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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 31, 2015 10:00am-11:01am EST

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>> the sons of the police of the army are ready to pay the price for the sake of this countries. it's only for the sake of this country, but for the whole region the whole region was planned to be turned into a massive fire. and that's why i need to start with this while talking with you. i told the media people yesterday that they had to be careful. they have to be careful. long time ago during the wars people knew nothing about the army because of the will of the nation the will of egypt the will of egypt is being targeted now. this is no, we know what we're doing. please be careful. once again you have chosen this.
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and you the egyptians are my choice. when you the egyptians show that this will be my choice, i will go with that choice with all my strength with all honesty. any choice taken and made by the egyptians, it will be my choice, and i will implement this. this conflict is big and we are keen, we are quite keen, we are determined and understand what i'm telling you we're determined to achieve victory. it's a battle it's a battle. there are so many countries who have fought terrorism in afghanistan, in iraq so many parts of the world and those
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people have left terrorism. but we would never do like this. we would never leave sinai. we will never leave sinai to anyone else. sinai, it's ours, or we will die for it. this is another important point that your morale should be strong and high. the will of the egyptians. the will of the army, the will of the police should always be high because what we are seeing now is quite normal. i've told you this before. i have told you this will be repeated. this will be repeated. do you think those people are okay? no they told us either they will rule us or they will kill us. so we have a choice. yes, in was their goal.
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for me, i can lose my life. i don't mind. yes, i'm telling you this. yes, i'm quite right side to lose my life, and i will tell tell you that i have done the best for the people. i've done the best for you. you should be ruled by this organization. you said no. you said that we will never allow those organizations to be rule us and governor us. that's why the army said we will replace you. we will lose our lives for you. i don't care about anything other than the egyptians. i can face the whole world but the egyptian will support me. other than that, i count do, i can only resist with your support. i can only resist and fight with your support. you support the egyptians who have changed the world.
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i cannot change the world without your support. this is quite clear and this must be clear. we feel no one. we have adopted the matters. finally i would like to say--i would like to say that those who helped you and those who gave you we know them. we know them. knows who gave you and supported you, we know them. we will never leave them alone. will the support of allah almighty. will the support of allah almighty we'll achieve the victory in this confrontation with our efforts with our work, with our blood. you know, you know why they're
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doing like this, the egyptians the egyptians know why the terrorists are doing this. oh the egyptians. you want to have an economic conference on your territory. i told them that the economic conference is that arm of agent. >> okay, president fattah al sisi making an i am impassioned appeal to the egyptian people. and we're joined on the phone now, as i said abdul fattah is making an appeal to egypt. what does he want from them? >> this is the main message. he's looking for egyptian people's support, not only to
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war but even psychologically the support. of course today it's a bigger chalk for the egyptian people seeing these attacks. but so he's looking for this support. he's talking about these attacks. he warns the egyptian people that he warns many times before he becomes president. he's also reminding all the people the egyptian people that they need the support businessmen media everybody
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who is in this war. he describes this as a war, a big battle, also he makes it similar to the war in afghanistan and other battles in the world. he needs the support. this is the main message. the second message was that even the egyptian people or this militant to grow, it was not just a political battle--it is not political. it is a militant struggle, from his opinion. the third element i have noticed is that there is no--we can say that there is nothing to lose.
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even to lose his life, and all the military council lives or to win this war or this battle again, it is the militant to grow in other parts of egypt. he didn't say--we can say from his statement and his word that he's mentioning to some groups, as we know today some gyms arm of hamas appears to grow-- >> that is the substance of other discussion. he raised people come from all around the world to partake in this fight against egypt.
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this presents president fattah al sisi's biggest challenge to date. >> yes he mentioned the economy conference and also the last part of the map with the parliamentary election. they open the door for the election. so they're saying that maybe the attacks are planned or targeted to this road map. we know that egypt right now is facing a very huge economic troubles as we all know the egyptian are losing value against other currencies.
