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tv   News  Al Jazeera  March 1, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am EST

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et you up. people don't get federal life sentences and beat them. >> they had been trafficking on behalf of the united states government. >> the cia admitted it. >> "freeway - crack in the system". only on al jazeera america. >> welcome to al jazeera america, i'm thomas drayton in new york. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has arrived in washington. so controversial in our segment the week ahead. boris nemtsov moassments before moments before he is murdered. why putin is to blame for nemtsov's murder.
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an incident could make for icy and dangerous conditions. early historic moments in space explorations photos go on the auction block. great to have you with us. we begin with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu is in washington, d.c. tonight. tomorrow netanyahu will attend apac, the gathering of the pro-israeli group. potential deal regarding iran's nuclear program. netanyahu accepted a republican invitation, but president obama is angry he wasn't informed in advance. >> very small fraction of those especially the democrats the
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democrats number about 235 after all in congress. but for the moavment, moment the focus is on monday, and obama administration officials and from prime minister netanyahu himself at the congress of apac, the congress of israelis. greeted by a small group of resident protesters. and the police were determined to keep these opponents to israeli government policy outside on the freezing pavement. the recent weeks, opposition to the israeli prime minister has surfaced elsewhere. benjamin netanyahu's decision to address a joint session of congress without consulting the obama administration has led to a rare debate about the nature of the u.s. israeli relationship. there appears to be a real
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attempt to gloss over any differences. u.s. politician he were on hand to give the news people what they wanted. >> what would they do with the sanction relief money, do you think they would build schools and hospitals? given their behavior today they're likely to invest in their military to wreak more havoc. >> last week the u.s. secretary of defense belittled the israeli prime minister's approach, and emphasized the u.s.'s closeness of to israel today. >> i was rm looking at the records, we have intervened in the israel's behalf a couple of hundred times in over 75 different fora in order to protect israel. >> but for some u.s. supporters of benjamin netanyahu that carries little group
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published this full page advert, in the new york times. attacking susan rice and suggests a divide between her and the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. samantha power. both of speaking at apac on monday. such shows of disrespect, benjamin netanyahu within the democratic party but it remains unclear how deep a shift is occurring in washington. only 30 congressional democrats out of 232 have said they will not be attending mr. netanyahu's address on tuesday. frankly it is not clear whether a wider debate is underway, a deeper debate, whether that needs to be reexamined. for the moment though it is clear that the obama administration has had enough of prime minister netanyahu's speaking about iranian nuclear program in a manner which simply
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does not conform to what u.s. and israeli intelligence agencies know to be the truth. >> shia brittanzi in washington. coming up at 11:30 8:30 pacific. photographs show boris nemtsov, showing two figures on the bridge where the former deputy prime minister was shot. the station identified the people in the video as nemtsov and his companion. a passing snow plow blocks the view of the actual shooting. the radio station the echo of moscow has also released new video footage of nemtsov the day he died. he spoke to the station just hours before he died as his experience as an outspoken critic of the administration.
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>> putin, war against ukraine there is documented evidence of the presence of russian troops there. i don't hide the fact that there is immense pressure on the opposition. one has to be a very strong person to endure that. truth is stronger than all their special services, all their flows of lies, truth is 100% stronger. >> memorial to him mourners have left flowers and notes of support on the bridge near the kremlin. tens of thousands also marched through the kremlin today in the largest show ever protest in three years. rory challands is in moscow with more. >> boris nemtsov hoped sunday's rally would be a reenergizing of the antikremlin march.
