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tv   News  Al Jazeera  February 12, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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on behalf of the united states government. >> she could prove what she was saying... >> crack in the system ♪ this is al jazeera. >> hello, i am lauren taylor. this is the news hour, coming up. >> we cannot stand by and watch. >> chief behnke moon warns that yes then is collapsing. on the ground no sign of the violence abating. and the new threats emerging from this stunning underwater
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lance scape. chief ban ki-moon has appealed for action he made the plea as the security council to discuss a deteriorating situation there. >> yemen is collapsing before our eyes. with cannot stand by and watch. the country is facing multiple challenges. but dangerous political crisis continues. the prime minister led baher and government ministers and other state officials must be granted freedom of movement. >> we men's military has launched air strikes as far as
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an attack on two bases, three soldiers and four attackers were killed. more from the city. so many warnings from the secretary general. a lot of people are asking what the united nations is willing to do in order to solve wayis a more and more dangerous situation and a more and more unstable state. as every day goes by, a lot of people particularly the parties that have been involved in these negotiations have become more and more pessimistic with regards to the u.n.'s role, particularly it's envoy because they say the only consistency as they have continued is that the houthies the shia militia who have conducted this, they have become more and more powerful as long as they have continued. surely there must be another senior politician there must be another strategy in order to ensure that this coup is
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reversed and that legitimacy is restored. on a security perspective more violence across the country. this time against al quaida militants. the significance here is that this army base is close proximity to the oil production center of yemen also the militant whose have taken control of this army pace said they were doing this because they said the army had capitulated and given essentially it's bases in other cities through the houthiss and the houthies advance south wards towards the rest of the country and al quaida wanted to open a new frontier. so more instability, more security concerns across the country. >> a journalist who was previously based in yemen joins me now a bit of a warning for the potential to descend into anarchy is there
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much the u.n. can do about it? the embassies have been closed from the various people have been pulling out it seminose one is there to do anything. >> well, yes really, jamal is the last man standing in that kind of front line of trying to push these negotiations on, trying to reach a point of agreement between the different fractions because the problem arrives now is you have anti-houthis tribes that are joining together and that's where you will see this fragmentation, and he is talking about civil war where the groups join together against the houthiss and you will see this split as a whole. >> and who stands to benefit? some of the concerns for the western countries is the fact that al quaida has been present, if there's kind of a his radioing up against the houthies would that benefit al quaida. >> yes it does benefit al quaida and they have been using the houthies rice as
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part of the rest rick to say this is a shia takeover. they want to make this into a sectarian war, and you do have groups that are fighting on the side of al quaida, that wouldn't consider themselves algicide da. and we have seen that today as evidence that when there is a political vaccine you have the situation where al quaida takes control of areas and we saw that happen in 2011 and they become a political tool as well. to use as leverage against the west as well, by almost allowing them to take territory like this, in order to manipulate the negotiations. >> just to go back to what is next the u.n. is talking about it in strong words and so on, but what do you think can happen next? are we heading towards civil war? >> i think there's certainly going to be more conflict
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that's what we can definitely say. where and how bad that conflict will be, i suppose is the question. i think most immediately certainly there's going to be issues in the south we have already seen fighting in the last few days on the border, what used to be the north-south northern border. and that issue is going to come to a head, so there's a good chance of more conflict in aidan or increased chance of conflict, and involving the southern movement and factions within the south which is almost an extension of what has gone on. so yes, there is -- i mean it is almost inevitable there will be fighting at some stage. >> okay, thank you very much indeed more than 20 vehicles were seized at the airport as suspect diplomates and other staff left the country a security fears have seen the u.s. brings train and france
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close their embassies. the capitol is now under control of the houthies and took power last week. >> the u.s. diplomates arrived in their cars into the airport parking lot. and it was not planned but we seized their cars and their belongings. the cars were held inside the airport, and they will be hanked over through an official way to the united nations and the foreign ministry. >> the u.s. has suggested it may ease sanctions against russia if moscow upholds it's end of the peace deal. the agreement was reached after long talks. between the leaders of ukraine, russia, germany and france. under the deal a cease fire between ukraine's army and the separatest will come into effect on sunday. both sides must start withdrawing heavy weapons like artillery soon afterwards. that process should be complete within two weeks. ukraine will again take control of it's entire border with russia, parts of which
