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tv   News  Al Jazeera  February 22, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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tripoli. >> adrienne finnegan ahead. a turkish operation into syria as an aggression and says that there will be repercussions. thousands gather to remember the maidan protest and a blast kills two. plus, i am phil lavell at the oscars in hollywood where we have not a long now to see when
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who has won what. some are asking: who do these awards really represent? >> just to let you know we are expecting a speech from egypt abdul fattah alsisi. we will take that spooech live on al jazeera. we will break away from what we are doing to here what the president has to say. fighters have claimed responsibility for an attack on the iranian ambassador's residence in tripoli. they targeted the building with homemade bombs more on hoda form until neighboring tunisia. what's the significance of this? >> reporter: the most significant part of this is really to create the sense of insecurity even in tripoli. now, we know that benghazi, there is lawlessness and it has been there awhile.
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tripoli has been more or less stable. so probably the main point is that bearing in mind that the residents of the ambassador had been an empty building since 2012 and that the bombs were not really very big. the detonation did cause minor damage but nothing significant. there were no casualties. i think it's come at a time when everybody is asking the question: how spread is isil and the affiliates around libya. have they infiltrated and are they in the east and west? all of this plays well into the sort of insecurity and uncertainty that libyans are living in and certainly, also raising the questions of the international community level. >> why hoda? why attack the empty iranian ambassador's residence in tripoli? >> well, the republican -- iran has never been a friend of isil. you know the fight in syriaia
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is also very much an old sectarian sunni-shia lines. why attack the empty residence? i really don't have an answer for that. if not that to show that embassies are also being attacked. iran is being attacked. it's not the first time an i am bassie is being attacked. in libya, you know, you had the very bold attack on the u.s. consulate inbing benghazi a couple of years ago on the anniversary of september 11th that killed the ambassador there and other embassies have come under attack. the united arab emirates. connell voices have been attacked. sentially, there is -- certainly, there is that lawlessness going around since a long time now. isil is indicating it is clearly to show that they are everywhere. it's a matter of time that they will pop up really wherever they have not popped up so far and in tripoli, they have gradually increased their presence. >> hoda the trial of muhammud
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gadaffisons including the late limmer's former spy chief, the former prime minister, are back in court for alleged war crimes committed during 2011 up riding. there are two governments in libya claiming legitimacy at the moment. under whose jurisdiction is this trial being held? >> reporter: well it is operating independently from both government. just under a court that has been -- comes under the justice ministry and the justice system there, but that court is specifically set up for those kinds of trials. now, those kinds of trials are extremely important to bring some sort of normalacy in the country. transitional justice, accountability, has been one of the main demands of all of these young rebels young men who went to the front lines and fought
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back in 2011 during the uprising. it's been very very slow. there have been accusations that it will never happen. there has been accusations, also, that, for example, the u.n.-rec niced government in tobrook had incorporated elements from the former register e-mail whether on the political side or political side. so such trials are extremely important. they come a little bit too late because of the i can can political nature of libya now because so many other elements have infillstrated, as you said earlier, isil being one of them. but you would have a positive response if at some point there is indeed a verdict in that trial. but there are indications it will take a lot of time simply because, for example, today, the two sons of gadaffi and saidi who were attend -- islam, i'm sorry, did not attend.
