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tv   News  Al Jazeera  February 6, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EST

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♪ >> announcer: this is al jazeera. ♪ from al jazeera headquarters in doha and fenting fury and dozens of air strikes against the islamic state of iraq and the lavonte, angela merkel head to moscow for peace in ukraine but can they convince vladimir putin. investigators say one of the engines of a trans asia plane and crashed in the river lost
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power after take off. >> i'm with the sport and fan violence marked the africa cup of nations semi final between guinea and equitorial guinea. ♪ we begin this news hour in jordan where the resolve to destroy the islamic state of iraq and lavonte is growing stronger and jordan military has widen its campaign against i.s.i.l. carrying out dozens of strikes targeting the group's position all of this is in response to the killing of jordanian pilot muath al-kaseasbeh and we report. >> reporter: this is where jordanian pilot muath al-kaseasbeh wanted to celebrate his return instead it is a place where they receive condolence after the islamic state of iraq and the lavonte
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burned alive and they paid respects to the tribe in kirkook and told the father that the royal airforce just shelled i.s.i.l. forces in the syrian providence and the king had already promised what he called a relentless response to avenge the murder and now appears to have more public support for going to war. . >> translator: planes from the jordanian royal forces arrived after bombarding there and god willing we will end the existence in syria. >> reporter: they visited the female members of the family but the wife of muath al-kaseasbeh is inconsolable. she is 25 and they were only married for five months. and muath al-kaseasbeh's mother is also shaken and heart broken none of muath al-kaseasbeh
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immediate family members are speaking to the media. >> translator: we are very sad but i'm so proud of my cousin he is a martyr who defended his country and my heart is bleeding and offer my four sons as martyrs for the country. >> reporter: many people want vengance because of the way he was murdered. >> translator: need one body and call them for one mind one hat and one soul and we will not rest until the response is hash. >> reporter: the government officials as well as hundreds of royal and airforce officers also came to support the mourning tribe and i.s.i.l. made a concerted effort to try to turn jordanian and so far it had an opposite effects and many say jordan resolve has been strengthened by this murder
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those who did not believe i.s.i.l. was a threat to the country now say the war against the armed group is theirs. the leaders of germany and france are heading to moscow to discuss a plan to end the ten-month crisis that killed more than 5,000 people and talks in moscow are seen as last-ditch attempt for u.s. arming ukraine in the battle against pro-russia separatists and wood reports. >> reporter: the sudden intensity of diplomacy shows just how serious the situation is becoming first it was secretary of state john carry meeting president porshenko and pledging u.s. backing and pointing a finger of blame at moscow. >> russia and the separatist are seizing more territory, terrorizing more citizens and refusing to participate in
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serious negotiations. let there be no doubt who is blocking the prospect of peace here. >> reporter: he said president obama would decide whether to supply ukraine with lethal weapons and angela merkel flew in bringing with them a new peace plan to discuss with ukraine on thursday and with the russians on friday. the talking comes as the finding escalates in eastern ukraine which everyone here blames on russia and its separatist allies in brussels defense ministers put finishing touches on their new response force and it spearheaded 5,000 troops deployable in days it will have six command and control centers in eastern europe russia is men to notice that. >> we are taking these steps in response to our changed security environment, they are defensive proportionate and in line with international commitments.
