the crush. the pope's first public appearance at a catholic university a sfrekt message to care for and wait for the imaginenalized. those that are left to one side are crying. knows who are discarded, those are crying. arch the park where the pope's last mass it was take place, the rain sat in. even with the long wait people were good-humored. >> very happy, very happy. wary excited pop for his coming. that's why i brought my son here we want him to be healed because
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he have al combination gee. >> francis arrived in a popemobile built as a jeep bus that ferries one and all around this congested city. he spoke on the festival san el nino. his inclusive style not for the first time on this trip a traditionalist message. >> the family all of the off fan needs to be protected against insidious attacks and programs contrary to all that we hold true and sacred all that is more beautiful and novel. >> the vatican district this was a chance to inspire a filipino population 80% kathleen and among whom church attend as was falling and reach out to asia viewed as a verlths region to further global. >> every filipino wants to go
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with you. don't be afraid. every filipino wants to go with you not to rome but to the peripheries. >> as the rain fell still more heavily, a final chance for the pope to say goodbye to the philippines and the philippines to him. so pope francis watches up his week in asia, one that has been married by extra ordinarily devotional crowds in the philippines and some controversy about the limits of free speech in relation to the charlie hebdo attacks and corruption and e equality. this is a lands mark personal moment one to remember for a lifetime. harry fawcett, al jazeera, man ill a. >> still to come on the news
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hour stay with us if you can. warming up to india and giving the cold shoulder to china. we will look into that. we have the sport libdzcylindersar have you been a, could she break a 35-year-old record? i think waving her arms give did you a clue.
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>> you are with us here on the al jazeera newshour. i am david foster. it's time to go through the global head lines. six hezbollah fighters including a senior commander have been killed in syria after an attack alleged to have been called out by an iezzoi aircraft close to the border with lec non- israelis have yet to comment. the information minister for cameroon told al jazeera boko hamar fighters from nigh year i can't have attacked dozens of people and burning down 80 houses. he told us at least three people
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were killed us ill fighters in northern iraq have released about 200 captives in the minority yazidi community. many are elderly and have been taken to hospital in erbil for check-ups. more on that allegeditsisi airstrike inside syria. rula amin is on the line for us capitol of jordan. these were not just any fighters for hezbollah, were they? rula? i am looking at the list of names. whoever carried out the attack new exactly what they were going to be done. >> yes. they were not just any fighters fighters. it was in syria. one fighter is 20 years old, but he is the son of a very senior husband husband channeleder asatsnated damask under the
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circumstances in 2008 and hezbollah accused iezzo of assassinating him. responsible for many terrorist attacks to fightitsis well in 2006. he was a hero. this is his son and husband husband circle did, it is known that he got special training that iran and his commander belong with him also was killed another senior commander thorpe assassinated in southern syria very close to the israel border.
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they were killed as they were inspenting fight. according toitsis media, they have a lot of circulation that syria, of course with the help of hezbollah, had the long-range anybody else in that area less than 10 days ago. these werisitsi allegations circulated in the israeli press. you could tell that that area there was a lot of tension building on the golan heights for so many years, over 30 years. that was a quiet front no confrontation despite the high political tensions between the two countries. in the past two years, with the border there, on who controls which area on the syrian side choosing control in fafrn of the rebels. there was a lot much changing hands. if you look at the syrian and
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hezbollah media, there was conversation that they were trying to. hezbollah tried hard to get presence there to tell israel they are at the border. this is not the first israel attack on syria now this is a very suggest significant stake. >> thank you very much indeed. you mentioned other attacks. we will go into that in just a moment as we join shamili live from west jer uselel. are we getting anything out of the israelis? >> we are not. we told at a time army does not respond to foreign reports. however we are hearing from israeli media outlets quoting an unnamed source as sayingitsis did, indeed carry out this attack in quinifea and syria, no confirmation from the army or
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the government. what we know, we heard earlier on sunday the lebanese army issuing a statement saying that at some point today in the afternoon, four israeli army lebanon three days after hezbollah chief has a.m. astrola threatened to retaliate against againstis reece pete airstrikes and attacks on syria. he said he is prepared to do that to fight the jewish state and use his long-range missiles. as actually hezbollah is a staunch supporter of the syrian regime has cents thousands of fighters to fight a longside
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bash arrest al-assad's forces inside syria and musrula said these attacks booitsis are stapingz on the whole of the resistance access which includes tehran hezbollah, and damascus as well. towel to tell us about other suggestions that israel has something asking like this or more than once? >> more than once. since the war started in syria three and a half years ago, israel launch add series of airstrikes near damaskus targeting what it said were shipments bound for hezbollah fightners lebanon. another attack took place in june last year. it hit nine army positions near the golan heights. >> was in response to cross
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cross-border attack which killed annitsisi civilian and most recently last month, israel gersch launched airstrikes near the capitol, damascus. one of those was close to the international damascus airport fear and concern is at this point, because this is a major ex exlation, that it would lead to a more volatile situation now that a number of hezbollah fighters and leaders have been killed in this attack. >> thank you for the news and the analysis. that's nisra al shamili and earlier we her from our correspondent in jordan. the new sri lancan government appears to be moving closer to india and away from china economically that is. in fact, sri lankan is in his
