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tv   News  Al Jazeera  February 9, 2015 9:00am-9:31am EST

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>> talks to solve the political cries in yemen get underway in the capitol sanna. >> hello this is al jazeera live from doha. also ahead: 40 people are killed in a stampede outside a football stadium in cairo. egyptian's public prosecutor orders an investigation. >> taking on boko haram we get a rare look at operations by multi-international forces in northern nigeria. ♪ ♪ >> we'll tell you why the
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biggest awards ceremony in music wasn't just all song and dance. >> talks are underway in yemen to try to solve a political crisis there after houthi rebels took power in a coup friday. one opposition party has withdrawn, but the talks continue. the party demands the release of some people arrested by the houthis and asking for the restriction on demonstration to say be lifted. more from the city of thaese. >> negotiations seem to have fallen flat just as soon as starting really. there was optimism on the political scene here, speaking to all political parties and they agreed to sit down and
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discuss things on monday. there is as report that there were demands that three members detained by the hooties be reds and they were owe posed to the fact that the interior minister held saying no one would be allowed to protest without approval and they had opposed that. the main islamist party here say that whilst they haven't withdrawn, they won't continue participating in them unless the u.n. special envoy comes out publicly very clearly says that these discussions are discussions that are
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continuation from the political discussions that took place prior to the coup, that he comes out and says he does not recognize the coup and does not recognize the houthi power grab. ban ki-moon has said things along those lines but the negotiator is reluctant to do that increasing distrust from several specters of the political specter here in yemen. >> egyptian an investigation is launch after a stampede outside a football stadium that left 40 dead. most killed were fans of the football team. police and fans blame each other for causing the stampede. >> football fans tried to get into the stadium in cairo. they'd come to watch a match some of them without tickets. the police tried to control the crowds with barricades, when that didn't work, fired tear gas.
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>> suddenly, they closed the gate and told us to get out through another gate. the police were in front and behind the gate. they fired tear gas. this caused panic and people fell on top of each other. we started to leave quickly. there were old people in the crowd crushed by other fans. those moo managed to leave were confronted by other police. >> in the confusion. many people fell down and were trampled. the club called what happened a police massacre. officials say they were overwhelmed. the interior ministry said increasing number of fans without tickets gathered outside the stadium the numbers exceeding 10,000. they pushed to storm the gates and climbed walls to enter resulting in the injury of dozens. relations between security forces and football fans have been tense since the 2011 revolution. football supporters were part of the mass protest. the director of the football
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association accuses the outlawed muslim brotherhood of being involved. >> they meant to take the country back to square one. they are the branches of the brotherhood. >> as accusations fly the relatives and friends of those killed are in mourning. >> people are dying every day. it's like we came here for a wedding, instead of here for a funeral. >> egypt is no strange tore football violence. in 2012, several people died. fans stormed the pitch and attacked rival supporters. 21 people are sentenced to death for their part in the violence. the egyptian football federation had lift add three year ban on people attending football matches for this game. now the egyptian government has postponed matches in the premier league indefinitely.
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>> two bombings in iraq's capitol baghdad killed 20 people and injured 48 others. one suicide bomber targeted a busy square, and another bomb went off on a main street. both attacks happened in predominantly shia neighborhoods. it followed the lifting of a nighttime curfew in dog bad in place for 12 years. >> the iraqi army said it's preparing to launch a major ground offensive to retake territory from the islamic state of iraq and the levant. the adjustment envoy leading the coalition said it will begin in the coming weeks. general john allen said american forces are training iraqi soldiers at four main sites in the country with the help of international allies. take a look. he's the danish and australian trainers are supporting the americans at assad base in anbar province. the spanish and port jesus in camp bismaya.
