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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 31, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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half of the united states government. >> she could prove what she was saying. >> [rapping] crack in the system. >> [rapping] this is los angeles.
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s arch the deadline that was issued, in fact to the jor danian pilot the jordanian government is awaiting pilots that it's still alive and now this news which has come as a great shock. there have been diplomatic words from both sides, both jordan and japan on this that they were working together but it's been clear from the outset from when jordan four days ago was
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referring to the prisoner swap that there was a situation there, where there was no mention of it whatsoever. of course, that made japan bring in all of its diplomatic might into discussing the issue with the jordanians and there has been some suggestion that they were working together, but they had conflicting interests from the very outset and so now once again, we see a grotesque video. i have seen it. it's only right that we are not showing in line with our policy and the message which is scrolled in arabic beneath the hooded man with a knife, with goto on his knees wearing orange has been the case throughout with all of these macabre events. the message is to the prime minister of japan, and it says that there will only be further slaughter and that you have to
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stop your involvement in this conflict this war. it says, "let the nightmare for japan begin, and then the style of these macabre videos it fades to black, and then a grotesque site afterwards. it is a definite beheading. there is no doubt about it. and of course now, we are in a situation where we are situation where we are
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seeing [who had been tasked to attack three hotels in aman in 2005. now, this woman was actually a suicide bomber. her device did not deton detonate. she has been serving a life sentence and is on death row, having done 10 years nearly of a sentence. now, she was supposed to have been exchanged for goto. the isil directive from the outset did not include the jordanian pilots. he has arrived on the scene in the sense that the jordanians then started negotiating for them his exchange in return for -- for coming back safely for the prisoner. now, that has been stalled by no proof being given of the fact that he is alive.
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so we now have a situation that stalemates on this side and, of course the outcome has been this murder. it had been feared that this was dodge deliberately to make jordan embarrassed in its situation with the japanese. not only that youto also foment dissent here there is an objection amongst some people to the involvement of jordan in the coalition against isil the u.s.-led coalition. there wasn't a lot of protest about this country's involvement, but it has grown now. and, of course this has highlighted the whole affair, and has caused tension. the protests over three days have certainly been toned down. the request partly because of the family asking for things to be toned down because they wanted less less fuss being made, less pressure on the
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government while these crucial negotiations were taking place. but now out of the blue this has happened and there are now fears that the pilot is dead as well. >> we will be following those developments. andrew simmons, i have been checking out with you. andrew simmons live for us in i aman. thank you. and with us now is from the counter radicalization tinkhink tank is charlie winters. we have been following everything that's been happening and andrew simmons there just talking us through some of the details. tell us a little bit about what was going on some jihadist websites in the run up to this. was this such a surprise? >> it was a surprise on one hand. yesterday yesterday, i followed up jihadist chatter and there is a propa propa-anda arm that will produced this video. the jihadists got it wrong
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because they were predicting that it would be a beheading of the jordanian pilot. the fact that it is kenji goto does suggest a level of incoherence between the islamic prop propaganda machine. it is appalling and i would implore people to rather than share the videos or stills from the video, share photos of kenji goto doing his work. >> he was a veteran war correspondent actually gone into help the other japanese that was unfortunately also killed a short while ago. it's interesting when you look at the negotiations for the u.k. and the u.s., other countries is that have had hostages killed never paid ransoms. >> yes. >> what was japan's stance in all of this? >> so we know that the japanese government was willing to negotiate to try to secure the release of kenji goto and it was
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originally for $200 million which in the scheme of things is a huge amount of money and more than usually is requested? >> it's things like that that make me a cynic that the islamic state ever would have considered the relies of these the relies of these hostages. >> trying to put a clevage between the jordanian
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population and states in the region as well. it's trying to exacerbate tensions that are there already. and in that sense, perhaps the jordanian pilot does have slightly more propagandaa value than either the japanese hostages because of the location of these events. >> charlie, it has been executed. the video has emerged allegedly showing fighters from the islamic state of iraq and the levant beheading the journalist, ke. y ji space goto. they had been working to resecure the release of goto. he is an f-16 pilot in exchange for an iraqi woman currently on death row in jordan. now, she is sirjida jashawri.