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are currently in the hand oz if separatist. and all unlawfully detained prisoners and hostages must be released and exchanged. rory reports from minsk. >> vladimir putin has described it as not the best night of his life. presumably, the other three leaders agree. more than 15 hours of wrangling and cajoling trying to reach a break through on ukraine. the waiting journalists have had many hopes of an announcement dashed, then, well into thursday morning it came. >> the first thing is a cease fire starting add midnight on the 15th of february the second thing that is important is the withdrawal of the troops and today's contact line from the line spes fied on the 19 everything of september last year, there is also the political settlement, which takes into account the rights oif people that live in the region. >> these have been tough negotiations going in the
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germans were particularly down beat about chances of success even now with the agreement signs they say much hard work remains. >> i am under no illusion and we are under no illusion that a lot of work is still necessary, but there is a real chance to improve things. germany and france, france and germany together, show that we have made a contribution, in accordance with europe. >> of course, we have been here before. literally. minsk welcomes leaders for a peace summit back in the late summer of 2014, but the cease fire quickly fell apart the agreements were never properly implemented. and in eastern ukraine the fighting and the dying continued as the leaders talked. the separatist representatives have signed the new minsk deal.
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al jazeera minsk. >> exact details and location of the buffer zone between the army and separatist still hasn't been determined. this is roughly where it could run. the fighting shows no sign of abating with one person killed in violence in the city as charles reports pro-russian separatist in the city are skeptical that the cease fire will change anything on the
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drowned. we drove across the fields to the front line. only hours ago the military fires rockets at the road. the separatist fighters with us said we should switch off our mobile phones and drive fast. there are few fighters here at this former ukrainian military base they say the primary role here is to try and monitor ukrainian army movements. we are at a separatist defensive position south the fighters tell us that forces are about one kilometer in that direction they tell us we can't go in front of this building because there's a danger of snipers. we will stay here unless we get an order to retreat or advance. >> the leaders said the treatment can have far reaching implications.
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>> we can't deny ukraine this chance because the whole country will change as a result. the attitude and the people will change, in fact, the people of ukraine we are still with them, we totally consider them our people. this chance is given to ukraine to change it's constitution. to change it's attitude. >> the agreement failed to define the status of the people's republics some of the people in donetsk are in favor of independence. >> unity won't work. >> how can we return to ukraine after everything they have done to us? thousands of people have been killed on both sides of this conflict, three shells hit this hospital. at least one person was killed. >> the patient under the dust,
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one bed was destroyed by shrapnel. it was terrifying. so many people have died since the last cease fire collapsed in september. and there is great uncertainty, as to whether this latest truce will be implemented. al jazeera eastern ukraine. >> joining me now in the studio a senior policy consultant at the security information council and he was previously an armed control advisor, thank you for coming to talk to us, what would you say the biggest obstacles are to implementing this deal. >> i would say the underlying fundamental interests of both sides haven't yet been changed. so the unmet expectation oz if russians and the ukrainian government remain unchanged and therefore i don't see any great possibilities of this lasting. >> so who -- at the moment, the way it is written up, what
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do you think they can -- who stands to gain the most? is there an imbalance? do you think they have come up with something that if it does get adhered to will be fair? >> i don't know that the fairness at this point is really the issue. because since we aren't addressing the underlying concerns of either side, truly here we aren't likely to have found a formula for lasting peace. >> what needs to be done to address those. >> i think there has to be an acknowledgement, that there is a severe division within the ukrainian public of opinion between who out to be running them and which way that government out to be leaning. is it toward russia, is it toward the e.u. and the west, and until that is settled we won't find a solution that lasts, i don't think. >> but -- do you need to have some kind of an initial end to the war or cease fire to get to those reality you are you talking about? >> absolutely. and any effort to stop the fighting the shelling is of course a good thing. and i don't mean to be pouring
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cold water on this cease fire, i hope it lasts it is just that send the june lying hasn't change, i am not that optimistic. >> with your experience where working in these difficult areas what do you think the key is if we go back to what they have on paper agreed? the monitoring of it, how will that work? what do you think the difficulties will with that. >> there are always difficulties involved in bringing in outsiders. i don't see that as being a particular problem here, i don't see either side as being keep to -- interfere with the monitoring process in any way. how, it is not monitoring that will make this work, again, it is meeting the underlying needs of the different parties. >> this has all been happening in the context before this agreement came about, there was talk that the americans might start arming ukrainians more how has that played into the depate? >> i don't think it was a helpful initiative.