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now there is rivalrk between the brigades sol, all of this as to making the process much slower and as to the frustration of a lot of libyans who say: we fought this uprising paid with our blood because we wanted to see these people put on trial and brought to justice. >> hoda many things in tunisia. to remind you we are waiting from that speech from egypt's president, which is due to get underway any moment now. we will break away from whatever we are doing to take that speech live. syria has described a turkish military operation inside syria as a flag rant aggression. hundreds of turkish soldiers were sent to move an ottoman tomb given to turkey in 1921. damascus said it was informed but did not give permission and it warnings there will be consequences. bernard smith now reports frommistsan bull. >> reporter: the turkish
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military crossed into syria moving through territory controlled by isil they were heading more than 30 kilometers to a piece of turkish soil the sides after football pitch that is an ottoman shrine. the too many of suliman shah was left under turkish control room when the frenchdrew the boarders in 1921. suliman was the grandfather of the first ottoman emperor. now, citing increased fighting in the area between isil and the kurds, the turkish government decided to evacuate 40 or so troops stationed at the shrine. >> turkish troops entered syria with 39 tanks and 57 armored vehicles and 572 soldiers. around 2230 gmt, our troops reached out post and completed their mission quickly and a religious ceremony was held for removing the remains. >> the turkish flag was planted
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at a new location where suliman's remains will be reburied. it's symbolically still in syria but only just. the spot is up against the border so within sight of turkish military. by dawn the operation was over. the government in ankara said it was done without coordination of the syrian kurds who patrol the border nor was the syrian government in damascus involved. the turkish government has no appetite to involve its military in the war in syria so it might have needed to pull troops out from the shrine to avoid the risk that isil attack them so forcing turkey's hand. it comes as turkey and the u.s. agree to train free syrian army fighters here, the first time turkey has agreed to take such an o vert role in the battle against isil. bernard smith, al jazeera, istanbul istanbul. now from haldan suments, who
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says turkey was justified in acting. >>reporter: >> the two situations, kolbani and this one, it's completely different. the cokolbani was an incident beyond turning turkish national interests, beyond usuallyingish boarders but this operation was executed to, in a sense, to bag backtrack turk -- to protect turkish military from a serious threat. turkey had to conduct this operation and actually there is a sound international basis which is 1921 ankara agreement in this respect. so any intervention on the turkish side in kolbani was illegal from international perspective. but the recent operation to extract the turkish military from this tomb was completely legal. >> yemen's president has and on
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television for the first time in weeks, after arriving in the southern port city of aden on saturday. he has held meetings with security fishes officials. he wanted to clarify his position on the takeover and the governor said president hadi owes it to the people to stay in. >> president abdul hadi insists he will continue to carry out his political duties because he has an obligation towards the citizens and the voters in order to implement the transitional phase and the outcome of the national dialogue. this is the important issue that he is concerned with because he always reiterated that the time has has come to deal with the central government that struggles because of the differences of the various parties it is about sanaa and the neglect of other cities in the districts.
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he will come on the government to convene in aden with any of the ministers who can attend until the house arrest on the prime minister will be lifted. >> at least two people have been killed 10 wounded in an explosion in the eastern ukrainian city of karkiv. in the capital, thousands have taken part in a march to commemorate protests last year in which more than 100 people were killed. from the ukrainian capital, jonah hull reports. >> in the eastern city of karkiv not far from the conflict zone people gathered for a peace march, then a bomb blast. more lives lost. the authorities are treating it as an act of terrorism, they say, instructed by russia. some will fear that the war in the east may spread further into the country. in kiev another march remembering the street protests a year ago and their victims. president poroshenko was joined
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at the head of the march by some european leaders and other lower-level guests. it wasn't the turnout he may have hoped for after promising the crowds on friday that presidents and prime minister did would attend that the doors' of the people union remained wide open to ukraine and that there will be victory in the east. >> president poroshenko is under immense pressure. domestically the state of the economy and huge losses in the east demand a response. internationally, he is expected to hold the line in a shaky ceasefire despite repeated transgressions by the other side. >> reporter: many believe the president is doing all he can. >> i think he does his best. and, of course there are different ideas of what he could do better but i wish him good luck because it's very difficult situation, and if somebody knows what else let them go and do
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themselves. >> some say more could be done but he is doing his best in the circumstances in which our country is under different circumstances, you can do this you can do that and history as no if. >> the ambassador agreed that there is no real idea what will happen if the ceasefire fails. >> there is no reason russia should feel threatened by a ukraine that is moving toward europe developing higher standards of transparency in government. >> there is talk in your country of possibly arming ukraine against russia. >> it's the russian government which has been engaged in this extraordinary campaign of aggression. >> reporter: the president showed guests. >> we are going to leave that report there to take you to egypt now where president abdul fattah is addressing the nation on television. let's hear what he has to say.
