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tv   News  Al Jazeera  March 1, 2015 2:00pm-2:31pm EST

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we are not afraid the message of thousands murderered criminallin contractic boris nemtsov. they will 0 there this is al jazeera live from london. also coming up the first direct flight from tehran and in sanaa the yemeni capitol controlled by shia rebels said to be backed by iran. protests in gaza after an egyptian court grants hamas a terrorist organization. israel's prime minister flies to washington and into a glory
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growing storm over his upcoming speech to congress. why many kennians believe the switch from analog t.v. is about giving viewers less choice and not more. warm welcome to the program. it was a protest of defiance two days after the murder of prominent kremlin critic borition nemtsov. tens of thousands of people have marched through moscow carrying banners declaring that they are not afraid despite the opposition leaders killing in the shadow of the criminallin. he had been due to lead a protest rally on sunday against russia's role in the war in ukraine fellow opposition leader is serving a 15-day jail sentence for handing out leaflets promoting the event. the march passed off peacefully but ukrainian politician koranko
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was detained on suspicion of being involved in a fire in ukraine last year which killed four slavrn protesters. rory challenge reports. hopes the rallies would be a reenergizeing of russia's sdpirtd opposition movement. the crowd was vast bigger than any march. his murder was the reason many came we came to protest because they killed a man who was telling the truth we think the actions are a trevor city. a man was killed for telling truth i came because boris was killed and not only because of that because we need to fight. we cannot live like this. i lack around and i want to shout, people, i love you his
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face was everywhere. the bullets that killed him said this banner were may not for all of us. but, also present were thousands of russian flagments, when opposition leaders like nemtsov arevillefied on t.v. as traitors and fifth columnists. it has surprised many people that such a huge opposition rally has been allowed to take place right in the center of moscow. usually they are on the outskirts of town. maybe the kremlin is thinking grief and sorrow are more manageable must be emotions than political anger. this was a somber event. mostly quiet and well behaved but included in the 50 or so arrests a ukrainian mp alixexi detained in the fire lat march of that killed at least 20
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pro-russian demonstrators. big andy kremlin marches are a rarity with freedom of assembly so tightly controlled by authorities. the challenge for russia's opposition now is whether it can turn the emotion generated by the murder into a reenergized push for political change. rory challands, moscow. >> rory, hi, there. vast numbers out on the street. as you say, to take the wind out of the
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sails. now one of those pieces of legislation, specifically targeted freedom of assembly. what it does is if you want to have a protest that's bigger than one person, you have to get this specific approval of the city authorities and clearly, if you are wanting dog something that the authorities don't want to happen, it's unlikely you are going to get that protest approved or what they might do is shouldn't you out to someplace on the outskirts of town. that's what was going to happen to this protest before the death of boris nemtsov. now, obviously since he was killed, the authorities had a change of heart and decided that maybe it was prudent to allow this particular event, a kind of one-off perm miss to be held right in the sentcenter of the capitol. >> rory how has the killing and the march today been covered by the russian media?
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>> reporter: sfwls a vorax of speaking ill of the dead. what you are not hearing at the moment is anything particularly bad about boris nemtsov, himself. that's that's not the case. >> wasn't the case before he was killed. he was called a traitor and a fifth delum ernesto but now that he is dead so what the russian media is doing at the moment is speculating on why he might have been killed. they are saying things like well, maybe he was killed by western special forces maybe by ukrainians. maybe he was killed by islamic extremists, et cetera. what you are not hearing at the moment on
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the russian media is any suggestion that he might have been killed by powerful russians powerful russian politicians or the kremlin's policies themselves might have encouraged such killing. >> rory challands joining us live from mosque could you. thank you. yemen's president has accused his predecessor of conspiring with iran to under mine the 2011 power transfer deal backed by the gulf state. the comment came as yemen signed a new civil aviation deal with iran which will allow 14 flights a week between their capitol, the first such flights when tehran landed at sanaa airport on sunday. the rebels who controlled the capital are said to be backed by iran and some politicians fear
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the flights could be used to transport iranian weapons and fighters to yemen. mohammed vall has more from aden where the president is now based. today, the official announcement of the decision to open this line the official news agency now under howhouthi control described this as an implementation of the recommendations of houthi himself. the houthis have opened this line and at the same time sentence high ranking delegation for the first time and they announced it in the past they sent people to iran but they did not announce it. now, it is officially described as a government delegation. actually, it is headed by the head of the polit bureau in the houthi movement going to discuss regulations between the countries according to the statement here the decision has been criticized by president hadi. he described it as illegal and void. he said he sent a message to the
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reinian authorities saying they should reference this decision because it is not legal. also president had tive. in aden described it as what is now under houthi occupation and he said every effort should be done to reverse the situation and oust the houthis from there the united nations mission to iraq says violence claimed lives in february. he says 1,103 people were killed, among them 611 civilians. the most violent city was baghdad with 329 civilians killed. the u.n. figures don't include those the third of iraq held by is isil fighters. the death toll is slightly down on january 1,375 people were killed. iraq's prime minister says his government is preparing a new offensive against the islamic
