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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 30, 2015 2:00pm-2:31pm EST

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a surge of violence in iraq as isil attacks kurdish and iraqi army forces in several cities. ♪ hello there. you are watching al jazeera live from london. also coming up. at least 49 killed in a bomb attack at a shia mosque in southern pakistan. people queueing for food along the latest victims of shelling in eastern ukraine. and why south africa is releasing it's apartheid era
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death squad leader who has been called prime evil. ♪ so we begin with the latest developments in the conflict with the islamic state of iraq and the levant. jordan has been trying to find out what has happened to one of its military pilots being held by isil fighters. isil had threatened to kill the pilot unless a female suicide bomber being held by jordan was released. al jazeera has evidence that resistance is growing in iraq's second largest city mosul. always in iraq dozens of iraqi soldiers and kurdish fiebl fiebl -- fighters have been killed. a car bomb targeting a busy market killed 11 people, and 7 died when a security check point was attacked four killed were police officers and three were suicide bombers. elsewhere isil fighters have killed at least 15 iraqi
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soldiers south of fallujah. a suicide bomber detonated explosive close to an army base. and 25 kurdish fighters including a senior commander were killed in an isil attack on their positions in and around the city of kirkuk. dozens of people were injured in the violence. the kurdish forces known as peshmerga took control of the province in june when the iraqi army abandoned its position there. al jazeera has gained a rare incite into what life is like under isil in the iraqi city of mosul. it is in a strategically important location close to the dam which supplies most of iraq's water and power. zana hoda reports. >> reporter: mosul is under the control of the islamic state of iraq and the levant. it has become almost impossible
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for its residents to leave. isil now demands they provide a guarantor to ensure they return. >> we cannot leave. the isis gangs refuse anyone to depart. >> oh really? >> they want us as human shields. >> reporter: for security reasons this person has to remain anonymous. he has been communicating from inside mosul to his friends in the kurdish regional capitol immigration reform bill. even they hide their identity. the armed group has cut off most of the communication lines inside mosul, but the voices that do come out speak of isil's harsh laws and hardships. >> there is food but there is no money, because there is unemployment. but we can -- we can still have hope that the liberation -- it is this hope that keeps us
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alive. >> some of the people welcome them but at the same time there are hundred of thousand people who were sitting home crying about the city. >> reporter: many in the predominantly sunni city welcomed isil fighters when they first entered in june. the iraqi army was seen as sectarian and accused of targeting sunnis. now there are reports that opposition to isil is increasing. we can't dentally confirm that because we don't have access to mosul. but videos like this one have been emerging showing the so-called mosul brigades targeting isil. >> from august mosul brigades the one who like announced to fight isil in mosul, they have done more than 300 operation against isil. >> reporter: and outside mosul, mainly sunni volunteers from the city have been training for the
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fight. their role is important in any counter offensive against isil. the people of mosul may not want isil rule but they have had a bitter history with the government forces. ? jordan the army says it is working around the clock to get information about a pilot held hostage by isil. people in the hometown of the pilot have taken to the streets demanding word. andrew simmons is outside of the family's campaign headquarters. >> reporter: this is effectively the campaign headquarters now for the family part of a large and influential tribe who are unhappy about jordan's government in the coalition against isil but nevertheless supportive of the government efforts to try to do a prisoner swap for the young pilots. what is happening right now is unclear in terms of whether or not isil is going to make a statement of any kind whether
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it's still negotiating with jordan and indeed possibly japan as well. very unclear because now it's more than 24 hours since the sundown deadline when it was said that unless the iraqi woman, the would-be suicide bomber on death row would be exchanged for the japanese journalist well that's unclear as to what is happening. the journalist hasn't been heard from since the last audio recording when he was spelling out the situation, which was assumed to be accurate. so right now, there is really a question mark over who is alive, and who is dead, and who is the next move. very very difficult situation. very sensitive. very tense, and the people here the family don't know really what to do whether to
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demonstrate, whether to cry out loud for the moment they are simply appealing to the isil hostage takers to let this man free. ♪ an armed group which has pledged alee g&as to isil has claimed responsible for bombing a mosque in pakistan killing at least 49 people. it happened in the southern city as shia worshippers gathered for friday prayers. >> reporter: chaos in the moments after. people around the area try to help the injured. they are loaded on to cars motorbikes, rickshaws, any means of ferrying them for treatment before the ambulance arrives. it's a scene that has become all too common in pakistan. a shia mosque under attack. this time the bombing happened
