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tv   News  Al Jazeera  February 16, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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ecial black history month coverage on al jazeera america this is althis is al jazeera. >> hello there i'm broorve barbara sara. calls grow for international action, against i.s.i.l. in libya. another 2,000 migrants making the dangerous journey from libya. deadlock in brussels with greece rejecting the eu's opening bailout offer as unacceptable
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and absurd. and the battle rg continues around debaltseve. and two of the rarest predators get a national park to help protect tell. them. egypt has launched two rounds of air strikes against positions held by fighters allied to the islamic state of iraq and the levant in libya. four egyptian military jets launched attacks in response to the killing of 21 egyptian coptic christians by the group. the strikes were coordinated with the libyan air force which is loyal to the u.n. recognized government based in the port city of tobruk. meanwhile, the rival government calls them a breach of immunity.
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military intrerchtion intrefns intervention of libya. >> egypt has launched air attacks for the second time in a day. killing a number of children and damaging residential buildings. the self proclaimed defense minister says they have bombed partly of the eastern city of benghazi and cert. >> a if we were able to hit them we wouldn't hesitate to fight them. same thing applies for egypt. borders aren't going to be an
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issue. >> the rival government in tripoli has denounced the attacks. >> this horrible assault by the egyptian military represents a violation of sovereignty in libya and clear breach of international law and the u.n. charter. >> the first air campaign came, coptic christians went to libya for work. abdel fattah al-sisi offered his apologizes. egypt has been running a campaign against what it calls terrorist groups in the sinai peninsula since august of 12th. since then one of its latest videos, i.s.i.l. made a direct threat against italy now
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evacuated its embassy there. and along with egypt and france is calling for action by the united nations. caroline malone, al jazeera. >> in the wake of those air strikes in libya army units have been sent to help police secure roads and public buildings. national defense council decided on sunday that the police should be supported by the military across the country. egypt's air strikes in libya coincide with its signing a major deal to upgrade its military hardware. it's agreed to buy 24 jets and naval frigate in a deal noted to be worth almost $6 billion. nadim baba reports. >> french defense minister was in cairo on monday signing an
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arms deal worth almost $6 billion. >> translator: egypt was the first country to buy the mirage 2000 jet fighters and today was the first to choose the rafali jet fighters. >> the contract includes the first rafale fighter jets. the company in which makes the jets struggled to secure major contracts in recent years. >> translator: closers the french and the egyptian political authorities and in a time where we all have to fight jihaddism, it is good to have a close connection between the french and the egyptians. >> before signing french president francois hollande spoke on the phone with his egyptian counterpart abdel fattah al-sisi.
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regarding his sympathy for the killing of the egyptians in libya. paris says the military deal represents the existing military deal between france and egypt. alternatives to u.s. military assistance. last week russian president vladimir putin was in egypt. now egypt is getting some new advance military hardware as it flexes its muscles in north africa. nadim baba, al jazeera paris. growing support for military involvement in libya after i.s.i.l.'s threat to conquer rome. prime minister says the u.n. needs to take the lead. italy closed its embassy in in libya over the weekend.
