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tv   News  Al Jazeera  March 2, 2015 10:00am-11:01am EST

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past. >> i did what i thought was right. >> that was then... what about now? >> i believe the zionists control the country. >> "talk to al jazeera". sunday, 5:30 eastern. only on al jazeera america. >> hello, i'm del walters in mark. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu is about to address a aipac. you're looking at the walter e walter convention center. the lights have dimmed just a few minutes ago they're looking at a video presentation. the prime minister will be focusing on iran and the united states. prior to him speaking we heard from is a man pa powers, when she told the crowd and received a standing ovation saying that
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prime minister benjamin netanyahu has been invited to address congress although he will not be speaking with the white house because the white house will not speak with someone close to an election. special ewessing number israeli- israeli-palestine relations. she said that it's much larger than partisan politics. your reaction? >> it was a smart thing to say. she's not the first person to say it. it was written in politico, if that's the wrong publication forgive me, but he talked about the relationship being too big to fail. and there is a sense that
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america, the united states and israel share values, and israel is an important ally to the united states, not just tactically to the middle east, but it's a democracy and the two countries tend to see things the same way. that's the way most americans feel those who follow world affairs. it would be unpolitic and unrise for samantha powers to do anything other than to underline the shared values between israel and the united states. >> she said that the united states will not allow iran to develop a nuclear weapon, and she said period. >> there is a huge difference between jewish-americans and israeli-americans. you can be an israeli-american
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and be a non-jew. i think most people in the united states just don't know. one of the most compelling aspects of these ongoing bilateral relations between the united states and europe and iran has been the absence of leaks. journal lists have been speculating, but no one really knows anything. we know that the obama administration has put a high priority on these relations and there is a sense that this is a party whose values jewish-americans tend to support and share and the obama administration has said over and over again that these are serious negotiations that are going to bear fruit. now i have to say also in israel in the intelligence community in talking about the head of israeli--the israeli army intelligence, former directors of the mossad have said on the
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record emphatically several times and on many occasions that iran's--these are very serious negotiations and russian's nuclear program does not pose an extension extension existential threat. >> why are we hearing dialogue that the united states is or is not supporting israel. >> well, benjamin netanyahu has demonstrated over and over again that he's very closely align to the republican party as i wrote in an article that was published in israel, and in washington, netanyahu is referred to as the republican senator from the great state of israel. one of his closest advisers to
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the current israeli ambassador to washington, d.c. is ron dermer, a former g.o.p. operator. sheldon adelson is netanyahu's most important backer financially and politically. he is a casino billionaire who has given hundreds of millions of dollars to the g.o.p. "n supported mitt romney during the 2012 elections. he has chosen for various reasons to be the first israeli prime minister who makes israel into a partisan issue in the united states. it's unprecedented and it's worrying to american-jews because they tend to be simultaneously supportive of israel and very much democrats. until now it was kind of easy to live with that cognitive dissonance. now it's problematic. for israelis, they don't like--i think most israelis don't like
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netanyahu's style. he can be crass and vulgar. he's not well liked by the obama administration. that worries israelis because they know that america is an important ally with them, and it's important to have good relations with the u.s. on the other hand, while they may object to netanyahu's method of communication, and having turned the relationship with the white house into an almost overtly adversarial one with the substance of the message that nuclear iran could pose a security threat to israel, i think a lot of israels tend to find that quite compelling. >> we'll have to talk on the back end because the man that they're about to hear from next is the prime minister of israel. he is being preceded by his wife sarah netanyahu. they're speaking in washington, d.c.
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this is the introduction of prime minister benjamin netanyahu at aipac. take a listen. >> send a clear message. we stand with the people of israel in their quest to stop iran. [applause] >> we stand with the people of israel in their quest for lasting peace with their neighbors. and we stand with the people of israel in their quest for a brighter future. ladies and gentlemen please join me in welcoming the prime minister of the state of israel, mr. benjamin netanyahu. [applause] [music]
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>> thank you. [applause] >> thank you, thank you. thank you.