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she was a would-be suicide bomber part of a group causing explosions in various hotels that killed 57 people. she has not been released by the jordan i can't believe government. we have now heard news that the second japanese hostage being held captive by isil has been executed. charlie winter from. we will probably come to you again. now, let's hear from tokoyo where the chief cap net secretary has been speaking. >> >> the act of terrorism has been committed and we are outraged at this. we would like to say we are outraged by this act we will have coordinated intelligence gathering and respond to this
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matter. and i have instructed all of the related parties to hold a conference on this matter. >> chief cap net secretary yoshihide suga. goto was an experienced car quarter respondent working in various conflict zones the last 20 years. a report on the career and the events that led to his capture. >> it is kenji goto last year before cross to go syria and into isil territory. he was well aware of the risks. i will go where he is ill operates and if something happens, please don't claim any -- blame any to the syrian
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people. >> he was a freelance journalist who the reported from war zones from more than 20 years, in africa afghanistan and the middle east. he traveled to syria, at least in part to attend a rescue -- attempt a rescue of his friend who was captured by isil in august. he was is self-decide mil tear consultant who went to set up a security company despite despite a lack of any experience. in october, kenji goto was held captive alongside his friend. isil demanded the $200 million ransom for the two men. but last week the armed group released a video which access has chosen not to show. in it, there was an image of kenji goto chained by the wrist and in his hands a photograph of his friend who had been killed. he became part of the hostage and prisoner swap deal between the jordanian government and isil. during his capture, his friend and supporters held vigils
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outside the prime minister's residence in tokyo and his mother thanked them. doctor mr. prime minister please safe the life of kenji kenji goto. >> despite the pleas and government intervention isil followed through with its threat and killed kenji goto jerold tan, al jazeera. >> joining us live in the studio the con item temporary middle eastern studies, thank you for being with us here on al jazeera once again. so, the jordanians are really trying to negotiate two releases, presumably for the failed suicide bomber who was part of that attack in 2005. and also mota. r, the jordanian pilot. we don't know the fate right now. we do suspension kenji goto has
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been killed. do you think the jordans were trying to get too much out of isis? >> not at all. the jordanians asked for a very simple explanation: show us that he is alive, the jordanian pilot. >> that's all they asked for. what's really shocking about the killing of the japanese hostage is that the japanese government and the jordanian government made it very clear they are willing to talk they are willing to pay money. it's irallegational. >> on behalf of isil? >> it tells me this is not about money. this is not about the the iraqi prisoner who tried to carry out the suicide bombing in 2005. this is about politics about foreign policy. it's about isis basically making a very big statement to wage a war against the so-called islamic state, you are going to pay for it.
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the hostages they have created a domestic crisis in japan and jordan, as you well know there is a great deal of opposition both the prime primary in japan and also for jordan's participation in the international coalition. the reality is this was a strategic decision on the part of isis to basically make a stand to send a powerful message for supporting the international coalition by the united states you are going to pay for it. >> where does this leave the pilot who presumably would have been part of this swap and who's life isil didn't prove a few days ago? >> if i were the father and the mother i would feel a sense of despair, of fear because obviously, this is very serious. the reason why i don't, because the jordanionan pilot is a strategic asset, one of the most powerful assets that isis has, and i doubt very much whether isis would ever accept the swap