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there are trainers from australia and new zealand and german tallun, french, belgian and dutch trainers in erbil. >> iraqi officials have been eager to start this major offensive particularly in the isil stronghold of moss mosul. the united states have made the point, general allen include that had before ground troops go in to take mosul they need everything ready training of forces, a plan for what comes after, including police force as well as things like humanitarian assistance and reconstruction. all of that is a long term effort but general allens comments indicate that they are onboard with supporting the iraqis in the beginning of a major ground offensive. he doesn't mention mosul but there are other areas still held by the group.
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the u.s. is now training soldiers as well as special forces and other security forces in four main bases around iraq. they are not out there on the ground and don't have the authority to do that. there are other coalition partners that are believed to have special forces out there with the iraqis. iraq needs yet more support more airstrikes, more hardware, but these comments by general allen are an indication that they seem to be getting onboard on the same page, that there is as major ground offensive backed by the coalition that could begin in the next few weeks. >> across the border in syria kurdish forces reportedly pushed isil fighters out of 120 villages around the town of kobane on the border with turkey. kurdish forces known as the peshmerga recaptured kobane from isil in january following four months of fighting. >> meanwhile at least 23 people have been killed by government airstrikes in an area just
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outside of the syrian capitol. the observatory for bomb rights said bashar al assad's government pounded the town of duma. the army is trying to break the rebel hold. >> nigeria's special security advisor said multi-national forces will destroy all boko haram camps in the country in the next six weeks. he also said that the postponed presidential election will be held by march 28. the vote, which was scheduled this month has been delayed due to security concerns in the north of the country where boko haram is active. we have a report frow on how the multi-national force recaptured that key town from boko haram. >> this is the town on the nigeria border with cameroon. until recently, it was a stronghold for boko haram fighters. it's now under the control of
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chadian troops. they patrol around the town in case boko haram fighters decide to come back. >> they are now outside the town. we have combed the whole area. no one is here now. probably some of their injured are hiding in some houses, particularly remote, abandoned houses. >> for nine months, boko haram controlled the area, imposing strict islamic law on people living in the town. big part of the town remained deserted. most people were forced to leave for neighboring chad and cameroon. others escaped to northern nigeria. thought chad troops, everyone left is a suspect. these men are suspected of belonging to boko haram. they are released after convincing the forces that they are newt affiliated with the group. the battle for the town has not been easy for chadian army. it lost 17 soldiers during its fighting with boko haram.
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some residents didn't mind boko haram's rule over their town. >> we used to go and come back from our farms without problem. boko haram asked us to teach our children the koran. when we told them we prayed and had a koran they left us alone. >> a force is put together to fight boko haram. boko haram has delayed presidential elections. any town and village retaken from boko haram will bring the reality of holds those postponed elections a little closer. al jazeera nigeria. >> armed men have shot dead a member of the parliament in somalia. he was killed leaving his house on his way to parliament. there have been a series of fatal attacks targets
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politicians there since last year. the armed group al shabab has killed five members of parliament. that came hours before a new cabinet was approved. it earlier ejected a list presented by the countries new prime minister, who was named in december. >> still to come here on al jazeera: >> back from his big tour of europe the new greek prime minister lays out his plans to ease austerity. >> the joke's on isil. how iraq is using comedy to undermine the group's propaganda campaign.
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the inside story. >> now at its new time. weeknights, 11:30 eastern. on al jazeera america. >> the top stories here on al jazeera, peace talks in yemen are underway to find a solution to the political cries there. the u.n. envoy to yemen comes three days after houthis took power in a coup. one party has withdrawn. >> egypt's public prosecutor ordered an investigation into a stampede outside a football stadium east of cairo. police used tear gas to break up the crowd. forty people were killed. >> nigeria's national security advisor has reportedly said multi-national forces will destroy all boko haram camps in the next six weeks in the country. he also said that the postponed presidential election will be held by march 28.
