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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 25, 2015 6:00am-6:31am EST

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>> welcome to al jazeera. india breaks protocol to greet the u.n. president on the tarmac. a video showing isil killing a japanese hostage seems credible.
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>> welcome to the program. we begin first in nigeria where the army says there has been an attack by suspected boko haram fighters in borno state. an immediate curfew has been placed on maiduguri. yvonne what more can you tell bus this latest attack by boko haram? >> well, in the last few minutes we managed to get through to somebody who is in maiduguri, a member of the civilian jpf ordinary people who have tried to fight boko haram. what he's saying slightly contradicts what we've been reporting in the last hour about this curfew. he's saying there is no curfew in place. the military are out in great numbers, they're pursuing boko haram fighters and sporadic
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gunfire and shelling can be heard in street-to-street fighting in certain neighborhoods. this goes against what we've been told by the nigerian authorities. they tweeted in the last couple of hours that there is a curfew in place throughout the city. and that curfew is going to be in place for some period of time. they say in those tweets that the militants are retreating from the onslaught that is coming from nigerian forces. so there is a slightly confused picture, if you like to what is going on. what we do know, what is shower is that an attack happened, it happened after midnight. eyewitnesses have spoken to news agencies saying that barry bonds militants stormed major parts of the city. as i say fighting seems to still be ongoing. but a confused picture. >> yvonne, as you say the situation is confusing. what is clear though, is that
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boko haram is attacking with increasing ferocity and impunity. has the government lost the fight against the group? >> well, they would say know. the my jeeran military spokesperson gave an interview to another broadcaster a few days ago where he said that there is no territory in my year gentleman, there is no area in nigeria where boko haram are in control. what he said was that they're prevalent in some areas. they attack some areas frequently but no part of the northeastern of nigeria. no part of borno state has been ceded to boko haram fighters. but when you get reports like we are received today it contradicts what they're saying about the fight against boko haram. they remain adamant that this is a battle that they are winning despite reports day in and day out of attacks by the group.
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>> yvonne in the nigerian capitol. thank you. vote something under way in greece. in a snap general election that could change the direction of the country. al jazeera sue is live for us in athens. this is billed as the make or break future of greece. >> we've been seeing quite a number of people turning up at the polling stations. it's sunday in greece, so we expect the numbers to increase as the day goes on. traffic will increase, certainly, but the numbers are looking pretty much as we expected. we don't know at the moment what the possible turn out is going to be and what the possible lead might be. the radical left party has been ahead in the polls now since last may. everybody expects them to win.
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it's a question whether they win outright with a big enough majority of taking control without joining up the coalition with another party. no one is looking at that more keenly than those who have struggled by the austerity measures brought in by the last government. >> these people have not come to see ancient ruins but instead modern derelict buildings and destitution. this man is well-qualified to describe the economic crisis. he's unmr.ed unemployed and worried he'll soon lose his apartment. >> you see people who are on the bench and in the paper box to sleep. i'm homeless, also. i owe very many rents of my house. so i live with the fear that every day maybe they lock the door and say okay, go out.
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>> some parts of central athens look very sad these days, but the decay and the decline which you see around me, does not tell the whole story of the greek economy during the crisis. because at the same time in recent years many young entrepreneurs have been busy setting up new businesses. and for them the crisis has actually been an opportunity. >> these women launched a luxury liner beach towels in 2012 at the height of the crisis. it has not been easy to borrow money, but rents are cheap and they hope customers from these lean years will stick with them when better times return. >> the young generation and of course ourselves, we have to be optimistic. we're entrepreneurs, and we need to focus on our idea, give it energy and help it grow. >> outside the finance ministry another group of women fighting to make a living.
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but there is much less optimism. these office cleaners were laid off in 2013. they've been protesting ever since. they tell me that the economy and unemployment are getting worse despite what the officials statistics say. by a depressed industrial area we find communists campaigning for votes. not many greeks are convinced by them but take a look at the empty factories nearby. they explain why greeks are going into these elections desperate for change. barnaby phillips, al jazeera, athens. >> as you're saying, if they don't get enough votes to form a government what kind of coalition could we see emerge from this. >> the independent greeks, that relies on whether they get 3% to get seats in parliaments.