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but would ask tore hundreds of tennessee of prisoners because they realize this is the most powerful we hope that they have. >> just explain to us because unfortunately, you know, crass as this may sound, different lives of different values according stotheir nationality nationalities. just explain to us exactly why a jordanian pilot, jordan obviously being one of the political few arab countries part of this coalition attacks. explain why his life is so valuable in the eyes of isil. >> jordan is an integral part of the coalition led by the united states. secondly, the tribe to which he belongs is a very powerful tribe. this is the social foundation of the jordanian government. there is a great deal of opposition inside jordan after the capture of the pilot in the participation against isis. the elitist hostage crisis has reinforced the widespread
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opposition to jordan's participation. in fact, you have protesters in the heart of amam criticizing the king. this is the first ever by the very foundation of the jordanian government, itself. this is why they realized that his life is very strategic. his life means not just one hostages. it means tens and 20 and probably hundreds. in fact one the top parliamentnarians jordan said we are willing to go more. >> that's and isis knows this. i could be wrong, that isis only would spare the life of him that would bargain in the next two days or so after they made the horrible statement by killing the hostage, the japanese hostage. >> absolutely. we are waiting to get more international reaction to that statement and to that video. what about money? because of course they asked for $200 million for the release of the two japanese hostages. i mean often, unfortunately in the international media, there is a
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lot of focus on the british hostages and and the merge hostages. the u.s. does not negotiate when it comes to money. others do. isil does sometimes take money and give hostages in exchange for huge sums of money. >> barbara, historically just in the last six months, isis or isis or the islamic state or dash and other military statement groups hostages were the major source of income. we are talking about $150,000,000 u.s. dollars in ransom money over the last two or three or years so money was the source of income for some groups. we have instances where isis basically talked over hostages. i mean turkey was able to get dozens of its diplomats captured in mosul by isis. oftentimes if not money changed hands but some big barging position between the government and isis. and even the qatari government has been able to really talk to
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various groups inside syria and bring hostages out of syria and iraq. so there are precedent for both isis and el nusra front taking money and releasing hostages. this is different since the war started by the u.s. this is all-out war. this is an -- and in particular when you are talking about the pilot, jordanian pilot who's government is an intel gal commission. >> please do stay with us because we would love to talk to you again in the coming hours as we continue to cover this breaking news story. >> news of course of the second japanese hostage being held by isil has been executed. let's cross live now to washington, d.c. and al jazeera's tom ackerman. tom, what reaction from the u.s.? >> reporter: a few minths ago, a spokesperson from the white house issued a terse explanation
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or statement which is not unexpected. the wordage, we have seen the video. we are working to confirm its authenticity. the united states strongly con tan demz isil's actions and we call for the immediate release of all remaining hostages. we stand in solidarity with allied japan. beyond that, secretary of state john kerry in an unrelated appearance with his mexican and canadian counterparts in boston did refer -- may not have been aware of the actual emergence of this video at that time. but he chose to concentrate on the latest battlefield gains by the coalition and said that the dash was forced to acknowledge it's defeat in the capture by kurdish forces in most of kolbane a couple of days ago and said that kobane was a real symbolic and strategic objective of dash and they suffered a
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defeat. >> that's obviously the concentration that the united states is putting right today on the situation. the u.s. is in a standby position. they obviously whyere not happy to see the jordan crane government a crucial ally of theirs in a position of being willing to exchange a convicted terrorist through the jordanian government and the jordanian ports for these japanese hostages but at the same time they were also aware that japan is a symbolic ally because you might note that the original demand for $200 million in ransom according to isis was the equivalent of what japan had pledged in terms of aid to people beleaguered by isis.