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>> translator: i want to strongly emphasize that we need to be ready to make our military resources available for a possible international initiative. but this is not on the agenda right now. what's on the agenda now is a strong political diplomatic initiative. >> well, predictably as a the situation deteriorates in libya thousands more migrants have been risking their lives making the treacherous journey to italy to the island of lampedusa off the coast of italy. more than 2,000 rescued migrants have been taken. claudio lavanga reports. >> a boat through of migrants finally brought to the safety of italy after a perilous journey through stormy seas. more than 2,000 people many from
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subsaharan africa left on 12 boats on sunday. as the italian coast guard attempted to mount a rescue a group of men armed with kalashnikovs threatened them, ordering them otake the migrants and leaving the boats behind. a new warring tactic, unprecedented number of migrants attempt to make the journey to europe on rickety boats in the winter season. thousands have lost their lives trying. italian authorities have warned that as many as 200,000 migrants are in libya ready to set sail for europe. more than 170,000 who were rescued during 2014 a four fold increase on previous years. with this new wave of violence in libya there are fears that even more people will attempt to escape. fighters will try to reach italy and europe disguised as
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migrants. something italian authorities say they need wider european help to prevent. claudio lavanga roam. >> talks have ended without a teal being reached in brussels. only a month left before greece runs out of money and is facing default against its debt. now the eu insists the talks are over until greece changes its position. now renegotiating the terms of $270 billion worth of loans. let's go to john siropolous in athens. john there doesn't seem to be any agreement inside. is there middle ground between the two sides right now? >> reporter: no, there is not. absolutely not. what has happened is, greek
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government was led to believe in the talks since last wednesday's euro group which had again ended in an impasse that some of the difference had been covered. statements from greek government officials here had suggested that its creditors had agreed to grant a 1.5% ceiling on the percentage of the economy that would be handed over to creditors each year. so that more money could remain inside the greek economy both to alleviate poverty and to finance reinvestment in growth and repopulation, all of that has seemed to been thrown out and we are back where we were last wednesday where creditors were demanding that 4.5% of the greek economy be given over to creditors in order to service the debts. the problem is the greek government has been elected on a platform of changing that.
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it cannot by virtue of its mandate go back on its word. neither however can it unilaterally decide to back out of the euro zone. it is therefore left with no choice but to insist on further talks, hoping that reason can prevail between the two sides. now the communique that finance minister said he was presented with earlier in the evening he says he would have signed. he said i was presented with the communique that i was happy to sign as it then stood. this was presented to him by the economic affairs commission. however, he says this was withdrawn at the beginning of the euro group or just before the euro group began, in fact and replaced by a text which again asked greece to sign on to an agreement of austerity which it has already rejected.
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greece is calling this state of affairs unacceptable and unreasonable and ultimatum and the euro zone says sign on or there will be no more talks. >> if there is no more agreement by the end of the month greece runs out of money it can't pay wages, can't pay pensions, and the company essentially goes bankrupt. they wanted them to take this hard stance. now they're perhaps losing heart a little bit and they're worrying about what potentially might happen if there is no agreement. >> well, it's hard to say. opinion polls last week suggested that the number of people who support syriza now is twice as many as voted for them on january 25th. however, this was during a week when talks were ongoing. this is a turning point.
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at this point we have at least at the present moment a breakdown. greece has accused its creditors of a bait and switch and its creditors have said you can come back to the euro group only once you have asked for an extension of the program the full program, not just the loans that you already agree that you owe the european union but also the terms that accompany those loans. greece cannot politically do this. so therefore, at the moment, barring any sideline meetings between possibly finance ministers or heads of government there seems to be at the moment no official way forward for any talks to take place. it's a standoff. >> john siropolous with the latest from athens. john, thank you. let's go back to our top story now and that is of course egypt's launching air strikes on the islamic state of iraq and the levant group in libya.
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joining us now life from sarasota in florida is robert leber, professor ever financial avis at georgetown university, sir, thank you so much for joining us here on al jazeera. we are seeing these egyptian air strikes on groups that say they are allied to i.s.i.l. we're seeing the threat again presumably of i.s.i.l. to say they will could be kerr rome. just -- conquer rome. just go through this spread of i.s.i.l. do you think it's groups linked to the group or a factor of using it as an intrel brel umbrella term to encompass all sorts of groups of people? >> it's some of both. the growth of i.s.i.s. and its related groups has been largely unexpected. for example, what happened in iraq last spring and summer, i.s.i.s. has moved in and taken
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some -- stolen some of the thunder of al qaeda in part because al qaeda had a more split structured way of admitting individuals and groups. i.s.i.s. appeals to very nillistic groups. and it now represents quite a significant threat in north africa and big parts of the middle east. >> it's interesting you made the comparison with al qaeda. do you think when we talk about all these groups that are certainly inspired by i.s.i.l. can we really say they're linked to it, do you see a true link between these groups or links that could become stronger later on? >> well, al qaeda had tighter control of its elements. i.s.i.s. seems to be looser. i.s.i.s. was originally al qaeda in iraq. which the american-led surge ending in '08-'09 had effectively defeated.