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i think the russians have felt pushed around long enough and i don't think a further push was the way to bring them to peace, if anything, it would be more likely to my mind to make mr. putin dig his heels in harder what's your forecast. >> i think it will last for a good many weeks. long term, it don't like it's chances. thank you for joining us. now the international monetary fund says the country will receive around $40 billion of funding over the next four years almost half of which will come from the imf. the managing director says the money will allow ukraine to move forward. clearly the ukrainian authorities are demonstrating a courage to reform, like we
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have never seen. and as an example of that, they have, for instance, not only reached the targeted deficit for this year, but they have exceeded the objective. and produced a better result than what was expected. >> coming up in news hour. >> plenty overspills in brussells but did e.u. leaders make any progress on the huge debts? why leaders are made to leave during an annual address by jacob zooma. >> all i can say is there's a clear bias against us. >> the man in the charge of the 2022 football world cup tells al jazeera he feels his country has been unfairly targeted for criticism more on that in sport the egyptian
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court has ordered the release on bail of two al jazeera journalists. they have been detained for 411 days. their retrial is due to resume on february the twenty-third. the bail was set at $33,000. is that's not often option who doesn't hold a foreign passport he has been released without having to pay bail. for australia their freed colleague said he was overjoyed that the men he called his brothers and bar candidates go home to their families and looking forward to the charges being dismissed all together. >> this could be the beginning of an end for an ordeal that has lasted more than 400 days. have been granted bail at the start of their retrial. this comes as a huge relief for their families.
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>> i am going immediately to tell the kids that their father is coming home today, i will wait to welcome him pack, life has changed today. he was asked be i the judge to pay a security bond of $33,000. eel jinx law and i am sure he has been vindicated by this. and in this case, it all parts apart completely. >> but the fight will continue until the charges are dropped. baher was initially sentenced to ten years and seven years in prison that decision was recently overturned. egypt's highest court of appeals has challenged the evidence presented by the prosecution. say thing proed soings were flaws and order add retrial. earlier this month another al jazeera journalist was deported to australia after
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400 days in detention. fahmy who is an egyptian canadian was told by the authorities that his only way to freedom is to announce his egyptian citizenship. which he has done. the three journalists were arrested in december 2013. they were falsely accused of promoting the banned muslim brotherhood. >> the bail release is a small step in the right direction but it is a step that should have been taken 411 days ago. there's no evidence that they have been accomplice sit with the public brotherhood no evidence that they have been involved in terrorism journalists are frightened, they have been made frightened in their organizations have been frightened by the fact that these journalists are in jail. >> the trial has been widely condemned by the international community, and human rights organizations.
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bail is a small step in the right direction, and allows them to spend time with their families after 411 days apart. the focus is still on the court, dismissing this case and releasing both these fine journalists unconditionally. egypt is buying two dozen fire jets in a deal worth more than $5 billion. the years of failed attempts to export them, the deal will be signed on monday.