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>> reporter: talked about russia decision to up grade missiles and apparently lower the threshold to use nuclear weapons, this is a day when western leaders try to get new peace talks started for fear the situation may spire ral out of control, while they do so nato is working on how to respond to the crisis if the talking fails. simon mc-greger wood al jazeera. let's go to rory standing by in moscow and what is merkel expected to push for at this meeting? >> reporter: well, here is what we know about this meeting, merkel and alon are expected to arrive in moscow between 13 or 14g mt and will head straight to the meeting and neither of these two european leaders are expected to stay the night in moscow that is what we know and what we don't know is everything
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else. still very musky what they will be coming here with to put to president putin. all of it has been said really is this is a new peace plan that will respect the territorial integrity of ukraine but beyond that we know very little. there are rumors of course rumors are this is some sort of good cop routine and bad cop being played by the united states that is merkel and alon will sit down with putin and say neither you nor we want american weapons coming in and potentially fueling more fighting in ukraine. so let's freeze this now where it is with the front lines as they are not supporting what was agreed in minsk several months ago and then putin may have proposals and john kerry said he had sent these to merkel
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and alon and what is in those we don't know either but suspicion something to do with u.n. peace keepers on the ground but we will have to wait to see when leaders arrive and when they have the meeting and if they talk afterwards what the details are. >> there have been several rounds of peace talks over to solve the u.n. crisis and this is seen as a last-ditch attempt and what has been the main obstacles at these talks? >> reporter: well the main problem with achieving peace so far has been there are many parties involved in this conflict and it seems that not enough of them have felt like they have got what they wanted out of it yet. so the separatists who are on the ground fighting in eastern ukraine don't feel like they have taken nearly enough territory yet, they want to push on wards to several more important ukrainian cities.
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if they could, they would take the entire black sea coastline all the way around to odessa. the ukrainian government city in kiev certainly doesn't want that to happen. it wants to push all the pro-russian separatists back out of the country, back from where they came from. russia probably feels it has not achieved its aim yet either. so that has been the problem so far. and also another issue is that no side particularly has been scared enough of what might happen of the wider concentration, the problem that may engulf this region and potentially set off a new east/west war that is now being seen as a real danger and maybe that is why the leaders are coming here maybe that is why people seem to be more keen on negotiations than they have been in the past few months.
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>> and we shall see, and the last-ditch attempt at peace in ukraine and thank you rory speaking to us from moscow. while the diplomatic efforts to resolve the conflict in ukraine and to the key period fighting is still on the ground and hundreds forced to leave their homes and we are there with a warning you may find some of the images in his report disturbing. >> reporter: she and her children are lucky to be alive. as the shells exploded around their home near the town here volunteers braved the artillery and mortar fire and drove them to safety. >> translator: when we evacuated the rockets came and told us to get down and hold the children's head and i took the risk to save my children. >> reporter: she and four children are staying at a shelter society up by volunteers her ex-husband and
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eldest daughter are still hiding in a basement in their ba sieged hometown and there are 50 people here who also fled the violence and the makeshift dorms are cramped and the air is stale and the children get cold if the windows are open in winter. >> translator: i'm scared. i feel lost. it's hard but there is no way we can go back home. >> reporter: it's estimated more than 900,000 people like her and her family have been forced to flee their homes and as the fighting gets worse the number of civilians killed and wounded in the conflict increases by the day. there has been a sharp escalation of fighting in resent weeks and the ukraine government and separatists blame each other through repeated failures and truce talks. ukrainian military pour in more troops to the front line. it seems the increasingly well equipped fighters do the same. russia continues to deny
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supplying the separatist with soldiers or weapons. and just as in separate-controlled town ukraine i don't know front line are full of wounded soldiers and civilians and none of these people ever could predict the violence they have been subjected to. and she is praying her eldest daughter will make it to safety and join them soon charles stratford, eastern ukraine. much more to come here on the al jazeera news hour including after an encouraging downward trend the ebola virus has went up again with a rise in u.n. infection. we are in bangkok and a business can be a struggle but big business isn't damp ening all entrepreneurial spirit and bad day for tiger woods in the tournament and more coming up with joe later on in the
