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tv   America Tonight  Al Jazeera  February 4, 2015 10:00pm-10:31pm EST

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from vice president joe biden's meetings in munich to secretary of state kerry's trip. we'll explain what it means. >> that's it. for al jazeera america's international hour. >> watch "america tonight" coming up next. >> on "america tonight": >> the manor of his death how does that play -- >> i think the jordannians are infuriated. so there is going to be a backlash. >> his blood is the blood of the country and i demand the revenge be bigger than just executing prisoners. >> when jennifer and dave simon took their six month old livia
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to the doctor for a cold, they were shocked that she might come home with something potentially far worse. >> were you imagining the worst case scenarios? >> i was. >> what was that scenario? >> well, that she would die. >> good evening i'm joie chen. what is enough to provoke a nation to demand revenge? for one of our closes allies in the case against i.s.i.l the answer was clear. jordan moved swiftly it is all in after grizzly evidence emerged at the murder of a jordanian pilot at the hands of i.s.i.l. fighters. it is a remarkable turn around for the jordanians who some days ago showed ambivalence to the fight. "america tonight's" smsk on how it could transform the bald against sheila macvicar, on how it could ra could could transform
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about battle against i.s.i.l. >> jordan has been deeply shaken by the gruesome killing of the pilot and in a sign of national solidarity thousands join together to pray and to vow retribution. in 24 hours there has been a profound shift in public opinion. opinion that increasingly was against jordan's participation in the u.s.-led coalition against i.s.i.l. >> there was an overriding sentiments in the kingdom that coalition participation should not be on jordan's plate that it was widely unpopular. and -- >> we heard from his family, this is not our war. >> yeah, this became the leading hashtag in the kingdom, it is not our war. then of course the father not only said that publicly but was
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criticizing the palace for mishandling efforts to retrieve kasasbeh. >> infuriated and demanding region, this is lieutenant kasasbeh's father today. >> the blood of my son is this country's blood. it must be more than just executing prisoners. >> and jordan wasted no time executing prisoners. last night only hours from the time they learned of the pilot's death, they were handing. i.s.i.l. demanded the release of this woman sajida al rishawi. when the video of lieutenant kasasbeh's murder. >> it is one more example of the
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viciousness of this organization'sorganization. >> the u.s. has is promised an additional $ $1 billion in support for this country next year. he was still in u.s. when this tape was received. >> we have received with sorrow and anger the killing of the hero the martyr, mu'ath al kasasbeh by i.s.i.l a criminal group who does not represent our noble religion. >> the not very popular king was greeted with enthusiasm with cheers and with banners reading we're all mu'ath. support for jordan's continuing and probably increasing role in attacking i.s.i.l.
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king abdullah met with his military leadership. he told lawmakers that his country would extend operations, risking running out of fuel or bullets. that risks increasing. >> jordan has lost two planes, and one pilot. >> i.s.i.l. named other jordanian fighter pilots saying, we are coming for you too. the anti-i.s.i.l. coalition includes regional partners saudi arabia jordan and bahrain. i.s.i.l. has actually increased the amount of territory it controls. in spite of the shock and the very public anger the demands for revenge jordan already has
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an i.s.i.l. problem. more jordanians are believed to have joined i.s.i.l. than from any other middle eastern country. the brultd execution of the pilot brings national solidarity but with a very large question about the future. >> if this continues jordan may be able to defend its borders but geology overleaps borders. it permeates. and jordan is going to have its own i.s.i.s. problem within the kingdom. >> that's the reality. facing jordan, sheila macvicar, this is a reality not only for the jordanian pilots who are specifically threatened but all over the region. >> over i.s.i.l. controlled syria and iraq. there can be no misunderstanding here, what happened to this jordanian pilot will be on the mind of every pilot who is
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flying a mission. that jordanian plane came out of the sky not because it was shot down but it suffered a technical situation. that can be happening to any pilot at any time. these search and rescue missions are being carried out by the united states but its assets are based in kuwait. and kuwait is a i have long way even in a fast plane from a combat zone. if the plane goes down in the case of the jordanian pilot he was captured within minutes of his plane going down. you have to be able to move assets very quickly in order to rescue pilots and there is at least one country the united arab emirates which very proudly promoted its own membership in the coalition put up pictures of female fighter pilots flying missions. now say they will not fly missions until that combat
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search and rescue unit is moved closer to the battlefield. >> you have talked to the emotions of the jordanian people, the king is also trying to signal his very strong anger about this and a signal in fact about what the future is for jordan. >> there are rumors that the king himself has participated in missions. >> the kick king? >> the king over i.s.i.l. occupied city of mosul. the iraqi city of mosul. there is a picture posted to his official facebook page showing him with a very angry expression on his face in combat gear. we cannot say at this point whether he actually flew missions. >> and at the same time the united states is being pressed to do more. in fact before the king left the united states on his brief trip out of here he stopped and asked for more. >> he asked for more. here is the problem the
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essential problem the coalition is going after i.s.i.l. from the ground.the iraqi military trying to stand.them up to a position where they could be taking i.s.i.l. on the ground which they cannot now do. the problem is even with all those air strikes over the course of six months i.s.i.l. has gathered territory in syria. they are at more or less of a stalemate in iraq but they have become more powerful in syria. the question is: how long can you run combat missions ta at a cost of $-- at a cost of $500,000 permission when you're only taking out trucks at a cost of a couple thousand bucks. >> the demands will still be there. "america tonight's" smrve. next, the birth of -- sheila macvicar. next, we fast-forward to the
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science of making babies. later, parents versus parents. don't vaccinate your kids? that just makes other parents sick. >> you're thinking your child could die. and all because she had a cold, and you took her to the doctor's office. >> yeah. >> "america tonight"'s michael okwu exposes the spread of measles. and hot on "america tonight's" website right now revenge porn and the suburban mom getting even with the home-wreckers. google "america tonight." tonight at 10:30 eastern. only on al jazeera america.