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in the southern sind province. the mosque was packed when an explosion ripped through the building. the blast was so powerful that part of the roof collapsed. trapping people underneath. many people were killed and others injured. the pakistan shia minority have been caught in a recent wave of sectarian violence. just three weeks ago, a bombing outside of another shia mosque killed eight people. shias make up a fifth of pakistan's population community leaders say the government isn't doing enough to ensure their safety, and that attacks like this show they are a target. gerald tan, al jazeera. at least seven people including some queueing for food have been killed by artillery fire in the eastern ukrainian city of donetsk. the separatists strong hold came under attack as peace talks were
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called off. >> reporter: the wreckage of a car. the dead have been covered. the aftermath of more killing in eastern ukraine. [ sobbing ] >> reporter: i can barely walk. i am going to fanth says this woman. witnesses say the attack happened as people queued to receive food handouts at a cultural center in the city of donetsk. a second attack hit a trolly bus nearby. people started jumping out and hid behind the wall. i drove closer and some people started to run towards me said this man. he ducks as yet another explosion rings out. there has been a dramatic escalation in the violence in this region in recent weeks. this comes just a week after 13
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people were killed when mortar hit another trolly bus in donetsk. the separatists seem to have gained confidence since they claim to have taken control of the airport on january 25th. the soldiers have promised to widen their offensive. they have said they are not interested in truce talks. the u.n. says that more than 5,000 people have been killed in this conflict so far, and an another tempt to restart truce negotiations in minsk failed with both sides blaming each other for the escalation in fighting. no one claiming responsibility for those attacks here today, but one thing is for sure they highlight just how very difficult it is to try to restart these peace talks. charles a stratford, al jazeera, donetsk, eastern ukraine.
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egypt has intensified its military operation in the sinai peninsula. at least 45 people were killed on thursday. including an army general. and the attacks prompted egypt's president to cut short an official trip to ethiopia. more details now from imran khan. >> reporter: the force of the explosion can be seen from far away. on friday mourners blocked to the hospital where the dead and injured continue to arrive. fighters from an armed group called sinai province say they are responsible for thursday's attack. they have pledged asee gansz to the islamic state of iraq and the levant or isil. the attackers used a barrage of rockets and a car bomb in the provincial capitol, and a nearby town, in four separate attacks. one journalist told al jazeera where the military base may have been chosen as a target. >> translator: what i have
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learned is that many were injured and many of the civilians detained inside the battalion were seriously wounded. it's not only a military base but houses prisons and detention centers for what the army describe as extremists. >> reporter: it's unclear whether the attack was designed to set free the prisoners, but it's being taken very seriously by the president. president al-sisi has returned to cairo, this attack is one of the worst since october. after that attack the egyptian government insisted it would increase security measures even building a buffer zone along the border with gaza strip and increasing patrols. and the parents of jailed al jazeera journal list peter greste say they were saddened to return to australia without their son. peter has now been held in the
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egyptian prison for 398 days. he and two other al jazeera journalists mohammed fahmy, and baher mohamed were wrongly accused of colludeing with the outlawed muslim brotherhood. >> the 25th of january there was quite a lot of talk around the possibility of the guys being pardoned. as yet there has been no news of that and the -- you know egypt is going through a seven day period of mourning for the saudi king so that sort of -- that announcement we understand is being put on hold. still ahead on the program. sick traumatized and exhausted the india children rescued from secret slave labor work shops. plus -- i'm jacky rowland in madrid where a new political party is challenging the established order. ♪
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>> i'm ali velshi, the news has become this thing where you talk to experts about people and al jazeera has really tried to talk to people, about their stories. we are not meant to be your first choice for entertainment. we are ment to be your first choice for the news. ♪ hello again. a reminder of the top stories here on al jazeera. there has been a day of violence after suicide bombers attacked a market in bagdad and a security check point. isil attacks killed 15 iraqi soldiers in fallujah. in jordan the army is demanding proof that a jordanian pilot held hostage by isil fighters is still alive.