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first trip abroad. frank structure projects awarded to chinese firms by the previous administration here is an idea of what it's all about, a 1 and a half billion dollar port run by the chinese easy the new government complains the chinese have too much control in a high security area. they relied heavily on china borrowing mosh 9 -- $6,000,000,000 to rebuild inactive from a structure roads, airports, et cetera, et cetera. china says the projects have parliamentary approval and the new government has no right to stop any project implemented let's talk about this a bit. alan keen in the sri lancan project in the international crisis group joining us out of london. there is a suggestion that the former president was tied up in financially and his family made quite a bit of all of the money that keep in on these cheap
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loans from china. politically what would it mean for sri lanka to move away from the influence that beijing has there and establish close ties well india? >> i think what's happening is there is a recapbration of a complicated balance. there has been a growing feeling, i think, hong the professional classes and the political elite in sri lanka that roger paxa took things too far it and politically it was alienating india and india being the closer power and the one with the longer ties was the most importants of these ay
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yafrn powers. >> if china isn't as close to sri lanka as it once was, what will be the major problem for it? why did it want to get so close to sri lanka in the first place it has straj emergencyic important for shipping lanes and oil shipping lanes in particular. there is a theory that the string of pearls that china has been building ports throughout south asia that are of use for these shipping lanes but also potentially and this is what is most worrisome to indian india, an livings might have some military aspects further down the line had a may have angered the enemies was allowing
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submarines to doc in the port. >> really angered the indians. they sent strong messages to roger paxa and his government and potentially might have contributed to what many belief was the indian government support for the opinionstruction candidate, the now president sirisana. >> it's not just rijapaska and the members of his family that were supposed to have benefited from this chinese money. there were parliamentarians who were said to have taken sums of money just to benefit their popularity. is there an appeartite to go after these people and what was the ruling familiar for 10 years and exact some kind of revenge or going to be a matter of turning it back on the past and saying we are not going to do it that way now? >> i have been surprised by the degree ferociousness of interest in this issue and the public statements from a wide
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range of preparation saying they will investigate a wide range of cases not just of corruption and abuse of power, including some of these alleged deals trans is an appetite for digging in and seeing what happened and drawing a line in the past. there are dangers. there is an appetite. it has popular support for saying who stole what money, who abused which powers and holding people to account. >> fascinating times. thank you very much indeed alan keenan there talking about a new
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group in sri lanka. malawi hechters wiped out by floods destroying crops many families rely on for livelihoods. from the southern district where many farmers appear to have lost matt pretty much everything. paluka is devastated. she had enough in storage to last her until april and the floods came and she lost everything thruingincluding her home. stoob honest i am strapped. >> she and many other farmers now have to rely on food
1:43 pm
handouts the water swept aggie everything. those we talked to said they have never witnessed this kind of flooding before. >> the flootsdz were unprecedented affecting areas that had never been flood prone. climate change and deforestation are being blamed. more than 1 third of mawlai is classified as forest land but the deforestation is one of the highest in southern african. the rains came late and an amount it has never been. the environment has been devastated by cutting wood for burning bricks. roughly 90% use charcoal or firewood. she is one of the millions use charcoal to cook. there is no choice she told us. >> the problem is electricity. we have not had any for a month. i know charcoal comes from cutdown trees. what can i do?
1:44 pm
>> the government is struggling to feed more than 100,000 people displaced. it's a disaster had a has made things worse in a country where food was already hard to come by. cath rene soi, al jazeera, malanja in southern malawi. >> the sdmruns let go a prisoner held for 13 years. it's back where, we understand in his home country qatar. he had admitted one count of conspiracy to provide material support to al-qaeda the boss kneeian war you can answer steve
1:45 pm
barker in sarajevo. the war in bosnia still distorts lives. >> this was the largest concentration camp in the world. we couldn't escape. there was danger everywhere. the nightsnippers were shooting at our buildings here bosnia witnessed some of the worst horrors of the war. the conflict left profound mental scars. >> there have been several times when i couldn't control myself. my memory has gotten worse. i explode easily. i am not good for anyone especially my family. he is one of many fighters suffering from post psychiatric stress. since 20 years since the end of the war, more than 4,000
1:46 pm
veterans have taken their own lives he ordinary boss kneeians are traumatized. this was what daily life looked like. civilians running the gauptlet of sniper fire war remembered for ethnic cleansic. 20 years on, it's a different plates. for many boys kneeians who endure psychological trauma the government says a high proportion of people were suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder. there is an entire generation of people who were children during the war who counts fear and violence among their earliest memories. suffer from stress-induced
1:47 pm
disorders. we are seeing lots of violent outbursts among young people physical and sexual violence in families. there is an epidemic of violence in side today. the country has enjoyed 20 years of peace. more than perhaps the optimists expected long after the last shots were fired, the after he wants of war are still being felt. al jazeera, sareavo. >> at that with us if you can on the news hour. we have this. >> selma, alabama 50 years after fran americans won the right to vote. a new hollywood moves comes out, we will look at the legacy of what happened here and how people are reacting. >> we'll cover how the africa zambia got in. we have that and the rest of the sport.
