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tv   News  Al Jazeera  February 8, 2015 11:00am-11:31am EST

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on al jazeera america >> iran's supreme leader signals he may indoors a nuclear deal, as world leaders discuss getting back on track. >> hello you're watching al jazeera. coming up, new hope for a peace plan to help resolve the complicate in eastern ukraine. >> nigeria postpones presidential elections. we'll hear from opposition candidates and president goodluck jonathan's tam pain. >> red carpet ready the hope was in what's described as the
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closest closest bafta con fest in years. >> word leaders have been holding talks an key international security issues, focusing on the fight against the islamic state of iraq and the levant as well as iran's nuclear program. iran's foreign minister and the u.s. secretary of state held talks on the sidelines. some u.s. lawmakers threaten sanctions if a march deadline is not met for an agreement. iran's supreme leader said he would be in favor of a agreement with the rest but insisted no deal is better than a bad deal. >> i support the progress of the nuclear negotiations and if a good deal is reached would agree with that. the iranian nation would not
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disagree with an agreement if its interests are respected. >> on the final day of the munich security conference, a temporary focus shift from talks about the conflict in ukraine the delegates addressed another persistentish, iran's nuclear program and the impasse in negotiations. the countries foreign minister stressed that it is now time to reach a deal, but pushed a key demand. >> sanctions are a liability. you need to get rid of them if you want a solution. unless particularly some politicians, unless they come to the realization that sanctions are a liability and need to be lifted, we will not have a solution so that's the single most important issue but i think we have made good headway in resolving even that. >> also discussed was the upheaval across the middle east with the former u.n. secretary
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general taking the stage. >> if they think they're ideology will restore the muslim world as to our greatness on the contrary, history teaches us that closed societies dictate open societies are the ones who prosper. >> his comments follow the iraq prime minister calling on nation to say help fight the advance of islamic state of iraq and the levant. >> we in iraq are facing a formidable new terror generation not only threatening iraq, it is threatening the region. it is threatening the whole world at the moment. as far as i know, we are the only country that have armies on the ground fighting daish. >> the three day conference brings together some of the world's most influential political players. in the hall ways and behind closed doors is a flurry of
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activity with delegates push forego solution to say some of today's most pressing security issues. al jazeera munich. >> jordan is getting more help in its fight against the islamic state of iraq and the levant, the u.k. is reportedly sending troops to help amman in its campaign against the armed group. the united emrats is sending a squadron of f16 fighters jets. the commander of the jordanian royal air force said 19 strikes were launched and is intense filing its fight against isil but stress no civilians were killed or homes destroyed. the strikes focused on isil's leadership especially abu bakr al-baghdadi. jordan said it marks the beginning of the war against isil. 5500 missions were conduct the by the coalition since airstrikes began. jordan participated in 946 of them. they say that they've destroyed 20% of isil's combat
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capabilities and killed 7,000 isil fighters. >> we targeted daish garcons where they sleep and eat and successfully destroyed more than 19 targets. after that, the war against daish is going to continue. we are determining to achieve the objectives of this war and not only to degrade daish capability witness we are going to destroy daish and that is the aim across here at that targets. >> we spoke to a retired jordanian general. he said jordan's military attack on isil has been well planned. >> it's not an emotional retaliation or something like that. it's been to died very well and they attack the isil target and
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they made some inflicting some damage on them. the whole campaign, i could comment on too is too slow, very con strained sort of thing. we need to increase the assault 600 to 800 assaults per day. air assault can play a significant role, 80% can destroy daish 20% or so for ground troops, but because isil is really been covering a very big area in syria and iraq, so you need really the air power to handle this, the response of air power, the quickest reaction for it. jordan needs logistic sport spare parts airplane, she asks even for, you know, vehicles, but we didn't get the predator and didn't get it because of the bureaucracy of the state
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department or pentagon or the on this so we need these airplanes. they can inflict a lot of damage on the role of signature strike or personality strike against their leadership. we need such airplane and we need a very high logistic support to carry on with our mission. >> a boss mean immigrant appeared in court accused of sending military equipment and money to the fighters islamic state of iraq and the levant. he is one of six bosnian immigrants accused of organizing aid oh help islamic state of iraq and the levant. the suction spect used code words to communicate on social media. he will be tried in missouri. >> to yemen the leaders of the aden provinces regioned the takeover of power by the houthis. people have been protesting
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against the coup for the third straight day. they want the hooties to release president hadi from house arrest. >> the u.s. said nigeria's decision to postpone elections is deeply disappointing. the vote was supposed to happen next week but now delayed by six weeks due to security concerns. as we report, opposition parties also criticizing the decision. >> it's a decision arrived at after long deliberations. when he finally announced it, the chairman of the commission had this to say about the decision to postpone the elections due to security concerns: >> the security agency can't by itself achieve protection for personnel and materials. the commission cannot likely
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wave off the advice by the nation. >> the reaction was swift and angry. with the opposition, all progressives congress calling the decision provocative. people had already protested for days against delaying the vote outside the electoral commission headquarters. >> that man said one year ago to draw a time table for election, should not be allowed to sit on the eve of the election to postpone it. >> they will lose confidence in the pros, because definitely, they believe that it is the result of the pressure that has come from a party tails scared of defeat of elections, and so if the party has its way to shift the goal post towards the end of the match then the party will have its way in manipulating the results. >> nigeria and four neighboring
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countries will deploy 8,500 troops to fight boko haram. it's part of a plan to bring security to the region, a plan that the government says would allow the election to go ahead. nigeria said security forces have been struggling to defeat boko haram for the past five years and now many nigerians are skeptical that the situation in the countries north can be changed in just six weeks. >> so they can accomplish this in six weeks? why didn't they do it up to this time? if it is true that they can deal with this situation did they allow it to happen deliberately to in cent people can continue to be killed? is that what they are telling the world? the chiefs of the various tribal chiefs i think they should honorably resign. >> under the constitution, the elections must take place by the end of april and that is what many are pinning their hopes on, that it won't be moved again.