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independent greeks are centrist right. they're not very keen on the european union either, and not keen on austerity measures, but there is a feeling that they will temper some of what the party has been saying. early on in the campaign there have been lots of things thrown around by some of their members even that they would print more euro notes if we need more money and we may move out of the euro all together. but those have been tempered over the last few weeks really. if they do join, there will be a sense that they have to come more to the center of what they decide to do over the coming weeks and months. they've always said that it's genes austerity measures. it wants to go off the european lenders and say we need to renegotiate where we are with the money. we need to renegotiate how quickly we pay back this money. as you saw from the report, those austerity measures are really biting very hard at people at the bottom of the scale here in greece, and that, i think, is why we'll see him
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winning the election. >> thank you. now india's prime minister once banned from visiting the united states has given the u.s. president a warm welcome in new delhi. narendra modi broke protocol to receive barack obama as soon as he got off the plane. it's obama's first visit since his first victory in may. >> we should really talk about civil nuclear. that's being touted as the big ticket item up for discussion this afternoon. if in fact, a deal is announced to allow more american investment in india's civil nuclear space, which is hugely lucrative, india needs to build more of these facilities, it could have ramifications for france japan and russia. huge implications and significant as we go forward. what is really important to understand here is that there are big ticket items on the
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agenda from defense through taxation but it will be the follow-through that will count now given that two of the world's major economies are looking to get back on their feet. certainly india's role in the region and in the wider world keeping in mind this comes against a very interesting context for india. india has a new leader, prime minister narendra modi, since may of last year, and the government said it's about reasserting india in the region and playing more of a leadership role. given what we're seeing in pakistan and the changing dynamics in afghanistan, it will be interesting to see how barack obama views india's role moving forward. >> let's go live to new delhi as we wait for a press conference from both leaders to come out and talk to the gathering hordes of media capital. we're waiting for that press conference to happen, and we understand that they'll be
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talking about defense and trade missions and the possibility of a stalled nuclear deal. as soon as both leaders come out we'll bring that you press conference when it happens. president barack obama has offered his condolences to japan japan's minister after the killing of japanese hostage. we have more from tokyo. >> japan's prime minister all but confirmed the news on sunday morning. he believed isil had murdered one of the two japanese hostages. >> the picture that we believe shows the murder of yukawa has been distributed. it's been an extremely painful situation. at this point we're realizing the validity of this picture and we believe the credibility is high. i have no words to express of
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what must be an extremely painful moment for the family. >> yukawa had traveled to syria after many emotional personal problems. his father, unwilling to be seen on camera, left distraught. >> i'm just overwhelmed with sadness. i cannot find words to express it. i still have this hope deep in my heart that this is not true. if i'm ever reunited with him i just want to give him a big hug. >> he also expressed his regret that kenji goto, a respected freelance journalist, who his son had come to regard as an older brother may have the same fateish, having to travel to syria, at least in part, to seek yukawa's release. >> a recorded voice reportedly his conveys a message from isil
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blaming japan's prime minister for the death and saying goto himself will be released in return for a prisoner held by the jordanian government. that prisoner is a woman who took part in a suicide-bombing attack that killed dozens in the jordanian capitol in 2005. her own suicide belt failed to detonate. japan is not commenting whether it will consider the deal after consistently saying it will not give in to terrorist demands. >> we're asking for cooperation with the related countries including jordan, but key cannot disclose the content of the negotiation. >> kenji goto's mother asked spoke. >> he looks nervous about what is to come.
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>> it's so painful to see him looking so pale and then, but i'm glad he's still align after the first deadline passed. even if it takes a very long time i just want him back in any form whatever the consequences. >> isil has apparently shown once again its willingness to kill it's foreign captives. the hope, if a faint one is some how kenji goto's fate will be different. >> lots more to come here on al jazeera. including four years after the revolution in egypt began are people better or worse off? and ukraine's president threatens to hit back after a rocket attack by pro russian separatists in the east. stay with us.