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but nemtsov was not here to see it and his murder arguably is the main reason so many people came. >> translator: we came to protest because they killed a man. a whan man who was telling -- a man who was telling the truth. we thought the authority actions are a travesty. we thought the man was telling the truth. >> i came because boris was killed, not only because of that because we need to fight. we cannot live like this. i look around and shout "people i love you." >> nemtsov's face was everywhere. the bullets that killed him says this banner were meant for all of us. but also thousands of russian flags. a political statement itself in an era where leaders like nemtsov are vilified on tv as traitors. such a huge opposition rally is
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allowed to stay place right in the center of moscow. usually these things are kept on theout skirts of town. maybe the kremlin is thinking, grief and sorrow are more manageable public emotions than political anger. chanting, this is a somber event mostly quiet and well based but included in the 50 or so arrests a ukrainian mp, detaind on detained on involvement in a march freedom of assembly so tightly controlled by the authorities. the challenge for russia's opposition now is whether it can turn the emotion generated by boris nemtsov's murder into a push for political change. rory challands, al jazeera al jazeera
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moscow. accused president vladimir putin of ordering his assassination just before he died of radiation poisoning in 2006. supporters also gathered in paris where many held signs demanding justice for nemtsov calling for investigation into the death and also of other opponents of putin in russia. outspoken political activist. earlier he spoke to richelle carey. >> i know in february he at least did two interviews. he expressed his fear of being murdered. and it was quite unusual because i knew boris for 20 years and since 2004 worked very close together organizing protests and trying to come up with sort of the peaceful formula of the
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transition from putin's regime into democracy. this was a man who was always full of life. >> not a fearful man? >> he was bursting with energy. he was 55 but you could be jealous of his energy and going against the tide. so he was not afraid. probably bravest of us all and he was the most vocal critic of putin's regime. i would say putin considered him as a personal enemy. after putin -- >> after the system. >> the system but you know, he concentrated on putin as a symbol of the system. when people asked me who could benefit from killing nemtsov just in front of kremlin the only one in putin's regime. >> there will be a thorough investigation having said that i suspect you don't believe that. how do you believe you go about having a thorough investigation
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of what actually happened? >> we will not because everything vladimir putin promises turns to be false is just destroying ukraine. he keeps lying about everything that russian troops have been doing there. so how can we trust this man when he just, you know, when he talked about his personal enemy? >> you can watch more of the interview with gary kasparov at 9:00 p.m. tomorrow on al jazeera america. that is according to the "new york times" "newyork times" after an officer shot and killed an unarmed teenager in august. citing a unnamed source, targeting african american drivers for traffic stops. the newspaper says the report could be released as early as this week. nina pham, the first person
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in effected by the ebola virus is suing the hospital. saying the hospital didn't properly train her to deal with an ebola patient. she says the hospital sent her to deal with dangerous infectious materials without the proper protective gear. she says they later violated her privacy and used her as a pr pawn. pham told the dallas newspaper i wanted them to have my back but they didn't rise to the occasion. the hospital released a statement saying they continue to support nina pham and wish her the best. the tristate area is hit with heavy snow again. fresh snowfall and freezing rain are coming along. freezing rain is creating
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dangerous driving conditions further south look at this right here, caused a multivehicle accident in north carolina. at least a dozen cars swerved off the highway leading to the raleigh durham airport. causing black ice. >> i put on my brakes and when i did i spun out and i'm there. >> we should point out no one was seriously injured in the accident but the airport had to cancel around 50 flights today because of the icy conditions. so what can we expect in the next 24 hours let's get right to rebecca stevenson. >> we've had delays at jfk an dulles because of the ice coming down. now initially it started out as snow and we've had snow amounts accumulate around new jersey 2 to 4 inches. part of manhattan new york 5 inches. we even had six inches off of long island. now freezing rain we are most
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concerned about. working its way to northeast we are slowly seeing precipitation coming to an end. we had up to a third of an inch of ice accumulation from washington d.c. to baltimore. now 34 at dulles. still just below the freezing mark so we're going to have those icy conditions continuing all the way to the northeast. philadelphia, you are still reporting just below freezing and we had freezing rain move through your area on top of the snow you got. that's the story around new york rorkt reporting 28 creez right degrees right now. still going to be very icy for you tonight. 5.9 inches of snow in manhattan almost 6 inches of new snow and freezing drizzle over it. brooklyn had freezing rain, and warmer temperatures in the
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midwest causing ice dams and flooding. >> power outages dangerous driving, you name it. coming up on al jazeera america an al jazeera exclusive goodluck jonathan talks about allegation is of mishandling boko haram and violence that threatens the upcoming election. british teenage girls who said they were leaving home to join i.s.i.l. have been spotted on video. and benjamin netanyahu's address to congress, 11:30 eastern 8:30 pacific. >> nasa steps in to help protect the future of the planet. >> the tropics regulate our climate. >> "techknow" heads to costa rica to see how one rainforest is fighting back. >> wow! some of these are amazing. >> "techknow's" team of experts show you how the miracles of science... >> this is my selfie, what can you tell me about my future? >> can affect and surprise us. >> don't try this at home. >> "techknow" where technology
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meets humanity. tomorrow, 5:30 eastern.