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and a bomb attack on a mosque in southern pakistan has killed at least 49 people. it all happened during friday prayers at a shia mosque in sind province. in yemen, talks to fill the power vacuum left after the president resigned hit another setback. southern representatives have pulled out of the process. and there has been more calls for southern yemen to form its own state. demonstrators reject the presidential council that parties are trying to form in the capitol of sana'a. jamal has the latest. >> reporter: despite the apparent break through that was reached late on thursday evening when the different political parties had announced that they had agrees in principal on the formation of a presidential council to rule the country in
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an interim period that optimism was short lived because on friday the politicians from the south of the country, many of whom who have been calling for cessation from yemen, said they were suspending their participation in these negotiation because they believe these negotiations can lead nowhere, because they accuse them of taking place under ransom at gunpoint. they say the houthi rubble government has put resigned president under house arrest; that they are the ones that are controlling the country and this upper hand militarily then there's no point in these discussions because they are not taking place on level playing field. meanwhile the allies of the houthi movement said they were going to take a step back from the negotiations. they were going to vacate the
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negotiation table to speak to -- give more freedom to those political parties in an attempted goodwill gesture, so to speak. the situation is still very complicated, and on the ground there are still protests. there are still those opposed to the advancements of the houthi movement. there were large demonstrations across yemen on friday. it was significant because many people were breaking down that fear barrier that was created by the houthi movement after they ran rampant in several cities attacking, and killing many of the protesters. so very volatile situation here. hezbollah leader says the lebanese armed group isn't afraid of war with israel and has the right to respond to what he calls israeli aggression. he addressed thousands of supports at a rally in beirut.
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the attack was retaliation for an israeli air strike inside syria last month that killed six hezbollah fighters and an irane general. >> translator: the operation took place when the israelis were on high alert from sunday the israelis have been surveying and listening to us. they put all of their resources into this total alert. the spies, the intelligence the telecommunications and have been watching every single movement. however, hezbollah, in brood daylight carried out this operation, and the israelis failed their army with all of the resources, intelligence radar, and surveillance equipment. chad's air force has bombed boko haram fighters in nigeria forcing them out of a town that the group held for three months. chad recently sent hundreds of troops into cameroon to use the country as a base to launch
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attacks against boko haram. but nigerian government isn't happy about its neighbor's intervention. >> reporter: they have confirmed that there are forces stationed on the border that have taken on boko haram fighter in the village in northeast nigeria. they say they first used a jet bomber to attack the fighters and those who fled towards the border were then attacked by their ground forces who were stationed in the cameroonian border town. chadian forces do not have the authority of the nigerian government to fight boko haram inside nigeria. and the reluctance by nigeria to allow forces in their country to fight the boko haram fighters is putting at risk the entire regional efforts that have been put in place to fight boko haram. nigerian authorities are said to
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prefer troops from countries that are members of the economic community of west african state. cameroon and chad have also been affected by the boko haram attacks with chad link at risk because the road that links it to nigeria is currently closed by boko haram. and nigeria was high on the agenda at the african union summit in oath openia which heard calls for a regional force to defeat boko haram. they installed robert mugabe as the new chairman. the 90-year-old took the rotating chairmanship during the summit. it's long been known simply as prime evil. eugene de kock was sentenced to more than 200 years in prison. but after serving just over 20 he has been granted parole.