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program. ♪ investigators in taiwan explained why a plane crashed into a river on wednesday killing 36 people they say one engine failed before the second engine was manually shut down. the search teams are still trying to recover bodies from the wreckage which is sitting in freezing waters in the taipei river and let's go now live to taipei where our correspondent harry faucet joins us and you were at that press conference where they explained what exactly happened to the plane and give us an idea of what exactly occurred. >> reporter: well it's a pretty compelling moment in this investigation early as it still is in trying to find out exactly why flight g 235 went down. what happened is the head of the aviation safety council thomas wong said what happened is less
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than 40 seconds after the flight left the ground the right-hand engine, the starboard engine number two, propellers went from this position angled and pulling the airplane through the air and flattening to that position and the engine continued spinning but wasn't providing any forward thrust and the message it sent to the computer and the pilots is the engine flamed out and it's no longer working and no longer getting fuel and then telling what the pilots talked to each other about from the black box flight voice recorder cockpit voice recorder was discussing reducing power to engine number one, that was the engine on the left-hand side which was at that point functioning perfectly well and the airplane. >> we have to stop you there and go now to berlin where germany's leader angela merkel is holding
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a press confronts with iraqi prime minister abaddi in berlin and let's listen to what the leaders have to say. >> translator: i welcome you to berlin. we have exchanged about the situation in iraq about the problems about iraq and in the view of this difficult situation i still wish him power as an exclusive all right government and i wish them to see were are able to solve this problem against the terror organization is and there are huge challenges in the organization especially in the later state and especially brutal that is over the japan hostages and it shows that the es and the dramatic
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struggle in iraq and the federal government here we have taken the decision the peshmerga fighters with the government of iraq to support through weapons, through training so that we can combat this i.s.i.s. and it's our stance only through inclusive problems can be overcome and the struggle against this can be won. we can see the first successes in iraq because of the low oil prices, the huge challenges and we have spoken about this problem, about 80% of the profit comes from the oil exports and
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it has half looking at what it means for the country and we made it clear on one side and through this training and support through the support iraq and also want to be active in what concerns economic cooperation and iraq to diversify its economy. we have also spoken about the police cooperation and iraq early in the training and issues that we want to be by the side of iraq we want to help so that they -- concerning the huge problem they face we want to help them. and before the iraq prime minister who will have the word i want to indicate i suggest that we made this on iraqi
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issues and at the end i say my trip to moscow and to kiev everything is a package and i'll say a few sentences, i won't be able to respond to several questions and will save it to the end. >> translator: i would like to extend all thanks to mrs. merkel for the warm reception. i also extend thanks to the government of germany. we are here to cement bilateral relations between iraq and germany. our relations are deep rooted in history and today we are a part of the international coalition and so is germany in the face of this. germany has been providing assistance to iraq in terms of intelligence security training and so far there is a solution
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to provide weapons to iraq to the peshmerga. and it is being provided to the iraqi government in iraq. cementing our relation is very substantial as we are facing the threat of i.s.i.l. it is not only a threat to iraq but it is the entire region and the global security and there is a great deal of cooperation between iraq and germany in terms of intelligence and namely the foreign militants who are representing large number of places and coming from different world countries including germany and crossing from syria into iraq those foreign militants and operatives they are wreaking havoc and killing iraqi infrastructure and iraqi people and i informed america those foreign fighters were