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there are many where areas where the prices are increasing there are many difficult economic sections. they're saying that they're trying to distract and stop this map, and you know we can see achievement from his opinion. >> okay, thank you very much indeed. well president sisi was attending the african union summit taking place. but he left early because of this security challenge. of course, representatives from 54 countries in all were meeting there to talk issues that confront the continent. top of the agenda, of course, is ongoing threat of boko haram in nigeria. the a.u. has now agreed to send
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7500 strong force to combat the group. the african union has joined regional and international organizations so fight south sudan's sanctions if they don't get together and resolve their conflict. another big concern how to deal with the democratic forces for the liberation of rwanda. they're located in the democratic of congo. we're speaking with malcolm web who is in the eastern part of the dlc. but let's go to our correspondent who is at the summit and clearly katherine this is a conference that was slated to deal with the issue of female empowerment gender issues on the continent but that's all fallen away give the security concerns that have overshadowed everything. >> absolutely. they have dominated the summit.
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the leaders are still meeting to discuss what is on the agenda. they expect major security issues affecting the continent. number one, boko haram a big major threat, and the leaders will be expected a proposal for these regional force, and this regional force calling for a 7,500 strong regional force to help fight boko haram. another country that has been top of the country has been south sudan and conflict there and peace talks that have taken way too long. since january there has been a lot of pressure on the president of south sudan and the rebel leader to sign sort of a deal to have a political settlement as well. the two leaders have been
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meeting since wednesday to try to move forward in these talks. ebola, another crisis that has been discussed at length at this summit ebola effecting some of the poorest countries in this continent. another item on the agenda, the last item of the agenda is the international criminal court in kenya has been pushing to have the african court to include crimes against humanity and human rights abuses as well. kenya has been pushing for that, if you remember the african union has been often criticizing the international criminal court for unfairly targeting african leaders. >> katherine. thanks for that. it's quite a hefty agenda there. but to focus back on the
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situation regarding boko haram chad the neighboring country is trying to get away from boko haram in nigeria. in the northeastern town, that in nigeria earlier in the month for so many people to cross the border. it's believed that 12,000 people have traveled to chad in recent weeks. we have reports now from the chadian capitol. >> on the shores the crisis spawned by boko haram is laid bear beyond nigeria's borders. these are some of the victims of the group driven from their villages in the northeast. cross the border of chad is now their home. the camps are quickly filling up as hundreds of refugees cross the border daily. >> we've seen a massive inflict of niger nigerians into chad.
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most of them are civilians. >> the military they don't fight boko haram. they just runaway. >> the needs are immediate. some agencies are providing food and shelter. others like the international red cross are helping people to track down missing relatives. >> my husband brought us here and then returned home. his brother was killed by boko haram, and he had to check on the family. their village was attacked again. i don't know if he's dead or alive. >> aid workers warn that this is
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a crisis in the making with the potential to destabilize the region. for now, the tanks is attention is rivetted not on refugees but how to stop boko haram's campaign of pillage and bloodshed. >> let's speak to a political analyst of affairs in africa. he has been watching coming out of ethiopia he joins us live from washington, d.c. what do you make of the fact that the a.u. has clearly designated the boko haram problem to be a regional problem. it's not just a nigerian thing. >> i think it's about time. i've been arguing in washington that it is an international problem. when mali had problems three or four years ago there was a presence of boko haram. they've been around since 2002.