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and they the retreated. but the kay -- they had retreated. but the chaos in iraq and the nature of the government of iraq which was exclusively shiite and which oppressed the sunnies created situations in which they could regenerate. and because of spectacular early successes and the publicity they have gathered have grown at an alarming rate and even though decentralized in some important respects. >> we are seeing -- we saw egypt attacking i.s.i.l.-led groups in libya, we've also seen of course jordan engt haven its the -- strengthen its attacks on i.s.i.l. what do you think there is for more action against i.s.i.l. groups, how do you think it changes the approach on the group as we have seen before,
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historical against al qaeda as a mainly western led attack on the group? >> i think it's very important because one of the propagandaistic tools is to it's west the jews and what have you. the fact is that the arab states have tended to keep the heads down as long as they weren't in the direct line of fire. i think one of the consequences of events just in recent days is that not only jordan and egypt but the united arab emirates and others are finding that they really need to step up their own efforts to combat what has become a real threat to them. and getting these arab states their leaders their militaries, their peoples engaged in the fight against i.s.i.l is critical. and one of the few positive elements of recent events is that these governments and their leaders now seem to be taking
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more action on their own which is quite important. >> robert liber from georgetown university speaking to us from sarasota, sir thank you so much for sharing your views with us. and still to come, in this newshour, we'll get a look at hungary's energy deal with russia, ahead of a controversial visit by president putin. schools reopen in liberia but fears of ebola remain. and an unhappy end for lance armstrong. that's in sport a little later in the newshour. but first fighting is still raging in parts of eastern ukraine despite a ceasefire that began two days ago. explosions have been heard in debaltseve.
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a key transportation hub between donetsk and luhansk. the next step in the peace plan is for heavy weaponry to be removed from the area. now that looks increasingly unlikely. both sides say they won't pull back until a full ceasefire is implemented. charles stratford has more from donetsk. >> reporter: the ceasefire may have had effect wrels but around debaltseve has had little effect. several thousand ukrainian troops are encircled by separatists. >> translator: the shelling does not stop although putin says there is a ceasefire it doesn't make any sense. can you see it for yourself the position we are securing. we don't know, i have to run as there's not much time left. >> reporter: at a separatistist check point afew
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miles away you could hear the shelling. they say they will keep fighting until they take the town, an important strategic prize due to its railway station. >> you can hear for yourself there's no ceasefire. it's all for the sake of the television cameras to show there is a ceasefire but in fact there's none. you can layer the fighting going on and the snipers working in the distance. >> reporter: the fighting in debaltseve is putting real pressure on the ceasefire. the ukrainian government says it won't withdraw its heavy weapons until it stops. that's meant to lap on tuesday. safe corridor for ukrainian withdrawal. on the diplomatic front one of the main architects of the deal admitted the latest fighting was a great concern. >> translator: it was always clear that much remains to be done and i have always said that there are no guarantees that what we are trying to do will succeed. it was an extremely difficult
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path. >> reporter: in russia, president putin met with his security cabinet. during negotiations he made it clear he wanted debaltseve in separatist hands and urged ukrainian troops to lay down their arms. some fear the fighting will continue until that happens. charles stratford, al jazeera donetsk, eastern ukraine. >> the spokesman for the osce's special monitoring ministry to ukraine is in kiev and quirmts confirms the ceasefire has been breached in some areas. >> there were hot spots. we do have hot spots especially around debaltseve and today from 11 to 2 our monitors observed quite a barrage ever rocket fire as you have 80 rockets each every 15 minutes and also their artillery rounds every five to ten seconds.