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fighting under dash the i.s.i.l. panel, are very dangerous. they are highly qualified and well trained. once again, once they return home they will perpetrate terrorist act as we have seen in resent incidents that took place in france. we have intelligence reports that these terrorist groups are also developing quality weapons which are being used in the terrorist plans, therefore this intelligence and this form of cooperation is very substantial, mrs. merkel and they expressed a great deal of cooperation and understanding and prepared to have all forms of assistance with intelligence and security and will require a great deal of training to our security and police personnel, namely to gain control over the areas liberated where i.s.i.l. forces are forced
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out. these areas are under the control of the security namely the police personnel and that's why we are seeking assistance in terms of training to provide the necessary training. in terms of the economy, we are facing a great crisis by virtue of the decline of the oil prices we have genuine intentions to rebuild infrastructure and link establish through a partnership between the private and public sectors in iraq. germany is prepared to provide assistance in this respect as many companies can benefit from the german experience and history and in this respect at the moment we are fighting i.s.i.l., many of our resources
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have been channelled towards fighting i.s.i.l. we must also provide a way of living to all iraqis and have 18 provinces for the team of them and are not waging war against i.s.i.l. and we should provide basic necessities and standard decent standard of living to the iraqi citizens and after that once we liberate the other four provinces from i.s.i.l. we will be committed to rebuilding these provinces. as i said our strategic cooperation with germany is very circumstantial and look forward to more and there is a joint committee that will be convening on the coming months and this will be able to continue to establish channels of contact and communication on all the issues of cooperation, not only to lend a helping hand to iraq
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economy, and i.s.i.l. is a true threat not only to iraq but the region and the third world. we are currently fighting i.s.i.l. and we are about to wipe out and defeat them entirely. however, once we gain triumph, in one aspect i.s.i.l. is gaining more ground however, we need the support and the backing of the international community and that's why i'm here in germany to rally support, and to swiftly put an end to this dangerous organization. >> translator: from kurdish
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media, mrs. chancellor we have today, we have this high-profile iraqi politician have you met him? and also in munich today this will take place. and mr. barzani will arrive. and we will meet mr. barzani and one question for the iraqi province in arabic though mr. president, from kurdish network, we have a plan to declare i.s.i.s. in the future we have the agreement with
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peshmerga troops in kirdishstan. >> translator: i want to rely it's not planned that i will meet him tomorrow. >> translator: frankly speaking the plan to recapture mosul is in place three months ago. we certainly elected the command for this operation. we laid down the detail military plan in order to liberate mosul, i cannot go in further detail. this is an airtight plan depending on equipping iraqi forces and peshmerga. also coordination in both kurdistan and central government with security and intelligence and this transmission must be at
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the highest level in order to restore and regain control of our mosul. this comes in cooperation with the international coalition which is providing an air cover. we don't wish to engage in and a war, we are also aiming at limiting losses and damages among our military forces. we should not engage in a war where we would incur further damages or victims. this is the core of the strategy and the core of the plan and i would like to bring the good news to our folks in mosul that i.s.i.l. will be out of mosul too too. >> reporter: you've been listening to abaddi who is currently in berlin meeting with
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german leader angela merkel and you can see he is on his left at the moment. let's now go to correspondents who joins us from the northern iraq city in irbill and talking about unity in the fight against i.s.i.l., talk to us about the relationship or ties between iraqi and germany. >> reporter: well undoubtedly you heard them talk about their close cooperation, their good relationship, their historical ties we also heard the prime minister minister al-abaddi saying they need help because the economy is suffering from the oil prices dropping and iraq also needs weapons. we have been hearing coalition members saying islamic state of iraq has been on defensive and have not been able to capture new territory and at times have
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been pushed back but this is a very well trained group, even the prime minister stressed this and we have seen this for ourselves, two weeks ago the peshmerga forces with help of air corps managed to push i.s.i.l. south of mosul dam and took territory west of mosul city but i.s.i.l. does come back and do launch counter attacks and use suicide bomb ings and boobie require assistance and it's not an easy fight since they control urban centers, the main city centers and mosul and cities in embar and dekrete and they are trying to get help to win this war. >> reporter: thank you for the update and speaking to us from the northern iraqi city of irbill.
