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tv   News  Al Jazeera  February 14, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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only on al jazeera america. viblingz this is al jazeera. >> well, to the newshour. i am rob mathson in doha. in the next 60 minutes, after another day of heavy fighting a cease-fire is ordered in ukraine. it began an hour ago, but will it hold? danish police hunt for a gunman who opened fire at a freedom of speech meeting featuring a controversial cartoonist: rallies across yemen against a houthi takeover and their use of force against protesters.
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hello, robin adams. south africa's cricketers hoping for their matches coming up later in the program. ♪ ♪ it's good to have you with us. it's been one hours since a cease-fire began in ukraine between government forces and pro-russia separatists. so far it seems to be holding. but in the run-up to the deadline there was intention fighting around the street emergencyic town of develsada. ukraine withian pet two poroshenko called for the armed forces to hold fire. >> these negotiations were at the highest level possible. at this time the other party will observe the terms of the agreement with the necessary attention and responsibility.
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>> charles stratford joins me live from donetsk. charles, is the cease-fire holding? >> well, it's an eerie silence here in eastern ukraine. it's the first time we have had anything like this in recent weeks. i say that. as we say that now i can hear a little bit of small arms fire in the distance but this certainly, the big shelling the large scale shelling that we have seen in recent weeks seems to have stopped. we have spoken to local reporters around the region as well. it seems to be holding not just here in donetsk but reports that there is a quiet in places like debulseve, in mauriopl and lundqvist as well. but it hasn't been like that throughout the day. this is our report. lin
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lin. we were waiting for a news conference to start when the first dull thud of a shell exploding was heard. as we left the building there was another bang. and much closer this time. one of the shells hit a residential area near a children's playground. >> we heard several explosions all of the glass broke. we ran into the basement. we were sitting at home celebrating my daughter's birthday and this happened. there are old people who live here too. how can they live like this? >> shortly after the separatist leader alexander zakashenko said the cease fire would not apply to the town. >> we will stop fire in all of the donetsk's people's republic
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territory except for region options. any violations willing against the minsk agreement. any attempts will be stopped. debelsuva has seen intention fighting in recent weeks. it's believed thousands of ukrainian soldiers are surrounded there by separatists. debelsuve is the important. if the separatists take it, they will have a direct railway link to russia. ukraine and the u.s. accuse russia of arming the separatists. it's a claim that russia denies. the u.s. ambassador to ukraine published these pictures which washington says show russian troops building up around the town of debelsuve. these statements by separatist leader alex andander zakachenko do not bode well for the cease-fire. he says this town was never mentioned in the minsk deal.
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this could prove a major stumbling block for the implementation of this truce. >> the fate of the soldiers in develsuve may well determine whether the fighting stops. >> you were mentioning before your report there, you were hearing some small arms fire. what happens if the cease-fire doesn't hold? >> reporter: well it has massive implications if this doesn't hold, both for ukraine and the wider region. as we have been reporting. there is a massive amount of distrust between both sides in this conflict, and failures of previous cease-fire agreements. one thing we do know there was an announcement that the ukrainian president made earlier this evening. he said if the cease-fire doesn't hold he would call for martial law across all of ukraine's territory. now, exactly what that would involve remains to be seen. sentially a wider definition of martial law would include things
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like curfews, would potentially include the commandeering of infrastructure for the utes of military and a repress of media freedoms as well. there are huge implications for this both locally and on a wider regional scale. as i say, the record so far in terms of these cease-fires holding has not been good. but so far, certainly over an hour into it in donetsk, things are relatively peaceful. >> charles stratford us live in donetsk. thanks very much indeed. denmark is on high alert as police hunt for a gunman who killed one person and wounded three others in copenhagen copenhagen. police have released a photo of the gunman responsible for what they say was a politically motivated attack. he targeted a public meeting, an art and freedom of speech organized by a controversial swedish cartoonishist.
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he has been under police protection since publishing at that cartoon featuring the prophet mohammed since 2007. >> after an afternoon on free speech turned violent leaving one civilianded and a police officer badly injury. >> been hit by a very serious act of violence tonight. we feel certain now that it is a politically motivated attack and, thereby, it is a terrorist attack. we take this situation extremely seriously. we are in a high alarm all over the country, and our main priority at this stage is to catch the perpetrators and make sure we find them as soon as possible. >> guests including the french ambassador sent tweet did saying they were under fire but still alive as the gunman tries to storm the building spraying the cafe with shots when he couldn't get in.