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they've attacked cameroon. it's definitely not a nigeria nigeria-only problem. it's about time. i'm glad that the african union is focusing on it. >> and what do you think the nigerians themselves are going to make of it? historically they've always had a certain ambivalence of having foreigners involved in their security matters and of course we're just a week or so away from elections. >> i think that if i might say so that is a great question. i think yes in general they're quickly saying we don't need help. we give help. we're the big guys. but against boko haram the army has struggled. i think the elections make a big difference. president jonathan, one thing he has been criticized for the most especially here in washington, corruption may be a second, but
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they have been crashing them. he claims he can do a better job. he feels he can do a better job. my expectation even though the general in nigeria does not like for people to come in to offer security this is the exception because of the size of the problem, and because of the election. whoever wins is actually going to make a bigger effort and give bigger support both from the africans and international community, i'm picking this up in washington. washington wants to ratchet up support for nigeria to deal with it because people are dealing questions, why so much help against isis, and why so much focus on what happened in france but boko haram's issue has not gotten much attention.
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>> can i ask you to hold that thought, now because we want to discuss one of the other issues being discussed at the a.u. summit. they're also discussing how to beat the flr. the whole theater of action is in the democratic republic of congo, they say they're prepared to launch a military operation against the group. the rebel group formed in 2000. it's based in the democratic of congo. it's made up of mostly ethnic hue tuesday. to hutus. many are thought to be involved in the rwanda genocide. they are asked to surrender or to face military action.
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many surrendered but many more refused. we go to the eastern part of the drc. >> the congolese army said that the fighting will start any day now. some members of the diplomatic community wonder if they have the political will to do this, the congolese have been accused of fighting the flr to fight against other rebel groups. they say they're ready to do this and the fight something about to start. rights groups are concerned that civilians could get caught up in the fighting, and they could be bearing the brunt of this assault. >> it looks like the major operation is due to get under way, this is really a hangover, isn't it, from a rwandan
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problem. it was the genocide of 1994 that led to the formation of this group of hutus. what are the rwandans saying? are they willing to take these people back? i think give his choices he might take them back. of course, the prime goal is to control them and eliminate them. i think that they have more of the political embarrassment and than an active military force. the other point is that this is a quid pro quo because international community fought and got rid of m23 which everyone accepted was. but everyone said they need to get rid of these too. they are from a remnant from the troubles in rwanda in 1994.
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this was 21 years ago. so as malcolm said, many of these people were not involved. they were born after they were civilians, so militarily they are not that big of threat, but it is part of a political deal. of course, congo sovereignty wants to get rid of all the groups. i think you're right. rwanda will take them back and because it gives them tighter control over them, of course, who want to disarm them and prosecute them. >> thank you as ever, for your thoughts. thank you very much. >> my pleasure. >> all right well, we move away from africa now and go to iraq, where at least ten people have died in a series of explosions in and around the capitol. a blast in a car repair shop killed three people. five others died in another explosion, and a sheep market, two soldiers were also killed
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after their army patrol was targeted in a bomb attack north of the capitol. well this violence comes as the iraqi prime minister has been hosting a security summit also in the capitol. haider allah bady addressed factions across the country. it's aimed at reconciling division among groups and help to create an united front against isil. our correspondent in baghdad. >> this national conference is taking place at a crucial time, and on the ground and in the fight against isil it has been a crucial past few days as well. even with the airstrikes and the military gains that kurdish forces are making in the north and shia militias with iraqi forces are making in the rest of the country there are places where isil is creeping back in. in the west a senior leader was killed when a tanker of explosions went into his house
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this week. and in kirkuk heavy clashes two senior peshmerga commanders, including a major general killed by a sniper today said to have been killed in those clashes. around the country as well in the province of dala, the repercussion of a massacre of unarm unarmed gunmen, that was part of the backdrop of this conference that the prime minister addressed. he said that iraqi security forces and anyone acts outside of the law would not be considered anything but outlaws. he said the killings and kidnappings were no better than terrorism. he called for national immunity. >> we need to be unified in order to put an end to isil. we could put an end to isil through our government reforms. we have to be determined to fit isil on the military security and social fronts.
