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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 19, 2015 1:00pm-2:01pm EST

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>> this is al jazeera. >> hello and welcome to the news hour in doha, your top stories on al jazeera. an uneasy ceasefire in yemen after a day of battles between houthi rebels and soldiers. hezbollah buries its fighters killed by an israeli air strike inside syria. iran confirms one of its generals died with them. more ukrainian soldiers die in the latest battle with
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pro-russian separatists in the east. hundreds of thousands protest against "charlie hebdo" magazine, this time in russian controlled chechnya. hello it's been a violent and tumult oust day. in yemen. a ceasefire is now holding. earlier 9 people were killed near the presidential palace. while the president is safe in sanaa, earlier convoy came under fire. more from yemen. >> the fighting is being heard from blocks away. government forces and houthi rebels have been battling near the presidential palace in sanaa since early on monday. the symbol of who wields power
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in yemen something that's hard to know at the moment. the information minister describes the scene as utter chaos. >> to be honest, i don't think any single party is under control of sanaa. there are places where state is under control places where houthis are under control. army are responding to his command and that is why both ministers of defense and interior are in this committee. there are people who wear the uniform they do not obey the orders of the superiors. >> houthi rebels have been at odds with the government for years but they took control of nine provinces last year. many see them as the real rurals of yemen thanks to those who are loyal to the former president. behind the chaos since his removal from the presidency, to
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allow his son ahmed to become president. >> first of its kind even the attack on sanaa. months ago was nothing close to this. the attacks months ago on sanaa by the houthis are only focused on certain areas of the capital. no attacks on the president or the prime minister. >> houthis are reported to have taken control of the state television and gathering more forces outside the state capital. and the prime minister's convoy was attacked. by what was a third party whose identity wasn't confirmed. a declaration of ceasefire has been largely ignored. the government minister saying some forces are refusing orders, but still loyal to president hadi. triggered by the kidnapping of his chief of staff on saturday.
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it's not clear if hadi would win what is seen as his last battle. something that happened on monday could be seen as a new yemen, but it could pave the way to form a military or a civil council to rule. and that could be the right moment for the separatist moment here in the south dividing yemen into two federal regions or break away. al jazeera yemen. >> joining us from sanaa i'll take the opportunity to first of all ask you what the situation is now in the capital sanaa and if that ceasefire is truly holding a couple hours in. >> i think the ceasefire was not necessarily intended to fight. it was actually by both sides and multiple sides it was an attempt to start things where they are just to continue
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negotiation and go back to round 2. however, to my knowledge, it is now, two presidential palaces in sanaa one having heavy fighting and one downtown which is less prominent but also an embassy for the president and to my knowledge at the moment there is some tension around it. but there is no fire, no exchange of fire for a few hours. >> what happens next sadr, you're saying we're reporting a ceasefire has been announced. what are the next steps? >> clearly, in advance of what is the next steps for the houthis, currently diplomats and few stakeholders are meeting in negotiation to add military council to the president. so expand the area around the number 1 office in the country. and that's probably will end up
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having, at the same time, on the ground a complete plan to overthrow this. there is even right now power or the security powers in the country on the other hand, as long as there are disagreements new violence will come. outside at the same time. there is in terms of security situations and not appear eastern yemen and now government led forces, necessarily the biggest backer is right now most prominent one. >> so what would you say is the biggest battle then? >> i think on logistic field of course this one is very prominent. presidential palace. on the other hand, there is one happening, former alliance of muslim brotherhood and huge battle with the houthis there. at the same time the houthis are preparing for that battle very well. i think what will happen, one of the channels always associated
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communicated there their desire to start the new war you can say is to the two strikes and to the muslim brotherhood to them it is what leningrad is to stalin, so to speak. huge leadership confusion even among the military leaders. to take part or to seize many areas in the capital and downsize the capital is because there's a confusion of leadership within the military and within the traditional leadership. >> thank you for speaking to us from sanaa in yemen. an iranian general has been killed by an israeli air strike on sunday. six hezbollah fighters also died in the attack near the golan heights. their funeral took place earlier
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on monday. nicole johnston has more. >> a few thousand people turned out for the funeral of jiefd jihad mumia. also the son of a hebsz senior hezbollah leader. six of the men were killed from the shia group hezbollah. one belonged to iran's revolutionary guard. >> he was a rising star inside hezbollah. a man being croomed for a grooms for groomed for a much more senior position. has targeted warehouses before but this is the first time it has carried out such a direct hit against group in syria. the question now is: how will hezbollah respond? >> wait and seize.
