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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 28, 2015 8:00am-9:01am EST

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>> welcome to the news hour. exchange of fire on the israeli-lebanon border, a u.n. peace keeper is killed. >> japan and jordan negotiate release of hostages with isil. >> nigeria authorities accused of ignoring warn ins of boko haram attacks.
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>> the u.n. says a peace keeper was killed in southern lebanon likely related to violence that broke out between hezbollah and israeli after an attack on an israeli army convoy near the lebanese border. there are conflicting reports about the number killed and or injured. hezbollah claimed responsibility and says it's in retaliation for an alleged israeli air strike that killed some of its members in syria last week. still a confusing picture in terms of the casualties, what marv you heard in israel? >> exactly. it's been a confusing picture since the morning from here, from our israeli sources and it still is. in terms of casualties, there were many reports out there that local israeli sources are using as well as foreign media using
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suggesting that four israeli soldiers may have been wounded or killed in the attack by hezbollah, which was an anti tank missile fired as an israeli army vehicle at the israeli-lebanese border. the israeli army hasn't commented on casualties, so as far as we know, we cannot confirm these with officials sources here in israel. there are many reports out there suggesting that there were a number which casualties, so still a very incomplete picture here in israel. we have heard reports saying that the u.n. is confirming that a u.n. peace keeper based on the border between lebanon and israel has been killed. we don't have confirmation from israel either. i think if this is confirmed as true israel will probably apologize for an attack like this because it was not -- any attacks it launches often lebanon or syria do not intend to hurt or kill any u.n. peace
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keepers that are based on those borders in order to prevent escalations along those volatile borders, which have been tense and volatile for many, many years. we heard, as well, reports that maybe an israeli soldier was kidnapped by hezbollah. we talked to an army and a spokesperson denied these reports and said they weren't true and as well as, there are some media outlets in israel saying that the pictures used by hezbollah, showing an israeli army vehicle on fire and in flames are probably not authentic, because they show a different -- their background shows a different area. so this is what we're hearing here in israel, but the most important thing is the issue of casualties and we are not hearing any confirmation from the army just yet. >> is this going to be left as a serious border incident, or is
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there any on that tight political appetite on both sides for wider confrontation? >> well, that's the big question now, and that's what a lot of analysts and observers are asking. this is all an incident that happened because of abattack blamed object israel 10 days ago before carrying out strikes in syria which killed six hezbollah operatist and one general and hezbollah vowed to retaliate. there's a lot of analysis suggesting that maybe israel is not in a position to start a war with hezbollah especially that we are approaching an election at the end of march and netanyahu hopes to win the election. it's not long that israel end add war with hamas in gaza where there was a very high death toll among israeli soldiers, and i
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don't think they're interested in opening a front with hezbollah, which is also busy with the war in syria sending thousands of its fighters to assist the syrian government and bashar al assad government in trying to crush the rebels, so they have their priorities, as well which are syria right now really trying to strengthen the syrian government there so that it remains in control of territory. we think and a lot of nationals points to the fact that maybe israel responsibility to today's incident but in a way that contains and ends this and just puts an end to this latest round of cross border violence once an for all. >> all right. thank you. a u.n. peace keeper was killed in that fighting along the israel-lebanon border. let's speak to james bays as he joins us from u.n. headquarters in new york. james, any official response, any reaction from the u.n. to
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this news? >> we have the official confirmation of the death of one peace keeper, but at this stage there is no other information coming from the united nations they are not yet confirming to us although there are some reports floating around. i don't want to give out the details of the nationality that is there because it may well be that the next of kin have not yet been informed and certainly the united nations is not telling us which nationality the peace keeper belongs to, but this is going to be an event the death of the peace keeper and the violence that's taken place in the last few hours something that is going to be concentrating the minds here in new york, as diplomats gather for a number of meetings already scheduled to take place in the coming hours. the u.n. security council is waiting for a regular briefing on syria. they're going to be talking