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news out of syria now where shelling by the government forces has killed more than 80 people in rebel-held areas near damascus and accusing the government of more than 60 air strikes in the east on thursday and let's go now to stephanie decker who is live for us from beirut and neighboring lebanon and it seems that the government is stepping up their fight against rebel opposition groups. >> that's right, and this is one of the most heavy-handed responses that we have seen over 60 air strikes carried out on eastern damascus in the last 24 hours, over 70 people killed so incredibly heavy-handed responses comes of course in retaliation for rockets fired at damascus hitting various areas of the capitol city thursday morning. this carried out by the islamic army, the leader had made a warning to damascus declaring a military zone and carried out
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the threat and had ten people killed inside damascus and people incredibly scared there and damascus has been quiet if you look at it in the bigger picture of the war and the syrian army secured it and occasional rockets and certainly not on the scale that we have seen and that commander did tweet last night around 8:00 p.m. saying the curfew he imposed on da damascus and had more this morning from the regime but it's quiet as we spoke to people and it's friday and it's a weekend and things are quiet but people very shaken about the rocket barrage that happened yesterday and realizing the war can also come to the capitol. >> stephanie thank you and speaking to us from neighboring lebanon. let's take a check on the weather now with everton and everton flooding in the lovely
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country of madagascar and tell us more. >> huge amounts of rainfall over the last weeks and it has intensified and potential for catastrophic flooding over the next few days and this is the picture and massive cloud swirling on mosambeeke and could be a tropical cyclone and if it doesn't we will see heavy rainfall and we have seen rain in the west and 26 millimeters into the early hours of thursday. further north we are seeing 400 millimeters of rain in the last four days alone and a month's worth in only four days and here is the kick more wet weather coming in across a good part of madagascar over the next few days particularly on the west side of the country and you see a deep circulation of low pressure bringing the wet weather in and will continue to do so and through saturday and
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going into sunday as well it does sink further south because the rain will weaken somewhat but you can see there is plenty more rain to come over the next few days and the long line of wet weather this goes along madagascar through mosambeke and northern areas could still see showers and have seen flooding and wet weather as you can see up to northern parts of tanzania. stay with us on al jazeera with lots more ahead including as the price of oil goes down the cost of basic goods is going up in nigeria and we will be reporting on the looming currency crisis. anger from afghanistan after they are attacked at cup of nations victory over the hosts. ♪
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you are watching the al jazeera news hour and reminder now of our top stories and jordan stepped up air strikes against the islamic state of iraq and lavonte and describes as retaliation of the killing of the pilot muath al-kaseasbeh and recently bombed syria but it's now expanding raids into iraq. the leaders of france and germany heading to moscow on talks on conflict in ukraine and push for a plane to end the ten-month conflict and comes as the u.s. considers arming the troops against pro-russia rebels. investigators in taiwan
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explained why a plane crashed into a river on wednesday killing 36 people and they say one engine failed before the second engine was manually shut down. well let's return to our top story and look at how jordan policy to i.s.i.l. is changing brutality which jordan pilot muath al-kaseasbeh took it to a point of pride. for months now jordan has been taking part in the u.s. coalition but its strikes were limited mainly to syria, now the military has extended its operation into iraq and moved its troops to the border there, it's all part of a government quote, harsh response to the killing of the pilot. now, these pictures posted by jordan's military show pilots writing messages on chalk on bombs about to be dropped on i.s.i.l. and one says that islam has nothing to do with i.s.i.l.
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and u.s. politicians are calling for increased military assistance to help the kingdom, to campaign against i.s.i.l. washington already provides jordan with $1 billion in economic and military aid annually and the u.s. is sending aircraft and troops to northern iraq to improve its ability to rescue pilots down in rebel-held territory. let's now get more on the situation in jordan and the fight against i.s.i.l. with our guest now thank you very much sir and i apologize for mangling your name and professor of science at katar university and jordan by admission has drawn itself front and center to the fight against i.s.i.l. do jordanians have the patience and fortitude to follow through, after all this war will be long and drawn out?