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tania page reports. >> reporter: eugene de kock confessed to 100 murders instances of torture, and fraud, at south africa's truth and reconciliation commission. he was known as prime evil one of the most brutal weapons. as commander of the police counter insurgency death squad he was tasked were identifying, hunting, and killing anti-apartheid activists. the justice minister said he was eligible for parole because he had served more than 20 years, and showed remorse. >> political or public pressure does not affect the decision we made. >> reporter: the president supports the justice minister's decision but on the streets of south africa there are differing views over the parole of one of the apartheid regime's
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most feared individuals. >> let's forgive and forget. that's the aim mandela created the reconciliation. >> no i think it's not good. it's not fair actually. looking at the many lives they had taken during the days of apartheid. so he should rot in jail. >> reporter: de kock's victims families were consulted. he has been helping the police find the remains of those he killed. but de kock accused many generals and former cabinet ministers of having blood on their hands too. but at the time amnesty was offered as part of the new south africa and now de kock has a second chance too. tania page al jazeera. workers continuing in mexico city to clear the wreckage of a hospital which was become demolished by an explosion.
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a mother and child were killed when the blast was triggered on thursday. three employees of the gas company were injured. they are in police custody. mexican's president visited the surviving areas of the hospital. indian police say they have rescued child slaves some as young as six from workshops. many were sick underweight, and dramatized and spoke of being forced to work long hours without breaks. kim vinnell has that story. >> reporter: tired and afraid these children were discovered in a series of window less back rooms in the southern indian city. they were forced into making bengals, which left many with wounds. this 13-year-old explains how he came to the factory because his aunt was there, but he was never paid working only for food. the rescue marks the end of a
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long campaign by police. >> translator: we're building a case against the owners who are peopling these people. we're taking action against them and those who are vetting them to do this work. >> reporter: just last week a much bigger group, some 250 children were rescued from a different part of the city. they too were making bengals, but they are scared and nervous to speak with authorities. >> translator: we were shocked to see so many boys kept in rooms in very bad conditions. >> reporter: the government estimates around half a million children across india are forced into work. children often work in clothing factories, illegal brothels and in wealthy homes, all of them hidden from sight. of the ones rescued some had been bought from their parents others kidnapped or lured with false promises. a vicious cycle the government says is linked to poverty and
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illiteracy. greece says it won't work with the group of international inspectors charged with overseeing its bailout package. >> translator: our government will proceed to seek the utmost cooperation with the legal institutions. but with the inspectors who's logic we consider anti-european, with this committee which according to the european parliament is poorly structured we do not aim to work with. >> in spain a movement is also gaining ground with its campaign against austerity. jacky rowland went to explore its appeal in madrid. >> reporter: the supporters of the party are spreading the word about a march for change taking place on saturday. the name of the party means simply we can.
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and ordinary people are attracted by its message of social justice. it is riding a wave of euphoria after a similar left-wing party won the general election in greece last sunday. the leader of the party took part in that campaign and he hopes to replicate that victory in spain later this year. the greek party and the spanish party share similar goals, to ditch austerity programs imposed by brussels. >> translator: we have had six years of austerity imposed by brussels on the countries of southern europe and it does nths work. greece has gone worse, so has spain and portugal. there's more inequality unemployment, and the economy isn't growing. >> reporter: nearly a quarter of spanish people are out of work. like in greece the government has cut public spending so welfare benefits are vanishing at a time when many need them
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most. it's tempting to draw parallels between greece and spain, but the comparison only goes so far. here in spain, the party wants to change entirely the way people think about politics. it says the old labels aren't relevant anymore. it may seem ironic but the rise comes at a time when the spanish economy is finally showing signs of recovery. the government says this proves the economic medicine is working. but analysts say it's about more than the economy, and that's why the party is currently leading in opinion poles. >> the real success it has had among the spanish people the reason why it has been escalating in the polls is because of its stance with regard to corruption and reform of the political system in spain. it's a much more reformist party, meaning it wants to change the system reform the
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system. >> reporter: it has successfully captured the public mood in spain, but it's still a new party, untried and untested and the general election is still many months away. jacky rowland, al jazeera, madrid. more on our website, i'm phil tore eses and we are here to talk about technology. let's check out our team of hard-core nerds. maria is a biologist specializing in ecool ecology and evolution. scientists hunt down a bacterial killer.