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about the humanitarian situation in syria. it's possible some of the ambassadors will refer to the deterioration of the security situation on the border between lebanon and syria. ban ki-moon is here for his last day before going to the african summit taking place. he may speak about the deteriorating situation on the ground. >> talk us through for our viewers who don't know, the u.n. force in southern lebanon on that border and its mission there. >> it's been there for a considerable length of time to try and protect that border, one of two courses in the immediate area. there's also the u.n. force that's there patrolling the
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border between israel and syria so two separate u.n. forces, not often called upon find themselves very much in the front line. the u.n. force has been there at the time of conflict. before, of course, in 2006, again, it finds itself in a very dangerous position, and we'll have to see how events unfold in the coming hours. >> all right, james bays, thank you. >> let's talk to elliot, a retired lebanese army general inning us from beirut. what do you make of this latest round of violence on the border between lebanon and israel? can it be contained or will we see it escalate into something much big officer. >> i think that it will be
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contained, but israel has to retaliate as hezbollah had to retaliate. israeli retaliation has to be small enough not really to -- yes, are you with me? >> yes we hear you, do continue. >> the israeli retaliation should be like not big enough to change the rule of the game, or not small enough not to be proportional with the losses of the israelis, so now tit for tat, but maybe the israelis will retaliate on two theaters, in syria first or in lebanon. after 2006, netanyahu or any
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prime minister in israel said we don't recognize hezbollah. will it be in some target against the lebanese government, yet? i don't know. >> let's talk about hezbollah if we can. they said they would seek revenge for what they saw against their fighters in syria. many where you are will ask the question is hezbollah biting off more than it can chew? do they really want to open another front against israel when they've already committed asset to say fighting alongside president assad's forces in syria? >> i think hezbollah is in a dilemma situation. fit opens up two fronts, it will be like two stretched thin. now it is stretched thin. he cannot really retaliate for killing the son and firing six operatives and killing one
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iranian general. maybe this decision to retaliate is not only local maybe it like that regional dimension. >> let me get a final thought from you. how sense is the situation on the border in southern lebanon with israel? we regularly see incidents happening there but perhaps not as serious as the one we saw today. >> i think that israel will retaliate now depending on the number of casualties. the political dynamics and the election. i think the election will put more pressure on netanyahu silence the hawks inside his government and inside of israel. the retaliation, as i said earlier, should be big enough to say that we have retall 80, but not big as to change the rule of the games because israel wants this quiet front and doesn't want to open two fronts like maybe three fronts, in gaza, in golan heights, as well as
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southern lebanon. >> thank you very much for sharing your thoughts with us. >> let's move on to nicole johnson joining us from southwest lebanon. hezbollah said it's responsible for the attack on the israeli convoy on the border. what more has hezbollah been saying? >> >> hezbollah also said that this was the first of several statements the first saying the attack was carried out attacking the army convoy. there were a number of armored vehicles. they said there were soldiers hit inside, that they destroyed several tanks and that they killed and injured several soldiers. this is not confirmed in terms of the number of injuries from the israeli side. we also heard from sources who
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have been quoted on hezbollah affiliated media. they've given a little more detail saying nine tanks have been destroyed. >> hezbollah's pretty much a law on to itself. we've heard lots of things from them. what about any kind of official government response from the lebanese government? >> we haven't had any official lebanese government response. lebanon hasn't had a president so no official word from most lebanese politicians at this stage. >> nicole, thank you for that. lots more still to comeere on the news hour, including: the fight to cut isil's main supply route rages on in northern iraq.
