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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 28, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am EST

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back to the airport. >> four other airports have now followed sea-tac's lead and employ their own, full-time, wildlife biologist. > hi everyone this is al jazeera america. i'm john seigenthaler. prisoner exchange - i.s.i.l. threatens to kill two hostages with a deadline close, jordan agrees to a demand. middle east destination - israeli soldiers killed by hezbollah, and israel hits back. >> campus backlash why sorority women were told to skip frat parties at a top university. flight restrictions.
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new technology to track drones after a white house security scare we begin with a new threat from i.s.i.l. to the government of jordan. the group is threatening to kill a jordanian pilot held captive if the country does not release a riseninger. -- prisoner. >> in an audio recording the joys of kenji goto jogo says jordan has until sunset to release an iraqi prisoner at the turkish border if not set free the kidnappers say a jordanian pilot will be executed. residents in jordan are demanding the government do all it can to win the pilot's release. >> reporter: anger inside the pals of king abdullah. moments later the sister of the captured jordanian pilot breaks down. family and friends demand their
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government act faster to secure the release of the pilot whose plane crashed during a bombing mission, as part of a coalition fighting i.s.i.l. leaders in jordan say they have heard nothing from i.s.i.l. as to whether he is safe. the foreign minister saying that the request for proof of life has gone unanswered. this is the woman jordan is willing to hand over if the pilot's life is spared. 44-year-old woman is on death row for her role in a suicide bombing in a hotel in amman? 2005. 60 died it rocked one of the middle east's most stable countries. jordanian government speaks men say: the fate is also tied to kenji goto jogo a veteran war reporter held by i.s.i.l.
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a video purports to show kenji goto jogo and the pilot have 24 hours to live unless the prisoner is released. jordan is not going enough says his father. >> translation: i'm telling the japanese government they are putting the blood of our sons. >> japan's government promised not to give in to terror u. dozens rallied outside tokyo holding up signs reading free kenji." >> immediate release, that's what we are calling for. >> the hostage standoff is causing a concern in washington. the u.s. continues to stand by its position that it does not make concessions to terrorists. jordan is an ally and a member of the u.s.-led coalition fighting i.s.i.l. in iraq and syria?
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john terrett. >> james reported from the syrian border on the hostages held within the country and the efforts going in to releasing them. welcome. >> happy to be here. >> this is a situation - is it unique? >> is it unique? >> no the guys are good at this. the only uniqueness about it is a sadistic ingenuity. it seems like now that they said "we'll kill the guys, we won't necessarily release him unless you return the prisoner to us", that they can get the prisoner that no one thought about without promising anything. they haven't promised to release kenji goto jogo or the jordanian pult. they are in a position of power, even if they get what they want something no one new that they want. >> what do they get out of this?
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>> what do they get out of beheading people. alas they prove it works. they succeed in terrifying people they terrify. any time there's a balance, do we negotiate, or not - people negotiate. except for the united states and others the thought of beheading is so terrifying. at the same time it's a trends recruiting tool. who would be recruited - a lot of people it seems. they terrify those they want to terrify, and thrill the ones they want to thrill. >> how should the united states - how should jordan japan respond. >> i don't know about should. i know what hats happened is that the united states's position is getting weaker all the time. if you were the only one who says we are going to hold fast. holding fast doesn't do any good. you must send a message to the terrorist that this will not
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work. so i think - i don't think the united states will abandon that position, but i don't think they are in a position to tell jordan you can't do that. that will not work. >> with japan, you had two people held hostage, one killed. >> yes. >> there was talk of negotiation there. that didn't work. >> we don't know why - why i.s.i.s. switched from give us 100 million. maybe they would never get 100 million, 10 million. they have enough money that they can forego a purpose to change for money to get someone they don't care about. practices is more proof, a game of humiliation.