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in lufns luhansk region there were artillery rounds noted as well. donetsk city largely quiet mariupul remains quiet but hot spots still remain live. 19 individuals and nine entities to its sanctions list over the crisis in eastern ukraine. considered russia's frank sinatra is one being punished for russia answer annexation ever crimea. defense minister are also on the list for supporting the deployment of russian troops to ukraine. rory challands has more from moscow. >> reporter: this is a list the eu has been working on for a while now. it has announced that it will expand the number on the black list on february 9th in
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response to the shelling of mariupul at the beginning of the year that needed some sort of coordinated response. what we have now are the details, the actual names of the people on the list. we have two russian deputy defense ministers we have two state duma members a singer known as the russian frank sinatra and valeri rushkin as well. the self proclaimed luhansk peoples republic. and militias fighting the ukrainian army, the spar sparta battalion and others, the list has been greeted with a certain amount of consternation by people within the russian government who says that it's
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not helpful to the implementation of the minsk peace agreement but also at least one person rushkin has decided that this is a badge of honor. he says he's quite proud to be on this new eu list. >> hundreds of huh gairians hungarians are expected to sign a new energy deal. robin forester walker reports that diplomacy is being met with caution. >> reporter: this old russian tune was a hit for everyone who lived behind the former iron curtain. these days though hungarians have mixed feelings for what russia and its president vladimir putin has to offer on his visit to budapest. >> i think it's not a good idea to make bargains with putin no. >> they need to work together to
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get some kind of consensus you know. >> translator: it makes sense to solve our economic and political problems within the european union. >> reporter: putin is not a communist. communism is still a dirty word in hungary and you won't find many soviet symbols except here. tens of thousands of hundred gairanshungarianslost their lives. but they remember the soviet repression and invasion of hungry inhunghungary in 1956. the relationship the a complex one of antagonism and dependency. today's dependency is on energy supply. the country gets 80% of its natural gas from russia, a hither to cheap and reliable
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partner and a new contract is expected to be signed with putin's visit. western critics accuse hung hungary of getting too coaz coazy cozy with the kremlin. >> for putin this is important in terms of showing that he has territory of the eu. for orban this is crucial because his political rule very much depends on the promise of cheap energy and cheap gas prices. >> hungary and a half gates the course between east and west. robin forester walker, al
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jazeera, budapest. >> still to come in this hour. outrage in turkey over the brutal murder of a young woman sparked days of protest. we look at south korea low birth rate and why the rapidly aging population could pose a threat to the country's economy and we've already had our first upset of the contradict world cup. the west in indies have been humbled. robin has more in sport in sport documentary series... the disappearing delta
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the next big advance in medicine >> tech know, every monday go where science meets humanity. >> this is some of the best driving i've every done, even though i can't see. >> tech know. >> we're here in the vortex. >> tonight, 5:30 eastern. only on al jazeera america. >> now a reminder of the top stories here on al jazeera. egypt last launched air strikes against i.s.i.l. position in libya after the killing of 21 egyptian coptic christians by the group. greece's new government has rejected a draft plan from european union creditors for its bailout, describing the terms as unreasonable and absurd. two days into a ceasefire in eastern ukraine fighting
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continues near debaltseve. libya is in a fragile state and at the root of a turmoil is a political crisis in which two rival governments ever are vying for power. >> reporter: different ideologies and they lack two competing governments. self prepared libyan national army and since may last year he waged a war on what he said were terrorists from sherea. backed by powerful militias and infill traited by regime headed by moammar gadhafi. replace the general national congress which had been elected two years earlier. but after weeks of infighting