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>> i think all jordanian are linked-in terrorism and all human beings in the world are against extremism and terrorism and should be wiped out and we should be with them and military means and nonmilitary means but do not think jordan is the strongest country to deal with that and there is a coalition in the united states and taking three years and millions and billions and it will take grounds of troops and it has not been very effective and the war against terrorism in the past 20 25 years has not been effected because they do not address the real issues. you see and think academic and there sis a correlation and this can only be extreme and terrorism which is islamic and nothing to do with islam. so i think jordan has an unique
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moment of solidarity a unity, all people i'm a jordanian and i'm hangangered by the killing of the jordanian pilot and we need to be rational and should not do this by emotional feelings and should calculate it and i think jordan has paid the price in middle east and iraq and syria and the fall of the arab spring and many refugees have a lot of pressure over jordanian political and social development. >> let me just stop you there and let's talk about the region here. >> yes. >> we are seeing jordan stepping up its strikes against i.s.i.l. no doubt of course because of the anger of how muath al-kaseasbeh was murdered and killed, what about their other arab allies do you think they will also step up their actions in the coalition against i.s.i.l. in unity with jordan?
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>> i think there is a lot of support to jordan to take a lot of role against i.s.i.s. but i think most of the arab countries are reluctant to take any part and i think they will have the forces and role against the coalition against i.s.i.s. and jordan should not be left alone and united states is sending military assistance to jordan but i think the united states of the most powerful country and leader of international community and i think jordan should work with the united states and other partners to lead this war against i.s.i.s. not by only military means but by economic and political means and jordan should invest that moment i think of getting all jordanians together united to address political and economic reform in jordan and this will not allow jordanian or reports coming from jordanian for i.s.i.s. in the future. >> we will have to leave it there and thank you so much for speaking with us political
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science and three days of crisis talks have begun in cameroon to finalize the african union plans to combat boko haram fighters and diplomate and chiefs from western countries and u.n. are also attending this summit. last week au leaders sent 1500 troops to fight there and fighter jets from chad and cameroon are already targeting boko haram and fears of more boko haram attacks prompted security to be stepped up in nigeria ahead of next week's presidential election and a team from the international criminal court is in the country telling parties to refrain from violence before during and after the february 14 vote. >> no one should be saying that and it should be in peaceful
5:41 am
circumstances and a warning that anyone who insights violence anyone who commits crime the prosecutor is watching and the prosecutor will not hesitate to take action against anyone who insights violence or crimes committed in nigeria. >> reporter: the threat of boko haram and global drop in oil prices is creating a tough financial environment in nigeria and under pinned by exports and putting pressure on nigeria currency and explains from the capitol abuja. >> reporter: shopping for toiletries in the capitol abuja and the prices doubled because of the global falling price of oil, sellers buy their goods in dollars from abroad but the local currency has lost nearly 10% of its value against the dollar making the goods more expensive to import and put the
5:42 am
increased cost to customers. >> it's ridiculous because i came to the market today with intent of spending 7,000 but i sended up spending 9,000 when i was asking the man most of the things i used to by for 1500 were now 1800 and some 2000 so everything they added money to so many commodities. >> reporter: nigeria central bank reduced the value because of the falling price of oil, more than 90% of the nation's income comes from exporting oil and oil has lost nearly 60% of its value over the last six months. at stores like these in abuja that have been preparing for the increased cost of importing goods. >> bringing in most of the goods from abroad has kind of slowed down. we kind of expected it because of the drop in the price of oil
5:43 am
it's just for business. >> reporter: but the situation was more harsh for consumers traveling abroad and spending more to get dollars. economists say the falling value is an important lesson. >> we should be more responsible and save in good times. if you look at some of the arab countries and also oil rich they diverse away from oil. >> reporter: they hope to regain and prices come down but could be more pressure on the currency just around the corner the presidential election is being held in just over a week and there are concerns that with security it could further weaken the currency abuja, nigeria. >> reporter: the u.n. expressed concern about the increase of new ebola cases in west africa and infection rates had been dropping in resent months raising hopes that the worst was over and 9,000 people have died
5:44 am