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i'm sorry. we are not hearing our translation of this at the moment. hang on. we are just waiting. i do apologize. we do have a translator who will -- waiting for us in just a moment. here we go. >> translator: the latest incident. i offer my heart-felt condolences for the martyrs who have fallen in libya. those martyrs are innocent. they were slaughtered for no crime or sin. they simply were earning their likelihood. it was a heinous, vicious, despicable act. against egypt and the people of
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each script. i wouldn't be able to offer condolences unless our armed forces have taken revenge swiftly and fiercely. the very following day, i would have approached the cathedral and offered condolences. however, i wouldn't be able to do so without a swift and strict and firm response by the armed forces. we do not take the offense, yet we act in defense of our people and i stated in my early visit to the western region that the act of the army falls in the response to this serious act was appreciated by the arab brothers and all of the world states. this act was an act of necessity. and this manner and in this
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swiftness, i reiterate, we are an army a peaceful army. we never take the initiative or the offensive to invade or violate the sovereignty of any country. we always defended our homeland our home soil within our home soil. never before in history did the we initiate any offensive. i repeat myself and i reiterate as i express to you today simply for the reason that these are the established principles of egypt, the egyptians and the armed forces. we launched an offensive against 13 target did. these targets were subjected to strict and accurate surveillance intelligence information was gathered in absolute secrecy and accuracy.
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why am i mentioning all of this? simply to repeat that we never take the offensive and this is the first time to speak about this matter. last ramadan, teartrist authorities were gathering at a particular time while they were breaking the fast. however, we refrained from directing a blow to them because there were some women and children amongst them. this is an indication of established noble principles that we embrace the a leader
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shim, government and people of saudi arabia and jordan offer condolences and express solidarity with egypt. they offered military assistance. this is highly appreciated and commended. i thank them and i reiterate my thanks and appreciation to both the monarchs. i would like to mention that other arab brothers and leaders in the united arab emirates, kuwait followed in the same footsteps. they embraced the same stance his hinesship mohammed asked, what forces should i sdpai to support you in your action there is a dire need for a joint
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force. it is now a necessity simply the challenges facing our respective cust trees in the entire region are huge. we can easily stand up to them if we are standing united. again, i express all appreciation to the armed forces for the efforts existing not only in the western region when i visited the western region it was a chance for the egyptians to take firsthand information on what the armed forces are doing there. not only in the western region but, also to the east in the peninsula of sanai and the southern border lands. i reiterate, armed forces never takes the initiative to launch offensive, yet acting in defense, and we will do what it
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takes in joint forces with arab brothers and leaders. >> this is a brief interlewd in the speech. it's going to last we are told run about 42 minutes. with me here in doha is political analyst moma mashawa. what do you make apart from we have been discussing the various camera angles they use, which is very unusual for a presidential speech. what do you make of it? >> highly produced. >> yeah. >> it is. over produced i would say. >> his usual calmness. since he took over from the very beginning, he's tried to show himself to be a different kind of leader one with very strong
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cold nerves who will be able to deliver and articulate his regime's policies even in difficult times like these without -- without ranking, if you will. >> i will stop you there. the president is speaking once again. let's listen in. >> okay. >> in the peninsula of sinai and air defense are now before if the public persecution. i spoke to the attorney general. i offered condolences on the demise of his niece. on the phone, i told him i shouldn't interfere in the judiciary, and i hear copy the words of the attorney general over the phone simply for you to rest assured that we in egypt, we have a judiciary and public prosecution system with absolute
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integrity. he said, verbatim "we will all stand before god in the day of judgment before god. i will a stand-alone and will be held accountable to my acts. despite the magnitude of the challenges, we shouldn't lose confidence in one another simply for the reason that we have no interest in neglecting or abandoning the rights of the people. this should never happen. i reiterate: once investigations are concluded before the public prosecution, new measures and will be taken. now, i should address certain issues since i took office over the past seven months. over these seven months, i held
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the reins of power as you gave me the man data as very crucial and defining moment. he script's membership in the african union was frozen. there was no recognition of the developments that took place in egypt recently and many of the developments in not only in egypt but, also in the entire region were not appreciated. needless to say, the economic conditions, the security situation, many many challenges. we addressed them all over the past seven months. as we speak, at the african level, egypt has acted, succeeded in restoring its membership in the african union. we also moved around paid a
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visit to ecuatori a. l guinea and ethiopia. we have gained a great deal of understanding and we advanced positively at all fronts. he script has and is still restoring the continental level of africa. we offer a new state of relations with the african state, and they are all supporting the egypt candidacy as a non-permanent member of the security council. we pay visit to other world states and met a number of world leaders including italy, france switzerland over the past few days during the davis world economic forum.