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the gnc refused to stand down and accused them of staging a coup. fighters known as the shield of libya loyal to the gnc forced the new government out of the capital. then relocated to the eastern city of tobruk and formed a cabinet there. but tripoli then fell under the control of the dawn of libya forces a coalition from mestrata tripoli and other areas, made up of forces from former rebels. in november the supreme constitution court declared the annulment of the new parliament in tobruk. the u.n. and the western powers have backed the tobruk parliament but is pushing for a deal toing share the deposit. already crowded battle ground and the wider regional clash of
4:33 pm
interest and the proxy wars are only making that mess worse. the internal and regional class is likely to go on for some time and libya four years after colonel moammar gadhafi was forced out of office and killed is nowhere stable or secure. al jazeera. the u.n. envoy to yemen says he will press for the out offer of the houthis five hours of fighting with forces allied to the houthi rebels who have taken over government institutions in the capital sanaa. at least three people are reported to have died in the fighting. in turkey, a campaign to stop violence against women is gaining momentum after the murder and attempted rape of a young woman last week. the 20-year-old was reportedly
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killed after fighting off a bus driver on wednesday. the burnt ra remains of her body were found on friday sparking thousands to take part in protest over the weaned. from istanbul bernard smith reports. >> ozgecan aslan fought back. and that cost her her life. the mini bus driver beat her with a crowbar. the brutality of the attack shocked many people in this country. the daughters of turkey's president visited ozgocan's mother. >> she sacrificed herself to protect her honor. i want them to be met with the heaviest penalty. my daughter didn't deserve that.
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>> the mini bus driver who confessed bears the scars of ozgecan's resistance. they cult off her hands burned her and buried her in southern turkey. women protested across turkey. >> translator: the murder of ozgecan, there is no excuse. >> the hashtag ozgecan has been tweeted almost 3 million times since her murder on friday. that's a level of public engagement the government can't ignore. the government will do more to protect the rights of women. this country sliding down the world economic forum's measure of women's equality with men. turkey is now 125th out of a list of 142 countries.
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ozozgecan's coffin was carried by women, a notable difference. there is no keeping with tradition. bernard smith istanbul. baher mohamed and mohamed fahmy were released last weem week. their previous conviction was thrown out but still charged with concluding with the band muslim brotherhood. al jazeera is asking for them to be released unconditionally. guinea, sierra leone and liberia says they set a 60 day target to reduce the new cases to zero of ebola.
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that's after the new cases rose for the second week running. 65 cases were report thread the week of february 8th nearly double the number confirmed the week before and in sierra leone 76 new case were confirmed but it's a different picture in liberia where there were only three new cases around some of the country's schools have now reopened. dominic cairch has kane has more. >> this is the william v.s. tubman high school in liberia. as of monday it is now opened. many health precautions have been put in place but some students remain wary. >> many students are different,. >> the number of new ebola infections in liberia has slowed markedly. just last week, president barack
4:38 pm
obama told a u.s. audience he believed the fight against ebola had moved into a different phase. >> we are here to mark a transition into a new phase. not to mark it accomplished but to mark a transition. thanks to our hard work of nearly 3,000 troops who deployed to west africa. over 1500 health workers have been trained. >> reporter: but the world health organization says the number of new cases has risen for second week running. in guinea the number grew from 39 to 65. transmission of the virus is also still widespread in sierra leone which had 75 new cases. health officials say many people are still not taking the proper precautions. >> unsafe burials are one of a number of practices that are
4:39 pm
probably still driving the problem. that is probably the most difficult one to address without a doubt. >> the west africa ebola outbreak has now killed more than 9,000 people and infected more than 23,000. and while things have improved in some places, the outbreak is far from over. dominic kane, al jazeera. >> thousands have gathered in denmark to remember the victims of the attacks over the weekend which left two dead and shocked the nation. police shot a 22-year-old man alleged to have been behind the shooting on sunday morning. he has been named as danish citizen omar abdul hamid al hussein. nick spicer reports. >> being omar el hussein.