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>> we fast-forward now to the frontiers of science and
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baby-making. the latest innovation two moms and one dad the aim is delivering a healthy baby, free of mitochondrial disease. >> you do need a haircut. >> every minute with her two sons is precious for danielle messer. every nile a smile a treasure. the louisville family has no idea how long the child has to live. it's the only thing he can i guess do that makes me feel like he is somewhat still there. like that he's him. inside of there. and not a vegetable completely.
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>> i heard you had a busy day. >> ari features from lee's disease, mutations passed down maternally prevent his body from functioning normally. although both of danielle's sons have the genes only ari is severely affected. he has an enlarged heart low muscle tone and poor lung capacity. next time he gets sick danielle says she will likely tell the doctors not to revive him. she's preparing to say good-bye. >> it is not going to be easy and it's probably something that's going to mess with me for a long time. so -- you know. i mean, it is what it is. but i don't feel like it's fair to keep him with this kind of quality of life.
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>> at 36, danielle says she would love to have another child. but she's scared. >> how badly do you want another child? >> pretty badly. might be a little bit of an understatement. >> if you had to go to another country, would you do it? >> i like flying on airplanes just fine. i have not been to europe. europe i'm sure is an amazing place. >> fast-forward to an update from correspondent lori jane gliha. she found danielle still dreams of having another baby. in london they're about to proof the three-parent technique
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technique. next the shot against the great divide. to vaccinate or not? >> were you imagining the worst-case scenario? >> i was. >> who put her child at risk? "america tonight's" michael okwu on the measles outbreak of pitting parents against parents. and thursday, an "america tonight" investigation stealing home. think you own your florida condo? think again. >> i didn't fight in vietnam so that somebody could take my property away from me. >> "america tonight's" sheila macvicar investigates, why everyone who did everything right, could still lose their homes on thursday's "america tonight."
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>> an america tonight investigation >> somebody could come in and take our home away from us >> it was a law that helped condo developments stay afloat >> we would have to sell and have to leave our unit >> now, this law is being used to take peoples homes >> there's nobody helping us... >> honest people, losing hope... >> i didn't fight vietnam so that someone could take my property away from me >> hard sell an america tonight investigation only on al jazeera america
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my. >> 15 years ago the measles was considered eliminated from this country. crisis for families pitting parents who choose to vaccinate against those twho don't. in the san francisco bay area, "america tonight's" michael okwu met six months old livia. >> were you imagining the worst case scenarios? >> i was. >> what was that scenario? >> that she would die. >> you were thinking your child would die all because she had a cold when you took her to the doctor's office? >> the irony is not lost on me. i took her to a place not only to get well but also to make sure she didn't have anything she could give some other kids. >> the simons were notified that during that visit livia had been
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exposed to the highly contagious measles virus. she's never been vaccinated. still too young but what really outraged the simons, the carrier was a boy whose parents had chosen not to vaccinate. >> so i was angry but most concerned about what do we do next how do we handle this, how do we make sure that we don't spread it to anyone fels she else if she does in fact have the measles. how do we take care of her? >> what followed was a 28 day county imposed quarantine. no walks no fresh air no certainty about what the next day would bring. >> how nerve wracking was that? >> we were concerned that she would start to develop symptoms and sort of the way i handle worry is that i start to plan things. i'm like okay so if she's sick
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what will we do. i'm googling what there is to do with measles, it is a virus you can't give antibiotics. i went into a full on planning mode. my child is possibly exposed to measles, she's either going to get it or she's not and there's really nothing i can do about it. >> the simons live in oakland across the bay from marin county which has among the highest rates of nonvaccinated schoolchildren in the state. it's all part of greater san francisco, and a hot spot in california's largest rash the of measles cases in years . the latest outbreak believed to have originated in what is often called the happiest place in the world. but what started at disneyland is now spreading across the u.s. 14 states from california to new york. 102 cases in all just this year. the great majorities afflicting
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individuals -- majority afflicting individuals who were not vaccinated. that is not affecting holly and her husband. >> we don't vaccinate our kids. >> part of a growing minority in southern california's orange county. >> we are organic non-gmo we want to be as healthy as we can. >> instead of being vaccinated, they rely on organic regimens. she and her husband own a crierp are chiropractor office. the military required that she got several vac vaccines.