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>> they captured the attention of the middle east. >> we can talk about what a long term strategy is with i.s.i.s. it's a problem. in the end, we the united states the west is really going to depend on events in iraq and syria. certainly in iraq the united states has made inroads, that's because they have people in the grounds. and syria, where all these events we were talking about were taking pleas. now the united states is probably doing what it can through its bombing campaign. maybe had obama agreed to train rebels two years ago, people wouldn't be in this situation. now with a late date they are talking about training rebel
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forces who are supposed to take on i.s.i.s. whether they or will the rebels say "good, we can take on the enemy we care about." israel and hezbollah are calling for calm after an escalation of violence between them in almost a decade. happening near the israeli occupied golan height. nick schifrin is in the goalan heights with more. >> good evening. i apologise. i'm losing my voice. i'm standing on the disputed land you spoke about. this is the occupied golan heights. that is lebanon, and that is syria. you can see behind me the area between here and the border is a minefield. this incident took place about a mile from here. and officials indicate they don't want this to escalate any more. the area is on high alert since the war.
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>> on the road two israeli trucks burning and destroyed. hit with hezbollah rocket. the israeli convoys driving slowly down a 1-lane road. from 2 miles away hezbollah fighters fired six rockets. two scored direct hates. in the first vehicle, killed significantly, company commander and 20-year-old staff sergeant. in hezbollah-controlled southern lebanon, residents honked horns. the israeli response was swift. firing 100 artillery shells. the target near a small lebanese village, hezbollah free points. israeli soldiers searched for tunnels. israel is worried hezbollah fighter can sneak under the border to launch attacks. >> whoever is behind the attacks
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will pay the fuel price. >> police set up checkpoint. >> all have been seconded from crossing the point. there are hundreds of cars trying to get by. the police and soldiers as well are blocking everyone from going by. everything behind me it's been a mile from the attack is a closed military center. >> by late everyoning israel's message calmed. officials do not seem to want another war. >> i call on everyone we are here. you can return to your routine. i call everyone to return to your routines. >> times are tense. in a border volatile it is tonight at its highest alert. >> israeli officials are saying they don't want another war. hezbollah officials are telling the media they do not want this. both sides seeing this as a retaliatory trike to what u.s. officials said was an israeli
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threat killing them as well as a senior iranian general. an israeli official saying it was retribution and expected as a response from hezbollah, a tit for tat. because hezbollah hit a military target in a disputed area. this border always volatile and of concern. >> now, to washington where the senate began confirmation hearings for attorney-general nominee loreta lynch. if approved she'd be the first african american woman to hold the office. the big challenge separating her from the predecessor and the president. libby casey has more. >> the truth, the whole truth and nothing but... >> loreta lynch, under scrutiny but many republicans focussed on
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the counter tomorrow morning. >> let me stipulate, you are not eric holder, are you? >> no, i'm not, sir. >> an attorney-general who - g.o.p. want to see daylight between president obama and the new nominee. >> you wouldn't consider yourself a political arm of the white house. >> no attorney-general r, that would be an inappropriate o view of the position of attorney-general. >> recent action halting the deportation of undocumented immigrants recent action. >> not only is it contrary to our laws it's dangerous abuse of executive authority. >> reporter: democrats urged the committee to focus on the nominee. >> immigration policies are not seeking confirmation today. loretta lynch is. >> reporter: lynch defended the president's legal standing saying he followed the law.