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>> wow 16,000 people. [applause] anyone here from california? [ cheering ] florida. [ cheering ] new york? [ cheering ] these are the easy ones. how about colorado? [ cheering ] indiana? [ cheering ] i think i got it. montana? texas? [ cheering ] you're here in record numbers. you're here from coast to coast from every part of this great land and you're here at a critical time. you're here to tell the world that reports of the demise of
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the israeli-u.s. relation is not only premature they're just wrong. [applause] you're here to tell the world that our allies are stronger than ever. and because of you and millions like you across this great country, it's going to get even stronger in the coming years. thank you all the leadership of aipac, thank you for your tireless dedicateed work in your partnership between israel and the united states. i want to thank most especially
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members of congress, democrats and republicans i deeply appreciate your steadfast support for israel year in, year out. you have our boundless gratitude. [applause] i would welcome the president of the czech republic. mr. president, israel never forgets its friends and the czech people have always been steadfast friends of israel, the jewish people, from the days of inception of zionism. mr. president, when i introduced the israeli army in 1967, i received a czech rifle.
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that was one of the rifles given to us by your people in our time of need in 1948. thank you for being here today. [applause] also here are two great friends of israel, former prime minister of spain. [applause] and as of last month foreign canadian foreign minister, john
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baird. you're two champions of israel, and you're two champions of the truth. [applause] i also want to recognize u.s. ambassador to israel, dan shapiro, for your genuine friendship dan and the great job you're doing representing the united states in the state of israel. [applause] i want to recognize the two rones. ambassador ron for the exemplary job he's doing at the u.n. in a
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very difficult forum. thank [applause] thank you. i want to recognize the other ron, the man who knows how to take the heat, israel's ambassador to the united states ron dermer. [applause] ron, i couldn't be prouder to have you representing israel in washington. and finally i want to recognize my wife, sarah whose courage in the face of adversity is an inspiration to me.
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sarah divides her time as a child psychologist, as a loving mother and her public duties as wife of a prime minister. sara i'm so proud to have you with me here today to have you with me at my side always. [applause] my friend, i bring greetings to you from israel, our eternal undivided capitol. [applause] and i also bring to you news that you may not have heard. i'll be speaking in congress tomorrow.
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[applause] you know, never has so much been written about a speech that has not been given. [laughter] and i'm not going to speak today about the content of this speech. but i do want to say a few words about the purpose of that speech. first, let's me clarify what is not the purpose of that speech. my speech is not intended to show any disrespect to president obama or the esteemed office that he holds. i have great respect for both. [applause]
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i deeply appreciate all that president obama has done for israel security cooperation intelligence sharing, support of the u.n. and much more, something that i as prime minister cannot divulge to you because it remains in the realm of the confidences that are kept between an american president and any israeli prime minister. i'm deeply grateful for this support, and so should you be. my speech is also not intended to eject israel into the american partisan debate. an important reason why our alliances have grown stronger, decade after decade is that it has been championed by both parties, and so it must remain.
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both democratic and republican presidents have worked together with friends from both sides of the aisle in congress to strengthen israel and our alliance between our two countries. working together, they'll provide israel with a generous military assistance and missile defense spending. we've seen how important that was just last summer. working together they made israel the first free-trade partner of america 30 years ago and it's first officials strategic partner last year. [applause] they back israel in defending itself in war and in our efforts to achieve a durable peace with our neighbors. working together as made israel stronger. working together has made our
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alliance stronger. that's why the last thing that anyone who cares about israel, the last thing that i would want is for israel to become a partisan issue and i regret that some people have misperceived my visit this week as doing that. israel has always been a bipartisan issue. israel should always remain a bipartisan issue. [applause] ladies and gentlemen, the purpose of my address to congress tomorrow is to speak up about a potential deal with iran that could threaten the survival of israel.
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iran is the foremost state sponsor of terrorism in the world. look at that graph. look at that map that you see on the wall. it shows iran training, arming, dispatching terrorists on five continents. iran envelopes the entire world with its tentacles of terror. this is what iran is doing now without nuclear weapons. imagine what iran would do with nuclear weapons. this same iran vows to annihilate israel if it develops nuclear weapons it would have the means to achieve that goal. we must not let that happen. [applause]
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as prime minister of israel i have a moral obligation to speak up in the face of these dangers while there is still time to avert them. for 2,000 years my people, the jewish people, was stateless defenseless, voiceless. we were utterly powerless against our enemies, who swore to destroy us. we suffered relentless persecution and horrific attacks. we could never speak in our own behalf and we could not defend ourselves. well no more. [applause] no more. the days that the jewish people are passive in the face of threats to annihilate us, those days are over.