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>> in an exclusive interview with al jazeera nigeria admit mishandling the crisis, postponed by a lack of security. al jazeera am yvonne ndege spoke to the president in lagos.
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>> with less than four weeks to go before the upcoming election, president goodluck jonathan promised he would dephoto boko haram. >> we must defeat it. when they take over the oil territories they are becoming weaker. now it is improve us monitoring, the superior technology to monitor the activities then we'll begin to pick them and of course frustrate the activities, so it will go. >> and the president denied accusations his government has mishandled the boko haram crisis. >> it is not a question of mishandling boko haram. >> president jonathan is standing for reelection. the vote was postponed for six weeks because of violence in the northeast where boko haram has been most active. we asked him whether the election date could be moved been? >> i don't think so. i believe the elections will be conducted, as the national
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elections, 28 of this month. i don't see why we should postpone again because i'm quite impressed with the successes i will win the election. >> but if you don't will you step aside? >> hmm? >> i say if you don't win the election will you bow out gracefully? >> if someone else wins the election of course i will go to my village. the count i went to south. >> there are fears there could be election violence. more than 800 people were killed during the 2011 election. >> one or two i am not happy. it is primitive we are doing everything we can to reduce it. we neat to recalibrate our security architecture to handle these elections. otherwise, the country will go into unnecessary crisis.
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the president of this country the governor or a senator or whatever nobody's admission is worth the blood. >> and many nigerians say is all they want is a fair and peaceful event and the end to the boko haram attacks. yvonne ndege, al jazeera lagos. >> recapture mosul from i.s.i.l. it is unclear when the joint operation will begin. iraq hopes to resecure the territory away. haider al-abadi. >> we are now discussing the whole operation of the taking daesh out of iraq, i cannot defend tables but we can work within this year to the people of other areas, they will be
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with us and they are with us at the moment. >> the prime minister says the campaign to fight i.s.i.l. include plans to maintain security when the fighting ends. i.s.i.l. fighters have released 21 assyrian christian hostages last month. the christians were drpped off earlier. the release captives are roughly 50 years of age or older. i.s.i.l. is still holding 235 other assyrian christians. a video shows three teenage girls recruited by i.s.i.l on february 17th. it's the same day the girls traveled from london to turkey. the three are believed to have made their way across the syrian border. one is 16, the others are just 15. nato leaders are gathering in qatar for a summit on weapons
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of mass destruction. as tom ackerman reports the issues are high on the nation's list. >> some participants showed up with this mock up of a cruise missile, to be delivered personally to obama. approaching the dark days of the cold war when the nuclear shadow hovered over every superpower clash. >> to put an end to cold war thinking. good but the long term goals of nuclear disarmament espoused by barack obama whether he entered the white house have been relegated to the back burner. >> thank god nuclear weapons being used aren't in the newspapers every day but it's a bedrock of our security and we can never forget that. >> arms control has essentially you know fallen off the table. >> nuclear weapons analyst hans christianson resetting its
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doomsday clock it's been moved forward to three minutes to midnight, the most dire meeting in a quarter-century. >> they are reconstituting, recommitting to the type of nuclear postures that go way back into the cold war. >> while russia and the u.s. have reduced their nuclear war heads under the start treaty they are spending hundreds of billions of dollars to overhaul their weapons systems and accusations of violating eliminating such weapons from europe. >> right now the u.s. is sort of saying you need to come back into compliance. the russians are saying we didn't do it. we don't know what you're talking about and by the way you're not in compliance, either. >> at the same time russia has ended its agreement with the u.s. to secure and dismantle soviet era stock piles, to be
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sold on the black market. but while north korea and pakistan face the reality of exporting their nuclear technology, there isn't a sign of that yet. reviewing the nuclear nonproliferation treaty, why not? if the superpowers are unwilling to follow through on their own commitments towards disarming. tom ackerman, al jazeera washington. president's state of the union to congress. cristina kirchner's people turned out to see her. lucia newman reports. >> not a hint of success of the
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pressure cristina kirchner and her government have been under. this since the mysterious death of the prosecutor who accused her of trying to cover up iran's vomit of the jewish center. here three hours into her speech cristina kirchner lost her compose your when opposition deputies held up signs alluding to the bombing. >> translator: i have always talked about the asking for justice, i have accused intelligence services of trying to cover it up. i don't need anybody here the come here and talk to me about it. >> hundreds of thousands of government activists surrounded the congress building to show their support for their president, accused of undue interference in the justice system. activists from pro-government trade unions political parties and grass roots organizations were brought by bus from all over argentina.