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>> and sport find out if world's number one serena williams is close to a grand slam title. that's also to come. >> jordan says it will release an attempted suicide bomber it's holding on death row if isil releases a jordanian pilot as well as a yep niece hostage. let's get more now from the jordan capital amman. this is a very complex situation involving the release of this iraqi female prisoner and possibly this jordanian fighter in exchange for this japanese hostage. first, let's break it down. talk us through the deal. >> a female prisoner here is
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iraqi, was arrested after a major terror attack in jordan that killed 60 jordanians in 2005. she was part of a few suicide bombers, including her husband but her belt of explosives failed to detonate and she was arrested. she is a famous jihadist woman and in jordanian prison since then. isil want her released in order to release the japanese hostage and to spare the life of the jordanian pilot but without releasing him. >> so, the other element here, of course, which is uncertain is the jordanian pilot the jordanians saying you have to release him, as well. >> yes. today, the jordanian government made its position very clear saying we are willing to release her if the jordanian pilot is released. there is pressure on the government from the families of both the japanese hostage and
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the jordanian pilot that they need to release no matter what, because isil has threatened if she is not released, both hostages will be killed. the families of the jordanian pilot, whose plane crashed in northern jair as part of a mission to bomb isil targets as part of the u.s. led coalition his family tells the government even if the release was secured sparing his life, that's good enough for us, but you have to do everything possible to make sure he is not killed. there is political pressure on the government here as well, some saying why are we involved in this war this is not our war and there is no need for our sons and pilots to be involved in it and put at risk. this is not the overwhelming feeling in jordan, but some feel that this is not jordan's war and jordan should not have been involved including members of parliament. >> thank you. >> now syrian kurds displaced in
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turkey are celebrating after learning kurdish forces recaptured kobane from isil fighters but are not allowed to cross back because the security situation is still too dangerous for their return. >> carefully stepping outside watched by those who fought for their freedom with kurdish forces now in control it's hoped life will return total streets of kobane. the v sign is for peace and victory. for the tens of thousands who fled fighting and hope to return the road ahead is long. homes reduced to rubble, entire blocks destroyed officials here say that after four months of battle at least half the city is gone. >> sir jen refugees in turkey, getting home isn't easy. thousands came total border tuesday, some hoping to cross but as the border is still officially closed, turkish
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security forces pushed the group back. those in the turkish town say they still have reason to celebrate. >> many people from our nation and all the cities of turkey have come here. we are celebrating may it have a good outcome. we have come here for kobane. it is liberated now and we are extremely happy. >> kobane's fully liberated today. we are extremely happy and celebrating here. all our friends are here. we feel joyful about kobane since i.s. has left. i hope we will be able to go back soon. >> taking control of kobane was a joint effort with u.s. led airstrikes and diplomatic maneuvering, seeing turkey agree to go let the peshmerga through. the fighting is far from over here. there are fighters in hundreds of towns around kobane and has proved the damage it can do.
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>> we have a report from turkey near the border. >> the fight is still on going to the south and southeast of the town where isil fighters believed to have retreated to, in the small villages surrounding kobane. there are 300 of them, some are tiny just a few houses, but the kurds have to go in one by one and clear them. so far they say they have cleared four of those villages, so the challenge here that is they need to create some sort of buffer zone or corridor to allow kobane to be safe for civilians to come back. the border on the turkish side is closed, kurdish forces saying it's way too early for civilians to come back. there's not much for them to come back to as half of the city is believed to be completely
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destroyed and the situation still volatile. airstrikes have been ongoing several overnight and we have been hearing jets overhead in the sky for several hours now. we also heard very loud explosions throughout the morning. we are presuming that some of them could have been airstrikes, even though from our vantage point, we can't see what's going on. we do know from kurdish forces that the fight is on going on the outskirts of kobane town. >> the fight from isil is far from over. the battle to protect supply routes is as intense as ever. the main route stretches from raqqa to mosul iraq's second largest city. fighters are trying to cut off the supply of supplies. we have a report.
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>> this is the only way we can approach sinjar city. it is controlled by the islamic state of iraq and the levant. sniper fire is almost constant. isil's main supply lines that link jair and iraq run through this border city. the group cannot afford to lose it. >> the fight for sinjar city is now in its second month. it is a vast area, some 100,000 people used to live here. even before the fight is over, a new battle has already started. iraqi kurdish troops are not fighting isil alone. their brothers from across the border have come to fight a common enemy. the p.y.d. is a syrian kurdish party linked to the kurdistan
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workers party or the p.k.k. the iraqi slider ship with a long history of rivalry with those parties excuse them of wanting to impose their authority in sinjar. >> it seems they have a plan. they want to benefit politically and it is not acceptable. >> for now kurdish forces are cooperating, the fighting street by street. we went to a p.k.k. base inside a contested city. fighters say they are here to help the yazidi's as iraq's curies. suspicions run deep especially anes an you a to know moss region was established in syria. >> we never talked about creating our own enclave here. sinjar will belong to the sinjar regional government or baghdad government. >> it is home to the northern yazidi community camped on the mountain where they were trapped
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for months before the siege was broken in december. they too are an armed force. some praise the peshmerga for defending sinjar. others blame them for allowing the area to fall to isil in august but most are now demanding autonomy. >> we won't accept any force not the peshmerga nothe iraqi government here. >> isil has been pushed out of sinjar land long disputed by the kurds and central government in baghdad. it is still the case, but now there are more players vying for control here. al jazeera sinjar. >> let's go back to our developing story violence on the israeli-lebanese border. nicole johnson is in the area of southwest lebanon. tell us how close you are to the border and how tense are things down there?