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a video which was posted on youtube, is said to see him talking to a defense official, but how much aid he has been given since the military coup that outed mohamed morrissey. tension billion dollars more than previously estimated. a professor of international relations. and what is the latest significance of this? and the amount of money that was coming their way. >> the qualification we do not know the veracity. this is for your audience. but if the league is correct this shows the significance support that the gulf states have given egypt. you are talking about $20 billion. so you are talking about more
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than. billion dollars at issue resources. this is not small change. it was not part of the gulf state that supported the acecisy administration. this shows you how they oppose the brotherhood. and able to address big money. that's a huge sum of money. and aceci made it very clear and the league that he was very grateful, very appreciative and it chose that the gulf states really were supporting his regime, and also the fact that the gulf state -- did not advertise the significant sum of money that they gave egypt so they kept it very quiet most of it
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was kept quiet. >> the country -- this big deal with france and the jets, what -- what is the kind of significance of france doing a big deal like this, with another government wish which was originally a coup and has been turned into the presidency. >> this is a big deal, a big money deal, $5 billion, i think they have several points here to highlight, the first thing is that egypt is trying to create a diverse basically military base, so from the russians now from the frenching, the americans have been very critical of the clamp down on the civil rights the americans basically now are establishing conditions for release aid to egypt only aid that basically goes to fighting cars and the eastern part of the country so the reality is now france is trying to fill the vacuum. of the american financial and military aid and france doesn't obviously mind that this particular administration
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is accused by human rights of violating civil rights and human rights in egypt the money to france obviously means a big deal, and also some oof the states have play add measure role in convincing the french leadership to emplace the new administration. >> thank you very much indeed. thank you. >> a pleasure. >> the suicide bomber has blown himself up in a crowded market in northeast nigeria killing at least seven people and injurying 20. the attack is the latest in a spring of similar attacks across a region where the armed group is very active, and in neighboring cross border raids and suicidele booings attributed to boko haram have forced thousands to flee their homes in the past week around 7,000 people have arrived at the country's second largest town. >> south african opposition leaders have been removed from the parliament after disrupting an annual address.
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they were demanding that the president answer questions. that was spent on his private home the economic freedom fighters party members of the main opposition group also left the chamber. erica wood has more. >> it all started out very dramatically we knew this might happen, about two weeks ago, when the opposition leader from the eff party said that he would because he wants answers from the president over the so called security upgrades that were made to his private property something like $20 million was spent on his home. he has been asked to pay some of that money back, but so far he hasn't been forthcoming therefore the opposition has said look, we need you to answer this question, we need you to pay that money back,
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still ahead h hour. >> also. >> the funeral is held for three murdered muslim students in north carolina police ask for hatred motivated their killer. >> welcome the world to their shores. as critics biggest tournament gets underway
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>> protestors are gathering... >> there's an air of tension right now... >> the crowd chanting for democracy...
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>> this is another significant development... >> we have an exclusive story tonight, and we go live... >> sunday night. >> 140 world leaders will take the podium. >> get the full story. >> there is real disunity in the security council. >> about issues that impact your world. >> infectious diseases are a major threat to health. >> "the week ahead". sunday 8:30 eastern. only on al jazeera america. a meetings of the u.n. security council has appealed for urgent action to stop yemen ascending into anarchy. a release on bail of two al jazeera journalists.