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our message will continue. our line will continue, we'll never stop. >> reporter: hezbollah supporters say there will be retaliation when the group is ready for it. >> actually we're angry but for the first 30 years hezbollah has taught us, has always taught us that any retaliation has to be logical. has to be well studied. this is our point of strength against israel. >> thousands of men are in syria fight on the same side as president bashar al-assad. this has divided lebanon. there are those who support the group and the syrian president and those who back the rebels who say hezbollah should keep out of the war next door. some analysts say eight years ago large crowds would have rallied after hezbollah after an attack like this but not anymore. >> today hezbollah is no more, and on the opposite, he's seen
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as backing a dictator who is killing an arab population. >> reporter: last week, hezbollah's leader hasam says it can attack anywhere, any time. war between israel and hezbollah right now it certainly increases the tension. nicole johnston, al jazeera beirut. >> let's talk with ram ink good to have you with us. i wonder if you managed to hear nicole johnton's report. one group says hezbollah is merely no longer an arab here, those comments whether you agree or not and also there's a lot of
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talk whether hezbollah is going to retaliate most say the group will retail tal 88th but what sort of support is there for any sort of retaliation. >> well, it is no longer a linear process like it used to be. whether hezbollah was seen as a heroic movement or problematic movement. it is much more duplicated to understand the attitude towards hezbollah. for instance in lebanon you have a very polarized population. the core supporters remain very steadfast. sometimes a few of them might complain about the war in syria but the overwhelming majority of hbz supporters still support it. then you have the other half of the lebanese which is critical of hezbollah but at the same time understand wheas hezbollah is doing coordinating with the lebanese army to fight against islamist militants in the northeast of the country is
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actually protecting the country. so you really have very conflicted mixed emotion for and against hezbollah but i think the overwhelming sent some that the first priority now is to protect lebanon. whether hezbollah's presence in syria is good or bad for lebanon remains very much debated in the country. but clearly hezbollah lost some support among people who are not its core support group over the years. they're not seen as they were six, seven years ago ago as the great heroic movement that lib ratedliberated lebanon. >> how much l effect will on the ground be going forward when it comes to the latest attack by israel? >> well i think you have to first recognize that the attack by israel on syria was an attack
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on syria iran and hezbollah. they really hit three foes in one blow. so we shouldn't only look at hezbollah as the group to retaliate. there's going to be close coordination between syria iran and hezbollah now. there probably will be retaliation. there always is. the problem that hezbollah recently suferred suffered was one of its members was caught as an israeli spy and he gave information which prevented further retaliations for killing of mohamea a few years ago. israel is going through a real serious review of its security systems and this attack on the golan may have been due to another security breach. there are several things at the same time that have to take place. reconsider perhaps in some form hezbollah involvement in syria not pull out of syria but perhaps be engaged in a different way.
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reconsider tighten up its security and look at its strategic condition with iran and syria on its side and having to maintain its credibility to some extent with its supporters and with others and with israel in particular. but hezbollah has always talked about in recent years has talked about a deterrent situation with israel. they are very careful not to spark off a war like happened in 2006. but they are seeming the defend lebanon against israeli incursions. the problem is israelis fly reconnaissance and drones over lebanon nearly every day. there are contradictory situations here but hezbollah is a very able group. they're not super-human. >> okay. >> so they're dealing with the challenges this they have now. >> all right rami, thank you very much. we'll have to leave it there
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speaking to us from beirut. as we reported, a general from iranian guard was also killed. formed in 1979 it was to counter the military and against a possible coup. now it spreads much further own army navy, air force. its paramilitary force is kews force.e kbs force. i asked him for tehran's response to the israeli strike. here's with he said. >> the iranians will not let the israeli regime get away with this. the iranian general just like the hezbollah troops were there to assess the situation with
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regards to nusra front which is -- the nusra front a group which is being supported 50 israelis and the united states and the saudis are saudis in southern syria. just like i.s.i.l. is being supported 50 turks in the north. so -- supported by the turks in the north. beat back the extremists and this attack by the israelis was basically in support of the extremist groups which have had many setbacks in recent weeks. i think ultimately the iranians are known to have a lot of patience. it's obvious that when the israelis start targeting the iranian citizens in a third country which iranian commanders which have been in syria, at the invitation of the syrian government and fighting against the very same extremist organization he that the united states and the europeans claim to be fighting when israelis
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strike at iranians in defense of these extremist organizations then there's no other conclusion to be made except for fact that the iranians will make the zionist regime pay the price. you're watching the newshour. after six weeks mali declares itself free of the ebola virus. coming up in sports, four time african champion ga nah ghana got off to a shaky start as they open their series in the group of 10. but first: cameroon defense ministry spokesman 30 of the 80 taken hostage captured sunday from the village of mabas near
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the district in the north and many children in the hostages. cameroon shares a border with nigeria where the armed group boko haram is active. telling al jazeera that the army managed to save some hostages by chasing the kidnappers but couldn't pursue them once they crossed the border into nigeria. >> against the army to penetrate deep in nigeria to fight them mover about freely, the hostages and to deal with them. our artists just to at the area of our communique again. we didn't receive permission to cross. >> ahmad idris has more.