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>> starting off in that direction, beyond the first line of hills and the second line of hills is the area of the farms where this operation by hezbollah took place. if you move further across, you can see some of the lebanese villages that bored their area. that's the town. we know that some of these villages have been receiving artillery fire from the israeli side the reports we're getting is that there has been dozens of these rounds falling inside the villages and on the outskirts of the villages. moving further across, the place where the operation took part most of specifically, all of this beyond these hills of the territory is also beyond the hills in front of us there. that's where the operation happened. to explain how close we are to the israeli border, literally just behind this is a long row
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of trees and that is the border between lebanon and israeli. further in the distance, you can see the bolan heights. the situation is tense quiet here but tense as you move closer to the area. we had information from the united nations peace keeper's force down there that one of their peace keepers has been killed in the cross border fire that's going on between the israeli side and hezbollah. the reports that we're getting is that he w a spanish national. wean here, we've been able to hear israeli drones above us. reports also of israeli jets patrolling south lebanon at the moment. some of our sources have said that there has been some rockets fired from those aircraft, and the drones have caused some problems in trying to reach a
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signal with you so if we disappear. that's probably why. >> how frequent do these border incidents happen here? >> could you repeat the question? >> how frequently do these border incidents happen there? >> many people inside lebanon thought that when hezbollah decided that there would be an attack and a retaliation that it was quite likely that it would happen in the this area. this area is occupied by israeli. it's not the first time that hezbollah has launched attacks against israel inside there. there aren't israeli settlers there, it's the israeli military in there. we had another attack in october, two israel soldiers were injured but it's significant because of the timing of all of this. on friday, we are expecting the leader of hezbollah to give a speech. he needed to have something to say. he needed to have something to show to his supporters, because
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only 10 days ago hezbollah suffered a very significant attack, which was blamed on israel. israel didn't claim responsibility but feels they were behind it inside syria. the situation has been tense hezbollah under pressure to retaliate. they have a big speech coming up inside beirut, inside lebanon and this is a response to it. >> let's get a check on the weather are rob. rob, you'll talk to us about that snowstorm in the near of the u.s.a. >> going to have to, aren't i? >> the snow has stopped falling in new york, but one of the most dramatic effect was massachusetts where the wind was strong and air really cold. this is sea water freezing on impact it brought down power lines. the winds pretty close to hurricane force. this is nasty stuff.
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this is really recent. it is rolling out of the way now. if you look at the sunlight picture, that's the heart of it. it's gone up to newfoundland now. now you think it's all over, don't you? >> far from it. this is the picture for the next 24 hours. that snow is on its way out. look what's waiting in the middle of canada. that again is going to fall down across the great lakes towards new england, new york, this general area. that looks huge. that's an idea of the snow. it's not an exact forecast. we've got thursday, we run that forward through friday, it gets out to the east coast again. it's a similar setup this one. it will have back wash fairly strong winds. i don't think it will be quite as strong or snowy but means the winter hasn't finished.
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a new performance is upon us. >> still to come, mexico's government said all 43 students that went missing in september are dead. >> money spent on a global football transfer, we'll tell you which one later this hour. more on that. stay with us.