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controversial swedish cartoonist lars vilks is said to have organized the debate. he hid as police did battle with a heavily armed gunman ultimately surviving the attack. some are calling the shooting an attempt on his life. he already lives under constant police protection. the french ambassador told reporters he and other guests threw themselves on the floor to stay alive as bullets came through the windows. the french and syrian minister is said to be on his way to denmark. the prime minister tweets of his solidarity with the danes calling the shooting an attack on freedom. a massive manhunt is underway with danish police scouring to capture the suspected gunman the danish prime minister has called for unity in what he has said will be difficult coming days. christinea mayer, al jazeera,
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copenhagen copenhagen. >> a journalist at t.v. 2 denmark joins us now by skype from copenhagen copenhagen. thank you for being with us. first of all, what's the latest that you know about for the hunts for the attacker? >> the latest we have heard is that divers are looking for possibly the weapon. we are aware >> we have had a few near misses where where the terrorists or the
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stackers didn't succeed in killing anyone. but we have had a few episodes looking scareily much like this. >> how likely is it that people in denmark are going to be a lot more careful in the future withholding debates on freedom of speech? >> i am sure the security will probably be beefed up after this, but debates like this whether have a lot of security. we know at least three police officers were at the scene before the attacker came. there was there was a great deal of security mainly because the cartoonist at the center of all of this. there must be questions asked about whether or not that security was actually in any way affected, given the fact the gunman was able to do what he
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did. probably too early to speculate on what could have happened how effective the security was. >> finally this, there are allegations, suggestions about the identity of the attacker. this is going to raise some tension, isn't it, between some of the culturesn within denmark. isn't it? >> it might. there has been a few petitions, tweeting or face booking about this in calling for more border control, calling for harsher penalties for doing stuff like this. but they have all been forced to apologize for politicizing the situation at this early hour. >> the journalist at t.v. 2 denmark. thanks very much indeed for
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being with us. >> thanks. >> still to come on al jazeera, we are in the niger delta where the government is working on a strategy to keep the peace in the region. there is a stronger than policy tick. >> separated by occupation. we need a palestinian couple determined to keep their love alive. i am daniel laken in canadats yukon territory. i will look at how scientists are studying amazing athletes in this yukon arctic ultra to see how life might be for humans in space. >>. >> the iraqi government century enforcements to the town of al bag district attorneyed after it was captured by the state of al. the gains put is ill fighters
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within striking distance issil fighters within striking distance is where 300 american troops are training iraqi forces. is isil fighters staged an unsuccessful attack on the air based on friday. >> early indications are that, yes, bag early indications are some did detonate themselves their vests and themselves. they were followed by roughly something on the order of 15 or so other fighters. >> key members of iraq's parliament say they are suspending the participation in the government after the killing of a sunni tribunal leader who was among a group of 12 people kidnapped by a shia group in baghdad and murdered. i amman khan's report finds images you may find disturbing. >> reporter: two major parties suspend their participation in
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parliament. one sunni mp warmed the government of dire consequences. >> we wantare against those who will conceal this. this will be considered to many as a message that the crime happened with the knowledge of the government opening the gate to a full-blown sectarian war that will never ends. >> the united nations issued a statement saying i call upon all law enforcement agencies to work quickly in order to bring those responsible to justice. there is no indication who might be responsible for the murders of the 12. it has sent shock waves through baghdad. it's alleged they were kidnapped in baghdad and taken to an undisclosed location. one mp was released badly beaten with a broken leg. 12 bodies were then found in three separate locations across the capitol. the government says it has launched an investigation, but with sectarian tensions running
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high and blame being placed odd a shi 56789 militia for the murders, that will do little to placate the sunnis. imran khan baghdad. gulfnize have condemned what they have called a coun in yemen. foreign ministers from the gulf cooperation council urged the u.n. to take action to ends the takeover by shia houthi rebels. talks are beg held between them and the presidential dub at arish a. r. the details. >> reporter: angry protesters set fire to a shia houthi vehicle in yemen's third largest city. they say the car was being used by the houthis to prevent them from holding a demonstration. it is one of the predominantly sunni regions where anti-houthi sentiment is on the rise. this is a city south of the