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>> the agreement was reached at talks between european leaders. from those all night talks angel merkel flew straight to an e.u. leader suspect. so soy among earlier the u.s. was saying it play ease sanctions sounds like we are getting a different message from the e.u.? >> well, what has happened here is that back on monday, european union finance ministers got together and as they had previously agreed and formally adopted a new list of 19 names russian pro-russian ukrainians that would be slapped with targeting sanctions, if the situation in
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ukraine didn't improve what happened was on monday they agreed with the list, but said they would wait until the following monday. to actually activate the list, and start applying the sanctions and what with hear today, despite the limited success being signed, looks like the e.u. will keep the pressure on. and make that list active on monday as they have already planned to doing with, no, we are trying to disentangle the words of the different leader whose are now giving their own individual press briefings. what we know is this was the greek prime minister alexis big day on the european stage. and of course was a very difficult time from the people
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to fight the austerity measures that he hates so much. most of them are reluctant or renobody gaituating the term oz if bail out. it is very sit call because we are running out of time. on the 28th they have renewed the deal or run out of money so it is clearly a very fought time in the negotiations. the european finance minister will get together on monday, and that is being seen really as the next critical deadline in getting the greek crisis resolved. thank you very much indeed. u.n. security council has voted unanimously to crack down on the financing of what it describes as terrorist groups. and companies trading oil produces by the his lattic state of iraq and other al
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kade do links groups. all must take steps to take the trade and other items illegally removed from syria. spent months under siege, now an iraqi unit has finally made it out of beijing. explains from baghdad isil still control as large part of beijing. after 103 days under siege by the islamic state of iraq, this special forces unit is finally free. the mid november, they retook the town, just 15-kilometers from one of the largest oil refineries but the forces were stretched and having secured the oil refinery, even this unable to hold it at the center of the town. isil took van and pinned this unit down every day they
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fought, but neither side advanced. it was a stalemate and then just two days ago a break through the reenforcements were able to cut off a line, help was finally at hand we have managed to cut the supply line. we have advanced further to the front towards the town. now the corridor is under our control. our future plans is to retake completely. >> both of those towns are important, if the army is successfully retake the whole. but it won't be easy or happen soon. >> is we have separated from beji the people know how crucial these two are. they have been uncontrolled entirely since 2006. but now we have made good games by making that situation.
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>> they wanted to increase u.s. military spending. chuck hagel is leaving the pentagon after two years on the job. >> looking back at the successes that many believe just wasn't right for the job. was as one would expect. filled with high notes and emotion. my secretary of defense and a outstanding american,
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mr. chuck hagel. >> but his send off that his time at the pent gone was difficult. he had been hired to do two things. oversee the withdrawal from afghanistan, and cut the military's bloated budget by 10%. but after two years on the job, hagel and u.s. president barack obama agreed the job and the mission had changed. >> we both came to the conclusion that i think the country was pet served with new leadership. the rise overwhelmed u.s. foreign policy in 2014. add min vagues inch seeders claim they never offered any clear or new ideas for stopping the group's advance in syria and iraq, but a lead analyst say those insiders are wrong. >> so it is hard to understand why he would get the criticism, for a policy where his boss has been very very clear from the get go, that the united states is just not
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going to get any more involved and absolutely minimally required. and so i wouldn't -- i think it is a little bit of scapegoating, frankly. >> there was also frustration that he wasn't making progress on one of the top priorities. closing the military prison at guantanamo bay. >> dozens of men long cleared for release have not had transfers approved. he has said he wanted to be certain that he wasn't releasing anyone who could pose a threat to the u.s. >> we know that some of the detainees that have come out of guantanamo have gone back to the fight. the battlefield. question are aware of that. >> he did have some notable achievements. and helped deploy the military cyber security policy. the defense secretary also visited the region six times
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part of the administration effort to increase it's influence in the asia pacific. but with the u.s. in an on going war the obama administration decided it needed a different soldier to lead the charge. al jazeera. >> decade old u.s. trade embargo seeking to lift the ban, two months after president obama announced he would normalize relations. legislation would remove laws which prevent u.s. citizens from doing business with cuba racial hatred play as role in the killing of three students. funerals have been held, they were shot dead in their apartment on tuesday. the 46-year-old man with a history of posting
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antireligious comments on facebook has been charged. police initially thought a dispute over parking spaces had led to the killings. >> what an incredible show of solidarity. so many people have shown up, so they are now in the sports field here to pay their respects to the two families and the three victims. now, despite this being a day of mourning muslim civil rights leaders are still calling for law enforcement to investigate this crime as a hate crime. they say he picked on them because of their faith so far the mrs. investigation this was an argument over parking outside the apartment where these three lived but clearly today is about a show of solidarity. we have had the district attorney here, also the chief of police all come to show their solidarity, at the university of north carolina
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where about three or forthousand students simply stood in p silence with candles to pay their respects to three young lives the captain of the costa con correia says he will never accept his conviction for abandoning ship. he was sentenced to 16 years in prison, which left 32 people dead, but he remain as freeman, while lawyers prepare for one or two appears which could take years and conviction has divided residents in his hometown. >> the sentences he received wasn't right, because he wasn't the only one to make a mistake, if he made a mistake there are some things he did wrong, but some things he is not guilty for. >> i am sorry for the man but the captain has to take responsible in the the end the sentence is right. people died, so it is correct as it is.