from the disease since december of 2013 and gerald has the latest. >> reporter: in a village here teams from u.n. spread the message about ebola and this in itself is progress and many communities who were once suspicious of aid workers are starting to pay attention to efforts. >> translator: yes, ebola is still here, as long as the word organization doesn't announce ebola is over we will stay vigilant. >> reporter: in the past week the number of new cases went up for the first time this year in all three of west africa's worst-hit countries, liberia, sierra leone and new guinea and it has been an encouraging downward trend. >> good progress is being made but the outbreak still presents a grave threat and we really hope that there will be no
5:45 am
complacency among anybody involved in the response. >> reporter: the w.h.o. says unsafe burial practices have contributed to the resent flare-up. and they are also concerned that the battle against the disease will be side tracked by a lack of money. >> at the end of february we will start running out of cash already which means two or three weeks from now the one thing we can be sure of tre wil still be ebola in two or three weeks. we cannot be sure we have the money that we need to make sure we stop that ebola. >> reporter: but there are some positive signs. the largest clinical trial with a candidate ebola treatment being run by french researchers has yielded encouraging results and liberia recently started the first vaccine trials but it's in its early stages. the w.h.o. warns that more needs to be done before the rainy season begins in april which will make it different for health teams to reach effected
5:46 am
areas, gerald tan, al jazeera. al jazeera journalist mohamed and fahmy have spent 405 days behind bars in egypt, they along with correspondent peter greste were accused of reporting false news and supported the out lawed muslim brotherhood, charges they and al jazeera deny. peter has arrived back home in australia after being released earlier this week and bahir and mohamed are still in prison and al jazeera demands their immediate release. small and medium-sized businesses form the backbone of thailand economy, but many say thathey are struggling to compete against a handful of powerful family-owned companies. scott reports now from bangkok. >> reporter: it's the perfect idea for a start-up business. a service that helps young professionals deal with laundry in crowded and bustling cities. it's a high-tech automated locker system where customers
5:47 am
drop off their dirty clothes and pick them up clean, any time they like all of it can be tracked online or from a smartphone. that idea was his and it became a reality a few years ago when he started wash box and there are 30 locker locations across bangkok. >> we did not call it was called a start up, it's something we are passionate about and something that can really solve, you know problems in life. >> reporter: but bond faced his own problems the lack of facilities and resources to help start-up businesses was preventing him from growing his company. >> if you compare thailand to singapore or hong konge don't have the luxury and we do everything ourselves. >> reporter: small and medium-sized business according to government makeup90% of all thai businesses. >> translator: this is a common
5:48 am
practice in every country. >> reporter: and they favor traditional plans and not start-up like wash box 24 when bond asked for a loan they told him no so he looked abroad entering and winning start-up seed money contests that took him to finland and switzerland, a select few families deal with the real estate and they are deep rooted and well connected and this store is thousands of out lets owned from the retail company from small shops up to luxury malls and because of the market the wash box have started working with central but they believe huge companies are part of the reason that thailand start ups are struggling. >> the economy is being controlled basically by about ten families. we need to empower the 65 million people and not just this for 10 families. >> reporter: so until that
5:49 am
happens most looking to get their start ups off the ground will have to look further than this shrine in bangkok and it's a spot for people to come and pray for good business and most likely will seek their seed money outside the country, scott in bangkok. all the sport next here on the news hour including violence that over shadowed the second semi final of the africa cup of nation and we will be there for the latest on the tournament. ♪
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welcome back let's get all the sports to you now with joe. >> thank you so much the african cup of nations organizers will meet on friday to decide how to punish exuitorial guinea at the loss and marred by violence as the crowd spilled with eight minutes in time and ten people were injured when angry fans attacked ghana supporters and players and security forces fired tear gas to dispurse the crowd and took 34 minutes to restore peace in the stadium and they reached the final against ivory coast and fans were upset. >> we are friends and futbol is matter of game and it's all happening, you lose win or draw and you and then i don't know
5:52 am
it's not fun. >> reporter: following that match the equitorial captain apologized for behavior of the fans. >> translator: we are very proud with the tournament we have played and we reached the semi finals something historic for us and also would like to congratulate ghana and apologize to the african futbol confederation and everybody for the incidents that happened today. we know this should not happen in the world of futbol and again my apology. >> reporter: that violence over shadowed results on the pitch which saw ghanna reach the final and penalty by jordan a.u. sparked violence before the break and followed by goals from passo and a.u. and won 3-0 in the 9th final and face ivory coast and correspondent robin adams was there at the match and joins me now and the violence may have spilled out on the streets following that match.