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capital sanaa. they are in control of parts of the city. people are worried. protesters are out on the streets to deny ounce what they say is a houthi crackdown on activists and opponents. >> they kept beating me torturing me for hours. they wanted false confessions, things that i was never involved in. they wanted me to lie and say that noble laureate karman were paying us to protest against them that american and british organizations are instig gating the youth in yemen against them that they are paying us money to protest against houthis, all lies. anti-houthi protests are spreading across the country. in the city of erb, many gathered in the main square to express their solidarity with president yusadi who was
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recently forced today resign. last week, shia houthis dissolved parliament and said they would run the country on their own for a period of two years, until elections are held. the coup was denounced by the international community. the u.n. is renewing efforts to bring the factions together including calling for new powers for its envoy omar. many countries have evacuated their embassies in the capital, sanaa, including the u.s. which has been actively engaged in drone attacks against al-qaeda in yemen. >> it happened. >> we do not coordinate anything with the united states when it comes to his reports about their airstrikes in yemen. we only coordinate with the yemeni army. we reject the u.s. involvement in our internal affairs and the latent interference keeps causing some to express support for these terrorist groups. >> there is growing concern that
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a power vacuum could lead to more violence and instability. hasha mabara al jazeera. >> the nigerian government says forces have fought off antac by boko haram in the northeastern city of gamb i6789. local forces say fighters opened fire as they entered the city on saturday. they also threw leaflet did calling for residents to boycott next month's general election. the attack has prompted a 24 hour curfew in the area. the northeast isn't the only part of nigeria with a recent history of violence. the southern niger delta was the focus of heavy fighting until the government amnesty six years ago. there are fears, poverty, and frustration among former fighters could send them back in to battle. from there, harama tassa reports. >> still new at this back in 2009, the nigeria government granted amnesty to nearly 30,000
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fighters from an armed group called the movement of the emancipation of the nijer delta. former fighters get an allowance of roughly $340 and they are taught a trade, an incentive not to attack oil pipelines and kidnap foreigners but buni says she still can't look after her two children. desperation could make her go back to a life of violence. >> i feel bad. i don't want to go back. self-employed, i may have to go back to that. >> these are quite earn they use to be but armed groups here, men largely disbanded when they accepted the government amnesty offer. they were paid to keep their fighters away from the oil pipelines. the fighters were well-armed and the people living in the niger
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delta, they would destroy pipelines and kidnap foreigners. after years of fighting in the creek, former war lord now lives a comfortable life largely financed by the amnesty program. one he doesn't want to give up. he knows that could happen if president goodluck jonathan loses the election in march. >> if for any reason people who are desperate for power push them out, i don't think there will be peace in the niger delta. we are ready to go back including myself. >> the niger delta is where 90% of the oil comes from. this is how most people live. poverty and frustration could make it easier for former war lords like pastor rubin to find new recruits. they believe the amnesty was a short-term solution that benefited only a few. >> so if you didn't carry arms, you didn't qualify for amnesty.
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the question therefore, is the people that have potential to carry arms that have not carried arms, what do you do with them? they are the ones that are left out and will carry arms. >> the struggling single mother says if things get worse, she will reluctantly join any war lord who offers her a way out of poverty. hara matasa in the niger delta. the it allialian government says it's prepared to intervene in libya. on friday, supporters said the group had captured the coastal city of sut. a report. >> reporter: a convoy of trucks praised through al na fali near sirt fighters affiliated with the islamic state of iraq in the
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lee levant forces have become more active in libya and now they say they have taken sirte. they have given until to sunday for the coalition to get out. the deteriorating situation prompted leaders of the general national congress at tripoli to hold an emergency meeting on saturday. >> we hear reports by the intelligence service that the city is under the control of a group that does not recognize the libyan state and we are trying to identify their true identity did and where they came from, in addition to the state institution that they took over. >> the presence of fighters linked to is isil on the mediterranean coast has alarmed some european countries. on friday the italian foreign minister said his country is ready to fight but only as part of an international mission. he said we cannot accept the idea that there is an active terrorist threat only a few hours from italy by boat.