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>> translator: in the late 1990s i had no job. my family was hungry. after 2003, the arrival of nest tornestor and cristina kirchner gave me my dignity at the dinner table. >> knows her credibility is at stake, corruption charges against her her closest business partners and her vice president have taken their toll. yet she made no mention of her government shortcomings, boasting instead as politician he do of her achievements. opinion polls indicate more than half of argentines reject her handling of the economy and her confrontational style. yet her supporters see her as the champion of the have nots. cristina kirchner cannot run for president again but her political party and coalition
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can. so this demonstration is a way of saying, we are more, we are the majority. a kind of opening shot for this year election campaign. kirchner complains she has left her country in better shape than it has ever been. in eight months argentines will say whether they agree at the polls. lucia newman, al jazeera. argentina. the rift it's causing from capitol hill to the white house.
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is. >> welcome back to al jazeera america. here are the top stories we're following at this hour. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu is visiting the u.s. this week. he plans to talk to congress this tuesday about his concerns over iran's nuclear programs and tomorrow he will attend apeck
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the annual gathering of a proisraeli group. reportedly shows opposition leader boris nemtsov's final movements. he was shot to death friday night. tens of thousands marched through moscow in his support. didn't train her to deal with an ebola patient nina pham's privacy was violated and she was used as a pr pawn. benjamin netanyahu is due to address a joint session of congress on tuesday. this past week secretary of state john kerry criticized what he called netanyahu's you judgment on iran's nuclear talks. mike viqueria has more from
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washington. >> with benjamin netanyahu's speech to congress days away, more bad blood and acrimony in what is already a tense relationship. in a television interview national security advisory susan rice put it bluntly. >> what has happened over the past several weeks by virtue of the invitation that was issued by the speaker of the house and two weeks in advance of his election is that on both sides there has now been injected a degree of partisanship which is not only unfortunate, it is destructive of the fabric of the relationship. >> top officials including the vice president won't be attending the speech and president obama will not invite netanyahu to the white house. firing back from israel netanyahu was specific. >> translator: on such a
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critical opinion as to whether we exist or not, it is my duty to prevent this great danger to the state of israel. >> accused netanyahu of cherry picking the venue of the talks in order to katz them in the worst light possible and says it will stop sharing information from the negotiations with the israeli officials. >> there is no question that some of the things the israelis have said in characterizing our negotiating position have not been accurate, no question about that. >> some 30 congressional democrats have said they will skip the speech to congress. secretary of state john kerry says there's nothing to be lost of tryingto for a deal with iran. >> i tell you israel is safer today with the added time that we have given and the stop stoppage
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of the advancement of the iranian nuclear program than before which by the way the prime minister opposed and he was wrong. now he says we should extend that interim agreement. >> mike viqueria, washington. >> after reu renewing his veto of the iran bill, and just today he told cbs news that tensions between netanyahu and the white house are quote no secret in this town. president obama's national security advisory susan rice has voiced opposition to netanyahu's address saying the move would be destructive to u.s. israeli relations. president obama also announced he wouldn't meet with netanyahu before the speech saying it would be inare appropriate two weeks before israeli elections. vice president bientd biden would noirm
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normally attend but announced weeks ago he wouldn't. and others have announced they wouldn't be there all of them democrats. that if true, would represent a sea change in american politics. dov waxman, northeastern university, joining us from boston and ari radner. mr. waxman has the u.s. support for israel become a partisan issue? >> well, i think this has been a process that's been going on for some time. i mean the republican party in particular has really sought to turn israel and support for israel into a wedge issue within the u.s. domestic politics in a hope of atracking some support and jewish donors and appealing to their own christian evening
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evangelical base. >> are we seeing a shift in the support for israel? >> it's true had israel like much of american politics has become more partisan. it is not only an issue between left and right it is a generationallal issue. millennials are more supportive than other ages, and american politics like gay marriage or abortion. so it's certainly an ongoing trend but i agree with the previous guest that this is an incident that takes it to a new height. >> so let's take a closer look at the speech. mr. waxman this will probably be the most important speech of netanyahu's career. is it shaping it more for the people of israel, to the administration or to the congress, to the american people? >> well, i think he's speaking to two audiences. he's certainly speaking to his