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al jazeera nigeria. >> the leader of nigeria's main opposition party former military general spoke to al jazeera. he says the reason given to delay the polls seems implausible. >> the nation of council of states the chairman independent nigeria electoral commission gave a detailed brief of the activities from 2011, that's from the last election to then, and they clearly said, or he said that they are ready to hold the election. if the same military cannot secure 14 local governments out of 774 in six years how can we be sure they can secure those 14 local governments in six weeks?
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>> let's hear from the ruling party, earlier i spoke to the spokesperson for good luck jonathan live. >> obviously most nigerians feel a sense of disappointment about what has happened, because we were ready to go and looking forth to the 14th but the reality on the ground is that we must take very seriously the concerns of the military and security agency. i think i did the right and proper thing by putting the lives and property of nigerians before anything else. i think this premise that you seem to have that we are somehow frightened of elections and the that jonathan is scared of an election is completely false. we are ready to go, however, we are a nation that is guided by laws. we are also a nation that takes very seriously the concept of life and property. we need to protect our people. if, for example, we had proceeded with the election and people were slaughtered simply because the military could not
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protect them, you would have been criticizing us for this. the general speaking about the army not being able to do the job in five years when he was head of state he didn't even buy one bullet for the military. we are ready for the election, will win it and put our detractors to shame. >> still ahead greece's new prime minister goes before parliament to present his plan to ease the countries economic woes. australian's prime faces a confidence vote. all that coming up.
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>> the top stories the supreme sport of iran may back an agreement as long as the countries interests are taken into account this comes as the world's diplomatic leaders are discussing getting the talks back on track. >> the u.s. is reportedly sending troops to help amman in its campaign against islamic state of iraq and the levant. the united emirates is sending f16 jets. >> nigeria delays presidential election over security concerns. the u.s. described the decision to postpone the vote by six weeks as deeply disappointing. >> the leaders of france
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germany, russia and crib will meet to discuss ending the chronapplicant in ukraine. they met by phone conference sunday. a new round of talks will take place in belarus. >> the phone call happened earlier on today on sunday. it was the same group of people who had met in moscow friday night. that's vladimir putin, angela merkel and president hollande, but also petro poroshenko was involved in that phone call, too, the ukraine president. so what they cussed was the various things that they were talking about here on friday and also how they are going to move things forward. it does seem to be a growing amount of hope in the various capitol city that is have an interest in this crisis to the talks in minsk wednesday are going to be a big deal. they might as well be quite cub standive. that was the impression given in
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moscow at least where the foreign ministry here thought important decisions would be taking applies in minsk. vladimir putin is not commit be fully to these talks. we hear comments that he made in sochi earlier on sunday now. >> conversation with colleagues from kiev, berlin and paris in the so-called normandy formality has just ended. we agreed that we will otherwise a meeting in the same format between heads of state and governments in minsk. we hope to meet on wednesday if by then we have managed to agree some positions which we have been discussing very intensively in recent days. >> what he was saying is that if certain arrangements haven't been agreed, certain positions haven't been agreed, then maybe talks won't happen. clearly, there are a lot of details that need to be hashed out. that is going to take place over
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the next few days, so in berlin on monday, there will be a meeting of various deputy foreign ministers and then in minsk on tuesday, there will be a meeting of the contacts group. this includes the esce and representatives of the donetsk people's republican and the luhansk people's republic. >> a plan to ease grease's austerity, the new president will outline his plan to break free from the e.u. bailout program which expires february 28. we are joint live from athens. john he is expected to make an overture to the e.u. what do you expect him to say? >> he is expected, government circles tell us to divide his
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speech into what has to be done in the immediate term and what has to be done further down the road in his term in office. he is expected to propose a four to six month truce a period during which neither side will undertake unilateral action to overcome the problem that greece's oversight program ends at the end of this month. after that point it will not be liable for any funding from its european partners and international mon stair fund and considered in danger of defaulting on debt. his finance minister asked for last week the permission to raise another $11 billion on markets, because greece has currently exhausted its bond permit, how much money it can go raise, how much debt it cancel, if you like. it needs to raise that ceiling. once that funding is there
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together with funding reef news, greece believes it will see itself through the next few months in order to conclude negotiations. >> what about his long term vision for greece? >> well, longer term, the prime minister has announced what he wants to do. in a nutshell, he wants to lift some of the tax burden from the middle class and the blue collar workers of this country and shift it a little further on to the shoulders of the wealthy. he says he will do this by more aggressively pursuing tax evasion and corruption within the state and also by retooling, repurposing the state to help the private sector more, which consists are predominant middle enterprises. this is not a economy dominated by large corporate enterprises but small businesses. he wants to get rid of the most
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unpopular tax leveed for austerity, the property tax. that is responsible for some $3.5 billion worth of state revenue. that money is crucial but he will replace that with revenue derived from wealthy tax evaders. we expect to hear something along those lines tonight. >> thank you. india's prime minister could face his first election defeat since coming to power. polls show his ruling party is trailing behind the anti corruption party in delhi's state election. we have more from new delhi. >> post opinion polls project that the common man party will win the delhi state assembly. there's two ways of looking at the projected numbers here.