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in the eastern city of benghazi former general halifa hafter and his forces have been fighting supporters of libyan dawn. he supports another parliament based in the city of tibrook. on friday one of his field commanders suggested they willould soon retake substantial parts of benghazi. >> we are currently in the special forces barracks. as you see, that's the traffic light opposite here, and we are heading there. we hope in the next few hours to liberate it, as we hope and pray. >> but haftar's men have made such statements before and for now, the fighting among the many armed groups in libya continues. dom dominic kane al jazeera. hundreds of protesters have rallied in bay rain's capital to mark four years since the country's uprising. activists have uploaded video showing running battles with police in several suburbs.
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they say dozens of people have been injured. this will video appears to show a child being arrested. demonstrate orders are mainly shi muslims calling for reforms from the sunni royal family. >> two al jazeera journalists are out on bail after 411 days in jail in egypt, but their fight for justice isn't yet over. two are still charged with coludding with a the banned muslim brotherhood. their previous conviction was thrown out. their retrial is set for february 23rdrd. al jazeera is calling on the court to dismiss the absurd case and release them unconditionally. . >> lebanon's former prime minister has made a rare visit to the country on the anniversary of his father's assassination. he was among thousands of people who gathered to honor rafi rafi haribi killed along with 21 other people. the case has deeply affected the
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country. tom india now where the leader of an anti-corruption party has been sworn in as the capital's chief minister. the party of alvin kirz i have a l won a landslide and it is seen as an embarrassment to the ruling bjp and modi. jameel reports. >> reporter: nothing was going to start ashin kidr i have a l from taking the oath of. he had been sick with fever for the last four days. after winning an overwhelming majority state assembly seats, he says his party will focus on fighting corruption. >> my promise to the people of delhi is the money you paid in taxes has always disappeared because of corruption. i promise you that i will not let one cent of the tax get lost in corruption. >> in his first speech as delhi's minister he caused it's party to be mindful. it was one year ago that the
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common man party stepped down from a 49-day-old minority government. after it was unable to pass promised reforms. but this time the party has been given ab mandate from voters to go ahead. for many people here, they say it feels like a victory for them. >> this is great. he doesn't have any dirt in his soul. he has 100% feeling for the masses. so, if he has such true feelings the work will automatically start happening. >> pesays he will do a lot of good work. we are all with him. >> with one of india's youngest cabinets the party says it's determined and confident it will make delhi a better place? >> every promise, socially audited and we are rarring to go waiting to deliver. >> not everyone in the crowd was as optimistic now as they were during campaign. >> whatever promises he made he never mentioned any of those in
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today's speech. he didn't speak about the houses he had promised electricity and water being cheap. it wasn't in his speech either. it's all very confusing now. >> reporter: for most in the sea of supporters the belief is change is finally here. >> there are many challenges facing delhi's new government. a lack of chief statehood means he has no control over the delhi police or several agencies. many reforms will need clearance clearance. while the party has a five-year mandate, people here expect results soon. fez jamil, new delhi. >> ahead on al jazeera, the crisis in ukraine forces hundreds of thousands of families to flee in to russia. we hear from some of them. and in sport, england continued their promising start at the six-nations tournament. robin has more later.
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>> al jazeera america presents borderland's dramatic conclusion >> no one's prepared for this journey. >> our teams experience the heart breaking desperation >> we're all following stories of people that have died in the desert. >> and the importance... >> experiencing it, has changed me completely... >> of the lives that were lost in the desert >> this is the most dangerous part of your trip... >> an emotional finale you can't miss... >> we got be here to tell the story. >> the final journey borderland only on al jazeera america ♪ . you are watching al jazeera newshour a reminder of our top
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stories. ukraine's president petro poroshenko has ordered his forces to ends fighting as part of a cease-fire with pro-russia rebels. major battles have ended. there have been reports of gunfire in the east of the country. denmark is on high alert as police hunt for a gunman who killed one person and wounded three others in copenhagen copenhagen. he targeted a seminar on freedom of speech organized by a controversial cartoonist. thousands of people have rallied across yemen against last last week's houthi coup. it comes as talks take place with the former president. now more on our top story, the much anticipated cease-fire in eastern ukraine. let's take a closer look at the deal. it's known as minsk ii. it came into effect at midnight local time gmt, roughly 19 minutes ago. two sides have agreed to pull back heavy artat within 4 days.