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the vote was scheduled for this month and delayed because of security concerns in the north where boko haram is active. >> the fight against isil, the iraqi government is targeting the group's aggressive propaganda campaign through entertainment and art. we have a report from baghdad. >> this is one of the front lines in the fight against isil. a state one rackie television, the videos is part of the effort to counter the group's propaganda undermining the appeal of islamic state of iraq and the levant. it's most effective weapon, a satirical series called state of superstition. in this imaginary state the devil arrive to say destroy iraq with the help of some friends. the video is a parody of an isil
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song from mosul that has been viral. instead of paradise, this one promises would-be suicide bombers will end up washing dishes. each of the 27 episodes explores a different segment of life under isil. this news anchor struggling to cover her face interviews a hospital official. he explains since there was no medical equipment a thousand years ago they use knives and sewing needles. iraqi officials say the program is aimed at countering isil's statements that is upholds islam. >> we are trying to scrape away the different layers of isil. the idea of parody is to say they are a group of people who hold a destructive ideology same to go destroy nations and civilizations and that their understanding of islam is comical. >> there is a kurdish effort aimed at demystifying isil,
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inspiring laughter rather than fear. >> around the world the danger against isil isn't so much on the battlefield it's in the minds of young people and a lot of that is played out in popular culture in all forms. >> this new project uses the seouls of shoes to depict isil fighters. it's hard to manual a more serious insult in the arab world. >> i'm indeed afraid, but i won't be silenced. >> he came up with the idea after isil seized mows cull, a city famous for its art and culture. the shoes are as damaged he says as isil's ideology. >> egypt announced a retrial for al jazeera journalists mohamed fahmy and baher mohammed will
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begin on february 12. they're accused of supporting the outlawed muslim brotherhood charges that they and al jazeera deny. fahmy's family released a statement saying he gave up egyptian citizenship to be deported to his home in canada. they say the prosecutors have not yet met their side of the agreement. the canadian government has expressed disappointment over egypt's decision to keep mohamed fahmy behind bars. canada released a statement that they are deeply upset. canada calls for the immediate release of mr. fahmy. >> a member of the canadian senate said canada's prime
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minister needs to push harder for mohamed fahmy's freedom. >> i sit here outraged over what happened in cairo with mohamed fahmy. i've always thought from the get-go that the prime minister of this country should have intervened right away. we've been told over the last many months that there are back channels, front channels and so on and so forth but it should be the main channel and the main channel is the prime minister of this country. any other canadian journalist who would be caught in a peculiar circumstance such as this would have been released a long time ago. it is up to prime minister harp tore pick up a phone and to talk to president al sisi and to get action done. mohamed fahmy is an egyptian, but as he canadians the australian journalist is home and said if i am allowed to be free then we should all be free. that includes other journalists in egyptian james as we speak.
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>> the e.u. has delayed putting more ukrainian separatist and russians on its sanction list to give a peace plan time to work. 19 ukrainian officials will be subject to visa bans and have their assets frozen. it won't take effect until february 16. the leaders of ukraine germany france and russia are do to hold discussions in minsk wednesday. the conflict has killed more than 5,000 people since last april. >> greece's new prime minister is stick to go plans to roll back on the countries austerity program. he told parliament he wants to raise the minimum wage and rehire public sector workers. we have a report from athens. >> he was legend on an anti austerity program, one that appeared to place him and his party at odds with the rest of the euro zone. in his first address to
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parliament as prime minister, he stays true to that policy. >> the greek people gave a strong and clear mandate to end austerity immediately. this catastrophic austerity and to change policies. consequently the notorious bailout was first canceled but its very own failure and its destructive resultses. >> this means the bailout for grease is effectively over, because he refuse to say meet inspectors from his creditors or receive more money from them. instead, he wants a truce of up to six months to renegotiate with the rest of europe. >> we will state again and again, greece wants to service its debt. if our partners wants this, too they can join us at the table to find a way to make it viable. >> the purpose of those talks would be to review how and when grease will pay back its debt of over $350 billion.