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>> do you agree with that analysis or not? >> senator, i told you i did find the analysis reasonable it recognised the issues and did seem to provide a reasonable basis. >> reporter: an area of agreement between democrats and republicans - concerns about security and terrorism. >> in a world of complex and evolving threats protecting the american people were terrorism must remain the primary mission of today's department of justice. >> reporter: confirmed lynch would be the first african-american female general. she is promising a fresh start. >> senator, if confirmed as attorney-general i will be myself, i will be loretta lynch and a little late we take a closer look at one of the big issues that could be on loretta lynch's agenda. questionable police tactics now they have divided the city of
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cleland the supreme court is putting on hold three executions. in mates are changing. they are looking at whether one drug violates a constitutional ban on cruel and unusual punishment. a former scientist was sentenced for leaking classified data. he will spend five years in gaol. he admitted providing secret nuclear data to the person he was thought was the venezuela government official promising he could help venezuela build nuclear missiles. >> in eastern ukraine, a conflict between government forces and pro-russian rebels has intensified. many have been forced to flee. those that stay behind are growing concerned for their safety. charles stratford has this story. >> they call themselves soldiers
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in the army of the people's republic. they hold this position. the fighting has become more intense in recent days. the fighters tell us to keep moving because of ukrainian army fighters. some of them insist we hide their faces. they take to us a destroyed ukranian armoured personnel carrier. the fighters stand guard, looking for movement in the freezing fog. this car took a direct hit. the family living close by left soon after. we are told two fighters were killed in a destroyed truck. >> there has been heavy shelling on the front line. we heard a bombardment in the last few minutes. what is incredible is people are still living in some of these houses. >> anatoli has been living here
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with his wife for 40 years. >> translation: i have to feed my dogs and protect my home. where can i go. i have nowhere to go. i built this house myself. >> the fighters stop us filming heavy equipment moving through the village, but say they have helped to evacuate thousands of people in recent weeks. . >> the main thing is to protect the people. the things they want in life especially those that can't leave. there has been no electricity or water in the village for several months. there are food shortages. fighters have brought bread from donetsk to distribute among the villages. >> translation: it's frightening. we run and hide when we hear the bombs, we don't have a basement. >> on the road the fighters stop and inspect vehicles moving
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back to their command position. they say they will never retreat. >> because of the violence in ukraine, sanctions may be increased against russia. treasury secretary jack lew says the u.s. is prepared to escalate restrictions on technology defense and banking, saying russia has not done enough to discourage separatists kim jong un may leave north korea. russia says he will travel there in may to attend a celebration marking the 70th anniversary since the end of world war ii. north korea has not confirmed the trip. russia is looking to boost economic ties with north korea coming up new technology that tracks drones by listening to them. >> digging out in new england
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before another storm bring more snow after more than half a century, vindication for a group of men convicted of breaking the law, fighting for civil rights.
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across new england a big dig is under way. 2 feet of snow. massachusetts saw 3 feet of snow. thousands without power. forecasters say it's about to get colder and there's a chance of more snow commander say they felt the pinch of mandatory budget cuts. 40 billion has been taken from the defense department. they told powerful senator that that needs to change. jamie mcintyre reports from washington. >> the new chairman of the
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senate arms services john mccain, said he'd use his position to preach the gospel of military spending. his prime target is sequestration, that had the pentagon complaining that it can't defend the nation. >> here we go again. >> if we in congress don't act. se crest ration will set the military on a dangerous course. >> the top generals and admiral have a new champion. john mccain railed against the congressional aimposed budget -- congressionally imposed budget cuts. >> it's collateral damage. >> reporter: the chiefs were called. describing the impact of spending restrictions. >> it the worse in 40 years of
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service. >> we would delay war fighting further reduce the readiness of reporters. we have 12 fleets of airplanes qualifying for antique licence plates in the state of finally. >> reporter: service treatments say they have downgraded. >> we are the smallest air force that has ever been. >> it's a brief discussion such as on the troubled f-35 fighter. six years late and with a life-time price tag, estimated at well over a trillion dollars. >> can we do it better? can e make it more equirnt. >> jo manson noted that the bill was lauded with equipment no one asked for. >> we force stuff pon you. >> such as the $120 million for m1 abraham tanks that he doesn't need. >> tanks is an example in the
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army. hundreds of millions on tanks that we don't have the structure for any more. >> there was another pentagon priority billions that could be used for defense, the obama administration is expected to ask for the authority to close unneeded base reduce infrastructure and the president is expected to say no because of the difficulty of closing a base. >> a full military send off for chuck hagel. he was honoured by president obama, joe biden and other officials. obama said he improved partnerships in the middle east. chuck hagel resigned in november. the nominee to replace him, ashton carter is awaiting senate confirmation. >> the federal reserve said it