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all fourteen fighters and their weapons are to leave ukraine. there is going to be a demil tarized zone of at least 50 kilometers 2010 the twosized along the agreed front lines. all prisoners are to be exchanged within five days of the cease-fire and if the withdrawal is successful local elections are going to take place in the rebel-held donetsk and luhansk region but under ukrainian law. if ukraine grants more power to the east it will regain control of the border. >> includes allowing those regions to form their own police force and to trade freely with russia. christopher chivis is social director of defense policy at the rrand corporation. it advises western governments. thank you for being with us. we were hearing from our correspondent, charles stratford earlier on about the heavy fighting in the rung-up to the cease-fire. how likely is it do you think, that this cease-fire is going to hold?
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>> well, there is no way. i hate to predict for sure but obviously the fact that there has been heavy fighting does not give us a lot of confidence. i think also the fact that clearly there were russian forces within ukraine in recent months is also a signal of -- it should make us wonder whether or not the criminallen is genuinely interested in a cease-fire in ukraine. it may be interested in a cease-fire in the short-term but over the long-term, i think it's unclear that russia really wants to see this horrible war come to an end. >> we have heard a lot about the russian involvement or non-involvement, whatever the claim, in terms of the ukrainian fighting. what about the western influence in this? the west is being -- playing a very quiet role in supporting ukraine. hasn't it? >> yeah. the western world has focused largely on economic political and institutional support to ukraine. the ukrainian state is fairly week. is it has problems with corruption and the approach of the west has largely been to
6:34 pm
focus on strengthening ukraine so that it can be resilient in theface of the russian invasion. the debate has changed significantly. i think you hear a growing number of people certainly here in washington who are arguing that that's just not enough and that the west needs to think about providing weapons to the ukrainian government so that they can defend themselves against -- against the russian invasion. >> we have a cease-fire at the moment. of course, a cease-fire doesn't necessarily change the opinions of people who already hold very strong positions in the ukraine, both pro-russian and nationalistic. where do they go? what concessions can be made to bring those two sides together whilst the cease fire continues to hold? >> well i think that's another one of the big questions. and you are right. there are factions on both sides who may or may not decide that they want to go along with this cease-fire. part of it has to do with questions of amnesty and who is
6:35 pm
going to be grabbed amnesty as part of the cease-fire process plays out. but i think that as in all cases like this the ability of both the russians and the ukrainians to control all of their forces on the ground is one of the biggest factors that will determine whether or not the cease-fire actually holds. >> that's really a key question isn't it? because russia has always maintained that it doesn't have any influence on the ground and yet if it does start to the exact some influence, then presumably, that's going -- that's simply an admission that they have that control and they always have had that control. does that leave them in a very difficult position? >> i mean, i think that at this point, anyone who duties that russia is actively involved with russian forces on the ground on ukraine's territory probably has not been paying a lot of attention to this. it's very clear that russian forces have been playing a key role. now, that doesn't mean necessarily that they control all of the different groups that
6:36 pm
are fighting in eastern ukraine for their autonomy. so, i think that it's possible that both actually can be true. russia can be involved and they also can't control all of the separatists. >> christopher chivvis, associate director for international security and defense policy at the rand corporation, really interesting to get your input. thank you very much indeed for your time. >> thank you. >> now for many ukraineians who have left their homes, any cease-fire is already too late since the fighting began almost one year ago hundreds of thousands of people have fled to russia. about 40,000 have sought reffege in the rostof region. officials there say they have taken up to 200 refugees a day. some of them live in temporary accommodations. others are sent on to cities around western russia. thousands of kilometers from their homeland. errorrory challands reports from the arctic city of lumansk.