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[applause] today in the sovereign state of israel we defend ourselves. being able to defend ourselves we ally with others most importantly the united states of america, to defend our common civilization against common threats. in our part of the world and increasingly in every part of the world no one makes alliances with the weak. you seek out those who have
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strength, those who have resolve, those who have determination to fight for themselves. that's our alliances are formed. so we defend ourselves and in so doing create the basis of a broader alliance. today we are no longer silent. today we have a voice, and tomorrow--tomorrow as prime minister of the one and only jewish state i plan to use that voice. [applause] i plan to speak about an iranian regime that is threatening to destroy israel, that is
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devouring country after country in the middle east, that's exporting terror throughout the world and that is developing as we speak the capacity to make nuclear weapons, lots of them. ladies and gentlemen israel and the united states agree that iran should not have nuclear weapons. but we disagree on the best way to prevent iran from developing those weapons. disagreements among allies only natural were time to time, even among the closest of allies. because there are important differences between america and israel. the united states of america is a large country. one of the largest. israel is a small country, one of the smallest.
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america lives in one of the world's safest neighborhoods. israel lives in the world's most dangerous neighborhood. america is the strongest power in the world. israel is strong, but it's much more vulnerable. american leaders worry about the security of their country. israeli leaders worry about the survival of their country. [applause] i think that incapsulates the different. i've been prime minister of israel for nine years. there is not a single day not one day that i didn't think about the survival of my country and the actions that i take to ensure that survival, not one day.
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[applause] and because of these differences america and israel have had some serious disagreements over the course of our nearly 70-year-old friendship. that started with the beginning. in 1948, secretary of state george marshall opposed david ben guron's intention. but ben-gurion understanding what was at stake went ahead and declared israel's independence. in 1967, as an arab noose was tightening around israel's neck, the united states warned that if israel acted alone it would be alone, but israel did act acted alone to defend itself. in 1981, under the leadership of
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prime minister began israel went against iraq. you united states united states criticized israel. in 1972 prime minister cher own launched defensive shield. the united states demanded that usa would withdraw its troops, but sharon continued until the operation was completed. there is a reason why i mention all these. i mention them to make a point. despite occasional disagreements, the friendship between america and israel grew stronger and stronger decade after decade. [applause]
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and our friendship will weather the current disagreement as well to grow even stronger in the future. i'll tell you why because we share the same dreams, because we pray and hope and aspire for that same better world because the values that unite us are much stronger than the differences that divide us. [applause] values like liberty equality, justice, tolerance compassion. as our region descends into medieval barbarism israel is the one who up hold these values common to us and to you. [applause] as assad drops barrel bombs on
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its own people. israeli doctors treat its victims in our hospitals right across the fence in the golan heights. as people are behead and communities are decimated israel's community is growing and thriving. the only one such community in the middle east. [applause] as women in the region are repressed, enslaved, raped women in israel serve as chief justices ceos, fighter pilots, two women chief justices in a row. well, not in a row but in
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succession. that's pretty good. in a dark and savage and desperate middle east, israel is a beacon of humanity of light and of hope. [applause] ladies and gentlemen, israel and the united states will continue to stand together because america and israel are more than friends. we're like a family. we're practically--now disagreement in a family is always uncomfortable but we must always remember that we are family. rooted in a common heritage, up holding common values, sharing a common destiny. and that's the message i came to tell you today. our alliance is sound.
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our friendship is strong. and with your efforts it will get even stronger in the years to come. thank you aipac. thank you america, god bless you all. [applause] >> you've been listen together remarks by israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu. he began speaking at the top of the hour. he spoke for about a half hour. spent an awful a lot of time talking about the disagreements between the united states and saying that even though there may be disagreements as he heard at the end of the speech we are family. and in families there is also disagreements. libby casey. safe to say that they were watching this speech on capitol hill and at the white house. was it an apologetic much speech? >> i wouldn't say that it's
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apologetic. the prime minister syd that he's here to send a clear message that israel has grave concerns about negotiations with iran over its nuclear capabilities. now he tried to down play in this speech the pushback that his address to congress tomorrow is being perceived as a slight to the white house as well as some democrats who have said it really is a breach of protocol. as you recall speaker boehner extended the prime minister to speak before a joint meeting of congress without including the white house and it comes on the eve of elections in israel, just two weeks away. the white house has stepped back from that. democrats, 30 of them at this point, are planning not to attend the address to congress. this isn't about politics. this is not about slighting the president. he said, in fact, i have great respect for both president obama and the office that he holds. he has reached out to congress
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and said he has boundless gratitude to republicans and democrats. but we accident skirt the can't skirt the issue, that is we listened to susan is samantha power, and then we'll hear from susan rice, that speech is expected to be watched the most by people in aipac because they see her as someone who has more friction with the crowd at aipac. we heard before the prime minister went on that 16,000 has come before this annual meeting today. >> and libby i want to get your reaction to something that happened early on in the prime minister's speech. he said i will be speaking before congress tomorrow.