4:40 pm
authorities say he was likely not part of a cell but he was part of a community now struggling to fend off fears that muz limitation muslims will come under more scrutiny. >> that's all i saw him from time to time and he said hello and he was a regular guy. so for me, it's a shock to see this. >> was he religious at all? judge not at all. he wasn't like that. if i would expect something like this i would expect it from other people not him. >> reporter: after a while young men who didn't want to talk to the media came to take the flowers away. one saying they weren't appropriate. another struggling community the jewish one since a synagogue guard was shot dead in the second of the attacks. on sunday israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu said danish
4:41 pm
jews should move to israel. later an official said, that wasn't going to happen. >> i wanted to take the opportunity to send a message from here and around the world. we will not let terror dictate our lives. we will not. we will continue living as jews here in denmark and everywhere else in the world. the goal is that we will go around and be afraid. >> that message was repeated by the country's prime minister. she says the gunman appears to have acted as a lone wolf. >> this is a young man of 22, a danish citizen born in denmark. he was known by the police for several criminal acts including severe violence and he was also known to be linked to a criminal gang in copenhagen.
4:42 pm
but i also want to make very clear that we have no indication at this stage that he was part of a cell or that took him to where he was now. >> reporter: where the country is now is a mohammed of grief and reflection about the way forward as in the remembrance ceremony monday night. the ceremony was held at the site of the first attack where there was a discussion of free speak of speech staying place. it was a ceremony of remembrance and for the days ahead to come out stronger. 96 spicer, al jazeera copenhagen. >> five teenagers have been arrested for defaceing graves in southern france. the police said the youngest of the teenagers caims forward. a monument to the holocaust was
4:43 pm
also demanding. homeless men and women in vit kahn city are being offered free haircuts and showers. it's causings large queues. the project designed to help the city's homeless improve their appearance so they can find jobs. the leaders of sri lanka and india have pledged to strengthen their relationship after years of tension. they made the vow in new del high during first overassess trip,ing since becoming president ever sri lanka. he and narendra modi signed a deal on nuclear cooperation. south korea is facing a demographic crisis. birth rates dropped as he low as ever on record, incentive pounce
4:44 pm
for having a third child. from honor sungfrom hong sung county a report. >> aging. ♪ ♪ >> this community of elderly farmers has made close bonds because they need to. so many of their children have moved away. lifelong friendships have become ever more important. >> translator: all my daughters in laws are working so if i go to their place it becomes bothersome for all of us so it's better to live separately and when i die i guess my friends will sons with will take me with them. >> they share comrade ship but
4:45 pm
also a sense that their village is in terminal decline. >> my kids have nice houses in the city. why would they want to come here and live in a shape house in the rural area? once -- shabby house in the rural area? once my generation ends it ends. >> quarter of the population is above 65. this is the fastest aging place in south korea. the local government provides social care for those living alone but at budget-fraying cost. >> it's a national population. the aging is catching up in the cities as well as in the rural areas. >> as osign of the divide, the local government has increased the baby bonus to. 300 this year. more of a symbolic gesture rather than a realistic cure. >> reporter: some say it might
4:46 pm
help with napies and formula. >> it's both physically and economically difficult. that's why there's so low a birth rate. >> among the world's lowest. by 2030, the population is expected to start shrinking. have harry fawcett al jazeera south korea. >> still ahead of this newshour, we're going to take you into the frechts of the northeast where two predators face a thread of their own. >> robin and i will have more of that in just a moment.
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4:48 pm
>> the tiger and far eastern leopard are one of the rarest, under constant threat from poachers. but a new national park has been created to help protect them. reporting now from vladivostok in russia. >> it's early morning in the far east of russia. the temperatures are freezing, minus 13° celsius. you could never believe a forest like this could sustain wildcats but it does.