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this is part of the war between isis and the u.s.-led coalition. of course they went on to change their demands to the release of the iraqi prisoner. so right now the united states really isn't expected to change its position. what they really want to see is what's happening in iman. >> that's the crucial point of reference for the coalition, whether the jordanian government's very active position in this war will have change i had. >> exactly. >> that's what we were discussing before we get into the studio, tom. the jordanian government is likely to come under pressure especially because there is still one of their fighter pilots in the hands of isil. just remind us how crucial jordan is to that international coalition. >> well, it's not so much the donetribution in the air, although the uae, united arab
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emirates and jordan have been participating as well as the canadians and other air forces have been participating in the daily strikes against isis targets in iraq and parts of syria, but it's the ground effort, the fact that the jordan really constitutes a place where there is some apparent training going on for some forces that may be put in in operation against isis. we really don't know at a time dimensions the full dimensions of the kind of ground operations and training. we have also heard unconfirmed reports that u.s. commandos based in jordan have been operating in the areas that isis is active in. we can't confirm those reports. so jordan obviously is a very critical factor in the landscape
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of this struggle. >> tom ackerman in washington, d.c. tom, thank you. . let's remind you. breaking news kwefb getting here at al jazeera, that the second japanese hostage being held captive by isil has been killed. video has emerged allegedly showing fighters from the is lamic state of iraq and the levant killing the 47-year-old journalist kenji goto. the governments had been work to go release -- secure the release in exchange for an iraqi woman conductor on death row in jordan. to tell you a little bit more about kenji goto the 47-year-old freelance journalist crossed into syria in october. in part he went there tom rescue his friend who was captured by isil in august. in the same months goto was
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captured by isil and held captive alongside him with a $200 million rabsom for the two men. as we understand both men have now been killed by isil. let's talk to andrew simmons in the jordanian capitol. so andrew really even though this was a japanese hostage, it was really hand-in-hand with the fate of the pilot, the jordanian pilot in the hands of isil. what reaction has there been to this news breaking that the second japanese hostage has been killed? >> no formal statement but the japanese embassy, there have been a number of officials who have gathered there, a special envoy who was sent from tokoyo to engage with jordanian officials to try to get some
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extra dialogue going, united front made to try to get a three-way deal agreed. he is expected to make some comment quite soon. there is a news conference being organized. as far as the jordanians are concerned, they had done their level best they say and they were working with the japanese to try to get a three-way deal. but, we are hearing unofficially that there has been a multi-channelled approach. that's all they will say, through intermediataries and also some direct talks with isil, thrubut there have been no progress on getting proof that the pilot was alive. >> that's a key issue. the mystery surrounding everything in that it was on thursday at sunset that that threat was supposed to be
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carried out if they did not get the release of the iraqi woman who was a would-be suicide bomber. she had taken part in an attack in 2005 and was on death row. now, she is a figure that isn't particularly a fire brand. she wasn't well known. she has been staying in self self-imposed solitary confinement for more than nine years. it's mystified many experts as to why she should have been chosen by isil to be the figure that they wanted released now many observers here and the political establishment believe throughout isil's motivation was political. it was to try to divide further, the political opinion here in jordan about whether a country should be part of a u.s.-led coalition against isil
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and, also of course to cause a crisis domestically in jeepapan, also. this video plays out. it's a horrific reminder of isil's tactics, and a shock right across the board here. >> andrew, of course no more for the families of course of these people will now kenji goto and anyone being held hostage by islamic state. the mother of the captured jordanian pilot spoke to our sister channel earlier. here is what she said. >> >> translator: i called upon the islamic state group. i appeal to our brothers among them from one muslim addressing another, from a distressed mother's heart, using sorrow for missing her beloved son. i appeal to you to tell us about his wellbeing, and i ask you to be kind in how you treat him and
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to release him. i beg you. i ask you to show him mercy. >> unfortunately, andrew we have seen so many of these videos haven't we d, unfortunately from desperate families pleading with islamic state to release their loved ones. how much pressure do you think there will be on the jordanian government right now? >> reporter: not only that mention but the wife talking about her children about how they desperately wanted to see their father again, a whole series of pleas have been made to isil only to get this ritualistic, horrific thing playing out on video. the whole thing. i have seen it. it's similar to previous executions and, of course we can't verify it at this stage. it is edited.
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however, it's jihadi john, as he is referred to once again speaking and the warning there to the japanese prime minister that because of your reckless decision to take part in an unwinnable war, this knife will not only slaughter kenji but will also carry on and cause carnage to other people. and so let the nightmare for japan begin. how can a state government negotiate with such people? >> a question that's being put throughout this procedure here king abdullah making probably the biggest decision in his reign so far in negotiating with them. and offering the release of this prisoner harry. now, it is unsure ramey.