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>> the u.n. refugee agency is urging to do far more after the latest high seas tragedy. more than 300 migrants appeared to have drowned when their overcrowded dingies sank. a small scale e.u. mission took over search and rescue operation, the new patrol is willfully inadequate. >> we have been saying this since they were fazing out since last october we call on europe, to replace mayor with a europe led search and rescue operation, otherwise many lives are going to be lost. and we see the evidence of that today very tragically. >> a chemical explosion has spread a cloud over several towns in northern spain 70-kilometers northwest of barcelona, officials ordered
4:44 pm
almost 60,000 locals to stay indoors. until the cloud dissipated. still ahead this news hour, find out why tiger woods has decided the time is right to take a break from golf. >> and a year in prison over a bag of nuts. the former vice president is jailed over an air rage incident.
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>> showcasing the beauty of nature corral reefs are vital for the delicate echo system of the world's oceans. but the huge raves have been in decline for many years. steve chow has more from under the sea in end do nearby yeah's corral triangle. for decades this incredible landscape has been the focus of study. a maroon scientists he is working to protect this diverse region. it is home to 75% of the world's corral species, 3,000 different kind of fish, and a host of other unique marine life. >> it is the home for fish. the corral reef is like shelter in the dessert. >> the climate change is warming the'ses causing dayoff around the globe. it appears this year's el
4:47 pm
anyone know, however small will further warm the waters and take them further to extinction this will also disappear. >> there are other threats to the corral. a divers operator has been battling an iron ore mine that has set up shop near these pristine corrals. protestors last year turned vie violent authorities we are told have been very aggressny keeping divers away, so we are going to dive in here, swim over, under water. >> the visibility is so poor, it is all we can do to stay together. and when we find the reef, it is coffered in layers of thick silt. even the visibility patches are choking.
4:48 pm
how was the corral here before? now it is nothing. >> but not all is lost, while researchers have found climate change isn't have as big of an impact here. so to protect them from human destruction, they have formed community teams to guard the triangles. if we do something the corral will be still access and in the future. he believes preserving this paradise could ultimately save reefs worldwide. watch the full program on 101
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east the last reef on earth here on al jazeera. that's in around 40 minutes time. >> now it is time for sport here is andy. >> thank you very much, well, the man in challenge of organizing the 2022 world cup says qatar has been the victim of clear bias. he has told al jazeera he believes the country was unfairly focused on qatar was cleared of any serious wrongdoing, it was put together for fifa that's football's governing body. garcia was tasked with investigating all the countries he bid for qatar has been singled out. >> all the reporting that came out in terms of michael garcia the description was is that it was on us. it was on qatar and that was inaccurate.