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>> it is said that austerity will never allow greece to pay back the debt, because it's destroying economic growth. the party believes it has a better formula. incomes here have fallen 35% over the last five years and a million people remain below the poverty line. >> to be viable during negotiation, the greek government needs permission to raise $11 billion from the market. it will have a chance to prevent position to say all its creditors at once at wednesdays meeting. >> it's the right time to hear the greek government proposal to move forward. we'll have a debate on that. i don't expect conclusions. it will take time. there are complex matters different views. it will take time, but we'll have our first round of constructive debates next wednesday. >> the new greek government insists on maintaining a
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balanced budget but rejects austerity taxes and insists on a high irminimum wage, meaning debasis are bound to be difficult. >> the u.n.'s nuclear watchdog said contaminated water leaking from japan's nuclear power plant is still an issue. work is being reviewed to decommission the plant this was damaged in an earthquake and tsunami in 2011. the energy company was criticized for its handling of radioactive water leaks into the pacific ocean. it said it would be unable to decon tam mate water before a marsh deadline. >> australia's prime minister has kept his job as head of the ruling liberal party but only just. andrew thomas looks at why his popularity has slumped. >> tony palas lives and works
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restoring classic cars in tony abbott's constituency. he voted for the prime minister but has become disillusioned. >> quite disappointed because of the policies he's pushed and come up with. >> he is not the only one. many in tony abbott's party has last faith in him. he faced what he called a chastening experience. 61 of his colleagues supported him, but 39 voted against him. >> obviously i accept that the last few weeks have been difficult weeks for the government but they've also been difficult weeks for the australian people, because the people expect and deserve a government which is getting on with the job. i am confident that we have put this time behind us.
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i am confident that as of today we're back at work for the people of australia. >> abbott may yet face another challenge. it's all reminiscent of the power struggles of the previous labor government, when julia gillard took power from rudd only to see him win back four years later on his second attempt. elected just 16 months ago his unpopularity since is partly due to his style. some colleagues say he doesn't cult facing falling prices for exports, he has failed to get legislation through parliament. he scrapped a paid parental leave some said was for the rich not the poor. last month he gave australia's nighthood not to an australian, but to prince philip, husband of
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the british queen. australians were amused. >> when i read it, i couldn't believe it. i didn't laugh but i was surprised and shocked. >> an opinion poll suggestion most australian would vote him out if we could and most don't want tony abbott as prime minister. unless he turns opinions around fast main in australia think he hasn't ended speculation merely delayed the inevitable. >> stars of the small screen attended the biggest night in british film and television awards at the baftas. >> eddie
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redmayne. >> the film won a third award for its adapted screen play. >> sam smith enjoyed a big night at the grammy awards, taking four awards. the ceremony wasn't all song and dance. >> it's called music's biggest night and the big winner at the 57th grammy awards was british soul singer sam smith. his heartbreak ballad stay with me won record and song of the year. the 22-year-old breakout performer won best new artist and best pop vocal album. >> thank you. this is the best night of my life. just a quick one. i want to thank the man who this record is about and who i fell in love with last year. thank you so much for breaking my heart because you got me four grammys. >> it wasn't exactly a clean sweep.
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the top tree fee for album of the year went to american rocker beck. >> we made this record at my house for the most part. i'd like to thank my kids for letting me keep them awake a little bit extra longer. >> the ceremony in los angeles scintillated with other notable performances many by those who dominated the music industry for decades. there was a somber undertone also. ♪ ♪ >> singer katy perry teamed up with the u.s. president to shine the spotlight on domestic violence. >> it's not ok, and it has to stop. artists have a unique power to change minds and tuesday and get us thinking and talking about what matters. >> the grammys nod to music with
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a message. >> plenty more of al jazeera's brand of real balanced news at our new look website of which we're quite proud. take a look at this week on "talk to al jazeera", musician, songwriter, producer akon, the senna galees american artist that sold for than 30 million records. >> first i'm a businessman. >> akon is an activist and philanthropist and spend a lot of time promoting peace in areas congo. he's spending a lot of money to i don't have the quality of life of 1 milli