4:49 pm
>> all these are rooting for food and this is really what they're after. korean pine cones full of oily nutritious nuts that they will live on throughout the winter. this is the base i of the tiger food. >> a kind of conservation ripple effect. they have increased over the years but there are still problems. favel has assisted in the recovery of tiger pelts. >> here one man was responsible for eight tiger skins. this one was a cub clupped to clubbed to death just terrible. >> it's been a big problem for police and it's not just tiger skins. these are the paws of bears killed in russian forests all heading to markets in southeast asia particularly china.
4:50 pm
and then in another part of the province there's the far eastern leopard, hunted to near extinction the world's rare cat. there are now just 50 in the wild and that is an improvement. a park has been sedatinged for designated for them. along with the amal tiger. in this case it seems the death was caused buy tiger. >> unfortunately these tragedies do happen. it's not first case. of course it's a problem because the leopard is such a rare animal. but you can't influence wild nature. >> still the park is a beacon of hope within clear view of the met rop lust of vladivostok. glps what's extraordinary to think is that what they're
4:51 pm
actually looking at is the habitat of two of the rarest predators in the world pretty much on their doorstep. you might wonder if the animals look back the other way. nick clark, al jazeera vladivostok russia. >> such beautiful creatures right now here is robin with sports. >> barbara, thank you very much. lance armstrong was paid 7.5 million in promotions by sca promotions by winning the tour de france seven times. our correspondent lee wells has more. >> lance armstrong has suffered irreparable damage to his sporting career and his reputation still at such a low. but what's significant now is what's going to happen with the finances. what kind of money he's going to need to pay back over the next
4:52 pm
few months and years, how much that total will be, where it will all end up for lance armstrong. this is significant. $10 million from sca promotions and we constantly heard of lance armstrong going on the attack. effectively bullying some would say companies that he was up against financially. that's what he managed to do initially a decade ago with sca promotions and managed to win a legal case against them. but what was subsequently shown is that he had lied in court under oath. he said when being asked about drug use in his tour did he de france victories between 1997 and 2005, i raced the bike fair and square. that was found to be untrue. that is what enabled sca promotions to move in and claim
4:53 pm
their money back. ominously for lance armstrong that's not the end of it. they will try to get more money back from him. he is defending against a lawsuit that could cost him as much as $100 million. so much turbulence for lance armstrong and now financially. quarter final spot, rallied from a goal to quarter final draw meanwhile has been made, asston vil hadassastonville la fromton villa then liver poop against blackburn the matches will be played on march the 7th. the standard fixture manchest
4:54 pm
united. manchester united. scotland confident the young and relatively inexperienced quad are up for the challenge. and we've already had our first shock of the tournament, the west indies with stanbar island, the big hitting irish competing a challenging chase to win by four he wickets.darren wickets.
4:55 pm
darren sammy got 59. put on a 159 run with simmons. 304 for 7. in reply ed joyce hit 84 for ireland. man of the match paul sterling struck three 6s in his inning. ireland, win by four wickets. >> if the term upsets anything from men to associates i don't see why a team has to be an associate. a team has to be a full member. that's not like that in any other sport. >> it's tough. you know we've not been playing the brunt of contradict that cricket
4:56 pm
that allows us to win plaches. matches. >> richard parr al jazeera. >> it's the fourth time ireland has beat, first appearance in the tournament that was in the west indies back in 2007, the major was pakistan, came on st. patrick's day. beat bangladesh by 74 runs in bar baid oaths. barbados. now they've scored more than 300 again to defeat the west indies. lebron jordan has moved to second on the all time scoring lead coerce scoring his 263rd career
4:57 pm
point. unrewarded. as russell westbrook 163 to 158 win. the ski jumping world record has been broken for a second day in less than 24 hours after peter previts became the first person to ski 270 meters, set the bar even further. his jump of 251.5 meters stunned his home crowd it wasn't enough for him to win the event. he finished second behind frund. >> robin thank you. that's all for team, do stay with us, i'm going to have more news in just a few minutes i hope you'll be able to join us
4:58 pm
then, bp bye-bye.
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