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here. on one hand, some suggest the party has rid an wave following the landslide victory last near. vindication for the party that has now got perhaps the numbers it needs to governor the state of delhi with a platform to look at things to come for the party in terms of its development in indian politics with that you've got to also mention the congress party. it's been a big dominant part of indian politics for a century now, but looks like it's been annihilated in this election, so it will be interesting to see where one of india's biggest and most historic parties goes from here, as well. >> at least six people have been killed after an attack in bangladesh, bombs thrown at vehicles crowded with people in the northern city. thirty were injured.
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>> australian prime minister tony abbot has brought forward a party confidence vote that could result him in being replaced by one of his ministers. he has lost confidence cutting health and education to reduce the countries budget deficits. >> out early morning jog australian prime minister must have had a lot on his mind. just a few hours later, he took to the podium in sydney with an announcement. >> the last thing australia needs right now is instability and uncertainty. on reflection and after talking to my colleagues, i've decided that the best thing we can do is deal with it as quickly as possible and put it behind us. >> he brought forward a vote that could result in his own party forcing him out of office. it's been a dramatic fall.
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he came to power less than 18 months ago. recent polls suggest more than half of all australian now want him gone. it's an ironic turn of events, considering he was fiercely critical of the leadership flip-flops that went on before him. >> we were elected to end the chaos of labor. we were elected to fix labor's mess. >> he's talking about what many analysts consider the debacle rudd custom to go power in 2007. he was challenged and defeated. he returned victorious. now with yet another challenge to power nearing deputy leader julie bishop is tight lind. >> i am aware that the meeting is now at nine ok monday morning. thank you. >> she and malcolm turnville are
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considered the main contenders. >> anyone, member of the party can stand whether minister or back bencher without any disloyalty to the person who's leadership has been declared vacant. >> abbott seems convince the vote will be in his favor but some want him gone. that means even if he clears this hurdle. political stability is far from assured. al jazeera. >> taiwanese aviation authorities said victims of the plane crash will be compensated. forty died when the plane crashed into the river north of taipei. they still search for the bodies of three passengers. al jazeera call for mohamed fahmy and baher mohammed to be released from egyptian jail.
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along with peter greste, they were accused of charges they and al jazeera deny. the retrial for the two is scheduled thursday. peter is back in australia after being dough ported from egypt following 400 days in jail. >> stars of the big screen hit the red carpet in london punishment awards he even the bafta. it takes place two weeks before the academy awards. >> we are well into awards season now golden globes done, now the baftas. there are 24 categories, sound to animation but there are some that got more attention than others. let's start with best director. tight this year. anderson for grand booth budapest hotel for boy hood and
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of course for birdman. >> you were a movie star, remember? >> who is he? >> he used to be birdman. >> i like that poster. >> you wrote this? >> yes. >> and you're directing and starring in it. >> best actor is closely watched. two brits are up. he took a golden globe for this very performance. >> it is caused by u.v. light. >> why do you know that? >> the university isings up and downing. if you reverse time, the university is getting malar. >> reese witherspoon felicity
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jones, valueian moore is a favorite could she take best actress at the baftas? here she is in "still alice." >> where is it? >> the theater. >> can you spell that? >> it's not like we're going to forgot. >> you better do it. >> best picture some really strong competitors here this year, birth man the imitation game theory of everything, grand budapest hotel and boy hood. critics have their eyes on the strong contender for the same oscar, could take best picture at the baftas, too. >> i see your point. we should just let it happen for naturally. ok that's what you're saying. ok. that's what we'll do. starting now. so the nominations are in, the red carpet ready. this is described as one of the tightest bar at a contests in years.
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there's not long to go until we find the big winners here. >> we'll have those on our website, including updates on all the stories we are covering. the address issues their local communities won't. their struggle to preserve their culture in the u.s., may found at an unbearable cost. another view of multiculturism, captain america in a turbin, how one man turned the icon oven it's