6:37 pm
>> it's been seven months since they have fled the bombs of eastern ukraine. they left behind a house and everything in it. now, they share one room in a college dormitory. they haven't even a spoon or a fork when they arrived. but this family doesn't do much complaining. >> he started working as a builder on a construction site. a month ago, he got work at the port. a representative from the company came here and said he needed men. several guys from the dorm got jobs there and work as a shop assistant. >> the dorm houses 53 ukrainian refugees at the moment down from a peak of 128. since december 1st, they have been paying their own way after the russian government shut off financial support. thank you very much, most have picked up work. home may be thousands of kilometers away but these days the internet keeps friends and family connected. christinea is getting news from
6:38 pm
luhansk. >> why didn't you leave? >> i didn't get the chance to go. >> it's because of work. she had a job and a salary. now they can only work half a day. they want to leave but they can't. you need to get a permit to leave the city. >> the winter nights are long here it's colder. not all of the locals are happy with ukrainian refugees taking good jobs and the accomodation is cramped, but as the man overseeing their building points out, all of that is preferable to what's going on back home. >> the only motivation for them to stay or go is safety. if it's more safe here, they will stay. >> artima is a third-grader at the local school. it's entirely policiesible he will graduate find a job start a family here ukraine will be just a fading childhood memory. rory challands, murmansk. >> a hong kong ferry can't inner has been found guilty of manslaughter the he was
6:39 pm
convicted of endangering lives at see. a leisure boat collided with a commuter ferry in one of the city's worst maritime disasters in four decades. he will be sentenced on monday. argentina's president has been formally investigated over accusations she covered up iran's possible involvement in the 1994 bombing of a jewish center in buenos aires. prosecutors took over the case on friday after the former prosecutor was found dead in his apartment. the policemen died hours before he was scheduled to testify against kirshner. rescuers are racing against the clock to refloat around 90 pilot whales who were stranded in the south island beach in the worst incident there for 15 years. dozens have already died. rescuers have been pouring water on to the whales to keep them
6:40 pm
alive before the 2ide comes in again. millions of people around the world are sellcelebrateing valentine's day. one palestinian couple separated for years by theisitsi occupation will be spending the day apart yet again. in nablus in the occupied west bank with their story. >> reporter: it's become something of a routine for sharpa fada and dahlia sharab. they log onto their computes and video chat for at least an hour. they have been doing this for almost four years after a meeting at a conference in jordan where they quickly fell in love and soon after, decided to get engaged. >> she is so affectionate and kind. dahlia is very loving. >> that's why i want her to be the mother of my children so that she can teach them how to be like her. >> but he lives in the occupied west bank while sharab lives in the gaza strip which means they
6:41 pm
need israeli travel permits in order to see each other and, more importantly for them so that they can get married, a request that has been denied. >> hi dahlia thank you for talking to us. >> after four years of trying to be united, i asked sharab if she ever feels like giving up? >> at times, i get depressed. i feel like i don't want to go on. i think to myself why did i throw myself into this tornado? when will it be over? when will the humiliation evened? >> the separation of gaza and the west bank affects thousands of palestinian families. according to human rights groups israel routinely prevent did palestinians from passing through, whether it's for weddings funerals or other social reasons. >> a policy rights group describe as unbearable for families split between the two areas. >> the israeli officials are defending this policy saying for security reasons.