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own domestic audience just simply by his willing to go to defy the president and hopefully, what he hopes to be receiving standing ovations from congress, he will be displaying both his determination to defend israel's interest particularly with regards to iran and also he will be rebutting the allegation of his own political rivals that he has damaged the u.s. israeli rim. he will be -- relationship. he will be showing that he has the support of congress behind him, his relations won't be with the united states but with the president himself. according to reports from his own office, he's going to be telling congress and senators about information in the emerging nuclear agreement with iran that he thinks they don't know, that he thinks they need to know and that he thinks will affect their attitudes towards any agreement with iran. so he's clearly hoping to persuade congress that the deal that the obama administration is reaching with iran is not only a bad deal for israel but is also
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a bad deal for the united states itself. >> looking more for the content mr. radner what are we expecting the content to be? >> well i think there will be an attempt to speak on many levels to many different audiences. to some extent the prime minister has to come out and allay many of the suspicions not only in the white house but particularly with the democratic party about a speech so i expect certainly at the outset him to express respect for the warehouse, respect for about president and respect for the u.s., common values, shared intreftsd, the degree of closeness between our two societies. but certainly the heartfelt speech will be about iran. and he will seek to really attack what seems to be the deal that is being negotiated, which from -- certainly from prime minister netanyahu's perspective
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and frankly from many israeli perspectives crosses many red lines so to speak. the number of centrifuges that will spin the idea that there will be a sunset clause on the agreement. he will probably try opick apart that agreement piece -- to pick apart that agreement piece by piece. certainly very difficult because one part of congress mostly the republican side will be supportive of what he says and he has complicated issues quite severely with the democratic side of congress. we'll see what the result is but i expect him to be concentrating on iran and the agreement. >> let's zig deeper with his thoughts, gentlemen stand by for just a moment. al jazeera and the guard and why newspaper has gained access to top secret intelligence documents from around the world some of them show a split in what netanyahu said in 2012 and what israeli said about it at the same time.
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clayton swisher reports. >> this is a bomb, this is a fuse. >> it is now notorious. the moment israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu warned the u.s. of a nuclear bomb. the imagery was simplistic, and so what was the message. >> by next spring and latest next summer, they will have finished the medium enrichment and move on to the final stage. >> spy cables reveal, just one month before the speech, israeli intelligence said a different message, this is a secret mossad tape. it's only warning is for the future. >> it is working to close gaps in areas that appear legitimate which will reduce the time required to produce weapons from the time instruction is actually given.
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>> the mossad chief mayer degam was clear. an attack on iran is not the right way. in the spy cables 100 kilos of uranium, but instead iran got rid of it as part of the nuclear negotiations. clayton swisher, al jazeera. >> what is at stake for israel? >> i think what the report shows which is very significant there being not merely a difference of interpretation between prime minister netanyahu and the people in the israeli security implement, we have known for quite some time that high ranking people of the security establishment had difference with prime minister netanyahu.
11:41 pm
this is a difference in fact. what prime minister netanyahu said in his speech did not accord with the facts. this is quite a serious fact and something that i think prime minister netanyahu should be asked about. but more broadly what this indicates is really that, you know, prime minister netanyahu for some time has been single minded in his focus even obsessive if you like on his focus on the iranian nuclear issue. he has often let's say been somewhat loose with the facts in terms of talking about the danger or at least the immediacy of this danger. this is one of the problems he faces now. i think he is someone as seen as the boy who cried wolf. he has repeatedly warned of the imminence of a iranian nuclear weapon opposed to the interim agreement that the p-5 struck with iran and an agreement that he now wants to see extended. >> calling him a broken record
11:42 pm
regarding iran, mr. radner, there is another thing driving mr. netanyahu his own political future. >> certainly the israeli elections taking place march 17th which appeared closer than they were originally called a couple of months ago is a critical factor in prime minister netanyahu's thinking in his decision to visit washington, the whole range of what's occurring here including in the white house's reaction itself. so that's foremost on his mind. i would imagine as he comes to washington, not just obviously the threat he views from iran which to be fair, i think he certainly does see as an existential, there is a disagreement between him and members of his own security establishment but certainly the politics are at play both in israel and in the united states.