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will be patient before raising interest rates. that was the message coming out of the fed. the central bank was upbeat about the economy giving a solid out look for jobs. the risk of inflation is low and remain low moving forward. >> new restrictions may come for drones one after one crashed at the how's grounds this week. now one company is working on a detection and warning system that anyone can buy. lisa stark reports from washington. >> reporter: this is the same model of drone that went down at the white house, a defies 2 feet in -- device 2 feet in diameter. ranging questions about safety. >> it's a powerful reminder on the white house doors. >> there has been a number of troubling incidents. close calls with air planes flights over french nuclear
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plants attempts to drop drugs into prisons. angela merkel buzzed by activists, upset over her policies and just this month a drone carrying drugs from mexico to the u.s. crashed. even a drone as small as this has flight computers and gp s. it can be programmed to fly to a designated spot and outfitted with cameras and much worse. >> they can be large, have explosives explosives. biological and chemical. most are run by hobbyists or businesses. there are concerns that they are too small or too low. >> ryan and his business partner said they have a way to detect
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by listening for their unique sound. >> they don't sound like anything they are referred to as an angry bee hive. >> the company has devices detecting drones or sophisticated ones pigging up a drone two-thirds of a mile away. >> in the u.s. it's popular with celebrities worried about privacy. >> it gives you warning that a drone is coming. giving you a heads up to run inside shut the blinds to protect your privacy. clear a prison yard or get a vip into a bung are or divert planes to another airport. >> intercepting and bringing them down is tougher. the government is scrambling to come up with solutions. the ability to identify and take out drones is years away
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coming up next - tracking the finances of a top g.o.p. presidential contender. where jed bush keeps his money, and what it could mean for the 2016 case. >> a new alarm about soda. soda.
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. >> tonight along the israeli lebanese border. tensions higher than in the last nine years. the israeli military says two soldiers were killed several others injured in an attack by hezbollah. israel followed with strikes of its own. nicole johnson has for. more. >> reporter: this is moments after a tank was hit.
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israel deployed soldiers firing rockets into lebanon. hezbollah, based in lebanon has claimed responsibility for the attack. saying that it is in response for an israeli attack last week against syria. israeli prime minister binyamin netanyahu warned of a swift and painful retaliation. >> the government is responding to event in the north. challenging us at the northern border. i advise them to consider what happened in gaza. hamas took its strongest hit. the i.d.f. is prepared to act on all fronts. >> the israeli attack against hezbollah was near kenatra, a syrian city in the golan heights. where a high-ranking commander and six hezbollah fighters were
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killed. among them a son of a senior hezbollah commander killed in damascus in 2008. iran and hezbollah vowed revenge. the area on the other side of the mountain side has been concern somehows. >> al jazeera senior digital writer reported from the middle east working from lebanon, west bank and syria. >> do both sides in this conflict have reason to contain the tensions right now? >> definitely. hezbollah's attentions are focused on syria. israel. while it does not need war on
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the border. i think it is interested in leveraging the attentions. >> there'll be an election in 20 days. how does this play into that. >> mere and suspicion is the way. to threaten israelis with the idea that there might be an existential thread is a way to secure that. >> there are threats. let's given to ltcol lerner commenting on the threat. >> the reality here whether it's hezbollah or i.s.i.s. or al qaeda affiliated. these people on the borders, on the northern front is something of great concern.
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>> israelis have some threats. how does today's incident fit into all of that. >> i think not all threats are create equal. hezbollah has to answer. if they were to look at the - all the choices of threats inside syria, the syrian regime is not the biggest enemy. >> bashar al-assad. >> they have secured the border there has been no attacks. hezbollah, in this context with the syrian regime. there's more of a threat from the gi hardist elements -- jihadist elements. but for now, the regime is keeping them at bay. >> what about what happened today. obviously lives were lost. is this another tit for tat? >> i mean it's in the play book for the reason. hezbollah and israel have a de facto posture that they
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resort to this these moments and use it for domestic legitimacy. binyamin netanyahu is facing an election. there's nothing like an existential effect to fire his poll says after the fact for before. and hezbollah cannot answer. they are the big tough in the neighbourhood. they are fighting a front inside syria. they are the ones participating in the fight against the gi hardist element -- jihadist element. at the same time there was a day when hezbollah was popular among syrians before the uprising and it has constituencies in lebanon, deriding from the fact they were willing to be the only forces confronting israel effectively.