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if we do this, we'll defeat our enemies sooner than we think. >> that could be hard to come by. the debate whether they will join against isil. there essentially looking at what they're being offered. many sunni leaders say it's just not enough. it's prompted fears across the country as well that this fight against isil as well as many other places are being beaten back is not a fight that the iraqi government can win in the long term without reconciliation. >> kurdish forces known as the peshmerga say they've griffin fighters from isil out of kirkuk. it happened after the armed group attacked thecy killing a senior kurdish commander and 25 of his soldiers. kirkuk has come under attack by isil they aim to take control of the oil fields near the city. the u.s. military said that an airstrike has killed a weapons
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expert working for isil. it says he was a chemical weapons engineer under the rule of iraqi president saddam hussein former iraqi president of course. he joined al-qaeda in iraq in 2005. more to come here on the news hour, including new hope for peace talks to resolve the conflict in eastern ukraine. and in sport, a golden night for australian football as their crown champions ever of asia for the first time. >> let's to yemen where four people have been killed in the latest violence. one soldier has been killed in a bomb blast in southeast.
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three others were injured. meanwhile, thousands of people have been protesting in several cities around the country around the houthi rebels. these pictures shows demonstrations in the south of the country. houthies have taken over the capitol. efforts to resolve the political crisis appear to be crumbling more than a week after the president and his government resign. there are several political players. a political movement has emerged as the power group in yemen. the general's peoples congress founded by the former president ali abdullah selah he still remains a power.
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nowthen there is the southern movement, which is demanding independence for that region of the country. the group says southerners have been marginalized both politically and economic italy. let's talk now to yemeni activist and visiting scholar of the middle east center. he's on the line now from sanaa. a pretty turbulent day for yemen and yemen has seen quite a few of them of late. where would you say these negotiations are these negotiations to try to get some sort of dialogue back on track? where are they? >> i would probably add one thing in addition to the movement there is one more thing among the yemeni people. they're very much distanced from this group even if they reach a
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peace agreement, it's not going anywhere. the state did not have an exclusive power of security. any political negotiation in yemen,-- >> no solution can be forged, can it, without the participation of the southerners, but they've with drown from the process saying that they feel that they're negotiating almost at gunpoint. >> everyone, this is more complicated--many do not trust
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houthies will reach their political end. another problem in yemen at the moment making the negotiation difficult at the moment. the yemeni president has been forced to resign by the houthies. >> we still have the remnants of some negotiation process still on the table. obviously, the yemenis are facing the prospect of becoming a failed state. how far away is that at this
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moment. >> if it goes that far, it will be a failed state. but at this point it is not. >> for now, thank you very much, indeed for your thoughts on the current situation in yemen. thank you. >> now fighting between ukraine's army and pro-russian separatists have killed 15 ukrainian soldiers in the last day alone. three civilians also died in this fighting that took place in the east of the country. ukraine is sent to shore up border defense in the south of the country. well the peace talks between
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pro russia rebels and the government of kiev now seem to be back on track. both sides were set to be on friday but those meetings have been canceled. we can get more on the talks in moscow. it seems that they are going to give dialogue a chance? >> yes there has been considerable hard ball or gamesmanship, whatever you want to call it, just to get to this stage. as you said yesterday these talks are supposed to happen. the reason why they didn't is that kiev said that the rebel groups, the separatists and luhansk and donetsk have not sent the right people to these talks. they want to speak with the leader of the donetsk republic
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and the leader of the lu, hask people republic as well. not the representatives. they say they'll only send their leaders once there is an agreement on the table and also once the kiev government, the ukrainian army stops shelling. it's surprising that any of these people are talking at all. >> we're told that the former ukrainian president is involved in these talks and they're optimistic that a cease-fire will result. >> yes the representative for kiev has come to minsk to talk. there is no real sign of a cease-fire on the ground at the moment. in the last few days we've seen flash points erupt in mariupol.