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>> crossed over onto nigeria territory, a lt of that territory is under boko haram control. remember just over two weeks ago, boko haram captured the communities of baga and duram baga. basically, the assumption is they have been taken to these particular place he. in the democratic republic of con congo three people including a police officer were killed. opposition party members were protesting a revised law that could delay presidential elections that are supposed to be held in 2016. that is when the president joseph kabila is supposed to step down. several injured in the city of donetsk at least wirch
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person died in theoneindividual died. fighting has intensified in donetsk, claiming to be in control of the airport. paul brennan has more. >> the sound of artillery fire rocket fire has certainly become less frequent in the past hours in donetsk but it's still there. the airport about five miles away fra where i'm standing. there is a strange quietness. big question who actually crols the many area. the army claims to have pushed the army procrastinates back to battle lines, that is to effectively return the status quo back to where it was a few weeks ago. then monday we had the
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leadership alexander zakas shrvetioninko, who claims he mushed everyone out of the area is. be getting close to the airport is very concerning indeed. the fact that there is still fire going on means it's probable that the fighting is continuing and that neither side fully has control of the their facility. >> in niger the government has declared three days of national mourning off "charlie hebdo"'s depiction of the prophet mohamed. 45 churches were burned because of that protest ten peel killed because of violence. >> the depiction of islam's prophet mohamed by "charlie
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hebdo," the demonstration was attended by others, to come out in protest. kazirof is seen as a loyalist of the regime. >> this was without doubt one of the biggest demonstrations seen in the chechen chechen capital of grosne. taking to the street to protest the presentation of caricature of the prophet mahmoud appeal was answered. it was an opportunity for the president to remind the crème lin that he enjoys wide spread report. not, only there but on the streets. there was no aggression here,
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the posters said, take your hands off our prophet. he said he would never allow the prophet to be insulted. >> we are telling ourselves that the muslim people will be used to stabilize the situation. today we can stand against any enemy of sour country. >> the russian government only too well aware of the depth of feeling, was quick to disengage itself on the situation. the turnout appears to be just how widespread is the support for that move. peter sharp, al jazeera moss moscow.
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>> a demonstration in the city of dresden was cancelled. >> it doanlts mean doesn't mean we will let ourselves be bound and gagged. our slogan is to demonstrate in a peaceful and nonviolence way. we call all sides to say no to violence to stay peaceful is the most porchts thing. we don't want anyone to get killed and we don't want foreigners to walk around in dress den. athat's, to show so many dater with the pegida group in dresden. other cities as well. the german chance legislator angela merkel says it is her duty to protect the right to demonstrate in germany regardless of the issue.
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>> translator: such a precious principle has to be protected. this is why everything is done i believe to protect and secure the freedom of assembly in anyplace in germany. and if the governmental can be of assistance to secure such demonstrations then we will help if asked. which we haven't been, so far. it is in my yult most interest as german chancellor that regardless where weather i like the standards it is a fundamental right. >> the block needs to create what she calls annal anti-terror alliance. calling for a meeting between the european union and the arab 18th terrorism alliance. whether sanctions against russia needs to be changed. al jazeera am nadim baba joins
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us. >> nadine, there were lots of exchange of ideas, at the end of those talks she said everyone had agreed that much more communication and information-sharing needed to happen between the european union and the arab world and muslim countries as well as between eu states themselves. she stressed that the people who were first in line, the first victims of so-called jihadi terrorism are muslim populations themselves. she says more needs to be done by the european union in light of language skills. but a lot more listening needs to be done in terms of what those countries are saying should be done to symptom
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radicalization. ahead of monday talks a lot of people were looking at perhaps some kind of decision on withdrawing travel documents from people who were suspected of going to join scawmentd jihad inso-called jihadin iraq and syria. there will be another update in three weeks time. >> thank you nadim. nadim baba, for al jazeera. a prosecutor is found dead under suspicious circumstances. and news of the first round of the awrcht open. t open. of the australian open. open.