4:50 pm
the simple fact was the investigation was on all the bidding nations. 2018 this other fact is we were very open and accepted an investigator coming from a nation that is -- or coming from a country that was a competitor to us in 2022. we never raised an issue because we were confident of our position, and we embraced the whole investigative process, because for us it was an end to allegations and accusations unfounded unbiased allegations that came out never the less, somehow, the focus zillion seems to be on us. and i think that's if nothing else clearly shows there's a bias. >> you can see that interview on it's entirety, whether qatar will honest a summer or winter tournament, accusation of worker rights abuses and the bid teams relationship, with disgraced former football
4:51 pm
president, all included there. it's first showing this saturday at 0430. tiger woods is taking an indefinite work from competitive golf, the former world number one says at the moment his game is unacceptable for tournament play the 14 time major champion withdrew from last week's event in tori pines after just 12 holes and he posted the worst score of his professional career last month. the 39-year-old says he needs to do a lot of work on his game before he can concentrate or return on european sports correspondent believes woods will be back. he is adamant this is not the end at all he doesn't want to be exposed on the golf course, until he gets the game right but really how quickly can he come back? he says h ecan be back by the end of february. but will he be competing anywhere near the level he wants to be? never mind the level in which
4:52 pm
he dominated golf for many years. this is a man that won 14 majors. won over 100 golf tournaments people just couldn't compete with him. and the struggle was he has heart part psychological, of course the physical struggling whether it is with his back. or the problem with his elbow he add a problem with his leg that he did manage to battle back from but it is going to be a difficult path. he was humiliated by finishing 130 second out of 132 this phoenix. he doesn't want that happening again. >> australia's cricket captain has been ruled out of the co-host world cup opener on saturday. the 33-year-old opened in a arm wayup match against the united emirates. top scoring with 54 runs still
4:53 pm
recovering from a hamstring injury and the coach there says while he wants to play, he won't risk him. pulled out very well, and no he is not playing so there you go. how is that. now, yeah, really happy with his progress he will bray against bangladesh. open ceremonies took place. cries hurst will host the opening mooch on saturday. th quakes rocks this city of the past to be part of the rugby world cup so it is only fitting that this the correct world cup would have the official opening and it's first mat here andage official way of showing the world that
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we are back in business. all right one of the games most exciting players is facing a prospective early exit one of eight players to be fined for breaking a curfew. the players returning late, with team management a repeat will see them september home plenty more sport on our website, you can check out all al, ought the latest count downs to the world cup there which takes place in australia action getting underway very soon. >> that is all your sport for now, hand you back to lauren in london. >> thank you indeed. now south korean former aaron executive for a crime that began as an argument over a
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bag of nuts. she force add korean air jet to return to an airport terminal because of the way the nuts were served. reports from sorel on a very public fall from grace in custody, heather he was at least spared the gun let of cameras. she was brought by bus from jail to the back entrance. it wouldn't be long before she would be making the return journey as a convicted criminal. an incredible driver's license from her position only weeks ago as vice president of korean air, just one arm of the firm putting her among south korea's elite. he's lawyer said no decision has been made. after his client was found guilty of breaking aviation law by changing the flight path of the plane and interfering in the cabin crew's execution of their duty. on december the fifth of this plane on a new york runway, he reacted with volcanic fury to being served nuts in a bag
4:56 pm
and not only a plat. she assaulted the crew member who served her and ordered this man the head flight attendant from the aircraft, forcing the pilot to return to the gate. he would later testify that she treated him and his colleague as futile slaves, forcing them to kneel before her. another air executive was sentenced to eight months for impeding the government's investigation, a transport ministry official involved in that investigation given a suspended sentence. but it was for cho that the judge reserves the harshest language saying the expressions were insincere and she trampled on the self-regard of fellow human beings. >> the fact that she only got one year for abusing power is just another instance of how much privilege these people have the court might have thought the sentence was appropriate, but from an ordinary citizen it is not. >> people make mistakes.
4:57 pm
i don't think this should have been the powerful verses the rest. >> as she erupted to months ago, she could hardly have imagined that it would lead to a one year prison term. but for many she has come to symbolize the sense of entitlement that surrounding the families. the seasons they have been getting away with this for too long. plenty more stories the ever you an time on our website the address for that is that's it for me, i will be back the a moment with another full round including the positive development as an egyptian court is ordered the release on bail of two journalists. the retrial is due to resume on february the twenty-third. al jazeera is calling for the whole case against them to be
4:58 pm
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>> some are blind. others are ridden with cancer. many have serious mental illness. all of them are old. and a few will never get out alive.


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