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there were other concerns. >> i started learning that some of the vaccines had aborted fetal tissue or they had differing dna things from animals or from insects. and those kind of things concerned me. >> the fact is at various times fetal tissue and insect cells have been used to grow viruses for vaccines but none of that tissue was actually in the vaccines. still bloomhart declined to take those vaccines and it ended her military career and she has no regrets. >> what happened if nobody vaccinated their kids at all? >> i think we would be a lot healthier. >> you do? >> i do. >> despite the fact we might be exposing ourselves to diseases? >> i do, because i believe the body is a self-healing organism.
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>> whether a doctor says to you they're safe, they're healthy and they're necessary what would you say? >> i would say that's their opinion. i disagree. >> many parents agree with her. in fact in the counties's beach front communities the vaccinations are plummeting. that has matt zahn worried. >> whether your child isn't getting vaccinated the child is generally safe against measles. they're hitching a ride on the protection that all of those other children are in that school are getting to keep them from getting sick because all the other kids are getting vaccinated. >> there is one pediatrician who is not troubled by the plummeting vaccination rates. dr. bob sears. half of his patients aren't vaccinated. >> i tell the children that's an okay decision, a legitimate decision. >> if you say a whole bunch of
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parents made that decision, that's the consequences that we face? >> i do say that quite often in my discussions. i find most parents don't consider the public health benefit whether they are making decisions for their own individual child. should they consider those issues? yes. do i fawld them fornot considering those -- do i fault them for not considering those issues? i don't blame them. >> a hero to many parents millions have read his best selling vaccine book which warn parents about the risks. >> the worries out there from dr. sears is, it's just measles measles happens. no one has died from it, it is not a serious disease. if we have a thousand people get measles, one of the thousand will die. those are the numbers that we see in the united states
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consistently. so it's certainly not a disease to trifle with. >> reporter: even for parents who do believe in vaccines, dr. sears offers a variation. when we visited his practice last spring, three-year-old twins colton and gunar were dreading the trip. but no more vacs scenes vaccines for three more months. it's okay to slow down cdc schedule. >> why do it differently? just because parents have a tough time watching their kids suffer? >> well, some babies don't handle the vaccine schedule very well. there are severe side effects that consider pickup occur. it's not very often. >> side effects such as? >> brain swelling, encephalitis.
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seizure reactions. >> but those are extremely rare right? >> they are very rare. but parents don't want to be one of those statistics. >> you have to realize that the persons who are at most risk for these diseases are young kids. and so if you wait till older in life to get vaccinated, then you get your child vaccinated. but you may have missed the boat in terms of the highest risk time when they could get sick. >> the topic is a political lightning rod. all 50 states require children to be vaccinated with exemptions for medical or religious reasons. but now 20 states along with california allow parents to file philosophical exemptions. some parents continue to believe for example that there is a link between vaccines and autism. >> my statement i like to make on vaccines and autism is that
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vaccines don't cause autism, except when they do. there are documented medical cases where a vaccine has triggered an autism reaction. >> numerous comprehensive studies have looked at the relationship between vaccines and autism for over a decade. and found no link. >> overwhelmingly, the evidence is that the vaccine safe. this overwhelming of the immune system there is no scientific basis behind it. >> which is a diplomatic way of saying poppycock. >> it is nonsense. >> livia never got the measles and she's a happy and health bay but the simons won't forget the episode. >> the fear is gone and the anxiety is dissipated. what would you say to the parents today who choose not to vaccinate? >> hey, this is our story, this is what happened to us.
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you can't decide not to vaccinate your child and also then not be exposing other children to risk, right? so this scenario of other people getting sick, other kids dying is what you're kind of taking on. that's one of the consequences of not vaccinating your child. >> michael okwu, al jazeera, san francisco. >> that debate over measles vaccinations has now gone political. you might have heard that prominent republicans including new jersey governor chris christie and rand paul, opt not to vaccinate their children. come back, we'll have more of "america tonight," tomorrow.
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>> the companies responsible for the collapse of america's economy almost search years ago should be held to account. but making them write billion dollar checks to settle lawsuits won't do a thing to protect you against the next crisis. tonight i'm talking to a man directly involved with trying to bring these institutions to justice. also the pay gap between men and women at work what's behind it and how do we fix it? >> women tend to negotiate less aggressively than men. >> it can be a double edged tword. >> plus