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>> tomorrow. from race relations to foreign policies, terrorism and the economy. >> if this congress wants to help, work with me. >> ali velshi kicks off our special state of the union coverage at 7:00. >> we'll take an in-depth look at our nation's financial future. >> then john seigenthaler breaks down the issues. >> we need to know what's going on in our backyard. >> plus, objective analysis and live reports from across the nation and reaction from around the world. the state of the union address. special coverage begins tomorrow at 7:00 eastern. right here on al jazeera america. >> top stories on the al jazeera newshour. houthi rebels and soldiers say a ceasefire is now holding in the yemen exalt. capital.
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near the presidential palace in sanaa. over 11 are dead. funerals have been held for six hezbollah fighters who died in the attack near the israeli occupied golan heights on sunday. at least six have been killed and a number of others injured in the eastern ukraine area of donetsk. in control of donetsk airport. we're now on our top of story and the clashes as we have been telling you about in yemen. hashem ahelbarra. >> what is it the houthis want? >> well, the official narrative of the houthis is that they want
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to have bigger representation, they want to have bigger say in running the government. a minority that was religiously persecuted for decades. they are the ones who represent the shias in yemen. we want to have a bigger say. how to translate that into reality, they want to be the ones to dictate most of the terms in the near future. they say now that there's a sunni majority. >> is there a scenario where we will see more action from the international community? >> the houthis know very well that by entrenching themselves in politics they will have to pay for the running costs they will pay for services, they don't have money. iran which is a main sponsor is having financial problems on its own. the only country that can step in is saudi arabia. it has been dispensing billions of dollars in infrastructure in yemen over the last years. it's the one that backs the most
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powerful military and tribal leaders. the saudis made it very clear if the government collapses we will interfere. the interests of saudi arabia, we are neighbors we cannot afford to cede things in yemen. three consider the houthis and proxy by the are iran be yapsians to spread shia ideology in yemen. >> he categorically denied that. what do we know about that reported involvement for sure? >> well, the government has said on many occasions that it is sure that the iranians are providing the houthis with substantial military and financial support. they have even said they have
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seized weapons that were coming from iran for the houthis. claims that were dismissed by both the houthis and the iranians. the iranians have sent a new ambassador now to yemen and they're trying to try to work towards a political settlement where the houthis play a significant role in the future. but then again within this sectarian divide which is crippling much of the region sunnis are quite skeptical. if the houthis continue to isolate the president they will seize much of the oil and gas operations the government sunni will break away from the north. international community willing for the balancing act this is exactly what yemen needs a
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balancing act. >> hashem ahelbarra speaking to me recently. multiple counts including belonging to a terrorist group and insighting violence. rebel groups have protested in front of the u.n. office of cairo. taken by thing city of serts knowledge travel to libya for employment at any opportunities. al jazeera continues to demand the release of our journalists peter greste, mohamed fahmy and baher mohamed. appeals court has ordered a retrial. the turkish president, recep
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tayyip erdogan has chaired his first cabinet meeting a sign of his increasingly authoritarian rule. >> exercising his constitutional right to hold a cabinet meeting the clearest sign ofar that recep tayyip erdogan is remolding his role from ceremonial to actual. on monday erdogan was in charge. >> these two politicians have been working has worked long enough. to know the real power of their position in the party. always emphasizes the leadership of erdogan. >> opposition parties say the president is trying to grab power. >> the constitution has left it
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so the president could act arbitrarily. if he could get away with it. it looks as if under the circumstances he can. the political environment is such that he can play such a partisan role in violation of the constitution. >> constitutionally, turkey's president is supposed to be a neutral figure above party politics. erdogan says that as the first president elected by the people he has a mandate to exercise more power. now he wants to change the constitution to create a executive presidency. now his ruling party has the job to push through a new constitution. bernard smith, al jazeera istanbul. lope that opec will begin cutting production to shore up
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plunging oil prices. hurting the country already battered by sanctions. oil prices have dropped by half since last year as production outputs across the world has increased and demand slowed. barelybarrel prices fell below $50 on monday. >> oil prices should be rational so that future investments will be economic ral for the producers. >> more than 100 families forced from their homes in bosnia. fifth time in almost two years that some of the capital sarajevo have been flooded. widespread flooding last may damaged more than 43,000 homes. (n) argentina a prosecutor who accused the president of -- >> in sergeant, a prosecutor has
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been found -- inning argentina a prosecutor has been found dead. argentina's top security official say all signs are pointing to suicide. 80 people were killed in a 1994 bombing in buenos aires. andrew simmons is there. >> only a day before he was due to address a congressional hearing on what he claimed was evidence which implicated the president and her foreign minister and a number of other officials over per perverting the cause of justice trying to cover up the evidence behind a bombing in 1994 of the jewish community center in which 85 people died. now, a shell case was found by the body, a handgun but there is no indication yet as to what exactly happened. there has to be an autopsy. although prominent opposition members are already saying that this was not suicide.