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we've seen flash points in donetsk. one of the prophetics here is that since the minsk peace accords were signed back in september of 2014 the front line has changed consider ply. the separatists have taken a lot more ground. the fighting is going on, and my colleague charles stratford can give an idea of what things are like on the ground in eastern ukraine right now. >> reporter: many of these fighters have never held a gun until a few months ago. most of them live in the town close by, which we're not naming for security reasons. and some have known each other all their lives. we're close to a town where a group of men describe themselves as soldiers of the donetsk republic.
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they're about to go out to the front line now. men, women and children are dying in this conflict on both sides every day. these men describe why they refuse to lay down their weapons. >> we're fighting for our mother lan. they're killing our families. we don't need their government. we just need to save our homes. >> they say they'll never give up the territorian gains they've made against the military. >> no one is retreating. no one is moving from their positions. i will defend our land. >> repeated earths of maintain maintaining a truce means little to these fighters. they say they've >> the truce talks are useless. >> close by artillery fires a
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few kilometers away. fighters take us to a school in town they say was hit by two grad rockets. the people we spoke to in the presence of the fighters, at least, say they support the separateist' cause. >> my kids are ukrainian but i was born in russia. my youngest son is a separatist fighters. i want to tell that goat poroshenko. if you want people living in basements, you've won. >> just one of thousands of civilians injured or killed on both sides of the conflict. >> you pieces of shrapnel injured my hand. i was shouting for my mother. >> back at the base the men stop their tanks a move out to fight
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and defend what they describe as a homeland and a political right. charles trait ford, al jazeera, eastern ukraine. >> now it is possible that this meeting in minsk will result in some sort of cease-fire but that has happened before when there was a sees fire that didn't amount to much. otherwise the leaders would not be meeting in minsk again. there is only going to be resolution once the sides involved that's ukraine the separatists and of course russia as well, have decide they've gotten as much out of the fighting and don't want to go on any more. it's not clear if we've gotten to that stage yet. >> rory, thank you very much. our correspondent reporting live from moscow. now to spain where thousands of supporters on the far left party have been rallying in the
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capitol of madrid. hoping to repeat the success of the party. they want to end the austerity measures imposed by international creditors. >> this is one of the big biggest demonstrations seen in years. we keep hearing people chanting that political slogan, yes we can. a slogan that worked for barack obama in the united states, and a slogan they hope will work here. they're hoping to translate this huge turnout of the demonstration this saturday into votes in an election later this
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year. certainly it's rising high in the opinion polls at the moment but it's still quite a long time until people will be going to the ballot boxes and choosing their next government. >> thousands of people in pakistan have staged protests against the bombing of a shia mosque. at least 59 people were killed in the attack on friday. we have the story. >> thousands of people in southern pakistan gather for a mass funeral. victims of a bombing that was carried through the streets. as people pay their respects and people offer prayers the grief is communal as well as the anger. >> the people who participated in the funeral prayers came from all over the province, even from all over pakistan. we appeal to the government to eliminate the perpetrators. >> dozens of people died in the explosion of the shia mosque a di a day earlier packed at the
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height of priors. the taliban said it was behind the attack, which the prime minister has condemned. >> yesterday's tragic incident has saddened the entire nation. we want to emphasize that this will further strengthen our resolve, further enforce our determination to fight against terrorism. >> a day of mourning is across the province. schools and shops are closed, even public transport has been suspended. pakistan's commercial hub has also shut down for the day. shia groups there staging protests calling for better security. >> we have just one demand, that is the pakistan army should start a military operation. so that they are wiped out of pakistan. >> shia muslims make up a fifth
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of pakistan's poppation and recent sectarian attacks have targeted this minority group. but the south has been spared from the violence, ripping the northwest tribal areas. friday's bombing raises concerns that's no longer the case. al jazeera. >> so at least two people have been killed in anti-france protests in afghanistan. police fought demonstrate necessary kabul. 5900-strong rally was against the satirical magazine charlie hebdo after it published caricatures of the muslim prophet muhammad. >> al jazeera is continuing to demand the release of three journalist who is have been imprisoned in egypt for 399 days. mohamed fahmy, bader mohammed, and peter greste were wrongly accused of colluding with the outlawed muslim brotherhood. the egyptian president if a tall
10:43 am
fattah al sisi said he would like to see the case resolved. peter has written a letter saying: >> legal options are running out for two australians who are death row in indonesia. the men are among a group of convicted drug smuggler who were sentenced to death by firing squad. in australia it has fueled a public campaign for clemcy.