11:43 pm
>> the question mr. waxman what happens after the speech? will this in any way sway talks or block congress from a possible agreement? >> it is very unlikely. we know prime minister northwestern is a very eloquent speaker. we know that he's going to make a very powerful case against the agreement. there's really very little i think he's going to say that's likely to change the u.s. calculations in seeking an agreement with iran, in particular because although netanyahu does have some very letting concerns in the agreement that's rumored to be emerging the real flaw is he isn't presenting anything else, essentially he's just saying this is a bad agreement he isn't proposing or really hasn't proposed any other strategy. it is unlikely to change the obama administration's decision to go forward. whether it will change the vote in congress that remains to be
11:44 pm
seen. i think though it will have a probably beneficial impact for him in the israeli elections and as the previous guest said, that is no doubt very much in his mind as well. >> let me bring up a very good point mr. radner, did the united states bring up a very important point about the previous administration, or decide it? >> i used to be a member of the obama administration he has made a mistake from an israeli national security perspective on first off by crying wolf so many times and not presenting a viable alternative including things like transferring enriched uranium to third party countries, he's had a minimal impact on the negotiation is themselves. there's a possibility that the israelis could have had a more direct impact on negotiations themselves without participating, obviously if they would have taken -- would be seen by the negotiating parties as a more reasonable position. now clearly part of israel's
11:45 pm
role in this is to play bad cop. netanyahu has done that effectively. but i think from a long term perspective he has certainly exacerbated the partisan divide here both in washington and generationally, he is seen as a very controversial figure now in washington particularly on the left. and it's unclear that he's even helped himself domestically. that very much remains in doubt. so i think the speech itself was strategic miscalculation, all that said the speech is yet to take place. so reactions could be surprisingly positive both in israel and potentially even in the united states. >> we'll have to leave it there doug waxman, northeastern university and ari radner, good to have you with us on the week ahead. >> thank you. >> a programming note, israeli prime minister natali bennett, a
11:46 pm
rising star in the country's right wing political party and an ally from prime minister netanyahu. we invite you to join antonio mora and stephanie sy. coming up in the week ahead. on monday the u.s. and south korea begin annual joint military drills. the exercises will include ground air naval and special operations forces. on wednesday opening arguments get underway in the trial of boston bomber dzhokhartsarnaev. 50th anniversary of the voting rights march from selma to montgomery, alabama. join al jazeera throughout the week as we preview the anniversary of the march as we look at race relations across the u.s. coming up on al jazeera america uruguay has a new president and it isn't the first time he's been in office.
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rare space photographs sold at auction.
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>> next sunday. former klansman david duke. >> america has been taken over. >> defending his controversial past. >> i did what i thought was right. >> that was then... what about now? >> i believe the zionists
11:49 pm
control the country. >> "talk to al jazeera". next sunday, 5:30 eastern. only on al jazeera america. >> uruguay has sworn in a new president. tabari vasquez. vasquez is promising continuity, especially since he has served a term from 2005 to 2010. daniel schwindler is in the capital, montivideo. >> the former president of spain juan carlos was president including more heads of state the presidents of peru, michelle bachelet and raul castro, many stayed away. uruguay is not top of everyone's priority list. >> you've just seen a big
11:50 pm
embrace between an outcoming president and an incoming one. a gesture that only strengthens our democracy. >> the 75-year-old doctor served as president 2005 to 2010. having a brought front alliance, two traditional parties that has held since the country's foundation. he invested in health, education and improving working conditions. an oncologist, he also helped the tobacco industry. >> we hope to see another government like the last one he led, helping women children and the elderly. >> he works for the people, always with the people, fighting for them. that's great thing he's done. >> he's taking over from this man, a former rebel fighter from the same political alliance but from a very different style.