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it's an unsure how it will be play out. they have been toned down. family appeals to happen. the family is a powerful influential tribe that he is from. his father has repeatedly said in the past he was not convinced it was the right thing for jordan to do to be part of the co coalition against isil. how much he is no longer saying that. he doesn't want to be political. he is a desperate man, a sick man as well and just appealing to isil to have mercy on their son, 26 years old. he's only been married for three months. his wife isn't speaking to the media. but a civilian here, we have in goto a civilian journalist who knew there were risks going out to syria.
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he knew there were risks to see his face there, a desperation. it is an appalling situation for anyone to be in. and, also now we have a political situation that's unprecedented. in jordan a state government as i say, negotiating with isil and isil it would appear not to be serious, to be quite sincal and indeed sortcynical about this it would seem and japan no way could there be a three-way deal. japan was in a really bad position on the outset on this and jordan also in a very difficult position as well. barbara? >> andrew simons with the latest latest. thank you. so andrew of course talking about the difficult situation together tokoyo was in. let's hear from tokoyo again. here is what the chief cabinet secretary had to say a short time ago.
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coordinating it information gathering. then we will sponltd to this matter. i have instructed all. related parties to hold a conference on this matter. >> with us in the studio from the london school much economics, thank you for staying with us. we were hearing there how often the perception is e perception is
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>> a message to reassure supporters and followers. we are steadfast. we are standing tall. members of the coalition. >> would perhaps not $200 million, though do more than a video like this to reassure their fighters that isil was still, you know, a power grab. >> absolutely. don't under estimate the symbolic power. blood and the sword and the lives and the -- this is why you cannot -- i mean, we are talking rationally. rationally speaking of course, isis should have talked money and got, let's say, 10 millions. >> just a first, i mean the reality is i think, my take on it is that isis interests flies talking to jordan and they might
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ask today or tomorrow is that we want jordan to suspend its participation in the international coalition. in fact some jordanian officials and strategists have suggested not only releasing dozens of the islamist militants, participation. we have an unconfirmed reports that jordan has already suspended. it it is basically strikes, airstrikes in the coalition. these are serious reports. i would not be surprised if isis does not really increase basically thet in the next two hours or days. >> it's interesting how you mentioned the lots of the town of cobane. john kerry said tafts big deal that isil had been pushed out. how do you think the americans are going to see all of this? especially if a country like jordan if you don't guess, just the perception of having arab countries involved in this international coalition is so important for the u.s.? how do you think they will react? >> very very much. the americans have been
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concerned about the resilience of jofrdan whether the americans were asked jordan is an independent state and we trust in jordan and final point on this mrarp sense, the americans are concerned about political stability. the kingdom, itself, and the domestic crisis manufactured by isis in the last few days and that's why the americans would never say a word publicly criticizing the jordanian government regardless what options and choices the jordanian government decide to take. >> that was gerges thank you very much. let's cross to washington, d.c. and speak to al jazeera tom ackerman. tom, just remind us what kind of news what kind of comment and reaction has been coming out of the u.s. over this. >> reporter: just a brief statement from the white house spokesperson at the national security council saying we have seen the video purporting to show the japanese citizen kenji
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goto has been murdered. >> tom forgive me for interrupting you. we seep to be having a problem with your mic. do you want to try to put your mic on and i will just remind the viewers of what the news is here on al jazeera, breaking news broken in the past hour or so. the second japanese hostage being held by isil has been killed. let's go back to washington, d.c. to our correspondent, tom ackerman. tom, just remind us then what reaction has there been from the united states? >> yeah, again, the white house in a very brief statement issued a few minutes ago said we have seen the video purporting to show that the japanese citizen, kenji goto has been murdered by the terrorist group isil. we are working to confirm its authenticity. the united states strongly condemn's isil's actions and we call for the immediate release of all remaining hostages. we stand in solidarity with our ally japan. there was no specification there which hostages obviously, they were referring to the jordanian
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pilot, but it's apparent that the u.s. doesn't have an answer an immediate answer to these kinds of hostage situations. of course we know that three, at least three american civilians, have underwent the same grizzly fate at the hands of isis in these videos. in this case the demands were contradictory in the sense that first, the money as a recompense to what japan had pledged to contribute to the allied effort against isis. them, of course the demand for the release of the iraqi prisoner of the would-be suicide bomber in jordan. so right now as we said the -- as i said earlier, the u.s. government and the voice of
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secretary of state john kerry a few minutes ago chose to concentrate, put his focus on the fact that kobane has fallen at the hands of the u.s.-led coalition, mostly kurd forces and that that showed that it was a big deal in his words that isis is forced to acknowledge its defeat. it wanted today say we have a long way to go. but this says it was real objective and the fact that it has lost control of that objective indicates that the fight is now going in the way of the coalition. >> tom ackerman live for us in washington, d.c. tom, thank you. let's go back to our expert in the studio from the london school of economics.