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>> welcome back. the u.n. says a peace keeper was kid in southern lebanon likely related to violence there between hezbollah and israel
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after an attack on an israeli convoy. there are reports at least seven israeli soldiers have been injured. hezbollah claimed responsibility in retaliation for a an israeli air strike that killed some of its members earlier this month. >> jordan will release a prisoner in return want isil to release a jordanian pilot. japan is working to release a japanese journalist, but jordan made no mention of him in the offer. >> more now on the violence that's broken out between hezbollah and israel on the lebanon border. we have the latest. >> this is after an anti-tank missile hit the area near the border with syria and lebanon. israel deployed soldiers in the
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air and fired rockets into lebanon. the armed group hezbollah, which is based in lebanon claimed responsibility for the attack. it says it's a response to an israeli attack last week against its fighters in syria. israeli prime minister bennett warned of a swift and painful retaliation. >> the i.d.f. is respond to go events in the north. to everyone trying to challenge us at the border, i advised them to consider what's happened then. not far from the city. hamas took its hardest-hit since it's formation and the i.d.f. is prepared to act strongly on all fronts. >> last week's israeli attack against hezbollah happened near a syrian city on the golden height the. that's where high-ranking
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iranian military commander and six hezbollah fighters were killed. among them, was the son of a hezbollah founder who was killed in damascus in 2008. eye iran and hezbollah vowed revenge against israel. the latest escalation on the lebanese syrian and iranian border brings to memory that the 2006 war between hezbollah and israel that conflict killed hundreds of people and destroyed large parts of southern lebanon. >> we are rejoined now from west em. this is still a confusing picture in terms of israel casualties if any. what more have you heard there? >> correct no confirmation from the government or the army. what we're hearing now we heard many different figures in israel media suggesting that at first
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we heard there were four casualties, now hearing there were at least seven casualties, meaning they could be wounded or injured. we are talking about israeli soldiers here, who may have been inside that army vehicle that was attacked with an anti tank missile. that's not being confirmed by the israel government or the army yet. usually, especially from past experiences during the gaza war there were tens of israeli soldiers killed. it takes the army a long time to diligently confirm this information, and according to their laws and rules, they need to in form the families of the soldiers if they are killed or at least, you know, try to treat them medically before they bring this news out to the media. it's been several hours but we're not hearing confirmation from the israeli government on casualties. in the last hour or so, we heard
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statements from the foreign minister who said that israel must respond but his views don't necessarily reflect the mood among top security officials in israel that the response should be disproportionate. we think that the mood here suggests that maybe they will try to respond and try to contain this. >> that's the big question, if it's going to be left as a serious border incident into a much broader conflict. there's no appetite for it there. >> probably. that's anyone's guess. whyed israel want to start a war with hezbollah right now? it's about to have an election, an early election at the end of march. netanyahu is -- has a good standing in this election. he may very well become the next prime minister again hear in israel and it hasn't been too
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long ago since israel wrapped up a war with gaza that lasted 54 days and led to the highest number of casualties in any confrontation, so that is another reason israel would be reluctant, and why open a front with israel when you have opened a front in syria sending thousands of your fighters across the border from lebanon to assist the bashar al assad government in crushing the rebels and regaining control of territory. these are things that need to be kept in mind when we talk about what israel may or may not do, what hezbollah might or might do in the situation. they may try to contain and end it as soon as possible. >> greece's new finance minister that already been outlining his vision for the countries economy.
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during his first press conference, he received several rounds of applause for his proposal also. one includes sacking public consultants and rehiring some of the cleaners who lost their jobs during the recession. >> there's no collision course between us and europe and there will be no threats. friday myself and the president of the euro group will get to work on a framework to stop the economic reconstruction of europe. >> russia's government announce add $34 billion plan to help its failing economy, as well as reducing government spending, moscow says it's setting up to buy struggling loans from the banks. >> external shock is what it has been called, the falling of oil
8:38 am
price and the western sanctions. they have hit the russian economy, he says to the tune of $200 billion. russia is essentially having to come up with some sort of plan to deal with this, and what the government has been announcing is 10% budgetary cuts across most departments most ministries that will happen in 2015. there will be a further 5% cut in the following two years. on top of that to the cuts that were made in 2014 and you can see that the russian government is seriously having to curtail spending. why is it doing this? >> it's doing this because it needs an anti cries fund with which it can tackle the growing problems of banking cries and state companies other businesses saying we need help,
8:39 am
we can't get money on the gnarl markets anymore and we have essentially run out. that's what the government needs cash for. if it doesn't do that, it will run into an even bigger problem of companies going under banks going bust, hundreds of thousands of people unemployed and that's a cries that it really doesn't want. >> amnesty international says nigeria's government repeatedly ignored warnings of possible boko haram attacks in the northeast. these are pictures of civilians fleeing an attack on the town where hundreds were killed. amnesty said the top brass of the nigerian army were given advance warning but did nothing. >> mexico's attorney general has for the first time declared a all 43 students who went missing in september are dead. the government says they were killed by a gang who mistook them for rival criminals. many don't believe that account. >> mexico's attorney general
8:40 am
says there is no doubt what happened to the 43 students. the evidence allows us to determine that the students were kidnapped, killed, burned and dumped in a river. >> he cited 39 confessions including this mans, felipe rodriguez said gang bosses called him to dispose of the students on the night of september 26. in addition to confessions the conference was completed with slick produced videos and reenactment all to add weight to the attorney general's arguesment. it's unlikely to convince a skeptical country. protests continue to call the government's argument into question. so far forensic experts ever only identified the remains of one student. fire experts say there's no way 43 people were burned by a few gang members at this dump. >> we don't believe it. i think because yesterday they saw many marching in the street. they want to close the case.