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he paused, then there was polite applause and then the applause built. was that an awkward moment for the prime minister? >> oh, no, i think he's reveling in it. he's using this opportunity right now back in israel thinking about his congress, aipac in america but also back in israel. he wants to be seen as tough on the white house tough on problem. there is political theater at play here. samantha power also alluded the address to congress tomorrow, and that also had an awkward applause. but it's the elephant in the room, and they'll address it head on. and they have been encouraging members of congress to attend. now it's important to note that there are a variety of jewish groups, jewish coalitions across the political spectrum. some are dismayed by the fact
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that the prime minister is speaking on the eve of an election back in israel, but aipac is telling members of congress you should go and attend. they don't want to see--a perception of friction between the democrats and the prime minister representing the state of israel. it is an complicated moment for democrats. what they're trying to do is put the owe own onus on speaker boehner, saying the republican of the house extending the invitation in the first place. >> this is where the confusion arises. if there is a consent constituency that votes dedominantly democrat s this a slap at the white house on the part of speaker boehner? >> it depends on who you're talking to. the speaker is defending his actions, saying that the white house is in the midst of very
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significant negotiations with iran over the potential nuclear capability. speaker boehner said who better to hear from than the country that has a lot on the line. and many democrats say this was about politics, and it's intended to drive a wedge between democrats and usual supporters. they say they don't want that to happen, so democrats are having a tough call. do they attend tomorrow's speech or do they sit this one out. it's split among the jewish members of congress who are by and large democrats. we did hear from senator dianne feinstein, a prominent senator jewish herself, she wrote to the prime minister asking to meet with the democrats. he declined, but the person who left the barn on that front politics are in play this week. del. >> libby casey at aipac in
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washington, d.c. let's go back to lisa goldman, a fellow at new american, a think today in washington, d.c. she specializes in american- american-israeli-palestinian analysis. you say this is dividing jewish americans? >> as you pointed out earlier are overwhelmingly democrats. they also tend to be overwhelmingly supportive of israel. when i say supportive of israel, the existence of the country is important to them for emotional reasons that go back to all sorts of historical factors. i think the prime minister sort of very, very cleverly, as he's a very good speaker. he's a very good rhetorician. he drove home the point that jews have this traditional trauma of being a pursued
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people. they feel like they need israel as this shelter state. >> how would you characterize the speech. was it apologetic if your opinion? or was it explain tore. >> it was not the least bit apologetic. the prime minister was absolutely in his element. he is a very self-confident speaker. he was in front of a sympathetic audience. he represents the country that he described as the jewish state rather than the state of the jews. he mentioned that christians are doing better in israel than anywhere else in the middle east. that's up to debate and i'm sure that lebanese christians would have a lot to say about that, and the fact that the christian population in israel is 120,000 out of 8 million and their numbers are declining due to emigration because of social prejudice against them. that's a disengenuine thing for him to have said. these are niceties. for most american-jews they're not particularly well informed
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about the granular aspects about the israeli politics and internal rivalries. most american-views do not speak hebrew so israel is very important. >> i want to get your thoughts on one issue that is the threat itself. is it real, or are we looking at weapons of mass destruction moment where fear is being generated without fact. >> okay, that's the 10,000 shekel question, right? as someone who has had no inside information from the multi lateral negotiations going on right now i can only christ cite leading experts and well-thought-of leaders in the israeli intelligence community they've said on many occasions that iran does not pose an extension existential threat to israel. that's all i can tell you.