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and we are gaining a great deal of understanding, openness and, also egypt is gaining a great deal of supportcism because over the past months, we gave an opportunity to other world states to understand what is taking place, not only in egypt but also in the entire region. this had a very positive response as we acted apparently giving room and scope for other world states and world leaders to understand. another achievement was the arms deal the military footprint concluded with france. in the deal too be place in
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record time. also facilities extended to france and here, online and frankly. the thanks and appreciation to the french president for the efforts exerted and, also the french government to have the this deal seized. we also received the tun easeian president in egypt, our discussions were positive and con structive and address a number of issues. however, one of these issues are very critical, the nuclear power plants, you should realize that will we are exerting maximum effort to provide pour in non-cons interventional methods. i mean renewable energy f sola
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energy, as egypt is moving usat all fronts to meet its demands of power. this is required for the development projects we are aiming. it is not logic for investors to be attracted or to eye egypt for access in the absence of power. the question is the nuclear power necessity, i answer amountternative and muscle multiple sources of power are necessity. we say we cannot establish or set up a power plant operatoring on coal only or solar system only or nuclear power only regardless of the cost involved. for example, the nuclear power is requiring a great amount of funds at the beginning, yet it provides a permanent and lasting source of power.
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for those who think negatively about the nuclear power, egypt is a mature state. we do not have a hidden agenda. i am saying these words simply to clear our stance. we have signed an agreement with the non-proliferation of nuclear weapons and we are committed. >> all right. we are going to leave that speech at that point. we will keep listening to what president sisi has to say. anything noteworthy newsworthy we will of course bring to you. let's get the thoughts of nowin bashara who was also listening to that speech. what do you make of what you heard? >> this
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like a >> basically buying $6,000,000,000 worth of expenseser french arms that for many of us who really follow egypt know that egyptians probably need far more food than they need, you know egyptian aircraft french aircraft. but anyway, he called that as one of them. he said we were is able to escape from the isolation in the african country and now we are a robust member making visits and so on and so forth. so basically in two words, he has been trying to put a positive spin over his presidents see going as far as talking about renewable energy and nuclear power and so on and so forth but certainly not addressing those very key issues
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that egyptians care about. >> what do you think ordinary egyptians will make of what they have heard? and why do you think the president feels that now is the time to do it? as you say, seven months is another year seven months into the presidency. >> you know one of the sayings, one of the key sayings about ruling especially a country like egypt, no voice will ever be louder than the voice of the battlefield. this was his first serious battlefield, if you will. he just ordered his air force to bomb, you know, neighboring libya or certain positions in this neighboring libya against isis positions. so in many ways this really gives him both, you know an ability to project himself as a real leader and second, of course, to expose his credential credentials as a military man. this was an important -- an important


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