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so a major political scandal is developing here. and what is been said about nisman he was under pressure because the presidential office said quite categorically crazy absurd illogical unconstitutional. he was claiming that the president was trying to arrange a deal whereby oil was supplied to argentina in return for grain. because of the massive crisis in the energy sector here, with a major shortfall in funding. so was it political motivation? was this suicide? this is really a major political crisis going on now in argentina. >> indonesia says it will continue to execute drug
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traffickers despite appeals by foreign governments and a possible diplomatic fallout. two were recalled to jakarta on up sunday. step vaessen reports from jakarta. >> president had shown no mercy for six convicted drug traffickers, among them from brazil and the netherlands. immediately recalled their ambassadors for consultation but indonesia says it is only upholding the law. >> we don't see a fallout in the diplomatic sense because again: in these respects the nation other countries respect our national law. >> the focus is now on two australian prisoners who are among the 58 still on death row
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for drug related crimes. australian is trying hard to stop their execution. >> what we will continue to do at this point is make representations where we can how we can and i know this is a bipartisan position and it's been a long standing position of consecutive australian government no doubt where the australian government stands on this issue. >> while in the past the death sentence was regularly imposed but rarely carried out many in indonesia believes the government should not back off even though it means many more will be executed in the near future. >> translator: indonesia should be strong about this. president joko widodo has to understand that if australia
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takes strong measures against indonesia, such as a certain product won't being exported here we should take the consequence of that decision. >> indonesia says the executions are an importantly war against drugs. while some rejected the executions many more support exalg punishment. president joko widodo is encouraged not to give in to foreign pressure despite economic consequences. step vaessen, al jazeera jakarta. >> pope francis is flying home after his record break trip to the philippines. thousands lined the road to manila airport to say good-bye. the pontiff dedicated his four day trip to the poor, to the marginalized and victims of injustice. he also denounced corruption saying it's robbing people of a dignified life. on sunday an unprecedented 6
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million filipinos prayed with the president in a giant open air mass in manila. still ahead on the newshour, how raw sewage becomes a welcoming oasis for flamingos. and in football an improbable win sends the seattle seahawks to their second straight super bowl.
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>> hello again time for all the
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sports news. >> four time champions ga ghana were leading 1-nil thanks to a penalty, squared things off for senegal in the 58th minute. things got works for 8 ram grant'savramgrant's side. 2-1 from mongomo. andy richardson. ghana, senegal 2-1 a very shaky start for avram grant's side. >> yes ghana had a lot of bridges to build with their fans after a pretty disappointing world cup showing.
1:47 pm
a really unpleasant pay dispute with their domestic football association. that eventually resulted in $4 million in cash being flown out to brazil. some rather undead fietion huge amountsunedifyingphotographs of players kissing huge amounts of cash. as for senegal it missed out for qualification last time around. it looked like it was going to be 1-1 but a last-minute winner was giving senegal a really good chance to go through to the quarter-finals. >> and sandy another match in the group of death will kick off. algeria against south africa. any chance of the fine of the finer pulling off an upset?