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maybe it's nostalgia. >> thank you for your insight, we appreciate it. >> raul castro is paying demand for diplomatic negotiations. he spoke at a summit in costa rica. his countries wants to see change. >> he hadn't spoken publicly since an agreement to renew cuban diplomatic relations were announced. many predicted the cold war was drawing to an end. after six weeks of silence, raul castro had much to say. >> translation: initiating diplomatic ties is the first step to normalizing bilateral relations. it is impossible while the blockade exists. until the legally occupied territory is returned.
11:36 pm
until legal radio and television transmission cease, and until our people receive just compensation for the human and economic damage suffered. >> addressing leaders in america, and caribbean nations, castro used language to make sure his party would not alter the system win iota. going further, suggesting that the united states changed methods but not the objectives to overthrow the government. >> translation: everything in the objective is to forment using economic political and communicational methods. >> here castro has received the overwhelming support of regional peers. urging the president to use
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powers to weaken the economic embargo against cuba by passing congress. >> not even the plea to congress has softened president castro's position. the leader is playing hard ball ahead of the summit of americas where for the first time in half a century, the united states and cuba sits at the same hemispheric table. between now and then he is expecting more concessions from the white house without offering anything in exchange. this would be unethic a now to the city of cleveland, trying to move forward after investigations found widespread misconduct in its police department. critics say change is not coming fast enough. bisi onile-ere reports from cleveland. >> reporter: the mayor of cleveland is reluctant to talk to us.
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he's here for a town hall meeting with community leaders. >> mayor, a lot of people are saying in the community - they have criticized the police department and administration saying enough has not been done since the report came out by the d.o.j. what is your response to that criticism? >> criticism is what it is. what we are doing is we are - we have entered negotiation with the department of justice. >> reporter: city divided. that's how n.a.a.c.p. attorney describes the relationship between the kiev lands police and the -- cleveland police and the black community. it's been over a month since the d o.j. released its report. have you seen progress in the police department. >> no all we have seen is push back. objections to the report.
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>> reporter: the justice department investigation into the cleveland police department uncovered years of wrongdoing patterns of reckless behaviour that left innocent dead. the recent incident involved 12-year-old tamir rice carrying a pellet gun when police shot and killed him last year. do you think there's more to do? >> we have to raise the level of consciousness, and make sure that people are accountable. >> two months after the u.s. attorney general eric holder visited cleveland and called for changes. >> the department of justice, and the city of cleveland have come together to set in motion a process that will remedy issues in a court enforceable manner. >> he's on his way out. and a federal monitor has yet to be named. >> they are put to the fire get a monitor in here empower that
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to power in order to make sure the police department toes in line. >> do you think things will change with attorney general eric holder on his way out? >> i don't know about attorney general eric holder. we are doing this in a way that when this is over with this process, that there will be changes that will be measurable. >> in a city that says it's pushing for transparency, some leaders say many residents are left in the dark. >> problems are attacked in the community, solutions should come from community. it should be scheduled on a seat so we can hear their voices. >> as the city negotiates with the justice department residents have seen small changes, hundreds of police officers soon will be equipped with cameras. for many it's a small step.
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more than 45 million americans relied on food stamps last year and the sensis bureau reports the number of children needing help is on the rise. a survey of families shows 15 million were receive food stamps up from 9 million in 2007. 8 million receiving food stamps live in single parent home. >> harvard research says sodas can bring on puberty early. girls consuming more than 1.5 servings of sugary drinks seem to reach puberty earlier. reasons are not clear why. >> jed bush considering a run for the 2016 republican presidential nomination but his candidacy is drawing comparisons to mitt romney's bid three years ago. critics say bush's time in private equity could damage his standing with voting.