6:42 pm
one cannot accept this argument. it's a very sweeping argument saying that all of the people are security threat. >> friends have started a facebook campaign called "deliver the bride to the groom" and are hoping it atact the attention of mahmoud abbas who they believe can help which is why dalia remains optimistic? >> love is stronger than politics and we will make our dream come true and live together forever. >> until that happens, fada and sharab will have to settle for moments like this. al jazeera, nablus in the occupied west bank. still to come youtube turns 10. we look at the popular website and how it revolutionized how we share individual yes, sir. still ahead, it's raining goals in the german ball league. robin is standing by for
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6:44 pm
now 10 years ago, sharing videos online was a bit of a novelty. then three americans started a website called youtube. our technology editor takes a look at a small idea which became big business. >> here we are. this is the first video ever uploaded to youtube. the company's co-founder joey carine at the san diego zoo in 2005. the idea that anyone anywhere could share their videos online
6:45 pm
caught on fast. just over a year later, 65,000 videos were being uploaded each day and youtube was getting more than 100 million daily views. no surprise then when this happened: today, exciting news for you. we have been acquired by google. seventeen months after going live youtube was bought by google for $165,000,000,000. >> google has this very large scale infrastructure for contents delivery and it's something that scaled up shortly after they bought youtube. yourtube would not have been apparently to do it if it was a startup by a few guys. >> with the backing of google, the site's influence and open access policy made it a powerful force. >> no longer do people have to get radio styrax t.v. net works, movie studios to get the word out about content that they have created. instead, anyone can create
6:46 pm
something and distribute it to the world. >> and with a billion people visiting the site each month, a new generation of online stars have found their audience. >> hey guys, it's miranda. >> adverts and the revenue sharing system means some are now making millions of dollars each year. >> now once they have built an audience, they can then go create merchandise, do brand deals, you know, do concerts that they want to. so, it's really reduced the barriers to entry for anyone so they can go build an audience and monetize. >> a wide variety of educational, region lunchous and carty groups host tutorials changing the self-education industry. >> more than 300 hours of video is uploaded to youtube every minute making it difficult for the company to stop violent, sometimes ex splits it videos from being posted. >> this is the challenge as well as the opportunity of those generating content is that you
6:47 pm
can have this huge platform that anybody can up load anything which can have page positive net value but also some negative net value as well. and this is, you know dealing with it. >> more people around the world connect to the internet and the band width improves the popularity of online videos is likely to increase. youtube and google will be hoping they can continue to dominate awedudiences and the revenue they bring. terek because terekbazley. >> the german bundesliga produced goals in abundance in sunday. munich maintained the 8-point lead with the dismantling of hamburg, the defending champions, flashed the -- thrashed the opponents. he limnated two each. ideal prechings no doubt for the mid-week champions league.
6:48 pm
the wolfsburg match produced no fewer than nine goals. the hero for one, 4 including the winning goal 5-4, the final score. also frankfurt, hoffenheim in total, 27 goals were scored in the six matches played on saturday. >> spain, real madrid taken a 4-point lead. there were winners. : they have gone fourth in the stable with a 3-nil victory against cord-offa. malaga 0-2. south africa take on zimbabwe and india will be in action against pakistani. the tournament co-host, new zealand have started campaigns for victory. >> redeveloped after the 2011
6:49 pm
earthquake, the overland christ church 0 hosted the opening match of the cricket world cup. 111 to co-host new zeelant against sri lanka. they would be caught out by mendes scored 65 from 49 balls. williamson added 57 for the black cats at 13th half century in his last 17 one-day internationals. cory anderson with new zealand finished on 331 for 6 from their 50 overs. despite 65 from ramana, sri lanka never got close to the target. captain angelo matthews fell four rungs short of a half century. sri lanka all out for 233 giving new zealand a 98 runs victory.
6:50 pm
>> excited for the win. early stage of the tournament as well. you know the first game and a long road to go before we can look at starting to make the quarters as well. >> there was also a big opening day win for the other hosts, australia in melbourne after being dropped on his second ball, aaron ferch went on to score 135 rungs against england on his home ground. glen maxwell added a half century. steven finn became the first englishman to take a world cup hat trick. it was too late as australia posted 342 for 9. morgan's troubles continued. the england captain got his fourth duck in his last five matches. like finn australian mitchell marsh will take five wickets. steve smith with a diving catch to removed butler for england's 92 for 6. james taylor tried to keep it in
6:51 pm
the game. he was on 98 when australia thought they had lbw for the final wickett. the decision was reversed on review. but then james had run out on the same delivery. england on 231, australia winning by 111 runs. richard parr al jazeera. that's the news now and england have continued their successful start of the six-nations tournament overcoming an early scare against italy, johnathan joseph once again excelling in this game drumming in two ties of england scored six times in the 47-17 at twikinham. 21 wins from 21 games against italy. the italians bad news for them. it's 17 defeats now from 18 games. defending champions, island remain unbeaten in this tournament hanging on to defeat