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>> well, south africa was unbeaten in qualifying. the fact they are here at all is a huge sign of improvement. the world cup of nation in 2013, they do look like a resurge ent team but a lot of focus on algeria, as you mentioned. two things to consider though, algeria and south africa, do seem to struggle in the cup of nations. they have to buck that history. cup of nations seem to have a lot of the players based in their own country. nigeria, zambia, egypt only a couple of players based in their home country. a few things for the fans to consider before they get too excited. >> andy, where you are now mongomo, first time the
1:49 pm
competition has come to mongomo. has everything run smoothly so far? >> you know what? it has. there were huge concerns there wouldn't be much of a crowd. we're quite remote, a couple of kilometers from the city's country's biggest city. distributed 40,000 free technicalities although there were some genuine fans here you could get the impression that a lot of the fans have come on those free tickets. fill house no problems outside the ground and we're looking forward to algeria and south africa in a few hours time. >> andy, in equate or yul equatorial
1:50 pm
guinea. . >> meeting with the defending champions egypt. grand slam champion rafael nadal, eighth competitive match in six months, made quick work, 6-3, 6-2 6-2. to advance. nadal was side lined during much of 2014 and came to the doha open. >> i am defending i can arrive with a little bit more confidence. try to hit the ball longer. the only way to have that is winning, and winning this match of tomorrow i will do it better and if i'm able to win after tomorrow probably i will have a chance to do better next time. that is always the way you become better and you become
1:51 pm
confident: winning. >> number 2 seed roger federer losing to taiwan, and chasing his 18th grand slam crown in melbourne. also to the next round the brit was up against uki featuring three finals opponent in straight sets, faced marenko next. sharapova, russian took the first set 6-4 past her opponent 6-1 in the second to close out the match. she'll take alexandra panova in round 2.
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defending champions the seattle seahawks will face the new england patriots in the 2014 super bowl. strike to jermaine kearse to give the seahawks 38 32 win over the packers. new england thrashed the colts in the nfc shp game. >> to play in the super bowl back to back years when everybody thought we were out when we were three and three when everybody thought we were out when we were six and 4. you trust the guys around you. >> that's the end of sports, i'll hand it back to you. >> thank you. taking place right now in abu dhabi. as many countries are facing increasing water scarcity and
1:53 pm
especially in the arab world. dick clark has more from the uae. >> highest water consumption rates in the world and yet water supply here is on a knife edge. take gulf states of qatar for example where they say there's only enough emergency supply to last two days. you wouldn't think water was in short supply given the amount that's used to make things grow where nothing should. here's the primary source, the arabian gulf. environmentally destructive desalination plants. despite the fact this is about as close as you can get to the desalination plants speaks volumes for how crucial these installations are to this region. without them there would be no drinking water. the taps would just run dry. and life in the gulf just could
1:54 pm
not exist in the way that it does. in this parched arid land you don't expect this, the business selling more than 4 million cut flowers. the bore hole supplies the water. the problem is the ancient aquifer it comes from is nearly depleted thanks to over-extraction across the country. >> population is expected at a high rate for the upcoming years. especially with the major events that we will host here in the upcoming years. so this can be a big problem if we don't use the available water in a reasonable way. >> now they're piloting a soil free hydrouponnic project which roiks water with impressive results. the idea is to adopt similar systems for the surrounding
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farms. raw sewage, comes from a plant outside doha. using specially created tape. >> you see millions and millions of microperforations. giving nature what it should do in our containment tanks. >> the process ends with clear water that runs into an adjacent farm giving life to new growth. on the larger scale more and more sewage treatment plants have been built in qatar. recycling water that can be used for irrigation. but there's a long way to go. these trucks are dumping raw sewage into holding lakes in the desert where it lies untreated potential water supply evaporating into hot desert air. the remarkable thing is, the nature takes its course and the area becomes clean enough for
1:56 pm
flock of flamingos to take their rest. tomlin licetherein lies the issue. they're talking about soil quality, improving soil quality to improve its water retention and here is new technology for desalination plants that will reduce their carbon footprint. and here's technology that quite literally takes water out of the air we breathe. in this case, 500 liters a day. and here is a small water drinking unit which explains how it works. what's the form? >> this is for our home or office this unit for instance has a couple of bars of water which is what we started with today. people have been drinking it all day long, it's at the same level because it's actually making water while we're talking. this shows you that we're condensing, this is pure water from the air no heavy metals, no fluoride, no chlorine, taste.
1:57 pm
and of course this system is scalable. >> it's pretty good. so you can scale it up? >> this system makes 12 to 15 liters a day. yes that makes 500 liters. on this scale we go to about 18,000 liters a day. i have new patented technology that was just done days ago that we can scale up to millions of gallons a day. >> will compliment desalination plants? >> about $2 per cubic meter and at that price with no environmental impact i think it is a good solution for many, many companies displp thanks very much. there you go, not just taking water out of the air. there are projects that talk about taking water out of oil and gas. desalination plants may be here for time being but the future could look very different. >> thanks for watching the news hour here on al jazeera. we'll have much more news for you in just a moment. stay with us. stay with us.
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>> a day of raging battles in yemen between houthi rebels and soldiers and now a ceasefire but will it hold? ♪ ♪ ♪ hello there i'm barbara serra. you're watching al jazeera in london. a ceremony held for an iranian official.