10:44 am
>> in a sydney warehouse actors rehearsing a very personal play. bondai dreaming is about prisoners on death row in bally. life so bleak they imagine imaginary lives. it parallels the lives of two australians. two years ago two were arrested in bally for heroin smuggling. they were given death sentences. appeals have been exhausted. indonesia executed six other foreigners last week. these two could be next. for the bondai dreaming actor who is visited their real live counterparts they've become friends, time is running out. >> we're doing what we can. i'm doing the best because i care about my friends. >> they're hoping to raise awareness even at this late
10:45 am
stage. this play was performed back in 2008. back then there was hope for the actors' real life counterpart. that hope is all but extinguish extinguished. >> in australia there is a frenzy of campaigning well-known australians have offered their voices. families have gone on television to plea. >> they're good kids. everyone makes mistakes. they've done something stupid. they don't deserve to die. they don't. >> campaigners say that they have rehabilitated in prison. sukamara has become an artist who has taught other prisoners. >> australia's prime minister has called for clemcy, similar calls for brazilian and dutch governments was ignored two weeks ago and they have said relations will be severely damaged if executions go ahead.
10:46 am
>> it's difficult but they're suffering from international drug gangs in indonesia. [♪ singing ♪] >> on thursday there was a vigil and concert in sydney. the call "have mercy," but it seems unlikely that australians can save two of their own. andrew thomas, al jazeera. sydney. >> well, on sunday al jazeera reports from west java. we have a special report on the extent of indonesia's drug abuse problems. correspondents examine why the new government is continuing to punish drug traffickers of the death penalty. that's here on al jazeera on sunday. now at least eight people have died in a fire near the
10:47 am
bangladeshi capitol. firefighters have been working to put out the blaze. it is believed that 250 people work at the plant. still to come on the al jazeera news hour. >> it's golf. we all have days like this. >> tiger woods records the worst round of his 19-year professional career.
10:48 am
>> new zealand the world's largest dairy exporter.
10:49 am
but farmers there are facing a rather difficult year ahead. not only are they struggling with hot dry weather but lower milk prices are making it difficult to make a living. >> this is the heart of the new zealand dairy industry where the hills are usually lush and green. but in the province it has been another long hot summer and the moisture in the soil is disappearing. forecasters say that there is not much rain on the way and dairy farmers are preparing extra feed for their cows. but ironically the dry may produce a positive. >> when there are dry conditions, our production has dropped a lot and the market reacts by increasing the price. >> that's stacket exactly what the dairy industry wants to hear. it's the largest exporter in the
10:50 am
world. most dairy farmers in new zealand supply to the cooperative fontera. it has cut payout to farmers by almost 50%. >> there is a feeling among farm necessary new zealand that most of them can absorb one bad year, but not two in a row. so now everyone is looking to the future to try to predict exactly where the global dairy industry is headed. those watching the market say the reduction in price was more of a correction than anything else and believe it will pick up. they don't believe that the slump in the industry will hit the economy. >> it's definitely soft patch for the sector, but long term we see continued growth into the
10:51 am
sector. >> all the farmers can do is try to adjust to the hefty pay cuts. >> we look at our expenses and our business model and we might have to make changes for the future. >> the good news is that banks have revised their forecast down because of the dry weather, a drop in supply should be an increase in price. al jazeera new zealand. >> time to go get all the sports news. you. >> australia has won its first football title. we have reports from sydney. >> a sea of green and gold. the organizeers of the asian cup could not have scripted this any better. a sold-out stadium the socceroos in the final and a chance for revenge against the only team to have beaten them in this tournament--south korea.