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>> we will kick off sport literally. >> the african cup of nations, 2012 winners were held to a 1-1 draw by the democratic group of congo. they took the lead with a minute into the match, they had boater chances after the break in the 66th minute at a time stadium.
1:50 pm
tunisia meets cape verde in a few minutes. the tunisia coach has been less than impressed with the facilities with the town that borders cameroon and gabon. it will has a population of 36,000. we have already had surprises over the past four days. i have wanted to go to the toilet for the past three days but i haven't been able to because of the lack of water. we have had so many worries since getting here and tomorrow too. it's sfofrpt but now, i have asked my players to concentrate on the match. >> china has struggled on the international football scene but for the first time, the country has won three straight games at the asian cup. beating north korea 2-1 in the final group game. they finished top of group b after winning all three matches and awel meet australia in the quarterfinals on thursday. 3 time champion eurasia bowed out of the competition. they needed just a draw to
1:51 pm
advance tots final but were beaten 3-1. they face south korea next hoping to replicate their semifinal finish at the last asian cup. ege english premier league have beaten 2-nil. putting the gunners ahead with the first half penalty you and then a win with offered 20 minutes left. arsen wenger five points behind leaders chelsea barcelona leading 2-nil thanks to a double from messi. earlier, champions athletico bead granada. the win moves them in to third.
1:52 pm
beating west independenties. he reached his 100 off just 31 balls. he broke the previous record by 5 deliveries. his earlier score, the fastest ever 50, smashing it off just 16 balls. his innings held the host score 439 beating the windies by 148 fronts. france took advanceage of a major melt down to win the abadubi championship. he looked like he was going to cruise to a fourth title in abu dhabi to build a 10-shot lead. he then dropped six shots in seven holes 357th rank storming from behind to capture his first european with a rounds of 35, finishing in third with roy mcelroy second australian golf ter robert galmbi said he was
1:53 pm
kid nabbed and beatern. the 43-year-old most of the picture of himself online. he was competing in the sony open but missed the cut and was planning on flying home saturday. celebrate celebrate. >> celebrating his second title he doesn't just excel in motor supports. he has won bronze at the 2012th olympics in clay pigeon shooting. woo about the rally? what was tu. >> every day was tough. the second day and day 9, it was really very very tough. it was difficult on the navigation site. >> you had a lotltitude sickness as well. >> we had a problem with
1:54 pm
altitude. i tried to manage, you know to be strong i am happy to finish and get this guy. >> this is a specialty? >> absolutely very special. we chase him 13 days. >> 2016, to win for qatar. >> lindsey vaughn won to equal the 3 fire-year-old record of 62 wins. she locked a time of 1,39.6
1:55 pm
seconds third win after running from injury. >> that's it for me david. >> we will see you later, sanaa. thank you very much indeed. this year 50 years since the marches in the u.s. that led to the voting rights act. it was legislation officially limiting it discrimination during election time. one of the pivotal moments for african-americans and now there is a film. andy gallacher reports. >> reporter: thighs days 71-year-olds annie pearl avery enjoys a stroll across the edmond pettus bridge but when she set off on a peaceful march, it was a starkly different scene. protesters fighting for the right to vote were met by armed police. dozens were badly hurt and annie, not for the first time, was arrested? >> our real heroes are the people who died.
1:56 pm
i could have gotten killed but i say i think it was a small contribution that i paid because other people paid more. >> we had people walking off the street and find themselves there. >> what happened in selma is deeply engrained in this community. ♪ amen. >> every year thousands come here to mark protests that led to one of the most important pieces of legislation in u.s. history. just months after marches were led by dr. martin luther king the voting rights act was passed. >> the voting rights movement that happened in selma changed the courts of history. this country and for the world. >> those monumental changes are the subject of a new film which has upset some. critics say president lyndon b johnson is portrayed as being reluctant to pass the legislation, which some say is inaccurate. >> the hollywood version of what happened half a century ago has been placedraised by people in selma.
1:57 pm
many happy they will be seen on scenes. arguments over perceived inaccuracies are overwhelmed by the achievements of the foot soldiers of the civil rights movement. >> many of selma's residents were extras in the film. for them, it's a source of pride. >> it's going to give us the opportunity to talk about it to talk about this history and not be ashamed of it. >> it's amazing to have the movie in selma. about selma and the 50th anniversary of civil rights. it bridz it back to remember how people fought for the right to vote. >> everything and the thousands of others who revenued so much to cast their votes, this anniversary is not so much about the box office but more about the freedoms they fought for and won. andy gallacher al jazeera, selma, alabama. >> the next box office attraction is lauren taylor.
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see you again. bye-bye.
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he israel kids a promnent hezbollah fighter in an airstrike inside syria. >> this is al jazeera live from london. also coming up: isil fighters free around 200 mostly elderly members of iraq's minority yazidi community. australian troops arrive to take on boko hamar. eighty people are kidnapped from cameroon. many of them are children. thousands march for peace. the military said it recaptured almost all of donetsk