11:42 pm
david shuster reports. >> reporter: mitt romney became c.e.o. of bain capital. the mission to reap massive rewords for himself and investors. >> reporter: it was a chilling image in the 2012 presidential race. mitt romney as a greedy capitalist out of touch with economic struggles of ordinary americans. >> if he wins we lose. >> i called president obama to congratulate him on his victory. >> reporter: some chopped up his loss to the private world of private equity. jed bush - he may come with the same political backage. >> anything that is right for opposition research is fair game and potentially some of jed bush's financial dealings may be a part of that. >> according to filings bush
11:43 pm
launched the private equity firm brit nel holdings and established three funds. brit nel holdings one. bh global aviation and bh lodge sticks, worth $40 million. $62 million respectively. the large fund is set up to take money from foreign investors. 98% according to filing. established over in the u.k. it takes advantage of generous tax benefits that are saved from the irf. a major issue for voters according to taxpayer advocates. >> as companies move off sure they are disinvesting america, where they'd pay their fair share of taxes. >> another fund is pushing on-running ties to china. backed by investor money, the country's largest air transport
11:44 pm
company, bh logistics had shares. jed bush declined an interview, but in an interview with the local florida news stationed... >> we are creating jobs. i'm not ashamed of that at all. i think that experience is something that might be useful in washington d.c. >> reporter: analysts say as opposed to mitt romney a lack of reputation could help him. still ahead - sororities at the university of virginia telling members to stay away from parties for their safety. how some young women are fighting back. >> censorship on facebook. social media blocking doing this in turkey.
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controversy at the university of virginia the
11:47 pm
school at the center of the debunked rolling stone rape story, and women in sororities are told to avoid fraternity parties. they are not happy about it. thomas drayton reports. >> reporter: it's expected to be a big weekend at the university of virginia. the cavaliers takes on a top basketball powerhouse duke. it's boys bid night when fraternities welcome new pledges. because of that women in u.v.a. sororities are ordered by chapters not to attend frat parties. collect lively known as the national panay lettic conference says the weekend presents safety concerns and are looking to keep young women out of harm's way. many are upset, speaking out, calling the ban rash.
11:48 pm
>> in an online petition they say: the ruling comes in the wake of the violent death of a student on campus and now credited rolling stone allegations of a gang rape in the city. the women can be fined or suspended if they attend frat parties this weekend. some sororities are planning retreats making sure no one violates the rule. >> more than 2,000 supporters signed the petition asking the sororities to reconsider the ban. >> thomas drayton, thank you. laura dunn is founder and executive of natural justice. providing legal services to victims of sexual assault and is a survivor of sexual assault.
11:49 pm
way what do you think of this? >> i think it's absurd. shocking that the national leaders are showing ignorance about what causes sexuality violence it's not women that choose to go out, it's a small group of men, most often, and, yes, there's a higher risk at the fraternity parties. to say to women, stay inside. it's an antick waited message. >> where do you think it comes from? >> i think it comes from a lack of understanding for what really causes sexual violence and a lack of understanding about how to prevent it. limiting the lives of women is not the answer to solving sexual violence, it's training. knowing how to drink responsibly, to be in settings with others watch for warning signs and speak up.