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what have you made listening to the reaction from the u.s.? >> what do you expect the americans to say? the americans have very few options? they are very much concerned about their allies japan and jordan. they have very few options. they want to fiber optics on the good news. the good news is that the fall of kobane to the kurds. major setbacks are being suffered in iraq. the reality is barbara, we all know, this is a long long fight. this is really the beginning of two, three, four, five years' fight against isis. every time we say the hostages isis or dash has run out of hostages, they keep coming. >> are we going to keep on seeing this this sort of grammar of someone is captured from one of the main countries. we see the first videos and then, you know, we live under the shadow of the latest video coming out with the person being killed?
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>> they have plenty of hostages some journalists as well. hostages as you well know this is a human story. it's a very heart-breaking story when you see the mother and the wife of mr. goto. when you see the mother and the father of the pilot, the whole nation is traumatized. and they also manufacture domestic crisis. they are playing big politics. it'sis is no longer talking about money, keeps saying why do they basically give away the big money? they are talking foreign policy. they are basically negotiating with the big guys. they are causing trouble for american's allies. you asked me about what can america do? all america can do is that we trust our allies. we feel the pain of our allies. the allies are in a deep deep crisis, in particular the jordanian government. imagine if mr. kasase is killed? >> what reaction would there be in the arab world if a video emerged with him being killed? >> i would be very much
4:42 pm
concerned. not only the traggee. >> of the personal death obviously? >> for domestic stability in jordan. in fact the irony, the father who said if my son is killed it would be a revolt in jordan. quote, unquote. this is the backbone of the jordanian government. also, other arab countries, saudi arabia bahrain. what the if a saudi or an emirati pilot is captured tomorrow? imagine the consequences. >> explain to us why specifically? why more than in other countries that also see their nations being killed this way? >> because there is no domestic consensus on the fight against isis isis. even in jordan there was no debate. governments in place have taken the decision to join the american-led coalition. as you well know there is a great deal of suspicion. the american basically contentions. all in all when you don't have any debate. >> forgive me of interrupting you. let's go straight to the japanese prime minister. >> i am very sorry for this matter and to the families.
4:43 pm
the government has tried its best to deal with this matter but we are deeply saddened by this despicable and horrendous act of terrorism, and we denounce it on the strongest terms. to the
4:44 pm
>> moreover in fighting this terrorism, in the international society f ask japan, we would be keeping to our responsibilities to deal with this act of terrorism. and to japan, the international society has showed us solidarity, and we like to think the leaders of the world for that and to the friends of japan and i would like to think them and of king abdullah of jordan i would like to thank him. on behalf of the japanese nationals for his strong support. we have continued to spend our
4:45 pm
efforts to keep the safety of japanese nationals. >> that was the japanese prime minister speaking live from tokoyo. he, of course called the killing of kenji goto a despicable horrendous act of terrorism. he said japan will not be defeated by terrorism. he added the country would coordinate further with the international community and provide food medical and humanitarian aid. we will be listening to that comment by shinjo abe from the london school of economics, following all of the developments and very interesting, the position of japan. japan, i suppose wedding say is the switzerland of asia historically for a neutral country. they are possibly one of the most controversial conflicts in the world right now very difficult balance.