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>> welcome back. a curfew in nigeria's bore know state after an attack. some have told us that there is no curfew. vote something under way in greece in an snap general election that could change the direction of the country sharply. india's prime minister once banned from visiting the united
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states has given president obama a warm welcome. the trip will include talks an on climate change, defense and the economy. now it's four years since the revolution in egypt began that led to the overthrow of hosni mubarak yet the unrest still continues. a female protester has been killed in cairo. protesting peacefully on saturday. witnesses say she was hit by bird shot that was fired by police to disperse the crowd. egypt's prime minister said that her death is being investigated. >> well, a senior electorate in middle east electorate and widely researched the challenge of fixes deep-rooted problems within egypt's police. we're live from london now. omar we understand that part of your research looked at the
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issues of police brutality and impunity. four years on, has there been any improvement? or are things getting worse, do you think? >> i think its getting much worse, even compared to the mubarak time, mainly because the attempt between 2011 and 2013 that was partly involved in an academic level but also on consultancy level was trying to reform the security sector, trying to have some kind of accountability over the security sector by elected institutions and civilian judiciary institutions, trying to change the curricular and training programs including non-lethal or less-lethal control tactics. but the reaction within the institution more or less the ones the generals and officers who want to see continuity, and more on the hawkish side of are
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resisted and many of them acted as spoilers. after july 2013 when the transition process went in a very wrong direction i think they became more and more empowered. the lesson learned for them in the period between 2011 and 2013 was that field marshal was tuning in, and mubarak was tuning in. if you want to change your position and stop any change attempt or democratic transition attempt you need to be very you have on protesters, and any margin of freedom you need to crackdown upon them. i think we saw that multiple times. the end was yesterday. >> yes, we were just showing that video omar, from social media with that young lady who was shot. in the egyptian capitol. the government, though, said that they didn't shoot her. is that credible, question one. and does this again raise the
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issue of impunity, and more importantly, a lack of accountability by the police? currently the system is in crisis. if you want to do some independent crisis, there is a structure to the crisis. but we also see a pattern of the security services. what they do, is they deny responsibility. they say that the protesters were armed. they say that they were all infiltrated by the brothers. they'll say that the brothers up filtrated the protest, and then unleash a structural campaign and that has been consistent since january. we remember many of the security generals involved in killing protesters by hundreds since january, all of them were
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released released by judicial order. >> omar, we'll have to leave it there. thank you so much, indeed, for your time. let's cross again to new delhi where india's prime minister narendra modi is giving a conference with u.s. president barack obama. >> i think renewed energy, thank you for your leadership and for taking the tone last september when i visited the white house. the civil nuclear argument is the center piece of our relationship demonstrates new trust, it also created a new economic opportunities and expanded our option for clean
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energy. in the course of the past four months we have worked with the to move forward. i'm pleased six years after this sign of viable agreement we are moving forward with cooperation. with our law and international legal obligations and commercial viability president obama has also assureed me of strong support of india's membership. today we will take up a growing
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defense cooperation. we have greed to pursue coproduction of specific defense projects. this will help the defense industry and expand the sector in india. we'll explore cooperation in the area of defense technologies. we have renewed our agreement we will depend on cooperation on maritime security and remains a principle global trait. it is taking a new character even as existing challenges
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persists. there should be no distinction between terrorist groups. every country must fulfill to bring terrorists to justice. we will further enhance our strategic capabilityies, including in the area of technology. president obama and i agree that a strong and growing economy relationship is vital for the success of our strategic
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partnership. economic growth in our two countries is becoming stronger. our business climates are i am aboving. it gives me a great optimism in our economic ties. in addition, we have established a number of effective mechanisms to bring opportunities and help our business investment more. we'll also review our dialogue on bilateral investment treaty. we'll also start agreement that is so important for hundreds of thousands of indian professionals working in the united states. president obama and me clean
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renewable energy is a personal priority. we discuss our ambitions efforts an increase the use of clean and renewable energy. we also agree to further enhance our excellent and partnership in this area. i ask him to lead in this area in the world. i express hold for a successful on climate change this year. we'll continue our cooperation in science and technology, innovation agriculture health, education, these are central to
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the central to the future of our two countries and will give us an opportunity to help others around the world. indeed president obama and i are going forward with a sense of priority. we heard excellent presentation global issues, and we renew our commitment to deepen our cooperation to advance peace stability, prosperity in asia specifically in the indian ocean region. we feel it critical for our two countries, and we will work
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closely to help afghanistan through its transition. our relation stands at a new level today. we have outlined part of our comprehensive corporation to help in the transition. we have decided to give this critical partnership sustained attention. for this we have agreed that india and the united states must commit at greater frequency and we also establish hard lines
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between myself and barak and security providers. at the beginning of this year we start a new journey. let me welcome you once again mr. president, it is a great pleasure to have you with us. thank you very much. thanks a lot. >> thank you. [applause] >> thank you, prime minister narendra modi for those wonderful words. i want to thank india for the incredible hospitality that has been shown to me and michelle. we're thrilled to be here in india.