5:53 am
>> reporter: well that violence did take place outside the stadium jill and have reports there are injuries and left the state at 1:00 this morning and midnight gmp and the streets resemble the war zone with rebel everywhere and rocks and broken glass. and there were confirmed injuries in ghana and the office working around the clock to get those victims to hospitals but of course they brought a lot of the fans in from ghanna on especially government-sponsored chartered planes to enjoy the semi final action so the embassy trying to get those fans back home. >> this is live in the world and fan also be looking at this and many will be very disappointed and disgusted with what they saw. >> absolutely the equitorial guinea fans is the justification of decisions from refugee from
5:54 am
gabon which is absurd and sparked an outrage and this beamed across the world and they condemned for the strongest possible terms and violence that played out and had to look at social media sites how angry the fans were across the world calling the scenes absolutely disgusting and bring in futbol journalist who was at the game and incredible scenes there and going in the pitch and being pelted with water bottles and they are meeting right now the organizing committee, what are we expecting to happen with equitorial guinea and fined $50,000 for crowd behaver in the quarter final as well? >> well what to expect two things and fine again which will be the likely thing regarding the political ramifications of the move and at least with my southbound point which is
5:55 am
equitorial guinea build the federation and nobody wanted to host the african cup so it's going to be very difficult to cut your nose despite your face so there is going to be message and i will be very surprise if there was an outright ban and that is what i expect from guinea. >> reporter: that is so important and guinea up against congo and i am told we have a decision on whether or not the game will be played behind closed doors and the fans had the real scale of fear of actually going there and supporting. >> definitely the d.r.c. or you are any of the officials of the d.r.c. you will think the same too. and i think it exhausts every possible problem with security to make sure if that game should go ahead and if they allow them to get in there to make sure the security that was at ghana is
5:56 am
doubled or tripled for safety of the people because they have a sizable population in this country as well. >> yes and it's a fast-moving story and african futb oh, l journist and with us through the afternoon event as well and we go to the studio. >> we will come back to you a little bit later of the punishment they may put out for guinea and for how thanks. tiger woods pulled out of the open because of a back injury the former world one struggled with the short game and he was two over par when he decided to pull out after 11 holes. and his has the worst score as a professional at the phoenix open last week. the nba and the cleveland cavaliers surge up the eastern conference and sit third following a 12th straight win
5:57 am
downing the clippers on thursday 105-94 it was also a good day for the dallas mavericks and out of sight behalf time and 17 ahead and did most of the damage and hit 21 points with the mavericks winning 101-78. and that's all the sport for now and we will bring you more on that crowd violence and any decision that will be made in the next few hours. >> quite shocking thank you very much. stay with us on al jazeera, in the next hour adrian will be here with more of the earlier press conference we had between germany's leader angela merkel and iraq's prime minister al-abadi and unity against the fight against i.s.i.l. and also you can get more on our website on al stay with us.
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>> music superstar akon >> it is a way for me to make money. it's clearly a business >> lending his voice to those in need >> i'm in a position where i can make a difference >> his goal, to have africa be part of the modern world >> if you wanna keep africa stable, there has to be elections >> every monday, join us for exclusive... revealing... and surprising talks with the most interesting people of our time... talk to al jazeera part of our special black history month coverage on al jazeea america
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