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>> absolutely. the prime minister decided today provide $200 million to aid some of the nations that are fighting isis. and this particular decision basically brought about at least -- i mean publicly the crisis the hostages many japanese have criticized the prime minister for taking sides. many japanese said why would you change japanese foreign policy being the switzerland. this is a personal loss for the prime minister. not just a loss for the family and the nation. how much damage has isis been able to inflict on the prime minister? we come back to the question of isis. isis now hasmanufactured a crisis for the japanese government and the jordanian government. >> explains to a large extent why isis decided to kill the hostage. >> where do you see it going now? especially for jordan? >> well my reading -- and i could be wrong because we have
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eaten our words many times. we are talking about an irrational savage group. the jordanian pilot is a strategic asset. he does not need just one prisoner. basically it would mean -- >> the term value is not seemingly that strategic. >> her value is symbolic because, you see, isis or dash in arabic would like to say we are part of al-qaeda in iraq. remember she was sent by the leader of al-qaeda in iraq who was killed by the americans in 2006. so tremendous value because the leader of isis is saying look. i have inherited the basically symbolism of al-qaeda but my take on it in the next day orso you are going to see demands dramatically different, dmapdz about islamic, scores being forced to be release and that
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jordan sus spends participation in the american-led coalition in syria in. >> thank you for having joined us. well kenji goto was an experienced war correspondent working in various conflict zones over the past 20 years. gerald tan reports on his career and the events that led to his capture and eventual death. >> this is kenji goto in a video here last year before cross to go syria and into isil territory. he was well aware of the risks. >> [indecipherable audio.] >> so please don't claim any claim to the syrian people. >> kenji goto was a freelance journalist but reported from war
4:49 pm
zones for more than 20 years, in africa afghanistan and the middle east. he traveled to syria at least in part to attempt a rescue of his friend haruna akawa captured by isil in august. he was a self-decide military connellsultant who went to syria to set up a security company despite a lack of any experience. >> in october, kenji goto was captured by isil and held captive alongside his friend. isil demanded a $200 million ransom for the friend. last week the armed group released a video which al jazeera has chosen not to show. in it, there was an image of kenji goto chained by the wrist, and in his hands, a photograph of his friend haruna ukawa who had been killed. goto became part of a hostage and prisoner swap deal between the jordanian government and isil. during his capture, kenji goto's friends and supporters held vigils outside the prime minister's residence in tokoyo.
4:50 pm
her mother begged for her son's life. >> dear mr. prime minister shinzo abe, please safe the life of kenji. i call on you to work with all of your strength in the jordanian government until the very end. >> despite those please and government interventions, isil followed through with its threat and killed kenji goto. gerald tan, al jazeera. >> kenji goto we are hearing has been killed by isil. he was held hostage -- we are joined in the studio with ferwa gergz. they are captured and we get one video with whatever the demand is and then another one which, of course, we don't play here on al jazeera where the hostage is killed. i mean obviously, now they have, i suppose if we look at values a very high value
4:51 pm
hostage because he is a jordanian pilot. what would you guess isil are going to do with him? >> my take on it is they are not going to execute him in the same way they have killed the various journalists and aid workers because he is a very precious person for them. he is really their nuclear we hope in a way. the most important strategic asset they have. >> i guess one of the many reasons that he wouldn't have killed the americans or the british hostages because they knew europe and u.s. wouldn't change their foreign policy where as presumably with the pilot they will trike to make jordan and its foreign policy. >> jordan already said we are willing to talk. we are willing to deal not only over him. more than that. jordan jordanian officials and the jordanian government is between iraq. the domestic crisis inside jordan, the family the tribe, the jordanian people to cap it
4:52 pm
late to isis. after all, the jordanian government is a state. this is the strategy. this is the predictament of the jordanian government: how to walk a fine balance between talking to dash and basically, preserving the idea of the state of independence of the state. this is really one of the most important crisis faced by jordan in the last few years. >> we always speak of isil as if, you know there was some the cohesive and speak as one. have you heard of any splits within especially when it comes to how to deal with such a high-value hostage? >> you know barbara, this is a very important question. i hope i am not pat ronizing. in fact from day one, there was a major split within isis. the czech chets kneeianchetnians, anyone who participates in the fight guess isis must be killed. there are some iraqi and syrian members who said let's not do it. let's talk -- let's get, you