11:51 pm
mr. vasquez is more formal, less ideologic. uruguayns know what they want, they have a new president who they've had before familiarity and stability are two key elements of how uruguayans define themselves. he left office with an 87% approval rating. but this time around, poverty is still a problem and the new president will want to ensure that uruguay with a population of less than 4 million is held above its more volatile neighbors. daniel schwindler, al jazeera monte video. >> australiaaustralia indonesia and malaysia unveiled a new flight monitoring system, indicating
11:52 pm
the position of planes where there is no radar coverage. >> if there were to be some sort of a problem we're going to have a much better idea of where to start the search and rescue operation, in other words we'll have a datum very close to where the aircraft ran into trouble. >> mh 70 disappeared from taking off from kuala lumpur about. 250 people died after an avalanche hit an area near kabul last week. roads there have been blocked for days. the village lost 22 people in the disaster and four others were injured. helicopters dropped supplies in the areas remote villages where some have been without food since the after lamp hit. a town in central chile has
11:53 pm
been on high alert after a volcano belched lava. the mayor of the neern town nearby town, has urged caution. the volcano is located in a national park. let's talk about that forecast, rebecca stevenson joining us with the weather. >> and the weather has been treacherous into the northeast mid atlantic started out with areas of freezing rain and then had some snow to the north of that. tracking across virginia, mainly west virginia and the northern portion of virginia state we had that freezing rain develop and then started to move over on top of snow that fell from new jersey to parts of manhattan and long island. it's been just snow from boston to connecticut to rhode island
11:54 pm
but the freezing rain starting to pile up and the reason for that is while the ground level temperatures are at freezing or just below warmer air is coming up from the south and its just ridden right over the top of that cold, freezing air so as the snow crystal melted into a raindrop it only froze again once it hit the ground and created icy conditions. manhattan new york up to six inches in places, 5.9 in manhattan, even queens included, four and a half to five inches of snow. washington, d.c. was one place hit very hard. we have seen ice accumulations around baltimore washington, d.c, parts of maryland, anywhere from a quarter of an inch to a third of an inch. ice tonight into the early morning commute so you're going to want to take care especially look the east coast for your morning commute tomorrow. otherwise we are seeing plenty of snow come down around the
11:55 pm
rockies of colorado. good to see snow pack come in to portions of the california mountains, sierra nevada. mountains, cool in the east, in fact the next storm system that comes in tuesday tuesday night is going to bring heavy rain on top of those cold temperatures. we're concerned with ice dam flooding, the tuesday night storm as it reaches towards jfk and la quawd la guardia storm surge coming in. >> way to start the week, not! rebecca, thank you. astronauts have successfully completed a three day mission on the international space station it was the third spacewalk in just over a week. the first selfie taken in outer space was sold at an auction in london for ten times more than expected. a photo that astronaut buzz
11:56 pm
aldrin took of himself in 1966 punched for almost 6,000 pounds. vintage photos sold at the auction. randall pinkston has the story. >> reporter: long before the fantasy of gravity there was reality and this, the first picture of earth from space. a grainy black and white photo from an unmanned missile launch in 1946. 19 years later the very first in-flight portrait, ed white above gemini 4 taken by james mcdeafdevitt 6,000 vintage photographs trace the history of space travel. here ed white floats away from the space capsule documenting
11:57 pm
the very first american spacewalk. on another gemini mission james lofllovelovell took this photograph. 1977, the first high quality image of earth taken by a tv camera. included in the collection, photographs of the first american to orbit the earth john glen, the first person to take a camera into space and the last person to walk on the moon, gene cernan, who said, i captured the earth the moon, the man and the country all in one. cernan said, i'm proud of this picture. >> quite a sight. randall pinkston reporting. in case you're wondering the empire collection went over $760,000.
11:58 pm
that's going to do it for this hour. thanks a lot for watching, i'm thomas drayton in new york. more news is headed your way. be safe.
11:59 pm
12:00 am
russia sees its biggest demonstration against vladimir putin in recent years, as thousands pay tribute to boris nemtsov. welcome to al jazeera, live from our headquarters in doha. also ahead... >> we must end it. i'm going to tell you the steps. nigerian president jonathan goodluck says there's nothing wrong with a government strategy against boko haram, in an interview with al jazeera. testing times for u.s.