10:52 am
>> i hope south korea wins. >> have you enjoyed it so far? >> yes, i have. >> it's really being home. >> you see the crowd now and it's one of the games that most people play in terms of kids, like my kids play. i play. >> this was arguebly the most important match of the event. but having been battered for most of the first half south korea was caught with a sucker-punch to lift off stadium australia. in the second half the aussies try to hold on to their lead, which they did until the 91st minute when they took home the equalizer to force extra time to send the south korean fans into a mild case of
10:53 am
delirium. having led for so long the australians could have folded. they went back on the attack. fantastic work on the bye line. and they write their names in australian sporting history. australia winning 2-1 just hazard was done to them four years ago. >> it was a great achievement but we needed to push on to make sure that this was not the ends of the journey. it's the beginning. >> right now it's for the moment fans, but in the end a perfect end to the perfect tournament in australia both on and off the pitch. the half million fans in the turnstiles that they have won the world cup. >> equal to african cup of
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nations will kick off in the next few minutes. the first match will see congress and the democratic republic of congo in a highly anticipated clash in bata. drills were enough to make it to the last eighth their coach has reached the stage for the september 11th time in eight attempts and with five different nations. >> now surely to take a new step. we know it will be very difficult. >> a later match match
10:55 am
equatorial guinea against tunisia. and two matches will be played on sunday. >> we heard this when they qualified. it will be a hell of a job. that's life. you know the circumstances. >> serena williams has won her sixth australian open for her 19th grand slam. she has beaten maria sharapova. sharapova has not beaten williams in six years. williams suffered a coughing fit, but she recovered to come back and take the sit 6-3. sharapova did show some resistence but the american came back stronger watching up the match in a tie-breaker. >> now that i've got this under my belt i'm a little more comfortable with my ranking now.
10:56 am
now i can really move like i did so bad last year and wimbledon as well. those are two that i have my eye on because i would like to do better in those. i know i can do better, so i'm going into it not as number 20, but as i want to win. >> tiger woods has finished with the worst round of his professional career. he produced par 11 over par 82. 14-time major champion missed much of last season after undergoing a back surgery. >> that's golf. we'll all have days like this. unfortunately, you know, mine was in a public forum, and public setting but we all have days like this. we take the good with the bad
10:57 am
and the thing is even on bad days like this, just keep fighting because on the good days you keep fighting as well. >> while tiger struggles world number one rory mcilroy in the classic in the arab united emirates. he leads by four shots. more more you can go to we have blogs and videos from correspondents around the world. again, that's all the sport for me. we'll have more for you later on. >> thank you very much. nice to see you today. we have got a lot more to come here on al jazeera. i'll have another full bulletin coming up in just a little while from now. so don't go away.
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>> an america tonight investigation >> somebody could come in and take our home away from us >> it was a law that helped condo developments stay afloat >> we would have to sell and have to leave our unit >> now, this law is being used to take peoples homes >> there's nobody helping us... >> honest people, losing hope... >> i didn't fight vietnam so that someone could take my property away from me >> hard sell an america tonight investigation only on al jazeera america >> on techknow cars... the science behind keeping us safe on the road >> oh... >> oh my god... >> the driving force behind these new innovations >> i did not see that one coming >> techknow's team of experts show you how the miracles of
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science... >> this is my selfie... what can you tell me about my future? >> can effect and surprise us... >> sharks like affection >> techknow... where technology meets humanity... only on al jazeera america >> hard work! >> hard work! >> dedication! >> dedication! >> hard work! >> hard work! >> dedication! >> dedication! >> i didn't ever tell y'all this little story guys, about david and goliath. the big ol' giant and the little ol' david. that big ol' giant it was the hurricanes, the ones that was