11:50 pm
unfortunately the burden has women addressing violence and the reality is men are in a more powerful position and when they speak up a lot changes, it's missing the mark. >> there has been these myths and misconceptions about the whole idea that women who dress provocatively encourage sexual assault. blaming it on the victim - is this move as serious as those mistakes? >> i think it's right up there. it really is telling women have different lives, stay inside don't draw attention, don't have normal interactions for all the times you may be assaulted. we know that is not true. sexual violence is an issue on campuses committed by a small percentage of men. it's interesting that wall street journal had an article saying maybe it's sorority
11:51 pm
hosted parties instead of fraternities having the women controlling the settings. i wish the leadership thought progressively rather than go back to the 1900s. >> other than that what other advice would you give them? >> for the leadership to have meaningful prevention. awareness of what sexual violence is the realities of it. it is repeat perp tryings and happens in male-controlled fields. it's an evated -- elevated risk. if someone is harmed it is to speak up take action do the right thing. >> what don't we understand about what is happening at the u.v.a. or other schools. >> what is happening is people are struggling or answers. there's an elevated risk of
11:52 pm
violence. john hopkins had a gang rape that was never reported to the community. the next year te did on overkill saying let's not shut down the fraternity, let's get rid of all. we realise that sexual assault is an issue, but we decided to over correct and say let's stop everything. that is not the answer. don't destroy the social lives and things that people value, have an open dialogue and conversation about what sexual violence is and meaningful prevention, which is not messages to women, but towards men and the communities a whole to intervene and stop this occurring. >> thank you for sharing four thoughts. we appreciate it. >> not at all. thanks for having me on facebook is making content unavailable in turkey agreeing to sensor material insulting
11:53 pm
towards islam and prophet muhammad. roxana saberi has more. >> reporter: a day after the attack on "charlie hebdo" satirical newspaper in paris, facebook's c.e.o. mark zuckerberg posted this message: now, two weeks later, facebook has agreed to sensor one page in turkey in response to a turkish coward order of the turkish media say the content was seen as insulting to the prophet muhammad. similar images that motivated "charlie hebdo" to attack. in the past other media outlets have been censored. that left zuckerberg with a choice - comply with the order or lose millions of users.
11:54 pm
>> it's disingenuous that he has done this. but he has to think about how he's expanding abroad. turkey is a connected country in the middle east. he wants a future there. >> reporter: turkey's censorship is the latest move in a crackdown on freedom of expression. turkey launched an investigation into a newspaper after it published "charlie hebdo"'s cartoons. the editor said he was careful not to offend people's believes. >> by choosing the cartoons, we made sure we respect our society's religious freedom as much as possible. >> turkey blocked twitter and youtube during a political scandal. >> people should be free to express opinions. in a peaceful way, not causing violence. >> turkey is facebook's changing
11:55 pm
country. in the first six months of last year turkey blocked nearly 1900 ages of concept. the second-highest number of any country still ahead - writing a wrong after more than 50 years. a group of civil right pioneers get vindication in court. bsh
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a judge cleared 9 black men for what they did 54 years ago. randall pinkston reports. >> may it please the court of the today i am honoured and proud to move this court to vacate the convictions of my clients now known as the rock hill nine. >> the wheels of justice grinds slowly for nine black men in south carolina it took 54 years. tuesday their records were wiped clean, cleared of breaking the law in 1961 by sitting at a department store lunch counter designated whites only. >> they did it for the purpose of laying themselves before the conscience of the community, and putting their freedom the a stake to make the point that the segregated lunch counters in
11:58 pm
rock hill and across the south were wrong. >> willie edward mcleod. offense, trespassing. disposition guilty $100 or 30 days. >> reporter: one by one the names of the men were read. refused to accept bail or paid fines, and chose 30 day prison sentences. the gaol no bail inspired the movement. charles jones travel to join them. he recorded a song to help them cope. [ singing ] the friendship nine known for the college they attended was part of a nonviolent process. focussing on the american system of apartheid. a south carolina judge addressed that legacy. >> we cannot rewrite history, we
11:59 pm
can write history. convictions for trespassing were vacated. null void and set aside. i'm signing the order, and that is done. [ clapping ] >> reporter: but the memories of those days linger more than five decades later. last week clarence gram met a white woman at the counter when he and friends were dragged away. >> she said "i was there that night." she said "i was there." i want to do something, but i couldn't. >> gram's emotional encounter is a reminder that while many did not want to do anything others didn't know what to do. fortunately thousands of others
12:00 am
like the group did know, and that has made all the difference. >> thank you very much. that's the broadcast. thank you for watching. i'm john seigenthaler. "america tonight" is up next. see you tomorrow night. >> on america tonight. our one of the most feared organizations became a financial powerhouse. >> isil took over factories. they needed civilians not connected to them. i help them sell the product. >> nick schifrin with how isil fuels the money, and how the west aims to stop them. also tonight, swimming against the tide. what the life or death struggle of these rodents tell us about the depth of depression in some of the highest communities in