8:41 am
>> the conference came after president pena nieto gave a speech. >> the truth is many don't want to move forward. many here believe that federal police and the army participated in the attack. if anything, members can he bees say they want a fuller accounting of what happened that night. >> he didn't say case closed, but the attorney general made clear he was convinced he had all the necessary facts to prosecute the case. in the coming days, that certainty will surely be called into question by a skeptical public. al jazeera mexico city. >> sri lanka's new government is
8:42 am
taking a closer look as a relationship with china securing millions of dollars of development projects. critics accuse both sides of widespread corruption. >> proof of the close ties between sri lanka and china where these are a common sight. >> the former president took the relationship with china to a new level. it was what many saw as payback for china helping sri lanka fight during its civil war. the new government has different plans. >> china has been our friends from the 1950's. the element of corruption will be eliminated. >> china won a large share of post war development projects,
8:43 am
including an international airport and the countries first he can press weighs. >> china stood by sri lanka during the civil war here, a considerable time. some analysts accuse the last government of taking financial short cuts and the lack of transparency. analysts say huge chinese loans have high interest, and secrecy surrounding these deals have important questions. >> whether the chinese were willing and able to provide the kinds of commissions that is alleged to have taken were they therefore outbidding everyone else because in effect, they were underwriting or subsidizing the dine knee itself. >> this response came from
8:44 am
beijing: >> the cooperation between nine in a and sri lanka is based on important principles of mutual benefit. we hope and believe that we will further press ahead with a healthy and stable development. >> it's that healthy and stable development that sri lanka says it wants for all investments. >> business will go on without any problem. that's a very, very serious note for the future, because we have come here to eliminate corruption. >> the government is investigating all chinese deals. >> an in quest into a siege in sydney where a gunman took over a city center cafe is about to begin. it's unclear how the attacker and the hostages died when police stormed the building. andrew thomas reports.
8:45 am
>> it was the dramatic end to a siege that lasted more than 16 hours. in just a few minutes, three people a hostage taker and two hostages were dead, but how exactly did they die? the siege began mid morning on december 15. a man pull add gun on customers and staff at this cafe in sydney. police surrounded the coffee shop part of the city center went into lockdown. the gunman killed when the siege ended just after 2:00 the following morning had a criminal background. he'd been convicted of sending abusive letters to the families of dead soldiers. he was also facing sexual assault charges and being an accessory to his ex-wife's murder. underway is an investigation why he was released despite such serious allegations. how had he been able to get ahold of a gun and able to get
8:46 am
australian citizenship in the first place. >> he has a very, very shaken history and we do know why he had fallen off the watch list. >> the coroners in quest will be narrower looking at the events of the day. it will look at which bullet went where. the coroner usually makes recommendations about what might be done differently and what might be done better after such an investigation. >> even as the first flowers were being laid, police were beginning the investigation. forty officers have been working on it since. the coroner will question them, the police who were on the scene and surviving hostages. today, the cafe is boarded up, the flowers cleared away, but the memories still here. >> while the siege was underway, police said repeatedly that they were determined it would end
8:47 am
peacefully. it didn't. this in quest will try to answer why. andrew thomas, al jazeera sydney. >> time for a short break. when we come back, we'll have sport.