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>> thank you for being with us. to wrap up what you saw samantha power preceded the prime minister. she received a standing ovation when she told the audience that it was larger than partisan politics. and she said that the united states will not allow iran to obtain a nuclear weapon, period. the prime minister said that relations demise not premature but flat out wrong. but that's not to say that the speech was not without politics. the prime minister thanked democrats and republicans for their support but not mentioning the white house until later when he went on to say not to show disrespect for the president or office that he holds, he said that he respects both. he said that the days that the jewish people would not defend themselves are over. he said he plans to use his voice to say that iran is a threat to israel, adding that american officials worry about
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the security of their country. israeli officials worry about the survival of their country. we want to thank you for watching al jazeera america. we go back to our al jazeera english in doha for more news. >> he said this is a great country. he said that they live in a dangerous neighborhood and the u.s. lives in a save neighborhood. and he said that united states strategic mindset is different than israel's mindset. that's why this rift is about the strategic mindset. president obama said that i cannot have israeli's mindset on a superpower. because if i the president of
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the united states behaved like president netanyahu the entire world would be in deep trouble. we the united states, cannot behave like a small paranoiaic country like israel. >> do you think the relationship will take a hit between this bad blood. >> it will take a hit. but it's relationship is solid and continues to be despite the dent that is happening to the relationship. >> thank you very much indeed, thanks. >> welcome to world news now. a coalition of syrian the rebel group had received weapons and training from the united states
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and qatar. from beirut we have reports. >> reporter: they lost many men in the fight and the movement appears to have lapsed but she's syrian rebels were not killed by the syrian government. they died fighting al-qaeda's affiliate and syria in the countryside of aleppo. the al nusra front declared all-out war on the group accusing it of kidnapping and killing its fighters. nevertheless, the movement has decided to disband. in a statement the syrian military began to advance on several front lines in recent days because of the opposition's infighting. it would be be a target and a distraction for the opposition. fighting in aleppo was not the first confrontation withal news is a. it had pushed hazzem out of idlib. hazzem is based in the north.
10:44 am
it's links with the west only earned it enemies on the ground. the fact that it has movement no longer exists is a set back to arm and train a rebel force. but this is not the only obstacle that the obama administration faces. it's finding it hard to convince rebels that the force it wants to train will be used to fight the islamic state in iraq and the levant. for the opposition the priority should be fighting the government. syrians and opposition-controlled areas are worried. the rebel infighting coincides with government efforts to control aleppo and cut off supply lines to turkey. >> we call on the rebels to stop fighting each other and al nusra should go to the front line and fight the regime instead. they're trying to lay siege to aleppo. >> hazzem was one of the few rebel groups that the obama
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administration trusted in syria. it chose it to be part of the training program. some of its individual members may still join, but if and when that group is ready it will face opposition not just from isil but from within rebel ranks. >> north korea has warned of merciless strikes against its enemies. it made the threat after launching two short-range missiles in defiance to sanctions. there were five that flew 500 kilometers before falling in the ocean. they're seen as a protest to the drills between south korea and the u.s. that started on monday. [ gunfire ] >> when two toronto are technically still at war any show of force makes people nervous. every year south korea's military and u.s. troops show off their firepower in joint drills. every year north korea responds. this time it fired two short-
10:46 am
short-range missiles before the south korean drills even began. >> this is a deliberate provocation seened as an armed protest. we're ready to respond immediately. if it cakes provocative action our military will react firmly and strongly so north korea will regret. >> peace activists gathered within hours. they're part of a south korean organization campaigning for both koreas to be reunited as one country. >> if the exercise is to pressure north korea continue and if north korea retaliates a state of war similar to what happened in 2003 will once again an reality. >> but we've heard all this before and even an analyst from the international crisis group isn't worried. >> kim jong-un has told them to be ready for war. but if you look at the text,
10:47 am
it's all in the context of deterrents. they're trying to gauge the reaction from the south and it's allies, and see if it can coerce the south into changing its behavior and canceling its exercises. >> in other words, this may be another case of posturing. however, history has taught us that the stand off on on the korean peninsula is unpredictable. >> the prize for african leadership has been awarded to the ongoing president of namibia namibia. they won the prize that has given out four times in eight years. it recognizes democratically elected leaders who have governed well. rescue operations are under way in a's eastern province of panjshir. 200 people have died in one of the worst of a large avalanches
10:48 am
that have hit in 20 years. several new avalanches have struck the region. authorities in chile have issued a yellow alert due tigressed activity fromto increased activity from a volcano. the area might have to be evacuated. the cool vain know which lies ofvolcano many believe more eruptions are possible. >> i'm paul reese with the sport that is lifting the pacific within its sight an olympic medal.
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>> now to. >> right rafael nadal hats maintained his reputation as king of clay after a record equaling 46 career titles on his favorite surface. he won in straight sets in the argentina open for his first trophy of the 2015 season. he's also called on tournament organizers to protect the traditional surface saying that the harder carts will courts will increase injury to players. >> we're playing on harder and harder courts and life after
10:51 am
tennis in long in theory, personally speaking when i finish playing tennis i would like to be able to play a game of football, go and play different sports with friend and family. in all truth, play something many years on hard courts makes our lives more and more difficult. >> well, speaking of returns interior injury, skier lindsey vonn is continuing her come back to the slopes after knee problems. the american complained of dangerous continues on sunday at the latest world cub in bulgaria bulgaria. the competition is reschedule ford monday under clear skies. the world champion finished third. it was the current olympic champion who was fastest. the austrian beating leaders to the top of the podium. chelsea's manager jose mourinho may nobody his 50's, but he feels like a kid again.