6:52 pm
france 18-11 was the score in dublin. >> johnny sexton giving the home side a six-point advantage. at ha there was extended after the break, france keeping the pressure on them but just couldn't out match eyeireland who sit at the top of the table on points with england. jamaican says he will retire after the 2017, the 6 time olympic medalist is 28 years old but already considering hanging up his spikes after next year's olympic games in real. now -- in rio. now, he has told a british newspaper says his sponsors convinced him to go for another year. he said he won't can focusing on just the 100 meters in the last meeting. canada's grossen north is playing host to one of the world's coldest and toughest races, the yukon ult tral 690
6:53 pm
kilometers, only about a dozen competitors left 5611 dropped out because of the extreme cold. as daniel lak reports, it is providing scientists with a test to study how people cope. >> ratesers in the yukon ultra spend days weeks, crossing landscapes like this seemingly endless expanses, high temperatures that can freeze exposed skin staying on the move taking food and water, managing your pace. then there is the long northern winter's nights. it's colder. you are alone, and you have to choose: do you keep going and get fatigued or sleep and risk hypothermia? it's a constant challenge. it frightens even frontrunners. >> it was so tremendously cold. it was about minus 50, 51, 52. i don't know. i was freezing. and i can't going at a real high speed. but i didn't get -- get warm at all. impossible. >> after that horrible night, the current race leader is
6:54 pm
tested by a scientist from berlin's center for space medicine. havert rate sleep patterns and body weight are measured. he fills in a questionnaire about his state of mind. three others are taking part as well. >> the basic idea of course is to increase mankindts knowledge to put us in a broader perspective about the human physiology the adaptability of the human body. it just shows us what is possible. >> isolation, endurance and, of course extreme conditions the cold all of these are relevant to greater understanding of the human body and finding out what it might be like for human beings in space. >> well a yukon winter at its worst isn't nearly as severe as what's beyond earth's atmosphere it is haenldz proving ground for techniques and technology that might one day be part of space exploration and crucially, the return of those space explorers to their home planets. >> astronauts are required to do
6:55 pm
survival courses and survival training and, you know, it's quite possible it's my hope that this study might help to increase the chances of survival should they end up in an environment like this one. >> for most runners, this is a race against time weather, and other competitors. for scientists a chance to explore something little known, how fragile human bodies can and do survive extreme stress. daniel lak, al jazeera, near karmaks in the yukon. >> i am cold looking at it. >> thanks very much indeed. brazil's biggest party of the year started in rio. more than 900,000 tourists are expected for the 5-day carnival. as lucia reports, the new carnival king has begun his reign. >> the king is about to make his entrance. the moment millions of brazilians have been waiting for
6:56 pm
when the legendary king receives the keys to the city of rio de rio de janeiro. >> i declare the festivities of carnivale open. . >> the king is now officially in charge of the city for a week and even the mayor is at his feet. >> from this moment on, you will have the city. you will have to deal with the traffic and other problems of rio. . >> this is not his priorities. it's animating what is known as the biggest party on earth. an 82-year-old tradition. but who is the man with so much responsibility? earlier this week we visited 28-year-old wilson needles as he went for his final costume fitting. the working class rio neighborhood where he lives. wilson had to compete for the highly coveted honor of wearing
6:57 pm
this crown, a contest he has won for two consecutive years. >> i took stage less options, when helped loosen me up and learned how to control my facial expressions when i am dancing. i also learned more about the history of carnivale and my personal experience with carnival carnivale also helped a lot. >> he began parading in the local samba school when he was 8. samba and carnivale are oh, my goodness in his blood -- are obviously in his blood. from now until wednesday, he will reign supreme here in r. o. after that he will return to his life as an event promoter hoping and praying next year he will give back the keys to the throne. r. rio de janeiro. stay here. another full bill tun of news straight ahead.
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>> monday on techknow. what if there was a miracle >> grace's stem cells are in this box >> that could save the life of your child >> we're gonna to do whatever we can >> would you give it a try? >> cell therapy is going to be the next big advance in medicine >> tech know, every monday go where science meets humanity.
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>> this is some of the best driving i've every done, even though i can't see. >> tech know. >> we're here in the vortex. >> monday, 5:30 eastern. only on al jazeera america. >> this is aljazeera america live from new york. here are today's top stories. the ceasefire was to go into effect two hours ago so is there peace in eastern ukraine at this hour? >> police in denmark are hunting for the shooter who opened fire at a spree speech event including a controversial cartoonist. >> a protest over the police shooting of a migrant worker in washington state. >> so for a black issue comes up everyone's looking to hear what you have to say, because now you're the


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