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state of iraq in the levant. he said it will work to liberate people held by the armed group including in tikrit. we are now discussing the operation and kishing dash out of iraq. i can't do timetables. we are working within this to would, with the people of this places, people of nineveh and people of other areas. they will be with us and they are with us at the moment. i think there is over seeing the whole organization of this military operation it has to be military execute and civil operation to safer gard the people and to look after the wellbeing of the people. >> in syria, the u.s. backed rebel group has joined forces with the hard-line opposition group after the group suffered
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heavy defeat in the al-qaeda affiliate, the nusra front in aleppo on saturday. fighters and six nusra front fighters were killed in those clashes. this is rebel forces radioject a proposal to establish a temporary truce in aleppo. u.n. envoy some pushing the initiative is currently in damascus. he said the syrian grooument has sent a fact-finding mission to the war-torn city. the rebels say they will only discuss a peace plan if it involves the resignation of the bashar al assad. sisi has been in saudi arabia holding talks due to discuss sisi's proposal for a joint anti-terrorism force. he said it cohenincides with erduan. tensions have been trained over accusations that erduan backed
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the muslim brotherhood. the decision by an egyptian court to declare hamas a terrorist organization has provoked an angry response from palestinians in gaza. hundreds of the movement's supporters have marched through the streets of gaza city in protest of saturday's ruling which ham massachusetts says sets a dangerous precedent. it is the first time an arab court has condemned the group. hamas denied egyptian allegations that it supports fighters in northern sinai who has attacked egyptian security forces. more on the reaction from gaza. it is no doubt very angry and the decision by a cairo court to declare the group a terrorist organization but as well as the anger, we have been speaking to people right across the gaza strip telling us that they are also afraid afraid of what might happen next. here is what they told us. >> since sisi became president,
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the signatures for us here in gaza has gotten worse. he has tightened the siege so much we can't even move. i am now worried he will carry out military attacks against us here. sisi is an i will legit 3459 leader. so are his courts. he has complicated things for us and we have to be prepared for anything. >> many people right across the gaza strip are concerned about these latest developments one thing remains unclear which is how the egyptian government will enforce the court's ruling. >> still to come this half hour egypt's supreme election committee says it's working on a new timetable for elections after a court rule defining electoral districts with unconstitutional: the decision could delay the parliamentary vote due to begin later this month. he script has not had an elected partial parlor since 2012. that's when the supreme court constitutional court ruled the
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main parliament chamber dominated by muslim brotherhood supporters was not constitutionally elected. still to come this half hour. bangladeshis gather to pay tribute to the american blogger killed in a brutal attack because of his political writings, plus beunasaires where thousands of supporters have taken to the streets for her state of the nation
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>> tonight, the parents of captured american reporter austin tice. >> austin went missing in syria. >> campaigning for his release and maintaining hope. >> austin tice is alive. >> find him and get him home. >> a special "talk to al jazeera". tonight, 5:30 eastern. only on al jazeera america. address. we know back. a reminder the top stories here
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on al jazeera. tens of thousands of protesters in russia's capital marched in memory of boris nemtsov, a vocal critic of the putin who was shot dead in moscow on friday night. >> for the first time in several years, a direct flight from iran has landed in yemen's capital, sanaa. on saturday, an agreement was signed between tehran and the houthi rebels who control sanaa. the united nations mission to iraq says violence claimed the lives of more than 100 to 1,100 iraqis in february. among them 6 olen civilians. the most vie willviolent city was baghdad where 329 civilians were killed. israel's prime minister is on his way to the united states and into a pledge storm about his col tro versial address on tuesday about at a time program. he spellings to speak out against the world powers negotiating a deal with iran. here is what he said.
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>> washingtoni am departing to washington on a crucial and even historic mission. i feel i am representing all of the citizens of israel even though who don't agree with me as a representative of the entire jewish people. i feel a deep and sincere concern for the safety of all citizens of israel and the fate of the state and the fate of our people. i will do everything in my power to our future. >> a growing number of congress members plan to skip netanyahu's speech as the visit was organized without the knowledge of the white house to attend the pro-itsis apac conference. the israeli's prime minister is highlighting the divide on capitol hill. every year thousands of jewish advocates depend on washington, the goal of the public affairs committee conference is to proceed mote the u.s. israel
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relationship that's strained because this man, john boehner invited israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu to address the u.s. congress without knowledge of the white house. >> the american people and both parties in congress have always stood with israel. >> the threat boehner and other hard-line lawmakers say the u.s. and israel face is a deal being negotiated by six world powers with iran over its nuclear program. the hawkish members of congress support netanyahu's claim iran is working toward a nuclear weapons program threatening israel's security. >> that's why it's expected netanyahu's speech will urge congress to impose tough new sanctions. more than 30 members of congress say they will boycott the speech. many believe it undermines white house efforts to negotiate a framework deal with iran by the end of the month. still others resist any attempt to dictate american foreign policy toward tairan while ignoring
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hard line policies toward the palestinians. those in congress who take issue issues with the settlement expansion and last summer's assault on gaza have until now remained mostly quiet. now, a rare rift over support of israeli policies is being exposed in congress and among the more than 6 million jews who live in the united states. wish at the beginning point of a transition. i think what netanyahu is going to do on tuesday is rub salt in the winze. >> another jewish organization jay street has taken out a full page ad arguing wading into partisan u.s. politics with harm the u.s.'s real relationship. >> some tough decisions are going to have to be made. it may already be surfacing.