10:52 am
they won the victory seems to have satisfied his appetite for now. >> it's important that i feel that i'm a kid at 53 years old. that for me is very very important. i feel myself--it's difficult to leave without knowing that we're doing the work for being stable and being stage for many years but it is difficult for me. i need to feel myself. >> gibraltar has lost all four of its matches and conceded 21 goals. it was recognized by the football governing body uefa in 2015. it comes after an investigation in internal matters. cricket world cup hosts australia meanwhile australian
10:53 am
soldiers challenged to a match. the afghan team emerged victorious by 43 runs and the result they're hoping that the national team can compete come thursday. >> we hope that our chance is more in the next between australia. we'll play for that. they got more experience so our guys will play the upcoming match. >> returning after a decade as the man in charge of cricket in india. he was the only candidate for the position after the judge rules the previous incumbent was not allowed to stand. he held a state in the premiere league team and currently facing a court case for conflict of
10:54 am
interest. to the nba and the portland trailblazers have recorded their third straight win being the sacramento kings 110-99. the blazers held the lead for the better part of three-quarters. the kings weren't going down without a fight. they got within a point of the beginning of the fourth. but the blazers pulled ahead finishing with a game high 31 points. champion athletes often talk of the extreme measures they have taken to achieve success. across the pacific islands weight lifters are isolating themselves from their families as they hone their skills. paul reese traveled to new caledonia to the training center known as alcatraz. >> it's another day and another six hours of training pushing his body just far enough to get
10:55 am
a bit closer to an olympic medal. and doing everything his coach tells him. this is the oceania waste lifting institute aka alcatraz. they train and do it all again with thousands of miles of pacific ocean separating them from their homes. but for david it's worth it. last summer he won the first major sporting honor in the collection of islands taking gold at the commonwealth games in glasgow. they had only had a couple of waste lifters until the italian coach arrived in the 90's. now the sport is a crazy craze and many come. >> that's what it means to the pacific. they know this is the best place to train and he is the best
10:56 am
coach. >> athletes do their own cooking and cleaning, and there is a strike rule on smoking drinking and relationships but few ever leave. >> i don't think other countries can cope with the pressure that we're applying here. discipline is very important and specifically this winning gold medals come, and maybe next is olympics. >> they've taken events of the commonwealth games by storm. but the best they've done at the olympics is a fourth place finish. but with rio right around the corner, the coach can smell a medal. >> the most likely to achieve olympic bronze helped by some unique transferable skills. these lifters use native strength and discipline to climb towards the level of professional athletes in europe and asia. it would be the second time that
10:57 am
one of the islands had won any olympic medal. only 17 months of lifting to go. al jazeera, new caledonia. >> there is more sports on our website. for the latest check out we've got blogs and videos from correspondents around the world. that's all the sport for now. >> thank you very much, indeed. now the annual religious festival holy known as the festival of color has kicked off across india. people cover each other in pigment and women beat men with wooden sticks all in the name of fun. it ushers in the spring. it looks very fun indeed. more is coming up on al jazeera very shortly. i hope you do stay with us.
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>> tonight a climate emergency. >> so a species could not be here in ten years. >> nasa steps in to help protect the future of the planet. >> the tropics regulate our climate. >> "techknow" heads to costa rica to see how one rainforest is fighting back. >> wow! some of these are amazing. >> "techknow's" team of experts show you how the miracles of science... >> this is my selfie, what can you tell me about my future? >> can affect and surprise us. >> don't try this at home. >> "techknow" where technology meets humanity. tonight, 5:30 eastern. only on al jazeera america. >> these people have decided that today they will be arrested >> i know that i'm being surveilled >> people are not getting the care that they need >> this is a crime against humanity >> hands up! >> don't shoot! >> hands up! >> don't shoot! >> what do we want? justice! >> when do we want it? >> now! >> they are running towards base... >>...explosions going off we're not quite sure... >> fault lines al jazeera america's award winning, investigative series...
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on al jazeera america . >> our alliance is sound. our friendship is strong, and with your efforts it will get even stronger in the years to come. >> prime minister netanyahu says there is no end in the relationship between israel and the u.s. >> also ahead on the program. [ gunfire ] >> the iraq steps up a major offensive to recapture the city of tikrit from the islamic state in iraq and the levant. the u.s. secretary of