4:53 pm
know a great deal of our demands from the jordanian government and the jordanian government, this is a very important point for revise has many of "the sun"ni tribes in iraq who basically directly or indirectly support isis. this is where the situation is today. my take on it is: where is the balance of power within isis, itself? the hard liner wing? basically that would like kill. >> we see there is going to be even more pressure on the jordanian government now. just remind us how key jordan is to the international coalition
4:54 pm
filing isil which is led, as we know by the united states. >> we don't know all of the resources jordan is hosting but we do know there are training operations going on there for forces that are frumbly rig to fight on the ground against isis. we have heard unknown heard unconfirmed reports t some have been active. again, we cannot confirm those. but the fact that the u.s. is operating an intensive, daily air campaign against isis we see the -- we are not sure exactly about the results. but we have seen the daily communiques from central command and always concentrating on the
4:55 pm
fact that these are a coalition. this is not the united states alone. this is air forces of canada of the united arab emirates of jordan of several of our native -- nato allies of the united states, all in combination with the united states and, of course the aid that was given to the kurds, that also wasn even though that operation was mainly based in iraq, again, jordan does have an intrinsic role to play in this coalition and, as much symbolically as operationally." it needs to be seen that a country neighboring -- neighboring syria and iraq is actively involved in this campaign and that this is not another military campaign and a military solution supposedly
4:56 pm
imposed from thousands of miles away from washington. america has had enough cautionary lessons about what's happened in iraq, it's caution in going in to syria, which president obama has -- for which president obama has under gone a lot of criticism in the united states. so, again, this is very vital that this is to be seen as an all -- an indigenous campaign which the americans obviously are providing most of the physical resources. but nevertheless this is a campaign for people of the region and the arab countries of the region to be fighting isis as much if not more so than the united states. barbara? >> tom ackerman live for us in washington, d.c. thank you. japan had made a financial contribution to the fight against isil. the japanese prime minister addressed the prime minister a short time ago. let's hear what he had to say.
4:57 pm
>> a video has and that seemingly has killed mr. kenji mr. kenji goto. i feel very sorry for this matter and to the families. the government has tried it's best to deal with this matter but we are deeply saddened by this despicable and horrendous act of terrorism, and we denounce it on the strongest terms. to the terrorists we would never, never forgive them for this act. and to the act committed, we are going to coordinate with the international society. so japan would never be defeated by terrorism.
4:58 pm
we would have the food aid and the medical aid and to those humanitarian aid we would even further our efforts to strengthen these types of aids. moreover, in fighting this terrorism, in the international society, ask japan, we would be keeping to our responsibilities to deal with this act of terrorism. and to japan, the international society has showed us solidarity and we would like to thank the leaders of the world for that. and to the friends of japan, and i would like to thank them deeply and to king abdullah of jordan i would like to thank
4:59 pm
him on behalf of the japanese nationals for his strong support. we would continue to send our efforts to keep the safety of japanese nationals. >> japanese prime minister there reacting to the deaths of that japanese hostage. we are still joined in the studio by fawa gerza. remind us what the role of the coalition was. they weren't involved with the fighting but gave money. just in the last few weeks, the from time to time prime minister decided to make a financial offer of $200 million for basically humanitarian needs to help nations that have been affected by dash or isis. of course, isis has used and abused the particular financial contribution in order to
5:00 pm
manufacture a domestic crisis for japan and to basically use it against the international coalition led by the united states. >> fawa gerzes please stay with us as well analyze the story in more detail here on al jazeera. a story that broke in the past hour and a half or so so a reminder of the breaking news here on al jazeera: a video allegedly showing the killing the zap needs journalist held hostage by isil has been released online. the japanese and jordanian governments had been working to secure the release of kenji goto along with a jordanian pilot being held in exchange for an iraqi woman, want-to-be suicide bomber currently on death row in japan...