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>> welcome back. it's been 25 years since east germans stormed the offices of the feared secret police in berlin. now a memorial brings to life
8:49 am
the dark intrigue that took place. we have more from berlin. >> on an anonymous street, a featureless facade conceal the headquarters of germany's feared secret police. on its upper floors, preserved in original condition is the inner sanctum of communist state repression. this is the voice of head of state security. >> all that drivel about no executions and no death sentence nonsense, comrades, execute, and if necessary without a court verdict. from his desk, he ordered a ruthless clamp down on dissent. these are the faces of those conscripted often against their will into spying on neighbors and friends. this is the surveillance training video with instructions on how to gather evidence and
8:50 am
make an arrest. by each door is an interrogation chamber. this entire system was given over to one thing making the prisoner confess. in the early days, they would use sleep deprivation beatings and torture and invented the art of operative psychology. >> they found out they could get more information by fooling them into thinking they'd be treated better. >> gilbert was arrested and jailed for producing subversive material and faced repeated interrogation. >> when i was imprisoned here, i put my emotions on hold. i was afraid that if they could reach deep inside me, then i would be at their mercy. >> 25 years ago, a few weeks
8:51 am
after the collapse of the berlin wall east germans stored the headquarters. today, the new museum gives access to all and to the thousands of secret files. a museum, but also a memorial to darker times. al jazeera berlin. >> all the sport now. >> men's world number one djokovic is through to the semifinals of the australian open. he beat the canadiens in straight straights to advance to the semifinal. he'll face the defending champion. >> playing the best match of the
8:52 am
tournament so far is affecting me in a positive way and hopefully i can carry that into the next one. >> the swiss had a straight sets win. >> serena williams progressed to the semifinals of the australian open. the world number one moving a step closer to her 19th grand slam title defeating her opponent 6-2 6-2. the last time times she has advanced to the last four, she has won the title. >> i felt i played well. i had to. i feel like when you're going against a player like her very confident on the court she had a good few matches. i knew that i needed to really play well, or go home. >> there will nobody sister act in this year's semis with serena's sister exiting the
8:53 am
tournament beaten by unseeded american teenager. the 19-year-old will take on serena williams. >> football's world govern body announced global transfer spending has broken the $4 billion mark for the first time. $4.1 billion was spent a total increase of 2.1% from 2013. willie suarezs move to barcelona with 1,039 transfers. in europe, transfers account for 87% of the $4 billion. england leads the way their teams paying just under $1.2 billion for players last
8:54 am
year nearly 30% of the market. that's about $500 million more than the second biggest spenders spain whose total is $700 million and germany $327 million china in the top 10 with $100 million. >> former real madrid player has put himself forward for the fica presidential election. the 2001 player of the year is the fifth person to stand against the current president. other candidates, the deadline to stand is on thursday. >> there's ban thrilling end to the final round of games in group c., the group of death in south africa nations. recovering from a goal down to
8:55 am
beat the host 2-1 to qualify for the quarter finals. >> it was a very differ victory. united with a great team spirit. >> new england patriots quarterback tom brady took part in his sixth superbowl media day, steering clear of questions surrounding the deflated football controversy. media days were held on tuesday in arizona ahead of the superbowl clash. brady along with coach belichick has been under treasure explain by 11 of 12 footballs used in their championship game did not meet nfl standards. >> this is pretty spectacular
8:56 am
to have the opportunity to play this game six times is unbelievable. it's changed. the process that changed since we first made it, but every time you do it, it's pretty sweet so hopefully, we can be at our very best. it's a big challenge for our team but i'm excited about it. seattle's earned it, they're a great football team and we're going to need to play our best. >> boxers flied mayweather junior and manny pacquiao, jr. met at a miami heat game.
8:57 am
>> tiger wood underwent back surgery a year ago and since then has failed to record a win. >> my drive has come around faster. i'm longer than i ever thought i could be again. my speed is way back up, and that's fun. i'm touching numbers i did 15 years ago so that's cool. >> there's much more sport on our website. for the latest, check out that's it, back to you. >> stay with us here on al jazeera. i'll be back at the top of the hour with another full bulletin of news. all the latest on that developing story coming from the lebanon-israeli border. thanks for watching.
8:58 am
>> because i was african american i was trying to fit in >> misty copleland's journey wasn't easy >> dancing gave me the opportunity to grow into the person... i don't think i could be without it >> now, this trailblazer is opening the door for others >> i wanna give back to ballet what it's done for me... >> every sunday, join us for exclusive... revealing... and surprising talks with the most interesting talk to al jazeera only on al jazeera america
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>> exchange of fire on the israeli lebanon border. a u.n. piece keeper is killed. hello, i'm darren jordan you are watching al jazeera live from doha. and jordan says it will release a woman who has been on death row, if isil releases a pilot. and greece's new cabinet holds its first meeting. ♪