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the united states won't address apac this year left senior members will attend. tradition traditionly, it's the vice president who presides. on tuesday, joe biden will be con spec wisly abset. al jazeera washington. hundreds of mourners have paid tribute to the bangladeshi american blogger who was hacked to death. hundreds of activists and and academics joined the vigil his father demand killers be brought to justice. natasha gname has more blind volts were faced on the at that time ute at dhaka university. it's meant to be a simymbol of lib rather of roy, protesters are protesting what they call an
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assault on freedom of expression on bangladesh. they paid their respects to the 42-year-old writer who frequently criticized region lunchous extremism. roy and his wife were attacked by men with machetes after they left a book fair in dhaka on thursday evening. roy's wife was seriously injured. police recovered the machetes but have yet to make arrests. the armed group has claimed responsibility. roy's family and friends sad received death threats in the past. he was a long time target of the fund mistist group. organizations. monday him. >> since roy's death, there has been reaction from across the globe the u.n. spokesman says it's imports that the space for
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freedom of expression be reported. reporters without borders ranked the country at the bottom of the 20% when it comes to press freedom. he is the third writer to be killed by armed groups in bangladesh in the last eleven years. natasha gname, al jazeera. >> a new state of avalanches have hit the northeast of afghanistan, rescue teams have managed a delivery to some of the more remote villages affordable by the snow including a province where nearly 200 were killed. supporters. it is a difficult time for christina kirsner. >> let's go live: ler last
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speech of the country: radiant very carefree, not hinting at all at the problems that she and her government. it has been going well until someone in a couple of opposition deposit at this held up signs. iran. she got very-- the country's intelligence service is trying to cover it up. she went to great lengths to try to emphasize what she considered to be her government's standing
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achievements. most presidents do do that during their state of the nation addresses. she made no illusion whatsoever to the charges of corruption against her, members of her family her business partners or her vice president who has been indicted what's the significance so so many outside the speech? >> there was an e no, ma'amous march here in boundasaires, more than 400,000 people came out eenormous march here in boundasaires, more than 400,000 people came out e trying to cover up this bombing i referred to just now. this was a way of saying we are just as many if not more who support the government only 8 months away cannot run herself, her party certainly hopes to be re-elected. so this was a way of making a stand and in some ways almost
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initiating the election campaign period. julie? >> live in buenas aires, thank you. >> now a routine age girl has been beaten to death and set alight in nigeria by a crowd who thought she was a suicide bomber. the girl was killed at a marketplace in the northeastern town of bouchi. witnesses say when she refused to be scanned by a metal detector bottles were found strapped to her waist. mali's government has signed a peace agreement with some rebel groups. known as the azawad have stood in the way of striking a proper peace deal. the alliance attended the talks but have asked for further consultations. they say the agreement does not address their demand for greater political controls. mali's government mediated still expected the agreement to be formally signed later this
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month. switching of television broadcaster, analog to digital was intended to bring about greater choice for the viewer. it has left many people staring at blank screens. some say the government is using the analog switch-off to sensor content. a report from nirobi. >> it's like any other day, people grab breakfast on the way to work. some don't have electricity or televisions at home. they usually watch in here. there is just a very confusing message. >> staying in the darkness is frustrating. we don't know what is happening in the rest of the country. we can't even watch the news. >> the communications authority of kenya switched from the transmitters to digital. three majority privately owned television stations didn't comply so the government switched their signals off. there is nothing. some of us are thinking of getting rid of our televisions.
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>> the stations which didn't make the switch say they applied to carry their own content but two signal distribute orders were licensed, the kenya broadcasting corporation and the chinese owned pan african network group. local broaders say they are worried about censorship. >> to control. kenyans will see on their television screens and what they will not. the government has no interest in controlling the content is going out. what has happened is that the migration market value change has changed as opposed to what happened during the an local log era where broadcasters areability own their own infrastructure to addition tribute their content. this will time around all
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broadcasters are distributed to a common carrier. >> going digital means people will have more choice say government officials. access to international channels, not just kenyan broadcasters. these are the only two kenyan channels you can watch at the moment one is a state broadcast broadcaster: it costs just over $40 and many families say they can't afford it the reality for ken jars is that digital migration is here to stay. the challenge is making sure nobody remains switched off. hara matasa. astronauts have completed their third space walk in a week to install over 200 meters on the international space station. >> our first view of butch willmo as he makes his way outside of the 55 patch on the quest air lock. >> venturing in to space attached to the tether for several hours, two rigged up for
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new captures. they installed communication antennae so they can doc at the station in the future. more on our website the address is >> i'm mei-ling mcnamara in canada here to discover how the great bear rainforest is being protected. >> i'm amanda burrell. i'm in london to find out how to make old houses green.